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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  January 16, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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-- breakfast today. >> i came here supporting martin luther king jr. day. i have come every year. i wasn't going to let anything stop that. >> reporter: ross mirkarimi was charged with domestic violence, child indangerousment and persuading a witness. both say there was no abuse. ross mirkarimi shared the room today with mayor ed lee who told us he is launching a independent review of the case. >> require me to determine whether there is misconduct. >> reporter: it allows lee to remove ross mirkarimi from office for misconduct. observers say it puts the mayor in an awkward position. >> we have an officer of the court who has charges against him. problematic. >> i am against bringing down anybody who has done so much good for the community.
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>> reporter: some suggested he appoint a temporary successor. >> if i were him i would step aside during the trial. you know, fight to prove his incense in that way. if he is exonerated come back. >> reporter: ross mirkarimi this morning indicated he has no intentions of stepping down. arraignment is thursday afternoon here at the hall of justice. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. four separate fires burned in the bay area over the past 24 hours. this morning a fire at a trailer park destroyed a home and sent a girl to the hospital with smoke inhalation. the fire that le mar trailer park spread to two other homes as well. firefighters were able to control the flames. the cause is under investigation. crews put out a brush fire
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that destroyed 40 acres. it started before 11:30 a.m. today. crews contained it by this afternoon. no homes or structures burned. the cause is under investigation. crews have been beefed up to summer levels because of the unusually dry conditions. arson is to blame for a house fire but budget cuts made it worse. >> firefighters broke into this houseurmy this morning. and doused the fire. a chief says the closure of a fire station delayed crews by 3 minutes. the tenet and his girlfriend made it out safely. investigators say they believe the arsonist may have been targeting the previous tenants. investigators in san rafael are trying to figure out what caused an apartment building
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fire. started last night at 7:30 p.m. and spread through the building. all four residents made it off safely. this morning they gathered what belongings they could. on this day, celebrating martin luther king, jr., president obama and first lady michelle obama honored him with a day of service. they helped paint quotes from martin luther king, jr. on the walls of a washington d.c. library. the president said there is no better way to remember than to serve others. here in the bay area, thousands of people paid tribute to martin luther king, jr. [ singing ] >> this march this afternoon, recalled the historic one in 1965 led by martin luther king, jr. as we walked to montgomery
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for the right to vote. they said it is important to keep his legacy strong. >> instrumental in one of the most significant movements of the twentieth century i would say. made american what it is today. >> it is important rather than sitting at home and not doing anything to reflect on martin luther king, jr. and all the things he did for us. >> the march ended at the water fall which is inscribed in martin luther king, jr.'s words in a dozen languages. thousands of people also marched in sacramento today in honor of martin luther king, jr. a minor fight broke out but no one was arrested and overall the atmosphere was relaxed. the message was simple, martin luther king, jr. stood for peace and love. volunteers helped create a mural spanning several blocks in san francisco.
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ktvu's rob roth tells thus project aims to guide kids to safe places. >> reporter: these streets can be intimidating for children but today volunteers began painting these triangles for children to walk safely. >> reporter: he sees what no child should have to. people taking drugs and dealing them. >> how people can do that in front of you. without even, like, they don't turn around. just do it in front of you. >> reporter: if the children living here, a group of volunteers painted a yellow brick road a path they hope will signal that this is a safety zone for children. >> it has challenges and so we are not trying to ignore the challenges but we are trying to
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make a way we could co-exist and have the kids be safe. >> reporter: it will be 11 blocks. while they are notorious for street crime and violence it is also packed with families. >> we will monitor it very closely. >> reporter: but some wonder whether this will have an effect on street criminals. >> they will still come back. they don't care about the kids. they care about making money. been there, done that. >> we want to visually designate there are children in the neighborhood. >> reporter: parents and volunteers will serve as escorts nilsy. reporting live, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. a bike rider says he was shot today by a rooftop sniper.
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it happened in richmond at 3:15 a.m. this morning. a train stopped to help the man. police say the victim said someone shot him from a rooftop using a laser. a search turned up no shooter. sunday's championship game, the 49ers against the giants and all eyes will be on kevin on -- on candle stick park. two san francisco supervisors are saying not so fast. >> ktvu's jade hernandez has more. >> reporter: see figure they could keep the team here. >> feels good to have a home town to win, have a victory.
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fan, born and raised. >> reporter: the park is in her district and if the team leaves jobs will be lost. she is thought giving up hope but she already have a proposal. >> i would love to entertain the conversation of having a training facility here. >> reporter: as the gone to the team yet? >> not far enough. >> we are working on plans. been calling the management of the 9ers. we in the new project have assumed they will be able to stick around if they want to. >> reporter: is that enough when sunday's championship game tickets are priced starting at $300 on stub hub. >> $300 going to get you close to the field? >> get you in the gate. won't get you close to the field. you will be there. >> reporter: at this point, 4- $5,000 will get you within the
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50-yard line. if the team moves the city will feel a huge loss. but he throws the ball back at team ownership. >> weave done everything we can to keep this ball in play and we really look to the 9ers to see if they want to continue these conversations. >> reporter: if anyone who wants to buy from ticket ticket master, tickets go on sale wednesday morning at 10:00 a.m. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the winner heads to the super bowl to face the ravens or the patriots. kickoff 3:30 p.m. you can watch the game right here on ktvu and we have highlights from the playoff run so far on our website, aaa says gas prices usually drop after the holiday season but this january monday brought
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relief. the average price of a gallon rose 10 cents to $3.75. in san jose, rose 12 cents to $3.67. oakland, average price is $3.69. 11 cents more today than a month ago. crude oil prices are up because of global demand. new report suggests facebook ipo could happen this spring. several blogs say facebook could go public in the third week of may, documents would have to be filed within the next month. it is estimated facebook will raise $10 billion. zapo is warning its customers their personal information may have been compromised. cybercriminals may have got names, phone numbers, shipping and is billing addresses and the last four digits of credit
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card numbers. full credit card numbers weren't compromised. they are telling people to reset their passwords. one step closer to getting a repeal measure on the ballot, which one and why. numerous state parks and beaches on the chopping block. freeze warning goes into effect tonight for the entire bay area. below freezing temperatures and we got rain in the forecast. i will have the details. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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only 5 candidates left
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today. >> today i am suspending my campaign for the presidency. i believe it is now time for our party to unite -- >> jon huntsman made that announcement this morning in south carolina. his campaign failed to gain traction and he was lagging in the polls. he endorsed mitt romney saying he was the best equipped to defeat president obama. the five remaining candidates will have more times to answer questions in the gop debate. a second debate is scheduled for third. polls so mitt romney with a lead heading into south carolina's primary saturday. over turning california's requirement to include the contribution of gay in school materials have the go ahead to
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collect signatures. the purpose of schools is to teach reading and math they say and they say parents should guide their child in moral beliefs. a similar group failed last year to put it on the ballot. financial aid for college students may be harder to get. governor jerry brown wants to boost the grade point requirements to 3.25 for four year institutions and 2.75 at community colleges. dozens of state parks are on the chopping block as california tries to bridge a $9 billion budget deficit. ktvu's robert handa spent the day looking for answers and is here now. >> reporter: this beach was open and cleaned today but many
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people are concerned it might not stay that way. >> reporter: it got crowded on this holiday. it is their favorite spot on their day off. >> i like going in the water. like being on the rocks. digging in the sand. >> reporter: many people are worried about the future. governor jerry brown is closing 70 states backs. it would not have state funded maintenance or security. >> this is a party beach so it needs to have somebody clean up. also, the bath rooms facilities and things like that, they are the only ones around. >> reporter: years ago maintenance was temporarily halted. >> it was a mess. a lot of transients and -- you know, nobody cleaning up the
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beaches. >> reporter: groups opponent out $22 million is a small part of the deficit and some call it a ploy, saying he is trying to push his tax hike initiative. but he says the governor is making a point. no program will be spared. >> if they want the services we need revenues. we need to increase taxes. we need taxes to provide for the parks, schools, higher education, police and fire. >> reporter: many say they would approve a tax. >> do we have a choice almost? come to the beach, pay tax. if not it is shut down. >> reporter: some groups say it is difficult to raise funds and worry it will encourage the state to abandon the parks. live, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. governor jerry brown is expected to push for high-speed rail during his speech this week. even though the governor and aorts say it would create
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thousands of jobs on friday he said he is not afraid of the challenge. the governor delivers his state of the state speech wednesday morning. the nevada highway patrol had to shut down 80 around reno because of 10 accidents blamed on icy conditions. there were no reports of searious injury. on the california side, blue skies greeted folks. some resorts say beginners have been taking full vegof the season. coming up, snow free roads or just sliding down for fun? looks like it is game on for skiers. plenty of snow up there, that is how it is looking. highs from today. 10 degrees cooler than
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saturday. and significantly cooler than last week at this time. freeze warning goes into effect tonight. this is a big deal. we don't have a hard freeze warning but i know we will see a hard freeze. hard freeze has to do with how long temperatures stay below freezing. 10:00, sant arosa 32 degrees. below freezing for 6-7 hours. that is a hard freeze. be prepared for that. pipes starts to break. you know what to do, cover them up. whatever you have done in the past. as we head into the week, rain showers develop on wednesday in the pacific. significant weather systems. further south. i showed them to you up here before, now they shifted south. they will have an opportunity to get in here.
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january has been dry but things will shape up at the end of the week. tuesday we got a cold start, highs in the 50s. as we get into 18, 19, 20, rain back in the forecast. series of storms like we talked about. one after another and get ground water going. thursday morning there is the model. this is a rough estimate. still far out. friday morning. here is saturday morning. here is sunday morning. you see the spacing, don't you? front, break, front, break. pretty, you know, i think by the time we add it up, maybe in some places in the hills, 6 ins of rain, maybe more -- 6 inches of rain, maybe more. new york and san francisco, fields will be wet. winds will be there. looks like we will be maybe a
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few breaks. wet field. scattered showers and breezy conditions. five-day forecast breaks out like this. we got rain finally. weekend in view. go out to the gutters this week because it will be winter which we haven't seen yet. >> good. thank you. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 joseph naso is being tied to a cold case tin had north bay. also it may be the the world's most popular source, why internet users will lose access on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. why crews are getting ready to rip out thousands of commemorative bricks.
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. barricades around the memorial brick walk way at the golden gate bridge. people are angry that they are taking apart the walk way. people bought the bricks for the 50th anniversary.
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a letter shows therapy told the bricks would be there forever. they will list the inspringses from all bricks on the wall. mark is here now with sports. one of the greatest finishes ever to a playoff game. >> went to another level. epic tin had final four minutes. great game start to finish and so many heroes. it was one of the great victories in a great franchise history, down to the final seconds. justin smith has to be mentioned. a man amongst men. vernon davis. none of this, of course, lost on the coach today. >> just the way they all fight, you know. it is a wicked competitive fight that is -- that is in our guys. why i said that the other day. they are my heros.
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>> work hard for this moment. work hard to get to the playoffs, the super bowl. one game at a time. one day at a time. you get the first one. and there it: call it tears of joy. you know, all builds up and comes out. >> that is one of the great moments. love seeing his reaction to that. >> baseball news. the a's picked up a right hander. and today pulling off a trade. giantsp happy to see this guy leave the national league west. comes to the a's in exchange for a pitch. mean time, as we do edge closer to bring training. he sign as one year deal.
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we will hear from new giants quarterback, eli manning with regard to his opinion on the 49ers and their victory. big weekend. one of the best in football. i tell you what, great football watching and we will have the game this sunday. 3:30 in the afternoon, 49ers and new york giants. >> if alex smith isn't the most come back player -- >> he is most improved. >> a changer for him. so great. >> no more heat for him. on fire. >> thank you for watching tonight. good night. x1x
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