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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  January 17, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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will tell you what they are talking about with a new muny policy. it is all ahead on ktvu channel 2 news. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news. well, good morning to you, welcome to tuesday, it is january 17th, i am dave clark. >> sitting in for pam cook, we will look at how traffic is shaping up. >> traffic looks pretty good if you are driving on 680, heading south, traffic looks good all the way to the south bay. also this morning we are looking at 101 approaching the 880 split and that traffic is moving well into downtown, let's get back to the desk. a freeze warning is in effect and the extremely chilly temperatures are dipping pillow freezing in some parts. steve paulsen is tracking the
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cold temperatures but first we will go to east bay live in livermore with just how cold the affect could be to work. >> sure, if you are talking about those temperatures dropping below freezing and we are here in livermore where temperatures definitely dropped below freezing. when we first got here, temperatures were clearly dropping out here and temperatures could drop even more as we get closer to sunrise and there it is, apparently there is a power fluctuation in livermore. yes 5:01 it's now reading 26 degrees and temperatures are still dropping in livermore and around the bay have prompted the national service to issue a freeze warning and that freeze warning is expected to be done this morning but the more serious side of that freeze
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warning is a real possibility of black ice on roadways, especially on bridges and overpasses so be sure to listen to sal to find out if there are any rough spots out there in that morning commute. this morning we found one person who said the cold temperatures found him by surprise, getting up for work he was wearing a pair of shorts when he stepped outside with the chilly weather. >> i could feel it on my face, right now it is my legs. >> you are a brave guy wearing shorts. >> well, i work indoors, i work in construction. >> reporter: thank goodness he is working indoors because shorts in that weather is tough. there may be more changes to come and steve paulsen is looking at big changes throughout the week, right steve? >> yes, sir, that is correct as we head towards wednesday and
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thursday and today it is all about the cold 21 fairfield, 21 napa, concord 29, 25 officially livermore and there are some 20s not far away. 30s in oakland airport and there is a freeze warning for tomorrow morning and another one and i am not completely sold on that coming up in our next weather segment. coming up you can check the weather any time and you can also sign up to get the latest weather conditions by signing up for mobile ktvu a shelter in place warning was lifted in san francisco's pacific heights area. police and pg&e rushed to pacific avenue. they had received word of a possible natural gas problem out there and police immediately sealed off several streets and told residents stay
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indoors. investigators found there was an electrical problem involving an underground vault and that caused a brief power outage but the public was not in danger. italian officials recovered a second black box belonging to the cost -- costa concord, these are live pictures where that search continues. as you recall it is there after hitting a wreathe on friday and it is to the left of your screen. >> the captain's table was right next to ours at a dinner seating. >> this california couple is back home after vacationing on the costa concord. we will have more on what he has to say about the captain
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and how the captain is phasing scrutiny. they attracted criminal activity and tara moriarty is live in san francisco with all the details, tara? they can sit down and be protected from the elements and be updated with information. >> reporter: but now, this one off of castro near market is gone and that's because they can be a magnet for drug activity and the homeless. now today they could approve a policy that would sort of layout how and why certain shelters could be dismantled. a few were taken away and they say they have trouble walking longer distance happens with pick up and drop off points but they realized they needed to layout a policy.
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we will tell you more about how you can have input before these rules take affect. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. more testimony at the preliminary hearing for accused serial killer joseph naso. he is charged with killing four women between 1977 and 1994. they are investigating a 30- year-old homicide case in that city and they want to know if naso could be connected to that case. they found a journal in naso's home that refer to a girl near heelsberg. a woman's body found in heelsberg in the early 1980s has been brought up and they will have more on her dna soon. they went after each other in their debate in south carolina... >> we need for you to release your income tax so the people
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of this country can see how you made your money. >> coming up, we will have a live report with how he responded to those claims and the other attacks aimed at mitt romney. >> there is a new cnn poll showing president barack obama will be in a tight race with the other republican candidates if the election was held today. president barack obama has 47% and that's within the margin of error. there is also a statistical tie if president barack obama faced rand paul. 48% for president barack obama, 46% for rand paul. a lot of people are getting back to work today. >> i think it is people's monday today and right now traffic is moving along well but we are going to see more crowded conditions as the morning wears on. it still looks good as you drive out to the mcarthur maze and there are no major problems
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this morning. now if you are driving on the commute to the bay bridge, that is going to be light on the toll plaza and light on the stand itself. and on northbound 280 right up to the valley, 507 let's go to steve. well, it's cold out there, don't forget your pets, we have a lot of 20s out there, it will be clear and cold and will not be as breezy today. some higher elevations will not get above freezing. a freeze warning is posted and another one is posted for tomorrow morning. if we get some high clouds, it will not be as cloud as it was this morning and it is cold and there is no doubt about it. heading north, i mean we still have lots of time to ease any rain forecasts and each day i am not as sold on it and i knew this would happen but there is still time to go. it is heading up seattle and portland and extreme northern
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california. take your pick, fairfield 21, concord 21, nasa 25, santa rosa 23, 31 san jose airport, that is a heat island so you know there are upper 20s all over the place. yesterday we had a northerly breeze and except for the east side it is really cold there. crocket has 31 degrees. high pressure will get us another nice day, just not very warm and there are signs of it changing. it is cold and we can't find any in the way of clouds. we'll see increasing clouds and i will ease in where they break through a ridge of high pressure. it usually does not do much but it does look like rain to the north and some heavy totals will be in extreme northern call northern why getting it south towards san jose and
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maybe we have to wait for the weekend. upper 40s, lower 50s and yes that is in napa, rains should make it and on friday into the weekend unsettled and then we will need more rain when we get closer to it. >> time now, 509, expect changes in the mutual aid policy, how the occupied protest in oakland has had an impact. they are putting pressure on iran to stop the nuclear development. good morning traffic on the bridge looks good, it is coming across marin county and we will tell you about the morning commute and the bay weather. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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. they found stock piles of bomb making materials after suspects a hezbollah group. they found several gallons of ammonia night trait in -- night trait in bangkok. now you see them in a picture here and he is being detained for illegally possessing explosion sufficient materials. united states is part of an
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ongoing u.s. effort to put diplomatic pressure to increase sanctions on iran over suspicions that iran is moving ahead with nuclear development. today south korea's foreign ministry has not decided to cut back on the foreign oil. as allison burns reports from our washington d.c. newsroom, a new poll shows he has a widening lead over the pack, allison? that is right, the washington post shows romney has a 2-1 lead over his closest competitors in a nationwide race and the steaks are getting higher in the primary if any of his rivals want to slow him down, rick rick santorum seemed to trip him up a bit last night on a question of whether felons
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should be allowed to vote. >> they have exhausted their parole and probation, should they be given the right to vote? >> first of all, as you know, the packs that run ads on various candidates -- >> answer the question first. >> former house speaker newt gingrich also kept up his attacks on mitt romney and he was the only candidate to get a big standing ovation last night. ktvu channel 2 news allison burns. new video offering clues involving two young children in the central valley which happened sunday at a fresno apartment complex where a woman killed her two young children and a cousin before taking her own life. she recorded video on her ipad
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just hours before the violence and the video shows the mother smoking methamphetamine. people are warning people about the dangers of he can it is a i. -- ecstasy. a concentrated number of deaths triggered this campaign and it begins with a documentary at 10:30 this morning. it is called lines out of balance. it talks about the myths and dangers of the drug. >> opening statements in a civil discrimination trial, seven richmond officers accused him of harassment and discrimination. the trial is expected to last until april. and tonight richmond city council will allow the police
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chief to turn down aid requests from other cities. it came during calls for help when tear gas and bat tons were used during oakland's occupied protests. and they will have a one day strike at the end of this month and that's if healthcare workers done work. the union which reps mental -- represents mental health employees is working without a contract. are discussing a possible strike date and kaiser nurses have not been sent out yet. did you put on your heater when were you driving to work this morning? >> yes, that is right, christian is out there in the cold and i happen to be here in
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the warm studio but we have both been talking about black ice possibility especially where steve said it will be below freezing maybe some water from a sprinkler that will be frozen so let's go out and take a look at the traffic 80 on westbound looks good coming to the toll plaza. the commute looks good north and southbound passed the oakland coliseum. and if you are driving in oakland antioch on highway 4, interstate 680 looks good from the venetia bridge to walnut creek. we have clear skies and i was looking for teens and i found some and i will show you in a second here. 28 in marshal, and my goodness near the coast that is really cold so i am not surprised by some 20s. we will have increasing clouds and high will be in the upper
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40s and lower 50s so it will be well below average this time of year. outside 19 and kentwood is 20. petaluma 22, hidden brook and vallejo 28 and palo alto 28 and there is a bunch of 29s i can do ten panels. santa rosa 20, i saw lincoln valley at 24 and a couple of 22s in santa rosa. there is a lot of 30s and a lot of upper 20s so the coldest morning and there is hardly any breeze at all. southeast at 7 and everybody else has calm, calm conditions. clouds are inching closer and they are bending northward. you will be in line for some rain tomorrow. today though it is sunny and higher clouds start to come in tomorrow. dry december, dry first two weeks in january, it will be
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cold sunny not very warm. increasing clouds wednesday and by the time that first one arrives it usually does not do much but it opens the door and sits the stage for friday into the weekend. clouds increase wednesday and there will be some rain north and again i am going cold first and i will tackle the rain thursday. a freeze warning is out for this morning and then again tonight in to wednesday morning. although it may be marginal. it will be cold any which you slice it, upper 40s, lower 50s. high clouds wednesday, increasing clouds, it will go cloudy with wind and rain on the weekend. european market started the trading day with gains and that's despite the downgrading of credit from the rescue funds. it is led by china's index at
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4% and they had a better than expected quarter. hong kong was up 3% and china also gained 1%. they will raise their investment total and that's a record for samsung. they are best known for making massive investments and new technologies before its rivals. samsung also said they plan to hire new workers this year. here is a look at friday's closing numbers, they were all down across the bell on friday and time now 5:21, you see a lot of people walking around with them, however emergency room doctors are warning they
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could be hazardous to your health. and in a tail of two cities, now in the bay area, they are getting ready for the 49ers giant showdown. traffic looks good heading out to the high-rise, we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather.
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. 39 san francisco, we end up with sunshine with highs in the lower 50s and 40s. it's cold, and you may like to wear them but you may end up hurt. a new study by the university of maryland says a number of pedestrians who were killed while wearing headphones tripled in the past six years. they say they are missing necessary warnings like hearing sirens or horns honking. he says we are a distracted society and we have to be more aware of our surroundings. stefan kerry will probably miss the cleveland cavaliers game because of that sprained ankle and he also will not be going to the 2012 games. he was not elected for the basketball team pool and he won a gold medal with the 2010
5:26 am
championships. he says he is disappointed but there is more motivation the next time the summer olympics come around. it will be east to west when they come to candle stick park. they will be hosting the giants and the biggest pro-football game in years but of course not everybody will be routeing for the 9ers. some are hoping they go to the super bowl and the new york memorabilia is everywhere. it says new york on his sleeve along with his new york attitude. >> i will not say which one is better or worse, that is my home and this is my home. >> there are a lot of 9ers bars... bleep. >> san francisco bar owners are getting ready for dozens of new yorkers and they are getting ready for the big game on
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sunday. and the nfc championship game and kickoff at candle stick is set for 6:30 p.m. and you can watch it right here on channel 2. and we have a web page dedicated for the 49ers, just go to he is the new sheriff in a middle of a scandal, how the sheriff spent dr. martin luther king, jr. day as he is a rained for the first court appearance. they were on board the costa concord and hear what they had to say about the boat's captain. plus trouble on the tracks, where a train slammed into a car overnight. good morning, southbound 101 san rafael that traffic looks good, we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. stay tuned for more.
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. well, good morning, it is a cold january 17th, i am dave clark. the time now is 5:30 we want steve to talk about just how cold it is, we are talking about that freeze warning. >> i was too busy looking at temperatures. no, honestly, it is cold, we
5:31 am
have a freeze warning today, sunny today upper 40s and lower 50s, here is sal, i think. yes, here i am, westbound highway 4, that traffic is looking good coming up to the willow pass grade, it is clear and cold and black ice may be an issue so just be careful if you are driving around. it has not been wet so it has not been a huge issue but leave the house early nevertheless. i will tell you where the traffic splits, unfortunately they have sprinklers going and there is water on the road and that would freeze so just be careful. 5:31 let's go back to the desk. the search is still continuing for the 29 cruise passengers still missing after that disaster aboard the costa concordia. this is a live picture and we are seeing what is happening with the rescue crews around that doomed cruise ship. you can see divers in the water
5:32 am
right on the left of your screen. now also today we are looking into italy and prosecutors are questioning the captain francesco schettino, he is accused of causing the wreck which has left six people dead. allie rasmus is at fso right now with the story of the california couple who met that captain and what they thought of him, good morning, allie. >> reporter: y-they got into fso late last night just before -- yes, they got into fso, they were on board the costa concordia the cruise ship that sank off the italian coast. they spent some time but changed their schedule at the last minute so they were not on the boat when the disaster happened but they met a lot of people on board including the boat's captain. >> the captain's table was near us and my first impression, i told my wife, that captain does
5:33 am
not care about anybody but himself, there was just a whole air about him. >> now the cruise has been partially submerged and they are continuing to search for survivors and they say they found a second black box recording on board which should give investigators a better idea of how this disaster unfolded. they will continue searching and continue their work and so far six people are confirmed dead and 24 crew members are still unaccounted for. they also talked about the ship's crew at fso and coming up, you will hear their impressions of the crew members and what moral was like on board that ship. allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:33 back here at home, our union pacific train collided with a car. it happened a long 29th avenue
5:34 am
near 23 regard just after -- 23rd just after midnight. a young woman was in that car on that particular stretch of train tracks. they were said to be out something falling drivers by hand -- signaling driver by hand. the new sheriff is now scheduled to be arraigned on criminal charges stemming from accusations he physically abused his wife. sheriff ross attend a dr. martin luther king, jr. daybreak fast and received a warm welcome from his supporters. the breakfast was held as he was held a city supervisor for eight years. ed lee has launched his own review of the charges. >> keep in mind what occurs here and getting advice and reviewing the facts. it is not my duty to simply take the charges from district
5:35 am
attorney. i have to have my own review. >> on friday prosecutors charged him with misdemeanor domestic violence and child endangerment and charges stem from a fight with his wife on new year's eve. both he and his wife deny charges. we now they used twitter to denounce domestic violence just days before the incident at the couple's home. they tweeted women warning them of the usual increase of violence during the holidays. the former venezuelaian television star said she has no complaints against her husband. biker will be back in court today and charged with the else angels chapter back in september. now coming up, they will consider what a court has
5:36 am
reconvened. two bay area teachers are scheduled to be arraigned today. on thursday union city teacher was arrested in hayward. he started a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student in march 2011 when she was only 16. investigators say there may be even more victims and they are recommending parents talk to their children about this arrest. and marie johnson is accused of having a sexual relationship with a former student when he was 14 years old. marie johnson was scheduled to be arraigned tuesday but it was delayed for unknown reasons. san francisco bus riders, muny has become a hotbed for criminal activity. tara moriarty joins us live from san francisco with what is in the plan. well at the end of the
5:37 am
workday if you are tired and it is raining you really do want a bus shelter where you can be protected from the elements especially if you are a senior or disabled but if it is a hotbed for drug use and for the homeless, it could get the boot. now it has already happened to three shelters in the tenderloin district so today, they could review a policy of how certain churches could be handled. they say they had trouble walking longer distances for pick up and drop off points but they realized they needed to lay out a policy. the proposed policy said a shelter will be removed if it needs infrastructure improve and if they decide to get rid
5:38 am
of a shelter they will hold meetings for feedback in that particular neighborhood. live in san francisco, i am tara moriarty, back to you. tossing it over to sal, the holidays were lighter but are things starting to pick up yet? >> not yet, but for example the bay bridge is a very good barometer and we are seeing just a slightly different pattern. well you can see -- i don't know, we'll see. this is still a good time to get out there on interstate 880 and it is cold out there and one of the reasons we have not had widespread ice is because it has not been wet but occasionally some of the sprinklers are out there. that is why it really takes you for a surprise on a morning like this. no major problems like this on 880 and if you are driving on walnut creek, there is a little
5:39 am
bit of slow traffic as you drive towards the construction zone in pittsburgh. 880 westbound looks good and between 880 on a fremont, it is still on the clear side. >> although crescent city is seeing a little bit of light rain. it may be the leading edge of a decent pattern change but as you know it's cold, cold, cold, it will probably be more east and south by tomorrow, a lot of 20s and a few teens and even along the coast 19 there, ken woods will dip to 19 and bethel island is really coal. palo alto, and alamo is checking in at 28 degrees, fairfield napa, santa rosa
5:40 am
livermore 25 and even oakland airports 21 and there are some upper 20s where i saw it. mountain view at moffett 29. the cold air continues to settle and there is not much of a breeze. yesterday it held things up with calm conditions and temperatures just plunge. you can see it mainly arriving over the rim of high pressure and it will be thursday until we talk about rain getting in here. but for san jose south it will take until friday. freeze warning is out, increasing clouds, plenty of moisture and it will paint a lot of rain over fort brag north, cloudy with rain on thursday and friday, i think wind could be the bigger story as it crank up. -- cranks up. upper 40s and lower 50s on
5:41 am
your temperatures. these are below average temperatures napa 49 for high temperatures increasing clouds, hopefully we will have some rain and friday into the weekend it looks unsettled with off and on rain. firefighters right now are battling a house fire and a fire broke out and we are not sure what caused the fire but we are not sure if anybody has been hurt but we have a news crew on the way and we will bring you the latest from martinez as soon as it is a available. apple may be losing money to one of the top competitors. and how the timing -- has the timing of the i-4s played a role. accused of a killing spree, he is now going public and we will hear the accusation he has
5:42 am
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. freeze warning, lots of 20s close to the coast, it will be sunny and not very warm, upper 40s and lower 50s. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following at 5:44. the search continues for the 29 passengers still unaccounted for after the disaster aboard the costa concordia. also today rescue officials found a second black box from that cruise ship. the captain francesco schettino is also being questioned by
5:45 am
prosecutors. i am not kidding, it's cold here in the bay area and a freeze warning is in effect after temperatures fell below freezing in many parts of the area. black ice may be a problem if you are driving anyplace. take it easy and be careful. and a union pacific train crashed along the tracks on 29th avenue. luckily nobody was hurt, there were no guardrails at the train crossing. we are learning more about the former marine iraq war veteran accused of killing several people in california. they are holding a news conference at 11:00 this morning to discuss the charges against him. and hype police arrested the 24- year-old friday night after he stabbed a 4th victim to death.
5:46 am
basically, he has had a criminal license and make him look to look like he is a criminal but he is a monster. >> his father adds his son returned home in 2010 from iraq in a much darker place. police say she left her two children out in the cold so she could go drink and eat mcdonald's. police say they found the two children hiding in bushes on sunday. a police officer waited with the children until their mother came back and when she did come back, police say she was intoxicated. those children are now with other family members. and charged with a shooting death, due back in a reno gnar courtroom, -- nevada courtroom,
5:47 am
they are referring to the motorcycle gangs. they are talking about the shot that killed jeffery pet grew and he is a members of the hells angels chapter. they are asking them to throw out criminal charges against them. google attorneys say the company can't control what websites are searched by others. a decision could be made later this week. and apple's store in bay shipping, this -- beijing, this is somebody trying to sell an iphone. he says he bought the phone from a real apple store in
5:48 am
beijing even though the 4 s-has not been released there. he offers to sell it more than the official price. they are meeting for a u.s. conference of mayors. mayor ed lee wants to talk about job creation but with the 49ers possibly in a run for the super bowl, i'm sure starts will be on the agenda as well. however he has a bet to settle after he beat the saints on saturday and if mayor lessees michael -- mayor michael bloomberg he will have a conference. they will welcome the world series champions st. louis cardinals to the white house. they will recognize the efforts to give back to their
5:49 am
community. it is a tradition they have started for honoring sports teams both on and off the playing field. >> will they get to be there? >> yes, let's get to sal and see how this traffic is. >> i have seen the 49ers and now i have seen the giants win the world series and i guess the next thing is i want to see the warriors win something. >> it could happen. >> thank you, dave. good morning, traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area right now and if you are driving between hayward and union city. i want to check out highway 4, it is getting busier, it is getting deep red, westbound 80 between panel looks good. and the morning commute on westbound bay bridge, traffic
5:50 am
is moving along nicely, it is a little more crowded but doable across to san francisco. sal, i realize it is only 29 but the warriors won a championship. i do have a, look at this some leading rain on the edge of the coast and there will be copious amounts can we get it down here. freeze warning is a big story. just exercise caution because there are a lot of 20s out there. vallejo, that is at hidden brook and los gatos 26, wood acre and alamo are 28 so it is
5:51 am
cold everywhere. livermore 25, fairfield and napa a lot of 20s and 30s. sunny today, increasing clouds, look at the path of this, it is taking dead aim. they will get the brunt of this. cool conditions and the wind has tailed off, there is a lot of moisture and it is just the timing. i still think thursday looks better, we should get some rain, but that one forecast model says high pressure comes back on tuesday. this may be up and done. antioch 49, napa 49 pacific it 44, and it is one of those rare days. clouds increase although we will go partly sunny to cloudy and as we go into the weekend very windy conditions, that much i do know. just a few minutes ago,
5:52 am
citigroup announced the last 3 moons of 2011. it earned 1.2 billion dollars. most economist mists said 50- cents a share. they are the blame for the decline. google is launching an ad campaign on the importance of protecting personal information. google will address some of the basics of online pages if they are dubbed. they have been criticized for their own privacy practices. some dramatic video, we just got it into our newsroom. developing story from martinez
5:53 am
coming up. and the rock back into the national spotlight, what former inmate say will stop their time behind bars there.
5:54 am
5:55 am
. time now 5:55 firefighters battling a house fire, we just got this into the newsroom.
5:56 am
flames broke out and walnut street and as you can see the house was fully involved. we don't know what started the fire and we are not even sure if anybody was hurt. these were amazing pictures and a ktvu channel 2 news news crew is headed there and we will bring you the latest of what happened in martinez as soon as we can. with the golden globe awards and the oscar is still about a month away. they turn to the british academy film awards. the film won best drama and brad pitt has been nominated for best manager and actor for billy bean in money ball. a san francisco landmark
5:57 am
has made its latest television debute. in the show more than 300 people and then suddenly band winning on the streets of san francisco. we talk about real life characters including robert luke after trying to escape from levin worth. >> no, i don't think i will ever think about escaping from here. i didn't think it was possible because of the water. >> the new show is filming and they say they hope to be back in san francisco if the show is a hit. alcatraz is about a mystery and there is no better place to shoot. >> we will be a captive audience. time now, let's check in with sal, would you agree it is a cold drive this morning? >> , it is cold and there could
5:58 am
be some so do be careful. let's look at 2:37 traffic has not reached critical levels and on the sunole grade things are looking good, just more crowded. >> time now 557, you will need the a jacket scarf gloves, how long will your weather be affected and how long will it last. a california couple arrives back home knowing they are lucky to be alive. cold we will have a little bit of rain coming down the pipeline, stay tuned for more. spelunking. - [ whirring ] and i still haven't built one of those fighting robots.
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come on. it's pretty awesome. okay. just a few things we need to do first. [ laughs ] [ announcer ] before you make your leap, make a list. then get going in the completely redesigned cr-v. all new, from honda.


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