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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  January 23, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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residents are rattled after a rock slide forces evacuations in san francisco. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. we begin with developing news as residents in one san francisco neighborhood are evacuated at this hour after a
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rockslide crushed a vehicle. jade hernandez is live near telegraph hill with details. >> reporter: good afternoon. the slide is behind me. from our vantage point it's really hard to see the magnitude of the slide. that's why we have cell phone video to share with you. this shows the enormous boulders which came falling down a few hours ago. this is along the north face of coyt tower. we're live near the foot of lombard street and montgomery. the rocks smashed up one car and the back of an apartment building that is the park telegraph building. that's 2 20 and 240 lombard which are affected. the san francisco fire department says the damaged car belongs to a security guard there. he called this slide into authorities around 9:30 a.m. about a dozen residents have been evacuated from park telegraph nearest the slide.
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>> we just eliminated people from coming out on that side of the structure and this side of the structure. we asked people to leave that corner of the building as well until we can get further assessments from building engineers and dpw. >> reporter: within the past few minutes we've learned from the san francisco police department that the san francisco public works department is already out here, so is parks and rec. where this slide happened is the north face of coyt tower and it affects park telegraph. that's 220 and 240 lombard. as you heard, we had about a dozen people who were evacuated from that building. he said they were very lucky because most people are at work already. they let people who were at home know. those people were brought out safely. all of this is undergoing an evaluation to see if and when residents can go back inside.
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jade hernandez, back to you. >> thank you. wet, rainy weather continues to make its way across the bay area. the rain intensified early this morning. the downpours and standing water caused some problems for drivers in the east bay. this big rig crash happened on i-80 near the university avenue off-ramp in berkeley. the driver lost control and hit a concrete barrier. he suffered minor injuries. standing water and high winds caused problems on the san mateo bridge. a high wind advisory was in effect on the bay area bridges until 7:00 a.m. some areas had clogged storm drains which caused big puddles on highways. expect delays if you are traveling through sfo today. we just spoke to the airport duty manager. he says the faa has sfo on flow control because of the low clouds.
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that's causing up to one-hour delays for arrivals, some departures are also affected. the flow control restrictions could be in effect until 9:00 p.m. unless the weather clears up. call ahead and check with your airline to see if your flight is on time. rosemary is here with a look at weather. >> good afternoon to you. quite an impressive storm, but storm tracker 2 showing us that this is the tail end. we'll begin to clear out, partly cloudy makeover most of the bay. we've got mostly cloudy skies to our south. a few sprinkles still over parts of the south bay, morgan hill, gilroy. winds still blowing about 15 miles per hour, nothing like what we saw this morning. some of the hills received winds gusts up to 60 miles per hour. sfo reported 15-mile-per-hour winds. in the east bay maybe a few sprinkles over the pittsburg-
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antioch area. the north bay partly cloudy and dry at this time. napa with winds to 13 miles per hour. the winds will continue to relax. the storm is moving off to the east. we saw quite a bit of rain in the last 24 hours, even since thursday. we'll tally those numbers for you. >> thank you. all of our rain here in the bay area means lots of snow in the mountains. snowflakes fell well below the 4,000 foot elevation level. about a foot of snow fell at blue canyon in placer county. chain restrictions are in effect on the mountain passes on i-80 and highway 50 for all vehicles except those with four- wheel drive or snow tires. the san francisco sheriff was in court today on charges related to an alleged domestic violence incident involving his wife on new year's eve. this is not the only court appearance for ross mirkirimi this week. paul chambers is live to explain what happened in court this morning and if the sheriff plans to stay on the job.
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>> reporter: good afternoon. sheriff ross mirkirimi did not talk today. the last time he spoke he says he does not plan on stepping down. that's the question we posed to the mayor. we just talked to him about what a good job rough ross mirkirimi would do. >> our first order of business is whether the sheriff himself would consider taking a leave. i'll be talk to be him about that. >> reporter: around #:15 a.m., the usually outspoken sheriff ross mirkirimi made his way into court but tight lipped. he was accompanied by his attorney and sheriff's deputies. ross mirkirimi is facing several charges stemming from an alleged abuse against his wife eliana lopez on new year's eve. the couple claims no abuse happened. his supporters say the charges are political and over blown. >> we feel it's politic callly motivated. they're trying to tea down a good man. they're trying to take down a
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good man. >> one of the more overblown cases i've seen in the 28 years i've been in the building. but we'll proceed to trial and we'll be ready for it. >> reporter: a judge ordered ross mirkirimi to stay away from his wife and toddler son despite his wife's pleas to keep the family together. ross mirkirimi will be in court later this week about that issue. as for a trial date in the domestic violence case, the judge set it for february 24. there will be a discovery hearing a week from today and a pretrial conference on february 16. back to you. >> thank you. opening statements began this morning in the trial of the man charged with the fatal shooting of a san francisco father and his two sons. the defendant, edwin ramos, is accused of a 2008 drive-by shooting that killed anthony bologna and his two sons. edwin ramos has admitted to driving the car but says he was not the gunman.
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the case made national news after it was revealed that edwin ramos was an undocumented immigrant with an arrest record but was never deported because of san francisco's sanctuary city policy. napa state hospital has ended an overnight lockdown after locating a patient who escaped last night. hospital officials say they found the man about 10:20 this morning at rally's grocery store across the road from the hospital. witnesses say about 10 to 15 hospital police officers came into the store and took the man into custody. earlier hospital officials said he had scaled a courtyard fence and claimed he was somewhere in a 77 acre area that surrounded by a razor wire fence and motion detectors. authorities say a burglary spix critically injured during a police chase last week in newark has died. investigators say 20-year-old rajwaun atkins was one of three men in a chevy malibu running from police when the car crashed into another car at
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cherry street and mowry avenue. rajwaun atkins died friday. the crash also killed the 69- year-old driver of that other car. police say the other two men ran from the car but officers captured them nearby. they're being held on parole and probation violations while police investigate the burglary and chase. we're just learning more information about the child abduction in san jose last week that ended with the suspect being shot and killed by police and the safe recovery of the child. we're live with more on what police are saying about this incident. >> reporter: san jose police just released some new disturbing details about the armed kidnapping. they say the 11-year-old girl was sexually assaulted and that she is severely traumatized. police also showed us the two weapons the man was wielding at the time of the kidnapping and officer involved shooting friday. they say the gun was firing
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blanks. >> it is designed to look and function just as a firearm would be. it does in fact eject spent casings. there is a muzzle flash. so if you are on the other end of this particular weapon you won't know what it is, nor would you be expected to differentiate. >> reporter: police say the man kidnapped the 11-year-old daughter of his ex-girlfriend at gunpoint at her san jose home in the early morning hours on friday. that triggered an amber alert. officers tracked him down about twelve hours later, five miles away. he shot at cops and police shot back and killed him. the investigation is ongoing. they're still viewing people he knew trying to figure out what set him off. the 11-year-old girl is being treated and counseled. back to you. >> thank you. 49ers fans are still no
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doubt trying to get over the sting of yesterday's tough loss in the nfc championship. some fans endured a tough time at candlestick park with massive traffic jams getting into and out of stadium. some people say it took three hours to get through the entrances. many people had to abandon their cars to make the kickoff. several buses were stuck on off ramps forcing passengers to jump out and walk to the game. a painful way to end a dream season for the 49er faithful. >> i'm sad because i wish my niners would have won. i cried. have a good night. >> it's all williams' faulted. >> lots of fans say they're proud of how the team did this year. yesterday's tense finish also drew some big television numbers. fox network announced a national rating of 33.4,
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the penn state university campus is in mourning today after the death of joe paterno. thousands gastedders outside penn state university's administration building last night for a candlelight vigil for joe paterno. he died yesterday at the age of 85 from complications of lung cancer. joe paterno coached at penn state for more than six decades. his legacy is marred by a child sex scandal involving a former assistant coach. joe paterno was fired in november. critics say he should have done more to stop the alleged abuse. >> joe is like our grandfather. he's done so much for this university despite all the negative comments lately. he has helped thousands of young men and young ladies. >> there is also a growing
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memorial at a statue of joe paterno outside penn state's football stadium. school officials say they're working on plans to commemorate joe paterno's life and career. arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords this morning resumed the meet and greet she was holding with constituents last year when a gunman opened fire killing six people and wounding 13 including gabrielle giffords. gabrielle giffords arrived at her office this morning showing visible signs of the brain injury she suffered from the gunshot wound. she has been undergoing extensive rehabilitation therapy. her office released photos of the meeting with other survivors of the attack. gabrielle giffords issued a statement yesterday saying she will resign from congress this week to focus on her recovery. a special election will be held this spring to select her successor. the remaining gop presidential candidates now take their fight to florida where the next gop primary takes place a week from
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tomorrow. with newt gingrich suddenly riding a wave of momentum, mitt romney is on the offensive. >> limping into florida, mitt romney is in attack mode. >> newt gingrich was working for freddie mac. >> going are a the former speaker of the house on the role he played at the mortgage giant that contributed to the economic downturn, he's calling for newt gingrich to release his contract with the company hoping the issue will resonate in a state with one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country. >> he said he was a historian, but he got paid $1.7 million. i don't believe he was an historian. he was out speaking up freddie mac. that was an enormous mistake and contribute to the crisis. >> newt gingrich says he's comfortable releasing those details and his lawyers are working on it. mitt romney on the offensive comes after a bruising loss to newt gingrich in south carolina. newt gingrich grasping renewed momentum is surging into florida. some polls show him jumping ahead of mitt romney who is expected to release his 2010 and part of his 2011 tax
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returns tuesday. something experts say he should have done before south carolina. >> the problem for mitt romney clearly was the tax return issue. >> ultimately, moderate florida is a huge get with 50 delegates at stake. the state's governor says that unlike south carolina, social issues like abortion and gay marriage matter less than the economy. >> florida voters, they want a president that will focus on one thing, jobs, jobs, jobs. that's who will win next week. >> remaining republican candidates, rick santorum and ron paul vow to stay in the race but paul has no plans to campaign in florida. back to you. president barack obama is scheduled to deliver his state of the union address tomorrow evening. the president approaches this year's state of the union address without having fulfilled a number of promises from earlier annual addresses. those include reforming immigration laws, eliminating subsidies to oil companies and reforming the tax system. president barack obama's state of the union address is at 6:00
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tomorrow night. we'll carry it live here on ktvu. in hawaii no major damage is being reported after a moderate earthquake. the 5.0 quake hit around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. it was followed by several small aftershocks. the largest being a 3.0. there was no threat of a tsunami and no reports of injuries. two people have died and more than 100 injured because of winter storms battering parts of the south and the midwest. this is video of damage in birmingham, alabama. the storms brought hail and strong winds which downed trees and snapped power lines. there were at least a half dozen tornadoes reported throughout the area. thousands of people are still without power. good afternoon to you. we're looking at partly sunny skies, still quite gloomy out there, a few sprinkles over parts of the bay, especially the south bay and the far east. we'll continue to watch this
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move through, pass on and we'll have partly cloudy skies for the afternoon. plenty of gray, still a little gusty out there. sfo reporting winds at 20 miles an hour, 14 near san jose, nearly 20 and 25 in some areas around san jose. 54 degrees, so cool out there. we're warmer than yesterday. you can see light rain falling at morgan hill and gilroy along highway 101. 51 degrees livermore, 51 concord, breezy throughout the day, not as bad as earlier today, but we'll continue with the wind. 53 at san francisco, 52 in oakland. napa 56 degrees. temperatures will stay in the med up toker 50s for the afternoon. we're going to see more sunshine. since thursday we've seen quite a bit of rain. look at some of the totals. santa rosa more than 6 1/2 inches. four inches in areas around
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napa. nearly three inches for fairfield. less than a half inch san jose. nine inches reported over parts of the santa cruz mountains. oakland and san francisco picking unan inch and a half to 2 1/2 inches over the last several days. we are going to watch clouds erode as we push thrawfort noon. at 5:00 mostly clear skies. we'll cool off in the overnight hours. we have a lot of lingering moisture, so a.m. fog expected tomorrow morning. today mix of sun and cloudings, perhaps an isolated shower in the forecast. we're done with the rain for the most part. upper 50s for the afternoon. 57 san francisco, 58 for san jose. once this storm moves beyond us, we're looking at dry weather, even temperatures well above average. wednesday, thursday upper 60s. we may cool back for the second half of the weekend.
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>> thank you. a well known comedian is hospitalized. the special honor he received just prior to the incident.
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stocks swinging between small gains and losses today while traders are watching talks in europe to cut greece's crushing debt load and prevent what could be a worldwide financial crisis.
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the dow is down almost 2%. the nasdaq down 2%. petaluma firefighters are looking for metal thieves who stole some important firefighting equipment from commercial buildings. they discovered that as many as 20y connectors are missing. the connectors are mounted on top of pipes used to pump water into building sprinklers in the event of a fire. the fittings are usually painted red and made of various cast metals. today is the start of the lunar new year. people ash the world are welcoming the year of the dragon. overnight in beijing they rang in the start of the chinese new year at midnight. fireworks lit up the sky. the dragon is considered the luckiest sign. in santa cruz today teams are removing two sailboats that washed ashore over the weekend.
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we shot this video this morning of one of the boats. each broke free from their moorings in bad weather friday night and wash add ashore saturday morning. one of the boats ended up on the beach right next to the boardwalk. workers had put up a fence around the boats to keep people from climbing on it. tracy morgan is in the hospital after collapsing at the sundance film festival in utah. the star he was being honored at an awards ceremony yesterday when he fainted after giving his acceptance speech. it's being report that he had looked extremely introx indicated during the speech. the hospital says no drugs or alcohol were found in his system. morgan's representative says he fainted because of exhaustion and altitude. tonight at 5:00, we'll be tracking two big stories. the fallout across the bay area from the storm that swept through this weekend.
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plus, what went wrong? the niner coaches and players are speaking out about the big game and we'll have their reactions to the big loss at the nfc championship. >> thank you for trusting "ktvu channel 2 news at noon." we'll see you the next time news breaks. join us again at 5:00. we're always here for you on and mobile
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