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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  January 24, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PST

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. >> reporter: police are busy collecting evidence from an assault near fisherman's wharf. we'll tell what you we know about the young victim. police are investigating the death after college student -- of a college student. we'll tell you what they want from somebody who may have seen something. and he was the goat of the nfc championship game. how 49er kyle williams was part of the new york giants' game plan. "mornings on 2" starts now.
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well, good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday january 24th. just hours ago, san francisco police arrested a man accused of attacking a young tourist. it happened near fisherman's wharf. lorraine blanco is live at the scene. police say this started as a missing person's report? >> reporter: yes, it did. in fact, they got the call of a missing juvenile around 2:30 a.m., right around fisherman's wharf here. that's when they sent out extra patrol. a unit drove by this building right here just before 4:00 a.m. officers rescued the girl and arrested the male suspect. police are busy collecting evidence. they say the victim was part of a young group from a foreign
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country. she somehow got separated from the group around 2:00 a.m. people who work in this area say the area is usually safe. >> we have people coming in and out. so generally it's a safe neighborhood and we have the hotels and motels out and we have tourists coming in and out and i was really surprised. >> reporter: now, both the suspect and the victim were transported. authorities are not releasing their conditions. police don't believe the victim knew the suspect. back out here live, you can see police collecting evidence as we speak. you see some evidence markers, some cardboard on the ground as well as some clothes on the ground. we're still trying to figure out who this suspect is. they are not giving as you lot of information, of course -- giving us a lot of information, of course. lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:02. crews are still on the scene of an early-morning house fire in
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oakland. it started shortly after 5:00 a.m. to a home on 90th avenue. fire dealt tells ktvu no one was living at the home and no one was hurt. it's still not clear how the fire started. 7:02. this morning, we are expected to get more details about a fatal shooting of a college student in richmond. it happened last night. christien kafton is at the police station now. what do you know now? >> reporter: well, we've been trying to contact police waiting for the latest update. so far we know the victim's name was not released because the family has not been notified. presumably, that's happened by now. we have learned that the victim was a 22-year-old contra costa student who appears to have
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simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time. we stoped by the scene and found a candle in memory of the victim and shattered auto glass. we did see where they collected evidence that shooting happened around 7:00 last night. richmond police say there was a running gun battle with the gunman shooting at a passing car. after that car got away, witnesses say the gunman turned to the victim and his sister who were getting in their car, getting ready to go to class and the gunman opened fire on them. the 22-year-old man was hit. his sister started the car and sped around the corner but it was too late. the young man died at the scene. we did see the evidence markers at the scene of so presumably richmond investigators were able to collect the ballistic evidence. what they really know is to
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have someone who knows something to come by and let them know. we're be here. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:04. sheriff's deputies in sacramento investigating the shooting death of a park employee. the 59-year-old victim was shot to death monday morning just as he arrived at the rancho cordova park. he was a supervisor. >> he was able to retire but he decided to stay on to help the district move forward. >> investigators are trying to determine if the death was random targeted. the new york giants say they targeted punt returner, kyle williams. he fumbled two punts. and several giants' player said
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they learned williams had a history of conference when williams talked about it earlier this month. so the giants' game plan was to knock him around. williams reportedly suffered a shoulder injury in the game. in the next half-hour, we'll have more on the teeth threats against him -- on the threats against him. >> he's probably the loneliliest man -- onliest man in san francisco. >> he has his teammates. >> yes. okay. we are want to check in with sal. >> i want to go out and show you some of these live pictures that we have por you. the traffic on interstate 80 coming into the city is going to be slow here. this commute is about 15 minutes. it could be a lot worse. sometimes we've had as much as
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a 30-minute wait. today we do have a good look. interstate 880 is looking better. if you are driving south, let's say you are going to hayward. southbound 880, it looks like there is a crash at marina. i want to show you the -- i want to show you the traffic is okay heading into fremont. on the peninsula x highway 101 and 280 still looking good. let's if to steve. a very good morning. we have a little bit of a pattern change here. no, it's not back to rain. it's back to dry weather. so a mostly cloudy morning here. but the jet stream everything the river of air hoey brought us three systems is now lifting north. the higher clouds decided to hang around a little bit
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longer. the fog is not going anywhere. so machine tab dash so morning fog, inland fog, butsenly and warmer. in the long range ten-days are try. we needed the rain but it didn't really do all that much. santa rosa is still only 58% of normal. they should have about 20 inches. san francisco should have about 12 1/2. they have half of that at 49%. and san jose should have 7.13. about -- so with all of that rein that he shot you we were in the 20 dafern tash that we showed you, we were in the 20s. cloudy skies to mostly cloudy skies. you can see the higher clouds breaking through the ridge of high pressure. it's mountain strong -- it's
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not strong but it's on its way. your morning trifecta. san jose, cloudy. these high clouds don't to kilter -- estimator three -- don't seem to be moving. the morning will be cloudy. we'll have some filtered sun here. upper 50s. hoe 60s. toes will -- these are right above average. we were way above. now we're back to average. except for night and morning fog, it will be sunny cooed up and warmer. with your weekend in looks dry. president obama they haves his state of the union address tonight. coming up at 7:15, the focus of the president's speech and the bay area man who got a special
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invitation to attend. republican presidential candidate, mitt romney, repeatedly attacked newt gingrich last night in florida. >> he was to be our speaker of the house for four years. >> i think this is the it dash. >> when the accounts were in the -- attacking each other they justed the u.s. relationship with cuba and what to do about the foreclosure crisis. allow these thanks to create losses. >> the candidates have one more
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debate in florida. thursday night, before the primary next tuesday. 7:0. 's as he promised mitt romney released his federal income tax returns for 200. the rom any report the $71 follow. move of in f inyou can tact. he also -- he blayed $billion 31. that's helped -- he made $31 million. if next -- what the group is to to toen that tach what to -- -- what group is in? [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings.
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. good morning. we have cloudy skies. temperatures 40s, 50s, a couple of upper 30s. it will be mostly cloudy and then filtered sun. highs upper 50s, low 60s. it appears "anonymous" is planning to bring down facebook. >> first target, facebook. while it's true that facebook has at least 60,000 servers it's still possible to bring it down. >> those are the words of a mysterious voice. the nare eighter claims to -- narrater claims to represent part of anonymous. it's believed the attack is tied to the battle over
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internet rights but it's not clear exactly why facebook is the target. a stream of charred particles from a giant solar storm hits earth today. these were pictures last week when the solar radiation film began. satellites can be damaged and on rare occasions, power lines. but the threat to satellites and power grids appears to be low. this is the largest solar radiation storm since 2005. a new study shows that tokyo has a 70% chance of being hit by a 7.0 or greater in the next seven years. the last major earthquake in tokyo was in 1923. and it killed 140,000 people.
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7:15. well, president obama delivers his third state of the union address tonight. as alison burns reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom, we just found out about a special guest who will be sitting with the first lady tonight. alison? >> reporter: dave, warren buffett's secretary will be sitting in the first lady's box tonight. she's become a symbol in the president's fight for tax fairness because she pays a higher tax rate than her billionaire boss. this is a photo of the president with his staff. the president's main goal, done rinse tan dash convincing -- convincing the american people. >> it's been too long that we've been mired. we want to see poth focus on
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growth in the private sector. >> reporter: and even though congress is as div vifded as ever, dozens of lawmakers have agreed to sit together for another state of the union date night. congresswoman and minority leader nancy pelosi will be sitting with her friend, a republican congresswoman from maryland. the two sat together last year as well. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. well, the foe -- well, the cofounder of a startup website is inviteds to attend tonight's speech. >> we'll carry the state of the union address live and bring it to you. it's at 6:00 tonight, right after ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. president obama honored the
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011 stanley cup champions at the -- 2011 stanley cup champions at the white house. tim thomas says he skipped the ceremony to protest a federal government that he says threatens life and liberty. senator john kerry attended a white house ceremony for his favorite bruins. looking like he could be a member of the team. he has two black eyes playing pickup games. kerry's office says he sustained the injury when he was hit in the face with a stick during the game. a former cia aiant is accused of -- agent is accused of releasing top-secret information about the capturing of a top -- capturing a top
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official from al qaeda. a map accused of rifing a -- of firing a rifle at the courthouse will appear in court today. oscar or day fau hernandez is accused of trying to assassinate -- ortega hernandez is accused of trying to assassinate president obama. the lawyer for or day dpau hernandez -- the lawyer for ortega hernandez says his client will enter a not guilty plea guilt. pg&e delayed installing smart meters after the board approved a moratorium in september of 2010. the ltity insises smart meters -- the utility insists that the smart -- the smartphones are
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safe. later this morning, the environmental protection agency and the department of transportation will hold a public -- will hold a public meeting. president obama has consider considering to move a certain amount of miles you drive. tonight, the san carlos could become the latest peninsula city to ban styrofoamed into containers. the city is expected to to
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comply. the rain has stopped. we have thick fog. just look out the window. that's a pretty shot. up next, steve will be here. he will tell us where the fog is the thickest. and the sun it's already starting to breakthrough.
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. more bad news for the 49ers. the team's proposed santa clara stadium could now be in jeopardy. the county registrar of voters verified stadium opponents did collect the more than 4500 signatures needed to put the issue on the ballot. however, the santa clara city council will meet tonight in hopes of blocking the refer
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income -- referendum. voters already approve the project -- i approved the project. let's go to sal. the police are busy. what just happened? >> reportedly the street by the federal building is -- turk street closed at polk. so vehicles are not being able to get by. southbound 880, stevenson a crash on the shoulder. let's go to some live pictures and traffic at the toll plaza backed up for about a 20-minute
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gate. and northbound 280 some slow traffic getting into the silicon valley. northbound 85. the same thing goes from northbound 87. let's go to 87 -- let's go to steve. thank you, sal. the jet stream is lifting high clouds over us. a mostly cloudy morning makes for a beautiful sunrise. later today we'll get some filtered sun as the pattern dps back to dry -- goes back to dry. cloudy skies. some fog but mainly off to the north and east. partly sunny by noon. partly cloudy by 4:00. temperatures will be on the mild side. as high pressure builds in, it looks like it wants to come back in and park it.
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your extended outlook does have night and morning fog. otherwise it will be dry and warm he. 7:25. a deadly crash at a deadly bay area intersection. investigators say it's tied to a -- tied to a red light and a work crew. and geologists go back to the scene of huge rockslide in san francisco. a food fight involving school lunches. the problem with providing healthier meals.
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. 7:28. we're following breaking news that sal first told us about in his traffic report. right now, the san francisco's bomb squad is at the federal courthouse at turk and golden gate. several streets are sealed off in that area following the discovery of a suspicious package. we have a news crew headed to the scene. we'll have a live report. but again a suspicious package has led to street closures. this is at turk and golden gate. more on this coming up. public work crews and geologists will return to the scene of a huge rockslide. tons of boulders loosened by the recent rains came crashing
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down telegraph hill not far from coit tower. they destroyed a parked car and came close to a building on -- apartment buildings. they red tagged those buildings after tests showed they were not safe. >> if the building gets hit and they roll down, those would be the most impacted. >> they hope to complete a series of safety tests. we want to make sure the hill is stable and it's safe for everyone to return to their home. back in 2001, the park telegraph complex sued the city over falling rocks. the city hey -- paid out nearly $41,000. in 2008, building owners appealed for more help but the city said the owners had not fulfilled their part of the
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settlement. yesterday on fremont boulevard and delaware drive. police say a speeding chevy monte carlo ran a red light and then an suv hit the monty caur low nothing -- northing -- monte carlo was hit. police say the monte carlo ran. rescue crews managed to save two passengers who were in the back seat of that monte carlo. a burglary suspect in newark has kyed -- has died now after being put while trying to run from police.
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this happened wednesday. two other men who were with watkins are being held on parole violations. the body of an elderly napa county woman who went missing has been found. margaret key was found yesterday off mount seater road. deputies say they found her car stuck in the mud. the cause of death is under investigation. deputies say there was not appear to be any signs of foul play. deputies also say key had a history of becoming loss and disoriented. mayor ed lee says he plans to talk about ross mirkarimi about whether he should continue on his job. the sheriff's problems grew yesterday after new abuse allegations from his ex- perfect. the woman said she -- ex- girlfriend. the woman said she dated mirkarimi and he took her and
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grabbed her arms. mirkarimi is already going to court for the domestic violence on his wife. >> if i were the district tone, i would put her on the stand. the district attorney doesn't have to prove this incident of a reasonable tut. they just have to rule it preliminary. there are now details in the domestic violence case against san francisco's assistant attorney. police say he and her husband were arrested saturday. they bothed -- they posted bail. san mateo county prosecutors are blaming hillsborough mills for a
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controversial plea deal. now, bradley climben will serve no more than seven keys in prison about shooting a killing a friend -- days in prison about shooting a -- shiting and killing a friend. prosecutors hoped to charge him for first-degree murder but they settled for a lesser charge. san francisco police told us how many fans were arrested at the nfc championship game at sandal -- candlestick park. most were alcohol-related. police ejected 110 people from candlestick park. the statistics related to the officers who wore giants jerseys, well, they've not been released yet. private security guard are no longer patrolling the site of the former occupy oecket
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encampment at frank ofau wa -- frank ogawa police. the san francisco board of supervisors could soon enact new rules for two of the city's plazas. the rules would apply to the jane warner and harvey mills plaza located across the street from each other at the intersection of castro, market and 17th street. among the proposed rules, a ban on smoking, camping, cooking and shopping charts. 7:35. one year after a deadly plane crashed in contra costa county, federal investigators are calling for changes to make sure it doesn't happen again t was a crop dusting plane that
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crashed last january and the milt poos -- and the pilot was dilled -- and the pilot was killed. a suspected norovirus outbreak has sickened dozens of people in marin county. it happened at the senor care centers, two of them, as well as a preschool that's not yet been identified. coming up for you at 7:45, pam cook will bring us live reports on thive art to quarantine the businesses and also kind of source of that outbreak. the city of richmond will be the future home of the lawrence berkeley national laboratory's seack campus. lab officials say it took a year but richmond beat out five other east bay cities.
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richmond city leaders are very excited. >> this is a transformation for the city of richmond to let people know, hey, you know, richmond is a beautiful safe place to come to. work, week, walk and -- work, bike, week and visit our restaurants. >> this could cost $250 billion. existing contamination will have to be cleaned up. the palo alto city council has approved at&t's plan to install wireless antennas throughout the city. the plan was reviewed by a -- was revealed by a review board. opponents say those towers would interrupt views, not be safe in earthquakes.
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7:37. sal, i know you are watching the toll plaza and the police activity in downtown san francisco. anything new? we're just looking -- following it now to see the -- the federal court house on the -- i was gonna say south of market. it's actually in the tender loin. it's that -- that federal building between turk and rock it lin. that block is closed -- rocklisten. that black is closed. war's at the scene -- we're at the scene exwearing details -- gathering details. i northbound 101, slow traffic already in pockets between 280 and sunnyvale. let's go to steve.
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>> a very good morning. mostly cloudy out there. tomorrow probably warm but we'll have night and morning fog. temperatures over the next couple of days will be going up. the higher clouds stop the fog formation. that will not be the case when we get clear skies and back into the 30s. that's when you get stocked in. weekend looks dry but maybe a little cooler. a weak system might drop in on tuesday. there's no message that says rain. that's for sure. some of the visibility can be
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.25 miles to .50. san jose has some low cloud deck. you can see it in a lot of these clouds, thin, high clouds. that will give us a mostly cloudy morning. tomorrow everything else should be well to the north. our morning are a little cooler. fog is not going anywhere. but high pressure and sunshine will start to kick in. upper 50s, lower 60s today. . >> 63, though, los gatos. morgan hill to gilroy, 64. santa cruz in there as well. tomorrow, santa cruz should be around 68 degrees.
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warmer weather takes us into wednesday, thursday, friday and then with the weekend in view, a little cooler but still dry. >> all right. thank you, steve. breaking news. sal mentioned it. right now, the san francisco police pom squad is at the federal courthouse at turk and geg -- golden gate. paul chambers has more. >> reporter: police are still clearing the scene. just a few moments ago, i did see one. little electronic robotic -- row pot out here for a while. we do know this has been an issue at 5:30 this moving. apparently there was a suspicious package, a brief found outside of the wilding. between turk and hide they were all closed down. police are allowing one car to come down here. it looks like it's over right now, but of course, we's stay
7:42 am
on top of this and let you know what happened as soon as we find the information. it's been out here since 5:30. officers are just actually dleeferring the area. but toive in san francisco, i'm paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. it is 7:41. apple's earnings will be reese -- released after the closing bell today.
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. the dow is down 40, at 12,668. the nasdaq is down just about half a point and s&p is down 4. apple is scheduled to release its quarterly earnings after the closing bell. there are estimates the company sold about $-- 29 million of the iphone. apple shares are down slightly, trading at 424 a share. starbucks will soon sell wine and beer at select locations in southern california, atlanta and chicago. the coffee giant already offers $5 beer and wine by the glass in
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starbucks in the northwest. . public health officials in marin county have quarantined two senior residential caresenners and a preschool because of an outbreak of a flu- like illness. they suspect it's the norovirus which has been reported on cruise ships. this is new video this morning of one of the places affected in corte madera on paradise drive. the ages living in san rafael is also under quarantine and there's particular concern when the very old or the very young are affected by the norovirus, it can be fatal. so far, 73 patients have become
7:47 am
sick and 16 students at a preschool are already reporting symptom. it's also under quarantine but the name of the preschool has not been released at this point. now, the marin county public health didn'ts are still trying to determine the -- the source of the outbreak. >> thank you. ock. 49ers' kyle williams has been getting death threats from angry fans. he accepts responsibility for fumbling two punts that led to the 49ers losing to the giants. how far, some angry fans have posted nasty messages on the internet including threatening physical harm. his teammates are sticking by him. >> my teammates, i couldn't be happier with the support they've given me. if nothing more, they've let me
7:48 am
know they got my back. his father is the general imaginers for the white house. 49ers' quarterback alex smith becomes a free agent in march but he says he wants to stay right here. myth says he loves the team, love, the -- loves the coaching staff. alex smith posted some of the best numbers of his career this season including throws just five intersections which are the fewest in the nfl. one of the players who hetched the giants win their first world series since 1954. he's gonna pay for a new home this season. free agent cody ross agreed to a win-your contract. 0
7:49 am
he became a tab dash he was named mvp in the league series championship. oscar nominationing were anowed just a short time ago. >> this morning we will share the news we've all been waiting for. hoe film -- which film leads the pack in 20 -- 2001. @@
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. the bay area rings in the lunar new year with a bang. san francisco kicked off celebrations with a thunderous display at chinatown. the fire crackers are supposed to ward off evil spirits. the event featured lion and dragon -- dragon dances. crews are building floats for
7:52 am
the annual chinese new year's parade. organizers say the festival and parade comprised one of the largest celebrations of its kind in the world, attracting 3 million spectators and television viewers each other. the dragon is the only symbol in the chinese zodiac that's myth cal. people born this year are considered lucky, ambitious and powerful. >> the year of the dragon -- who can say anything about the dragon. it's not like a snake. it's not cute like a u.n -- it's not cute like a snake. everybody wants to be the dragon. mark your calendar this year's parade will be held on -- will be held on saturday, february 11th. you can see it live right here beginning at 6:00 p.m. next mon the best in movies will be honored at the academy
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ayards. the nom nags were announced earlier this morning. >> "hugo," martin scorsese, producer. >> "the artist," tori loved that movie, ten noms and "moneybag" nominated for best picture. . california lawmakers say improving the quality of school lunches is having an unintended impact on needy families. the cost of school lunches is going up for students because of recent requirements to make lunches healthier. students whose family are struggling to stay afloat
7:54 am
financially may not be able to afford bying a school lunch every day on average. elementary school students pay $1.93 for a school lunch. high school students pay about $2.20. your morning glass of orange juice could soon cost more. the price of oj is on the rise over concerns of imports from brazil. traces of a funggy side -- fungicidew were found. ofnlt j is hopefully -- were found. oj is hopefully safe for now. >> hopefully. sal, are you still focusing on that possible bomb? >> yeah. and we'll have a couple of more details in just a moment.
7:55 am
i want to start off right now with a look at some of the bickest commute slowdowns. that would be the bay bridge. unfortunately we have a better -- we had -- a big backup there. no major reason, everybody is going m. for some, people tell me, it's the most productive day of the week. but there's certainly more traffic now. you can always give me your opinion, via twitter or facebook. in is a look at 880 northbound and southbound. traffic there is looking good. as dave mentioned, there's police activity and turk street is closed between polk and larkin at the federal courthouse. the number 19 muni bus, we found, is going around the few blocks there. it's in the a huge closure so the bus will only be rerouted for a few mox. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a little about the -- a little sit of sun out there.
7:56 am
there's plenty of fog. the fog is not going away. the higher clouds are. sunshine and dry weather is back. mostly cloudy and then we'll get mostly sunny to partly sunny by noon and then also this afternoon. fog will be -- will be back tomorrow night or tomorrow. the jet streams will going noth. 40s on the temperatures. there have been a couple of 30s. after that we'll see more sunshine. temperatures, upper 50s, low 60s. white before where we should be for this time of year. tomorrow, except for night and morning fog, it will be foggy. the bomb squad is outside of the federal courthouse in
7:57 am
the tenderloin there was a new development moments ago.
7:58 am
7:59 am
. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. it's tuesday, january 24th. there's breaking news. a bomb scare right now in san francisco. the police bomb squad is outside the federal courthouse in the city's tenderloin district. paul chambers also there and there's new information. what do you know? >> reporter: good morning, dave. i will tell you that the bomb squad actually moved their truck out of the way just about five minutes ago. but take a look. you see that red box. we're told from police that's where the suspicious package was put there, which is -- which is right across the street. it was a suitcase. it was one of the little mobilized robotic machines. they used that machine to take an x-ray of the briefcase.
8:00 am
they found out there was something there -- nothing there but just as precaution, police had to shut down several streets. >> they did come out and they determined it was not unsafe. >> and traffic is flowing once again out here. it was closed down for three blocks on turk. once again, you can see traffic behind me is moving. no problems whatsoever. flies said everything was fine. it happened about 5:30. people were sheltered in place for a little time. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:00. suspect police also investigating an attack on a young tourist near fisherman's wharf. it happened several hours ago. lorraine blanco is live. she's still at the scene and i know police are in the process of wrapping things up.
8:01 am
>> reporter: yes, they are, dave. after three hours combing through this area, police are just about to leave here. you can see where police parked -- marked and collected several pieces of evidence. officers got a call of a missing juvenile at 2:30 a.m. that's when they sent out extra patrol. just before 4:00, the police unit noticed the girl being attacked in front. union building. the victim was part of the group from a foreign country and somehow she disappeared from the group. >> i will go to the grocery store at 9:00 p.m. but i might think harder about going by myself and convince my boyfriend to get up off the couch and come with me.
8:02 am
>> police say the suspect was transported to a hospital nearby because he was complaining about illness. the victim was also transported. her condition is unknown. the investigation is ongoing. lorraine blanco dut ktvu channel 2 news. a minor earthquake that was 3.8 hit four miles south- southwest of clearlake oaks. right now the lake county shear itch's office says it's not received any reports of damage. 8:01. oakland city officials will talk about a proposed budget for tomorrow and it calls for sweeping cut and laying off city employees. jean scwaun is prepare -- has proposed 105 layoffs. that's temperature tash less
8:03 am
the's than those. -- jean quan is prepared and is proposing 105 layoffs. in fresno, thousands of county workers are hitting the picket line today. they are protesting pay cuts about ha they call unfair contract fearations. the striking employees include librarians, nurses and social workers. county nils say a very tight put forced -- forced them to make the pay cuts. aid corking to the -- according to the contra costa council, they will lose money and -- money for the music an market series, also the 4th of july parade. seven employees could reportedly lose their jobs. the coup is expected to adopt a -- council is expected to adopt
8:04 am
a resolution tonight. a chp had -- a her -- the chp rescued a man who had been out hiking. the chp says the helicopter quickly found him with the hetch of night-vision goggles as he waved his lit cell phone in the air. he was hungry and told but not hurt. air travelers can expect more key day -- more dedays at sfo. arriving flights will be delayed on original 45 minutes and that will put the parting polite behind schedule. if you are headed to the airport it's a good to check with your carrier. let's check in with sa -- sal. >> good morning. let's take a look at some of
8:05 am
these computter identified maps. we see a lot of -- computer identified maps -- computerized maps. we have slow traffic heading up to peninsula. if you are driving on the pill getting down, almost the same thing from burling game down to palo alto. 2 0 is better, although we have -- 280 is better, although we have slowing in san mateo county. 880 southbound. it's kind of a busy day even though we have busy conditions. 8:05. let's go to steve. you know what. steve -- i'm looking at at the -- at the toll plaza here. that traffic looks pretty food and we'll look at highway 4,
8:06 am
hear b.a.r.t. -- there goes b.a.r.t. sure, i have to fulfill my quota pain thoughts for 24 hours. >> now you are passing the torch? >> i am. >> yes. thank you, sal. we do have some higher clou and low clouds. the fog is going to be the biggest story. i don't want to alarm you folks who like the rain but the seven to ten-day outlook looks pretty dry t would not surprise me. so feast and famine seems to be the way things are going. they will starting to thin out, peninsula but some follow follow out there. the -- but if you don't have the temperatures, the temperatures aring if up, upper 60s to near 7 especiallier over
8:07 am
-- to near 70. the rain was much needed. look where it put us. 28 to 58% to santa rosa. i know that's a big jump but they have 7 a% of the rain -- 70% of the rain. we should have 7 pie 31. it was good but not really looking -- by 1. it was looking good but and the dash the follow is going up. it will be forming rapidly. pockets of visibility this morning, but it was generally okay. i think tomorrow will be worse. 40s for many. there is a few low 50s and a couple of upper 50s. you can see actually see the jet stream now heading north. i mean way north.
8:08 am
so once we get rid of these higher clouds. we're good to go. the sunshine, jet stream came down to visit us. you know, i enjoyed my time. i think i will come back. >> after we get hid of -- rid of today's higher clou. upper 50s low 60s. a few 60s. >> thick fog, warmer weather, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. friday. but it does look like no ray snoop -- but it does not look like rain to me. coming up -- the special gets who have been invited to attend the president's state of the union.
8:09 am
well, the department of afafrt have found evidence of people -- affairs have found evidence of people affected families too apologize. te will waiting on 0 are 0s of -- they will be awaiting them. a fog that used to be a common site in the sierra list coulden signed why low -- why sierra frogs could be listed as endangered. they eat frog eggs and tadpoles. this moving, county
8:10 am
supervisor inee is compelled to. -- the rate hike would raise the monthly bill by nearly $4 for the average 32-gallon can. and san mateo county board of supervisors will consider ways to preserve the future of sharp park golf course. an environmental group wants the golf course should down because it's home to a threatened especially is and endangered species. the county believes it could be
8:11 am
resigned to open the bean i -- the reason i want to if is. . you've gonna see this -- how an elderly exuch out for a hospital m alaska. >> was door corer it it be be far dorned -- coulder. he coulder -- sizing up the damage from the latest wound of -- round of tornadoes in the deep south. [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity:
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the subway big hot pastrami melt. dive into piled-high pastrami, spicy mustard, pickles and melt-a-licious cheese. treat your taste buds to a fresh toasted subway big hot pastrami melt. subway. eat fresh. %c1
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8:14 am
some fog. no doubt about it. with all of the rain we just had, there will be areas of fog here. we'll have a mostly sunny, partly cloudy. temperatures upper 50s, row 60s. the pattern is gog quiet down here in parts of alabama, that's a different story. every county there is under a state of emergency. two tornadoes went through. i know one was an f-2 and bun was an f-3 and they ripped through deep in the south. i know tennessee, alabama, mississippi. so far, two fatalities,00 injure and 400 homes have been destroyed. the usual downed trees and power lines. that's pretty pourful weather for so early in the season. president obama will focus on how to revitalize the economy when he delivers his state of the union address
8:15 am
font. as alison burns reports, republicans are already out in force with the demand for a response to the message. >> reporter: the house republicans went before the cameras to say they don't expect any more ideas from president obama tonight, just another pitch for his term. >> the president has been in campaign mode since rainor -- labor day. >> here's the picture the prows white house released of the president -- here's the picture of the white house. >> i'm confident that the president will spook to the moral and income crisis of income and equal -- inequality.
8:16 am
those are expected to be big things for president obama tonight. he has invited war reb buffett's -- warren buffett's secretary to sit in the first lady's box. she's become a symbol for his right because she pays a higher tax rate than her billionaire boss. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:15. congresswoman gabriel giffords will be in washington tonight. her husband, mark kelly has been invited to -- to sit with first lady michelle mama. yesterday finish -- she fin, the economic -- community -- she michelleby. she is resigning. she will focus on hemp health and recovery.
8:17 am
we'll tear -- carry the state of the union live. it's at 6:00 right after the lose at 5:00. the u.s. state department says it's moving mesh embassy employing to safer low cakes -- locations. and the obama administration announced sanctions on another bank in iran accusing of it assisting iranian ands -- answers. the. 8:17. the tensions are escalating
8:18 am
over iran's nuclear programs and the oil prices keep going you. the european union decided to bandny oil services. iran is led to -- that would mean we'll pay priceys as the pump. italian rescues a nounsed they found another body from the costco concordia cruise ship. the death toll is now 16. 16 people are still missing. preparations why run yay to remove from that cruise ship. the equipment used to do that is already in place any fuel removal probably won't start until saturday. a marin county judge has ordered joseph naso to stand
8:19 am
trial on several wait charges. between cash cash between 1997 and 1994. prosecutors have not p they say -- naos is relling -- naso is help -- is representing himself. over the weekend, two child care centers in san mateo county were burglarized. thieves broke into the two centers sometime -- sometime between sunday afternoon and monday morning at the coast side develop center, the streets took a box filled with
8:20 am
several location. too m. an elderly woman in alaska saved her husband from a moose attack. >> i was scared. i wasn't fooling anything except get rid of that bugar. bug -- bug ar. bugar. the wopped the -- botched the moose offer the head with a shovel until he et oat. -- in -- until he was supposed toen. . our weather today, looking out the win toe, a little dlow
8:21 am
followfy clear stermt -- a little cloudy. we're just getting word of an injury accident blocking aust of -- all of the lanes of a major freeway we'll tell you about this straight ahead. non-stop football... it's a man cave! the boys next door will never leave. who says we want them to? we're gonna erase breast cancer once and for all. walking 60 miles... in three days. (woman) we're united. (woman) a family. (woman) a coming together of thousands. so that one has to suffer the agony of a loss.
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8:23. a dramatic rescue caught on tape in washington state. look at this. sunday, snowmobilers were enjoying fresh powder when they accidentally triggered an avalanche. john swan son was out there. he was buried in the snow.
8:24 am
all of his friends raced out there. they are trying to dig him out and it was all reported -- recorded by a helmet camera. >> we got you. >> we're good. >> we got his head. >> shovel. shovel shovel. >> they knew where i went in the snow and that was the seauferning grace -- saving -- saving grace. >> john, he was taken -- shaken up as you can imagine, but otherwise he is okay. want to check in again with sal keeping a close eye on the commute. >> yeah, we have a new crash. it's blocking all lanes of 238 at 580. this is it right here. let me just -- i pit the wrong button there it's 238 das tro that -- castro valley. dash this is 238 at as -- this
8:25 am
is 238 at astro valley -- castro valley. let's go to live pictures. i want to show you traffic is packed up for about a 10 to 15 minutes. it's getting better. it's 8:24. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. a very good morning. a little bit of sun out there. a lot of reports of some fog, higher clouds and tomorrow, those higher clouds will drift north. they will we'll -- we'll still have the sunshine. no rain, nothing forecast. a few 30s, a couple of 40s. jet stream is going north, way north. some of these higher clouds will thin out throughout the day. some thick morning fog, though, some of that fog is tough to burn off when you get into this type of a a it.
8:26 am
64 for you god folks in morgan hill -- for you good folks in morgan hill. for us, cool to mild. friday looks mimed and same for the weekend. subtle changes but over all a very dry pattern. 8:25. a mass walkout at a bay area high school. this protest involves basketball. police are looking for the public's help to try to fine find the killer -- find the killer of a college student here in richmond. and a big rockslide prompts authorities to red-tag some homes in san francisco. how the city is responding this moving. 3q
8:27 am
8:28 am
we believe keeping kids healthy can start with healthy hands. with the lysol no-touch hand soap system healthy hands can be automatic. for healthy tips and more, visit
8:29 am
. good morning. we have a sig-alert. they are expecting a huge delay here on. freeway in castro valley. 238 at 580. an overturned truck blocking all lanes of that ramp. and 580 through castro valley. it's a huge mess e we'll tell you about in -- met. we'll tell you about this straight -- in a minute we'll tell you moyer in m a -- tell you more in a minute. we're still waiting for more details from the police about a student assault. investigators had not released the victim's name in this last night when this incident happened because the family had not been notify. but we have learned the who was
8:30 am
a 2-year-old student. now everything the shooting aned at about 7:00 -- now, the shooting happened at about 7 oock and then witnesses say the gunman turned to the victim and they were getting ready to -- to go to their car. the 22-year-old was hit. it was too late. the young man died at the scene. bestoped at that scene at 2th and dave cav 27th. there were -- there were -- that -- there were several evidence parkers there. again, we did see the evidence margers on the sidewalk so police were able to retrieve some bliss tick evidence. woe are waiting here at the richmond police department for
8:31 am
a p had been in it sphvelt -- some ballistic evidence. we are waiting here for the richmond police department for more information. these flames to this home caused major damage. the fire department tells ktvu, no one was actually living at the home. no one was hurt. still not clear how that fire began. it is 8:30. this morning, public work crews will return to the scene of that huge rockslide in san francisco. be they came crashing down the field. not far from coit towfer. they destroyed a park car and came drily close -- toyota
8:32 am
cower. they destroyed a -- to you -- coit tower. they destroyed a parked car and came dangerously home to a -- dash close to a home. ---- home to a home. back in 2001, the parked telegraph complex sued the city of san francisco over falling rocks. i . a basketball controversy appears to be dividing a san jose high school. the -- the mercury news reports, it all started last month when gunderson high school coach mike allen suspend
8:33 am
his top five players for late arrivals, backtack talk and what allen calls to a -- calls bad respect. thelyers -- the players are accusingal len of being power hungry and say he administrated the problems they have. the staff supports williams. the new york giants say they integely targeted kyle williams. you know, he fumbled two point point -- intentionally targeted kyle williams. he -- they say the game plan was to knock him around some. williams reportingly a shom ter injury.
8:34 am
wellment -- well, in -- shoulder injury. we have congressman who say they -- that you came and lobbied them with regard to medicare -- >> whoa! >> at the same time -- >> i think it's pretty clear to say that i have never, ever gone and done any lobbying. the two other twices you wonder how -- the 2004 -- >> my question is governor romney and speaker gingrich. if you believe in capitalism that much, why did you support the bailout of wall street? you talk p electability. let's take 30 -- everybody who is 30 and younger.
8:35 am
i'm doing pretty good. i'm winning. as promise the pit everyone p -- as promised mitt romney has released i had federal income stand for health -- as promised, mitt romney pass released his federal income. he gave $3 million to charitable acharges -- charitable organizations. a group in san francisco is hoping lemon trees will help the city more sustainable. friends of the urban forest want residents to help track the number of trees in the city by using an online map. will that help their -- that are help with who debate can do
8:36 am
this this -- can do this in -- >> while it's true that facebook has at leaf 60,000er is veers. it's still possible to bring it down. those are the words of a soar just place. late -- late yesterday. but that voice cams to represent interest -- claim to -- claims to be "anonymous." it's believe the attack is over internet righting but it's not clear -- internet rights but it's not clear yet with facebook is right. a voom part kl, into. -- our energy from if -- the
8:37 am
threat to salts and power grids -- saflts an power grids are -- satellites and power grids are reportedlily. sheriff deputies in sacramento are investigating the shooting death of a park employee. sean southbound and -- killed just before he arrived at work. he worked as a maintenance -- as a maintenance supervisor. >> investigators are trying to federal government out if it was random -- it was -- if it was ran to. f.m. sal's following our traffic. >> we have a very serious crash involving an overturned vehicle that's blocking lanes.
8:38 am
the traffic is glowing. if you are coming in from the -- from the public offer here to cass low vell, you will find this traffic system -- this traffic system. the it yoef turned -- it's an other yoef turned injury -- -- it's an overturned vehicle. 680 southbound is taking a beating. people are -- people are hearing about it and people are but now is not the time to. >> to -- but people are still
8:39 am
going through that area. let's go to steve. warmer temperatures as the jet stream and the storm starts to lift north in extreme northern california near the oregon border. partly sunny today. kind of a mixed bag, sun, high clouds, low clouds. tomorrow, inland nothing i think that's dplo that be really thick and when the testimony then it will be really -- tomorrow inland nothing i can think of that would be really thick. other than the testimony moo. thing, the -- areas of fog will be with us nights an morning. some of that will be -- today
8:40 am
isn't too a f higher cloud are already sifting to the north. sock s -- today isn't too much different. higher clouds are already drifting to the north. this is lifting everything northward. just some of these clouds breaking through today to give us a partly cloudy sky. but everything now, looks like it wants to gup north. it dipped -- to the north. it dipped over us. so cooler morning, the fog will be with us nights and days. now, tomorrow, in areas that don't have the fog we could get some upper 60s. today is a garage l process. the fog will be with us -- gradual process. the fog will be with us.
8:41 am
in just a few hours, the county board of supervisors will consider a government report about the health risks from wireless technologies. pg&e delayed installing the smart immediaters -- readers after the poord approved the moratorium. the utility insists mart readers are safe but opo anyones say they con-- smart readers are safe but opponents say not. president obama has proposed doubling the current average fuel economy to 54.5 miles a gallon by 20 -- by 2025. this mooing's hearing starts at:00. it will be the hyatt hotel, 55
8:42 am
north point street. well, tonight, san carlos could become the latest city to ban see row form food containers. the city council is expected -- zero form food containers. supporters of the man is stay. instead of fiddler on the roof. it's the fiddler on youtube. mote ♪ >> a violin player going viral.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
still clearing up a crash in castro valley on 238 at 580. this crash involve ang overturned vehicle. traffic coming into castro valley on 580 is super slow. give yourself plenty of time or consider putting the trip off if you can. taking a live look at wall
8:46 am
street, stocks are falling a little bit in morning trading as investors remain concerned about a deal to cut greece's debt might fall through. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is down 40. the nasdaq is up slightly, about .50. s&p is down 3. macy's may take martha stewart to court. the department is suing her in the bid to block a licensing deal with j.c. penney. the lawsuit claims macy's has an exclusive contract with stewart to sell her products. j.c. penney bought a stake in her company and know united statessed -- announced they will be selling her merchandise in their stores beginning next month. 8:45. texas bomb squad gave the all- clear in the tenderloin district. the police closed streets outside of the federal building for two hours this morning after finding a suspicious package. it turned out to be harmless.
8:47 am
the streets reopened a short time ago. president obama will deliver his annual state of the union address tonight. the white house says the president will announce a new blueprint for the economy. and san francisco police are still investigating an attack on a young tourist near fisherman's wharf. lorraine blanco has been at the scene all morning and is back with what we know about the victim. >> reporter: we're told that the young woman is expected to be okay thanks to some visuals. she was rescued as she was being attacked in these bushes. here's video of where police marked and collected several pieces of evidence. officers got a call about the missing juvenile about 2:00 a.m. just before 4:00, a san francisco police unite noticed the girl being attacked at 400 north point. they rescued the young lady.
8:48 am
the victim was part of her group from a foreign country. now, somehow she got separated from this group. >> it just doesn't make any sense that someone would drive this. not too far from a lot of tourists are here 24 hours a day, all over the world. >> reporter: san francisco police say the suspect was transported to a hospital because he was complaining that he was ill. the victim was already transported, the investigation is ongoing and detectives are conducting interviews at the hospital as we speak. loorting live in -- reporting live in san francisco, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. we have some new information about on that health scare in marin county. pam cook is following the story. >> good morning. public health officials in marin county are still trying to determine the source of an outbreak of what appears to be the know vo virus. i just got on the -- norovirus.
8:49 am
i just got off the phone and the department handling the investigation does not think it's food related or came from ad into services employee. now, this facility and one other are under quarantine after 73 people became with flu- like symptoms. the communicable disease department is looking into the case. we intdz it could be a staff member who works at the center who -- we understand it could be a staff member who working at the center who was working there. now, this agency in satch ralph fell is under quarantine -- in san rafael is under quarantine. the big concern is how exactly the big virus was contacted. it can be fatal. the other western concern is it contained to these two facilities. now, the interesting piece to this puzzle is that a preschool
8:50 am
is also reporting 16 kids and as -- and adults with you from - -- flu-like sim diplomat. the public health department did not want to identify the preschool. i was not age to reach someone who could tell me if there is a direct connection between the preschool and the living centers. the investigation is ongoing. i'm pam cook, back to tori. >> thank you. 8:49. a former cia agent is accused of disclosing classified information to journalists. prosecutors say 47-year-old john curiako released top- secret information to reporters about the mission to capture a top al qaeda member after the 911 attacks. he -- 9/11 attacks. the man accused of firing a
8:51 am
rifle at the white house back in november has a court appearance today. oscar ortega-hernandez is accused of attempting to assassinate president obama. several rounds of ground fire hit the exterior of the white house near the second flory area for the -- for the first family. his attorney says he will not -- he will plead guilty. the funeral for joe paterno is tomorrow. the players, past and present, are among those attending a viewing today. another will take place tomorrow. back here at home, san francisco film society executive director bingham ray has died at the age of 57. the film's society says he
8:52 am
passed away yesterday after having two strokes while attending the sun dance film festival in utah. he's sur prived -- survived by his wife and three children. he took over as executive director last november after his predecessor -- predecessor stepped down and later died of cancer. a date has been set for a tribute concert in honor of san francisco philanthropist helman. he died lastment -- month -- died last month. the san francisco recreation and parks department says the free conwill either be held in golden gate park or at ocean beach. helman 'family and coproducers are picking up the costs. here is a reminder when you go to a concert, turn off your cell phone.
8:53 am
♪ >> this is a video that's gone viral. a classic musician was performing in czechoslovakia when he was interrupted by a cell phone call in the audience. instead of getting angry, he rolled with the punches and it sounds like he got a nice round of applause there. >> didn't skip a bit. >> no. the oscar nominations are out this morning. >> this morning, we will share the news we've all been waiting for. >> and how many nominations of "money ball" received. and john considerry, yike you've -- how you've never -- and john kerry. how you've never seen him before.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
. the academy awards nominations were announced. >> "hugo." >> and -- >> martin scorsese's "hugo" leads the pack with 11 nominations including best picture, and cinemaphotographry. "money ball" the film about the oakland as was nominated for six. that includes best picture, best actor for brad pitt. best supporting actor for jonah hill and best adapted screenplay. you can check out the announcements on our website
8:57 am
and a look at the trailers. president obama honored the 2011 stanley cup champs at the white house. but tim thomas skipped the event. he says he wasn't just directing why he wasn't there at president obama. he's blaming both political parties. >> and john kerry was there, looking like he would have been -- like he could have been a member of the team. he has two black eyes. he got it playing hockey. his office says he was hit with a stick. disneyland, winners will get room accommodations for two nights and four as for a -- for passes to the park. for your chances to win, go to put in "magic" and good luck. that will an lot of fun. now we get to go to sal who
8:58 am
knows all about our commute. >> just have time for the worst problem and that's 238. avoid the area, yorn turned crash. let's go to steve. i here -- let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. we will get rid of the clouds and we'll deal with fog but it looks dry as weigh head into the weekend and beyond -- as we head into the week and beyond, as they say. >> that's our report. thank you for joining us. >> be sure to join us for more on the news at noon. thanks for watching. blatche speauftion
8:59 am


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