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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 28, 2012 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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building. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> hemoagain everyone, i'm heather holmes. >> a huge crowd converged on oakland to try to take over a vacant building, but that demonstration quickly turned violent. a ktvu crew was right there as police in riot gear faced off with protesters. as you can see here in these pictures, smoke and projectiles being thrown at the officers. this confrontation happened not far from what has been the epicenter of the occupy movement, frank ogawa plaza. about 100 protest were corrals by police. patti lee is live to bring us her firsthand account of the chaos that ensued. >> reporter: as we covered this story, we actually became part of it. members of the angry crowd
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jumped on our live truck and threw rocks at our windows, shattering them and usual personal experience is one example of the kind of violence we witnessed tonight. tear-gas and flash bombs filled this plaza where occupiers paced off with police. one of multiple clashes tonight. >> all we were doing was marching and nothing, we didn't throw anything. >> reporter: occupiers claimed innocence, but our cameras caught protesters hurting bleach bombs the and least two officers were hurt. >> their intent is to commit acts of violence and vandalism and their intent is clear. we give dispersal orders and they don't disperse. i suspect everybody that we arrest tonight will be charged
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r police spent most of the night corralling this crowd of protesters, who declared their intent to take over an unused space and turn into the new center for the movement. >> there were cops on one end. we turned arounded and there were cops on the other end and essentially no way out. >> reporter: the plan fizzled around 8:00 when police surrounded the crowd and warned of imminent arrests. hundreds of protesters ran toward's nearby ymca to escape. a few made it out of the back, but the majority were arrested while ymca members watched. >> the cops had all the protesters or the occupiers lined up in the front, against the wall. >> reporter: but the night was far from over. while mass arrests took place at the y,ten blocks away, a small group of protesters entered oakland city hall. >> no one broke in. the doors were unlocked. people started to tip over stuff and i left, because i didn't think it was right. >> reporter: police barricaded the entrance
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to the building, where a crowd was starting to gather. city hall is ground-zero for occupy oakland. >> they burned some of the flags, that are usually in the center that they threw trash on the ground. that they broke into one of our electrical boxes and we don't quite get it. they turned over the historic model of city hall , and they destroyed the children's art exhibit on recycled art. >> reporter: over the course of today's protest, oakland police tell us that they arrested an estimated 119 people for failing to disperse. reporting live in oakland, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. tensions between protesters and police started earlier in the day as close to 2000 demonstrators marched towards lake mer yet. ktvu's john sasaki was there as protesters began their march and as the confrontations began. >> reporter: the occupy demonstration in downtown oakland started peacefully enough.
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>> talking about class is divisive? we heard that the group is heading over to the kaiser center to occupy that shuttered building and that is currently the direction we're heading. this man stopped along the way to enjoy a line of police in riot gear but minutes later the face-off began outside of the kaiser center where protesters were met with force by police. that attempt was thrwarted. >> we live in a police state. that is what i think about that. there should be a revolution in this country. >> reporter: then oak street turned into i virtually war-zone. protesters tried to get close to the police line, but were pushed back forcefully. :00 officers took it upon themselves to tear-gas and use rubber grenades obprotesters. as you can see with my face i was just shot with a beanbag.
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>> reporter: not all the protesters were peaceful. we watched as some through projectiles at police. officers then chased them down. we're in the second hour of a tense standoff between police and protesters. we are already been tear-gassed and we're watching one arrest after another. sir what happened? >> no comment. >> we have given the announcement forever failure to disperse and people still hanging out here are arrestable. if we see people throwing objects at police, we're going to move if, if it's safe to do so and arrest them. >> by 5:00 p.m., 19 people were arrested and three officers suffered minor injury and that was all good before dark. in oakland, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. again there has been more than a hundred arrests up to this point in oakland. there were occupy protests object other side of the country. washington, d.c., protesters took to the streets, to make
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their presentation known outside of a hotel where president obama was meeting with political and business leaders. the protesters say they want to let the nation's elite know they consider the top 1% to be hoarding their riches instead of helping lower income workers. police blocked off several streets around the hotel and kept the protesters behind bare barricades. >> you will find continuing coverage all on oakland police say a 15- year-old boy has admitted killing his parents and then hiding their bodies inside the family car. police say the man and woman were found inside a locked car last night in front of their home near lake merritt. accord to the oakland tribune, the victims 54-year-old robert kamin and 50-year-old susan poff recently moved to that area. officers were alerted that something went wrong after one of them didn't show up for work. >> we had the people that live in the residence didn't show up
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to work and what we were doing was trying to figure out where they are. we were trying to make contact with the residents to see if we could figure out where they are or why they didn't show up for work. >> kamin reportedly was a psychologist for the san francisco county jail and poff was a physician assistant with the san francisco department of public health. police haven't released how the victims died, but said autopsies are scheduled for monday. oakland police today identified the man fatally shot last night. police say 19-year-old christian dixon was shot multiple tiles in the 800 block of center street. no arrests have been made. 'a $10,000 reward is offered for information leading to an arrest in the case. police in san leandroo, are looking for a man suspected of fatally stab a young mother. the 15-year-old girl was found inside a house on pacific
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avenue near castro street around 6:15 last night. she was suffering from several stab wounds. paramedics tried to perform cpr, but the girl died of heifer injuries of police are looking for this manager 19- year-old henry leon of oakland. they say he is the father of the victim's 8-month-old baby. leon is driving a dark blue 2004 cadillac escalade and license plate number 5sbe60. >> police in oakland are vocking a shocking case of violence against abelerly woman. ktvu's jade hernandezels us that the tire store manager found the brutally beaten woman. >> reporter: he discovered it was a woman in her 80s badly beaten. >> as soon as i called 911, police showed up within minutes are the the manager arrived at work around 7:30 but didn't discover the woman who was around this corn until 9:00. he asked her if she needed help and all she could do was nod. >> she didn't talk to me
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because as soon as i saw her there was blood everywhere. >> officers arrived and contacted the female who was able to at that point give her name and information. >> reporter: the manager says the woman was wearing a white coat, bloodied from her attack. he noticed her eyes swollen shot. police are not sure if she was rob. one man who worked along san pablo avenue came to investigator for himself after he saw police rope off part of the parking lot. >> since it's really busy, you wouldn't expect anything like this to happen. >> reporter: we learned that the woman lives nearby and attends this church blocks away from where she was found. >> it's an ugly feeling when you see things like this happen, the results of bad people. >> reporter: investigators don't know when the attack happened, and they are talking to family members and neighbors. in richmond, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. people of all faiths came together at a san francisco church to call for an end it to
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a controversial federal immigration program. hundreds packed st. mary's cathedral this afternoon. they are asking state leaders to reform california's participation in the secure communities program. it requires local law enforcement to share the fingerprints of anyone arrested and jailed with federal immigration officials who check them against fbi and immigration databases. >> some of the children are born here as citizens and all of a sudden their parents are gone. and we believe in the dignity of the human family and that dignity means we respect them and try not to separate families. >> immigration officials say as of december, more than 60,000 people had been deported from california through that program. san josi is getting rid of its regulations for medical marijuana clubs. mayor reed called for the suspension of the rules, which were approved last september. in october, critics collected inform signatures to block the regulations. the rauls would have limited the number of medical marijuana
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clubs to just ten and critics say ten clubs is too little to keep up with demand and would require large farms that would violate federal law. thornts in sacramento are investigating a train crash that killed three including an infant. it happened about 4:00 this afternoon. fire official say a light rage rail train collided with a nissan pathfinder. three people died, including a bab boy. at least six others inside the train were injured of coming up at 10:30 we'll have a live report from sacramento on what investigators have uncovered so far and what witnesses say caused the accident. iraq war veteran wars honored in the first welcome home parade for service members who return ed from overseas. thousands lined the streets in st. louis to cheer on hundreds of veterans in the welcome home heroes parade. the event included resources
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for iraq and afghanistan veterans to help them with job opportunities and ease the transition to civilian life. in addition, to the music and fanfare, volunteers also read the names of the more than 6000 service members who have died since september 11th, 2011. a team of nuclear experts from the united nations has arrived in tehran. their three-day mission to talk to scientists suspected of working on a nuclear weapons program. team hopes to read documents and setup future visits. for three years irrannian leaders have refused to discuss the alleged weapons program. iran insist it's enriching urine uranium for energy. remembering a hero, how hundreds honored a fallen vallejo police officer. and "beyond the bath," the
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unique exhibit both about sharing and healing. the 10:00 news continues in 90 seconds.
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. friends and family of injured san francisco giants fan bryan stow held a fundraiser tonight to help pay for his soaring medical costs, noelle walker is live. noelle. >> reporter: ken there is an interesting mix
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of giant's fans and deadheads and that is because a giant's coach and former member of the grateful dead are headlining. there are some people who dream of seeing their name in lights, most don't share a a marquis with tim plannery or bob weir of the. benefit concert for bryan stow puts the giants fan center stage, though he is unable to be here. stow was brutally beaten at an away game against the dodgers last march. he is still undergoing rehabilitation. tonight's goal is to raise money and awareness. >> you can love sports all you want without hating the other team. >> reporter: mother and sister say bryan is and ware of all the attention and they are are overwhelmed by it. >> you know, to see so many people still come out for bryan, it's amazing. >> reporter:
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the line to attend tonight's benefit wrapped around the block. >> he is a giant's fan like i am. >> reporter: promoters hoped to raise $75,000 with auction item like autographed guitars from the stones, springsteen and santana and giant's memorabilia. >> pretty much bidding on a lot of it. >> reporter: the benefit isn't just about money, but a reminder that some things are priceless. >> the only way to beat heat is to love harder and love more. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: so the concert is still going on here tonight. bryan stow's family told me they can't wait to go home tomorrow and tell bryan about all the love shared in napa for him tonight. reporting live in napa, noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. two players for the oakland a's were on hand to help serve a free lunch to those in need. a's first baseman chris carter and outfielder michael taylor pitched in at the st. vincent de paul dining room in oakland. they helped the staff and volunteers serve a hot lunch to dozens of guests.
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their visits comes a day ahead of the fanfest event scheduled for tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. the the clums. at daughters of a slain vallejo police officer say their father is looking down from heaven with a smile on his face as friends and family honor him. officer jim capoot was shot and killed as a chased a suspected bank robber in november. hundreds walked from vallejo where he lived to vacaville where he lived. his three daughters took part and remembered their father with much love. >> he was a great man. he was my best friend, and he was the best man i ever knew and will ever know and i miss him and i love him. >> others remembered officer capoot as a basketball coach who gave his all. this evening a dinner and auction are underway to benefit his family. a candlelight walk on monday stands as a testament to the love and hope of the family
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of ilene misheloff carries 23 years after the girl disappeared from dublin. she was walking home when she vanished. monday's walk will retrace her route beginning at the school. it started at 7:00 p.m. the misheloffs say they are holding on to hope that someone has information about ilene's disappearance and will come forward. oakland's mayor marks chinese new year in the city's chinatown neighborhood today. mayor jean quan was greeted by dancers as she visited each of the criticals a historic family associations to wish them a prosperishous year of the dragon. the mayor's husband says despite two recall efforts quan has strong backing in the city. >> democratic clubs and here the american chinese community and on and and, so we're hear it from all sides. we have a major february 15th coalition meeting that i'm working on and it's been very
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heartwarming. >> today the chinese-american citizen as license passed a pets in support of mayor quan. quan's husband says the group collected more than 2000 signatures last weekend. a raging fire, a report of a gunman, a chemical spill, bay area first-responders often rush in to dangerous situations. ktvu's lorain blanco with a sneak peek at a new exhibit that takes us "beyond the badge." >> . >> susan bachman says that tiny bit of green captured at volcano national park marks perseverance, a trait that the san francisco police inspector knows a lot about. >> we're exposed to an incredible amount of suffering and sorrow in this job and it's nice to show a more human side to the public that we serve. >> reporter: bachman is one of 31 san
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francisco police officers and firefighters sharing photographs for an upcoming exhibit at harvey milk photo center "beyond the bath." it exposes the unique perspective of first responders, but most work just exposes the but they of everyday life. >> i wanted to really show a spotlight on their artistic live. >> reporter: the creative process helps with decompression. >> we had a call and i couldn't sleep and i started to take pictures with my camera. >> reporter: the exhibit opens from and runs through march 1st. in san francisco, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. a deadly light-rail accident leaves at least three dead and others hurt. hear what happened moment before the crash. also a message of peace and the items attached to these balloons and what they have to do with the relationship
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who says we want them to?
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. in west palm beach, florida, herman cain essence dorsed fellow georgian newt gingrich for the republican race for president. former pizza executive and tea party favorite dropped out of the race in september before voting began. cain's campaign was danieled by allegations of the sexual harassment and an affair. beginningrix picked up that endorsement on this the last day of early voting before tuesday's pivotal reporting from florida. doug mckelway with more from the sunshine state. >> reporter: it's a battle for 50 dells as the days tick down for
10:24 pm
republican presidential hopefuls looking for a win in the sunshine state. john mccain alongside mariner urging florida voters to mobilize. >> don't let me hear on wednesday morning that you forget to vote. we have surveillance cameras. [ laughter ] >> if i'm president of the united states, i will cut federal spending. i will cap spending as a percent of the economy and i will finally, finally balance the american budget. >> reporter: only registered republicans are eligible to vote in this primary and despite a last shift towards rollney on this final weekend before the vote, newt gingrich maintaining his post south carolina confidence. >> i will go all the way to the convention and i expect to win the nomination. you just had two national polls that show me ahead. why don't you ask governor romney what he is going when he loses? >> reporter: the action not just centered in florida. ron paul attracting a large crowd in maine. >> the next plan, when are we going to syria? we can't do it any longer. it doesn't make sense.
10:25 pm
>> reporter: rick santorum is a distant third in most florida polls. he is spreading out and trying to court voters elsewhere. >> i will do a telephone town hall meeting in missouri and in colorado and another one after midnight in nevada. so we're focused on not just florida, but the rest of the states. >> reporter: after 19 g.o.p. debates least poll shows mitt romney with a 9-point lead over newt gingrich ahead of florida's closed primary. washington, doug mckelway, fox news. president obama called on americans to take actionn his state of the union initiatives. >> tellior member of congress it's time to end the gridlock and start tackling the issues that matter, an economy built on american manufacturing, american energy and american skills and he had kissing and a return to american values. >> reporter: the president spent the day following the speech pitching his proposals in iowa, arizona, nevada, colorado and michigan. today the president also called on congress to ban insider trading by lawmakers and to forbid them from owning
10:26 pm
shares in companies that have business before their committees. in news of the world tonight, in syria, bloody clashes between government forces a opposition leaders. the arab league today septembered it's monitoring mission, saying the hash crackdown made it too danger to continue. league says it's lead nothing an increase in civilian deaths. >>. >> in peru at least 27 people died when a flier swept to a drug rehabilitation center in lima. they say the doors were locked and crews had to use chain saws to reach those trapped inside. five people were rescued. families ran to the facility in hope of finding their loved one alive. and in south korea, dozens of activists family and friend near the north korean border to release huge helium balloons that carried messages of love
10:27 pm
and peace it their north korean neighbors and contained boxes of 1000 socks that were time- released after three hours in the air. activists say socks are in short supply in the north and can be either be worn or traded from for fad. from italy comes word that a 1th body was found in the wreckage of the costa concordia. the woman's body was found on the 6th floor deck of the ship. her identity has not yet been released. 16 others remain unaccounted for and are presumed dead. concordia ran aground off the island of giglio and the captain of the ship is accused of manslaughter, causing a shipwreck and abandoning a ship before it's passengers had evacuated. the city of oakland is responding to today's occupy protests, the strong message from city leaders tonight. plus he was under investigation by his own doppler and tonight a santa maria police officer is dead and the crime he was accused of and why he was shot by a fellow
10:28 pm
officers. and the bun burning man ticket sales deadline that could leave many on the outside, looking in.
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. updating you now on our to be story tonight. dozens of occupy oakland protesters are under arrest after a day of cat and mouse maneuvers between police and demonstrators. it's still a fluid situation at this hour with police and protesters in a standoff downtown. city officials say a handful of protesters broke into city hall after 7:00 p.m., cause something damage and vandalism inside. that came after at least a hundred people were taken into custody when police say a large crowd tried to force its way into the ymca building on broadway near 23rd. some of the people arrested are
10:31 pm
still being processed at this hour. frustrated oakland city leaders are calling an end to the weekly protests. >> so i hope that tonight the citizen of oakland look at this the way it is. that the occupy movement has targeted us as a city and it's costing us an incredible amount of resources and we're not going to tolerate that anymore. >> we have crews in the field monitoring the protests and we'll keep you posted on-line at and tomorrow morning starting at 7:00. >> three people dead, seven others injured after a light- rail train collided with a sport-utility vehicle in san francisco. reporter donna cordova is with more on what led up to the crash. >> reporter: if you look down the street from us here, you see that the intersection crossing is dark because the rt crews just within the last few minutes finished clearing out the scene here. also, along the sidewalk at this location, you will see that people are starting to leave candles for the victims in this case. investigators are still trying
10:32 pm
to figure out exactly what happened here at this intersection. we were able to get a hold of some cell phone video. now hearing it, some of you may find it a bit graphic, but it relays the chaos after the crash. witnesses yelling at some of the passengers, who got off the light-rail train after the crash, who were trying to help the victims in the suv which you see lying currentled nearby the center of the screen. >> only about 30 yards south of the intersection and the vehicle is flipped over, and it's on its top. >> reporter: the suv and the train collided at 26th avenue near 25 nw south sacramento. here it is being towed from the scene of the of the four people in the suv, three are dead, including an infant, a bottom of the the lone survivor is the suh a woman is being treated at the hospital. 350 people were on the train, several of the 16 injured train passengers were taken to the uc
10:33 pm
davis including a 13-year-old boy. >> he has a neck brace on and he is scared. >> reporter: investigators are looking at video and evidence at the scene. they are also talking with witnesses on the train and who were near the intersection. one man told he was waiting on the other side of the tracks when he saw the driver of the suv. >> he tried to go around the sticks and got hit. >> reporter: regional transit officials say they are hearing the same thing. >> the witnesses, statements of our officer and a security guard on board the train. >> reporter: we're being told that this train was traveling about 15 miles per hour at the time, which is pretty standard for this particular crossing. we have also since learned there were several cameras on that light-rail train, which apparently did capture this accident as it happened.
10:34 pm
that video, however is not being made available at this time. in sacramento, i'm donna cordova for ktvu channel 2 news. the governor nevada gave a national guard sergeant high praise for re-enlisting after being injured in a deadly restaurant shooting last year. sergeant jeremiah mock was with other guard members when a gunman entered the ihop restaurant and opened fire. mock, who was still nursing an injured right arm choose to re- enlist for another six years. his wife enlisted in the nevada national guard after that shooting. a police officer in the central coast town of sanya maria was shot and killed by a fellow officer who was trying to arrest him. they say he was wanted for a sexual assault against a 1-year- old girl. authorities say they were sent to the dui checkpoint to arrest of the officer and when they arrived they say he put up a
10:35 pm
physical fight and drew his weapon and fired. >> it is a very tragic and unfortunate incident and situation that unfolded very rapidly and the results were something had a we're going to have to deal with. >> the officer who fired the fatal shot was put on administrative leave. thousands turned out for the further of singing legend etta james. family, friends and celebrities gathered at the city of refuge church in los angeles county. well-known music shans including stephie wonder and christina aguilera performed tributes. james passed away eight days ago at a riverside hospital from complications of leukemia. she was 73 years old. thousands of people hoping to go to burning man will find out next week if they will score those lucky tickets. the annual festival in the nevada desert switched to a lottery for ticket sales this
10:36 pm
year. organizers say on-line registration was greater than the 40,000 tickets that will be sold wednesday. another 10,000 tickets will be sold at the end of march of the that is on a first come first saved basis. the weekend event sold for the first time last year-to-date. tiger is on the approximate coming up later in sportswrap, what the golfer has accomplished for the first time in more than two years. prepare for many cooler temperatures out. there meteorologist mark tamayo will tell us how much of a dropoff to expect and where the coldest spots will be.
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. another round of some very warm temperatures across the bay area, a few changes as we
10:39 pm
head into the second half of the weekend, but still no major storms showing up just yet on the long-range weather maps. right now as you can see on live stormtracker 2, a few high clouds moving into northern california, but still clear to partly cloudy skies. take a look at the current numbers already back down into the lower 40s for santa rosa and napa. those neighbors around the 30- degree mark first thing tomorrow morning. the time-lapse looking across the bay. clear skies and high clouds across the bay area, but still wrap up a very nice afternoon. look at the numbers from this afternoon's napa topping out at 00. san francisco 64, san josi in the upper 60s and antioch right around 63 degrees. forecast headlines for tonight, mostly clear and chilly. tomorrow a few high clouds. temperatures come down a few degrees. and the extended forecast, the sun-cloud mix and for the most fart a dry weather pattern. we're going to thicken up the
10:40 pm
cloud cover a little bit by wednesday. overnight lows tomorrow morning, definitely want to bundle up. up essential upper 20s for napa. because high pressure is still in full command of our weather. this week frontal system does move into northern california for your sunday. so temperatures come down on average, about 2-4 degrees from today's highs. party to mostly sunny skies. we do bring in a chance of a few sprinkles late tomorrow night and into monday morning. tomorrow afternoon at 12:00, still mostly sunny and then we'll take this into the afternoon hours. you can see this forecast model generates just a few scattered high clouds. then early monday morning, this weak system moves in and it could trigger a few sprinkles between 3:00 and 5:00. bit afternoon hours the clouds clear out and mostly sunny skies expected by the afternoon. tomorrow, temperatures come
10:41 pm
down just a few degrees from today's mild readings. still pretty nice out there. san francisco right around 60. san josi tops out at 64 and los gatos in the mid-60s. here is a look ahead with your extended forecast and the remainder of your weekend in view. a few clouds in the monday morning, but decreasing in the afternoon. we do thicken up the cloud cover by wednesday, but still no major storms threatening the bay area and fair skies by thursday. health and ken, looks like we'll have to start a new month before we talk about a wet weather pattern moving in. >> it looks nice. it's beautiful. >> nice. >> trying to get used to it here, but we're breaking the trail here on this new set for channel 2, it's going help us do a better job getting the information to you with some new tools here. >> that is right. absolutely. >> coming up next, one of the young stars of the 49ers gets arrested in miami grudge and st. mary's travels to provo to
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take on the byu cougars. john fonzi with all the highlights coming up next in sportswrap. [ male announcer ] for some reason
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. good evening everyone and welcome to this saturday night edition of sportswrap. the no. 1 college basketball team in the bay area turned in an impressive win on the road. bennett and 21st-ranked st. maries in provo to talk on brigham young university. dellavedova misses the 3, but there for the putback. gaels moved the ball nicely. gaels


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