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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  February 16, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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degrees cooler in a wind protected area. a cold system will start to work its way towards us over the weekend but today over the weekend it will be sunny and breezy. today a little warmer. yesterday was upper 50s. today upper 50s and some 60s, we start to see some changes saturday. possibility of rain on sunday and cooler on monday, here is sal. traffic is off to a good start, we have some early morning work on the dumbarton eastbound some of the lanes are closed in non-commutual directions. it looks good as you drive to the tunnel and we are looking at the commute to the san mateo bridge and the commute looks good if you are driving on interstate 880, let's go back
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to the desk. several students are looking for answers after the sudden closure of their college. alex savage is at the school at the oakland campus, and let's hear what the state says led to the campus. >> reporter: classes are over for the for profit medical education. state regulators accused them about making false accreditation accusations about its programs and found financial programs at the school as well. the institute had been charging $30,000 such as nursing and hygiene but regulators are telling students not to pay any more money to the school. those regulators will be on campus to answer questions any
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questions the students may have. i did leave a message with the school to get a comment with them directly but i have not heard about. state regulators will be on hand to speak with students about the situation. live this morning in oakland, alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. they released the sketch of a man who tried to kidnap an 8- year-old girl earlier this week. he is described as an african- american man in his 30s with short dread like style braid. the man grabbed her from behind and put his hand over her mouth. as she managed to break free she ran inside the school for help. human bones tied to serial killers added to a new phase. they went to an abandoned well
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where 1,000 bone fragments have been found. one family member from nearby mad defendant tow is watching this -- modesto is watching this search closely. >> she was.-- i was just a baby when she disappeared. >> i saw her at the station and she was in a black car and she waved goodbye there from the car but that's all. >> now sufficient why stanley was 30 -- sufficient why sanly was -- s i l v.i. a stanley was missing since she was 30 years old. and coming up in less than
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ten minutes, leonard runs for public office, why he wants to go from bounty hunter to mayor of sacramento. a judge in marin county has cleared the way for naso who continues to act as his own attorney. joseph naso wants to represent himself to speed up the trial. he is accused of killing four women in crimes dating back to the 1970 s. a key witness returns to the stand in a murder trial of edwin ramos. he is accused of killing the two children and their father. he shot them in retaliation for a shooting earlier that same day. the men wounded is now testifying about his many years as a violent street gang. and a shooting happened in
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east palo alto. officers responded to coolie avenue at 7:00 last night but when they got there, there was no victim to be found. a short time later, police learned a 35-year-old man showed up at stamford hospital with a non life-threatening gunshot wound. the group they are representing are business owners and they will sue if forced to change the hours in which they serve alcohol. this comes after the city ended lift lounge bar an hour earlier. they are working to solve gang violence but not at the expense of revenue. running a shelter, they will formally unveil a billboard targeting sheriff ross mirkarimi. it is going up near the hall of justice south of market area. the message on the billboard
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will say quote, domestic violence is never a private matter. that is the direct reference to a controversial remark sheriff ross mirkarimi made while being sworn in. and public negotiators on capitol hill announced they have a final agreement on legislation that they will extent the pay -- extend the payroll tax cut. >> with all drafting there are obviously technical issues that come up so we are here together to announce we do have an agreement and we are moving forward. >> the deal cuts the maximum length of unemployment benefits to 73 weeks. a vote is expected tomorrow before lawmakers go on recess before a week. president barack obama is coming to san francisco to raise money for his reelection campaign and he is scheduled to
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arrive at fso just before 3:00 this afternoon. he will appear before three fundraisers, the first admission price $33,000 and the next is masonic center and that's 1,300 dollars to get in. the boys and girls club have been invited to attend. >> if i had a chance to talk to president barack obama, i would talk about the rising costs of colleges because that is what is holding everybody back. >> and president barack obama after that is off to seattle. hello sal, let's get a look at the morning traffic. >> hello pam. traffic is moving along well on 880 westbound on the mcarthur maze and some of the road work is in the countercommute direction and it means it will
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not cause any big slow downs, but of course we will be watching it for you. let's move along and look at the westbound bay bridge, it is just a few days away from the big closures for the upper deck bay bridge. and this morning's commute, that traffic looks good getting up to highway 17. hello there steve ,a very good morning. our breezy cold conditions continue and a weak system is moving into the north, overall we are mostly sunny and still breezy and we are getting 20 to 25 miles per hour. this system will not do much but it will start to move and as it does, it relaxes the pressure and winds will tail off and they are blustery for some of the higher elevations. 40s to 50s and napa airport
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has 21 miles per hour. so 52, 43 in santa rosa, these temperatures will plummet. low 40s for some. concord is at 38 degrees. so some temperatures cold, the breeze makes it cold, some 30s, 40s and 50s, a weak system don't worry about that, some cold lows will be moving in over the weekend. it is not as breezy but it will be breezy, mostly sunny and it looks like a cold system, i might move in sunday but colder, breezy and possible rain. there is just no consensus on it and we will tackle that as we get to friday. it will be just a little bit warmer, 63 seems really popular. we will go 64 santa rosa, fremont, redwood city, morgan
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hill to gilroy, clouds on saturday, mostly cloudy on sunday, possible rain and cooler and breezy on monday, pam. time now 5:49, a pedestrian bus, it is all caught on surveillance tape, what police are saying about the driver. >> some hollywood stars are caught up, what a famous span is promising to wear in honor of the bay area native. and we will tell you about the morning commute and the bay area weather, stay tuned for more.
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. it is still cool and breezy, a little windy at the times some lower 60s. happening right now, two russian astronauts are getting ready to step out on the international space station and we will take you live, the pair will be moving one of the hand operated cranes outside the station to a new location. we will install 5 new debris shields in the home in the united states and if they have time they will attach two to the station. now the actual space walk i believe they are getting ready and the space walk is getting
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ready at 6:15 our time. >> mitt romney and rick santorum are both campaigning in michigan. mitt romney grew up and was a father there. they are calling it crone any capitalism, an -- croneny capitalism. the michigan primary is february 27th. a bounty hunter will run for sacramento mayor. he paid $33,000 after the serial killer agreed to reveal the locations of where he buried their victims. he is challenging the incumbent mayor because he does not want them to spend a quarter of a billion dollars for the arena.
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we have an accident that badly injured a pedestrian. it shows a shuttle bus hitting a man at eddie and levin worth streets. he was pinned underneath that bus before firefighters were able to free him. police say the victims suffered several broken bones and they call it an accident and done plan on charging the driver. a home invasion suspect is in jail after stealing a richmond police car and leading officers on a chase. they got a call saying he was in richmond tuesday and after surrounding the home he ran into a police car and took off. police chased him for ten minutes before arresting him. police say james is suspected in an all day crime spree that started in el cerrito.
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investigators say he knocked down her door. >> he had me in a choke hold pretty much the entire time asking for money. >> she was not seriously hurt and james is also suspected of carjackings in vacaville all in the same day. a person is arrested in connection with that explosion inside a san francisco home. police arrested thomas weed and he is facing drug and child endangerment charges. a tank exploded inside the home and police say the house was used to manufacture drugs and police say the boy's mother was also or rested. there will be a protest and medical marijuana, activists
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accused them of raiding legitimate growers. protests are planned in 9 cities nationwide including the president's campaign headquarters in sacramento and san diego. pg&e is promising to meet about negotiations for a payout for the 2010 pipeline explosion. they are accusing the company of stalling talks. san bruno wants pg&e to fund projects to help rebuild the community and that includes mental health resources. the city's demands are separate from the several lawsuits from victims seeking financial damages. it is now 4:47 and this morning in honduras recovery crews are bringing out the bodies of scorched inmates. they made it the deadliest prison fire in a century. they say the prisoners were
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locked in an overcrowded penitentiary. an inmate started the fire by setting the mattress on fire. he warned them he would burn the place down. he is cracking down on bicycle thieves. they are particularly common in the mission district. last week 31 bikes were stolen. so far this month 15 more bikes have been reported stolen. they are now posting videos of thieves in the act conducting sting operationings and craigslist ads. >> i don't ride my nicest bike around town and i also don't put any expensive accessories on my bike. >> police are putting pictures
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of the bicycles and they say it is helping them recover some of the stolen bikes. they are raising fares on nearly all tickets. jet blue matched airline tickets and other tickets fail to raise. southwest says this is necessary to cover the increasing costs of fuel. jeremy lynn's buddies will visit him in new york this weekend. they will watch him play at madison square garden den. they were invited by film debtor spike lee. nike is coming out with a lynn shoe. >> he is an awesome guy, he has given me ten pairs of shoes. he is the nicest guy i have ever met.
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>> there is a rumor president barack obama will attend the game. he had a blowout over the sacramento kings. 4:49 is the time. they could be missing a big name this year. a warning about a popular woman's beauty product, they are finding lead in some tubes of lipstick.
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. welcome back to the morning news, the time is 5:52, a new report shows there is lead in most products. the food and drug administration tested 400 tubes of lipstick. the fda says it is detected in
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trace alternate and there is no telling how much could be in makeup but it has been ingested for years. they have encouraged women to use chemical free products as often as possible. >> if you have seen studies or if you know, heir on the side of caution because you can. >> it is not possible by looking at lipstick if there is lead in it and you can find out how much lead is in those lipsticks. there is a website where it includes brand and color names, and it is on our website. you will be able to watch whitney houston's funeral on the website. it is being held at new baptist
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church in new jersey. he jersey. whitney houston died in beverly hills and the cause of her death is still under investigation. one big name is likely to be missing from the academy awards at the end of this month. kodak received approve to take its name off where they will be handed out a week from sunday. they signed a $74 million deal for naming rights back in 2000 but when kodak talked about it, the name is coming off the building immediately as the judge agreed. hundreds of people hit each other at justin herman plaza for hours and afterwards, 12 city workers were on clean up duty and some were on overtime. the city ended up shelling out
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$5,000 to clean up the scattered feathers. 4:54 is the time, sal, what are you looking at now? >> we are looking at the road work that is out there, we have work on the dumbarton. we are looking at the live pictures we show you normally here. the commute on 880 looks good passed the coliseum getting up to downtown oakland. also at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound is light and just to remind you, the bay bridge will be closed starting friday evening for the entire weekend for president's day weekend and monday because of road construction for the new bay bridge that will reopen tuesday at 5:00 a.m. the lower deck will remain open. and from danville to san ramon, 580 is looking good overcaster
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valley. -- over caster valley. >> nobody told me the bay bridge was going to be closing. >> well i just did. >> you knew that was coming. now the win is not as -- wind is not as strong yet in the east bay 28 to 50 and 50s in mt. deablow. sunny and breezy this afternoon and 52 at napa, you don't see that very often. that is why they have a 2 miles per hour north wind and if we didn't have that, the temperatures would plumb mitt. weak systems go across and drop and we are on the surround edge
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of that, now tomorrow will be cold and the days are warmer each day. changes come over the weekend sunday possible rain here and it is a tricky forecast. the last two systems brought rain and the last few were completely missed. 50s and 60s should cover the spread top to bottom, may be a little warmer and presentville danville, all around 63 and 64. here comes some clouds on sunday. cool and breezy on monday. pamela? >> thank you, steven. if you have not heard yet, bart is going to help, we will have more coming up plus the search for human remains could be expanding the new investigators to a second fight. we will be right back.
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. a false claim could close down their


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