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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  February 16, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. live outside stockton where the search for one welcomes to an end while they begin searching in another well. they are suddenly shutting their doors, what state regulators are telling students today. and president barack obama is coming to the area, where he will be and what he will be doing. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. complete bay area coverage starts now, this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning thank you for joining us.
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let's check weather and traffic, bundle up as you head out, steve it's cold. >> 30s , 40s and 50s, any breeze is holding that up and a weak dying system can drift across and it will be mostly sunny and we had a lot of upper 50s, here is sal. westbound interstate 880 looks good coming out to the mcarthur maze, with more crowded conditions for sure as you head to the bay bridge toll plaza and when you get there, the traffic is not bad, north and southbound, 6:00 and at 6:01 let's go back to the desk. a grim search tied at two serial killers will enter a new phase, she is near the town of linden right outside of stockton. authorities plan on lowering a camera down into
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that well to make sure they have not missed anything and they believe they have retrieved all of the victims remains. over the past five days, they have excavated and sifted through 1,000 bones and bone fragments from this abandoned well and ranch hand. scott smith reported for the record and two maps that wesley howard shermantine buried his victims. and over the weekend, they allowed smith into the dig site near linden. >> it was the most horrific thing i had ever seen. it made me want to when. >> reporter: smith said wesley howard shermantine revealed the sites because he did not want loren joseph herzog to go free. his parole would end last month
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but loren joseph herzog killed himself after he revealed the story. it may take years for the testing to come back but if they plan to dig up another well here more testing can begin. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. investigators set up a hotline for people who may believe their loved ones have been victimized by loren joseph herzog. you can call the numbers on your screen. we have posted those numbers on our website we have a follow-up to a story we first reported on earlier this week. alameda police have released the names of a murder/suicide. carlos garcia gunned down his ex-girlfriend outside a home on alameda avenue. investigators are still looking for a motive. time is now 6:03 will
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berkeley city council does an about face. they agreed to stop helping campus police claiming they used unnecessary force during the protest. now they are sending in police officers in the event of an emergency. among those urging the council to reverse its decision sighting public safety. today state regulators will be back for the institute of medical education. yesterday both locations were closed down by the department of consumer affairs. alex savage joins us on more of the allegations the school faces. >> reporter: good morning pam, they accused this college of making false accreditation programs deceiving students who attend here. the institute will be fighting
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this decision possibly suing the state to stop the shut down. of the oakland campus and campus in san jose havened and it has ended for 250 students. they have been charging them more than 30,000 in fields like nursing and hygiene. they site financial problems at the school as well. this morning the state is telling students not to pay any more money to the school. regulators are supposed to be on campus both in oakland and san jose later on this morning for any students who show up and maybe have questions about this sudden closure and they will be helping those students move forward with their educational careers. i did leave a message on their voicemail system and i have not heard back and i have yet to receive a comment from them.
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alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 6:05 president barack obama is coming to san francisco raising money for his reelection campaign. he is scheduled to arrive just before 1:00 this afternoon. they will appear at three fundraisers and the first two are private with $30,000 per person. the second is at the knob hill masonic center and it is 13,000 dollars to get into that one. the boys and girls club is invited to be there. >> i fell raising tuitions are holding everybody back. >> reporter: now the president will spend the night in san francisco and tomorrow morning he plans on flying off to seattle. it is a small gathering at the mark hopkins hotel and will be followed by a private dinner in
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san francisco. then he will go to the masonic center featuring chris cornell at sound garden at 9:00 p.m. they reached a final agreement on the payroll tax extension. >> we are here to talk about an agreement and we are moving forward. time is now 6:06 a new report is out talking about the amount of trash dumped in the san francisco bay each year. it is the first comprehensive study of the amount of trash floating into the bay. there is enough trash every year enough to fill 100,000 garbage bags. 21% is paper, 8% plastic
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grocery bags. >> it is unbelievable what you find out there. >> sal has a crash in san jose, what is going on? >> yes, it is blocking two lanes, at coleman avenue right at the san jose international airport and this crash is going to be delaying traffic. they also have it closer to the alameda and that's all we know it is a relatively new accident here and it looks like they are sending paramedic teams to the area. they are trying to get these cars out of the way and again it is an injury crash, southbound 880 between coleman and the other. it's still light in the area but if it stays there for any length of time we will have a problem. traffic looks good coming down to the golden gate fields.
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no major problem heading eastbound to richmond. and a small back up on the upper deck of the bay bridge does look good going to san francisco. 6:08 let's go to steve. and any breeze means temperatures are held up and i will show you some all over the map. lows coming up in a second. we will filter in from a weak system, mainly north bay, mostly sunny today. 34 to 52, in fact 54, just any breeze, temperatures are up and it is dropping fast. 48 to 58 by noon and it will be warmer, mostly sunny 58 to 66 on the high side and temperatures are more consistent towards the peninsular and they are all over the place. 30s, 40s and 50s, breezy and cold, woodside los gatos, 32, squeeze in los gatos.
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kent field 36, mill valley 35, atmosphere they are tonight 37 -- and other areas 37. china bay and san francisco is 54 and outer sunset 4:59. 50 at oakland airport, officially 72 in san francisco. from the north bay it is a north breeze. sought of that towards the peninsular an "f" s o -- and fso it's more of a southerly breeze. it will wash itself out, expect the wind to die down and by this afternoon it will be calmer than what it was. especially on sunday we will deal with that one tomorrow. sunny and breezy, high clouds
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to the north, temperatures 50s to mid-60s. and then 63, pleasanton, mountain view, san jose, slightly warmer towards capitoa and santa cruz. partly sunny, partly cloudy and cool and breezy on monday, dave, pam in. there is a breach involving three area patients and three patients. rick rick santorum, how he compares to the other candidates. @@1 8 8
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. former pennsylvania senators show his annual income is almost $660,000 in 2007 and that was his first year as a former senator. it was 952000 in 2008, 1.92009 million and 1.3 million in 2010. he paid a combined rate of 20% and rick santorum's rate does not come close to the multi- millions of mitt romney and newt gingrich. and presidential front runners, mitt romney and newt gingrich
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both are appearing in michigan. ramp knew grew up -- mitt romney grew up there. he is not backing out and called it cronyism. some show mitt romney slightly behind rick santorum and the primary there is february 28th. they are ready to pass an extension of payroll tax cut. allison burns is in our washington d.c. room with both sides and what they appear to be able to get. >> reporter: this is about getting $40 in each paycheck. they will reveal it for another year, extend long time unemployment benefits and medicare reimbursement rates to doctors. they are announcing the agreement just after midnight eastern time.
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both sides had to make contexts and the tax cut would add $1 billion to the deficit while they agree to raise contributions and gradually reduce unemployment benefits in 90 weeks to 63 weeks but the bottom line, nobody wanted the blame for raising taxes and taxes going up. >> this is for those who enjoy the benefits of the payroll tax cut... >> reporter: a closer look at the deal and how some people getting pay row benefits will have to be drug tested, allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. it is sentencing day for the so called underwear bomber. he is facing a mandatory life sentence. earlier he pled guilty to blowing up a plane bound for
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detroit christmas day 2009. they say he had a bomb hidden in his underwear. and they continue to bring out the bodies of scorched inmates. 350 people are dead. they say the prisoners were locked in an overcrowded penitentiary. many were not even convicted and some were waiting to be charged. he phoned the state governor warning he would burn the place down. a county jail has been hit by a possible outbreak of inmates. so farther all on the 3rd floor. officials are waiting to know the exact cause and right now none of those inmates can get visitors. self have been rescheduled because the inmates have not allowed any public contact. st. joseph's has notified
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patients about a data breach. their information was made public through outside search engines. patients at petaluma valley and queen of the valley center were affected by this. the breach revealed their names, body mass index and lab results but were told no social security numbers address or financial information was released. most governor sarah palins were treated between february and august of last year. an eight-year-old had to be treated at an emergency room after he was beaten by a classmate. police say other students stood around and were rooting for the violence. berkeley police arrested one boy and a note went out to parents saying any students who encouraged the fight will face suspension. and raising property taxes
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after an appeals court tossed out a state rule that determines how property tax values are set for refineries. they could have $104 million refunded based on that decision and the state is considering a ruling on the decision. and it starts at 11:00 this morning at the double tree hotel at gateway place. they expect to have it to be there to provide a free resume review. if you plan to go, make sure you dress profession shawlly and -- professionally and bring several answers on your resume. we have more and crowded conditions and we also have that crash that i mentioned last night. 880 southbound on coleman avenue, they are beginning to back up and although they are moving the cars to the shoulder and it turns out the injuries were not as severe as they
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first thought. they still have to get this out of way and they are doing a great job in clearing the lanes. also a look at the san mateo bridge, that traffic looks good heading out to the high-rise, dumbarton has been picked up a and construction is moving along well. and they are getting busier, backed up now about a 5 minute wait. let's go to steve. a few high clouds to the north, 30s and 40s and 50s, it looks like it is starting to decrease and we are not completely done yet. temperatures starting off, 38 and concord san rafael, 52 in san francisco, temperatures in the city, upper 30s in the city, that breeze is kicking up things, that low is moving off towards arizona, the wind starts to degrees, there is not
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much left. high clouds to the north, it will be warmer and not a lot in the way of that breeze, a lot of lows, 63, 64, 65 towards santa rosa. it looks like we will lose the breeze, partly sunny skies on saturday, still going with possible rain and cooler and breezy on monday. pam? well banks took more homes than they did in december. foreclosures increased by 8% and that's mostly because it created it after banks put foreclosures on hold to sort out paperwork. 1 out of over 265 california homes are somewhere in the foreclosure process. citigroup will pay $158 million claiming they defrauded them ensuring risky home loans.
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it comes after a citigroup told them they were being misled. a man reunited all because of one woman who would not give up the search for the rightful owner. good morning traffic is moving along nicely in san francisco, we will tell you more about the commute and the bay area weather. ok
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. good morning if you are driving to the bridge, right now traffic will being backed up and traffic on the span is moderate. time is now 6:24, live in outer space, two russian cosmonauts are on the space walk and they are doing work on the international space station and among them they will move one of the hand operated cranes to a new location. they have also had plans to install 5 new debris shields on their international space station as well. if they have time they will
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attach two experiments so there is a lot to do and these are live pictures and it is scheduled shortly to reveal afternoon time. and tonight, two of the stars of the show will be at dublin high school and they will talk about what happened. they will be part of a panel hosted by the school's engineering academy and they will take questions from students about science. if you recall, they had a canon ball flying through adib lynn -- a dublin neighborhood. luckily nobody was hurt. a carjacking after allegedly stealing a police car and leading officers on a chase. now police say they got a tip that edgar james was in richmond tuesday. after surrounding a home, he ran out, got into a police car
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and ran off. well say he is also suspected of carjackings in hunting on it and vacaville -- huntington and vacaville in the same day. they are taking a large stand and according to a group, they want saudi arabia kept out of the olympic games. they are one of three that have yet to send a female athlete to the world stage. this is a discrimination story and should not be supported by the olympic committee. and thanks to the hard work of one woman, this is video type where they are setting up to get the rightful owner of a camera. he asked her to take a picture for him after the game and
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during all the super bowl excitement they became separated. since then, she has contacted several media outlets until tom's son saw the story. she reached out for palo alto after seeing photos on the camera of silicone valley. time now, a young san francisco guy. the new clue hoping to catch that suspect. and we are live outside where we have disturbing details about a serial killer's burial ground are emerging.
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the dog beat out thousands of other dogs at the show, best in show. >> best in show >> yes, they said he will retire to chasing squirrels and lounging in the sun. right now it looks like a decent opening, futures were down over concerns about greece but we will have all the economic news coming up. we will smile and say good morning to you, it is thursday, february 16th, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook 6:30. investigators are expected to expand their search for human remains. the bones are tied to a serial murder case that may involved several victims. near the town of linden we have more disturbing details emerging. >> reporter: convicted serial killer wesley howard shermantine led investigators
6:32 am
to this site saying his accomplice, loren joseph herzog actually poured gasoline down the well and lit it and that will make it harder to determine who the victims are. investigators do believe they have hit the bottom of this well and they found very few remains in the half dozen piles dirt they scooped up yesterday but since over the weekend they have picked up over 1,000 bones and bone fragment. loren joseph herzog and wesley howard shermantine is believed to have killed many people. wesley howard shermantine is on death row and loren joseph herzog committed suicide. wesley howard shermantine believes they have a map of where they drew some of where the victims are. >> loren joseph herzog should go back to a sell on death row. >> reporter: he learned wesley howard shermantine will reveal the mass grave and loren joseph herzog killed himself as a
6:33 am
result. they want to make sure they have everything and dna testing could take months even years. nobody has been identified but they have received calls from dozens of families. we will tell you why the sheriff's office has taken some heat for the way why went about this dig. channel 2 morning news. >> they have set up a hotline if you believe some of your loved ones may have been victimized by these serial killers. we have posted that phone number on the home page of our website time now 6:33, san francisco police released a sketch of a man accused of trying to abduct an eight-year- old. he is described as african-
6:34 am
american man with short dread lock braid. the man grabbed her from behind and put his arm over her mouth. she ran away and alerted the school. officers responded to coolie avenue at 7:00 last night but when they got there, there was no victim to be found. a short time later, police learned a 35-year-old man showed up with a non life- threatening gunshot wound and they are still trying to look for a motive in the shooting. president barack obama is due to arrive at fso at 1:00 this afternoon. claudine wong is in san francisco to tell us where the president will make appearances today. claudine wong? >> reporter: he has a few stops to make and you can see the barricades are already up. he stopped here before to greet supporters and usually this is where the most affordable tickets of his trip will be.
6:35 am
i want to show you this video of a trip from last year where air force one landed. as you mentioned, 12:40 that is when he is expected to arrive. on his schedule, we noel eat dinner at the home of robert may lore. and the ticket for that 38,000 dollars per plate. at 5:00 m m we know there is a massage in advance of his arrival of and he is expected to make a speech. $100 for a general seat and 1,000 for bp seat and if you want a picture with the president, $10,000. so again, preparations are already underway and you can see barricades are up. in the past when this happen happened -- when this has
6:36 am
happened before, it is a very busy day and he is expected to leave tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. well at least one group will be protesting his visit. medical marijuana supporters are against the administrations crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries. the protests have been planned in nine cities around the country including the president's campaign headquarters in sacramento and san diego. restaurant owners have a strong warning and the group representing business owners say they will sue if forced to change the hours in which they serve alcohol. this comes after the city added an hour earlier and they are working to solve the violence but not at the expense of
6:37 am
revenue. they say it should be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. coming up in about ten minutes, her erratic behavior in the days leading to her death. and a shelter will formerly run a billboard attacking sheriff ross mirkarimi. the message will say, domestic violence is never a private matter. now that is a direct rev reference to sheriff ross mirkarimi controversial remark made the day he was sworn in as sheriff. sheriff ross mirkarimi is scheduled to go on trial on domestic violence charges next week. 6:37 back over to sal to take a look at traffic, sal? a crash near alameda and at first chp said it was minor
6:38 am
injuries but another person not the person who suffered minor injuries said they had suffer major injuries and they are calling for a sig alert. one person after the crash was sitting outside of his or her vehicle there and that person may be the one who was hurt. we are still trying to sort this out but would know this will be a long-term closure near the san jose airport. if you are going to the san jose airport as an alternate i will use the 101 exit. done use 880 as -- don't use 880 as it's going to be a mess. let's look at interstate 880 coming to highway 18.
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let's go back to steve. thank you and a very good morning, the breeze is there for some and if you are in a wind protected area, a few high clouds, not a big deal but to the north, there will be partly cloudy skies, 30s and 40s by noon, things will calm down and spent this breeze -- expect this breeze to settle down. the further away it goes, less wind. 58 to 66 by this afternoon. north bay, most of the peninsular is rather consistent on their temperatures, north bay all over the maps, it just depends if you have that wind kicking up or not. hillsberg 34, kent field along with atmosphere they areton.
6:40 am
semolina downtown 34 at outer sunset and crazy numbers here. 30s and 40s and 50s, concord officially 82 in san francisco, napa airport, fairfield 53 about an hour ago. that will do it, south of that it seems to be a southeast breeze which is north, northwest and temperatures today will be reflected on it and if you get that wind, it will be in the mild category, and a little warmer than yesterday. that system goes by completely falls apart as we head into the weekend. today mostly sunny, breezy at times but not as breezy as yesterday. tomorrow looks nice, temperatures slightly warming up, cold and breezy, possible rain on sunday. except for some higher clouds to the north, a little bit warmer, mid-60s for some, top
6:41 am
to bottom down to gilroy, more of the same, sunday clouded up, possible rain looks cool around breezy. >> 6:40, a shuttle buzz hits a pedestrian in san francisco, the incident was caught on surveillance video and the reason the driver will not face charges. hundreds of bay area students are training to be medical assistance, they fine themselves in a jam after the school finally closes its doors, what prompted state regulators? it is looking good but if you are going as far as the airport, there is a big problem and we will give you an update.
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. well could good morning, here is a look at some of the top stories, investigators plan on lowering a camera down to the abandoned well, where 1,000 bone fragments have already been found. they are checking a second well and those bones are all linked to wesley howard shermantine and loren joseph herzog two serial killers. president barack obama will be raising money for his reelection campaign. he is due to appear at three
6:45 am
fundraisers. they will spend tonight in san francisco and fly for seattle tomorrow. and helping people get into san francisco while the upper deck of the bay bridge is shut down. bart will continue service around the clock, but during the overnight hours, trains will only stop at 14 of the 44 bart stations. they have closed two bay areas campuses, alex savage is in oakland at the location where regulators are planning on meeting with students today. >> reporter: 250 students are out of luck, they were training to become medical assistance and now this has put them in a bind. state regulators are here for students who show up with any questions. they are accused of making
6:46 am
false accreditation claims deceiving students. they will be fighting this decision and i did leave a message with the school but i have yet to hear back. in san jose they have been closed and they have been charging $30,000 for degrees like dental hygiene and nursing. now the state is telling students this morning, they should not pay any more money to this school at least for the time being. we will stay out here as students potentially begin to arrive today. we have heard about it and we will be here to try and talk with them. alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. we have obtained a surveillance video showing a shuttle bus hitting a man in across walk on tuesday.
6:47 am
he was pinned underneath that bus for 20 minutes before firefighters freed him. the victim suffered several broken bones and they call it an accident and they say they do not plan on charging the driver. now we are learning more about the final days of whitney houston's life. witnesses say she was drinking heavily and she was also seen ordering several drinks on wednesday and thursday morning from the lobby and pool area of the beverly hilton hotel. witnesses heard her complaining her drinks were too watered down and she was said to be behaving erratically and dressed in mismatched clothing. some will be able to watch her private funeral on the yet.
6:48 am
they will be held at baptist church and they will be delivering the july if i. the exact -- the july if i. the exact cause of her death, you can get on our website we will have a link on our home page on saturday, a mysterious discovery in san carlos. they dug up bones and what appears to be a human skull. the very latest on the search for clues coming up and one possible explanation that could date back hundreds of years. developing news out of new jersey, we want to take you live near chester field new jersey earlier reports say a dumptruck ran into a school
6:49 am
bus. we don't see it but yet again, this is in new jersey. and we will bring you more information as soon as it becomes an emergency. we have an alert in san jose, what happened? >> well. chp decided this will be there for a while and sig alert means they will close lanes for an undetermined period of time. they have already been closed near alameda for at least 30 minutes and now they have the coroner on the way to the scene southbound 880 at alameda and fortunately it has not caused a huge backup just yet, but i am thinking this is the calm before the storm. a lot of people get off on 237 so if you are getting off, use
6:50 am
887 for an alternative. 880 in oakland looks good driving passed the coliseum and here it is the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up for a 50 minute wait. and no breeze at all, temperatures are right on down to the 30s so a few high clouds, just looking at the web cam, san jose, thin high clouds and i expect the breeze to tail off. breezy and cold, a few high clouds and by this afternoon, it should be warmer. a look at los gatos, there is a cold reading, kept field, 36, i have seen 35 at mill valley, palo alto is not far. now again this temperature could drop 10 degrees in five
6:51 am
minutes. semolina 45 degrees, outer sunset, i saw 39 and even in the city we have a big difference in some of those lower temperatures. concord t- 37 and we had 50 at the oakland airport. still a northerly breeze to the north, more of a southwest as you get towards san jose, this system will not do much but that system will start increasing low clouds and give us a little bit of a cool down. there is a lot going on in our direction, i think for the weekend but we will tackle that. a lot of mid-60s, 63 or 66 should cover the spread and lows for 42 will not be that hard at all. 65 and 66 and 67 san jose, san
6:52 am
mateo 62, and a little warmer down towards santa cruz and capitoa. maybe some drizzle on friday morning, it will be cooler sunday mostly rain and cool and breezy on monday. this morning, construction work started on 69 9,000 homes. a search in volatile predictions, numbers are down for the first time in four months. this morning, general motors reports the large he profit ever. they helped gm turn a profit in 2011 and they changed the way they pay their managers. they will freeze the pension plans for white color workers and move to a 401k pension plan and they will instead pay annual bonuses as a way to pay
6:53 am
extent -- expenses in lean years. jeremy lynn is a lot more than a great basketball player. >> he is fun to watch and says all the right things. >> they will make sure his palo alto high school friends can be seen. good morning san francisco, northbound 101 looks good approaching the 880 split, we will tell you more coming up.
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. warning about jobs and housing, numbers are slightly higher dow jones industrial average up 15 points. time now a wound did i hunter -- bounty hunter will run for mayor of sacramento. he paid $33,000 to death row inmate wesley howard shermantine after the serial killer revealed the locations where he and loren joseph herzog buried their victims. he is challenging the incumbent mayor saying he does not want the city of sacramento to pay for a new arena for the
6:57 am
sacramento kings basketball team. they are getting some visitors from palo alto. his coach and some of his former teammates will watch him from new york city. they were invited by new york fans spike lee but nike is keen coming out with a lynn shoe. >> he is an awesome guy, he is the guysest guy i ever met. >> we had a rumor president barack obama may have attended sunday's game. he led during last night's victory over the sacramento kings. let's go to sal, we have a sig alert. >> we have an accident with a coroner called to the scene southbound 880, in fact southbound 880 at the alameda and ktvu channel 2 morning news has arrived on the scene, we
6:58 am
will have updates, westbound 92, that traffic is moderately heavy likewise for the dumbarton and westbound for the toll place back up for 20 minutes. and a few high clouds, breeze is showing signs of still tailing off and some of the higher elevations are 25 to 45 miles per hour. highs will be in the upper 50s, a little warmer and still a little bit of a northerly breeze. coming up on mornings on 2, a new phase in a horrifying serial murder case, what investigators plan on doing today. plus coming here to the bay area today, this afternoon we will tell you about his schedule, stay right here with us. [ male announcer ] offering four distinct driving modes and lexus' dynamic handling, the next generation of lexus will not be contained.
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