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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  February 27, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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two developing stories, one involves in a critical ruling just in concerning the domestic violence abuse trial of san francisco's sheriff. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. we begin with breaking news out of east oakland. these are live pictures from newschopper2. police there are reportedly searching for a gunman who exchained shots with an officer late this -- exchanged shots with an officer late this
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morning. you can see the officers with their guns drawn in front of the house on 19th avenue in oakland. police have also locked down nearby roosevelt school. this all began just over an hour ago. so far we have no reports of anyone being injured. but officers continue their search in the era for the gunman. this is at east oakland. you can again see officers looking out at the area for a gunman who fired shots at an officer. if we get any more information on this story in oakland, we will bring it to you. turning now to our other top story, the pretrialing hearing, the san francisco sheriff is -- for the san francisco sherr sitch under-- sheriff is underway. allie rasmus is live outside the courtroom to explain the
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ruling just made. allie? >> reporter: well, at issue is whether or not statements mirkarimi's wife made the day day after she was allegedly abused, whether those statements can be admitted, yes, they could. now, the sheriff's attorneys argued that video should not be brought in. and because of that, the attorneys that lopez makes in the video is hearsay. i it's it should be thrown out. you know, trial is not a game of telephone or operator. everybody knows that game. >> reporter: now, judge garrett wong ruled today that under most circumstances it would be
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hearsay but not in this case. he ruled that the video is add missable. it will be used in the trial. he explained why. he said the evidence shows this is a woman still crying and visibly upset. she's distraught and tearful no questions were asked to prompt her. she goes on to say her remarks don't go on to a staging. now, prosecutors see this as a victory. they believe this will strengthen their case against the sheriff. the other thing that did come up is whether or not mirror cau rimry's girlfriend -- mirkarimi's ex-girlfriend can testify. the judge ordered -- but jury selection in this case could start as early as the end of the week. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. investigators say a faulty
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extension cord is to blame for an early-morning apartment fire in oakland. the fire started around 3:30 this morning at a 16-unit building, not far from interstate 580. one woman was treated for smokes inhalation. no one else was hurt. the fire left several families out in the cold for about 90 minutes. into an overnight fire in san jose des strayed a backyard shed and caused concern for nearby businesses. it was behind a home on south 7th street at about 12:45 this morning. on the other side of the fence, there are several businesses. they say the homeowners stored scrap metal. the cause of the fire is under investigation. a man is in custody for allegedly kidnapping a girl in san jose. a santa clara deputy clayed -- chased the ended -- chase ended
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when the vehicle flipped over. both the child and suspect were okay. officers say the suspect is the girl's caur. the -- father. the mother said she was assaulted by the suspect and he took off with a child. a teenager opened fire this morning inside a high school cafeteria in a suburb of cleveland, ohio killing one student and wounding four others. two of the wounded were taken by helicopter from chardon high school to trauma centers. police say a teacher chased the gunman out of the school and the teen surrendered to bystanders. >> i heard shots fired in the cafeteria. i saw a bunch of people running -- running out, so i started running. i heard someone yelling get down and i heard a bunch of
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shots behind me. >> reporter: police have not released the name of the student killed or the alleged gunman but other students say he was known as an outcast and victim of brullying. they would not comment on the conditions of the four studented -- four wounded students. the remaining presidential contenders are in their final days of campaign before moving on. romney is in michigan today where he told plant workers he can create jobs. he also said santorum is unqualified to be president. >> thank you. >> rick santorum is also campaigning in mish gaun today -- michigan today. the conservative santorum called for a bigger role for
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government. ron paul and gingrich are way behind in the polls. gingrich is looking past to super-tuesday next week. president obama is meeting with the nation's governor today. they are in washington for the annual governors' conference. the governors are urging for more state resources in education. >> today i'm calling on all of you, invest more in education. invest more in our children and in our future. >> mr. obama asked the governors to higher more teachers and to restore funding to public colleges. and he also reaffirmed his view that decisions about education should be left to states and not the federal. coming up later, we'll tell you why the naacp and local religious leaders are upset
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over recent remarks made about the president's religious beliefs. that's coming up in about seven minutes. in june, voters will be asked to extend and increase the current parcel tax. the current tax is due to expire in june 2014. the new tax would be increased to 10 cent as square foot and would last five years. the measure will be on the june ballot. the school ballot says with cuts and state qunding -- state funding, it needs that to maintain smaller class prices. the state average for gats lien is now $4.29 for a gallon of regular. that's up 25 cents in the last week. aaa reports san francisco has the highest prices in the state with an average of $4.35. san jose, santa rosa and oakland are about 7 cents a gallon cheaper. >> well, everyone is looking
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for cheap gasoline these days. this station is selling a gallon for 4.50. one of the lowest -- 4.05, one of the lowest gas prices inner the area -- in the area. pg&e is paying its lowest rates for natural gas in more than a decade. don't expect the utility company to pass along the saves to customers. pg&e anthony early tells the bay area news group he believes the current price for gas is reasonable. earlier he defended the prices, saying company shareholders may be forced to pay for improvements to -- improvements to the gas system. >> you may notice the bay
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area's cooldown a lot. rosemary is up next with a change on the way. oscar winners at the academy awards last night.
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. this is video. you can see trash is piled high outside the home in question on clarendon avenue. neighbors say the homeowner burned trash in the chimney making them -- make -- making them sick. vandalism at the state capitol in sacramento. police say they have arrested the young man who caused all of this damage. they say he did it pie throwing rocks. he also caused damage at sacramento's city hall and a state office building. the suspect is now behind bars and there's no word yet on why he did it. a suicide bomber killed nine people at an airport in eastern afghanistan today. the latest in a weak of protestifies following the burning of korans at a us base there.
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this is the scene yesterday where protesters threw a grenade into a u.s. military base wounding seven american soldiers. an after an protester was killed. the death toll in the week of protests has reached 40 afghans. the u.s. has issued several apoll jigs for the koran burning. there are reports that another 124 people have been killed in syria today. the death comes the same day a constitution was voted in that could keep president assad in power until 2028. and assets of seven officials were frozen. this is a way of stopping the crackdown on the opposition. there is information about an assassination plot for
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vladimir putin. he's currently running for president. two chech chechnya -- chechnyaen officials were involved. last week, franklin graham cast doubt once more about president obama's religion suggesting the spred a "son of islam." the san francisco branch of the naacp say graham's statements are politically motivated. >> the naacp also says the president has repeatedly
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expressed his faith and belief in christianity. more troubles for the lift lounge in walnut creek. the contra costa times reports police found six grams of cocaine just outside the entrance on friday night. street value is stilted at $500. and walnut creek police have arrested three southern california men accused of a major gift card scam involving nordstrom department stores throughout the state. store officials say they called police to report the men you see on their screen. they are accused of using fraudulent credit cards to buy gift cards. the search of the men's van showed up more than $10,000 worth of exist cards as well as credit cards belonging --
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belonging to other people n about 45 minute, the mayor is scheduled to take a tour -- tour of the facilities that will be part of next year's america company's race. last week oracle gave a preview of racing in action. today, mayor ed lee will tour -- tour improvements at piers 305732 that could accommodate the -- 30 and 32 that could accommodate the race. the oscars were hand the out last night at the -- handed out last night at the 84th annual awards. paul has a look at the winners. >> reporter: the black and white silent movie "the artist" was the big winner. it picked up five oscars, including best picture and best director. its french actor beat out
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george clooney and brad pitt to be named best actor. >> i love your country. >> reporter: meryl streep took home her third oscar for her portrayal in "the iron lady." she's been nominated 17 times. >> when they called my name i had this feeling i could hear half of america say oh, no! >> octavia spencer cried when she accepted her award. and at 82 this actor won in "beginners." martin scorsese's film won. billy crystal hosted the show for the 9th time. sacha bare baron cohen walked
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the -- sacha baron cohen walked the red carpet. sasha baron cohen had a imagine off role in the movie hue bow -- "hugo." good afternoon. it's a wintry, cold day. that's what's in store for your day today and into tomorrow. more so on wednesday. take a look outside the doors. we can -- we have a few cumulus clouds. a little bit of unsettled weather but for the most part any moisture sticking to the south. we have a little bit of rain reported over parts of the monterey bay. hear at home, we are partly cloudy, mostly clear. winds have picked up over sfo.
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and our temperatures at this hour cool. 52 in san jose, 51 san francisco as well as oakland, low 50s, livermore, 53 napa. 50, santa rosa. for the afternoon things will be even cool for february. so a chilly day and winds could be breezy. if you have errands to run, make sure you bring along that jacket. this winter storm not bringing us much moisture. you can see it's all pulling south. if you see the clouds beginning to build in the afternoon. pretty much all it is. i'm gonna show you the forecast through the next few days. here we are mainly dry. it looks like south of tracy. that's really going to be about it. it will be about a stray shower here or there and then it's out of here. bundle up the kids as they get off to school. tomorrow night we'll see the
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rain arrive to the north bay and then in time for the wednesday commute. this model has been very consistent. it looks like it could be a soggy drive. a scattered shower in the forecast for thursday as well. for today, we're looking at just showers primarily to the south, maybe over the east bay hills, south bay hill. winds could pick up in the afternoon. our temperatures will be sitting in the mid-50s. 54 santa rosa, 55 berkeley. 54 expected in san francisco. 54 for hayward. 56 for mountain. mid -- so temperatures will remain on the cool side tomorrow and perhaps a little bit more sunshine. but then come wednesday. low 50s in the forecast, once -- once again and we're expected to see 1 to 3 feet of snow for the sierra.
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we have an update on the breaking news we've been following out of east oakland. police are searching for a gunman who reportedly exchained shots with a police officer. these are live pictures. the search is going on near east 21st and 19th avenue. you can still see some officers behind a patrol car here. here is another view live from the ground and more officers standing behind patrol cars and some of the lights flashing. police have knocked down nearby middle -- locked down roosevelt high school. if we get any more information we'll bring it to you. fans with expect new rules regarding the sans allowed -- signs allowed inside the coliseum for the games this year. the large signs were having a
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negative et -- aesthetics. many fans are opposed to moving to san jose. we are feating word of a -- getting word of a small earthquake in the east bay. @@ [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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homes rose. flight, the dow is up 13,003. more breaking news. a few moments eark the east bay was rattled by a small earthquake. according to the usgs, the 2.9 quake struck at 12:04 this afternoon. it was centered near danville. about two miles north of blackhawk. there have about no reports of injuries or damage. right now, you can probably get a better sound quality from a smartphone in india than the u.s. but tech anlives say that may -- analysts say that may change because of a clip. the chip is tee signed to reduce -- is designed to changes the quality. for the first time in history, the daytona race will be run monday night under the lights. that comes after it was rained out yesterday and this morning.
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we'll carry the race live at 4:00 this afternoon. our newscasts will be screaming -- streaming live online. thank you for trusting ktvu. we're always here for you at and ktvu
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