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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  March 9, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PST

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where police investigating two shootings that happened in the same naked in two days. we'll tell you the new information we're just learned, coming up. >> a court ruling could come today in the videotape at the center of sheriff mirkarimi case. >> it's demolition day at berkeley, the big job ahead, one day after that huge fire. >> if just a few hours doors open in a brand-new neiman- marcus in walnut creek. coming up the impact to the economy and how the city plans to deal with the parking and congestion problems that will come with it. mornings on 2 starts now! good morning! welcome to mornings on 2. it is friday, march 9th. overnight, reports of gunfire prompted fairfield police to return to condo complex that was the scene of a double homicide just days ago.
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tasha joins us live from fairfield with what police are saying about the ongoing violence. we understand police just pulled up? >> reporter: that's right, four squad cars just pulled up here, and we spoke to some of them briefly, the officers. they were doing follow-up investigative work and would speak with us in the next couple minutes. this neighborhood parkway garden condo complex is known for violence, so is that latest shooting just another shooting or linked to a shooting two days ago? that's what police are trying to figure out. they say they don't know anyone hurt in the shooting and no word yet on any arrests. police were searching a white car last night marked with bullet holes, parked near the intersection of dover and east pacific, which is the entrance to the neighborhood. wednesday night, two men were shot and killed in this neighborhood, 24-year-old and an 18-year-old of palo alto. they're looking for one suspect spotted running from the scene,
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an african-american man, about 4-foot 1 with an at lot ic build and dreadlocks carrying a black handgun. he reportedly drove off in a gold mercedes, and a black mercedes is also linked to the suspect. police believe it could be more than one shooter, and you can see that they are getting ready to do some work here. we saw one. investigators actually put on gloves and know what sort of evidence she's sifting through but we'll stay on top of it and let you know how the story develops. tara moriarity, ktvu channel 2 news. oakland police now investigating two shootings that left three people wounded, the latest one happened about 10:00 last night. it started with a confrontation in front of smart and final at 22nd and international. a man was shot in the parking lot. police say his friends put in their van, drove at four blocks away to the gas station, where they called the police. the man was taken to the hospital and is said to be in stable condition. no arrests have been made as
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yet. three hours earlier, two people were shot on 24th avenue near international boulevard. witnesses call it a running gun battle involving two cars. police did recover a weapon at the scene, but they haven't confirmed that it's connected to this investigation. there's no word yet on how the victim may have been injured. less than two hours ago the government's new job numbers came out. unemployment remained the same as last month at 8% 3%. but 227,000 jobs were added in february, more are expected, and that makes it one of best months of hiring since the recession began. coming up at 7:15, what economists say the numbers should say about the state of the u.s. economy. at 8:30 this morning, a workshop job fair begins in san jose. it will focus on connecting wounded and disabled veterans with job opportunities in the
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bay area. it called the wounded warrior workforce conference, taking place at juniper networks in sunnyvale. san jose mayor chuck reed will deliver the keynote speech. there are now about 200 new jobs in walnut creek now that the brand-new neiman marcus store is opening. however, the road today came with some pretty hard fought battles over parking and congestion. claudine wong is out there now for the grand opening out there. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, dave! when you've got the opening of a store, it's easy to be tempted to some see inside, look at what you might want to buy. but when you're talking about the jocks you just mentioned, hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax revenue, you also got to talk about what this means in terms of the economy. we just talked to dean stallman, who lives in walnut creek and says he thinks this is all good for the city, even though he knows it will put more traffic. but he says he is pro-business and says if neiman marcus makes
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parking harder to find, that's worth it. it's all about knowing where to look. >> i think that's true. i think if you drive almost two or three or four blocks and any direction, you can find parking in and around downtown. people in san francisco think nothing of parking in a six or 10-story garage and laying it down, downstairs to go shopping. but in walnut creek if you have to park four blocks from the main part of downtown it's like a killer. so -- >> spoiled it out here. >> yes, absolutely. >> parking really was a wig part of the battle. we talked to the mayor this morning, he said they didn't add any extra spaces but parking issues were resolved but making sure spaces are more effectively used and making sure people know about the spaces available. >> we do have 8,000 parking spaces, so it really is knowing where the parking is and our downtown business association recently undertook a project to sort of study the downtown and
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kind of a branding effort. and one of the recommendations that came out of that was really we need to improve our way finding signs. >> back live out here, one every parking lots available, the folks here just a couple blocks away. there's another one behind this neiman marcus show, another one to the side of it. but again, something about knowing where to look. now, in terms of what this means to the city, we talked about tax revenue and jobs, but there's also a future impact the mayor believes this store is going to have, and we'll talk about that coming up in our next report. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. we want to go to sal, a big problem in richmond, sal? >> we've been talking about this, this truck came off the ramp a little too hot maybe, came off the ramp at canal street, and flipped over. it's actually looks like a bobtail truck, which is a self- contained unit here so at first we heard it was a big rig but it's a bobtail truck on the canal boulevard offramp from west bound 580.
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up see a tow truck they have to right the truck before they reopen the ramp. fortunately, 580 traffic getting to the bridge has not been affected in a major way, but certainly an operation here, we don't have any word on how severely injured the driver was. but there were injuries reported in the crash, in richmond, just off 580 at canal. so avoid that ramp. the other freeway traffic is doing well, but you can see there's still under the truck there, firefighters and also the rescue crews along with the tow truck crew. let's go along and look now at the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic is moving along pretty well. as you head up to the toll plaza. about a 10 movie minute delay. and the morning commute moving well, we showed you had crash but 80 itself looks pretty good. i want to move the maps a little bit to the right here and show you highway 4. a little bit of slow traffic on 4 and antioch but the rest looks good out to concord. :07. let's go to steve. a very happy friday! good morning.
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mostly clear, little bit of fog, and little fog coming back. not a big deal because inland it will sill be sunny, mild to warm. probably the last day for 70s as the pattern is showing signs of changing. this little system is increasing the fog and it will be more so tonight into tomorrow. patchy fog, mainly right on the coast. not making much of a push. mild and sunny away from the coast. but changes develop tomorrow. it will be cooler by the coast today but still a lot of sunshine inland. that fog, though, looks to be regrouping tonight into saturday morning. 30s still for temps. 40s and another cold month, 39 livermore. concord 39. fairfield 34 so consistent there. not much left of this system. it's developing here. there will be rain in northern california, question is will it continue to drive southward and give the bay area rain? there are signs the north bay might get it next week, but i don't know, it hasn't happened since october, really. fog, rain, well fog returns.
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maybe some drizzle saturday night but today looks good for sunshine. as that system starts to move in, it's going to give us a cooler pattern into the weekend, into monday, where temperatures upper 50s and lower 60s. the key will be where everything sets up. there's like head fake here. it will be cooler next week, there will be rain in northern california, mendocino county and probably north bay in line, we'll fine tune this early next week. tuesday looks to be the best opportunity. sunny and nice today, all warm. patchy fog by the coast. westerly breeze will show up later on the right now things are calm. 50s, upper 50s, low 60s coast and bay but inland upper 60s to lower and mid-70s some one more day of 70-degree temperatures, nice yesterday, but cooler saturday for everybody. mostly cloudy, some light rain or drizzle possible to the north, then maybe tuesday we sure need rain. there are even more signs of recovery in that san bruno neighborhood devastated by a deadly gas pipeline explosion.
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as early as next week, the first families to rebuild after the explosion have reportedly expected to return home. it's been 18 months since a pg&e pipeline blew up, killing eight people and destroying 38 homes in the crestmore neighborhood. the community development director says 24 homes are now in the rebuilding process. a protest at uc berkeley against this weekend's scheduled appearance of nation of islam leader louis farrakhan. he is due to speak tomorrow at the black coalition conference. back in 2007, he announced he was scaling back his role as the leader of the nation of islam because of health problems. he has been criticized by many for controversial statements about jews and white americans. uc berkeley black student union says it invited him because of his potential to help inspire
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african-american students. san francisco police and the district attorney's office are investigating a man accused of secretly filming inside a business bathroom and. the incident was reported sunday afternoon at fillmore and california streets. police have not named the business but say an employee found the camera inside a cardboard box with a hole in it, stuffed in a duffel bag. the man was cited and released but investigators are still trying to determine the extent of the crime. he is due in court next month. a man in clayton was taken to the hospital after being tased numerous times by police. it happened last night at harriman and mitchell canyon records. the man had recently taken acid and tried to fight police. he was tased multiple times and taken to the hospital. nobody else was injured and the man has not been identified. time is 7:11. the checks in the mail. the i.r.s. explaining why there's been a delay in issuing tax refunds
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this year. bank of america says it will reduce the mortgages for thousands of homeowners, but they're not doing this out of the kindness of its heart. and a new movie is coming out about the 2008 presidential race, why john mccain says he will not watch it. getting ready to plant?
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...for you to unwrap. ♪ ho, ho, ho. green giant little fog on the coast but the only the impact coomer over there, but inland still filed in for warm with 60s and 70s. lots of sunshine. enjoy today because cooler pattern and more clouds roll in by the weekend. it is 7:14. we have dramatic surveillance video of a sheriff's deputy in florida being attacked inside a fast-food restaurant. patrick davis tried to steal a backpack at mcdonald's last saturday, when a sheriff's deputy tried it arrest him davis fought him off. the deputy couldn't call for
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help because his radio was knocked away. three homeless men though jumped in to help the deputy until other deputies arrived and arrested davis. he is now being held without bail. san jose police have arrested a suspect in connection with a parking lot beating that was first described as a hate crime. 21-year-old emilio ramir is accused of attacking a 32-year- old man in a parking lot last november. investigators say this video shows the attack appears to have started after he almost hit a man with his car. the attack was originally called a hate crime because he is of east indian descent and said police his attacker called him a terrorist. police say the evidence does not suggest the attack was a hate crime, but he still faces other charges including assault with a deadly weapon. time is 7:15. we're getting more reaction now to the new jobs report the government released just this morning.
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as allison burns reports, this could benefit president obama. allison. >> reporter: hi, dave. hiring for february exceeded expectations, employers added 227,000 jocks. but the unemployment rate stays flat at 8.3%. the labor department is also revising its numbers for january and december, showing more hiring than previously thought. the economy has now generated an average 245,000 jobs in the past 3 months. most of it in manufacturing, mining, hotels, and restaurants. government layoffs seem to be subsiding a bit. president obama will talk about his initiative to boost manufacturing at a rolls-royce plant in virginia today. he has three strong months of growth to brag about, but it's not enough for his political rivals. the chairman of the republican national committee issued a statement this morning saying the report shows that far too many people are still out of work and the situation is not
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improving. we just interviewed the labor secretary about who is getting hired, and we'll have that for you during my next update in about an hour. allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. bank of america has just worked out a side deal with the federal government over mortgage foreclosures. the bank would give more than 200,000 financially strapped borrowers a chance to reduce their mortgage balances by as much as $100,000 each. in exchange the bank could have its penalties reduced by $850 million. it is 7:17. the internal revenue service wants people with ho have already filed their taxes to know the refunds are on the way. new i.r.s. software that was supposed to speed up tax refunds and increase security actually caused a slowdown in the system instead. about the the i.r.s. says it's now taking care of the problem and people who have not filed yet should not notice any delay when receiving their
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refunds. starting next year, pg&e customers can get their bills in spanish or chinese. pg&e will also offer large format bills for vision impaired customers. and it plans to include charts so customers can see how much they're paying for each tier of energy they use. pg&e had to ask state regulate or permission to implement the changes since those will cost $19 million. our time 7:17. today most of the republican presidential candidates are focusing their campaigns on mississippi and alabama. they hold their primaries next tuesday. mitt romney and newt gingrich have morning events scheduled in mississippi. rick santorum is starting his day in alabama. gingrich and santorum are looking for wins in the south to boost their campaigns. ron paul has a campaign appearance today in missouri, which holds its primary on march 17th. now we're going live right now, trying to get a picture
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out of jackson, mississippi. this is a town hall meeting, obviously a young man in the crowd with a microphone asking a question to mitt romney. walking through the crowd right there. mitt romney is not expected to win the upcoming southern primaries, but we're told he won't lose the delegate lead he has over his rivals. but we checked in on him live. now we want to take you live to rick santorum. now, he's at a ring santorum rally in mobile, alabama. there he is on stage. santorum won two southern victories on super tuesday. he is hoping now for two more next week in mississippi and alabama. both rick santorum and newt gingrich have called for each other to drop out of the race for president in order to unify the conservative vote in the republican party. republicans are really criticizing the new hbo movie called game change. it debuts tomorrow.
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the movie focuses on john mccain's selection of sarah palin as his vice president al running mate in the 2008 election. actress julian moore plays sarah palin. john mccain is played by ed harris. and john mccain says he will not watch this movie. he says it's part of the "continuing maligning every sarah palin by the liberal left." a woman and her cat missing for nearly a month have been found alive. rescue crews found 31-year-old margaret page on wednesday in new mexico's gila national forest. she was barely able to speak and had lost one-third of her body weight. page says she ran out of food about a week ago and it used her thick sloping bag to stay warm and got water from a creek. she says her cat never left her side. this may look like an ordinary truck but it is not. u.s. border patrol says the truck was being used to smuggle a man over the border of mexico
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into the u.s. you can see where he was found hiding between the gas tank and the undercarriage of the truck. butt truck driver and a man inside the truck were arrested. our time is 7:20. should be a beautiful day today! as we look out our window right now, i'll take it! what is in store for the weekend? steve is coming back. he'll tell you why you may want to take advantage of the nice weather today. >> this weekend could be the last for san francisco's gold dust lounge. the only thing that could save it from closure. >> god morning. it's getting a little crowd at the bay bridge toll plaza. you'll see traffic slowing down here. we'll tell you more about the morning commute coming up. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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breaking news in oakland. we do have police search going on right now in oakland at the cvs pharmacy, which is at 5100
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broadway. this is the pharmacy behind the safeway. it's the pharmacy a lot of you in the local area know it's slated to close. apparently, there is a suspect, police think there's a person inside. we shouldn't say suspect because we don't know who he as many but there's a person inside the police searching for. he is described as a african- american male, about 5-10, wanted for some sort of armed crime. he is wearing a blue zip-up and apparently they think he's inside this store. the store has been shut down and the area near the cvs is also off limits to just overruled people. the police have surrounded this building. ktvu is overhead in newschopper 2. these are live pictures. this is the cvs store that is near broadway and 51st. a lot of you who live in the oakland area are familiar with this huge cvs store, which is just behind the safeway in the same shopping mall as the pet store and boston market.
7:25 am
it does look like police have a major operation here. stay with ktvu. we'll let you know what is developing with this situation. it's getting closer to last call for a popular san francisco bar in union square. the lease for the gold dust lounge runs out tomorrow. the bar will have to vacate and make room for the new express clothing store. the owner of the gold dust has been trying to get a landmark status for the bar in desperate effort to keep the doors open. but so far we have no word of a last-minute reprieve. also today is the final day for another business, and historic cafe in berkeley. it's cafe fannie. on san pablo and steed after streets, it's been in business for the last 28 years. it is co-owned by famed chef alice waters. the closure reportedly result of the tough economy.
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>> that's too bad. we want to check back in with sal with more on the commute and more on that situation oakland. >> this shopping area, the cvs at broadway and 51st area here, has been shut down, and they're looking for just a lot of police officers surrounded the building looking for a crime victim here or crime suspect, person who committed a crime allegedly inside this store. our newschopper 2 is overhead, and looking anthony the police activity. we'll let you know more about this. we do have a crew on the way and it's a good area to stay away from. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that's about a 20-minute delay at the toll plaza. also the morning commute is looking okay. northbound 85 near fremont, they're clearing a crash with a motorcyclist involved. watch for slow traffic in sunnyvale. now let's go to steve. very happy friday. sunny out there, little fog starting to creep back to the coast. it will stay right there. tonight, tomorrow increase and go over the bay but we're good to go for sunshine. temperatures 30s and 40s in the
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morning. we do have a lot of 30s to the north and some out to the east but more 40s and then temperatures will start to rebound here pretty fast. that system even though it's falling apart is the leading edge of a cooling trend. when they bend like that or bow like that, they're running into ridge of high pressure and don't have much left bum they are starting to show a little more westerly breeze not yet but it will kick in later on so patchy fog by the coast. inland still warm, upper 60s, low to mid-70s. tomorrow cooler and mostly cloudy sunday, light rain possible sunday into sunday and monday and maybe for everybody by tuesday. time is 7:27. berkeley police come face-to- face with angry community members. >> you are lying, sir! you are a liar! >> the outrage tied to a deadly attack that happened in the berkeley hills. >> good morning. amp a devastating fire, what is going to happen to this burnt up apartment building? that's what engineers will have to decide on today. we'll tell you why there are fears that the building could
7:28 am
come toppling down. >> also the reason this could be such a critical day in the sheriff's mirkarimi domestic violence case.
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7:30 am
breaking news. oakland in rockridge shopping mall here, in oakland. this vcs store has been shut down and there's a police
7:31 am
search. police are outside the building, they've surrounded this large pharmacy building and they're looking for someone who they say committed some sort of crime trying to confirm what that is. but we do have a description looking for an african-american man, 5-10, wearing a blue zip- up jacket. he was also seen wearing a ski mask. the police have surrounded the area. they've also called for police dog to come and apparently they'll send that dog into the store. the cvs pharmacy right behind that big safeway they have there in the same shopping mall, as the boston market, and the pet store, and some of the other smaller shops here. stay away from the area. they're not letting anyone near the store. we'll let you know more. one of our crews is on the way. have a live report from the ground coming up as soon as possible. let's go back to the desk. the owner of a berkeley apartment building destroyed by fire is bringing in structural engineers today. part of the building might have to be torn down.
7:32 am
ktvu's allie rasmus is live on dwight way, where several other buildings are being affected as well. good morning, allie. >> reporter: good morning, tori. discounts like the partial demolition will happen to this building here where the fire started yesterday. i just talked to a mate nance worker with the property management company for the building. it's that gentleman over there under the cherrypicker. he says about an hour from now they are going to start tearing down some. back walls. building where the fire happened this. is the building we're talking about, from the front it. doesn't look like a lot of damage. but 11 people who lived here are now homeless. let's look at the back of the building. here's why they're tearing part of it down. that's where the bulk of the damage is. the back wall is completely gone. and because of that, there's a fear that the entire building is in danger of collapsing and threatening four other buildings that sit next to it. this fire started at 4 a.m. yesterday morning. a preliminary report says it was accidental. and the fire appears to have started in a water heater closet. but because of the threat of
7:33 am
collapse this morning, four other apartment buildings were yellow tagged yesterday and residents in those apartments had to collect their belong position evacuate. the city of berkeley public information officer told me this morning that this issue is no longer under the city's control. the owner of the property hired his own structural engineers to determine what happened next and as we just told you there are some maintenance workers out here with the property management company and some said they're going to start the process of tearing down a couple of the back walls of this house where the fire happened yesterday and that will start about an hour from now. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. :33. a search is underway for a suspect in a deadly shooting in san jose. police say a man was shot several times on monterey highway and edenview drive at 7 last night. he was rushed to a hospital where he died. right now there's no
7:34 am
information on a suspect. time is 7:33. lots of angry words last night in berkeley at a community meeting with the police chief about the police response to the beating death of a berkeley hills man on february 18th. [yelling] >> angry neighbors confronted berkeley police chief meehan, who was confronted and also later apologized. but the chief says the police response was the right one given what they flew. 67-year-old peter suker was beaten to death 15 minutes after calling a non-emergency police line to report a trespasser in his home. the police chief says reports said his officers were busy monitoring an occupy protest that night are not true. >> if is our responsibility to get out accurate information as quickly as we can and we didn't do a good job and bus of that false information has
7:35 am
persisted. >> police responded after suker's wife called 911 to report her husband was being attacked. 23-year-old daniel dewitt has been charged with murder in the case. his parents say he suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. a decision could come today on the key piece of evidence in the domestic violence case against san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. a three-judge panel is considering whether a 55-second video can be used as evidence during mirkarimi's trial. the video was taken by a neighbor, showing mirkarimi's wife crying and pointing to this bruise on her arm. also today the trial judge will consider a motion to allow a domestic violence expert and a berkeley lecturer to testify. a former el dorado county deputy sheriff is under arrest accused of stealing money from a fund set up for four oakland police officers killed in the line of duty. donald atkinson is accused of stealing more than $20,000 from the deputy sheriff's
7:36 am
association, while he was president of that organization. he is facing 44 felony counts, including grand theft and perjury. some of the money taken was intended for the families of sergeants mark, irvin romans and two others. the four oakland officers were shot and killed by a parolee back in 2009. investigators say the families never received any donations from atkins or the deputy sheriff's association. hillsborough police are looking for witnesses to two home burglaries. they both happened yesterday morning between 8:30 and noon. the first was on hillsborough boulevard and and the second on muscle borrow road. both time an unlocked door was used to gain entry and various items were stolen. anyone with information is asked to call police. time is 7:36. two people including a woman from or linda have pleaded not guilty to charges they sold trade secrets to a chinese
7:37 am
company. robert and christina lu entered their pleas yesterday. the husband walter lu also faces charges. they're accused of stealing trade secrets from the dupont company to sell to a company that's controlled by the chinese government. the man accused of sooting an off-duty federal offer is due to enter a plea in court today. 61-year-old dennis bagwell faces attempted murder charges. the union city optometry teacher is accused of shooting robert spule ic at his home in newark last month. authorities say bagwell was obsessed with his wife, one of his students. sunday is the first anniversary of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit japan. the 9.0 quake struck in the northeast part of japan and created the tsunami with 30- foot waves that washed inland for miles. in total, more than 15,000 people were killed, and what
7:38 am
was the fourth largest earthquake in history. there are still a lot of visible damage and some people have been slow to rebuild. hours after that quake hit japan, tsunami waves hit the northern california coast, including here in santa cruz. about 40 boats in the harbor were damaged or destroyed with a handful of them sink to go the owing floor. today local, state and federal officials will look at the progress made in the city's recovery efforts. this morning pittsburg high school will welcome california schools chief tom toll ic some. he'll get a look at the puente project which provides academic counseling and mentoring to students, the goal to help more of the state's disadvantaged students make it to college. and a big boost for some local schools. lawrence livermore national security which manages the lab has donated $50,000 to five school districts. the money will help pay for
7:39 am
science programs. dublin, livermore, pleasanton, san ramon and tracy school districts each received $10,000. >> certainly very welcome money for the school districts. all right. want to check back in with sal for more on the commute and also the police activity in oakland. >> that's right. very busy shopping area in oakland near 51st and broadway. the rockridge area, shopping center here. it's cvs store, one of the biggest stores, cvs stores, it is the biggest store in oakland for sure, the same store that they're going to close according to reports later this month. but right now they're inside or trying to ascertain whether or not person who is wanted for a crime is inside the building described as an african- american male, who they're looking for after some sort of crime. we're trying to figure out what he is wand for. but one thing we know, the you
7:40 am
can see the police officers have surrounded this cvs store in oakland, keeping other people away. they're also in the back of the store, and this is the same mall that has the safeway and other stores in it, so it's a good area to stay away from. there is a -- again, an area that is being court tonight off and people are not being allowed near the store. we have a crew on the way and let you know more about the search coming up. let's go to the nimitz freeway, little further down. you can see traffic is going to be slow. the road center showing slow traffic here. moving it to san jose, northbound 101 slow traffic at 880 into sunnyvale. 280 also slow into cupertino. we had a couple crashes cleared to the shoulder. 85 not bad today. i think 85 might be your choice. and on 101 this morning, we do have moderately heavy traffic but if you want to be free of traffic, i would sues 280 down the peninsula. let's go to steve. >> thank you, and a very good morning. happy friday, everybody. mostly clear skies, one of
7:41 am
those big tankers here in the estuary. and i think i mentioned -- takes what, 15 days to get across the pacific when they're full. they're huge! massive when you get next to them. we have nice weather today. changes though right over here. this little system. the fog is increasing, there's some patchy fog on the coast. not a big deal unless you're right there. it will still be low to mid- 60s. inland near 70 degrees. one more day. some cold reading up north, though. june up in middle mendocino county 29. lot of 30s here. patchy fog, sunny and warm. little cooler by the coast. i do expect fog to start increasing tonight and then definitely into saturday morning. 34 your friday trifecta right there. 38 still san rafael. upper 30s concord, livermore. few on the peninsula near san jose as well. san jose 44. they're at 38 yesterday morning so the lows are running a
7:42 am
couple degrees warmer. this system is losing oomph. it's just toppling over and won't do anything. it's what is developing behind that. this will give us a little cooldown on saturday. so cool by the coast today. still very nice mild to warm inland. fog is returned and it's starting to work its way back in. cooling trend starts on the coast today then for everybody as we go into the weekend and then next week looks cloudy with possible rain. i'm not buying into it yet. northern california he, yes. cooler for everybody next to week. again, it's been a tough year to get rain in here. and we've had a lot of false hopes but the jetstream showing signs of moving into northern california. we'll see if it can dip far enough south to give everybody some rain some some positive signs but we'll see as we get closer. sunny and nice today, some patchy fog on the coast. low to mid-70s inland. 60s close to the coast and santa rosa 68. 72 yesterday. we'll go 72 in gilroy. 70 pleasanton, mountain view. 62 half moon bay. tomorrow cooler, it will still be nice inland but not as nice as tomorrow.
7:43 am
then mostly cloudy sunday, light rain possible north bay but more likely on monday. then see if that system on tuesday gives rain to everybody. >> thank you. averting disaster. how greece managed to clear the way for a new bailout and what has just happened to their credit rating. also, setting a trap. california fish and game commission's unexpected move that may lead to the ouster of their president under fire for killing a mountain lion. bay area !
7:44 am
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road, jack ♪ ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ ♪ no more, no more, no more ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ [ male announcer ] want your weeds to hit the road? hit 'em with roundup extended control. one application kills weeds and puts down a barrier to stop new ones for up to four months. roundup extended control spray once. stop weeds for months. stocks opening higher after a report showed u.s. employment grew solidly for a third straight month, job growth becoming a trend.
7:46 am
unemployment stayed at 8.3%. however, the u.s. trade deficit surged to the widest imbalance in more then three years in january, reflecting a big demand for foreign made products. right now the dow is up 52, nasdaq up 18, s&p up 7. new this morning, the fitch ratings agency has just downgraded greece to what it's called a restricted default rating. it was a reaction to the announcement by the greek government that it had convinced a majority of private creditors to participate in a bond swap deal that was considered crucial to avoid basically going under. that paves the way for the country to receive a huge second international bailout. the reduced rating by fitch though was expected. the ratings agencies consider the bond swap deal to be a default. time is 7:46. the president of virginia tech university will testify today in a wrongful death lawsuit connected to the 2007 west
7:47 am
virginia campus shooting. 32 people were killed in that massacre. the student gunman later killed himself. the lawsuit claims university officials were too slow to respond and later tried to cover up their mistakes. pennsylvania's governor is now talking about the roll he played in firing former penn state football coach joe paterno during that growing sex abuse scandal at the university. tom corbett says he wishes joe paterno had done more after telling university officials about the accusations against coach jerry sandusky. governor corbett says he and his fellow university trustees were right to fire joe paterno last fall because he failed to follow up on the allegations. joe paterno died of lung cancer in january. sandusky has been charged with sexually abusing several boys and he has pleaded not guilty. the president of california state fish and game commission may be voted out of office because of a controversial
7:48 am
photo. dan richards posed in this photo with a mountain lion he shot and killed at a ranch in idaho. hunting mountain lions is legal in idaho, but not in california. environmentalists and humane society called on richards to resign, but he has the support of hunting groups. however, in a surprise move on wednesday, the fish and game commission voted to change the way the group chooses its leader. so at its next meeting on may 23rd, they may vote to remove richards as president. if you haven't seen them yet, you may get a chance to see those two gray whales around the san francisco bay this weekend. the mother and her calf were last spotted yesterday between alcatraz and fort mason. marine biologists say this weekend they may be seen anywhere from san francisco to the bay. the whales are believed to be migrate to go alaska and just a reminder, they are protected by federal law so if you see them, stay at least 300 feet away. the san francisco zoo is
7:49 am
mourning the loss of a bear named wishbone. this is video of wishbone playing with another bear back in 2007. zookeepers say the 25-year-old bear was euthanized on monday because his hind legs had stopped work. this is possibly the results of a neurological disease. wishbone was born in los angeles, but lived at the zoo for the past 24 years. the cow golden bears just took another step towards the post-season. >> passes it to himself, drives on bright and scores! >> cal's guitterez scored 22 points and cal's 77-71 win over stanford. in the quarter-finals of the pac-12 tournament yesterday. it was just a couple days ago that stanford beat cal preventing the bears from winning a share of the league's regular-season title. cal plays colorado tonight. the bay area's newest pro- basketball team needs a little help to come back next season.
7:50 am
the ceo of the richmond rockets says the team needs more fan support, more corporate sponsorship. they need help from the city in order to stay in business. in their first season, the team has made the playoffs and ranks 17th among the more than 60 american basketball association teams around the country. the city is talking about the possibility of a loan or grant to help keep the rockets in richmond. the team plays the bay area matrix in the playoffs next friday. >> very exciting. it's 10 minutes before 8:00. we're continuing to follow breaking news in oakland. a police search now and the popular shopping center that you'll want to avoid. oh, yeah. on "american idol" next we're going to talk live with the latest hopeful to go home. 0
7:51 am
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breaking news in oakland. police are searching for a reported gunman inside a cvs store. you see police with rifles out. the store has been surrounded in this rockridge area near 51st and broadway. stay with ktvu, we have a reporter on the ground trying to find out more information. we'll tell you more about this coming up. let's move to the traffic. interstate 880 northbound, traffic is moving a little slowly. also the bay bridge a backup. and this morning's commute has been slow. if you are driving on the san mateo bridge, looks like we lost that picture. let's go to the bay bridge backed up for a little bit. now let's go to steve. if we can take a live shot here, everything you need to know. it will be sunny and mild to warm today. temperatures inland pretty good. by the coast there's a little bit of fog coming back to the coast, but it's only a little
7:54 am
cooler there and man, sunset came fast today! didn't it hold on. see what i have here. there we go! sunrise was quick too! we have mostly clear skies, not much breeze yet but i expect that to pick up. highs today 60s, 70s. by the coast some of that fog could make it difficult so just keep that in mind. cooler as we go into the weekend. it is the end of the road for one "american idol." last night the judges chose between the male and female contestant with the fewest votes. >> we've come to the decision that we're going to save elyce. [cheering] >> and that means jeremy rosado of florida was sent home. jeremy joins us now from los angeles.
7:55 am
good morning, jeremy. >> good morning. >> you tried out four times before getting that golden ticket. tell us what that ride was like. >> you know, never made it to hollywood before. and i went to the season so excited that i made it to hollywood, never expecting to actually make it past all these rounds. to the live show. i have truly been so blessed. i can't be upset right now. i'm a little heartbroken, but the heart will heal, and i'll be all right soon enough. >> everything okay? there are you. we know you'll be all right, jeremy. i saw some really -- emotions for you for sure, during this. really intense judging this year, especially when they cut it down to the top 24. what was that like? >> it's scary.
7:56 am
judging down to -- [not understandable] i'm so blessed to have this experience, i will forever be grateful to god for these producers and jennifer and steven and randy, for being behind mow and putting they through this far. and just so thankful, really am. >> as you reflect back on your experience on idol, the songs you chose, the performances, anything you would do differently? >> we tried to pick maybe a different stevie wonder song. i don't know. i don't think my last performance was my best, but i don't think it was my worst. and i photo i would still be here, next week. but -- sometimes things happen for a reason and you just got to trust and believe that -- you know, that better things -- my best days are yet to come. god's got everything under control so i'm all right. >> that's a great attitude.
7:57 am
i've noticed lot of tweets to you and about you, lot of comments on i'd some you have gained a lot of fans somewhat is next for jeremy rosado. >> you know what? shoutout to the fans who have within behind me, thank you so much. i love you guys. and just keep sticking with me. i promise you some good stuff. just going to keep living the dream and chasing after it and doing my music, maybe some acting and just come this far, can't give up now. >> all right. some acting as well. don't give up! jeremy, thank you so much. >> thank you. have a blessed day. >> thank you, you too. it's been fun watching you. good luck to you. you can watch next week's performances and voted for your favorite right here on ktvu channel 2, beginning wednesday night at 8! >> thank you. sounds like a nice young man. thank you. pam. coming up, more on the hour's breaking news from oakland. a massive police search at a
7:58 am
popular shopping center. >> we're live in fairfield, where police have returned to the scene of a double homicide. this is a look at the memorial. we'll tell you what police are doing right now coming up. >> and the doors will hope at a new neiman marcus in walnut creek. what will it do for the economy? when mornings on 2 comes back.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is friday, march 9th. we continue to follow developing news in the east bay right now. police in oakland have surrounded the cvs pharmacy at 51st and broadway. ktvu's allie rasmus just got there, so what is going on? >> reporter: i had a chance to speak with the cvs store manager here, and here's what he explained happened. it was at 6:45 this morning, just after the store opened, that a man walked into the cvs and 5100 broadway, he a ski mask on and then that man proceeded to ask the clerk some questions. he wanted to know where the store manager was. that immediately seemed suspicious to the two employees here at the time so they pretended to go look for the
8:01 am
manager and instead they left the building and locked the man with the ski mask inside. and that's why police are out here right now. as far as they know, this man is still somewhere inside. that's what they're trying to determine. and that's why there's a large police fence out here with about eight vehicles in the css parking lot. half of the parking lot is completely closed off. newschopper 2 is over the scene after this happened. and from the view from our chopper you can get an idea how big this cvs is. it's not your average size corner drugstore. the manager says it's about 100,000 square feet, about the size of a wal-mart some police are doing a search inside. it could take them a little bit of time to figure out if and where this masked man may be inside. according to the manager, he says the two associates here did not see that this guy with the mask had any sort of weapons on him. so we don't know if the man is armed, aloofly we know police describe the man as a black
8:02 am
male suspect, wearing a blue hoodie and a blue ski mask. and that's what the cvs employees reported. we take you back out here live, set the scene for you here. these are some of the cvs employees who were going to report for work. the store for call supposed to open at 6:45 this morning. but again, because of what happened here, they are looking to see if there's potential robbery suspect still inside the building. outside police have this area closed off. we'll try to get more information. we'll bring you more information later on in the show. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. time is 8:02. happening now in fairfield, police are back at the el toro cord condo complex after shots were fired there overnight. just two days ago, two young men were shot dead at that same complex. tara moriarity is there now, so what do you know? >> reporter: police are out here because it's daylight. you can see them right here, they're going door to door,
8:03 am
interviewing witnesses and gathering some evidence in case they mace anything in the dark. the shooting happened here last night. right on top of the last shoot that happened two days ago. you can see there's a memorial of candles and balloons, where two people were killed wednesday evening. we spoke about to police this morning and they confirmed that the gunfire erupted inside the parkway gardens condo complex. they do believe it's expected to wednesday's shooting. this morning police interviewing neighbors, scouring the area for evidence. two cars have their windows blown out by last night's gunfire and neighbors told us they're shaken up. >> getting ready to go to bed. bang, bang, bangle 10:00 last night. so it was like, wow. so what are you going to do? this used to be a nice neighborhood. but not anymore. >> at the same spot wednesday night, 24-year-old and an 18-
8:04 am
year-old were shot and killed. police are searching for one suspect spotted running from the scene, an african-american man about 6-foot 1, with an athletic build and dreadlocks carrying a black handgun. he reportedly drove off in a gold mercedes. police say they've expanded their search to include possibly more than one shooter, so now we have two crime scenes right on top of each other. we're counted 30 bullet casing markers from wednesday and now more evidence on top of that. this is a poster some people who knew the victims have posted of the two gentlemen here. and there are candles once again and flowers and people continue to stop by all morning. and a lot of neighbors scratching their heads and wondering when the violence will end. >> thank you, tara. a south san francisco man who was accused of molesting four children is due in court today. 36-year-old kyle clifton vaughn
8:05 am
is charged with 12 felonies and could face life in prison if convicted. he raped or molested three of his girlfriend's sisters. the fourth victim was a daughter of his friend. they are searching for other possible victims. the government's new jobless numbers came out just hours ago. the unemployment rate remains the same as last month at 8.3%. but 227,000 new jobs were added in february. that was more than expected. that means the last three months have been the best for hiring since the rescission began. coming up at 8:15, with the economists say this means about the state of the u.s. economy. in less than a half hour from right now, a workshop will begin in san jose. this will focus on connecting wounded and disabled veterans with job opportunities in the bay area. the workshop is called the wounded warrior workforce conference, taking place at
8:06 am
juniper networks in sunnyvale. the san jose mayor will deliver the keynote speech. walnut creek is sell operating the grand opening of a neiman marcus this morning. ktvu's claudine wong is talking with the mayor and residents about the economic impact the store will have on the community. good morning, claudine. good morning. it's expected to do good things for the economy here. i want to show you crews out here getting the front of the store ready to go this morning. as cleaning up they've been busy inside all morning long. the mayor did say look, this is a good day for walnut creek because of what it means for the city and this economy. let's break down some of that expected economic impact for you. neiman marcus says the store added about 200 jobs also considered a magnate store and the belief is other retailers will come here because neiman's is here. you can go to san francisco or palo alto so that's expected to craw people locally and regionally. and then of course you have the
8:07 am
annual tax revenue. >> if you just talking talking tax revenue, in $300,000 range in terms of revenue to the city. but also everything else that will come as a result of this. we have a store vacancy rate in the town of under 3% so an indicator that walnut creek is doing well as a retail shopping center draw. >> there's a big battle over the store coming to walnut creek between developers and residents. there was a ballot measure over this, but this bumpy road got us here and residents say people are moving forward. >> i think all will be forgiven once they open the doors and people start shopping and hanging around. i think it will bring other people into the walnut creek
8:08 am
from other areas. >> you're looking inside neiman marcus. they rolled up the security gates just a few minutes ago so we get eye clear view of the shoes and clothes and other things that people can buy today. again, they're still getting things ready. they have windex now from smudge marks from people peering in through -- coming through and taking a look at what the store has to offer. the manager of the store calls it modern luxury. >> you see anything you like? >> yes! if you're buying, i see a lot of things i like in side! >> thank you. it is 8:08. there's a new sign the san francisco economy is booming. restaurant owners feel more comfortable opening bigger eateries. dixie's will open and have private dining rooms and an
8:09 am
outdoor patio. last november a cue opened on mission street, the first big restaurant to open in san francisco since the recession started. you can read more about the trend in today's san francisco business times. >> i loved doing that! sal is back. you're checking out 880 in oakland. how is did doing? >> little slow, as you know probably know like toy since you watch the show every day, about this time we see some slow traffic out there. it's getting slower approaching high street bridge but after that it looks good. driving up to oakland. when you get to the toll plaza things have improved. now they've improved a lot. there was a backup there a while ago and now there's a smaller backup so if you're trying to get into san francisco, we welcome the improvement. let's go to the peninsula now. show you highway 101 and 280. if you're trying to decide which one, 101 is better. however, because there's a new crash southbound 280, in san bruno, so heading out of dally
8:10 am
city will be slow. if you get on 280 after 380 it's a straight shot all the way down to the valley and across the way, 880 southbound 880 at de cote road a crash on the shoulder and slow traffic from union city to fremont. here's steve. >> very good morning. we have mostly clear skies, little fog over there. patchy fog. it's sign of things to come here. very little today but more so tonight and tomorrow. inland another warm day, 60s. upper 60s, low 70s. just inching closer and you can see it low clouds. patchy stuff not showing. on the satellite but it's there. 30s a few but a lot more 40s now. temperatures starting to bounce off the morning lows and warm up nicely here. until the west wind kicks in later on so inland not a problem until tomorrow. developing behind that system keep an eye on for the latter part of the weekend also into early next week but today most of saturday looks good. it will be cooler as we go into the weekend. today warm, if you're away from the coast little cooler by it. 60s low there, mid-60s around
8:11 am
the bay. upper 60s, low to mid-70s inland. one more day of 70s, then they go away on saturday the fog increasing, still mostly sunny inland, mostly cloudy on sunday. some light rain possible, more likely on monday. maybe tuesday everybody will get in on the rain. >> thank you. it is 8:10. many drivers are getting ready to fill up for the weekend. the growing pressure on federal lawmakers to bring down gas prices. also why osama bin laden's widow with an s could spark a military conflict. also how uc berkeley is preparing for a weekend visit from louis farrakhan. @ 0
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
on this friday some patchy fog at the coast but it won't make an impact inland. it will stilling mobutu, cooler then hazy sunshine, mild to warm again. 60s and low 70s for one more day. cooler on weekend. it's 8:13. pakistan taliban is now threatening to attack the pakistani government, police and military officials if osama bin laden's three widows are not released from custody. the women were taken into pakistani custody after the u.s. raid that killed bin laden in may of last year. they're charge with illegally entering and staying in the country. the taliban says it will carry out suicide bombings against pakistani security forces and government offices if the women are not released. time is 8 clone 14. just hour ago a deal was signed about who controls u.s. prisons
8:15 am
in afghanistan. the afghan government will now be responsible for the prisons and the detainees. however, the u.s. will still be able to access the prisons and stop the release of any prisoners. the afghan foreign men stay says it's a key step in a long- term plan to governor the u.s. military presence there. former united nations chief kiev annan is calling for die lon between the syrian government and the opposition. annan is appointed as an envoy to syria. however, the leader every syria's main opposition group says calling for dialogue while the government is killing its own people is a disappointment. kofi annan is traveling to syria this weekend, expected toe meet with president assad. it as gone viral, but it's far from just a petty video or some kind of celebrity sighting. it's a youtube everybody is talking about, a warlord in uganda getting both praise and
8:16 am
criticism. joseph kony is wand by the international criminal court for kidnapping children and forcing them to be soldiers or sex slaves. this video encourages young people to contact celebrities and politicians and demand they take a stand. it also calls on everyone to plaster posters of kony all over the world on april 20th. however, some critics say that video oversimplifies the issues here, and they point out the president obama has already sent special operations forces to africa trying to find kony. ktvu and has a link to that kony 2012 video if you want to look at it. just go there,, look for the web links section. we're getting more reaction to the latest jobs report that just came out earlier this morning. investors seem to like it. taking a live look ratted the big board.
8:17 am
the dow is up 53, back approaching 13,000 at 12,961. the nasdaq up 18. s&p up 7. ktvu's allison burns joins us live now to explain how the numbers could actually benefit president obama. allison. >> reporter: tori, the report says more more momentum in hiring. employers added 227,000 jobs in february, a slightly more than economists were expecting. the unemployment rate stays the same at 8% 3%. the employment gains come from many industries, manufacturing added 31,000 jobs, restaurants and hotels are hiring more, retail stays flat after big gains in january, and construction is down. labor secretary says housing sales are still hurting the construction industry. >> i don't see that's going to come back as soon as everyone would hope because very haven't fully recovered. but you see other segments of the economy that are starting to pick up. >> president obama is heading
8:18 am
to a rolls-royce plant in virginia to talk about progress in manufacturing. this report takes on even more significance for him because it's an election year focused in large part on jobs and his rivals don't seem impressed with the report. the republican candidates using their campaign stops this morning to say president obama has not done enough to boost job growth in the united states. allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. a new gallop poll finds 85% of consumers say president obama and congress should take immediate action to do something about high gas prices. after nearly 4 weeks of daily price increases, regular gas averages 3.76 across the country. of course, it's even more than that here in the bay area and seems to have stabilized at least lately. and projections show it could hit $5 a gallon by memorial day, if escalating tensions in the middle east disrupt crude
8:19 am
oil shipments. a protest is forming in uc berkeley against this weekend's scheduled appearance of nation of islam leader louis farrakhan. he is due to speak tomorrow at the african black coalition conference. you're looking at video from 2007. that's when he announced he was scaling back his role as the leader of the nation of islam because of health concerns. he has been criticized in the past for his controversial statements, particularly about jews. uc berkeley black student union says they invited farrakhan because of his ability to inspire african-american students. apple and five major publishers could be sued for anti-trust violations. justice department warned it could sue over complaints those six companies teamed up to force amazon to raise its e- book prices. a source inside the government says booksellers were apparently worried when amazon changed its pricing structure
8:20 am
to start just $10. how did you sleep last night? it's signal sleep awareness week and this morning a member of the national transportation safety board will be in san jose to talk about fatigue issues in transportation. it comes as we get ready to lose one hour of sleep this sunday. yes, it's time to spring forward for daylight saving time. the centers for disease control says its new zombie preparedness campaign is working. the message of the tongue-in- cheek campaign is, if you're prepared for a zombie apocalypse, you'll be prepared for hurricane, earthquake or terrorist attack. a director for the cdc says the campaign is helping promote safety and emergency preparedness. the internal revenue service says if you've already filed your taxes, refunds are on the way. new i.r.s. software that was supposed to speed up the tax refunds and increase security actually caused it to slow down. but the i.r.s.
8:21 am
says it's now taking care of problem and people who have not filed taxes yet, you should notice any delays in getting your refund. starting next year, pg&e customers can get your bills in spanish. or chinese. pg&e will also offer large format bills if you're visually impaired and plans to include charts to customers can see how much they're paying for each tier of energy they use. pg&e had to ask regular late for permission to make the changes since it will cost about $19 million. it's 8:21. a bay area neighborhood devastated by disaster, a new sign of recovery in san bruno. also we're looking at our -- that's what i call a blue sky! get ready for big changes though. steve is coming back and will tell you about. >> good morning. northbound 880, slow traffic. we have a look at your morning commute and a peek at the weekend forecast! yes.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
yes. yes. noooo! [ male announcer ] yep, subway broke the 200-calorie breakfast barrier. with delicious fresh fit mornin' melt breakfast sandwiches. subway. eat fresh. there are even more signs of recovery in the san bruno neighborhood devastated 50 a pipeline explosion. as early as next week, the first families to rebuild after the explosion are reportedly expected to move back into the area. it's been 18 months since a pg&e pipeline blew up, killing eight people and destroying 38 homes in the crest moore
8:25 am
neighborhood. the director says 24 homes are now in the rebuilding process. sal is back, everybody behaving themselves? >> yes, and i have a compliment for tori from one of my twitter followers. meeka said, please tell tori i love her jewelry this morning. >> oh, isn't that sweet? >> i do too. >> you also have a twitter account. >> okay. she can tweet you. we all have twitter accounts. good morning, everybody! let's go out and -- you can get us online at, which i think is a fabulous website. but i'm biased. let's go out and look at westbound 80 as you head out to the macarthur maze. the traffic is moving along better, when you get to the toll plaza it really has improved. that's not a bad commute for a friday. it's friday light, come into the city. and if you are driving on the nimitz freeway we've had earlier crash and now we have a bunch of fender-benders, 880 between union city and fremont.
8:26 am
a couple of different ones on the shoulder, but the traffic is not doing all that well. as we move south bay 101 is the busiest freeway, followed by 280. 85 is not that bad but in cupertino you to have an injury crash northbound 85. at 8:25 let's go to steve. sal, traffic is light, twitter is light today. >> it is a little light. >> people may be sleeping in or something. we do have nice weather. couple comments, can i barbeque? yeah, go for it today because tomorrow changes. a little patchy fog showing up. inland it won't matter, but it's approaching and it will start to play under the weather tonight into tomorrow. and then we'll see clouds rolling in over the weekend especially sunday into monday. 30s and 40s, but a beautiful weather day yesterday. and today will be very close except by the beaches. i won't be sold out or anything, there's just patches of fog there but i have a westerly breeze there it maybe a south wind towards the north bay, a cooler direction. but it will still be mild to warm. sunny, nice, mild to warm highs
8:27 am
inland still rather toasty here for this time of year. low 70s, mid-70s for some but more low 60s to mid-60s around the bay. now fog will be here ramping up big-time tonight into saturday. inland will be mostly sunny. then clouds roll in sunday. could be some light rain, really when i see it on monday. but tuesday looking kind of bullish day for rain. >> time is 8:26. still ahead we'll tell you about a tense confrontation that happened in the east bay and among other things involved a taser. >> police have closed off the entire parking lot in front of this cvs store in oakland. we'll tell you about the search underway right now for a possible robbery suspect. >> also, what happened with the 8th grade girl found dead inside a baseball dugout on a field. we've got new information from the victim's mother. ok, guys-- what's next ?
8:28 am
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time is 8:29. ier still following developing news in the east bay. oakland police have surrounded the cvs pharmacy at 51st and broadway. ktvu's allie rasmus is there right now. so what is the latest? >> reporter: police have surrounded this pharmacy because they're trying to see if there's someone still inside there. no word from police yet as to whether -- what was called as a robbery suspect is still inside the cvs store. but just in the past 20 minute, police told to us move further away from the front of that cvs store. we were about midway at the parking lot then an officer said you're in harm's way. you need to move further back. which is what we did. off to the left you can see a group of about 10 police cars with lights flashing. this is all because at 6:45 this morning, just after the
8:31 am
cvs store opened, a man wearing a ski mask entered the building. and he asked one of employees some questions, and the employees cincinnati something wasn't right. >> turned around, saw a man with a ski mask and the man asked for where the manager was and that was it. so associate just played naive, got the other associate got out of the store and left the guy in there. >> the employees only two at the time said they didn't clearly see whether the man with the had a gun or not. but newschopper 2 was overhead after this happened and a view shows us how huge this c- section s is. it's about 100,000 square feet. we don't know if police are inside the building. if this r it could take a long time for them to search the place. he's a black male with a blue zip-up hoodie and his ski mask
8:32 am
was blue. and the question is now, whether or not that employee is still inside the store. but again, you can see the caution tape up here. this entire section of the parking lot is closed off. police are on the scene, and at this point they're trying to keep people away from the area. they don't know it he's armed or still inside. but while they're trying to figure that out, they are -- now you can see some of the officers are coming out of their cars. it looks like they have -- their guns drawn or with them at this point. but again, they're heading towards the front door of one of the buildings in this parking lot. this whole area is closed off and a short time ago in the last 20 minutes, police blocked off the entrance to the entire strip mall. this is 5100 broadway, and pleasant valley is the intersection, shopping center here. this cvs, huge c-section s is located next to starbucks and safeway. so if you live in this area, avoid this area because there's an active police scene going on
8:33 am
here. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. oakland police are also investigating two shootings that wounded three people. the latest one happened last night about 10:00. police say it started with a confrontation in front of smart and final at 42nd and international. the man was shot in the parking lot. police say the man's friends him in their van, drove him to this gas station, and called the police. the man was taken to the hospital reportedly in stable condition. no arrests have been made yet. less than three hours earlier at least two people were shot at 24th avenue near international boulevard. witnesses call it a running gun battle involving two vehicles. police did find a weapon at the scene, but they haven't confirmed to us that it's linked to this investigation. there's no word yet on the injuries to the victims. two men in san francisco are in the hospital with very
8:34 am
serious injuries after being stabbed during a fight. it happened about 6:30 yesterday evening on oakwood and 19th in the mission district. police say five people got into an argument. it escalated into a fight. investigators only have a vague description of the attackers, and no arrests have been made. and we're finding out more about a 13-year-old girl whose body was found in a sacramento county baseball dugout. jessica's mother says her daughter left the house without permission monday night to meet someone she does not know. the 8th grader was found dead the next day in the dugout at the baseball field next to her school. four protestors were charged in connection with an occupy protest on the uc berkeley campus. it all stems from this confrontation between protestors and police back in november.
8:35 am
one of the people charged is university professor celeste langdon, believed to be shown in this youtube video as officers grabbed her by the hair. she and three students were charged with resisting arrest and other misdemeanors. they're due in court later this month. the aclu is stepping into the occupy oakland fight during this protest on january 12th. occupy protestors were issued stay-away orders from oakland police. this prohibits them from entering the public plaza in front of city hall. now the aclu is defending four of those protestors, calling the stay-away order unconstitutional. it says the order is a violation of their first amendment rights. san francisco police and the d.a.'s office investigating a man accused of secretly filming inside a business's bathroom. this was reported sunday afternoon at fillmore and california streets. police have not named the business. but they say an employee found
8:36 am
the camera inside a cardboard box with a hole in it, stuffed in a duffel bag. that man has been cited and released but investigators still want to know the extent of the crime he is due in court next month. a man in clayton was taken to the hospital after being tased several times by police. this happened last night at hair man and mitchell canyon roads. according to the website, a man had taken acid and tried to fight the police. he was tased several times, then taken to the hospital. no one else was hurt. that man has not yet been identified. it's 8:36. overnight fire in san pablo temporarily forced some people from their apartment buildings. it happened along stanford avenue around 2:45 this morning. these are pictures from the contra costa county fire protection district. they say a shed attached to the four-unit complex was destroyed. no people were hurt, but after firefighters put out the
8:37 am
flames, they found a dog unresponsive in the shed. they were able to save the dog and are now trying to locate its owner. the cause of the fire is under investigation. this morning caltrans will kick off phase 3 of a freeway expansion project that allot of drivers have happy to see happening. this will center on the contra loma and g street offramp area on highway 4 in antioch. the groundbreaking ceremony begins at 10 a.m. the highway 4 through antioch and pittsburg is being worriedened to include a carpool lane as well as three regular lanes for traffic in each direction. >> that will be great for the commuters! but let's check in with sal and see what is happening at bay bridge toll plaza. >> you want to guess what today it's not band but highway 4 is one of the most talked about freeways that i get for the morning commute. people say what is up with highway 4? why so slow in and i
8:38 am
just keep saying, keep waiting. highway 4 will get better when they finish the construction. we have a lot of improvement here. if you are coming up to the cool plaza, you should be happy with what you see here if you're driving there any time soon. no major problems on the bridge this morning. interstate 880, however, a little slowing as you pass the coliseum which is not unusual here coming up to the bottleneck. and this morning in the south bay we've had just a lot of little fender-benders, nothing major but just enough to slow you down on 280 at 17, 85, but it's still noticeably lighter than usual on this friday commute. 838, let's go it steve. very happy friday. not much of a breeze but the breeze that starts will be a little more westerly, and some fog has come back to the coast. just a little bit. just -- not a big deem just not as nice the last couple days. that's the point i want to get across. end land still nice, getting
8:39 am
the a couple e-mails now, steve next week, what is the deal. >> system approaching will increase the fog tonight so only patchy fog, sunny, warm inland. nice warm week here, remember can be a little deceiving because we're not officially in spring yet although it still feels like it. temperatures now in the 40s. santa rosa 40s by now. that's 40 minutes old. upper 40s, almost to 50 degrees. the system here won't do much. it's falling apart and when you see the bend, it's done. but it is increasing some of the low clouds. once developing behind that, bears watching. but today fog returns, just patchy. it will be thickening up tonight. cooler by the coast but still not bad. just still mild to warm inland. by tonight that fog comes in over weekend we will see pattern start to cool down, upper 50s and lower 60s some out of those 70-degree temps after today. one system here usually the first system usually don't to much, next we can will be cooler. that's a given. no doubt about it. what is happened this year,
8:40 am
usually almost all signs fail and dry weather. we've had dry weather. the last month it was above average on rain. was october. okay? so i get a little nervous when the forecast models say we're going into wet pattern. we'll see. northern california, yes. mendocino county, yes. we'll see how this all develops but it's been this way this year as we get closer to it, they back off. so we'll see what happens next week. sunny, nice. there could be light rain sunday morning but it won't amount to too much. today looks good. upper 60s. low 60s closer to the coast. again some of that fog will start to regroup here. but still nice towards santa cruz. just not as warm as the past couple days. low 70s for many. fog will be moving over the bay tonight, tomorrow. that means cooler. still mostly sunny inland. then we cloud up on sunday. could be drizzle, light rain to the north. more likely on monday. we'll see if that system makes it for tuesday. >> time 18:40. right know workers from -- california legoland, california are in san francisco, setting
8:41 am
up this, a special display. it's all about "star wars." this is at the westerfield san francisco center, includes 3- foot tall lego models of characters like princess leia and others. i think that's a life size darth vader as well. >> "star wars" is one thing that a lot of people latched on to since the 90s. and so that's why it's so popular right now, it spans generations, "star wars" film and theaters right now. so it's something that sort of goes hand in hand. you can take part in your favorite action saga and building is. >> wow. is see all of those lego models tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the 4th floor of the westerfield san francisco center, then legoland at the end of the month. they're excellent. >> yes, i've been there and it's incredible with things they can build down there. >> wow! >> wooden blocks.
8:42 am
it's 8:41. do you have the "x factor"? coming up we'll talk lowe with simon cowell about the upcoming season. also the pope as new message on premarital sex and gay marriage nor the catholics of today. >> we're live in fairfield, where a shooting happens on top of another shooting that happened two days ago. we'll tell you if police believe the two are connected when mornings on 2 continues.
8:43 am
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8:45 am
stocks and are still up today after the february jobs report just outs this morning. also, greece said moment of its private creditors have agreed to swap their bond for new ones worth far less. the deal clears the way for a fresh bailout. fears of a greek default have waived on the market for two years. bank of america has worked out a side deal with the federal government over mortgage foreclosures. the bank will give more than 200,000 financially strapped borrowers the chance to reduce their mortgage balances by as much as $100,000 each in exchange bank of america could have its penalties reduced by $850 million. up to cayton other top
8:46 am
stories we're following for you. and as we're speaking oakland police have surrounded a cvs pharmacy, 51st and broadway, looking for a suspicious man locked inside. we don't know if he has a gun or not. c center, s employees say the man was wearing a ski mask, came in and asked for the manager. they left the store and locked him inside. ktvu's allie rasmus is there at the scene. she'll have a live update on these developments in about nine minutes from now. also, the government's new jobless numbers came out this morning. the unemployment rate in february remained unchanged at 8.3%. 227,000 jobs were added last month. that completes three of the best months of hiring since the recession began. and neighbors are nervous in parts of fairfield after shots were fired overnight outside a condo complex. the same one where two men were shot and killed just days ago.
8:47 am
ktvu's tara moriarity is back now at the scene with new information about the victims. tara. >> reporter: friends coming out here over the past hour to this memorial of candles to pay their respects where two men were shot is and killed wednesday. and now there's been another shooting, last night, right on top of this one. if we look here at the poster, you can see that a sonogram has been hung and friends say one of the victims was going to be a father. neighbors say there's been way too much violence this week and it's definitely shaken them up. this morning police reinterviewed witnesses and scoured the streets here for any evidence they might have missed last night because it was so dark. a two cars had their windows blown out by the gunfire here in inside parkway gardens complex on el toro court. police believe it's expected to wednesday's shooting, friends a the two victims were cousins and -- >> to lose their life ored over
8:48 am
something so pointless? whoever took their lives, you know, they got a thing coming. they got a thing coming. >> again, wednesday night 24- year-old and an 18-year-old were shot and killed. police are searching for one suspect spotted running from the scene, an african-american man, 6-foot 1, with an athletic build and dreadlocks carrying a black handgun. he reportedly drove off in a gold mercedes. place mishave expanded their search to include possibly more than one shooter. right now we have two crime scenes basically right on top of each other, luckily last night no one was hurt. tara moriarity, ktvu channel 2 news. today pope john pope benedict told them to beef up the teams 6 the evils of pre- mare tan sex and the powerful gay marriage lobby in the u.s. he told the bishops there's an
8:49 am
urgent need for catholics in america to discover the value of chastity. the pope said a weekend appreciation for marriage between a man and a woman along with a rejection of responsible sexuality have led to grave social problems. "x factor" the only five million dollar singing contest is back for a second season, and rumors are already swirling over what the fans and contestants can expect. joining me live from london is the show's creator and one of judges, the incomparable simon cowell! morning, simon! >> hello. how are you guys? >> we're doing fine. how are you? >> i'm excited to be coming back to san francisco. >> you're coming back, we're going to talk about this more. but they're going to be some open auditions in san francisco. we're excited about you coming! where -- >> you know, i just want to find stars.
8:50 am
i run a record label. and i'm always looking for something where there's a gap in the market. my hunch this year is it's going to be the year of the groups. i can feel something in the air at the moment because there haven't been any popular pop groups in america now for years. which is incredible when you think become to the motown years, people like jackson 5 or destiny's child. new kids on the block. all that is about to change. so i would like a group to do well this year and there's a gap in the market. >> that's interesting, especially to hear that coming from your mouth some all the groups in the bay area, get ready for simon cowell! simon, we have a facebook question. we asked our viewers to come in on facebook, mikey garcia wants to know if janet jackson really was in the running to become one of your judges on "x factor." >> you know, i made an agreement with everyone who approached us that i would never reveal whether they did
8:51 am
or they didn't. but janet would be a very, very good fit on the show. i'm a huge fan every hers. >> i'll take that. i'm also hearing britney spears is in the running. what is the word? >> well, i've always wanted to work with britney. i'm fascinated by her. and every time i've done any of these shows and show comes on as a guest, it's always created the biggest buzz within the studio. so we'll have to wait and see. >> so everybody wants to work with you, simon. so if you say yes, they'll come running! >> you would be surprised. it's not always that easy. no not only that, like last night, i took two calls from people who weren't in the race at all, who suddenly said they were interested in being judges. well, one is a famous singer. one is a famous actress. and so you know, on a day-by-
8:52 am
day basis, everything changes. >> very interesting. you come across as a really nice, low-key guy, but lot of people think you're hard. are you a difficult person? do you get along with l.a. reed or is this made up or -- how do you guys get along? what about paula? >> well, let's start with l.a. i like him. he's very competitive. outside of work, we get on great. but he's a very competitive person. paula, we decided we weren't going to invite her back this year because it just fell from the viewers' standpoint like idol and they wanted something new. and the person who is going to replace any coal is a different kind of judge. so you have to make those decisions when you produce a show. hopefully for the better. >> simon cowell, it's a pressure to talk to you. we're glad you were here. wish you continued success with "x factor." and if you want to come and grab they, i'll sing for you.
8:53 am
>> well you know where to come, cal palace, april 19th, ape 20th. we'll be there. >> sound good. thanks a lot we appreciate it. have a great day. and you can find out. >> tanks for having me on. i appreciate it. don't let me down, san francisco! >> we'll take care of you! you can find out if you have the "x factor," registration to get a bracelet for audition time is april 18th and 19th at cow palace in san francisco. then on april 20th, open call auditions are being held for anyone without a bracelet. all of these auditions are being held at the cow palace, and groups and solo singers, you're welcome as well. >> thank you, dave. sal is keeping an eye on a friday morning commute and we'll check on san francisco traffic when we come back. also, we're on the scene of a developing situation in oakland, we've been following in over an hour, the reason police have surrounded a cvs store. (laughter)
8:54 am
sorry i'm late, i was in the 16th century looking for pete's pen. (laughter) guys, guys. take it easy, ok? pete's mom is videochatting me, and she wants her pen back! ok, alright, well. i just got one. so... yeah, you've got a little... yep, i can feel the wet patch. don't look at it. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay.
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we're continuing to follow developing news in oakland. police have shut down the rockridge shopping center that surrounded the cvs pharmacy where a possible robbery investigate may be inside. allie rasmus is there and just spoke with police. >> reporter: this is the cvs on broadway and president at valley in rockridge area. this is store here behind us. police still have this cvs parking lot closed off and say their next step is to call in the s.w.a.t. team to enter and search the
8:57 am
building. this all started at 6:40 this morning, right before the store opened. newschopper 2 was overhead short time afterwards. there were two cvs employees inside the store. the backdoor was open and a man wearing a ski mask walked in, approached the employees and asked to speak with the manager. employees knew something wasn't right, they felt threaten and so they pretended to go find the manager, instead left the building, and as far as we know the masked man is still inside, black male, wearing a black pack and a hoodie and at this point the next step is for police to call in the s.w.a.t. team and possibly search the building. we'll have more information on this in our later newscasts on ktvu channel 2 news at noon. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. and now we want to check in with sal. >> just want to show you san francisco, we're going to just do that right now. 280 northbound little slow traffic coming up on king street and getting off on 6th
8:58 am
street. the weekend weather forecast, hello, steve. >> hello, sal. lots of sunshine today, just a wee bit of fog by the coast but then cooler on saturday, more so on sunday. cloud increase on monday. then maybe some rain on tuesday. but today very nice. >> couple reminders, change your clocks tomorrow night, we lose an hour, and also we just want to let you know this just coming in, california jobless rate falling below 11% for the first time in three years, as the economy continues to improve. more on that coming up at noon. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. see you the next time news breaks. and join ktvu channel 2 news at noon for more on that big police search in oakland. we'll see you later. getting ready to plant?
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