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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  July 9, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> reporter: gunfire sends five people to the hospital in oakland and empties a crowded movie theater. details are coming up. and in a few hours,
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president obama will unveil his latest tax plan. find out who will be getting a break. and a major malware threat could keep thousands from logging onto the internet today. how to deal with an infected computer -- coming up. "mornings on 2" begins right now. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> welcome back, dave. nice to have you. >> good to be back. >> it's monday, july 9th. i'm tori campbell. bewe begin with -- we begin with gunfire overnight. christien kafton has more. >> reporter: yes, witnesses are
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saying this shooting happened right here on the street. we're right next to the jack london regal cinemas. witnesses say five people were shot. witnesses say there was a flurry of gunfire. >> all i can tell you is five people were shot by gunfire. so far, nobody has any life- threatening injuries. it's an ongoing investigation. nobody is in custody. >> reporter: the gunfire started around 9:20 last night. as you heard, someone opened fire, hitting a total of five people, one male victim of that shooting required surgery. the three of the victims did not wait around for ambulances and were taken to children's hospital in oakland in private vehicles. witnesses say when the gunfire started, there was a crush of people trying to get out at once. >> when it first started, people were getting trampled.
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it was a really bad thing that happened today. >> reporter: we just had an oakland police cruiser go by the area. again we're waiting for a vehicle description or a suspect description. once we get the information, we'll be sure to pass this information on to you. for now we're live in oakland, back to you. >> thank you. occupy the farm protesters say they will be at tonight's city council meeting in albany to protest france to develop a plot of land owned by uc berkeley. on saturday, the protesters went back to the land in albany to harvest crops they planted last spring. the protesters warrant the land to be used as an urban farm. uc berkeley, however, plans to build a whole foods shop there. this is new video. as can you see, all's quiet.
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no one is around. because of the increased interest in the albany city council meeting tonight, city leaders moved their regular council meeting location from albany city hall to the community center on beren avenue. the meeting starts at 7:30 p.m. 7:0. more than 60,000 americans could wake up -- 7:03. more than 60,000 americans to find out this morning that they have no internet service. alex sav idge idge has more. alex savidge has more. >> reporter: good morning. some cannot log onto their computers. the fbi had been urging people
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to go to to check their systems for the malware and find out how to get their systems going. a server was shut down and by this morning, about 60,000 computers in the u.s. won't be able to access the internet but that's all i -- actually a small number compared with those originally infected. those people's web browsers, all of it an attempt to steal money. the cyber security party we talked to is hoping this whole threat has been overblown.
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>> we hope today is a nonissue today. i don't think that's gonna be the case. there will be some number of people over the course of this week that will try to get the internet and start scratching their head and get a little bit panicked. >> reporter: and if you are one of those people, feeling that sense of panic because you can't get on the internet, our expert says call up your provider. fixing the problem is not easy. the expert i talked to says getting rid of the dns changer malware is not something the average computer user can do on their own. back to you. >> thank you. some leading internet providers have taken steps to make sure their customers are not affected by the virus. comcast says it's called or e- mailed customers who might be
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at risk. a spokesperson for at&t says is intends to redirect those to help avoid service being interrupted and verizon is on standby for those who need help installing software. 7:06. a system that uses gps technology and it cracks trains. it will be displaced on message signs, train stations and in live audio feeds. the system is expected to launch at the end of the year. riders will be able to sign up with real-time trained data. 7:07. sal is back. how are we looking right now, sal? >> we're looking pretty good.
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highway 4 is gonna see some slow traffic as you drive up to the willow pass grade. there was a minor accident on westville somerville and then another minor crash. moving the maps, some slowing in pinole definitely different from last week, bay bridge bone is backed up for about a ten- minute delay. this morning's commute in san jose still looks good right through the middle of the valley v 280 is light. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a pretty good sea breeze out to the valley. travis west at 23. that's not too shabby. row clouds -- low clouds. a little system to the north has allowed the fog down there to be lifted. that is likely to clear the hills and make a pretty good
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squash hair. a geal to -- cool to mild to warm. but temperatures are gonna start to warm up after today. it anywhere from 50s to 90s. i mean, there is gonna be the tre men dues -- the tremendous breeze. that system right there, which is kind of popping up over oregon and washington, helping us -- helping give us some more fog. with you that system out there it says i'm going away. still far away from the dome, the high pressure controlling the east and the midwest. it's heading back towards california now. what it will do. it won't give us an offshore breeze and inland temperatures will go from the 80s to near
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100. there's a pretty good west wind. also a decent fog bank. it will be sunny h 60s, 70s for others. 90s, well, well, inland. but 60s closer to the hospital. i mean, any of your car thermometers if you are traveling from west to east or east to west, you will see things inland and by the coast as well. it also looks like a cooldown for the weekend. thank you. several fire have started. two of them have now merged together into what's being called the sites reporter. brian hickey is live near maxwell to explain what firefighters have to deal with today. >> reporter: good morning. the big concern is this weather with this heat trend coming
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into the take a look at this -- coming into the area. take a look at this video. this is west of maxwell and interstate 5 heading to the north and you can see the flames burning this morning. even under the and firefighters were taking advantage of the lack of wind to try to prestrength from spreading. they say the fire started yesterday as five separate fires. two of those fires have merged into one. 3700 acres have burned so far with 45% containment. again, accepting, wind and very hot temperatures here inco -- in colusa county. they have air anchors along
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with 5 -- air tankers airing this morning. hopefully they can hold that and get that in check. back to you. >> all right. thank you. 7:11. it's a growing trend. it affects anybody that has a cell phone. personal information being handed over and who is demondaying. was who wants to bring manger league baseball to the capitol and why critics say it will never happen? ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. do you have any idea where you're going ?
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low clouds and fog. some locations have the sun. a little breezy. if inland temperatures cool down, there -- inland temperatures will cool down a little bit. nato is confirming that six troops killed in a bombing
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yesterday were americans. the taliban is claiming responsibility for the bombing in eastern afghanistan. nato has not released more details. more than 230 it service members have died in afghanistan this year. new this morning, a senior official says the russian government will not sell any more weapons to syria until the situation there calms down. kofi annan says he's ended the issues with bashar assad. and in libya, western- learning parties have taken an early lead over islamic rivals. official election results are expected later this week but so far liberal acfuns are leading
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the muslim -- actions are leading the muslims. in about a hon hour and a half, president obama will make a pitch to extend some of the tax cuts. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. to tell us how this announcement could frustrate both americans and democrats. >> reporter: president obama is gonna be surrendered this morning by family and friends that would benefit from these tax cuts that expire this year. not everyone gets to keep the tax rates. he wants to keep them for those making less than $250,000. and letting it expire for for those who make a lot -- to make
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a lot more. thermometermitt romney and others -- thermometer and others have said they would like to -- mitt romney and others have said they would like to extend this. it's a trend that worries some people -- law enforcement agencies demanding customer cell phone information. last year, phone carriers received 1.3 million requests for consumer information, containing everything from text messages to where the customers are located. some are worried that privacy
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is being compromised. some of the phone carriers are calling what they call -- are calling this inappropriate. this man is accused in a fatal shooting in the office of the hacienda hotel saturday night night. the victim was the owner of the hotel. investigators say he may be killing to another killing in that area last week. a jockey was killed on thursday night. >> jorge her re row was -- he herrero was out of the truck
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and -- i was. >> enjoy what we do. >> people at the county fair has donated $4,000. the force racing board says they will conduct a thorough investigation into the accident. a fast-moving fire 34 vacaville. this started around 4:30 yesterday afternoon near cherry glen road and interstate. it erupted in the remains of a wheat field. local. in benicia two am track trains were dae laid. two lines got tangled together. firefighters were age to put it out in about 90 minutes. officials say track fires are often caused by sparks from the
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train ridge. tomorrow split county supervisors will talk about resee signing a bicycle near san mateo county -- san mateo county supervisors will talk about -- designing a bicycle path near the highway in honor of the woman who was shot and kill. the this is said to provide $175,000. the municipal transportation agency has already approved the pilot program that would last 22 months. but the project still needs $5 million from the funding. metropolitan it will meet on
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wednesday to discuss three options -- the metropolitan committee will meet on wednesday to the options. well, the mayor of sacramento wants a major league baseball team in the state capitol. according to the "sacramento bee" kevin johnson want as task force into marketing the city as a big league town. he wants to sent the -- send the message interest out there looking to move -- he wants to
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send the message out there if there a team looking to move. 7:21. are you ready for a heat wave? >> yep. >> up next, steve paulson will tell us where and whtemperature week. also ahead for you, the prices dropping -- how did you fike this? a rare peats of real estate? real -- how did you like this? a rare piece of real estate. and we'll take a look at the commutes when we come back. demi
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7:24. the prices dropping on bay area property with prime views. the asking price for red rock island is just under $5 million. it's six acres on the south
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side of the richmond/san rafael bridge. it's completely undeveloped but the price is a bargain compared to the $22 million price tag it had last year. so snap it up. >> snap it up. sal, i'm afraid to ask. how is the toll plaza? >> it's doing fairly well. as we give you this rich and luxurious traffic update. the traffic is doing pretty well at the toll plaza for a monday morning. i would say it's backed up all the way out to 880. also the morning commute looks good on 237 until after you pass zanker road. there will be -- there will be slowing things seem to be slowing. in you are driving on 880 westbound that traffic is busy out to pinole.
7:26 am
it's become a little bit slowly. so not all of that bad su bern -- but certainly different levels from last week. >> a lot of low clouds. it's had no problem making a pretty good surge. cool around the bay and coast. in-- inland temperatures warm to hot. 50s, 60s. we're seeing big temperature. west-southwest travis. that's a pretty good sea breeze. concord has gusts to 25. the system to the north helped tin lift the fog -- lepped to --
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helped to lift the fog a little bit. the big news will be the warmer temperatures inland, not on the coast. as we head into tuesday, wednesday, thursday, with your weekend always in view, it looks look a cooling -- it looks like a coolingdown the next couple of three days. and how church itgoers helped police in a very dangerous. >> reporter: and a charred mess left behind in oakland after an missing be -- an oakland be
7:28 am
in oakland after a missing person.
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7:30 am
an oakland man is lucky to be alive after an overnight house fire. lorraine plan co joins us live from the scene with what he did to escape the flames and the latest on the information. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the man who lives inside tells us he's trying to stay positiontive and be grateful he's alive. you can see his home destroyed.
7:31 am
his front door not there anymore. the firefighters got this under control in 20 minutes. >> no additional units or should i say neighboring units involved. just the one house. nothing out of the ordinary the fewers being suspicious. >> reporter: the victim, a young man, was treated on scene for minor injuries. he was able to salvage a small bag of belongings from the back of the charred house, the cause
7:32 am
of the near is unveilration 7:31. in overnight news. police pursuedn a suspect coming out of a church. withins say the spanish cracked into -- witnesses say the spanish crashed into a car and others things. the suspect ran inside the building and some members damageled him -- tackled him. >> what was he saying? >> it was him. it wasn't him. >> we know it was him. witnesses say it took about 30 minutes to turn off the quarter and the search -- off the water and the water does have some
7:33 am
water. in the next hour, a court hear something due to -- is due to begin for a want accused of willing his live-in girlfriend. police found the body inside the home she zaire -- she shared with this man t thousand, col inhas been charged with hurd. he -- with murder. he could enter a plea this morning -- with this man, now, colin has been charged with murder. he could enter a plea this
7:34 am
morning. the fbi is now involved in the case but so far no evidences have within made. pg&e says all power has been restored dab -- restored to customers. the outage started at 5:00 a.m. and affected more than 100 pacific gas & electric is replacing some of its gas pipeline. this month, is putting 341 hurricane particular -- this month, they are putting in pipeline. it be there are no plains to replace the pipeline in the bay
7:35 am
area. safer real f. the chronicle -- in the bay area. the chronicle reports that kim spent money, four times the amount than others. than the people of california who need medical marijuana won't be able to pay by credit considered dean werier. interest learn -- their charges won't be accessed anymore. so most dispensecy come
7:36 am
testimony -- pay by credit card any longer. their charges won't be assessed any more. so most dispensaries won't allow this any longer. a kitten was rescued yesterday morning by the wildlife center from silly mon valley -- from silicon valley. staff say -- no word where he's head headed next. officials say the 221-foot tall taller will improve jobs
7:37 am
and safety. and ray lahood will be there later this morning. residents who live near the oakland airport had been thanle this drews are gonna drive concrete milings airport $200 million termination pro. 7:36. google is pushing for gay rights with it's realized dam main company. it will focus on countries with antihomosexual laws. the campaign is to promote safer conditions inside and and ongoogle is named as a friendly lbgt worker by truck others.
7:38 am
testimony 7:37. the chp says the number of underaged terrificking arrests are up in ma listen be involving minors -- traffic arrests are involving minors. let's see what's happening on the road with sal. we're -- we've had a couple of roughle it i want to give you a live look at highway 4 coming up million toe will doe pass
7:39 am
grade -- coming up. we have a million from today, people are most lie backed up to about thele 8 -- backed up to thele 8 -- backed up tole 880 row testing. so the -- you will still have some people taking some time off. in you want to wait until 9:00 and have a nice-looking bay bridge, i think that's what you will have there, we have more some more information them be it -- about them heading to the west. this is according to flight adviser, we have some pretty
7:40 am
big delays expected for t,of -- sfo. >> i think you will see that allle temperatures will come down inland, just them ownly p seven -- i think you will see that the temperatures will come down inland, just -- 49 off bouquet ga bay, a testimony a lot of pool clouds. warm, 58 to 91 on the high. ette system 50s for some -- so but testimony
7:41 am
testimony -- 50s, 60s, 89 os. but the big news continues to be all sign point to this weather system. testimony it won't -- coast, fog, sunny. still warm inland. but probably not as warm as yesterday. 60s, 7 ocean. coast and bay. i about you -- but i mean there -- os coast and -- 70s coast and bay. song 70s for a few -- 70s for a few t on thursday, it looks loan the slight cooldown on
7:42 am
friday. friday. and the hot temperatures also softened the tarmac at reagan international air. so much this plane sunk. this happened friday afternoon as the plane was leaving the washington, d.c. area. in order to free it, the, you can an all of their luggage had to be unloaded and then a tow line was brought number the
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stocks lower on wall street today, investors were spooked that spain's borrowing costs were rising dangerously high and there's nervousness ahead -- ahead of the corporate earnings. taking a live look at the ball board, the dow is down 56. nasdaq is down 12. s&p down 5.
7:46 am
just about an hour from right now, president obama will make an appeal from the white house. he will ask congress to extend tax cuts from are middle class americans. now, the president returned to the house -- to the white house yesterday. tomorrow he will be swinging off to the swing state in ohio. president obama reportedly will come here to the bay area on july 23rd forfording events. mean -- for fun events. meanwhile, mitt romney attended a fund-raiser in the hamptons. he was more in colorado and wyoming thissing with. 7:46. a lawmaker in jordan is now facing charges of attempted
7:47 am
murder after a treated -- after a heated debate on live television. it began when another politician accused him of corruption and that's when the member threw his shoe at the other man considered a big insult, then he pulled out the turn. a tragic accident in detroit, a young woman was fatally shot when an off duty police officer's gun went off when she was hugging him. today would have been here 28th birthday but now family members are plan leg on federal. police say she was -- planning her finer. police say she was dancing with -- her funeral. police say she was dancing with another officer.
7:48 am
>> you don't need a fin. if you don't trust him, you don't know. >> the prosecutor will decide whether to file the charges. tragedy for usher. his stepson has been declared brain dead after riding a tube in atlanta when he was -- when he hit a bassing jackson. this accident is under accident -- when he hit passing jackson. this accident is under accident. the alcohol came back negative, that war -- for the passing jets skier.
7:49 am
passengers were reportedly kept there on the tarmac for several hours and then told they would have to get on a bus for a five- hour trip to dallas this order to continue their flights av the passengers complained, they were eventually flown on a different plane in florida it. they landed 12 hours after their scheduled arrival time. spirit airlines list the passengers will get a full respond -- full respond -- full respond. investigators say there was a fire that was difficult to fight because the building had a complicated layout and an auditorium in the back.
7:50 am
no one was inside the building. wild kif experts say a large number of pelicans are showing upen on beaches. experts say many of them appear to be juveniles so used to being bold by humans this. at woman at san francisco -- experts say many of them appear to be juveniles. and wildlife experts say they are asking beachgoers not to attempt to rescue the birds on their own. environmentists say they are gonna turn in more than enough signatures today to start the process of draining
7:51 am
the hetch hetchy messer voyeur in san jose park. this would draw up -- allow san francisco to draw up a reservoir and retain the valley in its natural state. he was one of the best. ernest borgnine. he's died. ♪ >> he was known for blaying the heavy and -- a lot of movies from here to eternity, johnny guitar, just -- just to name a few. but i won marty, the plan who tried to overcome the oddses and find live. he was marry the five times. he died of -- married five
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7/9/12 the amazing spider man snagged $65 million for opening weekend. that's less than the previous 3 spider man movies but enough to prove there's still money. for the third time, the fremont school board is voting down what they call a controversial book. washington high school english teacher
7:55 am
terry hoo submitted the book. it's about a young girl being physically and sexually abused. it is too violent and shocking to be read by high school students. >> time now 6:54. major league baseball's all star game, that's tomorrow. and just this morning, we found out matt cane of the giants will be the starting pitcher. he'll be pitching to his favorite catcher buster posey. the crews out there spent a lot of time getting kansas city ready. but the fox broadcast crew, one of the best in the business already looking ahead. and the battle to come in the national league west. >> i think the way the west was won and the way the west was drawn up is to have the dodgers and giants battle it out head to head a lot of years. and this year isn't going to be
7:56 am
different. >> matt cane is reportedly going to start. so you have buster posey, pablo also starting. ryan cook is on the american league team. all star games tomorrow touring 4:30 in the afternoon. right here ktvu channel 2. that follows a special news at 4:00. >> and i will definitely be watching. a lot of fun. 7:56. right now keeping an eye on the commute. >> yeah. we're looking at a commute that's not all that bad. more people are back. let's go outside and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. beginning to get better. backed up to the middle of that parking lot. not quite as deep as it would be but still slowing there. also the morning commute looks good. 880 northbound a little bit of slowing. if you are traveling from the livermore valley, slow coming in and gets
7:57 am
better but dublin. >> pretty big fog bank today. may be the coolest day of the week. the fog is not going anywhere. may even get thicker as high pressure builds in. extreme differences in the high temperatures from 58 to 105 as we head towards wednesday and thursday. 50s on the temperatures, they haven't gone anywhere. 59 degrees. you can see pretty good fog bank. 23 out of travis . that's pretty good delta breeze. high pressure in the middle of the country is going to head back. not really by the coast. today, though, 60s, 70s and 80s. pencil in low 90s just because. fog, sun, even warmer for inland areas. not really for the coast. it's going to be smoking hot in the inland locations towards thursday. does look like a cool down with the
7:58 am
approaching weekend. >> 7:57. he's the oakland hills man convicted of killing his wife several years ago. why he is going on trial again. >> a shooting injures five people in oakland and sends an entire movie theater. we'll have more on that when mornings on 2 continues. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. right now, peaches grown right here in california are just 77 cents a pound. get a super low price on tide. $10.99 for 100 ounces. yoplait yogurt is just 50 cents.
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complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> and i'm dave clark. we're starting 8:00 hour from news overnight from oakland. five people shot outside of a movie theater near jack london square. christian has been out there all morning long. >> reporter: that's right. witnesses are describing a chaotic scene. let's give you an idea. this is the area right here. washington street. five people shot in all. witnesses tell police there was a flurry of gunfire. >> appears the shooting was right in front of the ticket window. >> looks like it was in the middle of the street. >> that fun fire started about 9:20 last night. as you heard
8:01 am
someone opened fire hitting a total of five people. one male victim required surgery. he is in stable condition. the others had nonlife threatening injuries. the other three did not waited around for ambulances. police found one victim in front of the theater. another man made it a block away on foot. there was a crush of movie participate electronics trying -- tatrons trying to -- patrons trying to get out. >> now, the shooting did force the evacuation of the theater while police looked for the shooters. we're trying to contact oakland pd to get a clear description of the suspect in this case or vehicle description. so far, we've been sending e-mails and not heard back. once we do, we will get that information to you. for now live in oakland ktvu channel
8:02 am
2 news. >> 8:01. the farm, the protestors say they are going to be here tonight. protesting plans to develop a plot of land owned by uc berkley. the protestors went back to that plot of land along san pablo avenue to harvest some of the crops they planted. want the land to be used as urban farm. however, uc berkley is planning to build a whole foods grocery store and senior housing complex. we sent our cameras out to that plot of land this morning. just to see how things were. you're looking at some of the new video. everything was quiet and no one was around. protestors don't seem to be occupying the site as they did back in april and may. because of all the increased interest tonight. city leaders have moved their regular council meeting location from the city
8:03 am
hall to the community center on marin avenue. the meeting will begin at 7:30 tonight. jury selection begins today in a wrong full death lawsuit against a man convicted of killing his wife. on behalf of his two children, he was convicted in 2008 of killing his wife nina and burying her body. he is representing himself. his children are not expected to testify. they live in russia with their grandmother. >> you may need to check your computer for internet service. alex savage has more on the virus that may have already disconnected thousands. >> it was last night when the fbi shut off a temporary server they set up to keep infected computer users online. only a temporary server and this morning we spoke with cyber security experts.
8:04 am
they are monitoring this dangerous piece of malware that could keep a lot of people from logging on. >> 65,000 new pieces of malware discovered everyday. all of them monitored here. but the piece of malware that's the central focus today, the dns changer. i want to bring in gary davis. we are inside the global threat center at your facility. and a global threat today is the dns changer. >> correct. >> how big an impact will it have? >> the dns changer affected 4 million pcs. every since the fbi took down the servers, that nubl has widdled down. worldwide could be 200 to 500,000. >> what do i do if i wake up and cannot log on? >> your best bet is to call your internet service provider.
8:05 am
we have a bridge where we're monitoring the situation and looking at calls from consumers and business customers to help them get their customers back online. >> there are a lot of pieces of malware out there. what makes this particular piece so unique? >> a couple things. first of all, typically malware gets on your pc and intended to extract information. in this case, it redirected the traffic going from your pc to the internet. if you try to go to a common domain, it would reroute to one of their service and extract money from you. >> of course fixing the problem is not easy. our security expert told me this morning that to get the malware off your computer, it is something that's not something that the average computer person can get on your own. live this morning, ktvu
8:06 am
channel 2 news. >> thanks, alex. leading internet providers say they've taken steps to make sure their customers are not affected. comcast says it has called and e-mail customers who might be at risk. a spokesman says it intends to redirect infected computers in a way that will help people avoid. and verizon says it has technicians on stand by to help customers. >> 8:06. u.s. transportation secretary is coming this afternoon. a month after the transportation department awarded $15 million for the oakland army base redevelopment project. going to be used to improve rail access around the port. governor jerry brown and jane quan will also be there for today's visit. starting this morning, cal train will test out a new system
8:07 am
that predicts the arrivals and departures of trains. gps technology to track trains. also included in live audio announcements all week. the system is expected to launch for good by the end of the year. at that time riders will be able to sign up to get e-mail and text message alerts with real time train information. >> all right. it is 8:07. let's check in with sal. it's a little crowded than last week. >> it is more crowded the last week for sure. not quite up to the levels we would see on a day in let's say april or march. let's go outside and take a look. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it has become a lot better as you drive to the bay bridge. no major problems on the bridge itself. if you are driving down the peninsula. southbound looks
8:08 am
good. the hayward northbound gets crowded. southbound 880 at the malry exit. it was blocking lanes. on the side. but you will see slow traffic as you pass that scene. let's go to steve. >> thank you. a lot of fog but some areas already have the sunshine and difference in temperatures from one to the next can be 35 degrees here. this is going to be a very warm to hot week for those away from the coast. not much change. the fog will be doing this, way down. and anywhere from 58 to 105 towards wednesday and thursday depending on your proximity to the coast. the marine layer has lifted a little today. it's going to get squashed and go back to being 2 or 500 feet towards wednesday or thursday. impact today might be the strongest of the week. a lot of 50s due to the cloud cover. fairfield 58. west southwest 25.
8:09 am
anything over 25 sustained means they will be cooler and looks like today will be that day. systems up to the north has lifted the fog bank. so that gave us a strong surge today. 80s, 90s, inland. 60s and 70s and 50s by the coast. big dome of high pressure giving the oppressive heat in the southeast, northeast is not that fast but it's moving. going to move back towards the west coast. 90s and 100s intowards wednesday. west wind in place. a little bit of a sea breeze component. 60s and upper 50s by the water's edge. you'll find upper 80s and low to mid 90s. 64 alameda. livermore 66. 77 nice in san jose. santa cruz, a lot of fog. fremont, 73. 60 in the city.
8:10 am
59 pacifica. warmer inland temperatures, not so much the coast. again , i think the fog has a hard time making it anywhere past the bay. thursday and friday, does look cooler on sunday. >> 8:09. police say a 28-year-old woman has been arrested in connection with a burglary. after the victim led officers right to her. the resident returned to her home yesterday to find it had been burglarized. she noticed a woman outside the home who was wearing her clothes. she followed the woman and called police. officers say the woman had the victim's purse and cash on her. san francisco general hospital is asking for your help in identifying a critically injured patient. the hospital has released this picture of a young latino man. five feet four inches tall. 145 pounds. the young man suffering from severe head trauma and other
8:11 am
sdwrirs. he was add -- other injuries. he was admitted saturday afternoon. >> 8:10. the school district wants to sell 206 acres of undeveloped land and a loss. trustees are pursuing a deal with the regional park district and discovery builders to sell this land near black diamond minds regional park for $1.35 million. bought that land in 1996 for $2.6 million. the plans to build schools on that property. >> 7:11. -- 8:11. find out if our paychecks are keeping up with inflation. also coming up. >> look at that. a loud boom at a big league baseball game. why those players were running for cover. parents this year i'm going to teach your kids that magic does exist. it's called science!
8:12 am
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8:14 am
sunny for some already inland but a lot of low clouds and fog. the temperatures 60s, 70s and 80s starting a warmup tomorrow especially for inland areas. >> they moved pretty quickly. texas rangers and twins might need this week's all star break to calm their nerves. it was lightning and thunder that created a brief moment of panic. ranger roy oswalt was getting
8:15 am
ready to throw. several players went running. created a 45 minute delay before the rangers won 4-3. who is that guy? >> nolan ryan: 6 troops killed yesterday in a roadside bombing. they were americans. the taliban claimed responsibility for the bombing. nato has given no other details. so far this year. a congressional committee several u.s. generals delayed an infection where afghan soldiers were abused. the u.s. paid more than $100 million to help the afghans run the national military hospital. however, a retired air force doctor who worked at the hospital from february 2010 to february 2011 said the soldiers at the hospital suffered horrible abuse
8:16 am
and the u.s. knew about it. >> patients were beaten. when they complained about no medicine. >> and you are not supposed to worry about that? >> that's what we were told. >> as generals in charge delayed an infection because it didn't want to embarrass the obama white house. officials say after a u.s. inspection, the conditions have improved significantly. >> 8:16. knew this morning, president obama is expected to announce his plan to extend some bush era tax cuts for another year. live in our washington d.c. bureau to explain who would keep the tax breaks and who would not. >> reporter: president obama is expected to say it's all about tax fairness. he's going to be announcing later this hour he wants to extend bush era tax cuts for one year for people making less than $250,000. he wants to let those tax breaks
8:17 am
expire for wealthier americans. >> doing away with tax cuts for people who don't need them. tax cuts that don't work. >> they want the tax cuts extended for everyone. >> what we ought to be doing is extending the current tax rates for another year with a hard requirement to get through to comprehensive tax reform one more time. >> house speaker sent us this statement saying preside obama's proposal proves he is still asleep at the switch on jobs and the economy. the tax cuts expire at the end. reporting live from washington d.c., ktvu channel 2 news. >> lower paid workers in the bay area have failed to keep up with inflation. that's according to an analysis by the san jose mercury news.
8:18 am
figures from the employment development department. over the last ten years, workers who make less than $40,000 have seen a 20% gain in their pay. that's not enough for the 24% rise in the cost of living over the same period. while employees who make thorathan $100,000 have seen a 50% increase in their paychecks. the countries use ouro as currency are working to create a financial agency. oversee banks within the euro zone and reports of the you're pony bank. if all the biggest banks are under one set of regulations, it would help keep all the countries in line financially. >> 8:18. more states now establishing new laws to keep people who get welfare money from spending it on alcohol, cigarettes, strip clubs, gambling and guns. a new federal law says states have to prevent the use of cash benefits
8:19 am
in liquor stores, gambling establishments, adult entertainment businesses by the year 2014. the states that don't establish those policies face cuts. use debit cards to buy things or get cash at atms. reports about people with welfare debit cards withdrawing thousands of dollars from atms and casinos. the plan to provide free muni passes faces it's next big test. already approved the pilot program which would last 22 months. still needs about $5 million in funding. mtc committee will talk about this when they meet on wednesday. they'll look at three options. then tsz recommendation -- its recommendation will go to the full commission. >> the city of san correspond loes may close -- car loss loes
8:20 am
-- carlos. about a third of the time at a meeting later today. the city says the temporary closures would not hurt response times. the crews could respond. it is a trend that worries some people. law enforcement agencies are demanding customer cell phone information. the new york times reports last year carriers received 1.3 million requests. the surveillance had closed everything from text messages to customer's location. some worry privacy is being compromised and carriers have reported what they call inappropriate requests. >> a suspect in a homicide case is due in court tomorrow. steve carrero is accused of a fatal
8:21 am
shooting saturday night. the victim? a 62-year-old woman was the owner of that hotel. investigators say he may be connected to the killing of another woman in her home in stockton last week. investigators say both victims were sexually assaulted. >> 8:20. chp questions a driver who started a five car pile up on 101. what we learned about the victims. >> looking out our window at the weather. another cloudy day. steve will be here and he'll tell you if you'll see any sunshine later today. >> looks like i see something there on the left hand and right hand shoulder. could be slowing traffic a bit here in san jose.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
it is 8:23. the surviving victim of a five car pile up is in serious condition this morning. as the chp investigates the cause of a fatal crash. the accident happened near east popular avenue just before 1:00 yesterday morning. chp says a driver abandoned a truck in the fast lane on a highway and four cars slammed into it. a passenger in a mazda died. the driver is being treated for major head injuries. >> they appear to be from argentina temporarily in the u.s. they were all 29 and 30
8:25 am
years old. >> the ch p is interviewing the driver who abandoned the truck who could face hit and run charges. >> all right. time is 8:24. you were watching a crash just a few minutes ago. what was happening on the side of the road? >> yeah, you are right. we can go to the maps first because 880 southbound at thornton avenue, that crash on the shoulder has really messed things up. if you are driving to southbound 880, it was doing pretty well and then all of a sudden we had some slow traffic there. so give yourself plenty of extra time. if you are trying to get northbound on 880, you might see slow traffic as well. southbound 880 is going to be hafb yoo -- heavy. this crash may affect you. let's see what we can see here at the bay bridge. not all that bad. backed up for a little bit here. not as bad as it would be on a monday.
8:26 am
and if you are driving on 880 northbound, it's getting slow near high street. northbound getting up past the coliseum. let's go to steve. >> thank you. already sum for some -- some for some. inland temperatures will recover here. 50s and 60s around the beach. inland temperatures, 80s to 90s. going to be an unusual week here. a lot more low clouds. cool to mild. high pressure is heading back. stronger sea breeze today. west southwest winds. we're running cooler compared to 24 hours ago. 25 miles per hour. flight delays due to low clouds. but everything says high pressure will be building back heading back towards the west. the fog is in place but some inland this
8:27 am
will be a nice day. others temperatures are going to warmup. 90s for 100 on wednesday into thursday. it does look like the start of a cool down friday and sweep that into the weekend >> thank you. time now 8:26. overnight police chase ends with a crash outside of a church. look at these pictures. how the church members helped the police in a dangerous situation. >> an oakland man forced to jump out of a window to escape an overnight fire. we'll show you the extend of damage to his home. >> also a huge wildfire. the new information we just got in a short time ago. [ male announcer ] the magic of nature appears every day,
8:28 am
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good morning to you. welcome back. time now 8:29. really close call for an oakland man who escaped his home after an early morning fire. show us more of the damage behind you and how this could be worse. >> reporter: the man who lived inside this home left for the hospital a short time ago to get stitches. he is going to be okay. you can see his front door here on his front lawn on 79th avenue, he couldn't use it to get out because the flames were so high, he was forced to look for other options. here's what the fire looked like to when it started. a neighbor called 911 after 3:00 a.m. firefighters worked diligently to get it under control. >> he had enough whits about
8:31 am
himself to say i can't go out the front door. pretty much went through the window. >> he was treated for minor cuts and bruises. he told us he'll be staying with rel stifbs until he figures out what's next. the cause of the fire is under investigation. ktvu channel 2. >> unexpected excitement at a church last night. church members helped detain a stolen car suspect after a police chase ended outside a door. sheared off that fire hydrant and crashed into a couple parked cars. east oakland faith deliverance center. church services were happening right at that time. this was about 11:30. no one was hurt but church members say that suspect ran inside. >> we heard a loud something sound and then the gentleman ran
8:32 am
inside the church and some of the gentleman tackled him. >> police say the officers tried to pull over that stolen car after the car came up on the records as being stolen. witnesses say it took 30 minutes to get the water turned off. the church did suffer water damage. police are searching for witnesses to a shooting that happened outside of a health club. happened yesterday evening in the parking lot of the 24 hour fitness club on east 14th street. witnesses say the gun man fired several shots. but there are no signs of the gun man or any of the gunshot victims when the police arrived. still not clear if anyone was hurt. that gun man was last seen running towards the bay fair station. >> firefighters are making progress in a large wildfire. five total fires have broken out in the last few days. and two of them merged into the sites
8:33 am
complex fire. cal fire told us the fire has burned 3700 acres and 45% contained. but firefighters are dealing with high wind and high temperatures. no structures have burned. strong winds are preventing firefighters from containing a large wildfire in idaho. first spots on sunday and quickly grew to 75,000 acres. firefighters had hoped to contain it by last night but the weather is not working in their favor. so far there are no reports of any structure damage or injuries. a fast moving fire in vacaville burned about 12 acres. started 12:30 yesterday near cherry glen road and interstate 80. local firefighters and cal fire crews were able to keep the flames from jumping across the road and threatening nearby homes. and two amtrak trains were delayed because of a fire.
8:34 am
two railroad ties caught fire yesterday afternoon that runs next to the bridge. firefighters had a tough time getting to it but able to put the fire out in 90 minutes. >> time is 8:33. good news this morning . pg&e says the power is back on in the discovery bay and byron areas. started after 5:00 p.m. last night. more than 4100 customers were affected. the cause of that outage is under investigation. pg&e is replacing gas pipelines. this month they are putting in 1,000 feet of a distribution pipeline. last month put in a similar two inch pipe. on going upgrading system. there are no plans to replace 6 sections of pipeline
8:35 am
that are highest risk segments in the bay area. two of those are in san rafael. >> a court hearing is expected to begin any moment for a man accused of killing his live in girlfriend. almost two weeks ago police found a body of 56-year-old davera inside a home she shared with james colin. a domestic dispute led to her being stabbed to death with a machete. he's been charged with murder and could enter a plea this morning. more than $17 million missing from trust funds in the south bay. according to the san jose mercury news, the money disappeared from 35 funds. they were under the management of back house fiduciary services. her exboyfriend and business partner immaterial bezled the money. the fbi is involved but
8:36 am
no arrests. . >> tomorrow supervisors will consider a plan to improve a bike lane where a woman was killed in 2010. the focus is on alpine road. that's where the bike lane goes beneath interstate 280. lauren ward was hit and killed by a big rig. according to a report given to supervisors, the lines of the bike lane are not clear as it goes under the freeway. that upgrading project is expected to cost the county about $175,000. >> 8:36. check in with sal and see what's happening. everything okay? >> yeah. pretty slow. we've had a couple earlier crashes. southbound 680 near auto mall. you can see how slow it is. this is unexpected. normally by this time we've had a pretty good commute. there was a collision southbound but also northbound. and looks like there are more than one crash.
8:37 am
the one was reported near mission. one was reported near auto mall. the bottom line is look at the slow t traffic. this reminds me of the old days when the grade was always this way. a lot of people will be jumping into that laying on the left where you can pay to get around this. the so-called diamond call and express lane where you can pay to drive-thru this. let's move away. 880 southbound not doing that well. so much for light commute here in the east bay. the bay bridge is still slow getting into san francisco. not all that bad at the toll plaza. >> thank you. very good morning. we have mostly cloudy skies. inland looks like some of the fog is starting to retreat. today is probably the warmest day of the week. i don't think the coast is going to change. big fog bank out there. if anything, it's going
8:38 am
to get squashed here over the next couple days. only they will be dealing with cool temperatures. everyone else pretty warm temperatures. going to be tough. today the deeper fog bank means pattern kind of cool. you can find big differences in temperatures. 50s, and 60s. west southwest 20. anything over 20 is sustained. they will starting tomorrow. system up in oregon and washington that's all it takes, a little dip in the atmosphere. the key though is high pressure is going to build back from the middle of the untry. starts sliding back towards the west. won't be parked on top of us but the western edge will slide more towards us. that will send that fog right down on the deck. won't allow anything to get in. it looks like probably about 3 or 4 day wills and cooler by the
8:39 am
up coming weekend. coast fog around the bay and as that burns back slowly. but west wind warm inland but again 60s, 07s, then -- 70s, then 80s. really been a lot time since i've seen temperatures so challenging in the east bay. just been chaky. 84 morganville. 60 s and 70s on the peninsula. little bit warmer inland on tuesday and the temperatures start to come up on wednesday and thursday. does look cooler for inland areas as we head to the up coming weekend >> thank you. san francisco chronicle investin claims to have found questionable spending by a member of the san francisco school board. the chronicle reports kim movas spent more than $7300 through april of last year. that's four
8:40 am
times four than all the other members combined spent and does not include travel expenses. meals and local transportation. computer and phone equipment and books as well as photo copies. californians who need medical marijuana will not be able to pay by credit card. credit service providers have informed medical dispensaries their charges will not be accepted. the companies fell under pressure from the irs. most customers around the state will have to pay cash. and that makes them prime targets for criminals. >> time is 8:40. the leash law laws will stay the same for at least two more years. the national park service wants more time to consider options. the dog lovers have made it clear they don't like a proposal that cuts back on the areas available for dogs to runoff leash.
8:41 am
wird watchers say the dogs off the leash are destroying the habitat and scaring away birds. a baby bobcat is recovering after being rescued from the side of the road. rescued yesterday morning by the wildlife center on mount madonna road. there's the little guy right there. the vet says it may have been recovering from some kind of attack. no word on where the little bobcat will be headed next. >> 19 minutes now before 9:00. san francisco international airport breaks ground on a new air traffic control tower. the 221 foot tall tower will create local jobs and improve passenger safety. san francisco mayor ed lee and ray lahood will be there later this morning. no word on whether this tower will help all had the delays at sfo. i just checked the website. traffic is causing some arriving flights to be delayed an hour and 27
8:42 am
minutes. and people who live near the oakland airport could soon be hearing more noise. crews will be driving concrete pilings into the ground. part of the $200 million terminal renovation project. work is supposed to continue for the next two weeks. no delays at this point reported at oakland or san jose. sfo you get fog, low clouds and delays expected about an hour and a half. >> 8:42. new fund-raising totals in the presidential campaign trail. which of the candidates seem to have the edge when it comes to raising campaign money. >> bad news for bass skaet ball fan -- basketball games. >> neighbors are telling me they are shocked by a shooting here. we'll have the details when mornings on 2 continues. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
8:43 am
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it is 8:45. stocks opening lower on wall street today following more signs of instability in europe and nervousness in earnings season. taking a live look at the big
8:46 am
board. dow is down 65. nasdaq down 12. s&p down 5. >> up to date on some of the other top stories. today about 60,000 people nationwide may lose their internet connection. if it happens to you, computer security experts say call your internet provider. losing that connection is the result of an online scam that infected computers more than a year ago. in just the next couple of minutes, and we're looking live at the white house, the president will be coming up to that podium. president obama will make an appeal from the white house urging congress to extend tax cs for middle class americans. the president wants congress to pass a one year extension for tax cuts for households earning less than $250,000 a year. we will bring you details as we get them. also in oakland, five people shot outside of an
8:47 am
oakland movie theater last night. happened in front of the regal theater. christian captain has been on this story since 4:30 this morning. you are back now with the latest information. >> reporter: in case you couldn't tell, the scene of this happening right near the train tracks. give you an idea of where this happened right in front of the regal theater here. witnesses tell police there was a flurry of gunfire. >> i can tell you five people were struck by gunfire. so far nobody has any life threatening injuries. on going investigation, there's nobody in custody. >> reporter: that gunfire started 9:20 last night. one male victim of that shooting required surgery. he is in stable condition. the other four victims had nonlife threatening injuries.
8:48 am
three of those victims didn't wait around for ambulances. they were taken to the hospital in private vehicles. police found one victim in front of the theater and another managed to make it about a block away on foot. neighbors are telling me they are surprised by this shooting. >> i'm surprised to hear about it. it was a couple people shot. that's crazy. but it's not the first time. over on broadway, there were 6 people shot a year ago. it happens in this neighborhood sometimes. it's a safe neighborhood. >> the shooting did force the evacuation of the theater. investigators this morning still rooking for that -- looking for that gun man. >> the sacramento b wants the mayor wants a tax force as a big league baseball team. wants to send the message sacramento wants to be in the mix. the
8:49 am
city is already home to the aaa farm team. sacramento would not be the first choice for a baseball team because of modest population size and lack of a strong corporate bachlts this year in london could be the last time we see professional basketball stars in the olympic. commissioner david sterns worry about every four years about players being injured. the olympics have helped grow the game of basketball but may be time to step back. wants it would be 23 and under event with college players and nba rookies but they take care of the players. >> time now 8:49. google is supporting gay rights with a cam rain called legalize love. antihomosexual laws. the campaign will promote safer conditions for gay and lesbian
8:50 am
people both inside and outside the office. google is often mentioned lgbt friendly workplace by gay rights groups. san francisco bike sharing program will not be up and running in august. the program won't be ready because negotiations with a vendor are still taking place. former mayor proposed creating a bike sharing network in san francisco after seeing the system at work in europe. cyclists can pick up and drop off bikes at select locations. >> we have new fund-raising totals for both the democratic and republican campaigns. president obama's campaign just announced they raised $71 million in june. mitt romney and the republicans announced they raised $106 million. it is the second straight month romney has raised more money.
8:51 am
>> new this morning in just the next half hour, jury selection will begin in the wrong full death long suit. lawyers filed the lawsuit on behalf of his two children. we talked to the attorney a short time ago. >> the children are devastated and traumatized by the loss of their mother. this is something the family and friends thought was important to do. >> he was convicted in 2008 of killing his wife nina and buried her body near their home. we're going to have much more in a live report coming up on the ktvu channel 2 news at noon. the chp says the number of under age drinking arrests are up. so far they've made 10 drunk driving arrests involving minors under the age of 18 compared to 10 arrests in all of 2011. 16 arrests have been made
8:52 am
among those who were 19 to 20 years old. 8 teenagers have been arrested for alcohol possession or public intoxication. about twice the amount compared to last year. >> organizers are declaring san francisco's 10th annual avenue on walk for breast cancer a success. about 2200 people from all over the country walked from san francisco and back again. $4.8 million for breast cancer charities and research. >> you were one of the main participants. >> i have the blisters and sunburn to prove it. i did the full marathon and 15 miles the second day. >> how many miles did you cover? >> 42. raised a lot of money and met a lot of people. >> i'm proud of you. >> thank you. >> we're watching the white
8:53 am
house. big announcement from president obama is coming this morning. you are looking inside the white house right there. expected to make about bush era tax cuts. >> plus sal will have a final look at the morning commute. t. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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8:55 am
8:55. residents who have been sweltering are getting a little bit of a break. thanks to thunder storms and rain. temperatures are expected to
8:56 am
fall to the 80s and low 90s. and that's good. this follows the weekend highs that topped 100 or more from st. louis to washington d.c. that heat wave has been blamed for 46 deaths nationwide. the hot temperatures are blamed for the wheels of that plane sinking 4 inches into the tarmac. this happened friday afternoon. the plane was trying to take off from regan national airport. in order to flee the plane, the passengers, luggage and crew had to be unloaded. and a tug cart had to be brought in to pull it out. >> we have new information on an emergency landing that left more than 100 spirit airline passengers stranded for 19 hours this weekend. passengers say midway through a flight, an 81-year-old blind man became
8:57 am
unruly. >> he was like touching everybody. he was going to the bathroom don't letting nobody go to the bathroom come out of their seats kicking the walls like crazy. >> passengers were reportedly kept on the tarmac for several hours and told they would need to get a bus. but after passengers complained they were flown on a different plane 12 hours after scheduled arrival time. and passengers will get a full refund. right now live to president obama scheduled to make a statement urging congress to extend tax cuts for middle class americans. this is a live picture where the president will make that announcement. it's quite crowded with a lot of reports. we're going to monitor this and bring more coming up at noon. >> let's quickly check in with sal. and see how the commute is doing. >> we have a big problem lower deck of the bay bridge.
8:58 am
big accident eastbound. we'll try and follow it up and have a resolution of this hopefully soon. he let's go to steve >> lots of low clouds and fog. 50s, 60s, 70s. inland still 80s. tomorrow we warm things up. wednesday could be fresno hot. >> all right. thank you. that's our report for this morning. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. >> be sure to join us at noon. find out why han is back in court. and update on the white house. bye. announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: tonight, take it easy and enjoy your favorite soup, salad and hot, hearty sub. like the toasty big hot pastrami melt. get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight. subway. eat fresh.
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