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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  July 9, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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him from life support. >> what happened was a senseless act. the police chief asked for people to share photos. today the suspects may be tied to cell phone thefts at bay to breakers. >> if they seen any suspects that could be beneficial in the case. >> reporter: they also want to take to a group of guys playing frisbee. >> they were out there when this happened and playing frisbee. >> reporter: san francisco police are now asking anyone whose cell phone was stolen or anyone playing frisbee to call their tip line. his friends also set up a facebook page called justice for steven martin to gather
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tips. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. we have new details about a shooting outside a movie theater in jack london square that injured 5 people. we know 4 of the victims were teenage boys from 15-18. a 23-year-old woman was also hurt. the shooting was sparked by fight between two groups of groups of people. with we asked -- >> when we asked jean quan about the questions she dodged our questions but governor jerry brown did respond. ktvu's noelle walker has more. >> reporter: we are outside the theater where the shooting happened. it was all over the news this morning but when we asked the mayor and former mayor about the shooting, they both had different things to say. >> reporter: this afternoon
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investigators returned to the scene of the shooting in jack london square. 5 people shot at the same crime scene is pretty unusual. >> anytime we have multiple victims who have been shot we have increased patrols. >> reporter: anytime there are multiple victims outside of a busy movie theater, there are multiple questions about safety for community leaders. >> i was disappointed to hear about more crime. >> reporter: couple questions about the shooting. >> i haven't been briefed. >> reporter: i am sure you know 5 people were shot. >> i haven't been briefed. >> reporter: jean quan walked away from us after a media conference blocks away from the shooting when we tried to ask her questions residents have been asking us. governor jerry brown was at the same conference, he didn't appear to need a briefing. >> reporter: what do you say
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about the shooting? >> i say the police and the community have to be more individualitant -- vigilant. >> reporter: he had advice for city leaders. >> i would say to the police chief and the others in charge, you got to do better, guys. >> reporter: at that unrelated conference, governor jerry brown said maybe he would finish his term as mayor after jean quan is done and then i watched jean quan look at her watch and i heard her say, would you like to start right now. she appeared to be joking but it has been a tough term for her. reporting live, nowell w, ktvu channel 2 news -- noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. a second arrest in the killings of a father and his two sons. wilfredo reyes was picked up in north carolina this morning in connection with the shootings of anthony bologna and his two
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sons michael and matthew. edward ramos is serving three life terms for the murders but he says wilfredo reyes was the shooter. the bologna family was killed after they were mistaken for gang members. and has more details about the bologna family killings. log on to the website for more. jury selection began in the lawsuit against hans reiser. he was sentenced for 15 years to life for killing his wife in 2006 and hiding her body in the oakland hills. hans reiser's two children are seeking $15.2 million for wrongful death. san francisco officials announced a record settlement today with a negligent landlord. they held a news conference
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today. under the settlement bay view property managers agreed to pay $800,000 for 400 housing code violations. he talked about the importance of the settlement. >> demonstrates that the city is serious about code enforcements and serious about pursuing those who fail to maintain their properties. >> violations date back to 2001. the landlord has till september 15 to address all the violations. funding fight for the 49ers new stadium is poised to go to court. ktvu's robert handa is live in santa clara with the battle over funding for the project. robert? >> familiar fight here inside city hall today, a community meeting was held plighting schools against the new 49ers stadium. >> reporter: construction of
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the 49ers stadium is underway. a authority group formed by the team expected $30 million from the rda. a pay out many believed was approved by voters when the project passed but now officials formed after governor jerry brown devolved rdas says the $30 million is supposed to go to local schools. at a meeting today, stadium supporters were upset. >> i don't understand. does a vote mean nothing? >> reporter: the 49ers sued and a judge issued a restraining order. >> i mean they will cut back on schools, lay off teachers, administrators. they will have to do all that. >> reporter: some people agreed. >> without property tax dollars from the rda we do not have a balanced budget. there is nothing left to cut. >> reporter: most at the meeting supported the stadium.
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>> what you folks did in the name of school funding was not right, legal and in my opinion ethical. >> reporter: a 49er attorney says the team will not back down and urged the board to avoid court. >> we would be happy to sit down and see if there is abopportunity to a-- there is an opportunity to avoid litigation. the board will introduce a new attorney. a judge will review the restraining order on july 27. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. opponents are stepping up efforts to defeat california's -- california's high-speed rail. supporters of the project still have to overcome environmental concerns and secure a lot more funding for the $88 billion -- $68 billion project. roll u.s. transportation
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secretary ray lahood said it could be done. >> 50 years with ago they did not know where the money was coming from and governors said we will not have interstate in our state. 50 years later we have the best road system in america. >> the california's high-speed rail project would link san francisco and los angeles. taking an endless number of classes at a community college could put you at the end of the line. they are discussing a plan to change enrollment priorities. students without a goal would get last priority for classes. first choices go to military personal, veterans, foster kids and kids who are at risk or disabled. the california highway patrol is reporting an increase in the number of underaged
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drinking arrests. they arrested 10 this year, they arrested that many last year. the number arrested for public intoxication doubled to four arrests. mayor ed lee is denying allegations he lied at a ethic's commission for suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. >> i told the truth to the ethic's commission. >> the mayor testified last month he did not offer ross mirkarimi a new job if he resigned as sheriff but ross mirkarimi's attorney claims he made the offer on mayor ed lee's behalf. mayor ed lee told ktvu he never talked to anyone about the case and he hasn't even talked to him in 2-3 years. non-profit that helps victims of domestic violence says it had to give off 20 lof notices -- layoff notices this week. they say the cuts amount to 12
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full time positions. the ceo says donations were down $300,000 this year even though demand has increased. they hope to restructure in a way that will minimum the impact. beefing up staff to handle the development of apple's new space ship campus. the building will take up 3 million square feet. the city carved $300,000 from the budget for a planner and engineer. pinterest pinned down new office space in san francisco. they signed a lease today and will leave its current base in palo alto. mayor ed lee is thrilled to welcome them to the city. palo alto network hopes to raise $2 million. they filed paper work today and
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expects to sell 6.2 million shares. a woman is suing the fda for the right to use sperm from a donor without going through a sperm bank. the woman has a same-sex couple -- same sex partner. san francisco airport tower days are numbered. wait till you see what will replace it. >> back here in 10 minutes, there is fog out there now and it will heat up around here, i will show you how hot it will get in your neighborhood.
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occupy the farm are protesting a development project right now ahead of a city counsel meeting. they are set to vote on land owned by university of california at berkeley. the proposal calls for putting a whole foods and senior living complex on the site. they moved to the community center because they expect a large crowd. san francisco international airport broke ground on a new air traffic control tower and ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar is live with the changes for the new sky high tower. tom? >> reporter: big, big changes. despite, despite its recent face lift here this tower is just going to go. >> reporter: despite the view from the current tower, it obscures some of the views and
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the seismic safety is iffy. the new tower will be 50 feet taller and be the most sophisticated tower on earth. >> technology for guiding planes safely. >> reporter: despite the technology coming our way, safety still requires air traffic controllers have their eyes on the planes and the ground. >> in addition to the airplanes that move around, there are hundreds of cars, trucks, carts, other vehicles moving around as well. >> reporter: made to look like the torches that led ships to the port, it will dominate the sky line. another tower is scheduled to open later this year. >> if you are all operating in one facility, what you have is a more efficient operation
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where you are ensuring that you have seemless transitions. >> reporter: the two towers represent a much needed move into the future. >> it is extremely important that we make the investments in technology to support the growth of traffic we expect. >> reporter: the new tower should be completed in two years. reporting live, consumer editor tom vacar ktvu channel 2 news. there is word tonight a deal may be near in a hospital construction controversy in san francisco. negotiations are underway over plans for a new cpmc hospital at the hold hill hotel. as part of the deal the city wants cpmc to firm up its commitment to keep st. lukes open for 20 years. they said they would keep it open as long as the hospital meets a certain profit margin.
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information that was leaked indicated they are expecting an operating loss by 2018 which would allow for its possible closure. judge rejected a lawsuit today over two tax initiatives. she was seeking an injunction to prevent it from being placed above hers on the ballot. supporters say the governor receives special treatment. >> like calling balls and strikes. that is what is going on here in california. >> the governor is calling the lawsuit frivolous saying his initiative deserves higher billing since it is a constitutional amendment. cupertino is debating new rules on how and where political signs are used. the meeting is set for tomorrow
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night at 6:45 in community hall. fire crews are helping lighter winds will help tame a fire. it began as 5 fires and burning near maxwell. firefighters contained three of the fires, two others burned together. even though winds have died down, crews are dealing with high heat and dry conditions. >> because we didn't get a lot of rain, the brush is ready ready to burn. >> the fire started yesterday and is now 10% contained. bay area officials are calling for a second spare the air day tomorrow. officials are expecting unhealthy air qualities due to high temperatures. >> our chief meteorologist bill martin is live where he is tracking a serious warm up
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here. bill? >> yeah. look at that picture. it is brown. two weeks ago we had green. we are in the heart of fire season. triple digits tomorrow and into the triple digits on wednesday, definite fire concerns. outside right now, picking out fog, most of the fog right now is south towards pacifica. the fog fills in tonight and it will be dense along the coast. it is compressing. there you go. okay. thank you. we got fog compressing. when it does temperatures heat up and that is where we go tomorrow. the fog doesn't leave the coast, though. i think it hangs out. the warm air compresses. the fog and the cool air can't get over the hills. so when the fog is thin like this it gets trapped. it is cool, chilly and visibilities are poor in the
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morning hours. so tomorrow, the heating begins. you will notice it today and tomorrow. especially inland. coastal and bay sections stay moderate, warm, hot range. 80s. few low 90s. the high pressure from the planes shifted east. as it does it increases temperatures. this happens all the time. temperatures on wednesday will be the warmest of the week. 100 degrees. thursday will be hot as well. especially inland. along the coast. you can still get relief. options. if you want the heat, head to the inland. heating begins. 96 in clear lake. 74 in richmond. 95 in walnut creak. tomorrow, spare the air day, with the conditions on wednesday, they will most likely issue another spare the air day with ozone levels being
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an issue with the morning commute. that is the deal. try to carpool tomorrow. they don't like the two stroke engines. don't use that tomorrow. weekend comes into view, that sets you up with cooler environment. fire danger, air quality on the top news. >> hot is the word. thank you. i am paying fair market rent. i expect fair market help. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 tough living conditions as a landlord gets taken to task. a look at the violations and record legal settlement involving one apartment owner. call it whatever you want the numbers suggest there is no getting around hotter global temperatures. join us for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. the san francisco giants eare making -- giants are making a new pitch to help one of the biggest fines, the
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tomorrow a special dvd will go on sale benefiting bryan stow. it show as performance by tim
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flannery and bob weir, goes on sale at at&t park tomorrow. they recorded it for a benefit concert for bryan stow. you can find out more on >> mark is here now with sports. big honor for one of the giants pitchers. >> sports talk radio is all negative stuff about tim lincecum but something positive for the san francisco giants, matt cain will receive the honor of starting for the national league in tomorrow's all-star game against the american league to be seen right here on ktvu channel 2 news. matt cain author of a perfect game this year. and consistent, great pitching and he will go against justin verlander. the tiger's ace. matt cain talks about his counter part tomorrow. >> just been impressive to watch him. the way he goes about his business from the first inning
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to lot of times the 9th inning. you know, it helps me, you know if i am starting that day, i think about i want to go 8 innings or 9 innings. it is always fun to watch them. >> oakland has its home town hero. ward looking to go 26-0 against chad dawson. press conference today. he will put his belts on the line against dawson. dawson going to drop down to 166 pounds for it, despite his size advantage and length advantage, he is considered an underdog but ward knows no such thing as an easy fight. >> looks like one thing on television, you see the lights, the camera, the action but they
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don't see the work and the sacrifice that takes place and all the things that make a champion. a lot of fans don't think you made it till you made it on hbo. here we are. >> that will be his fifth fight in oakland. looking good. two months from today. >> okay. thank you. and thank you for joining us. our next newscast is at 10:00. lady gaga is taking on twitter and facebook, the launch made for her, we will have that for you tonight at 10:00. your favorite soup, salad and hot, hearty sub. like the toasty big hot pastrami melt. get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight. subway. eat fresh.
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