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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  July 24, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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doors that were busted out. officers surrounded the house looking for two suspects wanted for shooting at a chp's car. the men are wanted for attempted murder following a shooting on interstate 880. they pulled out a van after a car pulled up and started ramming into the back of the patrol car and started firing shots at the chp officer. fortunately he is not hit. he will make a full recovery. >> reporter: at this time chp is giving us limited information. two others were arrested yesterday in connection with the incident. i put a call out for
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information and as soon as i hear it i will pass it on to you. in other land another fire that may have been started by squatters. they began spraying it with hoses. they say the area is isn'tty for about a month. firefighter faye there is no fire going there and they are investigating how the if you started. a father was shot after a struggle with his son. it happened at 30 90 sop court. they got an argument and struggled over the gun and during the confrontation the struggled and the gun hit the
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father. president barack obama is refunding for his election campaign. president barack obama received a rock star welcome and he told supporters there are no easy solutions but he has no doubt that americans have those challenges to meet the opponent. you can see it from every corner of the globe here in oakland... no matter what the nay says tell us. a they have another one at the scottish may owner. >> and they had another trip to oakland. medical marijuana advocates are
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upset about federal raids on medical marijuana dispreps are yous. >> the liberals who wanted them had to pursue. >> this was use of the unarmed drone. this was the first time president barack obama visited oakland since being elected for a city that is known for getting negative attention some people hope the president's attention will put a positive light on the city. >> thank you for coming. that is our way of knowing we are not all bad. >> many people in oakland said they want to see the problem
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deal with problem lloyd lacuesta i'm not important. and mitt romney was in coastal mesa and there he discussed his stance on the economy saying he totes not know what it takes to grow a business. >> i want to so more for a the poor and we need folks to get letter jack and mitt romney leaves on a six day tour to continuing landing and poland. prosecutors are looking anything what or not to seek the death endelty lent alleged
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incident. a handful of victim's families were there in do your. >> photographer how much paint he has caused aen think he is hurting yet. >> holmes is going to be charged with first-degree murder next week and they will discuss the death penalty option before making that decision. coming up, the claims the survivor is making against the theater and the shooting suspect's doctors. they are due back in court. they will appear before a judge for a free trial hearing.
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last month they let not guilty after last we ares attack and the father bryan stow suffered severe brain injuries. and they are celebrating the release of a dvd benefitting the bryan stow foundation. it includes 3rd baseman's coach and it held one for one fran earlier in year. how is it looking, sal would look at what we have, as we come out to the mcarthur maze, mcarthur maze continuing all the way to the bay bridge toll plaza and it is going to be light trying to get into san francisco with little or no
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delay. also the morning look good but the roads are still open. let go to steve. much calmer today, west southwest 24 t- fso sap hoss, 50s on the temperatures, dew point yesterday, a in up with lifting that fog a little bit. fog along the coast most of the did you breezy upper 70s and you do not see that very often in the summertime. more fog on wednesday taking that into thursday but nice in
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your out of the fog. two young parents shot and killed in their home and what neighbors herd and the condition of the children, three of them. gabriel congresswoman gabrielle giffords, she will continue to heal and we will have more on how tow got a to top of this mountain.
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. in san jose, an eight-year- old boy is in serious condition after he nearly drowned in a swimming pool. it happened at the west winds housing complex. the boy was pulled from the pull and a teenager began cpr.
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he was resuscitated and taken to the hospital and we will have more coming up at 5:00. relatives will care for three young children whose parents were shot inside their home. they were identified and police discovered their bodies after they called to report gunshots yesterday morning. they found one man dressed in all black run from the scene and found three young kids crying. >> the kids were crying on the porch and you don't see no parents around so somebody got shot in the house. >> no arrests have been made. the couple started dating in high school and recently got together after a break up and the children were live with their grandparents. they are preparing to file a
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lawsuit. tore runs brown junior, he was not hurt but his friend died and suffered from extreme trauma. they released the dark night rises. he will look into james holmes' doctors and he claims they failed to monitor medications he was allegedly taking. and timothy was arrested by state police sunday morning after they pulled him over going 112 miles per hour. in his car they found several weapons. he told police he brought a gun to a saturday night showing of the batman movie. he also said he was driving to new hampshire to shoot a former
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employer. and police say he started yelling when the movie didn't start on time. he said quote, i should go off like in colorado and does nineveh gun. he was not armed. and ncaa announced unstress denned penalties for the university. we were told the university was finded in the wake of the sexual abuse scandal. the school was hit with a four- year postseason ban and loss of all of its wins to 211 have been vacated. >> it is harsh and it is going to affect the players as well at the school but it is time to rebuild and it is a good way to
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rebuild. >> jerry sandusky was convicted on 45 ncaa players. they can transfer to other schools and they will not be required to sit out another year. and we want to take you to another scene, fire officials have not talked about any possible injuries and it looks like you can see it, several will have a live report on this fire in pleasant hill and that will be coming up at 5:00. at 5:46 we want to check in with sal, any problems sal? no, we are off to a good start, with we look at what has
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major problems and also the morning commute looks good if you are am could willing up to the bay pits. 680 traffic looks good to the venetia bridge to walnut creek. a spectacular light show for some, i heard up toward the area, so the cooler pattern is started and is well away from any sea breeze and we'll see a cooler pattern into wednesday and thursday and we may just keep it there for a while. anything over 20 is travis and 50s on the temperatures, yesterday that has all moved
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back. it keeps settling and settling and settling it looks like it will be with us for a while which test them on the wormer side and it goes look nice tell pew pure settling in for the weekend and maybe just a light bump. they are looking for a girl missing for more than two weeks. they gathered in vallejo to hold hands and pray. salazar left her cell phone behind, any information on her whereabouts should call police.
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now sally ride is being remembered and he died at the age of 611 she aboarded the challenge and they are one of the many places paying tribute to her legacy. >> we persevered against all odds whether it was through her studies or being an astronaut and she gave back. >> and she gaped a greater focus on math and insurances across the country. >> aviator amelia erhardt was born 150 years ago today and they will fine her feels a now
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crashed the group did collect video and sonar data to see if there was anything they just glanced. congresswoman gabrielle giffords is on her first trip since she was shot last year the family released several photos and she uses helps to see the views from the peeks from italy france and switz letter land and announced she was at 250 feet. and a san jose bay was
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drowned. a scandal. the reason a surplus could hurt a november ball let measure.
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. good morning, the second suspect of a father and two sons are back in court.
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they are expected to file formal charges. he was involved in the drive-by shooting that killed tony balogna and his sons michael and matthew bologna. edwin ramos is now serving a life term for his role in those killings. a 7th is suspicious envelope has been sent to the bay area. they recognized it as looking similar to the others, now the letter was immediately ice lasted. several others received every envelopes inside. now the powders are considered harmless but the fbi is looking into who sent those letters. a student was hit on across country tour. 28-year-old andrew moore was walking with a group from san
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francisco to washington d.c. last month he was killed in a rural highway in indiana. police say the crash appears to be an accident. his son died doing something he loved. >> well, of course it is a tragedy, i miss my son, horribly and will miss him a lot more. but he was doing something he believed in. >> reporter: and they could hurt the ballot initiative to raise taxes. now the move comes after officials learned that the park's department sat on almost $54 million in surplus funds for years even after park closures were ordered. >> they can't trust that the
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government will be good stuart'ss of the money we send them. >> most expect to keep the park open. they will force drug companies to disto pose of under used medications. a current program that allow residents to drop off medications in 28 counties costs the county $38,000 a year and the ordinance is expected to pass. coming up on the 5:00 hour, we want to check back in with sal for traffic, how is it looking, sal? there are not a lot of major problems, we are off to a decent start. we are really off to a nice start and look at 101 leaving
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and coming is still very nice. and at the toll plaza no backup and road work is not going on upper or lower deck. and the drive from concord to walnut creek it is a nice drive and checking the east shore, it also looks good, let's go to steve. which is you get there, high pressure is saying i am go pack to the country. for most inland locations it made for a warm day and it will not be as strong today. 55 on the temperatures and you can see a lot of that thunderstorm activity all pushing off towards the east and here comes a couple of
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pieces of energy and they will keep carving themselves out and it continues on the back 40s and a lot of #0s and 70s toast and bay. and maybe a little bump up but still pretty nice there, pam. we have some breaking news from the east bay we are following. our news crew is on the scene of a deadly fire. also how last week's tragedy is already affecting gun sales in colorado.
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. a boy is in the hospital after almost drowning in a san jose pool. we will tell you what he and the other children were doing before it happened. president barack obama is here in oakland as commander and chief. and see how what happened
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has affected weapons. and this is july 24th, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave cook, steve is right there, boy does he have a forecast today. >> well, you can't believe everybody, but for some of you who like cooler weather, yes, i have a forecast but here is sal. interstate is moving well and there are no major problems and the morning commute looks good if you are driving from marin county and san rafael as well. we are seeing breaking news,


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