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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  August 6, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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there were radio communication problems, and the management of northern california races needs improvements to make sure there is 100% accounting for all crew memberalize the time. they recommend -- members all the time. they recommend they conduct regular training. he said it was just an accident, the investigators and the coast guard will hold a news conference tomorrow to discuss the details. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and we posted the reported on the low speed chase crash on our website, it is and you will find it under web links. the is new information on the man suspected at gunning down people at a sikh temple. the gunman is wade michael
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page. a 40-year-old army veteran. officers shot him dead at the scene yesterday. he served in the army in the 1990s. he opened fire at a sikh temple outside milwaukee. three survivors were seriously hurt, including a police officer trying to help the victims. >> he was met by the suspect who ambushed him. the officer was shot 8-9 times at the incident at close range. >> investigators are calling the attack a possible hate crime or an act of domestic terrorism. the largest sikh temple in the country is here in the bay area in san jose. ktvu's ann rubin is live at the temple and tells us some of the members have strong connections to the victims in wisconsin. >> reporter: people at the
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temple realized they had close connections to several of the victims. >> reporter: they came to pray and mourn, many knew the victims well. he had been a priest in san jose for 8 years. >> he was good man. >> his family just migrated from indian you to -- india to the united states. >> reporter: and they had visited here. the management is holding a emergency meeting to discuss how to help the families. they plan to hold a candlelight vigil wednesday. they also have offered help to the temple in wisconsin. >> all they have to do is ask and we will provide. >> reporter: they are not alone. >> our hearts were broken. >> they have been receiving support from the bay area. they have all been calling or stopping by. >> we are no different.
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we are americans. it shows a lot when catholics and christians come in, condemn the attack and let us know we are part of their families. >> reporter: the candlelight vigil wednesday will be here at 8 and am a prayer service sunday in honor of the victims. live in san jose, ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details now. we looked at fbi statistics on hate crimes and incidents at target religious groups. in 20106600 hate crimes crimes were reported -- 2010, 6,600 hate crimes were reported. officials issued a amber alert for a girl. her father kidnapped her. the suspect is johnathon martinez, he is 30 years old, weighs 170 pounds. he was wearing a white t-shirt,
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genes and a a's cap. the girl, jaqueline martinez was wearing jell-o and green -- yellow and green. the car is a 1999 silver gmc yukon with a california license plate number 5gmw656 and may be heading towards the bay area. a family is mourning the drowning of a six-year-old girl during a weekend outing. she was reported missing about 3:00 p.m. yesterday. search and rescue scoured the area and at 6:00 p.m. a helicopter spotted her body in the river. she had been wading in the river. her death appears to be accidental. police swooped down on two men suspected of car thief. officers identified a stolen car and moved in to make the arrest. it happened around 3:00 p.m. when people were washing their
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clothes at the laundromat. one man came out to see what was happening and quickly fled when we saw police, guns pointed in his direction. >> sometimes you can't react as fast as you think. >> the officers yelled at the suspects to get down, they froze and were taken into custody. man who was defending his home shot and killed a man. the shooting happened this morning. ktvu's paul chambers tells us it is not the shooter, but the victim's accomplices that could be charged. >> reporter: you can look behind me. police have been working the scene of the latest homicide. we were told someone tried to break into this house last week but were unsuccessful. today it was a different story,
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the intruder became the victim. >> reporter: all day long police officers have came in and out of the duplex. inside markers used to mark out the scene of the shooting. >> this morning officers were dispatched to the area in reports of gun shots. >> reporter: three men tried to enter the home. we know 2-3 men are still on the loose. the third was shot and killed by the man who lived there. >> the homeowner was still present, he was detained for investigation. >> reporter: animal control removed a dog that was shot and killed inside the move. marijuana was grown inside but the homeowner had legal papers to do so, although officers are confirming. most people declined to go on camera, however they said they
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were shocked it all happened in this area. >> little petty thefts and i saw one time somebody got their chain snatched. that is it. nothing violent. it is unclear if the homeowner will face charges. the two men with the intruder could be charged with the murder. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. limiting the government's power in its contract down on medical marijuana operations. it would prohibit the government from season property. prosecutors threatened lawsuits against the landlords. letters have gone out to 300 landlords in california and 16 other states. san jose police continue to look for a suspect in a double shooting. it happened around 8:30 p.m. last night in san jose.
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officers say two groups of young men met at an intersection, shots were fired and two were hut -- hurt. the chp and the coroner haven't released information about a person killed in a freeway accident before 5:30 a.m. near 880. it started when a big rig and a car crashed, pushing the car under a second big rig truck. the driver died in the wreck. the accident blocked traffic for miles on 238 and 580 during the morning commute. it took 3 hours to clear the accident. police say a pair of copper thieves are in jail. one suspect is anthony magda, the other is jeffrey crespo. officers say they were caught
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in a pg&e yard around 12:45 a.m. this morning. officers say the suspects had a stack of copper wire taken from the yard. police say he was arrested in may on a similar charge. firefighters were busy this morning battling a five-alarm fire. flames were shooting through the roof, 100 feet into the air when firefighters arrived. firefighters could only battle the fire from the outside. it destroyed a adjacent business. the cause is under investigation. a frain train derailment forced an evacuation in north carolina. 12 cars ran off the tracks. one of the cars was carrying fasphoric acid -- phosphoric acid. no injuries have been reported and no word on what caused the
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train to derail. syria's prime minister defected today to jordan. he is the highest ranking official to leave the syrian government. a u.s. official said the action is further evidence that the regime is crumbling. 50,000 people gathered today in japan to market the anniversary of the atomic bomb attack there. a bell rang at the same time the bomb hit. the attack killed 140,000 people and leveled the city ofest-- city of hiroshima. a judge scheduled a hearing tomorrow morning for jared lee loughner. jared lee loughner is accused of killing 6 people and wounding 13 others, including former arizona congresswoman
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gabrielle giffords last year. it confirms jared lee loughner has reached a plea deal with prosecutors. before the judge will accept the deal he must be convinced he is mentally competent to agree to it. one man in custody and police are looking for a second suspect wanted for the shooting death of a teen. what the victim's family says about why he may have been targeted. >> a warming trend is under way and it will turn hot. i will have your tuesday temperatures coming up. tic." this is good. i hope you're happy. [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] "hope springs." rated pg-13. consider the journey of today's athletes. their training depends on technology. and when it takes a battery, there are athletes everywhere who trust duracell. they rely on copper to go for the gold. duracell. trusted everywhere. and soon...even more reason to trust duracell. duralock power preserve.
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a fire damaged a auto repair shop last night. it started after 11:00 p.m. on winchester boulevard. firefighters were able to keep it from spreading to neighboring businesses. three firefighters were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. there were somber faces today as high school football players learned about the death of one of their teammates. the players were supposed to
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hold their first practice today but it was canceled to mourn the death. ktvu's allie rasmus tells us, police have one suspect in custody but they are still searching for one more. >> reporter: friends and family placed flowers at the site where he died last night. >> he loved his family. everyone knew him. everyone. this was a shock to us. >> reporter: 9:30 p.m. last night when he and some friends walked to this apartment complex. police say two men in their late 20s got in an argument with the teen. police arrested one man for the shooting. a second gunman is still at large. his sister says her brother was wearing a red shirt and she thinks that prompted the argument. >> he loved making friends. he was that wrong place that wrong time and wear the wrong
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colors. >> colors can play a factor because some of the gangs wear red and blue. >> reporter: police believe the suspects had gang times but not the victim. >> he wanted to do something. the goal of the teen was to get a football scholarship. he was an offensive lineman. the team's practice was canceled today. >> he was a good kid. i am really going to miss him. >> reporter: neighbors and friends in the community came by to offer support to the family of the young man who was well liked. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. the man suspected of a kidnapping is now charged with 3 3rd murd -- charged with murder. his bail is $2 million. he and his girlfriend turned
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themselves in. an amber alert alert was issued for her, she has not been charged. mayor jean quan blamed outsiders for vandalism friday night. someone broke windows. the main group was protesting the police shooting of a 18- year-old student. >> we are tired of these people. it is -- we are all very tired of that kind of on going vandalism. >> president obama today -- the president commented on this weekend's shooting in wisconsin and about violence prevention. >> these kinds of terrible tragic events are happening with too much regularity for us
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not to do soul searching. >> the he said it is time to look -- he said it is time to look at new ways to reduce violence. he signed a new law that provides benefits for veterans and their families and places new restrictions at protests at military funerals. for the third straight month republican presidential hopeful mitt romney outdone president obama in campaign fundraising. he took a break today to do shop ising in new hampshire. his fundraising has been phenomenal. they rose $101 million with the republican national committee. president obama's team and the democratic national convention raised $75 million last month. the list that republican national committee list high profile women.
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the speakers include condoleezza rice. susanna martinez and governor nikki haley. john mccain and michael -- mike huckaby are also slated to speak. buying a large tract of land. it sits on donner summit and includes a ski resort. a home development plan went into foreclosure, now it will be open for public uses. sugar bowl will manage the area. the groups have four months to raise $13 million to complete the project. mosquito control plans to spray around brentwood tonight at 8:15 p.m. in this area highlighted in
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yellow. that is the same area where they spraid already this sum -- sprayed already this summer. i am getting the iced tea ready because it is supposed to get warm. let's check in with rosemary orozco. >> a significant heat up. eventually, some of us may hit the century mark. our numbers warmer than where we were yesterday by 5-10 degrees inland. i want to point out a couple things, the on shore breeze, 12 miles per hour, that means, yes, that has been clipped and we are seeing it in the numbers. we have a breeze, you can see here, gusting to 22 miles per hour. even stronger than that off the coast. that helped to eat away at the
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marine layer. sunny skies over pacifica, half moon bay at this moment. winds light. sfo23 miles per hour. radar here, high pressure continues to build our way. as it does it continues to warm the air mass. it will keep that breeze weak. it will be long the coast line. this is why the coast will be comfortable compared to inland. marine player is becoming compressed. as we wake up tomorrow morning it should be along the coast line. maybe patchy fog along the bay area, however a quick burn off. tomorrow morning, a little bit, warmer, sunny skies expected for the afternoon. inland areas hotter conditions through the week. tomorrow morning, 55 degrees in oakland. 54 napa. 57 antioch. these numbers similar to this
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morning. look at the low cloud deck and the fog expected. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, patchy along the east bay. 9:00 burning off fast. hugging the coast line till 1:00 p.m. or so. sunny again and ocean beach, pacifica and around half moon bay, mostly sunny skies. tomorrow, low 70s for the east bay. mid-80s around walnut career. upper 80s to low 90s for the hottest spots. 93 antioch, brentwood. this isn't going to be the hottest, i will show you more coming up. hundreds take their protest to the heart of san francisco. the demonstration that jammed an intersection before the evening commute. >> the current iphone has it, the new one won't. why one app is being left off the new version of the i-phone. cçrrú
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[ music playing ] hundreds of janitors stained a noisy mark and protest in san francisco today. they clean many of the commercial buildings in the city. they blocked a few streets to call attention to their contract dispute. they say they are angry over lowige wages and management proposals to have the workers pay more for healthcare.
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the highway patrol believes fatigue was to blame for a crash this morning. it happened on highway 4 in pittsburg. officers say the driver was sleepy and lost control of the suv which rolled and ovturn -- over turned. they agreed to pay a fine over illegally imported wood. the justice department raided the company's headquarters last year. they were charged with importing to make guitars. the awards was exported illegally. apple said today the new iphones newiphones and i-pads
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will not come equipped with the youtube app. google is working on a new youtube app. four grads sold their san francisco based sports website for $175 million. they started for a place for fans to write about their favorite teams. turner bought the site. over the weekend san francisco police are involved in a officer involved shooting today the family of the man shot questions what happens. >> and stunning new images of the red planet courtesy of nasa and curiosity, plus the significance of this new mission.
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. >> there is no disputing a man was shot by san francisco police saturday night but was he shot in the back while running away or after he pointed a gun at police. san francisco police say one police officer was forced to shoot an arm suspect saturday night. as ktvu's ken pritchett reports, tonight the family disputes the version of what happened. ken? >> reporter: there are two different stories here. san francisco police say the man turned around and faced officers with a gun in his hands. today the family said their nephew was hit from behind. we also learned this afternoon that the chief of police intends to address the
5:30 pm
community about this incident. >> reporter: it was here saturday where the shooting happened. police were responding to a 911 call of an armed man. >> witnesses heard the police ordering the suspect to stop, identifying themselves as police officers and the suspect continued to flee from the officers. >> reporter: the suspect is bryan stevens, according to his family, which gave us this photo. >> the subject turned towards the officers with the gun and that is when he discharged. >> all the bullet wounds was in the back. >> he says his nephew was hit in the back, leg and foot and recovering at the hospital. police say they recovered a hand gun at the scene. the officer involveicide on paid leave -- involved is on paid leave. >> we want to talk with the chief, the mayor, somebody.
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we are tired of seeing the kids get gunned down by the police. >> reporter: that is what the police say will happen. the chief plans to hold a town hall meeting in the coming days to explain the incident to the community as he has done with other officer involved shooting, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. a fight continued today over missing newspaper racks. they accused them of holding on to one of their news boxes. last week dozens of boxes turned up in dumpsters. he said the mercury news returned 4-5 news racks. >> the reason why it is important is we are trying to determine the locations from where the racks were taken and that will indicate whether this was part of a broad effort to hurt their competition. >> the mercury news said the
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paper hired a firm to look into the matter. the founder of best buy wants to buy back the retailer and take it private. he says he wants to buy the shares he doesn't already own. and willing to pay $26 a share. that is $6 more than its closing price today. best buy has been losing business to online retailers. being private would give the company more opportunity to try new things. on wall street the dow is up 21 to 13,117. the nasdaq is up 22 at 2,989. the s&p is up 3 at 1,394. iron planet with drew its initial public offering.
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they provide a market place for used heavy equipment. they hoped to raise $92 million. the company reported improved sales for the 12 months ending in june but poor market condition prompted it to cancel. ebay is offering a new same day delivery service to people who live in san francisco. they outlined the new service. if customers buy something at a store for more than $25 they can get it delivered the same day for $5. it is called ebay now and available only in san francisco. officials could decide tomorrow to put two sales tax measures on the ballot. san jose is considering sales tax for as high as a penny and they want a half cent hike for 10 years.
5:34 pm
opponents are skeptical. one resident said the taxes shoot last so long -- shouldn't last so long. official is urging congress to address the threats facing the united states. despite the pleas, lawmakers may not tackle cyber security anytime soon. >> reporter: in today's internet world, all it would take is a click of a mouse and it could leave americans without power for a week. >> a lot of infrastructure and it is 70 years old and you have to get it up to speed. >> reporter: congress has been debating legislation between the private sector and the government. it would increase information sharing, better protection and give more power to homeland
5:35 pm
security. >> something to take prudent action. >> reporter: opponents say the bill creates too much government regulation. they say president obama could issue a order enforcing stricter standards on the private sector. it is unclear whether it will come up for a vote this year. democrats said it is in the hands of the republicans. ktvu channel 2 news. they accused a british bank of lauderring money for iran. -- laundering money for iran. regulators say the bank processed 60,000 transactions. new york is threating to left the bank's license to do business there. >> are they windows to your
5:36 pm
sexual orientation? why the eyes have it if they want olearn your preference -- to learn your presence. >> and what you play during the day may take a toll at night.
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cornell university researchers say they can determine your sexual orientation by looking at your
5:39 pm
eyes. they developed a method. they say men responded to video of women. but women and bisexual men responded to videos of men and women. a national anti-bullying ad campaign was launched today. in one ad they were telling her nobody likes her. they were unveiled today at the summit. it hosted discussions on the connection between bullying and suicides and ways to help students who bully others. >> if you don't stand up for a child who is being bullied who will stand up for you? >> television, present and web
5:40 pm
ads will run in october. study links violent videos to sleep problems in young children. researchers tested whether it improved their sleep. they look at how long it took to fall asleep, nightmares and others. children who didn't watch divent media had lower problems. researchers studied 200,000 births across the u.s. there was no difference in survival rates between c-section or vaginal. babies in the breach position the survival rate dropped off significantly. former boston momster james
5:41 pm
"whitey" bulger plans to testify at his trial next year. authorities captured him in california last year and returned him to boston. he is accused of participating in 19 murders. he says he has immunity in return for his testimony for the fbi. new pictures from nasa of mars. we will show them to you and how curiosity is serving as validation for scientists. >> a big warm up heading to the bay area, how hot we expect to get.
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curiosity rover is waking up on the surface of mars. it sent new images in the last hour. ktvu's john fowler joins us now with what scientists are learning. >> reporter: this is remarkable. this is the newest photo from mars. curiosity's front cam took this photograph. right here you can see a 17,000- foot mountain that the rover is about to climb. it will take soil samples on the way up. you can see the outline of the shadow of the rover. the surface of the crater is scattered gravel. researchers gave us an update. >> we are just happy about the
5:45 pm
performance. this is reassuring that we have in front of us we can drive, there are no obticles -- obstacles. >> reporter: researchers say in two weeks they will have high resolution versions of this that will be amazing. >> reporter: this is a photo from curiosity. the back wheel on the right, you can see the rim of the crater. another amazing picture, this of curiosity descending. photographs from the mars orbiter. >> reporter: now let's zoom in to the crater. you can see here this is where curiosity landed. smack in the center of a -- only a 12-mile ellipse. that is it. that is the size of the target. curiosity is going to go from here, across this direction, down here is where the mountain
5:46 pm
is. after 154 miles they hit a bulls' eye. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: scientists this morning, landing. like olympic champions, they stuck it. >> if anybody has been harboring doubts about the u.s. leadership in space. >> reporter: now they will crews the surface to sample soil and rock and take a look at what possibly could support life in the past or now. they promise more photos tomorrow. reporting live, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. surveillance video shows a situatation that japanese power plant damaged last year. it shook as the plant chief shouted this is serious. throughout the video there were communication problems and a
5:47 pm
lack of emergency preparedness. these videos were released because the company that runs the plant is now under state control. car company plans to sue general motors for $3 million. spiker says gm unfairly blocked deals that would have let a manufacturer take over the production of the vehicles and that could have saved them from bankruptcy. a person struck by lightning at a pennsylvania race track was upgraded to stable condition. it killed one person yesterday and injured 9 others. fans were told to take cover was of the approaching storms. the person killed was near his car when he was struck. oklahoma authorities are trying to identify the body of
5:48 pm
a burned body destroyed by a wildfire on friday. residents have been evacuated but the body was found on saturday. it destroyed 12 scare miles and 25 structures. number of district attorney attorneys in california are asking for an injunction against walgreen's. they accuse them of dumping drugs and chemicals into regular trash. they want the injunction to make them stop the process. weather is going back up. rosemary orozco is here to tell us about the warm up. >> on saturday, cool and cloudy and before long the headline will be how hot it is. we warmed up today by a few degrees in most spots. inland, we are talking 5-10 to 12 degrees warmer around santa
5:49 pm
rosa, napa, antioch, livermore. there you see the summer-like pattern. low 60s that coast. this warming trend is just beginning. the ridge of high pressure is going to be west ward bound, that will bring us a warmer air mass. it will shrink the marine lair. we will see the early burn mid- wednesday and the hottest spots by thursday expected to hit 100 degrees. we could hold on to the hot weather thine weekend. tomorrow morning we wake up again, fog along the coast line. patchy on the east side of the bay, over the north end of the bay and 50s, few low 60s. low 50s over the north bay, as well as the coast. inland upper 50s to near 60.
5:50 pm
noon time already warming up for many spots. lunch hour and we have got widespread 70s around the bay area. napa upper 70s. and low 80s fairfield, antioch and livermore. by lunchtime feeling the warm and then hot by the afternoon. 86 in santa rosa. 83 sonoma. 73 sausalito. 74 oakland. low 90s for danville, pleasanton. 93 antioch tomorrow. 89 for concord. south bay, a warm day. san jose 81. 88 morgan hill. 90 gilroy. mid-80s saratoga. 75 san mateo. 69 san bruno. 67 in the city tomorrow, clear skies. mid-60s along the coast, pacifica, and santa cruz warm
5:51 pm
than that. extended forecast. uncomfortable for the inland areas by thursday. friday little change. with the weekend in view, we see a slight cool down, mid-90s is still hot. galaxy explorers, these students and volunteers just joined a digital partnership, how they will be looking at the sky from a new perspective.
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we have developing news on the amber alert. police located the car johnathon martinez was last seen driving. he is suspected of abducting his daughter jaqueline martinez. the car was found near the jc penny home store. no one was inside the vehicle at the time. we have a news crew headed that way. we will have more information as it becomes available. one of the judges seats on american idol could be filled soon. nick jonas said he is in the running. american idol was left with two
5:55 pm
vacant seats when steven tyler and jennifer lopez announced they were leaving. the space and science center welcomed a new partnership that links bay area students with chinese scientists and the students say the digital part is up their alley. >> we grow up with video games and youtube so the aspect is awesome. >> these students help mayor jean quan and barbara lee launch the partnership today. together they will study western and chinese astronomy. they will also create community presentations using a inflatable planetarium. >> i am interested in seeing how atronomy functions on a
5:56 pm
global scale, how it is researched and how the sky is different from here to dollar -- from here to there. funding for the partnership comes from the non-profit museum connect and the u.s. state department. men who do weight training may reduce their risk of type 2 diabetes. men who lifted weights 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week reduced their risk. it may be an alternative for men who have difficult with aerobics. a teaspoon of honey may help children with a cough. parents who gave their children honey reported less coughing and better sleep. it could help fight an
5:57 pm
infection. dark honey has more of the antioxidants. coming up, a quiet neighborhood gets a taste of hollywood, we will take you to the set of woody allen's new film. >> a casino closes its doors, but employees are not folding. the new chapter they have just been dealt.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
. hollywood excitement in the part of the bay. a quiet town becomes the back drop for woody allen's new movie. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >> good evening. i am julie haener. >> i am ken wayne. frank somerville is off tonight. we will get to the woody allen story in a moment. first developing news out of pleasanton. police have located located the car involved in the amber alert abduction. the sheriff's office said this man, johnathon martinez kidnapped his one-year-old daughter today. police say the vehicle they were in was found in a parking loss across from the mall but neither jaqueline martinez


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