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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 9, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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controversy in the castro. the catholic church makes a move that critics say is designed to keep gay groups out of the parish hall. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne. frank somerville is off tonight. the catholic church says the behavior of gay groups at its parish hall is sometimes too risque. so the archdiocese is now restricting use of its property. amber lee is live in the city
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where religious tradition has come in conflict with the community. >> reporter: the building is a long time fixture, now it says it's having a problem between the church. the manager tells us that the events here have gotten out of hand. >> another review of drag queens and boys in their underwear. this is a church first and formost this is sacred to a lot of people. it rubs a lot of people wrong. >> reporter: the church castro was going to allow the castro
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campus to hold a fundraiser featuring two drag queens but he say it is archdiocese said no. >> i sometimes get a little angry when organized religion getting in and plays with morality and the way people live. >> reporter: san francisco's new arch bishop is known as a conservative and backer of prop eight. i contacted the archdiocese director, he denies the arch bishop plays any role. the policy is not directed at any group. >> we don't want to hurt the gay community and we don't want the archdiocese to be hurt either. we're stuck in the middle kind of walking this fine balance. >> what may be appropriate in other parts of the country doesn't seem to make sense here in san francisco. >> reporter: most holy redeemer church did tell us it will
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continue to rent the hall to seniors and recovery grouping. reporting live, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. a vacaville police officer shot and killed a man today right outside the main police station. it happened around 3:30 this afternoon in the parking area in front of the vacaville police department on merchant street. officers say a clerk reported seeing a suspicious man with a weapon. police say an officer went outside to talk to a 50-year- old man but pulled a gun at the officer. he died at a hospital. no word yet on his identity. a group of thieves put in extra effort today pulling apple products from a fry's electronic store. they returned at 2:30 this morning then again at 4:30. investigators say they made off with $163,000 worth of merchandise. chevron is said to open a health center for anyone who
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wants to file a claim related to monday's refinery center. more than 22,000 people have already called a claim's hot line set up by the company. the oil company says it plans to pay compensation to those affected by the fire. the center will be located at the nevins community center. a representative from the state bar association was handing out fliers to people seeking legal help today. he wants them to know that it's illegal for an attorney to come by and steer people from that line to its own business. ktvu news has learned that official claims of air quality from that refinery fire being well within state standards are
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not entirely true. our health and science editor john fowler found out one chemical compound exceeded safety standards. >> reporter: after the fire erupted, air quality officials tracked 23 compounds. >> it's wrong headed. >> reporter: dr. paul blanque reviewed the data noting one compound, acrolin. >> a trilogier for beginning to have public health concern. >> reporter: eric steveson told me the district made a mistake. >> in haste. >> it did exceed the reference exposure level set by the state of california. >> reporter: acroline is very reactive irritating eye, nose and lungs. the state standard is set at one part per billion. during the fire, parts reported at three parts per billion. but officials say that's not unusually high. >> within normal fluctuations
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that occur from place to place and from day-to-day. i stand behind the data themselves. i think we all saw the smoke plume. >> reporter: and smoke particles were a health risk but not part of the fire. particles won't be analyzed until a week. technology to do realtime all inclusive air sampling simply does not yet exist. health and science editor, john fowler. ktvu news. the sun was burning brightly today over a contra costa county. the region is in the midst of a warm up with temperatures climbing to triple digits in some place. these pictures taken before 7:00 tonight. mark tamayo joins us with cities that topped triple digit marks. >> that bright red and purple
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shade links up to 100 degrees in some of the highs for today very oppressive. livermore 103 degrees, concord 101 degrees about 4:00 this afternoon. here are the current temperatures at the 5:00 hour. still warming up. still 70s to report across fairfield, livermore and concord. state officials are asking people to conserve electricity during this hot spell. the operators of the state power grid declared a flex alert to help ease strain on power supplies. it begins tomorrow and lasts through sunday. people are being asked to reduce power consumption. one suggestion is to use fans instead of air-conditioning. stay with us for continuing coverage, mark tamayo will be
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back in 11 minutes and again at 10:35 for the complete forecast. we'll also take you to a bay area forecast. a young mother and her baby are back home in oakland after their abduction today triggered an amber alert. the ordeal began late last night at an apartment. the mother and child were found unharmed this afternoon at a friend's house in oakland. hernandez remains at large. he was driving a ford focus similar to this one. relatives identified the boy as joey mendoza they said he was walking home after football practice when he was shot and killed.
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investigators say they believe the shooting is related to gang violence in watsonville. mendoza's family says the 13- year-old was not involved in gangs. five students at liberty high have been disciplined but as paul chambers reports, they may face criminal charges. >> reporter: it was practice as normal for liberty high school football team, the players preparing for the upcoming season. but four returning seniors and one sophomore will have to watch from the sidelines because last week the coach kicked them off the team for hazing three junior varsity players. >> the coach decided to take team disciplinary actions against the students involved. >> reporter: five young men applied icy hot to players.
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the school will provide support and counseling for one victim. but one parent says that's not enough. >> my daughter plays soccer, if it happened on the soccer field i would be irate about it. it's not tolerable. it's not okay. >> reporter: some students feel that the punishment doesn't fit the crime. and the school should allow the players to come back. >> i think it was just a minor prank and they took it too seriously. >> what if the prank happened to you, though. >> they should have expected it because varsity players typically do pranks. >> we do not tolerate hazing, we do not tolerate bullying. there's no place for it in the school. >> reporter: the case is now in the hands of the district attorney. in brentwood, paul chambers, ktvu news. law enforcement community is mourning the loss of one of
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their own. warren rue passed away today. he leaves behind a his wife and children. just last month he was diagnosed with leukemia. plans for his funeral are still being worked out. the city is preparing for an outdoor festival. how much the fees are and why some people say are not fair. this is amazing, it's not every day you get a turtle in your backyard. >> an unusual sight in the south bay the commotion caused when a slow moving reptile got lose.
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part of golden gate park is closed tonight. the event has turned into a big cash cow for san francisco's rec and parks. organizers of smaller events say they are being push out, jana katsuyama explains. >> reporter: well julie tomorrow the fields here will be packed with people they have sold out of the tickets. but some people are saying that the city is selling out by trying to crash in on big events. today crews unloaded cases of cold drinks and rolled out the
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power cables. final preparations for the lands music festival. 195,000 people are expected to attend over the next three days it's become a big generating event for the parks department. >> last year alone it was $1.4 million the rent went directly to the recreational parks to support our parks and help us get through these tough budget times. the attempts to commercialize comes at the expense of smaller groups, some say. nick kinsey is part of a free event that's been running for 23 years, almost as long as some of the vintage cars on display. >> i don't understand why it has to be that much, other than there's a recession going on for everybody. >> reporter: renting venues now can cost up to $15,000.
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officials say that's the cost of protecting park vegetation and paying for security. >> i'm hoping that the parks department can find a way to lower fees for some of the groups like jimmy's old car picnic that aren't commercial in nature. >> reporter: now not for profits do receive a 15% discount. and they say they will continue to work on the fees. new at 10:00, san francisco police announce the arrest of a serial burglary suspect. investigators say they caught john fraudette red handed with $7,000 worth of alcohol.
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police say fraudette was responsible for three other thefts amounting to $3,000 in losses. oakland police are searching for clues for a suspect in a shooting that left three injured. ktvu has learned the victim's name is tatiane turner. she was a high school student and mother of an eight month old baby. her father william turner was fatally shot three years ago. and her cousin was killed in a shooting in july. tonight at 10:30, a rash of robberies in oakland's tony rosh district. the statistics we uncovered and why residents are so frustrated. a new law that would keep officials from cutting cell phone service without approval will require a judge to issue a
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court order based on probable cause before cell phone signals could be blocked. the senate voted unanimously to double fines on manufacturers who used dangerous chemicals in nail polish that does not say toxic. the bill raises the fine to $7,600. the measure now moves to the assembly. people in one san jose neighborhood got quite a surprise this evening when they uncovered an unexpected visitor. an animal not known for fast get aways got lose, janine. >> we're in a neighborhood just west of san carlos avenue and this is where people spotted something unusual crawling down the street. many people could not believe what they were seeing. what would you do if you saw this walking down the middle of
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the street. >> that's amazing. >> me and my friend were driving down the street and we saw this thing just crawling and walking. i said hey that's a turtle. >> reporter: abdula rojei followed this tortoise and dialed 911. and this thing had a mind of its own. the tortoise made his way into someone's backyard and decided it was time for a snack. >> i can't wait until an alligator gets here. >> reporter: everybody wondered what it was until a neighbor answered the question. >> his name is bud, short for
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budzilla. >> he has a way of getting lose, i keep having to secure the fencing. >> reporter: the turtles owner was not home, notes were left on his door. >> are you going to try to seal the backyard better? >> yes, i'm going to get in there and make sure it's secure for tomorrow. >> reporter: he says he's had the 12-year-old reptile since he was a hatchling and would not want anything to happen to it. well it was a hot day to be wandering around outside. you can see the triple digit heat. but as you pull down to the west as you would expect we cool off about a 40-degree
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temperature range today in san francisco only 68 degrees. the fog will develop primarily near the coast. this cloud deck could produce a cloud deck. just be extra careful first thing tomorrow morning. for most of the bay area we're going to cool things off a little bit. cooling off two to 3 degrees from today's hot temperatures. coming up when the major heat comes to town. 80,000 square foot recycling center opened in santa clara county. where public services says it's the largest recycling plant on earth and can recycle 110-tons of waste in an hour. the facility will handle waste from san jose businesses and keep 80% of it out of businesses. before san jose gave the
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contract to republic, only 8% of their trash was recycled. and first part of a brazen robbery and how the thieves got away with so much merchandise. [ male announcer ] everyone thinks norman's a little weird. he talks to dead people. what? [ male announcer ] but there's nothing like a 300-year-old curse to turn a weirdo... come on! [ male announcer ] ...into a hero. "paranorman." rated pg.
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new information in a coin store hold up we told you about last night. today police in sunny vale released surveillance photos of three people wanted after a robbery. >> smashed glass cases and an open case are signs of the robbery. surveillance video we obtained give the public a look at the
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robbery. they say these two men in ski masks both described as heavy set and hispanic and believed to be armed charged through and attacked the worker. >> they bound her with ties, plastic ties. and they pistol whipped her. >> reporter: sunny vale safety gave us these pictures of the suspects. the robbers took 25 to $30,000 of merchandise. >> we know they took gold jewelry out of the safe they took other gold jewelry. they took coins and then they just started emptying trays. >> reporter: the suspects took off in this nissan but then set it on fire and took off in
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another vehicle. investigators say evidence has been sent to a crime lab. a new presidential poll out tonight shows president obama with a seven point lead over mitt romney. the president received 52% in the nationwide survey from cnn. romney had 45%. the poll also indicate it is president had a nine point advantage with women voters and a six point advantage among men. the president wrapped up a campaign swing through colorado today. president obama attended a rally in colorado springs a known conservative stronghold. he told people there they have a big choice to make in november. >> it's not just a choice between two candidates or two political parties, it is a choice between two fundamentally different visions about how we move this country forward. >> this is the president earlier today in pueblo. he spent two days in colorado
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and also visited denver and grand junction. romney was in new york today. 600 donors paid to have breakfast with romney. there's been a big spike in rock reus. you might not expect big numbers that burglars shared with police tonight. and more than a million dish washers recalled the big name brand and concerns about fires. u?%
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a spike in robberies many at gunpoint at people in rockville's neighborhood has
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people asking help for neighbors and police. eric rasmussen is live with statistics. >> reporter: some of the cases involve taking cell phones right out of people's hands here on college avenue. but others actually happen on residential streets and a new hours ago tonight, neighbors got a chance to ask police about it. >> this quiet area near shafter and hudson is where neighbors say someone robbed a man and woman. >> they were just walking home from dinner. a man approached them. had a gun. >> reporter: at this neighborhood meeting oakland police confirmed it's the latest in a rash of robberies hitting rockridge. >> 16 of them were armed so those have increased. and i think that you should be aware of that. >> we don't feel safe. and you know having the
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increase and this is appalling. >> reporter: neighbors asked questions about police resources and response time. oak rapid's problem saving officer assigned to rock ridge told the residents, they're the solution. >> you folks know the neighborhood more than we do. you live there and know who's not supposed to be there. if you see someone suspicious, call us. >> it is frustrating and we know the opd is doing everything they can. we know they're really short staffed. >> reporter: back out here live some businesses out here have chosen to hire private security. the b.a.r.t. station and easy access to freeways is what makes this area so attractive to criminals. eric rasmussen, ktvu news. arsonists suspected to have been the cause of yesterday's grass fire in palo alto. flames broke out shortly after 4:00 p.m. in the preserve. after a fire started a witness
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reported seeing a suspicious person at the scene. the suspect was detained but later released. a total of five small fires had been intentionally set in the area. the investigation remains open. a sacramento superior court judge refused to ordering a change. a group says the wording is misleading. ballot descriptions are written be i the state attorney general. the judge has set a ruling for tomorrow for the prosecutors to make a final ruling in the case. jobless claims dropped by 6,000 to a seasonally adjusted 360,000. economists had predicted the number would rise by 5,000. the total number of people receiving benefits fell by 200,000 to 5.8 million. hundreds of people lined up
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today outside the metrion in san francisco. it was the first day of a job fair to hire employees for a target store opening at the complex. the line of people hoping to apply wrapped around the corner before the interviews began. the store is set to open in october and is hiring 300 people. the target job fair runs through this saturday. general electric has issued a voluntary recall. the recall includes adora, eterne and profile hot point. they were sold from march fix to august 2009. ge is providing free repairs or rebates toward new dish washers. for more details of the recall including model and serial numbers you can go to and scroll down to web links. ktvu's rob roth talked with a disabled passenger who says
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the policy has left him stranded in the cold. bob plant hold is disabled and relies on nummi. he says at least once a week he and passengers are forced to get off the train and wait for the next one. >> you're not given a warning before time you're just dumped. >> i'm left standing at the curb, in the rain, in the wind. >> reporter: other transit agencies do not rely on switch backs and that nummi hasn't
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implemented switch backs. >> i think they have failed in the findings. i think they are way off. >> if we're backed up because there's a fire truck blocking the tracks or because we had a vehicle break down and we get backed up. we can rebalance the service, space it out more evenly. >> reporter: many officials say they've been upgrading the technology. >> if i'm going to be late to work about it. >> reporter: the report suggests that nummi consult with other agencies that do not rely on set backs. the company hopes to break ground next year. a public meeting will be held
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on the clean up plan august 27th at menlo park. get ktvu to go. you can watch all of our newscasts live right on your cell phone. their parents were killed by an intruder. the mayor show of support from the south bay today. >> still hot temperatures in the forecast. coming up the neighborhoods that will reach 100 degrees for tomorrow. also the outside lands festival. >> and new pictures from mars, the questions they're raiding shortly after curiosity's landing there. [ byer ] jason bourne was the tip of the iceberg. what are you gonna do? ♪ [ cross ] i'm gonna finish what he started. who is he? [ dita ] it's aaron cross.
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the san jose police department today presented a gift to three children who's parents were killed by an intruder last month inside the
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family home. pedro and mary bell jimenez were shot to death july 21st. a funds raising effort by the police officers association was matched by other members of the department. >> the civilian staff the secretaries were the ones who quarterbacked some of the funds raisers. they were selling breakfast burritos and they actually cooked them from scratch. this is how people came together. >> the suspect identified add pedro medina is still at large. the federal state commission the fcc imposed a $73.5 million fine on the mountain view company for failing to protect the privacy of people. google agreed to pay the fine but did not admit liability and
10:39 pm
said the tracking was unintentional. yahoo's new ceo is saying not so fast for a plan to return $4 billion in cash to shareholders. yahoo may change its mind after ceo melissa myer reviews company strategy. the money came from a chinese internet company and stocks raised. the mayor indexes were flat. the dow lost 10 points, nasdaq gained seven. the justice department says it will not prosecute goldman sach for its role. the doj says it will reconsider its decision if new evidence emerges. the nearly bankrupt postal
10:40 pm
service reported losses of $750,000 per day in the last quarter. from april to june the agency lost $5 billion. that's up from $2 billion in the same period last year. the postal service said it's been hurt by the mounting costs of health benefits for future retirees. in news of the world. manila is preparing for recovery efforts. the official death toll rose to 49. some criticized the government for not having better flood control measures in place. in vietnam, agent orange and other herbicides were sprayed on 5 million acres in vietnam. and in japan, thousands of people marked the sixth
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anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb in nagasaki. an estimated 11,000 people died in the attack. the mayor of nagasaki called for a nuclear free society and a global ban on nuclear weapons. a replica of the red planet but now you can see the real thing. the new photos just september back from mars and the curious they're sparking here on earth. the nasa mission that did not go as planned today. >> mark tamayo is fine tuning his forecast. he'll tell us how hot it's going to get this weekend. eçññjo
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greetings from outer space the curiousty rover sent color pictures back to earth.
10:44 pm
but some of the out of this world images seem rather familiar. >> reporter: how cool is this. just three days after the nasa rover curiosity sent these pictures of mars. it's home for the next two years. and even mission scientists thought it looked familiar. >> it just looks a lot like what you see out in the mohabe desert, it looks pretty cool. >> reporter: and at the science center today that was a word we heard a lot. >> it's cool. >> reporter: as youngsters and adults alike explored the red plant. >> i think it's wonderful. it's taken a long time. i would love to see some pictures of prehistoric items. >> do you think you would like to go to mars some day? >> yeah. >> reporter: but the mars
10:45 pm
camera is already piquing their curiosity with these pictures. >> the rover curiosity goes up the side of this mountain that was built up over 2 million years of mars history. >> reporter: rover then will analyze the layers of sediment. >> is there life out there? curiosity shows evidence there might have been. >> reporter: scientists say stay tuned this is just the beginning the best is yet to come. rita williams, ktvu news. it was a surprise for nasa engineers a half million dollars news landing crashed on take off today and burst into flames. the unmanned prototype flew a few feet before it rolled over
10:46 pm
and collapsed. the space agency had successfully tested the flight several times. mayor ed lee and joanne wise were on hand for today's opening. the facility is the first of its kind in the west coast and will dramatically reduce response times if a plane is caused to make a water landing. >> we hope nothing ever happens but we have to demonstrate to the airlines, to our public we are ready for anything and this is a very, very good demonstration. rescue vessels will already be in the water and ready to go in about five minutes. previously those boats were on lands. we first reported on the two spills in december of 2010. more than 2 million-gallons of
10:47 pm
sewage leaked out in k eptfield. scorching temperatures in parts of the bay area had people looking for a way to beat the heat. the water slides, fountains and other features were irresistible for many youngsters. water world told us in hot days it plans for double the number of customers it normally receives. and we will be dealing with triple digit temperatures once again as we head into your friday and saturday. but a little bit of a drop off as we head into your friday. right now on the maps we do have mostly clear skies across most of the region. but dense fog developing coast side for pescadero. we still have a bit of an on shore breeze as we deploy our buoy centers out here. we have winds gusting to 25 miles per hour.
10:48 pm
that is the on shore breeze and that is very important because that is keeping the coastal neighborhoods and the bay side locations on the cool to mild side. inland heat completely different story. adds we do have that warm air on top of us it's compressing the marine layer and as a result dense fog showing up coast side. once again first thing tomorrow morning. so just be extra careful driving highway 1 early friday because the dense fog will drop off your visibilities. overnight lows will be in the 50s to the lower 60s. san francisco 55. livermore 63. you will notice on the satellite and radar showers and thunderstorms developing primarily to the east of the sierra. we'll be watching that for the weekend with a chance of thunderstorms right around lake tahoe and point spwaos s into
10:49 pm
the south as well. this is the extreme heat with an excessive heat warning. this begins tomorrow afternoon right on through most of the weekend for saturday and into sunday. temperatures for that part of the state around 105 to 112 degrees. back here in the bay area tomorrow a little bit cooler but still some hot numbers out there right around fairfield. oakland tops out in the upper 70s. antioch at 100 degrees. drink lots of water, seek the shade for tomorrow afternoon. morgan hill right around 96 degrees and san francisco some patchy fog. first thing tomorrow morning clearing back to near the shoreline and also for day one of outside lands for friday afternoon there's the temperature time line throughout the day. afternoon highs maxing out in golden gate park. here is your look ahead.
10:50 pm
saturday still hot numbers inland. we will determine, we will i'm trying to stay, we'll explain supd -- sunday will be the coolest day of the weekend. and more cooling for next week monday into tuesday. still triple digits out there. >> okay, thank you mark. weather permitting in less than an hour, vector control workers in santa clara county hope to start fogging for mosquitoes. the fogging is planned for interstate 280 and highway 35. the fogging comes after mosquitoes were found in the area. the district says says it performed the fogging four times last season. top law enforcement leaders in contra costa county postponed a vote today on a controversial jail expansion
10:51 pm
plan. supporters want to add 150 beds for the jail. opponents say they want to use the money for rehabilitation. a big trade in the nba, the four way deal surrounding a big name. and a major milestone for the airline industry not reached in more than 20 years.
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there's a good chance the next flight you take will leave on time. airlines set a record for on time performance. in nearly 84% of domestic flights arrived 15 minutes of their scheduled time. that is the best development since government started tracking data. today the city showed off new bike lanes. officials and advocates tried out a the newly opened lane. it features a special buffer zone to keep bicyclists and cars apart. five downtown streets have the new lanes including tenth and 11th streets. mark ibanez joins joins us now to tell us about the a new
10:55 pm
trade. they get supersized again. and if you're a warriors fan you have to be asking yourself, why do the lakers always get their man. center piece is the self- described superman 7'sensation out of orlando. he does not agree to increase his contract. he wants to see if he is comfortable in l. a. richardson giving up superman gets orlando three conditional picks.
10:56 pm
and gives up vucevic and harkless. carlos beltran two run blast. he just made it look so easy. giant fans saw it at the end of last year. number two for him. baumgartner gives up 26. on defense after scoring 15 runs best they could do is sac fly. the giants come home one game up in the northwest. one of golf's biggies the championship. tiger will be topic 1a. nice clear conditions at kewa island in south carolina. tiger three straight birdies on the back nine. a 3-under 69. carl peterson is the chase. approach at 10 all you can see about this shot he just sticks
10:57 pm
it right there. the birdie ensues a 6-under 66. one shot lead every move he makes will be scrutinize and over analyzed but such is life when you're peyton manning. nice connection there. but finishes his night throwing a pick not all his fault maybe a deflected pass. it's major wright with the interception but the broncos win it 21-3. all in all pretty success. team usa avenging the blast against japan. this time usa prevailing for the gold 2-1. hope solo nice saves scores both american goals. danville's maggie stephan with five goals. that's the sporting life for a thursday evening. more gold. good day for the americans. >> five golds for maggie. a lot of proud people out
10:58 pm
there. >> that's the local angle. >> mark, thank you. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> another spare the air day tomorrow, the ktvu morning team will be tracking the weather and your early morning commute starting at 4:30. we're always here for you on w you look around for the best deals.
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that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. this week, local seedless grapes straight off the vine are just 79 cents a pound. starbucks coffee is only $7.49. that's less than a quarter for a great cup of coffee. tropicana o.j. is just $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.


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