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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  August 14, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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-- caldecott tunnels. so far it is now up to 6,000 acres that have burned in the area of highways 20 and 53. backup there now with more on what crews did overnight to help control those flaps good morning alex. >> yes, what were they doing overnight? >> well, we looking at a couple of engines, they are standing by next to one of the homes that have burned and they are keeping hot spots on this area and they have sort have combined these. they are handling them as one incident and they still have access fire and they are trying to take advantage and build up the containment lines but they
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feel pretty confident in terms of the homes because the fire is burning east and it is a sparse i populate -- sparsesly populated area, that is why everybody was allowed to return to their homes and there is -- that is why all those people went home to find only three structures were lost in the fire. that is a test amount to what firefighters have done. >> what you has wind been like? >> well they were calm and it helped the crews to get a new handle on the fire but cold winds yesterday, things are very calm, they are hoping for
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another good day weatherwise. obviously it is going to be dry and hot put in terms of the winds they will be flank full and they are hoping to get somber containment today. the walker and wi-fi combined. it now stands officially in containment, he says that in a coupeel of hours once over night crews come in they will get an accessment to see ouch has burned as well and they are looking at containment numbers. >> thanks so much for that update we will check in with you throughout the morning. well more than #0 firefighters from the bay area have been called to the
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counties to help. they are each having five end against, a team from alameda which was sent to plume miss nationals forest. meantime an unhealthy air alert has been issued because of the all of the smoke. smoke can be particularly hard for those suffering from as the from, and air quality is supposed to remain pore. the california operating consumption companies are asking demand to be turned off. they are asking everybody to turn off air conditioning when not home and restrict the use
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of apply -- appliances. protesters did take over yesterday, filled the area with books, started a garden, planned to reach reading and computer charges as well new we will have a live report from the library in just about a half hour. it is still not safe to turn the refinery. they had learned about the pipes which were all inspected last november. they replaced one pipe that was car roaded but the fire was left in service. >> many question that discussion. >> maybe they just missed in
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their maintenance cycles or maybe they need to step it up. >> some experts say the damaged crude unit may be down as long as 6 months. many say it will take the shell refinery. just after 2:00 in the afternoon. the health advisory was listed after an hour. it took place in proud daylight. police responses to it is shooting. a man was shot while sitting in his car, he died at the scene. >> it is very, very, scary and yes, i am worried about my
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maybe -- taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries after being shot later in the day. yesterday a woman was stabbed on star carlos treatment police have not made arrests. >> they are looking for the information leading to the arrest and couldn't a 17-year- old. since he was shot and killed near grove street, she will be at her sons murder and anybody with information is asked to call san francisco police. the 16-year-old girl who wassed shot untilled what the soot. her funeral will be held at
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11:00 a.m. pumper was named and a memorial fund in the baby's name has been set up. >> the u.s. investigation is carried out and a man was given an eviction notice and opened fire on police. three people were killed an officer and the gun map. lynn has -- is accused of not telling police that the teacher kraig chandler had been accused of molesting a 2nd grader at the elementary school. the principal faces up to five months in jail if he is convicted. >> county workers are dealing
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with more inmates than expected. it is the result of low realignment. since this began, the county has been handling 15 tie more than they said they would. >> he made a visit to the state fair and paul ryan appeared at the fair. in the meantime he will be on his final day of the bus tour and paul ryan will be there as well. it will be new jersey governor chris christie and the formal announcement is expected today. i want to check in with sal on
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this early morning, good morning sal. good morning, traffic is doing well if you are driving around the bay area, this morning's commute is moving along the freeze air. also this morning's commute is looking good if you are driving onto the bay bridge toll plaza no mange problems coming into the area. and there is light so far as you come through. >> yell, yesterday by the coast, 60ss and 7. >> sp land. and it will probably pick up again later on. the good news, there is a little bit of a westerly breeze and that's a good sign. you don't want it northeast so
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itings city very eye and a these west at 4:00 no closer to the y, but they beat the north east breeze any time of day. 70 in livermore, they were 103 and i forecasted 104, it was very close. west southwest travis, that is a message and also napa airport, both reporting a south winds at 5:00, this is also a message it will be cooler today. 5060s, still in lake county still vacaville anywhere around antioch will be cooing its grip. cool by the coast and we are starting a cooling trend, i split the difference and for
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some it will still be hot, 60 for pacifica, after yesterday's 100, san mateo 77, fog is on the increase wednesday thursday friday, take a visit on the weekend, pam. a scarry scene in texas after a major seen near a deadly university. what police say moments after shots rang out. how it could benefit a million undocumented government in the u.s.
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. good morning, a lot of low clouds, still hot 90s and we topped out yesterday, 60s and
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70s. syria's defected prime minister is speaking out since leaving his post. he announced he is joining the rebel side. he can no longer support president bashar assad because he has no ability to stop the fighting. this morning they are remembering texas a&m university. he shot and killed an officer who was trying to shoot two people. hours after the tragedy community members gathered to pray for the victims. >> the first round was 5 or 6 shots, and it was like an automatic gun going off and it was going off for about 30 minutes. >> a woman was there helping her daughter move before the
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start of school. the jerry sandusky abuse case may cause the school to lose their accreditation. the university is on warning and the school must submit a report to show how they will handle the fallout but hey say they are confident they can address this and keep their accreditation. they could provide relegal for 2 million undocumented immigrants living in the united states. the people here can apply for a temporary work permit. they can fine them at the u.s. immigration website.
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time now 5:46, so far there is only a few cars which earned a few passing grades. the act cure were. the l volvo were good the other eight rated marginal or poor ratings. 4:46 hopefully no crashes out there let's check in with sal. this morning it was foggy and they were doing a little bit of road work so i wanted to check out the span. i wanted to watch for them to be adjusting the thick fog in
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this area. hook at the bay bridge westbound toll plaza and that looks good with no delays. that looks very nice on the way to the santa clara valley. and that traffic looks good from hayward to union city, let's go to steve. >> a little better conditions today than yesterday, it is still hot and there is a little more of a component of a westerly briefs in some of the eyer elevation. humidity 22 for% north and there are a few signs it will be around 100 degrees today. 53 santa rosa, 70 in livermore, incredible. 63 fairfield, although,
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although they have a southwest wind at 21 miles per hour. yesterday at this time it was 12, they had gusts to 28 and even vacaville, so fog is up and it will still be warm to the hot category and a significant cool down will get stronger through at the week. it is actually lifting a little bit following for some. upper 90s and a lot of 70s and 80s and other locations, a billing cool down, pamela?
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if you need a place to rent, we will let you know why prices are heading higher. plus we continue to follow the latest developments of the burning fire and now we will have more on why people are allowed to run home. . to return home.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, we have continuing coverage from lake county near clear lake where two wildfires have burned 6,000 acres. when temperatures dropped overnight, crews dropped containment hours to get ahead of the area and when crews came back they allowed people to return to their homes. new information this morning, surrounding the party bus crash that killed a santa cruz woman last month. they are trying to figure out who was there and after a short time, she was killed falling out of the bus. she and another woman were in some sort of altercation when they fell out but the other woman is recovering. police are looking for a
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suspicious person north of the berkeley hills. police found a body on a call to check on that person's wellbeing. they are he suspicious circumstances and they are not releasing the person's name just yet. investigators raced down the road, lost control of their cars, both crashed into the same house, the toy it oat and bmc ended up stacked up inside on top of each other. the family who lives there were on vacation and the cars were likely traveling a half hour. >> to take out a guardrail,
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push a 300-pound bolder, thread to be traveling fast to drive this much damage. >> they suffered non-life threatening injuries and teens are facing filled any dui reckless driving. two women barely faced a tragedy, the truck was traveling downhill and likely lost its breaks. the truck driver was suffering minor injuries. a marine mannal is recovering after being shot in the face. the sea animal was found unresponsive in santa cruz last month. the animal is doing better but is blind in both eyes.
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the animal is doing better after being shot in the head. in san francisco the average rent was 500 but the biggest hike is where they are paying $9,000 more a year. and traveling from is about to get easier and at 1:00 this or noon, they expressed interest to a non stop flight to san francisco back in 2002, let's get back for a look on traffic. it is westbound 24 at the caldecott tunnel in one of those lanes there is an overturned car and the fire department and police are on
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the way and in fact chp is just arriving, telling us what is going on. just be careful as you drive through and it will start causing a backup, it is very light now and we will have one if it stays for any length of time. as you head to the toll plaza there was some road working in that area and it looks good in by the bay bridge toll ball la. and it is more of a westerly breeze, today we are going for a high of 102 instead of 107 and the humidity will be
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2 5%. 60s to near 72, a south breeze up in the north bay, those are all signs of a cooler pattern, it look like the lilo forming here will -- little low will start forming and wile bow, if not today, definitely tomorrow, so we will continue this cooling. coming up, he continues in court. the move his former girlfriend made to claim some of the hiss original painting stay tuned for more.
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. another energy warning, why we are being urged to conserve. protesters moved out, we will tell you how it all went down, coming


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