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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  October 2, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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also it looks good near the 280 interchange let's go back to the desk. the shooting happened at mcarthur boulevard and diamond avenue. one witness was shot and killed and it looks like another car followed him into the parking lot, waited for him and opened fire. the suspect ran from the scene. earlier, a few people were at a different liquor store and 90th avenue. lorraine blanco joins us from hyland hospital. >> one of the four victims was transported. his condition is unknown. i just spoke with somebody who said it has been an unusually violent night. two men were shot in their vehicle close to 9:00 p.m.
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one man was on scene and another on hyland. apparently a mom and her teenage daughter just happened to be driving down mcarthur during that liquor store shootout. the mom drove to the closest intersection she felt safe and then called 911. then around 1020, more than an hour after that, police got another call. a woman in her 30s was shot in her arm. police are not sure why she waited so long to call for help, and they are looking into what transpired before the shooting. the 14-year-old is expected to be okay and we are waiting for information on the suspects or suspect and we have a call into police to get more information. lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2
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morning news. cleanup -- clean up efforts are underway, investigators will be at the site this morning. at least 40 people were injured when the train crashed into a big-rig and derailed. nearly 170 people were on board including a newborn baby. >> the seat in front of us was ripped out and fell on top of him. so i had to dig out debris that fell on top of him and i found him in his car seat. >> buses will be hammered during this morning's commute. family members found the body of one of two fishermen. relatives found the body on a beach north of pigeon point. the man's identity was not
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released. 55-year-old man and 35-year-old man disappeared after their small fishing boat flipped over. two other men made it to shore safely. and in just about two hours, they will talk about the death of a teacher who is facing serious charges. 28-year-old james was found dead yesterday inside a parked car in san loren do. he was arrested last week accused of molesting a former female student. despite those allegations they have set up a memorial for him. >> my mom was shocked and she was more surprised than i was. >> grieve counselors will be made available to help students cope with his death. a man accused of being
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abducted bradley is brought up on charges including kidnapping and he grabbed a mean-year-old by the hand. he is accused of pulling her off campus. the council ended in september's meeting after alan blueford took over. he was shot and killed back in may. family members will return to city hall back in may. they will also talking about the right right to speak out to prevent interruptions. more than 100 customers are in the dark.
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it started at 8:00 p.m. power should be fully restored by 6:30. it is happening for the first time in six years. they have all three batters in the top of the 9th as they defeated the texas rangers and the win means at the very least they have clenched one with of the wildcard spots. they celebrated and josh roddick gave him a pie in the face. as you can see the celebration moved into the clubhouse where beer was flowing. cocoa crisp played in the down willing and scoring the event
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winning run. >> you know you wouldn't think all these rookies have something perfect than this. they have two games and if they win both they will be western vision champions. if not they will have the same spot. last year the a's and giants were out of it and now they are in it and a lot of baseball fans are a happy. as you get to out mcarthur maze, there are no major problems, westbound bridge looks good and this is the only time when the bay bridge will be empty so you may want to take advantage. the morning commute looks good
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northbound 280 getting to highway 17, that traffic is off to a decent start. it is 4:36 let's go to steve. cassie jean, that is over in grenada. she says, where is my son, where is my son, then she tweets me please turn up the heat. napa today 102 all the records were set in 1980. san 96. -- san francisco 96, livermore 68 degrees and that's their
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current tell to your. not anybody, san jose, travis, it is calm. that happens sometimes and once that happens you will have a hiv morning temperatures will be it, this will be it for a long and then the cooling begins wednesday and say on sunday we will be in the 60s. a magnitude earthquake hit california last night. it is 40 minutes east of downtown san diego. there are no immediate reports of damage or injuries but a magnitude 2.6 after shock hit about an hour and a half after.
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a deadly boating collision in hong kong, at least 30 people have died. >> plus, the trial against the woman accused of killing michelle le, why the defense said she should not be charged with murder. we will have more on your morning commute and the bay area weather coming up.
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good morning welcome back. it happened in an area near
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lama island near china's fireworks show. more than 100 people were thrown into the water. the accident is the deadliest for hong kong. they are charged with operating the craft unsafely. testimony continues in the trial of giselle esteban. she is charged with murdering nursing student michelle le. they delivered opening statements with the prosecution calling it premeditated murder fueled with jealousy and hate. she said giselle esteban was snapped when provoked and family and friends said it was a difficult moment as the last moments of michelle le's life were laid out for the jury. >> this is anticipation without all the details is becoming very difficult. >> they say michelle le was
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dating the father of giselle esteban's child. she was killed four months later. and the mass shooting in oakland will be evaluated after making an outburst in court. during a previous hearing yesterday, one goh suddenly stood up and said i have a motion. his attorney talked about his mental state. >> he will be assessed by a psychologist to determine whether he is ready to stand trial. >> else accused of killing seven people during a shooting rampage at oikos university where he was once a student. and we are just one day away from the first presidential debate for mitt
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romney and nevada. tomorrow night's debate will be held on the campus which is undergoing a renovation. there are some students who won tickets to the debate. >> i actually get to go see it live and i hope to learn more about the political process. >> with the candidates focused on the debates their running mates will be campaigning. vice-president joseph biden will be visiting north carolina. now we will carry the debate live and it will be followed by a special is digs to check in on traffic, sal? >> as a matter of fact we are looking at some of the busiest
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commutes and first of all we created a fire which caught fire at 67 and bancroft. nobody was inside and the cause is still under investigation. it is like a total loss though. and as you head out to the mcarthur maze, also the morning commute is looking good at the bay bridge toll plaza, as you drive out to the city if you are driving into the city, that traffic is looking good so far. good morning clear skies, no breeze yet now we are not in record-setting territory, maybe one or two but today's records very hot here all of this set
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in 1980, yesterday's 76. so it will be close and 68 in the city, 63 concord, 6 san ohio ohio probably not but if everything came in bullish, we might get a light breeze. near 100 degrees for one more days. cooling coast and bay and we are carried into the upcoming weekend for a big cool down, pam. they were shut down after a school bus collided with a van. if happened shortly before 5:00 and the driver of the van
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was hurt and a car crash right through the front window. yesterday it was right in the middle of the lunch hour. fortunately santa cruz are not serious -- injuries are not serious. it is a case of arson. flames gutted the inside of the building and destroyed many of his records. he believes the saturday morning fire was meant to intimidate him the tactic did learn. >> now davis said he is not linking it to vandalism at his house or home and he said it may be linked to his job as
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mayor but he will leave the investigation to police. and they have set fire to two churches and an office building. now the church and the office building are just a short distance apart nobody was was the hurt. a fast moving fire is a reminder of the fire danger posed by the hot weather. the fire started yesterday evening near highway 116. it left about a dozen people homeless and one couple was supposed to get married this friday. >> then when the wires fell down there was no water so let's get the animals and make sure the animals are out. >> the fire also started but
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that has not prompted any evac wakes. and they are marking two weeks since a saratoga man went missing. he was the last since after leaving a family. he is without his medication and has a heart condition and he is described as 5-foot 10, 350 pounds and has a harley davidson symbol on the back of -- on the back of his head. if you have any information please call san jose police. now an 83-year-old woman is
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charged with dwi after hitting somebody near the campus. the victim was in across walk when mary lieu cordova hit him on hoist avenue and spruce street. the victim was taken to the hospital. city leaders approved a ban on works as many as part and other downtown locations. smoking is banned while on sidewalks and this happens while on the way to destination. 4:41 a tragedy mile stone. the homicide is the third largest in the city. and how police and public
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transportation officials are preparing for all the visitors, stay tuned.
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. it is expected to draw big crowds. that is ahead of thursday's
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fleet we can kick off, also happening, the oracle world, giants and 49ers and the heritage parade is taking place. also two cruise ships are on the way and the police chief said the entire staff will be working. >> if there is an incident that does arise, they will be able to address it immediately. >> bart and muni are expanding service and 100 extra taxi will be on the streets. watch out for some street closures because of the activity. 4:54, it will be very crowded into the city. >> good morning everybody, let's go out and see what we have with the morning commute out to the westbound drive, it looks good between walnut creek
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and oakland. no major problems on the other side. if you are driving to san francisco right now it is a light commute and traffic looks good to hayward and hayward and fremont looks good no probably almost in sunny veil and santa clara is off to a good start. let's go to steve. the city is its sitting -- is sitting at 68 degrees. we are sitting in the 60s or upper 60s. it is a very mild 68 yet if you go to a you will go from 58 to 52. unless it picks up, it will be
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a score -- scorcher. sunny warm to hot, very mild morning for some, not for others, 70s and 80s and 90s. and 90s to 100s inland and off the coast the low will work its way off the coast. we'll see them takes plunges. there has been more than 40 homicides this year. according to police the murder rate has actually slowed down since the summer. it was 10 years ago today that two schneiders ban terrorizing the washington d.c. area had them linked to 27
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shootings and 10 killings in the area. mohammed was killed and the other person who was 17 at the time is serving a life sentence. he told the post he was a monster and says he is changed. -- he is now changed. coming up, a victory last night. headed to the playoffs for the first time in six years : as also at the -- among the shot, a teenage girl, we will be right back. @p@po'
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. police are investigating three different locations this morning. dozens are dead after a big- rig collides with a train and some questions remain. presidential candidates are getting ready for tonight's first debate. they beat the expectations and the oakland a's are headed to the playoffs, we will show you the moment they made it happen. the morning


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