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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  October 18, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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we will -- city hall. did you see the flash of light, what scientists are saying about it this morning. >> complete bay area coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, thank you for waking up with us this morning, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark, steve is here, how should we prepare for this? >> well ,it is cool to warm. big changes take place on the weekend, west winds kick in and we will have more on this big cool down in about five minutes, here is sal. we have a rollover on westbound 92 right there before the san mateo bridge.
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this was on its side but the damage is don't getting out to the san mateo bridge. you can see at they are doing this. there you did he and traffic is moving along well as you head to the high-rise let's go back to the desk. coming in from caster valley, we first told you about this, around midnight a house fire was reported and when firefighters arrived they found a body inside that house. alex savage is right there and i know the police busy, this is an active crime scene, right? >> reporter: that is what it has turned into and the chief tells us it certainly does look
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suspicious and you can see the alameda sheriff's office is collecting evidence where this body was found inside and a short time ago, this crime scene was included and we have been pushed back from the house. this all began just before midnight. this is on the 2400 block in caster valley. we asked if the person in this house may have died as a result of something other than a fire. one neighbor we spoke to told us he noticed the fire but didn't see a whole lot of flames. >> i saw smoke, went back up on the deck, i saw light emanating from a window and i didn't see any flames coming from the outside of the house but i saw a lot of smoke. >> for some background on the
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house, that same neighbor said he believes it is a retired firefighter along with with his girlfriend but they are not giving up anything as far as the identity gender and age of that person. but an alameda spokesperson is expected to give us an update on a house fire which has turned into a grim call investigation. 6:04 news. police officers and s.w.a.t. teams were near the intersection of cairo road. he barricaded himself inside the house. two hours later he surrendered
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peacefully. a candidate is now talking about being robbed just as he was returning home from a neighborhood crime meeting. it happened. he turned him around seeing if he with cut back on oakland's crime rate. >> i hear, crime, crime, crime in every part of the district. now i feel it firsthand. >> now cobb said he stole his iphone and told him to run away. he was not injured and so far police have more information. it was supposed to be light hearted when they get on stage and they will be at the
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foundation dinner. coming up at 6:15, out on the campaign trail what the two presidential candidates are saying tuesday night's debate. ktvu channel 2 morning news' tara moriarty joins us at civic center plaza with a controversy over a big pile of dirt. the. >> reporter: they have been -- >> reporter: you can see it behind me right behind city hall and despite controversy, crews are putting on the touching finishes. it will be used by them and dirt piles. we will awe then kate civic center plaza and they are among the top athletes competing. they will use the space for 16
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days generating close to 316 for profit. still they don't like the fact that this isco sponsored by a soda company and he also says the workers are not paid enough. he also says it's being used and we had the red chilly peppers not counting the 1.2 million they received in fees from the arts festival. we just spoke with folks and they will give us a tour of the set up live within the next hour. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. later this morning people are asked to drop, cover and hold on for the great california shake out. it is designed to remind people what to do during an
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earthquake. it comes one week after the earthquake in petaluma. more than 9 million people are expected to participate in this morning's drill. if you saw a light last night, you were not imagining things. north of mendocino county. my house shook and it was a sonic boom that some people did think it was an earthquake. you are looking at the observatory over san jose and it also caught the police by surprise. >> we have a report of a large meteor an explosion in the area of page mill. >> take a look at that dash-
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cam. now an a front my inspector -- astronomer inspector said it hit the ground and that light show may not be over. i have see them 5 and sal has more. that's right we have a couple of problems, the first one is a rollover in the hayward area, 92 westbound, down to one lane here and as you can see they have righted the car that was overturned and it looks like it might even be up on a tow truck or it is gone. the two lanes are closed and chp told that few, don't go over there, don't stand in the lights. and now here the two right lanes are closed.
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now the morning commute on northbound 101 is a mess. here on marsh road coming from palo alto to redwood city, you may want to think about using el comino royal. heading southbound, it may be the time before something happens and it looks like those metering lights will be going on later today. that power house went blasting through and as you know a three hour rain delay, there is a colder system to the north and i think the pig message will play and it is
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going to be cooler, you could see 40s in the game. but that is your very on the low nice sunshine and the system is getting very close and as it does we will turn the breeze more on shore as the direction the preases is coming from and -- breeze is coming from. just notice an hour or two and northeast, it is in the east bay hills and i expect that to decrease. look at santa rosa, there are some big differences in the lows. southwest, that is sign of warning and in fact it will go way down and we will have 60s for highs, we will have 60s and 70s and 80s.
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we will have cooler -- cooler lows, they are on the mild side. near 90 degrees, petaluma loom 84 and 80 degrees. 72 degrees tomorrow we start a cooling trend. the decision has been made in santa clara county and what is next for that radar tower. plus, they could change the way air quality is monitored here in the bay area. >> plus they just arrested three men for killing men in a bar and setting the bar on fire. we have a possible motive for
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that crime.
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. welcome back, new this morning police in denver have arrested three men who were accused of setting fire to the bar and grill. they found the bodies of four men and one woman inside. police have not said why the people inside the bar were killed. one of the suspects in the 9/11 attacks is accusing the
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u.s. government of torture. now during a court hearing, they say the government sanctioned torture in the name of national security. he also said, the number of people killed on 9/11 pales in comparison to the amount of people our embassy has killed. well the family of george mcgov earn said he is no longer responsive. he was admitted to a hospice two days ago. his family said he is suffering from several illnesses. he was the democratic presidential nominee and lost to former president nixon. he was the first globe ball
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ambassador for hunger. >> they are waiting for the momentum coming out of the debate, allison? >> pam, we have still not seen any national or swing state polls taken after the debate but at this point it does not look like a dramatic game changer. one prominent pole says they will go on similar to what they have been. he is not seeing a big shift after his aggressive performance in the town hall debate. >> i have to be honest, i love these debates. >> i am still trying to figure out how to get the hang much this thing, debating but we are working on it, we will keep on improving as time goes on, i
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have got one left. how to fight for women voters, emerging as a deciding factors in the next update, k. the knew. they are monitoring air quality here in the bay area. they have approved a plan to adopt new rules on tracking pollution from refineries. they will hire expert -- outside experts to improve it. they are geared towards measuring pollute ants over the long-term rather than big releases. and the radar tower will remain standing for at least the next five years they will
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keep the tower intact while they spend time on repairs. the total cost could be as much as $3 million. preservations is saying that will give them enough time to race enough money needed to save the tower. time now 6:18. we have a big change coming to the morning news. you have to follow me -- you have to follow me on twitter. >> yes, i love it, you can follow me on a steve one day we will get dave clark on there. i have some lanes reopened as you head out to the san mateo bridge, we have -- this is where the accident was and traffic is recovering and you will see a little more
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sluggishness as they removed the -- as they remove the crash. northbound 101 between marsh and willow, serious accident and chp said it will be there for a while. so far it's not affecting southbound and 280 is a good alternate. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have await before you can make it on to the bridge let's go to steve. k. the weather and i saw some funny people on there as well. >> we have clear skies. we'll see a big change in our weather and i think you will notice it more tomorrow. there is a system getting close and it is 46. 61 book ends oakland and san francisco, 53 san jose, san
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rafael 51 degrees, there is cooler lows from fairfield to oakland hills. that west wind is good for many for probably a long time. this system will give us a westerly breeze and it will be windy in the hills, cooler lows except for the immediate coast. 60s and 70s to near 80s coast and bay. low-to-mid upper 80s inland. the fog will be roaring back tomorrow and cold will be digging into the pacific northwest and that means clouds increase sunday and monday and it looks like rain tuesday and wednesday. university of phoenix is
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closing and will shut down and the school will layoff employees facing a declining enrollment and the school faces nor detentions on campuses. a surveillance video that police say they hope it will lead to a break-in that case. plus, when it comes to dropped food, is there any truth to that five second rule? what a new study found.
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. a man who was shot and killed was because of offender bender. -- because of a fender-bender. it shows him bumping a car on 45th and market and it led to an argument inside the store. butler was killed the next day
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by two men associated with the car he hit. butler's family is pleading for witnesses to come forward. >> i know there are people out there who have some morals and decency and when they see this video they will have to come forward and have these guys charged. >> they are looking to identify the suspect car, it is an early model four-door car car, either dark green or black. if you have any information please company police. the five second rule is safe to eat if you pick it up in five seconds. five seconds is plenty of time for germs to attach to your food.
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for the study researchers dropped baby carrots on kitchen sinks, carpeted floors and tile floors. they are saying the countertop was the dirtiest of them all. let's check in with sal. i know you've got the chopper working, northbound 101, on marsh road we do have a crash, it looks like this crash in menlo park is super busy because the crash blocked all lanes for a time. you can see the lanes are reopened just as we got there and i saw them reopen. northbound 101 is backed up into palo alto and sought bound is still moving well passed the scene. sunole grade, that is moving well, here is steve. it will be a nice day, i
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just tweeted this in ocean beach. talk about a reversal. getting to the 7th inning, possible rain, but this is a much cooler system coming in behind that. for us, 60s and 70s and 80s, this could be on the high side and we will have more on that and coming up in about 10 minutes. meteors over the bay area, the distraction it caused for drivers, a front hers think -- astronomers think they know where it could have landed. it leads to a discovery of a body, what firefighters are saying about that body and who lived in that house.
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. they are ringing the opening bell in new york, it is going to be a beautiful day because they are digesting corporate earnings. again, there is the opening bell, we have some that beat expectations, there is some coming up. >> thursday, october 18th, i am dave clark. >> time now 6:30. we have new information about our developing news out of caster valley, a story we have been talking about, a house fire is now being called suspicious after the discovery of a body . first reported at midnight and that's where we are finding alex savage. alex? >> reporter: we just got an update from the alameda
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sheriff's office and in fact they have confirmed this is a suspicious death following an early morning house fire. i want to show you the scene, it was just after midnight when the fire bre out on san carlos avenue. the person inside the home was found inside after they put out a small fire in the front room of the house. at this point we are asking investigators whether there were any signs obvious trauma and he said that is not something he can report at least at this point but the death does appear to be specials and they are -- suspicious and they are canvassing the area and we asked the lieutenant specifically if this was a homicide investigation and this was his response. >> not yet, and the reason i say not yet because there is no determination there is a crime committed here at all.
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sometimes people die in fires and it is an accident or something of that nature. also, people die in fires based on a homicide. we are not that far into the homicide investigation to determine which one is which. >> we have a neighbor who said the person who lives inside that house is a retired firefighter who lives here at some time. at this point they are not giving the gender or the rough approximate age of person who lives here and at this point they are seeking out a search warrant so they can collect more evidence. for now. alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. police are investigating an armed robbery that happened hours ago. a man was held up at gunpoint
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just after 1:30 between bancroft and foot hill. two people were taken into custody and only one was considered a suspect and nobody was hurt. the city of mesa may sign a deal to bolster the police department. that is according to the oakland tribune. the police department is getting by right now by requiring police officers to work over time. right now there are 20 police officers compared to 387 four years ago. this is going on while police academy cadets finish their training. a woman may well be in trouble. her name is ruby men disa. she was -- ruby mendoza. she was last seen getting into a silver two door car with a
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man. they may have a relationship. if you have any information call police. a 21-year-old man from bangladesh is charged with a terrorist plot to blow up the federal building in new york city. he came on a student visa and he told undercover agents he wanted to go after the country's financial institution and destroy america. >> he goes to the new york stock exchange and he sees there is significant security and he shifts to the federal reserve bank. >> now the fbi set up an elaborate bomb hidden outside the if he rad -- federal reserve bank.
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the fire started yesterday early morning, and at one point it threatened 100 homes in the painted cave community. the terrain is steep so it is difficult for firefighters to get near there and fight the fires. the fire is 2 5% contained. it is particularly quiet for drivers and for police. they are showing some video of what happened last night and also why we may see more meteors this weekend. >> reporter: well one person described it as mysterious and beautiful and another person said it was something from the end of the world movie and it prompted some people to call police. >> they had a 911 call advising of a large media exploding in the roadway.
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>> it happened 7:45 and lots of people managed to catch the bright light on camera. there was a boom which some people took their homes. it was probably about that still you didn't have to be exactly there where people spotted the fireball from san jose to san francisco. people doubt this was related to the upcoming meteor shower and that's expected to peak over the weekend. ann rubin ktvu channel 2 morning news. all right, ann, if you saw it, if you took some pictures of the meteors last night, you can share them with our facebook page. >> time now 6:37, problems sal?
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yes, as a matter of fact, we have some problems from an earlier crash, it is going to be a little bit slow, although things are getting slower in palo alto. traffic is reopened between marsh and willow and the traffic is recovering. let's go to highway 101 in san francisco, northbound and southbound, there is a little bit of traffic as you head out towards the candle stick park area, northbound 101 looks okay. 6:32 -- 67:37, -- 6:37, 20 mile- per-hour gusts and most locations stay calm, it will be sunny and warm, there is a front coming from st. louis,
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and we have severe weather which came through yesterday and there is a colder system to the north. i mean it could rotate in and it is going to be cooler, no doubt there will be some temperatures and 57, partly cloudy skies skies a few off and on showers and it is inching closer and it will turn that northwesterly. it will end at 8:00 so it is only an hour and a half or so. 51 san francisco, ocean beach is 66. i mean a 20 degrees spread, 50s on the temperatures, kathy up in napa said it's really cool and we are thinking of turning on the heat. we still have an on shore component which says it will be cool but it's on its way. it will be sunny and warm but
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that first system works its way in and it's a start of a big cooling trend. 70s 80s and 90s. 86 san ramon, 77 degrees. 82 and 86 gilroy, los gatos 84 degrees. 60s on the coast. brisbane lower 80s and here comes the cooler weather friday. big cool down takes us into sunday, increasing clouds and rain takes us to monday. let's talk baseball, then the giants need a big performance after they lost 3- a. he is in the lineup now. >> carpal -- cardinals now have
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a 2-1 series lead over the giants and tim lincecum starts for the giants tonight and barry zito starts game 5 tomorrow. don't forget you can watch the game right here on channel 2 and our coverage begins at 4:30 following a special addition of ktvu channel 2 news. despite some scattered rain showers game 4 of the american league championship series between the detroit tigers and new york yankees, that should be played but it was postponed yesterday because of all the rain. tigers are leading 3-0 in that series and yankees will bring out one of their top players, vallejo native cc sabathia to go against those tigers. 6:41, support is growing for a gay scout who was denied eagle status. a call is going out to rethink
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their antigay policy. the city is getting ready for an extreme sporting event. we will tell you why it is out there, we will have more on the bay area weather and commute straight ahead.
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. here is a quick look at some of the top stories, at 6:44 a home in castro valley, a body was found as firefighters were putting out a fire. officials say the fire appears suspicious. the cause of death of victim is still being investigated. reportedly two people who lived in that house is a -- one of them is a retired san francisco firefighter. he claims he was robbed after leaving a neighborhood crime meeting. he was standing near his car when a man with a gun demanded his wallet and phone and told him to run away. he was not hurt but says the whole thing is ironic because he is running on an anti-
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platform. -- anticrime platform. people from santa cruz county, north of mendocino county saw a bright fire and a loud boom so a lot of people thought it might have been an earthquake. grand stands and a heap of dirt. say it is a great opportunity and others call it an eyesore. we are there which starts today. tara? >> reporter: well he says he doesn't like it because it shut down the park and that's not dampening the area which doesn't look like it, but if you take a look around, this is one of the courses and it is made to simulate two different parks in san francisco. crews are busy putting the
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finishing touches on which kicks off at 12:30. the tour as it is called will recreate our closed course. paul rodriguez and others are among those competing. it is going through this weekend through sunday generating millions of dollars. but still alverez does not like the fact that it isco sponsored by -- cosponsored by a soda company when they are fighting childhood obesity. we have had the red hot chilly peppers here recently and they are close to $1 million not counting the 2 million they have received from outside lands music and arts festival.
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there are a lot of positive things people are saying this will generate this weekend and again it starts at 12:30 and it's only free to the public and you can enjoy it through sunday. i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. tomorrow marks the birthday of missing morgan hill teen sierra lemar. she disappeared on her way to school. authorities believe she is dead and they continue to say antolin garcia-torres is responsible for her murder . we have an update to a story, a teen who was denied eagle scout status will petition boycotts leaders challenging their petition and that petition has more than 400,000 signatures. he shared his story on the ellen show and he said he was denied the award and he will be
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given support on the boy scout council. still seniors hit a record high, and the institute for college access says two-thirds of college seniors last year since anybodied -- finished school with loan debts, the average debt $26,000 and that's up 5% -- 6% since 2011. sal? right now traffic is evening out. we had a couple of rough starts and a couple of rough commutes that were off to a rough start. right now the bay bridge toll plaza is typical and westbound traffic is moving well once you make it on to the bridge. 880 north, that traffic looks good passing the coliseum and we are looking at the hayward commute a little further down the road. it is busy as you pass a
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street, let's go to steve. you know the park, 70 degrees. >> i know for them. adam just tweeted me. i have seen over to pacifica, 66 to 70 degrees. an easterly breeze still in place. maybe this afternoon, definitely by tonight, and first of all, our game 4, very cool. upper 40s by the 7th inning, a much different pattern, still some clouds to the north. for us, it is clear now, we still have an offshore breeze also in the east bay hills but the leading edge of our hills will be getting close and will be here later. along the coast, that easterly wind is still influences some lows. that easterly breeze continues, 60s for a few, a lot of 70s and 80s but the fire weather
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warning ends at 8:00. by noon it goes more neutral and goes westerly and we will go from the 80s and 90s and 60s by tuesday of next week. cooler lows for most. but 70s to 80s, anywhere from 40s to 80s on the lows so a big spread, friday it will be back, more so cooler on sunday and increasing clouds on monday. economists say don't be fooled by the week less jobless claims reports. the unemployment benefit applications jumped 46,000 to 380,000 and the government explains the significant increase on timing as it just processed applications that were delayed from last week. a more precise show does show
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moderately. live on the big board, it is affecting things certainly today. the dow jones is 15 points right now and the nasdaq and s&p 500 are mostly unchanged. morgan stanley earnings are down but verizon profits are up. they have 13 new brand targeting shoppers between the ages of 16 and 34. the offerings will include an exclusive show with tattoo influence design and the new brand will be rolled out this fall and next spring. do they know who marilyn monroe is? >> no. something starts today for that new sea lion they spotted at that popular san francisco tourist spot. here is a live picture and we will tell you where the president is heading and the
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popular show he will be appearing on.
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. getting right on cue, they are headed to a campaign stop, president barack obama, life in
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new hampshire, he is out of maryland and president barack obama again will be boarding air force one to attend a campaign event in manchester and in the afternoon he will tape an appearance with john stewart in new york city. now the only one is with president barack obama and the two candidates will try to play nice and it's with the smith foundation memorial and it helps them attend and make humorous remarks about the campaign. police are looking for a suspect in a bold robbery. this is surveillance video where a man jumped over the counter demanded cash from the teller and was last seen running on east ventura avenue. this is a year old homicide
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case. he is due to appear in court. he is accused of killing his girlfriend back in september of last year. he originally told police she committed suicide but investigators think she was strangled. that death has been ruled a homicide and this raises last year's total to 40 and that would be a 15 year high. so far this year there have been 37 homicides in san jose. a sea lion who was rescued from pier 39 will be released back into the ocean today. rescuers removed it so they could remove a plastic packaging net around its neck. it will be placed back into the beach. fortunately the motion
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rider -- motorcycle rider got up immediately and they are moving it immediately to treasure island and it has been slow at the toll plaza and traffic will be slowing down here. so one of the good things, as they quickly did get that crash out of the lanes. moving along and taking a look at the san mateo bridge, traffic looks good but getting to it from hayward looks tough. let's go to steve. it is still an easterly breeze, there is an east wind and it is 68 degrees so if you are driving to half-moon bay you will notice that weather. today sunny and warm, maybe a west wind later on. >> steve, coming up, a fatal east bay fire overnight. why there is still a lot of police officers at the scene. >> and did you see it, a miss tier your white light in the bay area, had many with their eyes on the sky, stay with us. we will be right back. @p@p o'
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. one person found dead inside a home after an early morning fire. why investigators here believe the death is potentially suspicious. >> and he is promising to fight crime if elected and he now has firsthand knowledge of the pr


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