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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  October 26, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> reporter: good morning. we're live here at at&t park. they will be heading to detroit. we'll tell you what will be happening overnight. >> reporter: we're live in san francisco where police are shooting for the suspect of one shooting. and where police are searching now for a serial bank robber. why they are asking for your help this morning. "mornings on 2" begins right
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now. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. two down, two to go. two in the driver's seat. claudine wong is live covering the giants' departure. is it a little quiet there claudine? >> reporter: it's quiet. the barricades are up. that means when the barry kids are up the team is close. they have to get on the road and go to detroit. their flight is supposed to be about 10:00. there's been activity all night long and morning. i want to show you some
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footage. hopefully, they are getting some slope right now. game 3 is tomorrow night. drivers will be in the driver's seat. game 2, much different from one game 1. no big homers but a performance by madison bumgartner and sergio romo. the fans love it. but the pressure is on. >> it's our style and we play a lot of close games. and these guys are used to it. >> they are used to it. looking forward to getting on the road. they play well on the road. the stats work in their favor. if you look at the team, 14 of the last 15 went on to win it
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all. that includes the 2010 giants. game 3 tomorrow night in detroit. but first players have to get here. we have seen a couple of people come through here with their rolling luggage. players are supposed to be here by 8:00 and in the air by 10:00. live here in at&t park, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. a triple amputee war veteran threw out the first pitch. he lost his arm and other limbs. the corporal has benefited from the strikeout for troops program where pipers donate to
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troops. remember bryan stow? he was severely beaten at dodger's stadium parking lot last year. the giants raised more than $70,000 for him and more fund- raisers are planned for this winter. he's been able to keep his sense of humor. you can watch the world series here. our coverage begins at 4:30 tomorrow afternoon. the first pitch is at 5:07. we're tracking overnight news where a critically man was injured. tara moriarty has more. >> reporter: good morning. you know, police are trying to figure out if this shooting is connected to one that happened just days ago a half a block away. ballistics will be testing
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bullet casings. now, this morning we understand that two witnesses were brought here to police headquarters for questioning. ktvu sources tell us that around quarter to 2:00, gunfire erupted in the area south of market on 6th and stevenson. inspectors believe there was a shootout between at least two people. we don't know how many casings were found. now, the victim's friend drove him to san francisco general hospital in a blue ford escape. the scene was quite blooddy. the victim has undergone surgery. emergency crews discovered something interesting in the victims's pockets -- victim's pockets. that made the investigators make a closer roll at what roll
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was -- what role was played in the shooting. we don't have a motive for a shooting. but we've learned the suspect drove off in a tale ford explorer. if you have any information, contact the police department. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. in a few hours, the alameda sheriff's department may tell us who has been arrested for the beating and then murdered after her house was set on fire. barbara latchley lived with her boyfriend. he's mott considered a suspect. police are scheduled to tell us the details on the suspect would was arrested. 24-year-old ulissis rios was arrested last month in
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connection with a rain and two -- rape and two connected rapes. investigators say rios allegedly trying to assault a 50-year-old woman but he got away. police say there was a third incident that happened on october 11th, when police say rios offered a 20-year-old a ride and then raped her. as promised the oakland police department could get some much-needed help as soon as next week. the california highway patrol says it plans to toned -- to send officers to high crime areas of the city. yesterday's chp announcement came just a few hours after governor brown confirmed to send the troops in when he was here in "mornings on 2."
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campaign moneys what's been eached -- what's been eached, $2 million. hey, sal, are cars spending a lot of time at the toll plaza? >> not that much. i think it's a decent drive. i also got off the phone. they have a couple of trains that are set back to the police action. the trains are moving without major incident. that's on b.a.r.t. let's take a look at the bay bridge. it's backed up here for a 10 to 15-minute delay. the commute has been helped out by the dry, cool weather here. 101 san francisco, the same thing goes, northbound 101
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looks good. southbound 101 in good shape. if you are driving through castro valley, it looks good. 280 and 101 are getting a little bit slow approaching the 8 0 interchange -- in the east bay from hayward, traffic slows 238 to ub yun city. let's go to steve. we have a beautiful moving, the beautiful shot here. and temperatures -- well, they are kind of chilly. a lot of temperatures, that's not the case now. a lot of sunshine by noon. sunny and warmer later today plenty of 70s that westerly or northerly breeze. most of the locations are calm. higher elevations out to the sacramento valley could get blustery conditions.
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41. the clouds held us up yesterday. 40s for many. antioch and can -- and concord, the low clouds out of the picture. high pressure has built in. that's allowing dry air to get in. nights are warmer. but we'll warm up some. game 3 looks good in detroit. just not very warm. 40s -- 40s for temperatures -- what does not look good is what hurricane san yesterday is -- sandy is gonna do. words being thrown around are catastrophic, only one model is not in the party. others are taking it through the delmar vau peninsula. more likely around new jersey. there are talks of closing
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schools from virginia to maine. if you have any travel plans back there, this could be a real dicey situation. about 475 miles from charleston south carolina. but the key is it is merging from if the -- from the california system. >> for us. nope, nope, nope. cooler morning. temperatures -- we will be warming up here to the 40s, 50s and 70s. we get enough of a north breeze. more likely, i think that's on saturday. cool lows and nice and sunny days. more good news. the crucial meeting that just happened for the 15-year-old pakistani girl shot in the head by the taliban. wo 6x
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when i see that our schools are 47th in spending per student, i just can't accept that. our schools shouldn't be 47th in anything. proposition 38 bypasses sacramento, and makes education a real priority- with the funding, to our local schools and the accountability from our local schools... that we'll need to improve student learning in every classroom. so we can stay 47th... or we can choose proposition 38. i'm voting yes on 38... because it makes our children #1.
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a little chill in the air. that will give way to sunshine. but overall, a beautiful chamber of commerce morning here. 7:14. new this morning, a suicide bomber in afghanistan just blew himself up outside of a mosque killing 35 people and wounding at least 70. now, this happened in northern afghanistan. it came as people were gathering at the mosque celebrating the beginning of a muslim holiday. today, the taliban camed responsibility for killing two troops in afghanistan yesterday. more heavy fightings reported in syria even as a
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cease-fire is scheduled to take effect. this is over the four-day muslim holiday. witnesses say the attacks continued at daybreak. four rebels and six soldiers were killed in overnight fighting. the presidential campaign may be the most expensive in modern history. jacqueline fell is live to tell us how much money has been raised. >> reporter: well, the money continues to keep coming in. new reports show that both candidates have brought in $1.7 billion. you have to consider outside money and nonprofits who don't have to disclose their donors. the majority is being spent on television ads. already the number of ads aired has surpassed the entire 2008
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campaign. and we have two weeks to go. the radio "-- the radio ads are targeted. mitt romney is in ohio and that's dash an that's become pretty much a must-win for the republican. president obama is off the trail doing a number of interviews. both president obama and mitt romney have celebrity supporters which can make for some interesting moments on the campaign trail. ♪ >> katy perry made a fashion wearing a dress designed to look like a ballot and you will notice the box next to president obama is filled in. >> and meet loaf sur fryersed
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mitt romney by joining him on stage last night. john rich and randy owen singed in singing "america the beautiful." meatloaf says this is the first time he's ever endorsed a candidate. a badly wounded 15-year-old pakistani girl and her family have been reunited. the girl was shot back on october 9th. she was transported to britton ten days ago, when her condition began to get much worse in pakistan. her family flew to be with her. she's been a very active since she was 11 years old. officials are out there still searching for the suspect. the two young children appear to have been stabbed have ties to san francisco. the woman found her 1 and 6-
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year-old children had been stabbed. their nanny was laying nearby with self-inflicted stab wounds. she's in critical condition. the moved to new york from -- from new york to san francisco. they say the children's father is an executive for cnbc. he wassen a -- he wassen -- he was on a business trip when this happened. kennebunk, maine was rocked after it was targeted for prostitution. she and a business patter in have pleaded not guilty. 21 johns have been identified so far including a popular hockey coach and a former
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mayor. lawrence donna gun on his expense report, he said it was a business meeting with four members of a chinese port operator. the news crew spent several nights watching the bar. one regular patron said you can get girls here. neighbors say this has been happening for years. >> they were like what's going on down there?
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hurricane sandy is a little weaker. it's blamed for at least 11 deaths in cuba. that's where it ripped. roofs off houses. 17 more people died in other parts of the caribbean. they are passing out sandbags and are encouraging people to get ready. projectiles they do the most damage around here. >> sandy is expected to be very districtive when it clyde with two other weather fronts before it hits the atlantic coast sometime late monday or
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tuesday. >> they would feel it as close as ohio. >> yes. >> this is big. >> really big. rain's moved out but will temperatures be warming out? how the city of la fayette is cracking down to keep things clean at -- clean at massage parlors.
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la fay -- la fayette is holding a last-minute meeting. the city wants to make sure
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they are ready and can mike all compliance orders and all -- can make all compliance orders. san francisco officials say people who ill really -- who illegally take bottles and cans out of recycling bins. jim hahn says thieves smashed the windows of the district offices saturday morning and stole a desk and computer. 7:24. we want to check in with sal. how is 24 looking in la fayette? >> it looks pretty good. 24 westbound, it has not been all that bad. we're taking a live look at la fayette. between walnut creek and oakland, it's a nice drive.
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b.a.r.t. is recovering. nothing major but they had police action to take care of. also, westbound bay bridge, that's backed up. you can see the 880 ramp is getting filled in. this is about a 20, 25 minute delay before you make it on the span. we're looking at 880 now southbound. you can see slow traffic and also slowing on the san mateo bridge. let's go to steve. clear skies. a little chill today compared to yesterday. that's all gone. skies will be on the clear side and then sunny and warmer. a little breeze. but for us. 41, napa airport. 42, 43. now they are 46. 43, santa rosa. 45 antioch, concord, buchanan, 44. you can see the mountain of high pressure building in, that
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will reflect everything way to the north. coming up in 10 minutes, i explain -- i will explain why hurricane sandy could be the monse terrous storm coming -- monstrous storm coming. where police lead -- where the police need your help in a robbery.
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welcome back. occupy oakland protesters were back in downtown oakland last night and the police prepared for the worst. but in the end, it wasn't as bad as they feared. brian flores is live in oakland right now to show us some of the damage, not much that you can see. brian? >> reporter: yeah. you are exactly right. i'm going to go ahead and step aside. as a precaution, you are looking at the chase bank. they put up some plywood to prevent any broken windows.
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in terms of the damage, there's signs. some businesses we mentioned, like the banks, they did put up the plywood in the windows this morning. but they are taking those down. oakland police say it was relatively peaceful. a person was arrested for obstructions an -- obstructioning an officer and -- obstructing an officer and narcotics possession. >> there's been a lot of people. people who didn't know each other decided to come together. >> back out here live, again, you are looking at the chase
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bank at 14th and broadway. they are taking down the plywood as a precaution from last week's oakland march. city crews are also spray washing some of the walks. there's graffiti on the walls and some of the sidewalk. if you are coming to this area. keep in mind they did -- they did shut down the plaza. >> you remember scott olsen? he suffered a severe brain injury after police shot him in the head with a beanbag he was in a wheelchair. he was wearing a safety helmet. he wanted to join in on the march to help police account -- to hold police accountable for
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their actions. janine de la vega spoke withly and showed us new information about the police. we're here at the u.s. bank on bascam avenue. this is one of two banks that the robber has hit. this branch has a sign up on the door offering up to a $25,000 reward that leads to the arrest and conviction of any robbery at their banks. let's take a look at the man police say is responsible for the robberies. he's white, in his 30s, between 5'8" to 5'10" and has a stocky build. he has a goatee or a full 5:00 shadow on his face. beer sides the robberies in campbell, detectives have linked him to two in sunnyvale,
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one in san jose and in -- and nun los gatos. so far he has not used a weapon. >> so far in the six robberies there's not been any robberies. but in these crimes, it's a very serious crime and we have concerns about it escalating. that's why we're putting it out to the public hopefully trying to get leads on who the suspect might be. >> reporter: investigators say the robber acts very low key in all of these cases. he walks up to the teller. he hands over a note demanding money. at this point, police are not sure how he's leaving. if he's leaving on foot or in a car. that's why they are asking anyone who has seen this man to please call the candle -- campbell police department. back to you. >> thank you. a competency hearing will be held today for a former bay
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area child psychologist -- psychologist who allegedly faked having having dementia for it -- for allegedly molesting a child. doctors this year doctors -- doctors may have faked his illness. if the judge finds that he did fake it, he could face charges and a trial. investigators say kathy kue, 16 years old, a runaway missing since sep. she was an honor student. investigators were able to identify her because her friends saw news reports about the body found and the told -- and told the officers about her
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death. city college trustee also
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expected to approve losing funding. >> that's my biggest fear. >> 7:35, the critics of a proposed soda tax in richmond they have a strong financial advantage heading into the election. if the palot measure passes, voters could become the first in the country to impose a penny per ounce on businesses and other sugary drinks. well, scientists have determined that two meteorite pieces were discovered in nevada. at first they thought it was a rock. that fell on a woman's roof.
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now they are saying it's a meteorite. metalflex were found in a similar rock nearby and it led him to believe that both of those were meteorites. a game -- at game 2 of the world series, a bird made its presence known during a live report in san francisco. in 1989, the giants were in the -- [laughter] >> hang on. >> oh, boy. well, that's paul robins and bethany crouch outside of at&t park. he got a little accident on his shoulder last night.
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the giants won. mup at 7:45 -- coming up at 7:45, we'll talk to fred inglis. >> never say never. let's check in with sal. you've got that -- i'm getting over being nervous for the entire game. >> about 80% of that game i was nervous and then just at the end i got a little more comfortable. >> the commute in san francisco, with no major problems. if you are driving southbound let's say you are trying to catch a flight at sfo. the morning commute is backed up at the bay bridge toll plaza. if you are trying to get across
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the bay, in san jose, northbound 280, 85 a little bit slow through 17. one of the things that i do notice, it's a little bit normal than is usually. we'll talk about hurricane sandy. let's get our weather. we'll carry that into the weekend. a lot of -- a lot of sunshine and warmer temperatures to near 50. they will recover pretty fast here. the low clouds, drizzle, light rain. high pressure building in. high pressure is building in. that's allowing everybody to go way to the north. low, mid to maybe a few upper if we can get a north breeze -- breeze. maybe tomorrow.
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detroit looks okay, dry, but chilly. 40s, the temperatures. they are holding off any precip. maybe upper 30s for late in the game. less talk about sandy. the -- let's talk about hurricane sandy. the wind field, massive. there's been a buoy in the bahamas recording a 22-foot wave. the key is, it is morning north and those warm motion temperatures in the atlantic go to 70 degrees and then off new jersey, they are in the 60s. you don't find 50s until you make the turn at cape cod. look at the temperatures in -- in chicago. 30s. this is a cold front coming through. one forecast model is not on board. all of the other onings are. we'll see. we'll see how this develops
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over the next couple of days. it will move up the coast and then there -- there are projections for a foot of rain. if it merges and comes together like that. we'll have plenty to write about. amazing system f sunny for us. it looks like a -- amazing system. sunny for us. it looks like a -- next chance of rain, halloween. it does not look that strong. >> okay. thank you. today is opening kay of -- opening day at borriel resort. starting at 9:00, one lift will open up. lift tickets are $15 today. $35 for the rest of the weekend.
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apple has had fewer ipad sales than expected. and that breaks a string of new product sales that always exceeded expectations. samsung reported third quarter net profits nearly doubled over next year. the strong sales helped push net incomes to nearly $6 billion. that means samsung was set a record high income for more fourthers -- for more than four quarters in a row. >> the giants head to detroit. they won game 2 at at&t park last night, 2-1. we're joined
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by fred inglis on the phone. and i think a lot of giants' fans were hoping this would happen but if they were honest with you they didn't think they would be up 2-0. that's kind of good the fans recognize how tough winning in this series is. justin verlander, okay. there's one for the tigers. they think maybe they stole that game. jade, they just grinded it out -- yesterday, they just grinded it out. they scored two runs yesterday on an out. a double play. we saw one extra base and that came on the side of the tigers
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with prince fielder. >> you know, fred, one of the fringes that giants' fans are saying -- things that giants' fans are saying -- do you think that cabrera, that lineup is gonna wake up? >> you know, that's the great fear. and that's -- prince fielder, i don't know who told him to run. but that was just crazy. talk about setting a temple. i thought that was a key play. that is stinkin' thinkin'. i mean, miguel cabrera is a triple crown winner since 1967. he rarely strikes out. you think eventually they will going to come through.
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i think he's batting .200. i don't think we have a -- now going back home, now they've got a designated hitter. that changed their lineup. there will be the weather factor and they are going to throw a itcher -- pitcher to anabel sanchez. not too many know him but he was a killer in the national league. he dominated the giants and he will go up against vogelsong on saturday. why vogelsong? well, hold on. hold on, fans. nothing is for sure. >> you know, it seems, fred, that the giants do have -- have a good attitude. i haven't heard any of these guys saying we have it in the bag. they are saying, listen, it's two games. we still have a lot of work to do and i think that bruce bochy
7:49 am
is -- has conditioned them to think this is, dash. >> they have won five in a row. but they also -- they've had -- they've been two in a series before and they know how tough it is to come back. i mean, these are the elimination kings. they won it -- they know it can turn around like that. and playing three games if needed. if needed. hunter pence, he's never seen comerica park. there are a lot of guys that have never played in this park. it's big and vast everything is still up for
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grabs, sam-- grabs, sal, you know that. >> absolutely. the first pitch, 5:07. back to you in the studio. 7:50. well, the san francisco business times errorring the company "square" is joining  twitter and dolby by moving to the mid market district. square is modifying the building to suit its needs before it moves in next summer. the times report that "ask" may
7:51 am
add workers -- may be hiring. >> it is nine minutes before 8:00. the economic milestone in spain has reached a milestone. 85,000 more people joined the unemployment rate to 25%. this morning, walnut. it may seem like the bay area is under attack this weekend. but don't be alarmed.
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i'm gonna tell you what's happening when law enforcement teams are arriving here in the bay area.
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7:54. law enforcement teams from all other the world are arriving in alameda county this morning for anti-terrorism drills. from last year's event, they will be happening around the bay area. the urban shield teams will start morning and facing 32 different scenarios. offers a national date ta base of homes
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and their property -- database of homes and their property values. they've just launched a site for those homes in foreclosure. sal, great interview with fred, about the giants. >> it's great because there was a big kerfuffle in the -- in the noon the -- in the newsroom about the running. [laughter] >> some slow traffic as you pass the col low seem yum -- coliseum. but 580 is a little bit slow through the lakeshore area. bay bridge has improved. if you look at this, it's much better than this, just 20
7:56 am
minutes ago. we are seeing friday light jobs getting into san francisco. certainly there is slow traffic. it's just not as congested as it has been the last few days getting into sunnyvale and cupertino. >> we do have clear skies. it will be sunny and nice here. 40s for temperatures. overcast skies are forecast for sunday. but dry. we'll see if that continues to hold. for us, high pressure says -- i gave you about four days of rain an i'm coming back. it will give us -- and i'm coming back. it will give us -- we'll see probably 30s on this. the low clouds are gone.
7:57 am
high pressure builds in. highs today will be in the 60s and 70s. we'll have more on hurricane sandy ten minutes or so. coming up on 7:57. making good on a promise. the crime-fighting help the city of oakland is set to get from the state. >> reporter: taking a live look outside of at&t park. there's hunter pence. all of the giants players arriving getting ready to head on to detroit. we just talked to the general manager. we'll tell you what he had to say about getting the team ready and rested up for game 3.
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good morning. welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> it's friday, october 26th. well, the giants, they are on buses outside of at&t park right now getting ready to fly to detroit for game three of the world series after they beat the tigers 2-1 last night. claudine wong is right outside
8:00 am
of at&t park. >> reporter: yes. we've seen hunter pence, madison. all of the players are starting to get in here. he want to be out of here by 9:00, be taking off 10:00. the team is excited about how fame one and game two went -- how game one and game two went. but they are very seriousing to detroit. they don't really want the day off. our bats are hot. our pitching is good. we would like to go out there and play. that being said. they don't travel the night of the game on purpose.
8:01 am
the plan right now. they are all arriving here. then they are going to get on board the planes and head to detroit. their flight leaves at 10:00 this morning. the players are pretty focused. they know how serious this is. they just want to get on boarden, get to detroit and get to game three. while his teammates are headed to detroit, javier lopez, he's flying to denver. his wife ren san jose 39 weeks preg -- his wife renee is 39 weeks pregnant and doctors say
8:02 am
she could deliver today. and he wants to see his wife give birth to their baby. yesterday, our cameras caught a man trying to sneak into game two with a fake media pass. officers cited the man. security guards confiscated fake passes from two women. police say they've scene a -- seen a lot of fraudulent tickets. one santa cruz man appeared like an old bronze statue like a baseball player. >> pretty imespressive. >> and a man was making balloon animals for kids. >> i don't want to get emotional on ktvu. >> that's okay. you can do that.
8:03 am
>> our cameras caught a detroit fan and just a reminder, you can watch game three of the world series tomorrow. coverage of game 3 will be -- the first pitch at 5:07. police questioning witnesses after a man was critically wounded in the south of market neighborhood early this morning. tara moriarty is here to tell us how the victim got to the hospital. >> tara? >> well, ballistics was actually testing bullet casings from the scene as well as another one that happened just half a block from this one. they are trying to see -- to see if they are connected.
8:04 am
they brought two people down to be questioned. we have heard that around quarter to 2:00 a.m., gunfire erupted in the area south of market on 6th and stevenson, investigators believe there was a shootout -- shoot different guns were apparently used. one had bullets matching. he's undergone surgery at san francisco general hospital where his friend drove him in the suv. that car seized as evidence. that discovery made -- wondered
8:05 am
whether he played a role in the shooting. we've learned that the suspect drove off none a tale-colored explorer -- teal-colored explorer. back to you. in about two hours, alameda county investigators will reveal more details about the murder of par bra lackley. lackley lived with her -- barbara lackley. we'll have a full update on the news at noon. police are looking for more victims of sexual assault. officers arrested her last week in connection with the rape and
8:06 am
two attempted rapes. investigators say back in august, rio tried to assault a 59-year-old woman but she escaped. she spotted the same victim and attacked him before witnesses chased him away. a third incident happened where rios offered a 20-year-old ride and raped her. next week, the oakland police may well get some much needed help. yesterday's announcement from the chp came a couple of hours after jerry brown confirmed right here on "mornings on 2" that he would be spending help to oakland. well, campaign fund-raising in the presidential race has reached a record. $2billion. coming up for you at 8:15, where the candidates are spending all of that money.
8:07 am
hey, sal, have you taken care of the folks on 101? >> we're looking at it, 101 and the freeway getting to the airport and into downtown san francisco. it looks pretty good here. things seem to be improving in this last traditional hour for the commute in san francisco at least and also at the bay bridge. speaking of the bay bridge, you see how much it has improved. if you need to go, now would be a good time. things can change rather
8:08 am
quickly. you might want to take an opportunity of the window opportunity. this is a look at the south bay. we've had a crash, northbound 101 light near -- right near highway 101. we do have some slow traffic. 101 hitting south is going to be slow. i think an alternate route for you would be 280. 280 is much better. 101 through palo alto is not doing that well. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we've -- we'll have clear, cool mornings. the temperatures will be warming up. a little chill. it looks dry but 40s on the temperatures to start maybe in the upper 30s. sunday looks cloudy but so far, no precip. we're good for saturday in game three. high pressure we're good for sunshine and warmer temperatures.
8:09 am
it will be quiet and nice on the west coast. it will be crazy on the east coast. 41 napa airport. a lot of mid-40s. low 40s. so the bryzle -- the drizzle -- i think we top out target but it will be about the same -- i think we top out on saturday but it will be about the same sunday. let's talk about hurricane sandy. this is going to be one for the books, if everything continues to come together. leaving the bahamas, one buoy measured a wave to 22 feet and also it is moving into the warm waters. it will feed off of that to about north carolina. it needs warm weather and the -- look what's coming in behind this. really cold air. 0s in chicago. a cold front merging with a
8:10 am
hurricane could be the ingredients for a hurricane. barometric pressure of the like of which they've never seen in new york or new jersey. maybe even below 20 inches of mercury. standard pressure is 29.92. the full moon, astronomical high tides. there will be plenty to talk about. but this will be a big-time story. we have a lot of sunshine. we'll take that into your weekend. mostly sunny on monday. rain on wednesday. tori and dave. now it may take two weeks before some apple customers get the new ipad mini. just after midnight, apple started to take preorders.
8:11 am
within 0 minutes, the expected delivery date changed from november 2nd to two weeks. that means customers who can't wait, they will have to wait to get a mini when it arrives in stores on november 7th. the surface tablet goes on -- goes on sale today. the microsoft company says the surface screen reflects gars at other screens. prices start at $500. 8:11. weather parts like steve, they are just -- weather meteorologists like steve they are just shaking their head over the storms coming like frankenstorm.
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clear skies, chilly temperatures. 60s, 70s. >> thank you, steve. there's no question about it. this presidential race is bringing in big bucks. just released reports show for the first time ever, fund- raising passed the $2 billion mark. here's more. >> reporter: well, this tight race has b the costliest in
8:15 am
history. we still have 11 days left. finance reports show mitt romney's organization raised $112 million in the first 17 days of the month. the obama organization is at $90.5 million. and president obama's campaign raised more than a billion dollars. the romney group is not too far behind. this does not account for the outside group the like the super-pacs who are largely responsible for the tv ads. the santa clara county registrar of voters has -- has
8:16 am
launched a new app. a south bay protest measured lawmakers to pass real immigration reform. >> i want to be able to get a job. >> protesters want to send a message that more needs to be done. well, today, prosecutors in the case of george zimmer man, they will ask a judge to impose a gag order. prosecutors say zimmerman's defense lawyer has been using a website trying to influence jurors. 8:16. the teenaged brothers accused of killing a girl in new jersey are scheduled to appear in
8:17 am
court. a judge will decide whether they will remain in juvenile detention -- detention. the family hit by a terrible tragedy in new york city has tied to san francisco. a woman returned home to find her 1 and 6-year-old children had been stabbed. the nanny lay nearby with self- inflicted stab wounds. the nanny is in critical condition. the churn's father is a cnbc executive on a business trip when the attack happened. the 15-year-old girl who was shot in the head by the taliban for speaking out about
8:18 am
the right for education, shores's been an act -- she's been an activist for girls since she was 11 years old. hurricane sandy is losing some of its power but it's still pounding the central bahamas. the storm is responsible for at least 11 tacts -- dearths in -- deaths in cuba. another 17 people died in other part, of the caribbean. right now, sandy is east of the bahamas and moving about 10 miles an hour. now, along the northeast coast of the u.s., preparations are already underway to prepare for emergencies. >> anything that's loose you would want to button down and make sure it doesn't who around because the projectiles do the
8:19 am
most around here. >> sandy is expected to bep especially destructive because it will meet up with two other weather fronts. effects of the storm could be felt for up to a week. anywhere from virginia to maine and ohio. steve's been watching his maps and he'll be talking about -- >> steve doesn't say that that much. is it a deal too good to be true? a trade being offered on craigslist. and what it has to do with the kris? -- what it has to do with the world series? h
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:2. pregnant women you are being advised to get the whooping cough vaccine because of an unprecedented epidemic. a new report says vaccination during pregnancy can help make sure a mother helps create antibodies for her baby right
8:23 am
after birth. 8:22. halloween is almost here and doctors are warning about halloween candy, another concern, the costumes and masks the kids wear. >> we can start to have some septembertivity, redness of the -- sensitivity, redness of the eyes. if you are looking for something to do on halloween besides trick or treating. there is a quarter long scary maze and six flags will be back with its flight fest and the
8:24 am
alameda fair grounds in pleasant tonight. another world series story for you. a detroit tigers fan is offering his house in exchange for world series tickets. he put an ad on craigs list. the picture i has shows a house, a porch, awning, neatly- kept front lawn but when the -- the aun -- when the reporter -- when the reporter checked it out -- >> do you know anybody that would give world series tickets for -- >> no, no, not at all. >> the house is abandoned. >> it is 8:24. let's check in with sal. see how things are going on the bay area on friday morning. >> we've had some good prices.
8:25 am
especially for the bay bridge. there is a little bit of a backup. it's looking so good. but it's still backed up for a five-minute delay. >> san mateo bridge looks good. i do want to mention on the peninsula between palo alto. an since your alternate is so easy, i would use 280 if you can. let's go to sal. >> clear skies, a little chill. temperatures in the 40s. a lot of sunshine here. not only today but right into saturday and sunday. next sign of rain wouldn't be until saturday and sunday. it will be chilly but it does look dry. clouds move in for an overcast condition on game four.
8:26 am
we do have high pressure you can see -- you can see it. 41 neap airport. 50s for some. >> os, 70s today and -- for some. 60s, 70s. 8:26. checking the badge this morning from last night's occupy protest. we're out there. we'll look at last night's faceoff with the police. >> reporter: breaking news out of oakland where a 27-year-old man was shot and killed on his way to park work.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
breaking news coming in from the east bay. a fatal shooting it just happened hours ago in oakland. brian flores is at the scene with the details. you just talked to the victim's mother. >> reporter: that's right, dave. we'll get to that in a moment. we're live on the 300 block of vernon street here in oakland's adams point neighborhood. what happened from oakland police, there were gunshots heard at about 5:42 this morning. one male victim is a 27-year- old was on his way to work.
8:30 am
neighbors heard gunshots. two suspects, described, a least from family members, as two african-american men fired the shots. we did talk to family members today. here's what they had -- what they had to say. >> that's my only son. somebody had to be following
8:31 am
him, he was on his way to work that morning. >> reporter: a father very distraught. he doesn't though what's going on. we do know that the victim was on his way to work e was staying at a halfway house to work on a -- at a -- he was on stay -- to work. he was staying at a halfway house. he doesn't know who did this. they are hoping that oakland police can do a good investigation and find out what exactly what happened. >> a serial bank robberle.
8:32 am
janine has more. >> reporter: they say a man robbed the bank of the west at this shopping center and then hit this take a look and see if you recognize him. investigators have linked him to six robberies in sunnyvale, san jose, los gatos and campbell. he's been committing these crimes in the afternoon. but police are concerned that it could escalate. they say he's acted low key in all of these robbery us. >> walks up to the counter,
8:33 am
presents a demand note. is able to leave the bank without many people going on. investigators don't know if he's leaving on a car or on foot. if you have any information call campbell police. back out here live, there is a reward sign here on this u.s. bank offering up to 25,000 for the arrest or conviction of anyone who robs any of their -- anyone who robs their bank branches. businesses are reopening in downtown oak. here's some. we shot this about an hour ago. you see workers outside of a chase bank taking down the
8:34 am
plywood. the windows were boarded up because out of here the protests nay get out of hand. the protesters were marking the first afternoon of the police raid of their encampment. despite graffiti, the rally was peaceful. >> some of the protesters say they came prepared. >> it's just a sledgehammer to keep everything here. >> police made at least two arrests, one protester threw a rock that hit the police officer in the chest. the officer was not hurt and then someone else was -- there was narks -- narcotics
8:35 am
involved. a board member at the civic center community district offices says he believes a recent burglary may be payback for the crackdown in a nearby alley. thieves smashed the window saturday morning, stealing a desk and couple -- computer. this man sentenced to four years on wednesday after pleading guilty and will have to forfeit $6.4 million after running a truss lease zam he was a manager in oakland when he launched another company to receive services.
8:36 am
80-year-old william ayers is accused of molesting six former patients back in the 1980s. he avoided a trial because he claimed he was mentally ill. doctors revealed he may have faked his illness. if a judge fines that ayers is mentally competent the molestation charges -- he could face trial. the body -- the bodied of a girl was found along the san mateo coast. she was 16-year-old kathy kue of richmond. she had been missing since september. she was an honor student at albany high school. investigators were able to identify her because her friend saw the news reports about the
8:37 am
girl. financial reports show more than $2.4 million has been spent in recent months to defeat measure n. richmond voters could become the first in the nation to impose a penny- per ounce on businesses that sell sodas and other sugary
8:38 am
drinks. the campaign has spent more than $42,000. trustees at san francisco city college are expected to approve budget cuts. >> those cuts could result in department heads returning to teaching. also, five satellite sites and a preschool may close. >> the trustees have until march to hand in a plan that would allow the college to keep its accreditation. let's check in with sal and see how thing are moving on 237. things are going to be slow here and there. but 237 is a good example of friday clearing. it's a little bit slow. but that's about it. we had some problems on 101
8:39 am
near moffett field. that arrow i've drawn on the maps, that direction of 1001, i would recommend you not using it so much. 280 is still -- 101, i would recommend you not using it so much. let's move along to the toll plaza. we did get more of a crowd but it still is lighter than it normally is. i was just looking at detroit weather. it's raining there. 48 degrees. it will be all right. not veryom warm. our overnight lows are much, much cooler. clear skies.
8:40 am
finally starting to warm off some of these morning lows. pretty chilly for a few. the low clouds are out, the low is out of the picture. that means temperatures heading up. the nights are a lot longer. it will be in the upper 70s to near 80. the good news appears to be a possible impact on the east and where it is going to go. just no consensus out. category one off the bahamas. water temperatures still feeding off that. the key is, it's merging with a cold front. that's the rain responsible in detroit and the 30s on the back side of that in chicago. one forecast model takes it up to main. another one takes it to long island. therein lies it. it's a whopper of a system.
8:41 am
it's going to cause a lot of rain, sunday, monday into tuesday. some of the track is feeding off of this. 70s on the temperatures here. it will be sunny. your weekend always in view looks good. there's a possibility of a weak system giving us rain on wednesday but it does not look very strong. we have new information coming this morning about the brutal murder about a castro valley woman. what investigators are just done and what they are getting ready to do. there are hundreds of ways people use
8:42 am
8:43 am
lysol disinfectant spray. ben's mom uses it around the bathtub. it kills mold, and unlike clorox clean-up, it's approved to keep it from coming back for up to a week.
8:44 am
share your lysol story, and see more, on facebook.
8:45 am
taking a live look at the big board, the dow is down 19. nasdaq down 9. s&p down 4. 8:45. let's bring you up to date on some of the other stories we're following for you. san francisco police are questioning witnesses after an overnight shooting in the south of market neighborhood. the victim was critically injured. the "chronicle" is reporting that two teenagers have been arrested in connection with the body of 5- year-old barbara latchkey. we'll get new details when a news conference is held. hurricane sandy expected to collide with two other big weather fronts before it hits
8:46 am
the east coast. sometime late monday or tuesday. forecasters are calling it frankenstorm. it's a bad one. they are expecting damages to reach about a billion dollars. 8:45. giants leaving at&t park to fly to detroit. claudine wong joins us live from the park. tell us about the trip. did you get to seek to the manager. we did and we just talked to larry bear as well. they are getting -- they are ready to get out of here. they say the logistics of getting this up and out of here really -- quite complicated. you have 600, 700 people going. we -- let's listen in to bruce bochy. >> we're excited.
8:47 am
the guys are exit sad. just getting set for the first came game. we like where we're at. unbelievable. two games, fans, and these guys, believe me they are so appreciative. >> that's bruce bochy. we also talked to brian. keep in mind all of these players know what it means to keep things -- what it means to keep things in mind. when we asked them, hey, wouldn't it be nice to win this thing at home. but it would be nice to win this, get in the books. don't take anything for granted. get arrested, get there and get another win in the book.
8:48 am
>> you have staff and all of the extra support and there was spontaneous a triple amputee war veteran threw out the first pitch in the game last night. he got a really warm reception last night. flanked by willie mays, barry zito, he threw a nice strike.
8:49 am
sergio romo, there you go. the pitch was part. welcome back program. the corporal has benefited for the strikeout for troops program. bryan stow was another special guest. he suffered severe brain injuries when he was beaten outside of dodger stadium. the stow's family says he's kept his sense of humor despite what he's going through. the mercury news reports that chuck reed talked to three county supervisors last week about the project. the city bought the parcel of land and plans to sell it at the low market price at the as. the state wants to help fund
8:50 am
local -- local government at schools. they still need to gain approval from mlb to let the as play in san jose. that is considered giants territory. and the "business times" reports that "square" is joining twitter. they are having the building at 1455 market street, modified to suit its needs. the makeover includes cutting sides. the plans could include botchy courts, and using the logo offerhead "the times" reports that "ask" expects to add more workers to the headquarters. that follows a 35% increase in traffic which has led to tens of millions of dollars. "ask" ceo says the growth of the
8:51 am
decision to start -- dear sigs to decision to start. the decision to start. the movie "s.e.a.l. team 6 -- the raid on osama bin laden." it will be airing on the national gee graphic channel. it's backed by -- gee graphic channel. it's backed by charlie weinstein. they wanted to get the movie on the air before another larger budget movie hits theaters. there's also a new movie coming out about a new san francisco mavericks tell the story of jay moriarty.
8:52 am
the -- a lot of the movie was -- movie was filmed along the coast of the -- here. >> i do remember us covering that story. today, is a happy day for avid skiers and snowboarders. which resort has lifted its lift for the -- has opened its lift for the weekend. thirty-eight. schools. trouble, we all should help out. under thirty-eight they do. more a year. bucks. money for schools. every school dollar must be... spent on student learning. student wins.
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vote yes on thirty-eight.
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today is opening day for skiers at borreal. this starting a couple of minutes at 9:00, one lift will open up for early season snowboarding and skiing. lift tickets $15 today, $35 for the rest of the weekend. tactile and law enforcement teams from around the world are coming to alameda for a weekend security drill. scenes like this will play out
8:56 am
like urban shield exercises. they will start the challenge tomorrow morning, facing 32 different scenarios. the goal is to help law enforcement teams know how to respond to possible terrorist attacks and other emergencies. massage par loss in la fayette have one last chance to squash prostitution. the city is holding an ordinance meeting today for all of the massage parlors. all workers need state certification. the ordinance came after police arrested massage parlor workers for prostitution and pimping. fells of a selloff may undue some recent gains.
8:57 am
restricted -- facebook's stock went up and they posted their largest gain on wednesday. the fremont subway is finished. we will get our look at the train tunnel in lake elizabeth in a half-hour. it will be carrying trains south to a new b.a.r.t. station in warm springs. that is due to open in 2015. let's check in with sal see how things are moving. on this friday, we have traffic in san francisco, that's been moderately heavy. approaching the 101/80 split there. we're looking at the toll plaza. small delay of five minutes. if you are driving on the peninsula, this has been the snowest -- slowest 101. let's go to steve. we started this week off with our first rain of the season. today it's sunny, clear, nice.
8:58 am
the next hint of rain will be next week. does not look that strong. >> that's our report this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next -- the next time the news breaks. >> be sure to join us at noon for the noon news and more on the giants as they head off to detroit.
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