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tv   KTVU News Special  FOX  October 27, 2012 3:30pm-4:30pm PDT

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of attack. there you have it where he ends up out here. then he has to fight davis. you can always get by with a little help from your friends. >> gus: at the 29. he has his receiver. gets out of bounds. >> charles: one thing i want people to take note of with the score being 41-17. this is a good football team at 41-17. this texas tech team was the first to get to west virginia 49-14 before kansas state did it last week. west virginia was riding high. [ cheers and applause ] >> gus: awesome! touchdown!
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all things considered, i'd buy a ticket to watch these guys play alabama. >> charles: if it hasn't officially been seen, let's p d predicate it ourselves. let the word go out, if you want a piece of kansas state, you better be prepared to deal with them.
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>> charles: look at that. kansas state in 1999. offensive touchdown. >> gus: an elated k state.
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gets up to about the 24. now, this week the fox college po poll, which one lost the best chance contending for the bcs title. >> charles: they have the week off. guess what. next week you know who they host, the big red elephants from alabama. but alabama has to get to mississippi state tonight who is undefeated on the season. they're thinking big trying to get to 8-0. oklahoma is hosting notre dame tonight and usc is making a pretty big case. can anyone cover marquis' lead?
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>> gus: he'll lose yardage on the play. jonathan truman, a loss of 2. >> charles: we talk about hybrid players. take a look at justin togle on this play, number 2. he's a former quarterback who found a home on the defensive side of the football, the pass rusher, in certain situations. >> gus: they call him 13 at the 19. >> charles: how about the gang tackling we're seeing from kansas state now? they have a rule from their meeting room. they wanted to get ten hats, ten purple shirts in the frame at the end of each play. that means they're all running to the football. if they have less than ten,
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that's a minus point for the defense traveling to the football. watch how aggressively they pursue it and everyone tries to get in on the tackle. >> gus: 3rd down at the 12, at the 20. doege dumps it, williams. out of bounds at about 27. randall evans who has been terrific this afternoon. >> charles: once again they shut down the high-powered texas tech offense. early in the game tech was moving the football, having some success. and boy, oh, boy, another adjustment. tom hayes is the new defensive coordinator for kansas state. probably not getting nearly the credit he deserves for how well this defense has played this season.
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>> gus: it's gone from bad to worse for the red raiders. >> charles: tough one for erslager. first round draft choice for the new orleans saints. not normal for ryan erslaven. everything looks fine. just doesn't catch all of the football. >> gus: 9:45 to play. he gets it inside the 30. cody davis again with the
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tackle. >> charles: think about this team as you look at the score, the clock ticking down. under 9:30 to go. one more score here, they're in the 50s again. would that be the fifth time this year? 50 points for the season at the end of the game? >> gus: kansas state, 51 to 38. 52 against miami. 56 against kansas. 55 against west virginia. so you are correct. >> charles: so this could be five if they get there. they have not given up more than 21 in a game all year. >> personal foul, hands on the face, number 91 defense. half the distance to the goal
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line, first down. >> gus: texas scoring 21 points against kansas state. only 19 at oklahoma, 16 against kansas, 21 as well against iowa state. and 14 last week against west virginia. >> charles: coming into today's play, florida and alabama had given up 21 points or less in each game this year. >> gus: incomplete. tyler lockett wanted a flag and won't get it. recovered by jarvis phillips.
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gus johnson, charles davis and julie alexandria while the kansas state continues to dominate. earlier in this game down 7-0. k state timeout. >> timeout k state, their first. >> gus: 8:27 to go in the fourth quarter. what a day for collin klein. >> charles: he does it all. >> gus: can he get it to the end zone yet again? we'll find out right after this. now, thaa test drive.ll silverado! the most dependable, longest lasting, full-size pickups on the road. so, what do you think?
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>> following our game, we shift to detroit where the giants will try tie a three game to none series lead against sanchez, and the tigers look to get themselves back in seethe serie. in october, our coverage of game three of the world series begins tonight on fox. 2nd and 10. at the 10. >> how about collin klein? the last two weeks he's 549 yards, four touchdown passes and six rushing touchdowns.
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>> charles: it's almost not fair. i mean, we keep talking about heisman front runner. he has really become that guy and has expanded his game along the way. before i think people were saying it because of sheer force of he's winning, his rushing numbers, and now he's expanded and hits you in every direction. >> gus: eliminating contenders as well. last week geno smith. this week, if they hold on, doe doege. this one coming right at you.
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>> charles: and that's a touchdown pass. shuffle pass, shuffle pass, shuffle pass, whatever you want to call it behind the line of scrimmage was first made famous at the university of utah with lee grostop led by his head coach. >> gus: that's a 54-point game for kansas state. they beat two pretty good football teams in west virginia, and it looks like that's going to happen today with the red raiders. >> charles: numbers 3, 4 and 5. take a look at oklahoma state, tcu with texas.
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oregon, everybody has been talking about their lack of schedule so far. things will toughen up for oregon. one team not on there that should be on there, stanford. they have to deal with them in addition to those games you see with notre dame, that truly is it. at oklahoma-usc, the other teams they face have not provided enough competition all year. wildcats working it out. everybody gets on willie about whether he does a full push-up or not. >> gus: i don't think he does a full push-up. >> but i think we have to take into account the size of his head. that's a lot of head there. >> gus: foster gets to the 20.
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he does a nice job of driving the ball to the goal line instead of taking it to the end zone. kansas state has done extremely well on coverage. >> charles: you know they want a chance to redeem themselves, because that truly was probably the only disappointment in the last game with west virginia was going 100 yards for a touchdown. i'm sure the kickoff unit not unhappy when there's a chance to put on tape that they've improved in a week. >> gus: he has eric ward who is knocked out of bounds. late hit. that's a flag. carl meyers, jr. defensively for kansas state.
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>> charles: 19 coming in, making the tackle, getting to the sideline and then behind them, they got to the white. >> personal foul, number 22, defense. 15-yard penalty from the end of the run, first down. >> charles: and that's dante barnett. not many penalties for kansas state. that's one that dante barnett will hear about later. kansas state came into it tied with the least amount of penalties coming in today. 24 for central michigan. >> gus: busy day in college football. let's go back to los angeles for game break. >> trojans in a bit of an uh-oh situation. dan buckner nine yards for the touchdown. they go for two. they do not get it. 28-26 in a record-setting day by
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marquis. charles? >> charles: if you look at that, you have to reflect back to the previous three, four, five years of play with usc and arizona. i think usc won the vast majority. i think there's one win in that group from arizona, but everything has been close and tight. arizona keeps getting better, and now they're going to press usc in the fourth quarter at home. >> gus: 38-yard line. gonzalez for a first down, flag on the play. seth doege is the first
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quarterback to hit for more than 300 yards against kansas state in the last 12 games. doege 39, 46. >> personal foul, number 3 in the offense. we'll have a 15-yard penalty. foirs do first down, texas tech. >> gus: gonzalez giving and taking. >> charles: did you hear the guy on the sideline? good job, good job, trying to keep the guys from doing a little extra that's not necessary. very solid today. kenny williams again. i think that's what the best crews do, gus, they let you know
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along wathe way what they're gog to let you do, not do. try to talk you out of doing things before you actually do them in order to keep the game moving along. >> gus: second down and 3 on the 31. doege. and this time it's darrin moore. have to give tommy tuberville a lot of credit. i like what his team has done this year. winning ten road games. the high plains commander arrived in lubbock in 2010 making adjustments, changing defensive coordinators. they have played better on defense. they've taken on one of the best, if not the best team in the nation on their home turf today. >> charles: this will be the testing game where we're going
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to go back and look for texas tech. last year remember they rolled into oklahoma and beat the number 3 ranked sooners and went to 5 and 2 on the year. do you remember what happened from then on? they didn't win a game the rest of the year. here at kansas state, tough day. they get to go home, take on the texas longhorns, go to oklahoma state and go to baylor to finish things up. let's see if they can have a better finish this year than they did last. >> gus: kansas giving texas a run for their money today, rushing the football in the first half. >> charles: i think this team is much better equipped to handle something like this than maybe last year's. but this will definitely be the testing ground. 5-2 last year after beating oklahoma. they'll be 6-2 if this game continues, which we expect it to, in this path, and how will they finish up.
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>> gus: eric ward out of bounds. meanwhile, for kansas state, oklahoma state at home next week, then at tcu, at baylor, a bye week, and their final game in the season at home against texas. the big question is, can this team run the tables? doege hands it off. get outside turn 4 about six inches past the line of scrimmage. a lot of speed on defense. >> charles: you know something else? they have a lot of guys on the field right now that are not on your depth chart and not on my depth chart. >> gus: that's right. >> charles: that's how deep they've gone now. i'm going to the roster to see the numbers and names, and they're still playing with the same efficiency as the starters. we keep talking about this being
3:55 pm
a group of overachievers? this is a group of terrific athletes and they deserve credit. >> gus: they run hard and go down. once again, dante barnett. >> charles: not on our depth chart. but look at the play. ontiveros catches the past, dante barnett coming into the picture. again, the swarming, gang tackling, lots of purple jerseys in that picture. >> gus: we asked bill snyder yesterday -- actually, we'll hold that story right now and go to break. 2:54 to play in the fourth. 54-17, k state. back after this. [ man ] hello!!!! hello!!!! [ all ] ohh! that is crazy! are you kidding me? let me see! oh! what! that's insane! noooo!
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rethink possible. >> gus: welcome back to manhattan, kansas, affectiona affectionately known as the little apple. k state had another big day. seth doege trying to get in the end zone again, 4th down and 1. doege -- and gone. >> touchdown. and that's darrin moore with the catch. 4-yard score to make it 55-23. >> charles: ward from the inside-out breaking it off at the corner. they held the corner at the top by the receiver not running a deep route. brought him up and opened up the end zone. ward finds it, doege finds ward. touchdown texas tech.
3:59 pm
>> gus: 23 points. back to the stage now for the wildcats. >> charles: that gives bill snyder something else to tell his team they're going to work on and get a little bit better. y is 40,000 miles more than ford. and this workhorse gives you the power of a v8 with the highway fuel economy of a v6. incredible! right? an amazing test drive. i agree. [ male announcer ] it's chevy truck month. just announced additional $750 bonus cash on a 2012 chevy silverado all-star. trade up to get a total value of $8,750. bonus cash ends october 31st. >> gus: 55-24 the score.
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that young man has had a great day. two touchdowns. winning always the most important thing for competitors. >> charles: we have to look forward now and not repeat what happened last season. i don't think it will for texas tech. it's a different ball club. just the attitude about them keeps coming back to this. i know the score disparity is huge. but they're facing one of the best, if not the best, kansas state in the nation. >> gus: world series coming up here later tonight on fox. let's go to an update on the big game. >> that's right, gus. following the post-game show with erin, eddie and joey, the detroit tigers need a win
4:01 pm
against the san francisco giants, trailing two games. immediately after the post-game show, zimmerman and carver only on fox. back to gus and charles. when will the bats wake up? >> gus: same question i got from my mom on the west side of detroit? when are we going to start hitting? there's a hand on the quarterback end. daniel sams got burned last week at west virginia. young man, freshman, slidell, louisiana. we were talking about bill snyder and what he said yesterday about his offense. he was asked, how do you always manage to take players that aren't fooiive-star recruits an turn them into such terrific college players, and he's got a long laundry list of guys that went on to get into the pros.
4:02 pm
>> charles: he said, you start with good people first and foremost. i believe a lot of these guys may have been it labeled in a lot of ways, but maybe they're better football players than they were told. beyond that, he has 16 building blocks of success that he talks about all the time with his players, including commitment, unselfishness, unity, being tough, self-discipline, eliminate mistakes. collin klein's favorite is no self-limitations. he never puts limitations on himself. he gets a little better each day, and ramp your way up to where they are right now, another unbeatable team. >> gus: collin klein, his day is done, 343 yards passing, two touchdowns. >> time out, kansas state. >> gus: klein rushing 12 times
4:03 pm
for 82 yards and two touchdowns. >> charles: i like the way it all comes together for this team. unsung heroes, offensive line, the guys can move up and down the line, the guys can play guard and tackle. they play right side, left side, and what collin klein has done today, this one tops it. the way he normally does it but his way breaking through the texas tech defense. and how about this one, a shovel pass. it goes down as a touchdown pass and it will be really giving them good plays the last two weeks as the backup tailback to john hubert. >> gus: here's sams. he goes down hard. 56 seconds to go. this one close early.
4:04 pm
at one time 7-0, then 7-3. 13-10 at half time. we talked about coach snyder and his ability to make adjustments and score points after the break, and that's exactly how this has played out. 21 points more by kansas state in the third quarter. and they blew it open in the fourth, 55-24. >> charles: tom hayes, defensive coordinator, first year as coordinator at kansas state, making similar adjustments in shutting texas tech down. >> gus: a flag. he didn't have to work very much today, but i tell you what -- >> personal foul, roughing the punter, number 20, texas tech, 15-yard penalty, first down.
4:05 pm
>> gus: ryan doerr is a major weapon, charles davis. >> charles: half of his punts today have been down below the 20-yard line. he had two inside the ten to help them in field position. but he's likely to get rusty. the last two weeks he has not had to do much work at all. one punt at wvr est virginia, t today. he better make sure he stays lathered up in practice, because otherwise he gets no play here. >> gus: kansas state once again, no turnovers. this is the longest they've gone without turning the football over. and that could do it.
4:06 pm
the kansas state wildcats remain undefeated, 8-0. 5-0 in the big 12, and they defeat texas tech on their own field, 55-24. for charles davis, julie alexandria and our entire crew, i'm gus johnson saying so long from manhattan. >> guys, thanks so much. coming up on the at&t post-game show. we'll get you caught up on a busy day of college football, including the huge battle in the sec state between georgia and florida. the world series continues between san francisco and detroit. the tigers lead two games to one so stay tuned as oktoberfest rolls on.
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. good afternoon. we begin in detroit where the giants are getting ready to take on the detroit tigers for game three. this right now is a live picture of the field. we are about 90 minutes from the first pitch. as you can see, preparations are underway. i can't tell who those players are and what is going on but obviously there's a lot of activity as we get ready for game three. there we can see them getting the field ready for tonight's game. the giants seem to have it going after sweeping the first two games, and now they must bring it on the road. what can we expect in game three? >> reporter: i'm on the roof of this restaurant across the street from the park and it's
4:10 pm
loud and windy and cold. they say it's 49 degrees. don't believe it. it feels like 39 degrees. that means the players will have to bun fell up. for pitchers, it might feel something like throwing with a know suit on. also, sanchez will be making his world series debut as the giants designated hitter. and so will ryan. he's been the best pitcher of the entire season of '12. and if you think about what vogelsong has had, it's no big deal. >> the cold weather is something you have to deal with. i threw a game in chicago last year where it was 34 and rain
4:11 pm
and sleet and i don't think the weather will be an issue. if i'm thinking about how cold it is, that means i'm not thinking about what i'm doing on the mound. >> this is my dream all my life to play in the world series. to get this opportunity is unbelievable. >> how do you keep yourself from getting too excited. >> you have to be focused. i have to think about it, the game, and be focused on every situation in the game, and that's what i have to do. >> reporter: sanchez will go against another sanchez. tangible is 3-1 -- hanibel is 3-1. and the tigers haven't lost here
4:12 pm
at the park. they are two and zero. 79% of teams that start a world series two and zero go on to win it. game three is a couple of minutes away, and it should be exciting. reporting live in detroit. back to you. >> let's hope history repeats itself tonight. game three airs here after this newscast. fox coverage begins that 4:30. the players are talking about the cold conditions. let's hear more about the game forecast. >> temperatures will be dropping rapidly. thankfully the rain is not in the forecast. the cold front is heading off to the east. but in detroit we have this overall cloud cover and
4:13 pm
currently 48 degrees and winds out of the northeast around 13 miles per hour. forecast for game three of the world series in detroit, it will be cold and temperatures dropping down into the 40s, and partly cloudy skies, winds out of the north around ten to 12 miles per hour over the next few hours. maybe gusting around to 15 or 18 miles per hour. 42 degrees and by the 8th or 9th inning possibly into the upper 30s. but there is no rainfall forecasted. >> the team is using that electricity to win the game. so let's look at the team frenzy. hello there. >> reporter: hello. i want to show you more of the
4:14 pm
view from up here on the 4th floor at shelly's public. look there. there's a pep rally going on down there where you see the lights on. these fans are hoping that their team comes roaring back tonight but not if the giants stay as hot as they have been. the fans have been watching batting practice and soaking up the world series atmosphere. it's amazing. some fans are bay area trans plants who moved to this area. others made the trip and say they just couldn't miss it. >> i would love to finish it here. i know the fans would love to see us finish there, but honestly i would love to do it in detroit. >> pretty exciting?
4:15 pm
>> yes. the people here have been so nice. a trip of a lifetime. >> everybody says detroit will win, but the giants have a lot going and they are doing all the right things. >> what are you looking for tonight? >> another giant victory, of course. we're going all the way, four games. it's a sweep, done. i predicted it. the clown has spoken. >> reporter: of course everybody is talking about pablo the historic home -run night and i talked to him about it before batting practice, and also about his singing, a well-known clubhouse talent. but first game three of the world series about to start. we're looking at a live picture of illuminated lights of the
4:16 pm
either d here in downtown detroit. people are out in the streets and having a great time and they say they may be two down but they are not out. tonight the giants have to play in a sea of white towels. >> back to you. >> we know panda has been a tiger killer. let's go to san francisco where we are at the food park where giants fans are watching the game. >> reporter: yes. this is great fun. you can see the monitors where you can watch the game, and there's several giants fans in place. the weather is great. it's a nice time to be outside and enjoy food, watch the game. you can bring your dogs out here because it's outdoors and you can enjoy all the fun of food
4:17 pm
trucks, even specials like a shrimp roll. sounds good. you can enjoy some great food truck food here at the food park. here you have tacos and they have specials and a special giant fan, ivan valascez. >> game three, we are winners. san francisco, baby. >> reporter: they have been showing the playoffs game here since it started and the world series games. how has the crowd been? >> it's amazing. a lot of people show support. wait a minute and it will get
4:18 pm
live. it will be happening here. >> reporter: are you feeling a sweep? >> we're waiting for it. it's coming this way. >> reporter: and not a bad way to make money as a giant fan. not at all. >> reporter: thanks. so come out here and enjoy the food and watch the game on the monitors. the monitors are on both sides of this outdoor overhang. there is a screen there as well. i was told it was so crowded there last week, even during the rain people were taking cover here and enjoying themselves and after that they had food and drinks. live in san francisco, channel 2 news. >> as you might expect, there are activities all over the bay area for the game and in east bay fans are gathering at the stadium public in walnut creek.
4:19 pm
you can see the tv monitors on. we'll have more on how the fans are gearing up. today the alameda sheriff's office tested a high-tech piece of equipment. the unmanned drone is remote controlled and cost $40,000. it flies up to 400 feet and has an hd camera at the bottom that send back a live picture of whatever it is flying over. the sheriff's office said it could really use this. >> search and rescue, persons with firearms, rural areas not easily accessible by a patrol car. >> they plan to apply for federal grant money. more details on the annual training program that included the drone test. the sheriff's office says the
4:20 pm
you are ban exer sizes -- exer sizes get them ready -- exercises get them ready for many issues, including sack or sack ba tosh. a victim was trying to park her car when somebody started shooting and hit her in the chest. she accelerated the car and flipped it accidently. people who live on treasurer island are being told not to drink the water. a pipe broke last night cutting off water service overnight. the service has been restored but tap water will not be safe to drink until tomorrow, possibly even monday. water officials say treasurer island residents should boil their water before drinking as
4:21 pm
a precautionary measure. >> we are flushing out the system to get good, safe water in it. once we get the all-clear, we can tell people they can drink the water again, and that could be as early as tomorrow eve negligence or possibly monday. >> the public utilities commission set up a truck with free potable water. residents may bring a clean water container that can carry up to 5 gallons. >> giants baseball is big business here in walnut creek. how they are making sure they have all of the supplies to keep up with the demand.
4:22 pm
4:23 pm
live again to detroit where the tigers and giants will be facing off in game three of the world series. it's just about ready to get juried way. the first pitch is set for 7:05. back in the bay area baseball fans are gathering all over to watch the giants and tigers. we continue our coverage with ann where one club had to stock up. >> reporter: that's right. people here appear to be in for the long haul. they came in wearing the football jerseys and brought a change of clothes for their giants clothes. business has been good here.
4:24 pm
they had to triple their order for kegs and food to accommodate and it's been packed every night of the playoffs. some of the crowd is made up of locals but some people have traveled to be here. >> i was excited to come up here. i was in san francisco the first two nights and tried to get tickets. they were a bit pricey, so i spent the money in the bars in san francisco instead and now i'm here and staying up and enjoying it. >> every time something great happens, it's just that much more fun. money all wise, it's great. people are happy and spending money and great energy. >> reporter: while lots of people here are pushing for a sweep, the owner says she wouldn't mind a couple of extra
4:25 pm
games, as long as the giants win in the end. hurricane sandy is turning its way north along the east coast bringing strong waves to the outer banks of north carolina today. the category one store is on a path to make landfall early tuesday on the delaware coast. some coastal residents are being urged to go inland. >> with more on the hurricane and a look at our own weather, let's check in. >> we have two extremes with the major storm developing and here in the bay area, nothing but nice weather and sunny skies. hurricane sandy, a category one, moving to the northeast at 13. it's off the carolinas now and
4:26 pm
merging with a system developing over the midwest. here's the forecast track and associated rainfall. we'll take this into sunday and then monday and tuesday. significant rainfall, on the order of five to 10 inches. winds will be a key issue, approaching 50 to 60 miles per hour, possibly stronger. let's keep an eye on that as we head into sunday, monday and possibly tuesday. santa rosa is warm. downtown san francisco, in the upper 60s. forecast heads lines, mostly clear skies, a patch or two of fog near the cost. we will cool things off and also bring in a chance of rain next week. overfight lease will be in the upper 40s to the 50s. a beautiful sunday in store and
4:27 pm
not much change for your monday. maybe fog first thing monday morning. increasing clouds on tuesday, and on halloween we could have rain clouds. >> thank you. >> thank you. batting practice is now over and the first pitch is just about thirst minutes away. we are live for you in detroit for game three of the world series. >> we will continue channel ktvu news. >> we are always online for you to. we'll see you right after the game tonight.
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