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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  October 27, 2012 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. that ands it! giants take a 3-games to nothing lead. >> and with that the san francisco giants are one game away from becoming world series champions. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. >> it may be cold tonight in detroit, but the san francisco giants are red-hot. they are just one step closer to snagging their second world series title in three years. and we have team coverage for you tonight. ktvu's lorraine blanco watched the game with fired up giant fans in san francisco. first we go to debora villalon live in detroit. >> well, giant fans obviously
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vastly outnumbered here at comerica park, but none happier as they see a third straight shutout. >> let's go giants! >> reporter: and the bay area cheering section was a noisy one after tonight's victory. they were shouting one more win and we want a parade, already tasting that second world series championship in three years. on the other hand tiger fans rally towels are starting to look like the white flags of surrender. the crowd got quieter and more deflated with every inning against stellar giants pitching and fielding and they never got transaction. this game was tiger's misery, but giant's jublation. >> i see it going five or six games, but i'm taking the giants. >> we had to be here and we're going to win it again this
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year. >> reporter: they play great on the road, too. so i don't think there been a problem. >> remember in texas? we won there and won it in texas years ago and we can do it here, too. >> to be part of this, absolutely. that is what we worked for all year, to maybe get the chance. >> reporter: some sad, stunned tiger fans at comerica park. they chanted earlier on, but they could not rouse their slumbering team now just one game away from elimination. if it happens here tomorrow, some of the giant fans that i talked to say they will feel a twinge that it didn't happen at home at at&t park, but they will be happy it happened at all. when the game started it was 49 degrees and it's 43 degrees now. tiger fans might have felt the cold, but i'm telling you the giant players and their fans seemed oblivious. live in detroit and we'll go to
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lorraine blanco in a much balmier san francisco. >> reporter: the fans are excited live in the city. we're live by the truck painted orange in honor of the san francisco giants. people come to the street food park to come to the game and to eat great food and cheer on the giants. >> let's go giants! >> reporter: this is what it looked like here when they won. you can see all kinds of delicacies from peruvian to italian, a couple hundred fans enjoyed game 3 of the world series while gnashing in a friendly atmosphere. >> such a nice day. such a san francisco day. beautiful out here. good people. good food everywhere. >> you know, i usually go to
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the bar scenes and watch it by the ballpark but i want a different scene. i find that the food truck situation here, it's exactly the same kind of vibe and intensity and great food. >> my favorite thing about watching here, everywhere you look you see a furry friend. that is a huge plus for pet. >> reporter: back out here live the selma street food park is open again tomorrow and have game 4 on all of the screens. reporting live in san francisco, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. if you want to relive some of the highlights, joe fonzi is here with the action from the field. >> before the world series got started it would have been hard to find anyone on the national scene that thought the giants had a chance to win the series in seven games much less to be in a position for the four-game
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sweep. results were the same. as has been the case in game 2, the giant's formula for winning included timely hitting. scoreless in the 2nd until gregor blanco found the wall in center off anibal sanchez, to easily score hunter pence. next batter up, brandon crawford hit a soft liner to center in front of detroit's austin jackson. that is the way that the giants would win it. it would be plenty enough wins. ryan vogelsong had to work out of jam in the 3k. first striking out berry and. then sergio romo struck out omar infante to end the game. and put the giants within one game of their second world series in three years. we'll have more coming up tonight on sportswrap.
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see you guys then. thank you, joe. game 4 is tomorrow in detroit. of our coverage begins at 4:30 afternoon the new york giants- dallas cowboys football game. you can visit to visit the world series tab and there you will find interviews with the flayers and giant's manager bruce bochy. we're follow something breaking news for you, as a tsunami warning in effect for parts of british columbia and alaska tonight. after a 7.7 quake struck canada's queen charlotte items. the earthquake struck about 86 miles south of masset, canada. a tsunami warning was issued from the northern tip of vancouver island british columbia to cape decision, alaskan. residents have been have been urged to immediately move to higher ground. the epicenter was in a sparsely populated area of canada and so far no reports of injury are
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damage. mark tamayo joins us with latest. >> heather, some of the buoy reports are show something tsunami activity on the small side in the form of centimeters. as far as that tsunami warning, here is a look at some gages forecasted to be below 30 cent meters. all the areas shaded here, can you pick out once again the tsunami warning has been in place for an hour. so coming up we'll let you know if this does change or if we get any more reports of the tsunami activity out there in the warning area. >> we have developing news in
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san francisco where the embarcadero bart station is closed after someone was hit on the train tracks. jade hernandez is live in the city with what is going on like now. >> reporter: ken we know there is a 15-20 minute delay going through the transbay tube tonight. i will receive a phone call as soon as the embarcadero station re-opens. riders discovered the gate closed a few hours ago. >> no, it's just completely blocked off down there and we didn't try to walk down the stairs. >> we're not able to take the train back. i'm look at my gps to find ways to get back to dublin. >> we're trying to get on ac transit and get on the bridge? >> it happened last year? >> yeah. >> reporter: after we we interviewed sarah webb the woman you just heard from she found she could get home by going to the montgomery
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station. we have checked with the bart spokesperson james allison who explained that witnesses say a man jumped in front of the train causing the delay. now jim allison tells us that he estimates 1,000 to 2,000 riders have been affected tonight. san francisco police confirmed that the person found on the tracks died. but this is what commuters need to keep in mind, the pittsburg pay point train is going through the tube. there is a delay, 15-20 minutes and anybody taking the dublin to daily city will have to transfer to the pittsburg-bay point train. we'll let you know when the embarcadero station re-open in the newscast. reporting live from san francisco, jade hernandez. thank you, jade. a woman in san francisco was seriously injured this morning after a shooting and car crash.
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violence broke out at about 3:50 a.m. at per share pierce and ellis street. the woman was hit twice in the chest. the gunfire caused the woman to accelerate and the car. at 11:00 p.m. someone in a car opened fire in front of a party on depot road. police say most of the guests who were at the party were teenagers. the victim's condition has not yet been released. sonoma county sheriff investigators say a 92-year-old driver struck two teenager as they walked in a crosswalk sending one teen to the hospital with a head injury. it happened in sonoma around 12:40 this afternoon.
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investigators say the elderly man said he simply didn't see the boys in the crosswalk. one teen is in the hospital tonight with a potential skull fracture. the other teen was treated for bumps and bruises and released. authorities say they have notified the dmv, calling for a reexamination of the driver's driver's license. new video just in the ktvu newsroom, oakland police keeping an area in west oakland blocked off at 4th and adline streets after a shooting separate one person to the person after 7:00 this evening. oakland police say this suv arrived at highland hospital with a shooting victim. they are say that the person in the vehicle rap into a black car obits way to the hospital, no word on the victim's condition and so far, no arrests have been made. today searchers both on the ground and in the air looked for two mepmissing in wintry conditions in sierra wilderness areas. larry conn left on a
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backtracking trip eight years. 52-year-old matthew hansen of visalia is missing near shaver lake. he was supposed to return home on thursday. drinking water on treasure island it had better be bottled or boiled. the alameda county sheriff thinks this device is part of the future of law enforcement. we'll give you a close-up look at don't that the office wants to buy. the bay area is pulling out all the stops to celebrate the giants. look at the san francisco skyline lit up in orange. we'll have more on festivities coming festivities coming up.
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. it was another night of celebration for giant fans as the team took home a 2-0 win against the detroit tigers in detroit. at the stadium pub in walnut creek some fans told us that they have been hem helping out the team by wearing those lucky shoes or sitting in lucky spaces during the games. whatever it takes. some say it would be nice for the giants to return to san francisco for one more game, but others say it doesn't matter where they win as long as they bring home the victory. >> surrounded by water, but not a drop to drink, least in
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it's boiled or brought in the outside. eric rasmussen with the trouble for some island residents. >> reporter: ken we're told crews are waiting on a replacement pipe. the san francisco puc says it has plenty of 6, 8 and 12idge pipe the problem is that the one that broke 18" and until they can get a new one, they cannot guaranty the water is safe to drink. for now and likely the rest of the weekend, the only drink able water at treasure island is credit getting here by truck. >> the water now, it's been quite an adventure. >> reporter: he is among many using whatever containers that they have to get free, clean water from two tankers set up on treasure island. behind the counterof the deli, abdul saleh was steps way from
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the water-main break. water officials say it was an 18" iron pipe that ruptured, likely part of the original infrastructure from the 1930's. the boil order remains in effect as a precaution. >> we're actually in the process right now of flushing out the system, so we can get good, fresh water into it and sampling to make sure there is no bacterial contamination. once question get the all-clear on that, we can tell people they can start drinking water again. that could be as early as possibly tomorrow evening or monday. >> reporter: for the treasure island bar and grill it means offering only canned sodas and despite well- placed signs manager lorraine chu says they feel an impact. >> it's definitely slower. on a weekend we're usually busy wftv we're told a wedding on the island went off without a-. water officials say it will probably be monday before they can get everything fixed and assure everyone that the water
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is safe to drink again. live on treasure island, eric rasmussen. ktvu channel 2 news. police in oakland are investigating two separate overnight shootings. one happened before 12:30 a.m. at allendale and octavia streets. two groups got into a shoot- out, firing as many, many as 30 time as each other. two people were taken to the hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. police say witnesses are not cooperating. now 45 minutes early one person was injured by gunfire at 10th and center streets. the victim was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening wounds. . traffic on a busy east bay freeway was shut down for a time because of a grass fire along the roadway. it started at 12:10 this afternoon on interstate 5-0. highway patrol shut down one westbound lane for fire crews. the sig-alert was issued when the fire was out and the road re-
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opened. there was no report of injuries and no wordn what caused that fire. one of the biggest classes of firefighting recruits ever is about to begin training in san josi. the department says 33 new recruits will start the academy on monday of the recruits will bring the department's closer to staffing levels before recent cutbacks. academy class is being paid for with a two-year $8.6 million grant from fema. today we got an up-close look at a new crime-fighting tool officials in alameda county are hoping to add to their arsenal. but as ktvu's allie rasmus explains some are objecting to spy in the sky. >> reporter: it lifts off like a space age aircraft and you can barely hear it buzzing overhead. it's an unmanned aerial system otherwise known as a drone.
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>> the device is about 2' wide, less than a foot tall an weighs about 3.35 funds and atoo muched to the bottom is an hd camera that sends back a live picture. >> well, limits are ceiling 400' agl, line of sight, 250,' with an observer. >> reporter: to fly in dense urban areas deputies would need permission from the faa and department of justice, but the device has raised concerns. representatives from the electronic frontier foundation sent this statement. in response sheriff sergeant nelson says it's no different than other equipment they use. >> we have had robots in our bomb squad and s.w.a.t. teams for ten years that are remote controlled. we don't role those down the street to survey people. >> reporter: the sheriff's office will apply for ferrum grant money to buy it and if they do it could be
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in the air as early as next year. in dublin, allie rasmus. . a drill included that drone demonstration. urban shield say multiagency exercise held at various east bay locations. eh year dozens of first responders hold exercises aimed at improving their response from everything from hostage situations to a large-scale natural disastert. >> election day is just ten days away and today republican nominee mitt romney made several stops in florida before hurricane sandy hits. romney said as president he will reach across the aisle and find a comprise with democrats. >> we're going to have to have an administration in washington, my team in washington that is willing to work with people across the aisle to build bridges to work with other people and come together to find ways to make america work better. >> romney heads to ohio
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tomorrow in a change of plans because of hurricane sandy. president obama also canceled campaign events next week in northern virginia and colorado to moniter the storm, but not before stopping in new hampshire, where he criticized romney's economic plan. >> hes has been running around saying he has a 5-point plan for the economy. turns out that's 1-point plan. folks at the very top play by a different set of rules than you do did. >> after the event the president made an unexpected shop at the common man tavern in nearby merrimack and chatted with diners and when one woman offered to buy him a drink, he bought a round of brewed ale instead. nightmare in new york city, the possibility motive of the alleged homicide of two kids at the hands of their nanny. a cute, but dangerous cargo and what the man was trying to do with 15 tiger cubs.
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. the new york city nanny accuse of fatally stabbing two young children remains in a meically induced coma with apparently self-inflicted stab wounds. no charges have been filed against yoselyn ortega, a memorial is growing outside of the family's apartment building. today police say the nanny had work for the family about two years. sources told the new york post that ortega had run into money trouble. >> in news of the world in indonesia 11 suspected islamics are behind bars. police say they confiscated a bomb and bomb-making equipment. this month marks the tenth anniversary of the attack on bali nightclubs that killed 200
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people. . in iraq a series of bottommings and tacks claimed the lives the at least 30 people today. the attacks came even after authorities had put extra security measures in place to try to prevent such violence during the four-day holiday of eid al haw. . and from thailand the hiss of a young tiger found with 15 others in the back of a pickup truck. thailand is one of the centers of the illegal trade in tigers. tiger parts are often used in many partsof asia to make traditional medicines. only six subspecies of tigers remain in the wile with fewer than a thousand tigers thought to be left in each group.
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the number of people infected in that deadly meningitis outbreak now totals 344 cases in 18 different cases. 25 people have died. a food and drug administration report released this weekend the company that released the drug, the new england compound company could not show it properly sterilized the drug. as the east coast braces for extreme weather, some bay area residents are pack up and lending a hand. a pop
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. some people who know a thing or two about extreme weather are leading to the east coast ahead of hurricane sandy. the power crews are from the chicago area about 700 workers will fan out across the east coast to help utilities deal with expected power outages from the massive storm. today people in arlington, virginia stocked up on essentials. sandy is expected to make landfall as soon as monday night, causing days of heavy rain, wind and inland snow. as east coast braces for sandy, people from the bay area are already gearing up to assist. new at o:00 ktvu's john sasaki talked to local volunteers who are heading east to lend a helping hand. >> reporter: at san josi airport this afternoon hundreds of people arrived from east coast. some happy to escape the impending storm. >> a lot of people are taking
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it seriously. so sounds like something is going to happen. i was glad to get out thereof before then. >> reporter: hurricane sandy is the big news up and down the eastern seaboard. it's set to mitt new jersey tomorrow and barium north monday and tuesday and could knock power for millions. >> my concern is there would not been election. >> reporter: being ready for what happens is in part of the responsibility of the red cross, which is sending 600 people from across the country to the region. >> just like getting involved, helping people. >> reporter: three of them leave for new jersey tonight from the san josi office. >> it's going to be very beneficial to a lot of people. it's exciting. it's kind of scary, because you don't know what you are getting into. and you know, that is why you read all the hardships and you go, hmmm, it's not like staying home. >> reporter: she is a registered nurse who is ready to provide medical care and the other two will
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help to place residents. >> it makes me feel better no matter what problems you have, when other people lose everything and the ability to help one person to me is worth it. >> reporter: these volunteers say they could have been gone as long as three weeks, but they know they will help a lot of people in that time. san josi, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. here is the latest image of the storm from space. forecasters say the hurricane could bring winds of at least 50 miles per hour across 800 miles of the eastern seaboard when it comes ashore. coming up in five minutes, ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo will be here with latest on the storm track. homeowners in financial trouble may not be so pleased about a new feature on the real estate website is listing homes that are not officially listed for sale. the new feature rolled out on thursday and critics site privacy concerns. caltran work will cause some lane closures on sarb meat
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bridge less than an hour for now. starting at 11:00, two westbound and two eastbound lanes will be closed until 9:00 tomorrow morning. crews are putting the final touches on a project to install a seize mick joint and replace a section of the deck. work that shut down the bridge last weekend. >> it was a sighting of a rare sea turtle today inside san francisco bay. an employee at the berkeley marina snapped this photo near the end the pier. a marine biologist says it's likely this is either a threatened olive ripple turtle or perhaps an endangered green sea turtle. boats on the bay are urged to slow down and watch out for the turtle while it visits the bay. on this saturday night before halloween, some people were out showing off their costumes. this plan says he was a bit
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nostalgic about the monstrous halloween parties in years past. >> they have dwindled down. i miss the days of big halloween. >> there has not been a large city-sanctioned party in the castro since nine people were injured in ray shooting in 2006. san francisco police say they intend to keep the peace and are making their presence known. >> some pretty cool costumes already. it's a sight of the panda that few have seen. or heard. we catch upgiant's slugger, pablo sandoval about his other talent and his promise to ktvu. >> will this warm weather continue for the rest of the weekend? ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo is next with what to expect for your sunday.
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. talk about orange october, taking a live look at san francisco's city hall, which is glowing orange tonight in honor of the san francisco giants' 2- 0 win over the detroit tiger in game 3 of the world series. giants, as you know, just need one more win to become world champions. >> there is orange all over the bay area. >> mark tamayo with a fuel plate, weather here in the bay area and a lot going on elsewhere. >>a lot to be tracking with the tsunami warning that we talked about at the beginning of the show. that warning still in operation and an advisory has been added for the southern are potions, basically the southern portions closer to vancouver. but not here in the bay area, but we still observed heights
10:37 pm
towards alaska and british columbia. those numbers do not seem too high, but we know that could go a lot of damage near the immediate shoreline. once again the tsunami warning posted towards alaska and canada is still in place right now. also another major story is this, hurricane sandy a category 1 hurricane with winds of 75 miles per hour moving to the northeast at 14. not only this we're watching, but a cold weather system that will merge and you heard the rain and wind and even the snow forecast, the cold part of this system will generate significant snowfall and the eventual track losing hurricane and tropical storm status and moving onshore late monday night into tuesday. rainfall amounts pretty excessive. those bright yellows indicate 8-10 inch. so excessive rainfall rates and the winds, that will probably be the biggest concern because we're going to have strong winds over a long period. these are forecasted -- this in
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fact, is the center of the storm moving opshore sometime as we head into monday and mod night. new york city could have winds custing to 60 miles per hour and into late monday and tuesday, winds up to 30-40 miles per hour. so winds gusting to right around 60 miles per hour. back here in the bay area a completely different story. lots of sunshine and we warmed up with the readings with 70s and 80s showing up for your saturday a. and pretty much the same story as we head into your sunday. some patchy morning fog near the coast. extended we do cool things off and we bring in some rain chances. current numbers actually the overnight lows will be in the 40s to the 50s. santa rosa 48 degrees. san josi 55. and livermore 52 degrees. high pressure remains in commands of our weather for one more day. a nice sunday with temperatures night big change from today. you will see what happens. a cool weather system is moving in and will bring down the
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temperatures for monday, tuesday and wednesday. in fact, by wednesday, the warmest locations only right around the upper 60s to 70 degrees. and we could be track something rain chances. of course halloween is wednesday and we'll keep an eye on as we approach the midweek forecast. tomorrow, we have plenty of sunshine out there. maybe some patchy morning fog near parts of the cove lieber. still 80-degree heat towards antioch and brentwood. san francisco just beautiful, 71 degrees. compare that to the detroit weather for game 4, of course, we're all excited for game 4 of the world series. mostly cloudy skies. notf temperatures in the 40s. there is a chance of rain showers on wednesday, but the latest forecast models kind of delaying that for late wednesday into thursday. i'm not going to buy that just yet, but something we'll keep an eye on. >> let's talk about the giants
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again. we know pablo sandoval can hit a baseball, but did you know he is sing? ktvu's debora villalon caught up with the panda in detroit to show us another one of his talents. >> reporter: i hear you sing all the time. >> yes, i'm a happy guy. i make them laugh. >> what do you sing? >> everything. everything. >> reporter: old music, new music? >> new music. >> reporter: will you sing something for us? >> it's different because i don'tp sing in front of a camera. >> reporter: is it relaxing? does it pump you up? >> relaxing. at this moment you have adrenalin pumping inside and sing to relax. >> reporter: you have a beautiful voice. if this baseball thing doesn't work out, maybe "american idol." >> not a chance, i prefer to
10:41 pm
spend time with my daughters. every single day i'm in a good mood everyday. >> reporter: what has it been like since the three homers? >> exciting. it's part of my life and part of my career. so i have to realize that i did it. i think working hard to keep doing things to help my team win games. >> so the panda says he is a little too modest to sing for our camera tonight, but he hinted he will sing if the giants win the world series and we will hold them to that if they win tomorrow. >> we certainly will. more live coverage from detroit coming up. joe fonzi is standing by next with sportswrap.
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. good evening everyone and welcome to this saturday night edition of sportswrap. lo long-suffering giant fans may be finding it hard to believe that their team is one win away from win its second world series in three years. giants have a 3-0 death grip on the series tonight after their second straight shutout. hank aaron in detroit to present the award that bears his name to miguel cracker and buster miguel cabrera and buster posey. then in the 2nd hunter pence on with 1 out. gregor blanco wants to get the runner home and he does better. it


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