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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 16, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PST

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it's time for great video "right this minute." a woman follows her dog and discovers a pack of mules. the amazing story behind the men with marijuana. something is trapped down this narrow hole. >> looks like a little mole. >> a puppy.
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>> see the low tech rescue with high rewards. a paper boy is terrorized by a dark force. >> looked over and said what the heck was that. >> see why that was one freak of nature. plus the friday buzzword to join our list of ipad winners, and a dad place the game. see why baby avery wins this one. the dog was going nuts in the backyard going crazy. so allison grabbed her camera to go check things out. she lived in a southern part of arizona right along the border with mexico. in the bushes she saw four mules, drawing mules. four guys carrying large bundles of what appears to be marijuana.
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see the guys walking through the bushes there. >> stop, come on. >> we spoke to allison. at no point, she said, did she feel threatened. she never felt they were a danger to her. in fact, they turned around and looked at her and went -- soon you see them cross a dirt road and go back into the bushes on the other side of the road. of course they are trying to get out of there, get out of the range of the camera. >> that's dangerous for her, too. what if they are armed, right? >> those are huge drugs of bales on their back. to me it looks like 200 pounds of drugs. they go back into the weeds. but watch. one guy returns to literally cover his tracks. >> oh, my god, i've never seen anything like this. >> allison said she's never seen it either.
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in fact, since the wall had been built last year, she's barely seen any migrants coming and going, let alone this kind of drug activity. due to allison and her boyfriend, the suspects were caught. [ speaking foreign language ] >> do you see what's in that mirror? >> oh, wow. you can see a little head of a dog. >> it looks like a little mole. >> it's a puppy. >> the rescue is about to go low tech. watch what she does. she's going old school. she gets a little piece of cord or piping and starts feeding it through like a plumbing snake.
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>> they are going to push him out from behind. >> lucky they had a long enough device to do that. >> stuck puppy, or just scared, hiding puppy. >> i think scared, hiding puppy. >> when they are little, they don know how to me cisions for >> get him out of there. come on. get him. >> he's bigger than i thought he was. >> maybe he really was stuck. >> yeah. . >> take a look at the surveillance video from wstb in atlanta. take a look at the white van in the middle of your screen. does it look like anything
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mysterious going on. >> couple of guys cleaning the windshield, checking things out. >> looking under the hood of the van. >> how many times? >> right. you don't think these guys are up to no good. this van is involved in what is considered a new gas scam. we know gas prices are high. because gas prices are so high, there's now a gas black market. they are going inside the actual pump itself to the place that counts the gallons and the amount of every gallon so that it's not reading. it can allow the gas to flow at a much lower cost. they will park their cars there, pretend they are checking under their hood, cleaning their windshield, and they are pumping literally 300 gallons of gas. >> are there barrels in the back of the van? >> they rig up their cars in order to carry large amounts of
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gas. they are doing it inva vans, pickup trucks. >> where are they keeping the stuff? >> warehouses, like makeshift fuel pumps and they are selling it for $1 to $1.50 less per gallon. in this particular video, they say these guys got away with 290 gallons of gas. in total over two days of gas they rigged different pumps they stole nearly $50,000 worth of gas. i always thought the natural enemy of the paper boy, the neighborhood dog, right? they chase him around the neighborhood. but not for 14-year-old jackson in smithfield, utah, he's got a whole new -- >> made a weird noise like a grunting noise. it's dark. i saw this figure, looked over and said, what the heck is that. >> what was it?
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>> voldemort. >> not voldemort from harry potter. this voldemort. >> a goat. >> cross eyed goat. >> lived down the street. voldemort got off his chain and started chasing jackson around the neighborhood. >> it freaked me out when it stood on its back legs and put its front legs around me and knocked me off. >> voldemort knocked jackson off his bike. then the dude has to run from this thing. he ends up going up a tree and is stuck in a tree for an hour. jackson's parents file a missing child report. police get a report about a child stuck in a tree. they intervened and rescued jackson. he's hearing it from his classmates. >> they are like hey, goat boy.
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why are you afraid of goats? i was that was a freaky goat, it was possessed. >> you know what happens. when you say voldemort, he comes. he's the guy who made a bet with his buddies to -- >> dunk his head in a bucket full of urine. >> turns out he's no ordinary dude nor are his pals. and it's the latest technology in fighting terrorism. >> bomb sniffing mice. >> can mice really smell explosives? [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. faster than mandy can hang up on mr. monday. you hang up first. [ female announcer ] in just 60 seconds, you've got snack-defying, satisfying totino's pizza rolls. [ ringing ] it's on. let's roll. this has got to be one of the best parts of our job. we get to meet another one of our ipad 3 winners. mallory williams just won an ipad in kansas city missouri, and she's doing it "right this minute" with her 4-year-old
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daughter. welcome to "right this minute." >> hi, thank you. >> congratulations. you won one of our ipads. >> yay! >> you've got to tell us how you heard you were one of our winners. >> we were so happy, so excited. we're still excited that we won. >> do you know what you're going to do with the ipad already? >> i just want to play games. >> do you have a favorite game you like to play? >> angry birds. we like to play angry birds. >> perfect. >> what did you guys do when you got the news. >> we were haepd and we screamed. >> we were happy and screamed. >> tell our viewers how to enter the giveaway. >> it's so easy. all you have to do is watch the show and get the key word. you should do it. you can win an ipad. we won an ipad on "right this
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minute." >> another big congratulations to mallory. in just a bit, we'll be giving you friday's buzzword and how to enter. >> remember, have you to be 18 or older to enter for your chance to win an ipad 3. >> stand by for friday's buzzword and good luck, everybody. >> not so longing a our friend christian brought us a painful story of a dude outside the browns game getting paid $450 to dunk his head in a bucket full of human urine. our friend beth here got sick during that video. we found out the guy's name is phil. phil is actually patrolman phil croucher, a 16 year vet of the ohio police department. >> that's rich. keep going. >> all the guys to paid $50 to get up to $450 to pay phil also police officers. >> no. >> yes. just recently this week it's come down that phil has been suspended two days and also has to go through an alcohol evaluation. the nine guys who paid him $50
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each received a written reprimand. >> i can't believe that these guys that we were talking so much about is a freakin' police officer. >> the police department knew about it when it first went down. he was placed on a paid administrative leave back then until a doctor could confirm he was healthy and posed no medical risk to the public. >> he just dunked his entire head in a bucket of lots of different people's pee. >> he wasn't in uniform. >> this is his private life. >> he's a police officer. what he does is based on his judgment. >> it's not illegal what he did. he's not saying i'm a cop and then ducking his head. the police chief said it cast a negative light on the police department. >> if you've got the guy writing you a ticket, do you have as much respect for him. >> i think he should keep his job. but if anyone recognizes him, giving him a ticket, they should be allowed to call him a pee
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head. in the fight against terrorism, bomb sniffing dogs such old technology. what's the latest, greatest? bomb sniffing mice actually. they can detect narcotics. they can detect any type of explosive. they can detect spoiled cheese. cheese especially. >> the way it works they live in this little card that goes inside a scanner. when air is blown past or through a target they can smell. when they smell they run for cover. when they do that, the machine has an alarm which let's people know something fishy is going on. >> this is the craziest thing. a huge machine really run by a mice. when you open it up there's a mouse on a wheel in there. we're going backwards it seems.
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>> we're going forward. this is latest, greatest. >> this is opening sequence of the flintstones. >> the poor mouse is inside a machine all day hanging out literally on a mouse wheel. >> being forced to smell things he doesn't want to smell. then when he goes run away from the smell he can't run anywhere because he's on a wheel. >> these are so good they detected explosive materials by other systems. they may turn up at airports. keep an eye out for them. >> ridiculous. cuddling is her business. >> business is doing great. she is making around $260 a day. >> years ago my boyfriend said you're such a good cuddler, you should be a professional. i guess i took him too seriously. >> meet the pro cuddler on the next "right this minute." >> quick question.
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>> yes. >> does he have a back-up device if, in fact, this is not the umbrella. >> a good question. this guy is going sky driving with an umbrella. a whole new way to throw one back. >> it's to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever you're craving.
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another edition of the best of rtm, we tell you about the bonus video on the website. >> six weeks of hard work went into this intricate device. we love these things. this guy's video is six minutes long, uses stuff around your house, goes through different contraptions and mazes. finally gets to the end to do that. what's at the end of this device? you have to watch the video to find out. >> to do that head to and click on -- >> best of rtm. >> when i was little i saw mary poppins and i wanted to fly with an umbrella. i jumped off the back of the umbrella. it broke and i fell to the ground. eric tried the same exact thing. eric is a sky diver and big mountain skier. he took a big patio umbrella, tied it to the underneath of a balloon, went way up in the air
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and tried to see if it really work and for how long. here is what happened. >> three, two, one. >> here is the question. does he have a back-up device if, in fact, this is not mary poppins' umbrella. >> it's a legit patio umbrella he took from his aunt's deck. >> just like i did. i took the patio umbrella from the picnic table and jumped out from the deck. it didn't work very well. see how it works for eric. >> wow. >> it works. >> how fast is he going, do you know? >> slower than a free-fall, which is good. i don't think he would want to try to land like that. the umbrella holds up for a while, and then -- the whole fabric of the umbrella tearsocity framework. thankfully, of course, eric being a sky diver did pack a
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chute as well. i thought it was super cool. we found this on network a. i'm glad to see you can fly with an umbrella if you have to. >> that was so fun. thanks for the idea, mary poppins. >> nick, why drink your favorite adult beverage out of, i don't know, a solo cup, a mug, ch chalice, stein? all those things pale in comparison to this. look at this thing. it looks like you're drinking from an animal horn, right? these two dudes came up with the idea. it's a kick-starter project to get this thing going. they say it's bpa-free plastic, not an actual animal horn from an elephant. a stainless steel rim. a laser edged logo. you can get this thing that hangs around your neck. >> thinking, i need to go to the
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bathroom. can't put it in a drink holder, cup holder. >> comes with the handy stand. >> tell me you don't want this, dude. >> i do want this. as a party now with this thing rocking -- >> it's just a cool thing. have you a party. check out these cool party cups i got, guys. this blows every other party cup out of the water. >> okay, everybody. it's friday buzzword time in our "right this minute" ipad 3 giveaway. >> you have to have the buzzword to enter and be 1 or older. >> remember, you enter on our facebook page. if you're entering with a mobile device or tab let, go to the first post on our facebook page and tap on the mobile link. >> here we go, beth. time to reveal the friday buzzword. friday's buzzword is blabber mouth. >> that's me. >> sorry. i thought you were saying you were a blabber mouth. >> that's me.
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>> she's doing something funny with it. >> okay. do it again. >> here we go, beth. time to reveal friday's buzzword. >> friday's buzzword is blabber mouth. go to click on ipad button. >> enter friday's buzzword bl blabb blabbermouth, b-l-a-b-b-e-be r-m-o-u-t-h. good luck, everybody. >> get ready to play the game. >> looks like a good game. >> final score was baby avery one, dad, 0.
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this video you're looking at is another incredible coast guard rescue. this happened 170 miles off the coast of virginia beach, virginia. that boat you're looking at is the island breeze. there are four people aboard. the boat became disabled and the coast guard came to the rescue. the first person on the boat jumped into the water. as you can see here, they are lowering the coast guard swimmer in, and he swims to them, puts a lifejacket on them, and then they get hoisted up. they make it look easy. >> i'm not surprised these guys needed rescuing. it's pretty windy out there.
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choppy seas, too. >> look at the boat once everybody is aboard the helicopter. >> it almost seems they got him off just in time. >> that boat was rocking. dog really doesn't want to walk. >> come on, rico. come on. rico, come. come on, rico. let's go for a walk. want to go for a walk? come on. come on, rico. come on. you want to go for a walk? come on. let's go, buddy. come on. it's going to be fun. come on. come on. >> one of my favorite parts about this job is when we let to let our viewers be the star of the show. this guy uploaded a video on rightthisminute.c he is tony, stay at home dad,
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playing the duka game. you'll understand when you hear the noise. >> looks like a fun game. >> according to tony, he plays this game with his daughter avery a lot. you're going to see why he doesn't play this game anymore. >> his mouth is open. >> barfed in his mouth. >> that's what you get for shaking the baby. >> i hate this game and i'm going to show you, in your mouth. that is gross. >> duka game. >> more like the puka game. i want to thank him for posting that. that's really cute. >> love it when viewers do that. that's going to do it for us at "right this minute.
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