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tv   KTVU News at 730pm  FOX  November 17, 2012 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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>> craig: it is time for this week's heisman watch presented by nissan. atop of that heisman watch and klein and k-state being tested tonight. >> joel: they'll have to come back on the baylor bears. kenyon barner is certainly in that race and johnny manziel, this guy, what they did last week in tuscaloosa, putting himself in that race. marquis lee, wouldn't be surprised to see him in new york. >> craig: austin makes the cut at midfield, makes another at the 40, cuts it back. a flag. they will bring this one back. there's a flag back at the 22. >> joel: the only thing that's going to stop tavon austin tonight.
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long conference for just a flag that you would assume is in the area of a holding call. >> craig: i think there's actually -- there were two flags down. there's one up by where he went out of bounds as well. one back at the line of scrimmage. >> referee: personal foul, hands to the face, number 2, defense. that penalty will be 15 yards from the end of the run. sideline interference, unsportsmanlike conduct on the oklahoma bench. penalty will be enforced half the distance to the goal, first down.
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>> joel: number 2 called for hands to the face. >> craig: a 53-yard scamper by austin and tack on the penalty yards on top of that. his cutability again. not once, twice, but three times. >> joel: both penalties pushing this ball all the way inside the 10 yard line for the mountaineers. >> craig: it will be first and goal, 8 yard line. play action. geno smith up top. got it! stedman bailey!
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>> craig: we better rethink this game. >> joel: what a game. this place is electric. west virginia really starting to believe in themselves. that's something dana holgorsen said that had left this team the last four games. the four-game losing streak, first four-game losing streak since 2001 here in morgantown. right now they believe they can win this game. you can tell. the confidence right now from west virginia is palpable at home. >> craig: west virginia has not lost five in a row since 1986. they kick away. that ball pops out. clay recovered it at the 21 yard line. >> joel: there was some confusion about what happened on the penalties. i want you to watch up here on the sidelines for oklahoma. a bystander, the official is going to be running, jogging with the play, and gets knocked over. both of them hit the ground.
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that's what the infraction was. and what moved the ball all the way down inside the 10 yard line. he was only a couple yards off the sidelines. you got to be all the way back off that white, all the way back behind the line so the officials can roam and do their job. that's what that penalty was called on. >> craig: landry jones, 420 yards. sets up the screen pass. plenty of room to rumble. williams stepped out of bounds. boy, he had a lane to the end zone. right here you'll see, just couldn't -- right there, his left foot out of bounds. >> joel: all the west virginia guys pointing, right there, he stepped out. >> craig: three wide receiver package, top of your screen. williams, the lone back. landry jones.
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oh, threw into triple coverage. >> joel: isaiah bruce had that in his hands. just hits his own player. >> craig: did saunders put a hand on that? played a little defense, did he not? >> joel: another ill-advised throw from landry jones. this time no pressure on the quarterback. he steps up and tries to force the ball down the middle of the field. >> craig: under seven minutes to play. jones. down field coverage. he slings it out of bounds. i was hearing whistles before he released it. >> joel: i think they called time-out. those officials, yeah,
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absolutely, oklahoma called time-out before that snap. >> craig: it is so loud here, the far side officials with the whistle. time-out. [ man ] hello!!!! hello!!!! [ all ] ohh! that is crazy! are you kidding me? let me see! oh! what! that's insane! noooo! mr. woodson? oh hello! hello! [ whistles ] hello! [ all ] hello! [ coach ] caleb, i've got someone i want you to meet. hello. [ male announcer ] at&t. the nation's largest 4g network. covering 3,000 more 4g cities and towns than verizon. rethink possible. >> craig: back in morgantown, 6:35 to play. 43-38. petros, this game has had about everything and i can't even predict what's next.
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>> petros: first of all, tavon austin with 292 yards is ridiculous. joel, landry jones right now, the senior looks like the quarterback of the big 12. what's going on with him? >> joel: they flip-flopped roles. he looks like what geno smith looked like in the second quarter. he has to find some rhythm in this drive. >> craig: second down and ten. bringing pressure from the edge. jones stands strong in the pocket and gets it in to sterling shepard. >> joel: there's your confidence right there. how about that, standing tall in the pocket. he delivers the ball for a strike down the field. >> petros: and he moves. he doesn't usually move and throw the ball well. you have been pointing it out all day. big-time senior play. >> craig: 28-yard completion and first down for oklahoma. inside the 35 yard line of west virginia.
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clock coming up on six minutes to play. again, he's past the hash and again, makes another big throw, inside the 15 yard line. justin brown. now he's running with confidence of his own outside the pocket. >> joel: that's exactly what he needed. for a quarterback as experienced as landry jones, it just takes one. all of a sudden, the juices start flowing and now 487 yards on the night, four touchdowns. guy's had a lot of success in an oklahoma uniform, now finding himself down on the road late in november. still bcs aspirations for this team. >> craig: west virginia trying to become bowl-eligible. jones throws it out to the flat and stumbling after the catch is williams. jared barber bringing pressure. able to sling-shot it out. >> joel: it's imperative the best red zone team in the
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conference gets into the end zone. >> craig: 1200 yards of offense. five minutes and the clock runs on here in morgantown. second down, 8. for a moment, williams looked like he had room to run but darwin put his hat right on his number. >> joel: geno wants that ball back. terrence garvin trying to get it back for him. huge third down. on third down, kenny stills is the go-to target. 74% of his catches this year have either been for first downs or touchdowns. biggest snap of the game for landry jones right now.
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>> craig: landry jones sets. throws end zone. climbs the ladder and you called it, kenny stills, touchdown! >> joel: oklahoma answers. patience from landry jones to allow the route to develop and stills to get open on the back line in the end zone. now oklahoma up by one. offense still on the field, will go for two. >> craig: fifth touchdown toss of the night. jones, three yards shy of 500. two-point conversion for oklahoma. >> joel: holgorsen called time-out. >> referee: time-out, west virginia. their second of the half.
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30 seconds. >> craig: they want to use freeze-out on landry jones. ♪ [ birds chirping ] are you sure you can fit in there? [ chuckles ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] around view monitor with bird's-eye view. nice work. [ male announcer ] introducing the all-new nissan pathfinder. it's our most innovative pathfinder ever. nissan. innovation that excites. ♪ >> craig: 4:10 left to play in this thriller in morgantown. twelfth ranked oklahoma and west virginia have put on a show. two-point attempt. dana holgorsen, a little
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freeze-out, trying to gather his troops before the two-point try. >> joel: didn't like the defensive look. that ball was snapped and they had shown they were going to sprint out to the right. they had three wide receivers to the right. landry jones on the move. kind of like a sprint right option. that's what it's called in the west coast offense. now oklahoma has a decision. do you stay with that play call or do you go down the list. you always have planned out two, three two-point conversion play calls. looks like they've changed. their formation has changed. they still have three receivers. kenny stills one-on-one on the top of the screen. >> craig: i thought maybe we would see the bell-dozer. they go with landry jones on this two-point try. jones in the pocket, throws, corner. no. but oklahoma retains the lead of 44-43. >> joel: trying to hit the back
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shoulder fade. brown lost his place on the field. looked like he drifted too far. good defense by ishmael banks pushing him over to the sideline. that's exactly what a corner is always trying to do, use the sidelines as the extra defender. justin brown just got lost on the field. they were unable to convert with the one-point lead. geno smith going back on the field. got a feeling this is going to be a bit of the geno/tavon austin show on the next series. >> craig: your prediction may hold true. if you're close, stay close. if you're not, come on back and watch this final four minutes. >> joel: got to love the way geno smith has answered the bell. we talked about him not being in rhythm, throwing for only 50%, 155 yards at halftime. he's been sensational ever since. >> craig: austin is ready to return. his numbers tonight on the ground alone, 292 yards.
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he's caught four passes for 82. just over four minutes left. kicked away. austin. cuts outside and a flag. that flag came from the near side of the field. been a busy night for referee greg burks and his crew. >> referee: during the return, holding, number 37 of the return team. penalty will be enforced, half
7:50 pm
the distance to the goal. first down. >> craig: while we have a moment, let's have the time now for the reese's perfect play of the game. >> joel: i guess we can go right back to the last touchdown. landry jones, being patient, allowing kenny stills to come wide open in the back of the end zone. just blown coverage from west virginia. you will see two west virginia players let him go, left open right in front of the goalpost. the senior quarterback isn't going to miss that one. easy touchdown for oklahoma. they miss the two-point conversion so only up by one but sets up for a showdown down the stretch. >> craig: 44-43, four minutes left. this is what it's all about. geno smith and the mountaineers go back to work. running, watch out, tavon austin past midfield to the 49 and tripped up by colvin. >> joel: you know what's amazing about this. petros, you can speak to this. oklahoma hasn't changed what they're doing. they continue to run man coverage, they continue to run
7:51 pm
the same defense. mike stoops is livid with his players, austin just running all over them. 300 yards rushing. >> petros: that space does not exist for buie but every time austin gets the ball, he sees an unreal amount of space on the football field for him to work his magic. >> craig: those numbers now 339 yards. he wants more. he slides to the 40 yard line, picking up four. that will bring up second down and six. >> joel: that is the risk when you play man coverage. you're taking defenders out of the equation just based on the routes they have to cover because it's man coverage. you've seen a lot of times, austin running down the field a a guy like aaron colvin is covering stedman bailey 30, 40 yards down field. that's the risk that you run with man coverage. but they've been successful with it as a pass defense, ranked eighth in the country. >> craig: second down and five. play action. geno smith. up top.
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touchdown! bailey! to this point, four weeks of frustration for geno smith. in this second half, a rebirth. >> joel: geno smith becomes the first passer this season to eclipse the 300 yard mark against oklahoma and stedman bailey with his second straight 200 yard game. last week, 225 yards. tonight, 13 catches, 205 yards and four touchdown catches.
7:53 pm
>> craig: 2:53 to play. 49-44, west virginia. >> referee: time-out, west virginia. their third and final of the half. >> craig: now dana holgorsen will use his final time-out. as we look at this last touchdown, and geno smith, he's got the rhythm and confidence. >> joel: you can't throw it any better than that. bailey just runs out of his shoe. aaron colvin even has deep help on this. tony jefferson and aaron colvin beat deep by stedman bailey. that is a tired oklahoma defense running up and down the field. they have given up 750 yards of offense to geno smith and west virginia. >> craig: geno smith, 309 yards, four touchdowns, two interceptions.
7:54 pm
now the mountaineers will go for two. this would make tit a seven-poit game. smith. he steps up and is dropped at the 5. shannon, the middle linebacker, number 20, came in for the stop. now it's back to work for oklahoma and landry jones. 49-44, west virginia. make sure you stay tuned. right after this one's over, the at & t fox college saturday post-game show. kansas state, been a dangerous night for the wildcats against baylor.
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oregon and stanford are battling for the pac-12 north. all the highlights and scores around college football. >> joel: geno takes his team right down the field for a touchdown. landry jones set to try to match him. >> craig: 36-10 his career record as starting quarterback at oklahoma. he's attempted 47 passes tonight, completed 34, 497 and five touchdowns. 116 career passing touchdowns for landry jones. what a career. you made a statement earlier it's like geno and landry have been around this game a long time. >> joel: they've been around forever. they are putting on a show here tonight.
7:56 pm
>> craig: kicked away. picked up, goal line. clay. clay, 20. clay, 25. clay breaks a tackle, 35, 40. and clay brings oklahoma to the 45 yard line. big 12 standings. kansas state, that could change before the night is out. oklahoma, 5-1. texas, oklahoma state, west virginia, a win here would boost their program and, joel, make them bowl-eligible. >> joel: they need the extra practices bad with all these young players. they're not thinking about that right now. they're just thinking about knocking off the twelfth ranked team in the country, oklahoma still possible at-large bid in the bcs at stake. >> craig: landry jones back to work.
7:57 pm
kenny stills gets out of bounds. >> joel: landry jones over 500 yards throwing the otball. the numbers are just staggering. 750 offensive yards, west virginia. 614 offensive yards for oklahoma. like we're back to the west virginia/baylor game we did a few months ago. >> craig: that was a 70-63 shootout. tonight, 49-44. the clock runs up on two minutes. oklahoma is down five. justin brown, 20, inside the 15 yard line. you could score maybe in this game too early. >> joel: each team might get two more possessions from this point the way they're going up and down the field. landry jones, beautiful ball, accurately thrown to justin brown.
7:58 pm
the wide receiver has the opportunity to run after the catch. landry jones does a beautiful job on the last play. >> craig: 94 yards on four catches for justin brown. second down and ten. petteway and rowell were there for west virginia. shaq rowell had a nice game. >> joel: as a play caller you start looking at your matchups. kenny stills, top of the screen. matched up with chestnut, the red shirt freshman. favorable matchup for oklahoma. >> craig: loss of two. second down and 12 for oklahoma as we hit the one minute to play. landry jones in the pocket. slingshots it underneath. in the hands of brown.
7:59 pm
he is dropped back at the 4 yard line. carl joseph with a picture-perfect tackle. >> joel: blake bell in the game. 250 pounds. >> craig: time-out. oklahoma will use a time-out. let's go back and look at that tackle. it's saving west virginia at this point. >> joel: got justin brown coming across. here's the true freshman, carl joseph. just up-ends him, forcing the third down play. sticks himself right at the 3 yard line. wow. >> craig: put a shoulder pad right on the number 19.


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