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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 30, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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it's going to be a wet weekend, i'm tracking another storm. i'll pinpoint which areas will be hit the hardest. the second in a series of storms slams into the bay area today and there's more to come. and in the north bay, all eyes are on the rising russian river. downed trees have left people in the dark and shut down a highway. good evening everyone i'm frank
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gasia mikaelian. the rain took aim at the bay area. a 100-foot tree in fairfax barely missed the sleeping homeowners inside when it came crashing down early this morning. in san francisco city crews spent this day clearing out clogged drains and the public works department says it's expected to be a weekend long task. you can see one of the biggest rocks actually blocked one of the lanes forcing drivers to slow down and go around it. we have team coverage for you tonight. chief meteorologist bill martin is in the ktvu weather center where he's been tracking the storm all day. maureen naylor is standing by but we begin with jana katsuyama where it's been raining. in healdsburg. >> reporter: see how wet the ground is, all of that water is
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seeping into the ground and ending up in local rivers and streams this is the russian river. you can see how fast it is going. it could reach near flood levels by the time the next storm finishes. rain is drenching almost soaked roads. areas stream, rivers and low lying areas are flooding. with two storms down there's still one more to go. a storm watch is in effect. >> the storm surge is down 2- 1/2 feet below the bottom of the bridge. >> reporter: although water levels dropped today with the tide flooding signs remained in place for the next storm. concerned residents came out to see the russian river it rose 14 feet in 17 hours covering parts of johnson beach. >> this is high, very high. >> reporter: water crept
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precariously close to near by homes and one man showed us his dock swept away and floating in the river. >> there were 14 steps here, how many are left? six. so it's come up seven, eight steps within five hours. >> reporter: at the crossing of river road and waller road, water spilled over the bank of west creek flooding the pavement. cars tried to drove through the water. >> people need to have a radio transmitter, who is to say when they have to get out of the house because of flooding. >> reporter: back here live, the russian river could come within a foot or two of the flood point which is 32 feet. you can see how fast it's moving now. the flash flood watch is expected to continue through sunday evening. live in healdsburg, jana katsuyama. now to the santa cruz mountains where today's storms left damage in its wake.
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maureen naylor continues our coverage now. she is in felton where a critical road for several communities is closed at this hour, maureen. >> reporter: the wind and light wind started picking up once again. north of here two lanes of this highway are shut down tonight in both directions. that's where we found some people spending this friday night in the dark. candles illuminated this home in the santa cruz mountains tonight for this mother and 3- year-old daughter no electricity means new activities. >> play games, she's great at candy land. she's learning to go fish. it's back to the old days with no applications, no computers, no tv. >> reporter: with umbrellas in hand they only had to walk out their front door to see why they're in the dark. a downed tree took out a power line on highway 9. >> it's not really scary until it's right in your backyard. >> reporter: it's right in your
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front yard huh. >> yeah it's right in my front yard. >> reporter: a steady rain fell as this pg & e team worked to repair the power poll and move the downed lines. car after car were detoured. >> i didn't realize it was closed. i was driving around, i guess now i can't go any farther so i am going back and joining the masses. >> i don't like it. i'm from ohio so this is better than snow. it's all i can say. >> reporter: down the highway, a simple mistake meant a muddy mess after these san jose workers got their truck stuck while delivering furniture tonight. >> we got lost, we went to the side of the road and we just, got in the mud. >> i was planning to be home in the next two hours but i guess it's going to be more late now. >> reporter: in the last half hour i spoke to pg & e they said about 400 people are still without power here in santa cruz county. as for that section of i9 it could remain closed until
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tomorrow morning. maureen naylor, ktvu news. it was a big storm this morning, check out some of the highlights. we're talking rainfall accumulations in the north bay of over 6-inches. we had some areas up near 8- inchless. we had wind gusts in mount diablo, four to 6 miles per hour. that flood watch continues because we have more rain coming. here's what we have going on outside right now. they have had heavy rain all day. san helena, yachtville, you have a few light showers as well. as we go into the next 24 hours, things are going to give us a little bit of a break. but there's another weather system headed our way that has the national weather service in the river forecast center issuing concerns for flooding on major rivers like the russian river and napa river at least to flood level. when i come back we will walk through tomorrow's forecast.
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we'll get you through there, some showers in that but there's a bigger one behind it. california highway patrol responded to accidents all day long. in oakley witnesses say a child was thrown from a vehicle in a crash on highway 4. a jeep cherokee spun out of control on the westbound lanes near laurel road just before 1:00 p.m. at least two people were taken to the hospital, there's no word on their condition tonight. scary moments this morning for two people traveling in a toyota camera on 580 near dublin canyon road. the driver was going too fast for the weather conditions and lost control of the car. it struck a guardrail, plunged down an enbankment and caught fire. the two people inside were not hurt. the roads were slick when a pg & e worker crashed in sacramento. tommy flipo lost control of his sleek and flipped right into a light pole. the road was closed for several hours due to concerns that the
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pole could topple over. the bay area has been plagued by power outages all day as a result of the weather and here are the latest numbers we have from pg & e. the north bay has the most outages, the south bay and peninsula have 690 without power. 600 in the east bay have no electricity. in san francisco only 10 customers have no power. >> from manageable to difficult. coming up in 10 minutes what happened earlier this evening that has led to major flight delays tonight. and has more storm watch coverage. you can click on the storm watch tab on our home page to view live storm tracker 2 radar. the stakes were huge tonight with the win in the pac12, sanford will advance to the rose bowl on new year's day. tonight crews removed the tarp that had been keeping the field
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dry during the storms. cardinal fans are smelling roses tonight. >> reporter: it's a party here tonight at the old prosports bar in downtown palo alto. take a look at the crowd. more and more people have been streaming in since the game ended. presumably some people were at the game. some of them coming to the door carrying bouquets of roses. we were here through the whole game, right until the bitter end when the crowd went wild. >> going to the rose bowl baby. >> [ cheering and applause ] >> now stanford and ucla traded touchdowns through this whole game giving everybody a little time to cheer and a little time to sulk and a lot of time to dream about going to the rose bowl. >> that would be fantastic. >> having a giant's win, locally you have stanford in the rose bowl. 49ers are doing awesome, i think it could be a great season for san francisco bay area sports. >> reporter: there you see two
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young brothers tonight have been making these balloon helmets. they said they didn't bring any red balloons tonight, just stanford red. and take a look at how they have mended it after the game. they learned to make a rose now that will come in handy after the fourth. noelle walker, ktvu news. those who attended the game it was a muddy situation in the parking lot. according to stanford's parking division, several of the lots flooded leaving a handful of cars stuck in the mud. after the game guests called tow trucks to help get their cars out the rest of the drivers who were blocked in were allowed to exit a different rout. coming up later in sports we'll have highlights from tonight's close games including player reaction. a bomb scare late tonight led to the evacuation of a strip mall in oakland. a security guard reported a suspicious package at the mall on eighth street and market around 3:30 this afternoon. there are restaurants and shops at the mall and police ordered
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everyone out and called the alameda bomb squad. shortly after the bomb squad arrived they determined the package was in fact, not dangerous. and the all clear was given around 6:30 this evening. the fire crew made a gruesome discovery while responding to a fire. once the fire was out, firefighters found a body among the ashes. there's no word yet on the victim's identity or what caused the fire. fire investigators in san jose were still trying to figure out what caused an early morning restaurant fire. the fire broke out just after 7:30 a.m. at the taqueria lorena. most of the damage was in the attic, no one was hurt. contra costa officials will meet tuesday to make cuts since voters rejected a budget cut.
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the stations being closed are station number seven, station 11 on clayton, station 12 on shell avenue in martinez. and station 16 on los arabes drive in lafayette. if voters didn't pass the parcel tax, the result in cutting would result in safety. but voters were not swayed. next i will use storm tracker 2 to show you the storm's path. his young daughter was beaten and sexually assaulted. why he says her attackers aren't the only ones who should be punished.
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two people are safe tonight after a falling tree came crashing down on the mini van they were sitting in. it happened around 1:30 this afternoon. neither of the people was injured. an east bay regional parks crew cut the tree into pieces and cleared the road. the parents of an autistic 16-year-old girl are calling for swift action against a bay area group home after their child wandered off and was eventually found beaten and sexually assaulted.
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eric rasmussen is in oakland. >> reporter: tonight the girl is with her aunt. and we spoke to her father. >> i will make sure to it if i have to spend my last breath making sure but they're going to pay what they did to my kid. >> reporter: father jesse white says the people who assaulted her daughter aren't the only ones he's holding accountable. last night the girl was found beaten and alone on a munni bus in san francisco. a few days after she walked out of the home for development kids. >> she may look like a normal girl but she functions like a 2- year-old. >> reporter: she walked out after she got upset. the staff members followed her in a vehicle for nearly five hours but lost sight of her. almost 3 miles away at the fruitvale station where she was seen talking to several men. >> at no point, even though they have permission to grab
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her did they grab her. they had a vehicle there to take her back to the youth center. >> how responsible do you think this home is for what happened to your daughter? >> reporter: i think they are 100% responsible for what happened to my daughter. >> reporter: the ceo of fred finch is talking to a lawyer and wants the small group home shut down. >> they will be held accountable. they will be. i won't let this happen to another child. >> reporter: a special education agency helping to pay for the girl's stay at fred finch has launched its own investigation and could file a complaint with the state. we're live in oakland, eric rasmussen, ktvu news. gang enhancement allegations were added to two men charged with the death of a
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boy. lawrence denard and willie torrence were shooting at a gang member when they killed 2- year-old david nava. prosecutors say the 32-year- old pleaded no contest to charges of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a woman five days after the killing. he now faces up to 25 years to life for the assault and six years for the shooting. oakland mayor jean quan announced she has appointed sandra swanson as new deputy mayor. swanson says his top two priorities are public safety and job creation. mayor quan has been without a deputy mayor for almost the entire year. the smell of gas prompted the evacuation of an elementary school in san francisco this morning. fire and pg & e crews responded but no gas was detected on pg & e monitors. no students ended up getting
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sick but the school was evacuated for about 15 minutes as a precaution while those tests were being done. airport delays had hundreds of passengers in a holding pattern at sfo today. ktvu's patti lee reports on a change that happened late today that prompted lines to change. >> i had about an hour delay. >> reporter: into something more extreatment. as the rains kicked up and low clouds hurt visibility. just after 5:00 tonight the faa warned that the average delay could go from 1-1/2 to three hours especially for arriving flights. >> i've walked around the airport and seen the museum and the international terminal. >> reporter: airlines try to minimize delays by consolidating flights but as a result the number of cancelled flights jumped. >> in terms of today's cancellation the majority of what we're seeing are happening
10:19 pm
on more short haul flights up and down the day today. >> reporter: the delays and cancellations caught the domino effect made work as more rain fell. at sfo, patti lee, ktvu news. we are getting a bit of a break right now there are showers out there. this is the forecast model for tonight or pardon me saturday morning. late tonight and early tomorrow morning. more scattered showers. here we go into 7:00 a.m., more widely scattered showers. so now you're planning your saturday, right. there are showers in the area. take a look at this as we get to 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12. clouds as well. it's just cloudy and a little busy drizzly. need umbrellas, probably need a jacket as well. you can get out and do stuff. you will see a break in the showers as well. tomorrow is our break day. that is great news. as we get into tomorrow night though, the next system that's
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system number three keys up and really comes in here strong on sunday morning. and it will have a big impact on a lot of streams around the bay area. we'll see you back here in a few minutes. people who live in half- moon bay are in alert after two mountain lion cubs were spotted. the sightings were reported just off of main street. officials say if you see a mountain lion even if it's just a small cub do not approach it. bay area couples are holding their breath. how soon same-sex couples could be rushing to city hall to get a marriage license. there's a stalemate. let's not kid ourselves. >> more harsh words from capitol hill. what the speaker says he wants to see happen as the clock ticks toward the fiscal cliff. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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weather is being blamed for this early morning crash on westbound 680 in pleasanton. fuel spilled on the roadway which kept all west lane closed for about four hours. amazingly though the driver was not hurt. there was no decision today from the u.s. supreme court on the question of same-sex marriage. ktvu's rob roth reports from san francisco on the action being taken by san francisco officials in anticipation of a ruling. >> here in san francisco's city hall this couple got married. tom watson and jeff tabaca also want to get married and were hoping this would be the day they learned whether same-sex marriage becomes legal in california. but after conferring behind closed doors, the supreme court justices took no action. >> we're kind of in that same waiting pattern that we've been in for several years now. >> reporter: the couple could
10:24 pm
learn more monday. that's when the high court is set to release a number of cases. if it took the case the decision would come next june. but supporters of same-sex marriage are hoping the supreme court will not decide to review proposition eight. that would mean the lower court ruling would take hold legalizing same-sex marriage in california. >> we're going to get a marriage license as soon as we can. >> reporter: city officials say they've already began wrapping up, and if the court decides not to take the case, same-sex marriages will begin as soon as tuesday. >> we'll be ready with volunteers that are already in place and volunteers that are being trained today will have a one stop shop for anyone who wants to get married. >> reporter: that's what happened in 2008 when for one month same-sex marriage were legal in california. then prop eight passed taking away the right for gay people to get married. that could change next week.
10:25 pm
opponents of california's ban on gay conversion therapy are going to court next week. this morning in sacramento, lawyers for counselors and parents who support gay therapy asked the u.s. district court to block the measure. they say the ban violates their freedoms of speech and religion. the law is said to take effect january 4th. the so called fiscal cliff is just a month away and right now an agreement is not close at hand. president obama went into campaign mode touring a toy factory. he repeated his call for an extension of bush era tax cuts for those earning less than $250,000. while raises taxes for those who make more. the president acknowledged an agreement will take some time. and all of us are going to have to get out of our comfort zones to make that happen. i'm willing to do that, and i'm hopeful that enough members of congress in both parties are
10:26 pm
willing to do that as well. republicans meanwhile criticized president obama's latest proposal that came yesterday to raise revenue. they said it wasn't serious. >> there's a stalemate, let's not kid ourselves. i'm not trying to make this more difficult. >> house speaker john boehner said this isn't the time for public posturing for either side. and he added that what he wants to see right now is serious negotiations and added he's willing to do just that. hundreds of billions of the dollars of cut. >> cole: take effect as of january 1. stocks ended flat at negotiations on that fiscal cliff tended to stall. a rare crime for one south
10:27 pm
bay city, a luxiourious south bay mansion -- why they're having to rush to collect evidence. download the ktvu app, click the live icon and you can watch all of our newscasts live right there on your mobile device. n
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>> we return now to our storm watch coverage: flooding shut down a portion of the great highway. the coast guard warned of strong surf after a craft
10:30 pm
advisory was issued for most of the day. when you look at storm tracker what do you see here? >> that storm watch is going to stay in effect now. as we get into saturday night, sunday morning we have an equally powerful storm moving in. rainfall estimates something like this, very similar to what we saw today. santa cruz mountains going to get a little bit of a break about 2-inches. look at the north bay, that's why the river forecast center has put the russian river at flood stage or just a little bit above flood stage as we get into monday morning. we are going to see very high rivers as we get into sunday night and monday morning. that's the napa and the russian that we're most concerned with. when i come back we're going to take you right through the bay area weekend. we'll have the five day area with your weekend in view as well. there's new information tonight on the person killed inside a multi million dollars
10:31 pm
mansion. the san jose mercury news says the victim was 66-year-old robby cumra. he was a millionaire who once owned the historic napa winery. >> reporter: these locked gates are meant to keep out crime last night they didn't. the wife inside made a desperate 911 call summoning police to the home claiming she had freed herself after being tied up during a home invasion. seven minutes later, officers arrived and found the mansion ransacked, the husband dead. >> i would think that somebody had an idea what they planned to do before they went there. it's hard to know why they picked that spot. >> reporter: los gatos police squad cars remained parked in the mansion's roadway all morning. investigators brought in their crime scene van. police could say very little about what the wife told them only that the invision happened just before 1:30 this morning. the woman wasn't badly hurt.
10:32 pm
in this affluent community and city of under 400 residents the news was more than unnerving for some. >> i'm probably just 50 yards away. >> reporter: this man says by the end of the day he will change security around his home. >> this hasn't happened before. i'm taken back by it. i'm shocked. >> i'm really shocked. my friends keep calling me, are you okay. because my house is right there. >> my husband makes me lock our sliding doors in the summer. i leave them open because he thinks that somebody is going to steal my computer not that somebody is going to get murdered. >> reporter: the biggest obstacle is the hills. >> a lot of joggers. >> reporter: not for crime. two men busted down the
10:33 pm
home of a home on reinhart drive. a man and woman were both inside. the man happens to be an oakland police cadet and went for his gun. one of the suspects took the weapon and began pistol whipping the victim. the woman was not harmed. police want to find a man who fired on one of their officers and they're offering $10,000 for information. the wanted man fired on the officer during a traffic stop. at least one shot went through the windshield of a police car. the officer had minor injuries as a result. the gunman's car was found later, it was stolen. members of seiu local 1021 are set to vote on a deal next week. this comes a week after a worker's strike and less than a year after voters turned down if last contract.
10:34 pm
the union is made up of custodial, electrical and support staff at oakland international airport and the port of oakland. another honor was kept from an eagle scout because he's gay. assembly speaker john perez wants to pay tribute to the teenager's bravery. today was moving day at the state capital. workers there spent the day moving boxes and furniture and getting offices ready for the lawmakers to convene on monday. san jose's plastic bag ban appears to be a success. litter surveys find that trash is count 55% on city streets. the report also says the ban has had no negative impact on the city's retailers.
10:35 pm
and now there's word that san jose may try banning disposable plastic containers as well. the wet weather did not keep people away from tonight's tree lighting ceremony. the waterfront transformed into a winter wonderland as the 57- foot tall mount shasta fir tree lit up the night. the tree was lit by officials with the city and port of o akland. more than 5,000 sparkling lights are on that tree. and the group is putting together last minute preparations they say the event will go on rain or shine. the parade kicks off tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. right at the intersection of 14th and broadway. it features balloons, floats and live music and ktvu's own dave clark and claudine wong will be mcing the event. it is looking like it's going to be quite a christmas for a missouri family who
10:36 pm
claimed half of that record $587 million power ball jackpot today. >> jaden what did you want for christmas? >> a pony. missouri lottery officials presented a $293 million check to cindy and mark hill today. cindy hill says she bought the ticket at a food mart late wednesday afternoon hours before the drawing. the hills say they will share their good fortune with their three grown sons and a daughter they adopted. they also plan to donate to several charities including an adoption group. a deadly attack at a college campus in wyoming. what investigators are saying about the suspect and the connection with two of his victims. we're going to take a look at the storm that's coming in late saturday night and sunday morning. we'll have all the details back
10:37 pm
here. it's a big one. and it's a thrilling moment, the milestone that michael jackson's famous song thriller reached today.
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police in wyoming are investigating a deadly attack
10:40 pm
on a college campus. a man used a weapon to kill a teacher. another victim a woman was found dead about two miles away. investigators say the suspect was not a student but there appears to be a relationship between him and his victim. in news of the world tonight in egypt. protesters rallied against a newly drafted constitution in cairo's tehrere square. and more civil disobedience is in the works. liberals, moderates and christians all refuse to take part. enrique pena nieto is said to take the presidency tomorrow. pena nieto won the election in
10:41 pm
july promising reform but many mexicans don't expect much change since the president- elect belongs to the party that has ruled that country for 70 years. and in australia, a new anti smoking campaign kicks off tomorrow aimed at making smoking as unappealing as possible. cigarette packages you can kind of see here will feature graphic photographs of the potential harmful effects of smoking. australia's health minister says the goal is to prevent young people from taking up smoking. there's also the question of the price. a pack of cigarettes in australia sells for about $17. penn state is getting good grades as it makes reforms in the wake of the jerry sandusky child molestation scandal. a deadline is looming for the university to implement a code of ethics. there are tangible results, former assistant coach jerry sandusky was accused of abusing
10:42 pm
several boys. he insists he is innocent. the largest producer of the generic version of the lipitor is recalling more than 40 lots of the cholesterol lowering drug due to small pieces of glass. now the company will stop making the drug until the investigation is complete. so far there have been no reports of illness or injury because of the contamination. already some debris from last year's tsunami has started to wash up. the tsunami was triggered bay 9.0 earthquake on march 11th of 2011. it's a night of reflection on the eve of world aids day. hear stories of hope and hearing. the second storm in a
10:43 pm
series is gone but the rain is not over. chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the next round and what to expect this weekend. ,0 you won't take my life.
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tomorrow is world aids day. a day dedicated to remembering all of those lost to the disease. it's also a day to rededicate the fight to end aids. new at 10:00 tonight, amber lee is live in golden gate park where the light was shining for people with aids tonight. amber-- >> reporter: frank, tonight's fundraiser called light in the grove was held here at the national aids memorial grove. hundreds came to remember loved ones. the grove is gently lit by flickering flames that with stood the rain. this man pointed to the names of his brother and his brother's partner. they are among the many names here of those who lost their
10:46 pm
lives to hiv and aids. >> it's quite a shock to me that an entire generation has passed from us but is still with us in terms of memory. >> reporter: marcy fraizer remembers patients and friends she lost. she was a nurse in the early 90s. >> it's not always sad, it's very pointiant and precious. >> there was a tremendous quality to work. it brought people who never would have worked together. >> it's been a lot of work, this work was done by the community. >> reporter: a ceremony will be held here at 11:30 to commemorate world aid day. the public is invited. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu
10:47 pm
channel 2 news. in the eastern sierra the western storm is translating into nearly 2 feet of fresh snow in mammoth mountain. it's the perfect condition for skiers and snow boarders and say that several more feet of snow is expected through sunday. mammoth currently has 19 lifts and 14 trails open. checking live storm tracker 2 we have the live stream radars going. you can see there's a few widely scattered showers outside right now. the showers are going to continue on through tonight and a little bit into tomorrow. so we're expecting just you know a little bit here, a little bit there like we're seeing up above vacaville and fairfield. sometimes it's a little bit heavier, maybe moderate. but it's scattered. not well organized. rainfall accumulations today were huge. they were mammoth especially in the north bay. this is how the front went through. look at how it keeps going, and keeps going and keeps going and
10:48 pm
stalled out during noontime. accumulations were up 2-1/2 inches. we saw rainfall up to six to 7- inches. we have more rain in the forecast. similar to what we saw here in the system. system number two went through today. system number three is cued offshore. it's saturday night late into sunday morning. timing not that dissimilar to what we had this morning. so the system moves in, as we get into late saturday night sunday morning. tomorrow is our break. few scattered showers we talked about you will be able to get out and do stuff. that's a break day. that's going to help a lot. the heaviest day starts saturday night late into sunday morning. here's the forecast model. you see the russian river basin. they're getting rain tomorrow at 11:00. look how heavy it is, continues until 1:00 a.m. continues to slide south at 7:00 a.m. this is your sunday now. adds you get into -- as we get into 9:00 a.m.
10:49 pm
here we go. when you get a back end it's going to clear out. not before we see very heavy rainfall totals in that sunday rain basin. with that heavy rainfall totals they're looking at those numbers and say we have a flood here for the russian river, and napa river. as we get into sunday night and monday morning. monday morning in the russian river. the forecast models are saying 3200 feet. that doesn't mean it's not going to happen but that's the same deal at hoplin as well. it's expected to go just above flood stage. those numbers have to verify. but if it does go over you're going to have flooding issues. i'll be in here with rosemary
10:50 pm
orozco. we will be starting the news at 4:00 a.m.. the forecast center says we think it's going to rain that much so we will see the rivers get to flood stage or just over. sunday morning we'll be here at 6:00 a.m. and we'll be tracking it. >> it is all about the break. >> tomorrow is a big deal. if tomorrow stays pretty dry it's going to help a lot. >> so two down, one to go. >> yes, sir. >> okay, thank you bill. the best selling album of all time. yes it's michael jackson's thriller. that album featured seven hit singles including billy jean, beat it and thriller. to this day it is still the best selling album in history with 42.1 billion copies sold. >> have one at home.
10:51 pm
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a survey finds barry bonds may strike out in the hall of fame. this week his name appeared on the ballot for the prestigious honor. the baseball writers who vote for the hall of fame and bonds did not get enough support. he holds the record for most home runs, his denials that he knowingly took performance enhancement drugs aren't believed by many voters. fred is in for mark tonight. the stanford cardinals are they on a role on what? >> they were impressive even though they were pushed tonight. the stanford beat the bruins by 17. if you have to wonder if the cardinals would have beaten the bruins in either one of these
10:55 pm
two games if they hasn't made the change at quarterback. the cardinals lead in defense. tonight bruins jonathan franklin ran for 198 yards and two touchdowns by himself. that play was reviewed and upheld as a touchdown. second quarter when bruins humley makes his pass. look at reynolds make his pass. takes it back 80 yards. he thinks it was an 80-yard touchdown. officials rule that reynolds was down at the 1 yard line. taylor ran for 78 yards and sets a new school record for career rushing yards. 4,200 in 100 yards. taylor's record sets a play here. and for the 26-yarder. he also ran for 47 and ran for
10:56 pm
a short touchdown he was tonight's mvp. 34 seconds left bruins attempt a 51-yarder to tie it not everyone close. stanford wins 27-24 they are 11- 2 and headed to the rose bowl. it's stanford's first rose bowl since they lost to wisconsin january 1st of 2000. they could meet again. if not stanford meets the corn huskers. and the sjsu accepts the bid to play for the military bowl. it'll be their first bowl appearance since 2006 just the second since 1990. san francisco giants decided to let reliever bryan wilson become a free agent tonight. rather than sign him to a hefty one year deal. wilson made just two
10:57 pm
appearances last year. there's even some doubt if the 2010 world series would be ready for the start of the 2013 season. which he would then have been paid at least $600,000. he could sign with any team including the giants but for a much more reasonable price. rolando mcclain will be suspended for the next two games. and the st. ignatius met bell for regulation. number 24 dale scores a 10- yarder for a touchdown. the win the ccs section division. stanford woman just lost to west carolina in soccer semi finals 1-0. they are now 3-1
10:58 pm
over north carolina. the cal women's basketball team beat old dominion. that's how we see it for this friday night. >> no doubt, stanford had a great season this year. san jose state, that is impressive. >> it really is. and they've beaten big time teams. they beat fresno state for the first time in 20 years. they are going to a legitimate bowl on december 27th. >> that's fantastic. all right, thanks fred. >> thank you for trusting ktv you can channel two -- ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time news breaks. >> we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu.
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