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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  December 2, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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. the bay area dries out,
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residents deal with a muddy mezand others -- mess and others without power. >> the river is expected to crest. >> and a rain related accident sends three firefighters to the hospital, what they were doing before they were hit. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> i am ken wayne. >> i am heather holmes. >> the third in a series of storms to hit the bay area blew through this morning. this is what it looked like in richmond. and when the clouds broke all the damage became clear. they spotted a vinnier completely under water. -- vineyard completely under water. we have complete team coverage throughout the bay area. ktvu's ken pritchett is live in
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napa where the flood warning was canceled. >> reporter: napa city officials expect the napa river in downtown to crest within the hour. it was thought the napa river downtown might exceed flood state but it will fall smart of the mark. -- fall short of the mark but it did see areas of flooding. >> this is the pope street bridge. a historic spot and a spot for locals to watch the rain swollen napa river. >> i think it will flow out nicely and we will be fine by this afternoon. >> reporter: confident it wouldn't happen today but a few miles north the napa river did. >> flooded. pretty flooded coming down deer park, where the peach trees trees are. >> reporter: the napa river
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crept into vineyards as well. deer park road was partially blocked. up two miles the lane was closed. most drivers turned away, some did not. >> it looks like we got off easy. i mean, we have flooded vineyards and things like that. >> reporter: these area iztypically flood. -- areas typically flood. the risk of flooding had passed. >> that is due in part to the fact the rain stopped. had it continued to dump several inches we might be looking at more of a problem. >> reporter: the city built a major flood control project in downtown. it is only 2/3 complete but this storm event likely would have caused flooding on napa creek had the improvements not been made. in napa, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the national weather service
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canceled a flood warning on the russian river. it is forecast to crest several feet below flood state. they opened an emergency operation center incase of the flooding but they closed it. >> to ktvu's lorraine blanco who is live in san francisco where the power has been out for most of the day in the sunset district. >> reporter: right now dozens of people are without power. pg&e crews hard at work trying to restore power. for crews across the bay area, the wild weather left quite a mess. >> reporter: heavy saturation toppled this pine tree today. blocking two lanes and blocking up computers in daily city. firefighters helping the chp. no one was hurt but it has been
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a while. >> our crews have been working all night. calls been very busy. 30 minutes sleep last night. very busy. >> reporter: in san francisco heavy winds and rain snapped this power pole before sun rise in the sunset district. >> when it happened there were tons of sparks and lightning. >> reporter: at one point 8400 customers lost power here. pg&e said they have been working all day to repair. >> the stuff in the freezer might be going. i missed the football game. not too bad. >> reporter: they agree. although the creek is high, it is fun to play in the puddle. >> amazing. >> reporter: back here live at
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49th. pg&e expects to finish repairing these lines by 6:00 p.m. or 7:00 p.m. tonight. so it will be another hour before everyone here in this neighborhood can turn their lights back on. reporting live in san francisco, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. >> pg&e has been busy today restoring power to thousands of customers. there are 2,000 people without power in the north bay. 3600 in the east bay. 1400 on the peninsula. more than 1100 in the south bay. 1100 in the mountains as well. and 400 without power in san francisco. a massive power failure halted bart service system wide this morning. all train service was stoped. leaving passengers stranded on trains and platforms. a police officer says the storm may have played a role in knocking out power. the back up generator did not
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work. we spoke to some passengers who were losing their patience. >> they need to be ready for this kind of business here. >> power was restored an hour later. passengers didn't know what was going on because the address system and signs were down. another outage lasted for 20 minutes. the storm caused headaches a at san francisco international airport today. there were 60-90 minute delays. oakland and san joseators were running smooth -- san jose airports were running smooth. the main event was the heavy rain and strong winds
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this morning. we will show you the radar image from 7:00 a.m. this morning. look at that. gradually spreading to the south. at least it was a quick mover. rainfall totals. santa rosa 2 inches. oakland 1.26. san francisco inch-1/2. bolder creek 4 inches. 4.76. and the bulk of the action was this morning. not lot to show you right now. lots of clear skies. some of the observer reports, and of course, wins are a -- winds are a big issue. winds gusting to 80 miles per hour in the hills this morning. around sfo this morning, 50 miles per hour. that was at 4:21. in the north bay, we have been watching the rivs out there. napa river -- rivers out there.
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napa river, expected to be 19 feet at 7:00 p.m. this evening. also an update on the russian river. russian river, water takes its  time to get there. cresting tomorrow morning, but below flood stage. we have a break in the rain for tomorrow but i am tracking a weaker system for the five-day forecast. i will have that in a few minutes. that wet weather made for treacherous driving conditions and led to a serious crash that sent three firefighters to the hospital. ktvu's ann rubin explains why they are begging drivers to slow down. >> reporter: it wasn't supposed to happen this way. but after firefighters arrived on this accident scene they ended up needing help.
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>> of the four, three were our employees. >> reporter: this after multiple accidents on highway 24. the first, a fender bender. the second a car swiping the fire truck. >> the third was a suv that lost control. clipped the back of a fire truck. over turned. hit three firefighters. and a civilian from a previous collision. >> reporter: the firefighters were standing on the shoulder interviewing a driver when it happened. they were rushed to the hospital in serious but stable condition. two of them will require surgery. the other victim is in critical condition. the driver of the suv was not hurt. first responders waited for news and were shaken. >> it is traumat took see one of -- traumat took see one of them get hurt.
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>> reporter: chp is investigating. while they are trying to piece together the details. they know one thing, the drivers were going too fast for the rainy conditions. >> we all know it, we just need to do it. slow down. >> reporter: ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. powerful winds at the height of the storm knocked over a big rig. the drug was -- the truck was hitting east when it over turned. the driver was okay. the chp closed the bridge to big rigs 30 minutes after it. p they were allowed back on by 10:00 a.m. in oakland two people were hospitalized after their car flipped over on 880 in the north bound lanes. the california highway patrol
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says the driver and passenger suffered non-life threatening injuries. our coverage continued throughout the newscast. coming up later, we will have a live report where crews and residents are dealing with damage and later we will hear from ktvu's ken pritchett on the flood levels in napa and visit a mobile home park where residents are dealing with flooding. san francisco police are investigating a shooting this morning. the man was shot twice near mission and 18th street in the mission district around 1:30 a.m. he was taken to the hospital where non-life threatening injuries. police haven't made any arrests and not released a motive for the shooting. in southern california four people were found shot to death outside of a home. all of the victims were found face down. the two story house where they
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were found was a boarding house. it sun clear whether the victims were residents of that home. flooding causes serious problems in sclera county. -- santa clara county. why officials were planning to evacuate. >> the fiscal cliff continues in washington. how republicans are reacting to the latest statement. >> and the struggle for susan rice was lawmakers continue to attack her statements about benghazi. you won't take my life.
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oh, it's great! now i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? well, inside the brewer, there's this train that's powerful enough to carry more coffee and fresh water to make coffee that's stronger and bigger... and even hotter! actually, i just press this button. brew the coffee you love -- stronger, bigger, or hotter -- with the keurig vue. knack now to our storm watch coverage. this was round three. ktvu's matt keller is live in the south bay where people were dealing with street flooding and power outages. >> believe it or not this is an
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improvement here. the water was several feet higher earlier today threatening homes. >> reporter: this morning it was a bad time to be on the roads. a man, woman and child were inside, stuck in the intersection. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> reporter: they had to wait for a tow truck. nearby, the pumps were working hard. but the water was still high. near the tops of benches and barbecues. neighbors have the rising creek behind them. >> we hope it won't flood. >> reporter: emergency workers were concerned it could get worse and were getting ready a temporary shelter. a break in the rain and blue skies prevented them from needing it. a chain saw after this tree crashed. in mountain view a tree went down on these apartments.
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a photo shows it poking through the ceiling. making more work for people. >> it is messy. >> reporter: a pg&e crew told me they have been working 16 hour days since the storms started on wednesday. i checked pg&e's website, 53 outages, effecting 426 customers. matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. >> residents scrambled to get out of their flooded mobile home park, this is what it looked like. a river of muddy water swept through the park. residents took what they could and headed out. coming up, ktvu's jade hernandez will have a live report from this flooded mobile home park on the clean up. this storm packed a punch bringing down trees and filling rivers and creation.
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a tree fell on to a parked -- creeks. a tree fell on to a parked tree here. the tree, roots and all toppled over bringing with it part of the sidewalk as well. >> in the north bay, a viewer sent us this video of fairfax creek. this is what it looked like before 9:00 a.m. this morning. it was one of several swatter ways. in the south bay, in san jose, partially flooded. drivers took their time navigating through the streets. send us your pictures, post them on facebook also or tweet them at ktvu. the chiefs held a moment of silence today for domestic violence. the players were quiet coming back into the locker room this afternoon. yesterday linebacker jovan
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belcher shot himself in front of the general manager and the head coach after killing his girlfriend. the chief's owner and fans reacted to the murder-suicide. >> we have so many guys on the team and coaching staff who are really hurting. >> very sad. it is sad for a mother who loses her son, sad for the baby. just sad. >> a family member said today jovan belcher did not suffer from head injuries and the friend of a victim said tensions grew between them after the birth of their daughter three months ago. to our continuing coverage of the fiscal cliff. treasure secretary got blunt today about taxes. he said the obama administration will refuse any deal that keeps tax cuts in place for wealthy americans. republicans are meeting that idea with stiff resistance. >> reporter: with the clock ticking and the fiscal cliff
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looping closure he says the white house will only agree to a plan that includes higher tax rates. >> if they are going to force higher rates on all americans because they are unwilling for 2% of the americans, that is a choice they have to make. >> reporter: calling for $1.6 trillion in tax revenue. he insists the tax cuts must expire for the wealthiest americans. >> what we did is put forward a very carefully designed mix of tax reforms to put us on a path to fixing the debt. >> reporter: republicans did not welcome the proposal. >> i was disappointed by the president's proposal. i think it is a rerun of his
5:21 pm
budget patrol. it is $1.6 trillion. >> reporter: and expressing frustration with the lack of progress. >> i would say we are nowhere. >> reporter: he disagrees, pointing out the administration offered $600 billion in cuts to healthcare and other programs. he remains optimistic a deal will be made. ktvu channel 2 news. >> republicans who met with susan rice last week continued to blast her today but her harshest critic said the attack in benghazi shows a bigger problem. >> the military failed. this is about a system designed to protect us that broke down. it should have been closed in the first place. >> rice acknowledged she was wrong in statements that the attack was a instantaneous
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protest. up next, the latest on a major fire in a popular park. >> and the problems for egypt's president persists. the problem that could make things worse. >> and a u.s.-afghan air base comes underattack. how -- under attack. how military officials say it all started.
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. firefighters in colorado are worried about high winds tonight that may fan a wildfire that doubled in size yesterday. it has been burning since october 9 in the rocky mountain national park. yesterday wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour forced the evacuation of 600 homes. officials say it burned 3600 acres and only 20% contained. egypt's court joined a strike by other members instead of ruling on the constitutional assembly. they blocked the justices from entering the court building. he was presented with the new constitution saturday. the constitution was hammered out last week without the participation of parliament. in syria, war planes bombed
5:26 pm
as rebel said pushed their -- rubbles pushed their way to the capttle city. -- capital city. a car bomb exploded. the increase in attacks is raising concerns that extremists are taking a larger role among the rebels. 40,000 people have been killed since the conflict began. >> in afghanistan, taliban suicide bombers killed four afghan soileddiers. it -- soldiers. two weeks charged the main gate, both blew up. a two hour gun battle ensued. 9 attackers were killed. they never made it on to the base. in japan rescuers found 5 charred bodies inside a collapsed tunnel. it collapsed last night sparking a fire.
5:27 pm
when they entered the tunnel they found panels crushed two vehicles. it sits on a major roadway. still to come, a recap of today's top stories, including a look at bay area river levels and a live report from napa coming up. >> rains were too much for this small creek, neighbors were forced out, that story next. >> and an east bay driver learns about the dangers of standing water. look, the very hard way. and the ktvu ipad app is ready to download. watch newscast lives, traffic, bay area weather and video of breaking news, anytime, anywhere. you know how much grandma wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you,
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anywhere.@. more storm watch coverage. look at this golf course in napa. sporting more than the usual number of water a hazards. from the looks of it, it will need more time to dry out before players make the rounds. the good news is the napa river is started to recede. we are going back to ktvu's ken pritchett live in napa where the river is high but staying within its banks. >> reporter: that's right. they expected the napa river downtown to crest between the 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. hour. having looked at this river, it doesn't seem that it has changed much up or down. it is subtle.
5:31 pm
the bottom line here, as you said, the napa river here in downtown stayed within its banks. that was not the case up river from here. what you should be seeing now is a front stand that normally isn't on the banks of the napa river. the napa river over flowed, submerging a orchard and vineyards. to the north of that location. blocking all traffic. the flooding appeared to be confined to agricultural land. areas that typically flood. residents were watching the level rise and fall. >> i think it is going to flow out nicely and we will be fine by this afternoon. it is moving well and -- so doing its job. thank god no more rain.
5:32 pm
>> the napa river exceeded flood stage by a foot. here in downtown napa the water level stayed several feet below flood stage. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >> from napa to where people living in a mobile home park were flooded out of their homes. >> jade hernandez is live to tell us about the clean up efforts. >> reporter: we are a mile south of six flags. this mobile home park is surrounded by the creek. the creek wraps around the park. there is not much neighbors can do but pray for the best. residents walked out and immediately discovered water at their door steps at 7:00 a.m. this morning. it is surrounded by a creek. neighbors moved their vehicles and had to wait till the water
5:33 pm
subsided this afternoon before pumping it out underneath their homes. most of the damage is on the outside. heavy winds left behind damage to awnings. one woman was unhappy with how authorities handled the flooding today. >> with the worthless fire department telling people to stay in their houses and as you see, they are flooding out. >> i got my mom out. took her to a friend's house. you never know what it will do. >> reporter: within the past hour we followed neighbors as they cleaned up. we tried to get the owner to speak to us but she ignored us. one neighbor said all we can do is clean up and hope it doesn't happen again tonight. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2
5:34 pm
news. >> in the sierra more snow and less rain may have saved a neighborhood. the system came in rain, snow for the lake ha -- lake tahoe area. in the end there was more snow than rain. >> thrilled to death to see the snow. everybody feels the same. you won't get as much run off now. >> the national weather service lifted all flood warnings for the truckee river. >> this is what it looked like on interstate 80 in truckee. slow go for big rigs. the roads were slick and lot of snow on the banks. the storms will bring 7 feet of new snow. a driver today learned a hard lesson about driving through standing water. he was traveling this morning
5:35 pm
when his car became partially submerged. look. he was on the road because he was trying to avoid a large accident on highway 24. he was stuck for a while before climbing out through the window. >> i couldn't tell it was flooded. we drove in and my car died. don't underestimate puddles. they could be deeper than they look. >> no one was hurt. just a little wet, though. the wet weather system led to swollen rivers and creeks all over the bay area. this was this morning. you can see the water rushing under a commercial building. in danville, residents found a huge mess on their street. they shoveled out the branches and mud and all the water it
5:36 pm
collected. send us your pictures, post them on facebook or tweet them. a hit hit-and-run crash killed a driver this morning in oakland. it happened after 5:30 a.m. near telegraph and 44th avenue. the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. investigators are trying to find witnesses. they haven't released information so far. tomorrow attorneys for oscar grant's family will argue to allow the family to sue bart officers. he was shot and killed in 2009 by johannes mehserle. the family family accuses johannes mehserle, other officers and the police chief of violating grant's civil rights. the officers appealed, the federal court in san francisco will hear the arguments
5:37 pm
tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. the private accused of spilling secrets returned to court today. he arrived for a 6th day of hearing. counselors said he remains at risk for suicide, refuses to communicate and he threatened to harm himself. the hearing will decide if his 9 9th months were so punishing all the charges should be dropped. 2011 was the worst year on record for global emissions of carbon dioxide. in the announcement, world wide emissions jumped 3% last year and expected to increase this year by 2.6%. researchers blame coal in heavy use by china and india for the increase. >> when ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. returns, the warriors want their fans to bring something for the kids tomorrow. we will have details on the team's toy drive.
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>> with that major storm behind us, we will look at your work week, ktvu's mark tamayo will have your complete bay area forecast in just a few minutes. with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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5:41 pm
tamayo. seems like we dodged a bullet. we thought we would have serious flooding rivers. >> thankfully the storm pushed through rapidly. so good news, we could breathe right now. you can see basically a dry weather patworn the bulk of the activity -- pattern with the bulk of the activity heading to the east. another issue with this storm, were the wind speeds. winds backing off, 3-6 miles per hour. nothing too major. the wind advisory has expired. it has been a very active week. on wednesday we were talking about the first system moving in and multiple storms pushing across. we had breaks on thursday. we had that break out there. but the second storm friday and
5:42 pm
once again few rain showers yesterday and rain picked up earlier this morning. past few days, 9.5 inches of rain. santa rosa 7.8. concord 4-1/2. san francisco 3.77. san jose 2.5 inches of rain over the past few days. forecast headlines tonight, partly cloudy skies. rain clouds moving out of the bay area. tomorrow partly cloudy skies. we bring in more clouds tuesday and wednesday. also the chance of a few showers. the weather systems we are tracking much weaker with the main action heading out to the north of the bay area. over night lows tomorrow morning, monday, chilly. upper 30s, 40s. san francisco 48 degrees. fremont 45. antioch 40 degrees. here is the weather pattern we have been tracking. our main concern over the past
5:43 pm
few days. atmospheric river approaching. this was the source of the rainfall. heading to the south and east. you will notice clouds developing off shore. more development to the south and west. that is a few extra clouds for monday and maybe rain showers in the north bay, tuesday. here is our forecast, tomorrow morning, 10:00 a.m., partly cloudy skies. clouds thicken into the afternoon by 4:00 p.m. tuesday we bring in a chance of rain showers. main chance in the north bay. some of the models bringing it more to the south tuesday afternoon. by tuesday evening we could be attracting more rain chances. to the south wednesday morning and with scattered showers. main activity is in the north bay, especially for the coastal hills. nothing compared to the system that just moved through today. temperatures forecast highs for your monday upper 50s to lower
5:44 pm
60s. half moon bay 59. san jose 62. and fremont 62 degrees as well. here is your five-day forecast. tuesday few showers, especially in the north bay. showers light. light into wednesday morning. partly cloudy skies thursday. more clouds friday. look at the dry days. partly cloudy skies. if you remember last week at this time we had multiple rain clouds. maybe a few extra showers by tuesday. >> good to dry out. thank you. you can follow mark and the rest of the weather team online. keeping you up to date on facebook and twitter. and our storm watch coverage continues on, the latest on the storm and our live storm tracker 2 radar. look for the tab on the home
5:45 pm
page. the golden state warriors aim to collect holiday cheer tomorrow for a toy drive before the warriors home game against the magic. fans are encouraged to bring a new, unwrapped toy in support of the community toy drive. the first 400 fans will receive a photo. the raiders try to snap their four game losing streak against the browns and 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick has a rude awakening in st. louis. sports wrap is next -- sports rab is next.
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5:48 pm
good evening. thank you for joining sports rap. jim harbaugh put his coaching reputation on the line by switching quarterbacks and second guessers are having a field day. today all the added qualities jim harbaugh said colin kaepernick provides was not totally evident today in st. louis. jim harbaugh said the loss isn't on colin kaepernick's shoulders. colin kaepernick lead them on a decent drive in the 1st quarter. one yard touchdown. that is the only touchdown for san francisco in this game. 9ers led 10-2. 3 minutes left in the game when 49ers make a daring call. colin kaepernick can't execute. the pitch is off the mark. he scoops and scores. they added two-point
5:49 pm
conversion. 10-10. how can that happen? colin kaepernick, watch that blow up. that allows him to run to the ram's four run line. sets up the fold goal. st. louis has too much time and the rookie kicker kicks the game tying 53-yard field goal. over time. second time this year they go to over time. he misses a game winning field goal. 13-13. unlike the november 11 game, this doesn't end in a tie. he connects with a 54-yard attempt. st. louis wins 16-13. 9ers 9-3-1. colin kaepernick 208 yards. and rushed 9 times for 84 yards. >> be smart with the ball.
5:50 pm
i mean, our defense played a great game. i -- i gave up those points on the scoreboard for the rams. that is 100% my fault. >> it would be easy to start ripping the raiders here but they are not as bad as their record indicates. today oakland was a flood zone after 13 straight sell outside, today's game blacked out on tv. browns moving the ball till the raiders safety intercepts the throw. he takes it back to the 27. the raiders can't convert. raiders had two picks today but the rookie quarterback threw for a career high 364 yards and hits gourden for the 44-yard touchdown. cleveland 10-0. raiders fans thought here we go again but
5:51 pm
just 10-3 at halftime. raiders get good field position. big play. 64 yards. 13-10. heading into the 4th quarter. palmer threw for big yards. two touchdowns and one interception. brown picks this one. palmer through for 54 times. ran 17 times. cleveland drives 94 yards to put it away. richardson rushing in. browns win 20-17. cleveland snaps its 17 game road losing streak. raiders lose 5 straight games. first time since 2007. oakland is 3-9 and host denver thursday night. the nfc west division got tighter. if you think colin kaepernick is promising, then you will
5:52 pm
love russell wilson. today seahawks rookie quarterback led them on a 97- yard drive. 14-yarder. seattle 17-14. chicago ties it. over time. wilson leads the hawks on another long drive. hits rice. that is in the end zone. give credit for the game winning touchdown catch. seattle 23-17. they are a game and a half back of the 49ers. another rookie quarterback, andrew luck keeps indianapolis in the race. andrew luck threw three interceptions and four touchdown passes. 42-yarder. draws the colts within 5 of the lions. then andrew luck another long drive. no time. colts win 35-33. 8-4. lions 4-8. mark sanchez threw three picks against
5:53 pm
arizona today. mark sanchez replaced by greg mcelroy. not tim tebow. greg mcelroy. and in his nfl debut. the only touchdown of the game. that is it. that is enough. jets win 7-6. today peyton manning throws three touchdown passes against tampa bay. miller takes it back for his first nfl touchdown. broncos 31-22. what an emotional day for the chiefs. one day after jovan belcher commits murder-suicide. brady quinn for the three yard score. chiefs 27-21. coming up, college basketball is in full swing. the cal men and women try to stay undefeated. the badgers and the bears next.
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not a good day for the cal basketball teams. the women's team lost for the first time this season to duke. despite getting a career high 28 points from brittany boyd. cal men travel to wisconsin. hitting the big three. wisconsin jumps out to a 30-12 lead. this is the second road game for cal. crab puts it down hard. 25 points for crab. badgers puts this game away. wisconsin 81-56. stanford going to take two weeks off for finals but first they hosted denver today. most points game inside the
5:57 pm
paint. pioneers never challenged today. stanford 71-58. they are off till december 15. women 8-0 now with a victory today. tiger woods world challenge created to support his foundation. 18 man tournament. when the winner earn as million dollars this turns into a serious competition. tiger woods gets a good luck kiss from his mother. won this tournament 5 times but never made a charge this time. finishes one under 71 tied for 4 4th. rickie fowler on sunday. never in this thing but has the shot of the day. eagle. but this is graeme mcdowell. he was tin to win it. -- in it to win it.
5:58 pm
graeme mcdowell won this two years ago. the last time he won a tournament. sinks the birdie putt. and the norcalregional playoff schedule is -- forcal regional playoff schedule is set. that is sports for sports wrap. raiders and 9ers lose close ones. wow! a heart breaker. >> over time again. >> yeah. >> amazing. thank you. coming up tonight, the bay area cleans up after the morning rain that caused flooding, power outages and accidents. >> join us next for only on 2, ktvu investigations. special reports that effected change here in the bay area and
5:59 pm
in your daily life. starts in minutes at 6:00 p.m. good night.


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