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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  December 3, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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>> thanks, steve. your roadways looking pretty clear at this hour. we do have an incident out in livermore we will be bringing you a live report from there. but first we will take a look at highway 4. this is through bay point. you can see traffic flowing nicely here. and up next 280 in san jose traffic is actually looking good in both directions. let's head back to the desk. as we mentioned the bay area drying out a bit from series of powerful storms but the rain and wind is actually still causing big problems this morning. alex savidge joins us from lafayette where the storm created a huge sink hole. alex. >> reporter: it will likely take months before we finally rebuild this roadway that collapsed out here yesterday. crews will begin later on this morning using an excavator so they can dig out debris from this creek and eventually secure this sink hole. that is the ultimate goal in the coming days. heavy rain over the weekend. overflowed this creek that runs underneath mountain view drive.
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the pictures are impressive. the problem here was the culvert they clogged with debris. under ground utilities were compromised in the collapse. a gas line was capped right away and crews were able to create a sewer bypass to keep waste from going into the creek. for a short time the biggest challenge was dealing with the 12-inch water main that is connected to a large tank just uphill. >> if that one does break if it breaks it all the way through there will be a million gallons of water coming from that tank on the hill. >> reporter: if that water line broken, the neighborhood would have been evacuated. now the city will work on a long-term fix here. but a new bridge likely won't be built until spring and in the meantime mountain view drive will remain closed. we are liveness morning in
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lafayette alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. classes at a marin county middle school are canceled because of a weekend storm. white hill middle school suffered significant flooding damage. the principal also says much of the campus is covered in mud. school officials have not yet decided when classes will resume. this morning people who live in napa county are keeping a close eye on the napa river. the river is expected to stay below flood stage while the flooding isn't as bad as many people feared, several feet of water are covering a peach orchard. the water also flooded roads and vineyards. >> pretty flooded coming down deer park and silver are doe and deer park where the peach trees are. >> one of the hardest hit areas was mount st. helena. forecasters say the russian river won't jump its banks afterall. a flood warning has been
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canceled. sonoma county had opened an emergency center but it has clayed after -- has closed after the danger passed. coming up the damage done at a mobile home park in vallejo. hundreds of people still without power. we just got off the phone with pg&e they gave us this break down. the north bay and east bay have minnesota that 600 customers without power. south bay outages are effecting nearly 600 customers. in the santa cruz mountains 250 fill in the dark on the peninsula and in san francisco they have fewer than 50 outages each. at one point yesterday morning pg&e says 125,000 customers had lost power. in san francisco heavy winds and rain snapped a power pole in the sunset district. 8400 customers lost power. in daly city ground saturating rain caused a 50-foot pine tree to fall on 280. the problem blocked two lanes and backed up traffic for an
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hour. a pothole caused problems for drivers on highway 4. witnesses say more than two dozen drivers ended up with flat tires after hitting that pothole. cal tran sent a crew out to repair the road. overnight news a man is behind bars after leading officers on a high speed chase from san jose to the streets of oakland. the chp says the driver got on to interstate 880 toward oakland after failing to stop for a traffic violation. the chase lasted for several hours before the driver got off the freeway and stopped by spike strips near mountain view cemetery in piedmont. all lanes have reopened on highway 580 in richmond. that is following a fatal accident. the chp says the pedestrian was hit and killed around 8:30 last night on westbound 580. authorities still looking into
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why the person was walking on the freeway. the big rig driver is cooperating. two hours from now, the supreme court may announce whether it will reveal proposition 8. california's ban on same sex marriages. they met behind closed doors on friday. but prop 8 was not on the list. the court is set to release a number of cases at 6:30 this morning. and if the justices decline to review prop 8 that will let stand an appeals court ruling. same sex marriage could be legal again in california for days. with less than a month to go it appears congress is no closer to keeping a country from going over that cliff. that is after guide never delivered a proposal from president obama. but house speaker john boehner says it's not a series plan. >> i was flabbergasted. i looked at him and said you can't be serious. i just never seen anything like it. >> if they are going to force
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higher rates on virtually all americans because they are not allowing tax rates to go up rob 2% of americans that is something we will have to face. attorneys for oscar grant's family -- grant was shot and killed by police officer johannes mehserle on new years day back in 2009 in two oakland civil rights attorneys will argue before the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco that bart police officers should not receive legal immunity. last year a federal judge ruled to let the suit go forward but the officers appealed that ruling to the ninth circuit court. this is day seven of a strike by clerical workers. contract talks between the workers and shippers at the ports of los angeles and long
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beach have resumed. the walk out by the clerk has dramatically slowed activity at the ports. dock workers are refusing to cross the picket lines. oak 4:36 now. much quieter than what it was last week. let's go to tara with a first look at our traffic. >> hopefully it stays that way. we have nothing major to report. we do have flooding down in san jose area. the chp hasn't said exactly where that is. right now we will take a live look at the east shore freeway you can see the headlights there are southbound or westbound i should say as you make your way toward the mccarthur maze and on to the bay bridge. and at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see the traffic is moving nicely. down in san jose 280 both directions looking good. here is steve. a little quiet here before we get the next system. it will still bring rain.
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it will start not north bay tomorrow night. then we will see a pattern change. a little bit of patchy fog as well. with so much moisture in the area it wouldn't surprise me if some of that forms in the next couple hours. a mix of sun and clouds today. today is a dry day. fog forming. rain returns to the north bay tuesday night. again it will just be a regular system nothing that we have to write home about. compared to the last two. a lot of high clouds today. weaker system comes in wednesday morning and then it's out of here. 40s on the temps. it's much cooler. had a very warm couple of systems. now the cooler air is filtered in. there is our next system right there. most is heading to the north. it will still give us rain. the air is saturate. it won't take much. partly sunny. patchy morning fog. a lot of high clouds. temperatures at a very fine range here 50s to low 60s. we'll have increasing clouds on
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tuesday. i think rain starts in the north bay in the evening and settle in on wednesday for everybody else. again this is not a huge deal. this will just be a weaker system. friday looks nice. then we go into a real significant pattern change which would be colder and windy. coast guard mourning one of its own. plus a bay area boy scout will be in sacramento today. here's a look at highway 4 to the pittsburgh area you can see traffic flowing well. we do have an incident in livermore.
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good morning. a little bit of patchy fog. petaluma and santa rosa and north bay. we have high clouds. near 60 for almost everybody. four people were found shot to death outside of a oklahoma
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in southern california. the bodice of two men and women were found early sunday morning. the victims were face down along an outer walkway outside what appeared to be an unlicensed boarding house. no arrests have been made. a member of the coast guard is dead and another member hurt after their small boat was rammed off the southern california coast. they were in a small boat and investigating reports of smuggling off the channel islands. their boat was rammed by a smugglers boat that was running without lights. terrell horn and another person were thrown into the water by the impact. horn suffered traumatic injury and died. his crew mate were treated for minor injuries. this weekend storm brought major problems to the south bay. a man, woman, and child were stuck in their car after milpitas became flooded.
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many people living in milpitas have started to stock up on sandbags to prepare for the next storm. >> we were getting a lot of rain. it was quite hard overnight. >> you know how storms are they are very unpredictable. i would say we're in good condition to tackle the next storm. >> in mountain view a tree also went down on to an apartment with one limb poking through the roof. heavy rain caused major flooding in vallejo. it happened early saturday morning where is about a mile south of six flags. a creek that surrounds the mobile home park -- some of the homes in the path of the flood were danged. >> there was three feet of water coming down. i went to check on my neighbor. >> heavy winds also caused damage there. most of the water did go down by yesterday afternoon. four people including three firefighters are in the hospital after a serious
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accident in arun da. it all started when an suv crashed into the center divider causing a chain reaction crash. while one of the drivers and three firefighters were standing on the shoulder another suv lost control pushing another car into them. they were rushed to the hospital with major injuries. bart is expected to be running normally. that is after two power failures. the first problem happened just after 9:15 yesterday morning. an electrical failure halted all service. the outage also prevented bart from communicating with passengers but they were able to send updates via twitter. power was restored an hour later then a second power outage to the same circuit hit just after 2:00 p.m.. power was restored in 15 minutes. bart is not sure if the problem was caused by the storm. we have complete storm coverage online any time on our storm watch tab of you'll find video and our storm
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tracker two interactive radar. you can see where the rain is headed. it's amazing scenes around the bay area. >> absolutely. 4:45 now. let's take a look at the second look at traffic. >> two patrol cars were on pursuit of a car. you can see a chp car right there. it flipped over during the pursuit. this is at anyone road. this chase the speeds got up to more than 100 miles an hour. so again one chp car pushed over. the officer was injured. we don't believe seriously the other vehicles kept going. alex savidge had a live update and let us know how this ended. up next we have a live look at highway 24 this is through lafayette. you can see the taillights there are westbound as you drive through the caldecott tunnel.
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southbound traffic on the right hand side no problems. here is steve. thank you very much. a little break here. we hit a little pit of fog. even with the higher clouds opinion usually we have clear skies. we'll get a break today. rain returns. nothing too heavy to the north bay. some of the totals between wednesday and sunday. i can beat this. these are some of the areas you will know the best. kentfield almost over 9.5, concord four and two-thirds. san jose about 2.5. there were areas that had well over a foot of rain in the santa cruz mountains. today is dry. fog is forming. rain returns tuesday afternoon. now again everyone wants to kick this system out of here. i don't buy it. i think it will spread some rain in here. it won't be like anything we had. wednesday morning most of this will be on the way and we'll start to see a little different pattern. 40s on the temps.
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it's noticeably cooler than it was with these very warm system. break today. here comes our next system. again this is heading more north. it will give us rain late tuesday into wednesday. we go into a colder pattern. partly sunny patchy fog. a lot of high clouds. partly sunny and partly cloudy. 50s and 60s. it will be really close on the temps. higher clouds. rain moves into the north bay. could get an inch of rain out of this. i think it will make it down to san jose on wednesday. after that we clear it out. it will be nice thursday and friday. then the pattern changes. it looks like a cold system. windy conditions on sunday. >> thank you, steve. 4:47 is the time. investigators in kansas city continue to look for answers as to why an nfl player killed his girlfriend before turning the gun on himself.
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joe van belcher and his girlfriend lived apart but got together by thanksgiving. they had a three-month-old daughter. he killed his girlfriend at the home on saturday and drove to the chiefs stadium where he killed himself in front of his coach and general manager. the team decided to play their game against the carolina panthers yesterday but fans had mixed emotions. >> it didn't feel that great coming out here. >> before kickoff the crowd was asked to observe a moment of silence for domestic violence victims and their families and there was no mention of belcher. the chief's won the game. in japan at least nine people are dead and seven are injured. supports gave way causing the ceiling to fall on top of cars. rescue efforts have been put on hold because of fallen debris. the tunnel had just passed a routine inspection back in
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september. nasa is expected to give an update on its mission to mars today. it's happening in san francisco at the annual fall meeting. nasa is down playing rumors of major new findings from the curiosity rover. the announcement will be an aupdate about the first use of the analytical instruments. pope benedict joining twitter. the vatican announced today pope benedict has its own. he will start tweeting december 12th. the pope will tweet in six languages. his twitter handle will be -- he has already has more than 35,000 followers. new state lawmakers will take the state of oath in sacramento this morning. democrats won a historic super majority. that allows them to raise taxes with little concern of republican opposition. but leaders say they will avoid
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doing that considering voters just passed proposition 30. republicans and governor brown say they will be watching democrats to keep new taxes in check. one of the first acts of the state assembly will be to honor an eagle scout. he was just told before his 18th birthday he would not be given the award despite meeting all the requirements. scouts must be younger than 18 to receive boy scoutings highest award. they will honor andre son for speaking out. nhl players will meet with six team owners to try to end that lockout. the heads of the league and players union will not be there. the hope is that cutting them out will help both sides reach a deal. it comes four days after federal mediation reveals. muni is considering controversial change when it comes to to their fair rates. coming up we'll tell you how muni could be charging
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passengers based on their income and why other agencies could follow that plan. making good on a world series bet. detroit's mayor is in san francisco today. what he's doing because the giant's sweep of the tigers. they must have had a bright light shining down on them. >> a large tree crushes a car. how firefighters rescued a young couple inside.
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authorities say the 100 foot tree fell just moments after the couple parked outside of a home yesterday afternoon. firefighters were able to rescue the couple from the crushed car by pulling them outside of a passenger side window. they were shaken up but not seriously injured. >> they must have had a bright light shining down on them. if you look at the passenger compartment there is a space of two loafs of bread in there. >> officials say the rot in the trees root system caused that tree to fall. detroit's mayor is in san francisco to make good on his world series major.
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as you know -- mayor dave and mayor lee vowed the leader would tour economic ventures and perform community service in the winning team city. the mayors will force -- then it's on to at & t park and another tour. if you are heading to the golden state warriors team the team is asking you to bring something with you. a new unwrapped toy. the first 400 fans to donate a toy before tonight's game will receive a limited edition golden state warriors photo. we are getting closer to our 5:00 hour. let's check in with tara. >> high speed pursuit involving two chp patrol cars 580 eastbound it reached speeds of more than 100 miles an hour and one of the chp cars flipped over that officer was injured. we understand he's going to the hospital but he should be okay. alex savidge is going to have a
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live report coming up. right now we will take a live look at the san mateo bridge if we head outside right now you can see that traffic is flowing nicely there on the right hand side toward foster city. in san francisco 101 same story. traffic looking good on the right hand side there toward sfo. and finally we have a look at the east shore freeway this is those headlights are folks heading down toward the mack maze. let's head over to steve. >> thank you, tara. a little bit of a break here. there will be one more system. although it will be much, much weaker. today a lot of high clouds. patchy fog in the morning. it's dry. it will return to the north bay tuesday evening. and for everybody on wednesday. it won't be anything off the charts. a lot of high clouds today. weaker system arrives late tuesday and wednesday. that will be the last one in the series. 40s on the temps. fog, petaluma, napa. this next system is heading toward the north.
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it will give asterion. the air is saturated after the three power house systems. the most rain i saw was at montem numb. over 15 inches of rain. partly sunny today. a lot of high clouds. overall at least a break here. 50s and 60s on the temps is really not going to be much of a difference between the high temperatures today coast, bay, or inland. clouds increase. rain comes to the north and spread to the south. clearing thursday and friday look good. we will go into a pa term change. i wouldn't expect much rain on sunday but there will be snow in the city area. coming up a crime that has stunned the south bay. a former winery owner killed inside his mansion. we may be drying out a bit now. the wind and rain still causing problems this morning. we'll take you out there live to see what is happening on the
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roads and in some neighborhoods.
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good morning. breaking news from the east bay. a chp patrol car flipped over during a freeway chase. we're on the scene. >> we are getting br


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