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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 3, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PST

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it's a brand new week and we've got brand new videos "right this minute."nb
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afá managician on ar his hair set on >> this was not part of the show. >> the story behind the bizarre turn of events. preparefá to be one of the world's largest trees. we'll showfripá you visitors feel looking up at that trunk. back by popular demand, the wing suit pilot explains why it's all worth the risk. >> the risk is still losing your life. aren't you afraid of that? >> i'm really afraid of not living it. two guys in a murky swamp. what couldlp possibly go wrong? and a food dare we dare you to watch. >> look at them go. >> is he eating human flesh? what i'm about to show you can be pretty difficult to watch. i have to warn you.
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we saw thisño' video on this is a set of a tv show in the dominican republic. the guy in the middle is the host. the guy who is a guest on the show is this guy here on the right who is a u.s.jffá based magician named wayne. the woman you see on the right is actually wayne's wife. this was not part of the show. >> what the heck? >> what is going on? >> the host just set the guest's hair on fire? >> set his head on fire. the host was performing a blessing but purposely doused this guy's head with a flammable liquid. >> his face is burnt. >> he suffered serious burns on his head, face, neck and hand. >> i need to go fine.
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>> only hours after going to the hospital for this wasfá he actually able to communicate with fans on his twitterxd maki it very clear that this was not part of the act. some say that it could be thefá blessing gone wrong, an accident, others say it was on á purpose. >> was the host arrested? what's going on with his legal situation? >> looks like there may be a possibility of criminal charges being pressed. he also said that his doctors say they are cautiously optimistic that he'll recover with no >> he was supposed to be doing what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop in oklahoma. he asked for thefá usual driver license, registration, insurance, but then he noticed
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something was off and the driver said he was in amarillo, texas, doing a roofing job and was on his way home with the other workers and that's when the officer realized there's no tools in this car and that tipped him off. he asked everyone to step out of the fácar. and this is what came next. >> are they all taking off? my goodness. there's a ton of them. >> you see four people getting out and then another one and another one and another one. turns out there were 14 undocumented immigrants that got out of this suv. >> they all went in different directions. some went to the left. some went to the right. >> if you are one of these people, where do you go? you run off into a field. you got no food. you got no water. nowhere to go. that's scary. >> 13 of thefá 14 people were caught. c do have another very scary it's from the dash cam of a police officer. as you can see he's driving on a very icy road and then look at the car right up ahead.
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the driver loses control. >> oh boy. >> goes straight to the patrol car causing a crash. >> nothing you can do there. you can't hit the brakes. you can'txd swerve. >> air bags were deployed. no injuries were suffered from this accident. >> if you're the other driver, are you thankful that you hit a cop car because help is right there or are you really bummed out that you hitfá a cop car? >> i think you're bummed regardless. >> you wreckedxd your car. i bet in that moment as you head toward the collision, you're saying not the cop car. not the cop car. are you all right. everything all right? license and registration, please. >> driving at high speedsfá on icy road. >> guys, you are about to meet the president. ♪ >> mr. obama? >> no, this is the president. it's one of the world's largest
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trees in thefá sequoia national forest in california. look at the tree compared to this human who isfá climbing it. >> i would have friends that would go there and you would get mandatory picture of someone standing in front of it. you could never see the top of the tree. >> listen to this. 27 feet in diameter. 247 feet tall. 3,200 years old. 2 billion leaves. >> that's beautiful to shoot this in the snowfall. >> it's just remarkable, right? this entire video was put together for national geographic for the december issue. they're going to put together an entire photo spread but beyond that, the digital issue of the magazine will have even more video of this incredible tree. one of the largest trees in the world if not the largest. >> the reason we want to do these portraits, people get it.
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they see this tree in totality, they gasp. >> this, i think more than just about anything, might make you feel like a tiny little speck on this planet. a group of u.s. troops on patrol in afghanistan in this open field, one of them wearing a helmet cam. this video uploaded as he continues to document the war in afghanistan and thefá worst happens here. they get ambushed. they got nowhere to go in this open field except for behind this what looks to be maybe this 10-inch dirt berm. that's not it. the guy's camera that we're with, his gun jammed. >> oh no. >> that's a mound. barely off the ground. it's like one plowing the fields and you can barely get behind that. >> i wouldn't consider that cover at all. they're fighting an ambush.
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they probably don't even know where it's coming from. >> what do you got? what do you got? >> all they can do is shoot in the direction they hear fire coming from. >> fire! fire! >> you hear bullets hitting right in front of them. >>fá heartbreaking for these gu who are really without any protection from this ambush. >> just again it makes you say, thank you, god. i can't believe this is what you have to do every day for us. thank you. >> we say it all the time. when you think you're having a bad day at work because you have a printer jam or something, this is what these guys are doing for work. a description was sent withq ths video that no u.s. casualties were suffered in this gun battle thankfully. >> wow. caught on tape, some crooks having plenty of trouble just breaking and entering. >> they wouldfá have trouble getting in a door. do we think they will come close to cracking that safe open. >> see what they take next.
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if you have seen it, it's worth another look. a game of ram and see. see the ram on th
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>> police in des moines, iowa, had a heck of a time tracking down a suspect on foot. it wasn't easy because the suspect was a ram onhe loose. this video is from kcci. it turned into which way did he go? there are a number of different cars trying to track this thing down. it wasn't so easy. >> you know what's funny about these situations, they get police cars and emergency vehicles, call a cowboy. call a farmer. >> they don#r know how to handle a ram. >> it's afá big animal between 0 and 160 pounds. you can't say come on, you'refá coming with us. it actually rammed into the
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police vehicles at some point during this as they tried to coral this guy. >> where did it come from? >> thefá homeowner was keeping e ram for a friend. that person was cited for having an animal at large and the owner agreed to move the ram out of town. but they caught him. they caught up to him near the judicial building where a bunch of guysxd wrestled him down by e horns and got him under custody. >> he was going to file a report. he was upset the friend left him with his friend. >> i heard he was sheepish about the whole thing. >> that is the weirdest story ever.fá >> howçó about a daily dose of stupid? to marian county, florida, where a couple boneheads are trying to break into a convenience store. they've got eventually they break the glass in the door and soon after that they are able to wedge thefá dos
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open with their pryfá bars. they walk back and forth and then try to steal the atm that's right by the door. as we've learned from watching a number of these videos, they don't set the atm on the floor waiting for someone to take it. they bolt these things down. these guys try and try to wedge it away from the floor. once they figure out they won't get the atm out of the building. they walk around and do manage to get the safe out of the store. they drag that around the counter and across thefá floor. they did manage to get away with that. no word on how much money, if any, they got because most of these stores at the end of the night put allfá of their money into a dvúrárá box at their bank. they don't leave money packed in a safe. >> theyq had trouble getting ina door. do we think they'll come close to cracking that safe open. they'll walk around with a safe and that's it.fá >> police are looking for these guys. i have a feeling it won't be too hard to find them. >> thisfá video is getting a lo of play right now. i think it's because this man
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paid for the viralness of this video with his bank card. >> he charged it. seeing some crocks. guy behind the camera is saying i think we're gettingxúujz clos. >> oh god!ñi >> he knew it immediately. >> sorry. >> he knew that he screamed like a little girl on a playground.qá >> he didn't delete the video. he could have deleted it. >> this video, hope it was worth it.
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>> sorry. >> a film about a place you might think you know. >> i'm really excited about this film. ] whole new worldfá that you never imaginwhiñ >> see the country you might not know next "right this minute." and still to come,6z some cl technology inspired by those creepy cartoon portraits. >> eyes that would follow you. >> it's not just for cartoons anymore. find out how you can use your pictures to keep an eye on things. and this guy's accent is the center of some classroom antics. >> did you know what it was like? >> they've been listening to him for months. four months linike that. >> now they're about to get an u
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last week i showed you incredible wing suit stunt and we talked to the guy who pulled that stunt off. we got incredible response to that. here's a little more according ñ >> what makes you nervous? >> you guys make me nervous. fear is something that can prevent people notfá only from doing physical things that they enjoy or perhaps you have been hurt at a younger age and we build these walls to somehow protect yourself.
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one of the best things we can do in our livesfá is break these walls down. yes, we keep out the bad, but we keep ourselves from being able to absorb good at the same time. i can see people jumping out of the planes. i wondered why i couldn't when i knew i we it so much. >> the risk is still losing your life. aren't you afraid of that? >> i'm afraid of not living it. >> you cut your hair. is that because you want to be 95% or what? >> i just wanted to fit in, guys. >> physically, what does it feel like to jump off of a mountain with a wing suit and flyfá like bird as a human. >>c absolutely freedom. i zip up ready to jump off and i look around me and, wow, am i really about to do this? just stoke myself out over and over again.
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it's been a dream come true. i literally have dreams at night where i'm flying in the forest and down the mountain is not the dream anymore, it's reality. >> it is tech time. once again i have an inventionx that will make you cooler. at least appear cooler. >> i could use coolness. >> this video we got from dig info news because of this table you can freehand perfect and lines. there are magnets in this table. somehow it works. but to explain exactly how this works, notice i said exactly how it works -- >> hi, once again, zach. we need explanation here. >> the table is hooked up to a computer. inside the computer you can program the shapes you want to draw. you draw with a digital pen.
9:21 am
it saves your motions. ater you can create the same motions again with the pen and the magnet inside the table. this can be used in a varietyñrf really interesting applications. it could be used in art education. a good artist can use that digital pen to create something and someone else can come along and make it on their own. >> i understand that you have another invention that could make us look cool. >> i do. so you know on scooby-doo how the bad guys had the eyes that would follow you. a nasa engineer created a wait for this to be possible. he takes a cool portrait. cuts out the eyes. puts anfá ios device behind it d uses another ios device to facetime that one so he can see what's going on. >> this is the coolest security device ever. you can watch the burglars in they're in your house. >> you can recreate this without using facetime and download a free app of his called digital duds which give you moving eyes without putting your own in there.
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>> look at that. creeping me out there for a fás. >> food for louie. don't know him? you will after this. >> see what the king of gag worthy eating puts down this time. >> it's like a gusher. ♪
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film that's dropping on christmas. the. >> good that it's approved for feline audiences. >> it's called eight to go. this is the love story between c captain cuddles and the love of his life. >> i know you got into this deejay thing because you wanted to play with a dead mouse. >> why don't you understand i'm up every night worried sick about you. >> he's a deejay except his girlfriend isn't happy about this because it's fracturing their love.fá >> oh no. >> you know what i love about captain cuddles performance her. is he says so much without saying anything at all. i don't see wha the wife or girlfriend is so mad about. >> she's probably worried about cat hair everywhere. >> you're usingfá ñicatnip agai. do you know what it does tofá m to watch you flush your life down the toilet? it's tearing me apart. >> funny trailer. >> one life down. guess that gives you eight to go. >> it's smack time again,
9:26 am
everybody. if you are eating with food for louie, you know it's going to be gross. here he is. look at him go.r >> what is he eating? >> what's he chewing on now? eating human flesh? >> food for louie is at it again. this is his most recent episode and louie is eating leeches.fá >> that's why they're blood dñit's all over his mouth.d >> leech blood orfá other human blood? that is louie's own blood. he prepared the leeches on his own arm. please, we're trying to do a show here. >> so he ate his friend's blood? >> he ate their own blood. they each ate their own blood. >> yikes. i mean, all right. what's even grosser is when he gushes it between his teeth.
9:27 am
>> it's li it's like the fruit snacks gusher. you look green. no, that's just your sweater. >> if you are sick enough to want to watch the fullv to and click on best on tv. >> this is afá comedian. for four months he convicted his speech 101 class that he spoke with an accent. >> as soon as i meant the %5u$e professor is like or what anything like that. >> pretty good accent. it's good. >> nice that he's sitting here telling the story while holding a pinata. >> he has all of these crazy speech topics.fá >> i told them it was david hasselhoff. what fascinated me most as i got toríjju him better as a
9:28 am
person -- >> that's pretty good. >> wow. >> what's bettej than that was his final reveal and how he did it. >> accents be gone. and then magically your accent disappears. >> they've been listening to him for fámonths. four months like that. in an accent. then he play s a joke and drink the thing and no accent. >> when i saw him rip off that page and i saw david hasselhoff with puppies, i was like bull [ bleep ]. >> she could not be fooled by the hoff. >> it was good.xd great time. >> a nice social experiment actually. i bet he got anñi a in the clas.
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>> if we don't,÷ú we will all b left. [ applause ] >> that's it for our show. thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time.


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