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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 3, 2012 9:30am-10:00am PST

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hello, everyone. we've got the best videos of the day and the stories behind them "right this minute." ♪
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>> cops stop a car and become suspicious of the trunk.fá you're about to see why. the incredible saga of a kidnap victim who helped save his own life. passengers on ar some killer whales. >> they're gettingfá closer. >> the terrifying moment they actually get under the boat. >> oh my god. remember that horrible video of a man mocking a disabled girl. well now we have an update on this video. see what a judge decided his cruel actions should cost him. plus, a puppy is enjoying some sweet dreams and justin bieber's new dream job. the victoria secret angels give a sneak peek of their new ?;sho. >> you know6z what i noticed abt these girls? they all have great hair. >> beautiful hair. love them all. >> that's dash cam video from a
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patrol car of a traffic stop that quickly became scary. you see officers with their guns drawn there were three people in this car and they ended up arresting everybody. you're about t.'r see why. they opened the trunk. yes, there is someone in the trunk of this car. let me tell you how this man got there. this man is actually an employee at a circle k. s shop. one of his customers asked him %$ a tire iron. he handed it over. he did see thisfá woman and two men outside struggling with their own car. when the store was closed he started walking to his car and saw these three people trying to steal a tire from his car. he confronted them. one of the men starting attacking him. they put a towel over his head, bound his wrists, stuffed him in the trunk of the car. they said it's nothing personal. we just need your car.
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then went around town for several hours doing whatever they needed to do in his car. >> this guy was in the trunk of his own car. >> yeah. >> he didn't know these who knows what people people were about to do with him. >> after a while he passed out. he woke up to what he realized was at voice of an officer. when they heard him in the trunk kicking and punching and yelling, they knew something was for sure up. this happened back in fáv all three people were charged with kidnapping, theft and wanton endangerment. >> i hope the officers were given a medal of honor. >> they were honored because of their actions that were caught in this dash cam video. >> seems like heroics to us but it's what they do. here's something in this group of people on a rowboat. this good day is about to get a lot cooler and then it will get scary for second. they're out there in the water. in thefá distance you see kille
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whales are getting closer and closer to these boats. >> they're in kayaks. they're in small, little, tiny boats.t( >> these small boats are about to get a close look at these big creatures. watch this. getting a little concerned they're coming straight for us. >> oh my god. >> they swam underneath this row of boats and almost hits the guy operating the camera here and you see the killer whales going their way. >> he's the perfect camera guy for breaking news. he keptxd photographing even though he feared for his life. >> i can't even imagine. >> you're sitting there in this tiny boat and you know you can get dumped over any minute. it's getting super close to youv >> the size. the whale larger than three kayaks tied together. >> whalesfá are nice. when you're in a kayak, you
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don't know where they're going to surface. >> let's give that guy a peabody award for filming that without breaking a sweat even though he was heigright in the middle of"yrñ you probably re video from woio back in october. a man and his son were imitating and making fun of a 10-year-old girl wither cerebral palsy. you see his sonfá imitating his father who was making fun of this young girl. turns out it was part of a neighborhood feud. it happened inzv stark county, ohio. we have an update on this video. the man making funlp of this yog girl wasrdáq'tenced due to this incident. he was charged with aggravated menacing and disorderly conduct and got 30 days in jail and a .i >> wow. >> i'm so happy and thrilled and delighted to hear that.
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watching that first video was really disgusting. it made me sick to my stomach. >> it as awful. i remember all of us being up in arms about it. how you can do this and make fun of a child with a disability and let your child do the same thing. i think this guy deserved what he got. that's the scarier part for me. the implications that it has for other people around him. hopefully this sentencing will resonate as loud as his initial bad behavior. >> police are going to like this. police in england have released this video ahead of the holidays to convince people not to drink and drive. let me warn ÷e,ey this video ma disturb some people. what you have is a group of people standing in front of a pub. they're all standing their chatting. watch what happens. one guy there in the doorway, that's the landlord. >> where did that even come from? >> that is a volvo. the driver, 45 years old, lost control of the car. police say this manfá was under
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the influence. that spot where he hit was full of team just seconds later. >> if the woman had delayed their conversation, if landlord hadn'tfá walked in the door, wh knows what would have happened. only one person wasnjed andandln the doorway and ended up covering in rubble but he survived. suffered spinal injuries, a crushed pelvis, broken ribs and it's amazingm through this. the driver ended up getting a year infá prison and his driver license was suspended for two years. >> look at the passersby drag that guy out of the car. >> those people would have been dead because of him having that extra drink or two or three. a bus driver strike leads to chaos in the streets. >> people fighting over vehicles. just a complete mess. >> we have the story behind mass transit mayhem. and two dudes takefá on som major drifting. >> they're going to play afá ga
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of drift. sort of like afá game of horse where each challenge gets you a letter. >> can't tell the action at the game and see who takes it next. >> that was perfect.
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>> if you ever felt like you've really been packed in on a subway car or a train, you haven't seen anything yet. videos from mtv in kenya. people just packing into a train system. when i say packing in, i mean pushing people in through windows. just a complete mess. >> you might be asking why is the train system so packed? there was a strike going on with m in kenya. it's a mini bus that takes people around the city and elsewhere. some people on the internet say that the drivers aren't necessarily the safest drivers and the reason they were striking is because they were unhappy with an amended traffic
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act that proposed stiffer penalties to those breaking traffic rules. so then people had nowhere to go but the trains and other forms of transportation.fá of course that led to scenes like this. people fighting over cabs, vehicles, and it looked like even though the people were packed, they were helping each other through the windows to get everyone on. >> in the train scenes you see people smiling and laughing. >> that's a guy on the back of the train hanging on there like a bumper sticker. riots in the streets. fires in the streets. all over this strike from the drivers. you see people getting beaten, stomped, kicked, all in result of this strike. fortunately it just came downq n friday and the chairman said an agreement has been reached with the transport secretary in kenya to hopefully end this madness and things can go back to normal. drifting takes some skills.
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swinging the cars around. you need to know what you're doing. so there's a new show. it's a premiere episode show up with another drifter. they're going to play a game of drift. sort of like a game of horse where each challenge gets you a letter whether you win or lose.á >> firstfá challenge, us. >> ooh. >> all he had to do was tap the barrel and not knock it outside of the circle that's drawn around it. >> he did >> barely touches it. > who can kick the ball the furthest? boom. chris gets good punt on the red ball. he gets it out there. ryan yet again not so much. he gets another r. next up, they're going to try to drive a lap of the track without
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spilling too much of their cups of water. whoever has the most water at the end of this lap wins. >> that's close. >> chris wins again. >> this guy has the d, r and i. the parking challenge. brian manages to pull off the second attempt and slide it into the parking. that's cool. the next one is pinball. we have to knock down as many double stacked barrels as possible. looks like ryan is going to nail it until -- this is the last one. >> whoa. >> threadsfá the needle. slides sideways between two pillars of barrels. >> whoa! >> that was perfect. >> come on. >> and busted out the back glass of the hatchback there. keep watching6z on the network see more drifting episodes. >> i'm calling this dogs doing stuff that's cute and will make
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you >> i know. this is an english bulldog puppy and this video was submitted to us by a viewer andfá that viewe runs suburban bullies in new mexico. what i love about this one, it just does that sleeping animal thing where it quivers. >> he's dreaming about bones or biscuits or playing fetch. >> it's obvious she's dreaming of a belly rub. armsfá out. legs spread eagle. a big belly. proba4i4 full of mama's milk. >> got his belly button. want to tickle that. >> sure do. >> and then this one. this one was submitted to usfá katelyn. she put this on our facebook page. her dog likes to play fetch witj a stick. a very big stick. she says that when she's stacking up her sticks, her go grab the biggest one.
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please throw it to me. >> that's cute. playing fetch with6z a whole fá. >> i love him. he's a good boy. >> makes you smile every time. time for real or fake. three specially selected videos. what is real and what is fake? >> fake. >> fake. >> fake. >> fake all the way. >> w
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get ready for another addition of "rtm." steven has the first one. >> almost time to write out the christmas list for the season. your wishes. what you want. what better way to do so than with a rap song. this is called christmas. he's rapping his wish list. >> item number six from my list is online. got to get that super hot lunch box. >> i think he wants a lunch box from his grandma. >> there you go. you want a lunch box. >> can't go wrong with that. >> speaking of christmas, it's the time of year for all kinds ofxd cookies and sweet treats. if you want to decorate a cookie like a box, all you got to do is watch this video. how to decorate a cookie with royal icing and what to do. >> i can't even make cookies let alone decorate them. >> check the videos out on our website on and click on best of rtm. >> time to check in with matt
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for more videos. we're going to start with our first video. a guy takes a paddle to the face. >> one,q two, three. >> fake. she misses him. >> she doesn't. >> i'm going with real. >> i think real based on her # it looks like she hit him. >> real. >> i have a little information for you guys to maybe go back and take a deeper look at this. if you just listen right before she hits him there'sfá a double thump. boom. boom. and you can hear the guy behind the camera, go, go, go. you know those inflatable toys and they are really loud. that's what the thump sounds t.á8then she hits him. i think she was trying to miss but she did hit him so this might fall into half fake, half real. >> i have to say your expert detective skills might have changed my mind. i think this is all an." acting
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job and that it is fake. i accidentallyfá hit him. >> all fáright. next one. accidental double bungee jump. oh! no, no, no. i think this is fake. >> it has to be fake. nobody cord with one fake. >> fake.fb(p&h(lc& >> fake all the way. >> i actually think this one is real. >> come on. >> it's a weird thing. you can enhance that. >> i think he's harnessed in but the rope is going up his jacket sleeve. i think it's fake. i don't see any way he could possibly hold on. >> i don't know what to say now. i think y beake now. >> last video of the day.
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checking the sales. i don't know why they'refá filmg it. >> why do people film anything? >> i think it's real. it's a really weird video.ño' >> i sayfá he sounds hurt. >> i would sayfá real. >> i think thefá fall is very real. very fast. it would be a weird fake. i'll go real. >> we all get along at the end today. >> yeah! >> what a good day.xd santa's little helpers. ♪fáq ♪
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♪ spider-man is the secret identity ofx#tqáer parker. i want to introduce you tofá peá parkure. he's executing stunts and some familiar colors. >> i am glad he didn't put on the spider-man onesie. he is sort of channeling spider-man with the colors. >> hefá even does that little pe that spider-man does when he gets up on." a ledge. ♪ >> sony is behind this.
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this is going to be part of the blu-ray dvd release of "the amazing fáspider-man." they put peter in london so he can play around. watch what he does on this bridge over a street. ♪ >> who is this guy?ño' >> you can see some familiar things in this video that you saw infá the movie. ♪ >> that doesn't shoot any webs. >> no webbing. this is all natural body stuff. >> he's got a oner spider-man if you think about it because spider-man uses a web to do all of this stuff. >> it's a crutch really. >> the web is a crutch. ♪ >> two alerts. first, beautiful second, the biebs. >> he's there too? >> i'm jealous of justin bieber. >> see how bieber scores with the angels
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>> back when we were kids and we would put playing cards in the spokes of your wheels to make that cool noise. this is ten notches fácooler. let me introduce you. >> this is the monty python of the holy grail. >> it's awesome. looks like one on thenb front te to make it sound like you are riding afá horse through the ci. this is an actual product.
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it is for purchase. you can buy the whole rig to put on your they also sell coconuts to go with your purchase as ño'well. >> you have to put it together? >> no way am i ordering this and spending time putting this sucker together when i can fashion one myself with a coconut from the grocery qstore. >> rome was not built in the day. if you want your bike to sound-9 like a horse, you have to go the extra mile. >> i think i'll just get a horse and ride it along. >> last week i made you two suffer through moves like tatum so out of the kindness of my heart, i bring you the victoria secret angels to the tune of "beauty and a justin bieber. >> he's there too? ♪ ♪ tonight i want to show you off ♪ >> biebs is like a brick wall. start grooving and then biebs.
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>> a lot of people are jealous of the biebs. tell me you're not a little bit. >> i say it on record, i'm jealous of justin bieber. >> can i tell you one thing that i really love about this video? the victoria secret angels not in lingerie. >> i was going to complain about that. where is the lingerie? >> they can't walk away in it 24/7. >> it proves they can be beautiful and gorgeous fully clothed which is nice. >> no way any of these gals are interested infá the biebs. >> the man made $55 million this year. they might be interested. >> can we forget the fact that he's in this. >> we can edit him out easily. >> we can edit him out and put us in this video. >> you know what i notice about these girls? they have great hair. >> they are smoking hot without exposed skin. >> you can see them in lingerie for the victoria secret fashion show december 4th on cbs. >> set your dvrs, boys. >> that's it for us here at rtm.
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we'll leave you with more of thá victoria secret angels. have an awesome weekend, everybody. we'll see you on monday. sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.


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