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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 3, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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double trouble for san francisco's muni tonight. problems below ground, and above delay tens of thousands of passengers during the
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evening commute. good evening, i'm gasia mikaelian in for julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. and electrical problem has stopped all muni service in san francisco. the problem started right at the height of the evening commute. so far, it's unknown if the problem can be repaired in time for tomorrow. more now from amber lee, live in the city, where she just got an upclose look at the blown transformer causing the outage. >> reporter: right now, you can see the caution tape is up, keeping passengers from trying to get inside the train station. >> it's a blown fuse. >> reporter: john haley, muni director of transit showed the blown transformer. he says crews will be working through the night to try to fix the problem before tomorrow morning's commute. >> we know it's not the outside
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feed from pg and e, and we know the problem is within our hardware. >> reporter: as for commuters tonight, it was a headache getting to their destination. as late as 8:00 p.m., we found passengers still at a loss. >> i didn't know there was a shut down at all. i'm trying to get home. i just had a french class after work. >> reporter: other passengers braved long lines to board a bus bridge at the embarcadero. >> it's going to drop me off away from my house. i've got to catch another bus. it's just a problem. >> reporter: a station agent tried to help travelers. >> you can take the f line. >> we have a shuttle. >> reporter: underground muni service usually starts around 4:30 a.m., weekday mornings. >> how confident are you that it will be fix the by 4:30 a.m.
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tomorrow morning? >> we've got all the right people here and we've believe we've got the material that we need. we'll have some kind of subway service tomorrow. >> reporter: muni is developing a contingency plan. it says it will operate the trains manually, which means they will only be able to travel 25 miles per hour, instead of up to 40 miles per hour. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. just moments before that outage, another problem for muni. a woman in a wheelchair was struck by a streetcar. we're told she's hospitalized at this hour with life- threatening injuries. the woman was hit near the intersection of church and market street. medics, firefighters, police and others used special tools to raise the train, and pull the woman out from under it. >> investigators are trying to
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determine exactly the cause. what led to her getting struck. >> the woman was snagged by the trolley, pulled out of her chair, and dragged for a block. the unidentified woman is now at san francisco general hospital. in 12 minutes, a new twist for newny's central subway project. how plans for a new station, and plans to bury a piece of equipment are easing concerns in one neighborhood. crews are working through the night to repair damage caused by a massive sinkhole. ktvu's noah walker is live on the scene to show us what's happening now. >> reporter: it's a not so silent night here in lafayette. there's a constant shuttle of heavy equipment in and out of this area around the sinkhole. which is that black hole right behind me. just beyond it, workers are making repairs on water lines that were taken out, when the
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roadway caved in. instead of stars and crickets, the night is filled with generator lights, bulldozers, and buzz saws. >> well what can you do? >> reporter: we met joyce as she surveyed the sinkhole outside her home. when we asked her name, this was her response. >> my name is s.a.d. it's very sad. your home got damaged, it's very sad. i just worry that the whole house dropped. i don't know what to do. >> reporter: the view from news chopper 2 today shows a massive sinkhole across the entire span of the street. it's like having a muddy backyard swimming pool in the front yard. >> you have a mote outside your home on sunday, or what? >> it was really quite
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something. >> reporter: the creek flowed through her garage. rosenthal will have to take a detour until the road is fixed. that's not expected until next spring. >> i can live with a block and a half detour for as long as it takes. this is very much in perspective. we're very grateful that the city is on it. >> reporter: utility crews are working through the night on temporary repairs. people who live here dodged a bullet. but that doesn't mean joyce will sleep any better. >> how do you know it's safe? >> reporter: the workers are essentially the new neighbors around here. the permanent repairs aren't expected to be finished until next spring or summer. reporting live in lafayette, noel walker, ktvu, channel 2 news. a school in marin that was closed today because of storm damage plans to reopen tomorrow after a huge cleanup effort. mainly unanimous workers ripped out carpets and cleaned floors
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covered with mud at white hill school in fairfax. an overflowing culvert clogged by branches. four classrooms will need major repairs. the damage is estimated in the 10s, of thousands of dollars. now to ktvu's chief meteorologist, bill martin on this very significant start to the rainy season. >> yeah, we really got a big bump up in the sense of average. let's take a look at the rain we got over wednesday to sunday. you're going to see big numbers, in the north bay, up to 8 inches. almost 5 inches in napa. it helps out quite a bit. look at santa rosa. 178% of average. 160% in san francisco. san jose up almost 130% of average. great news for the water watchers. we've got more rain coming your way. we'll track that next rain into the bay area and let you know how it will impact your day tomorrow. at, you'll find the storm watch tab right there on the home page. you can monitor weather
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conditions anytime, and look at live radar. at 10:45, more cleanup in the santa rosa mountains. why some projects may not be complete before the next storms. flames broke out about 4:00 this afternoon on ridge drive south of the downtown area. someone was home at the time of the fire, but they got out safely. a cat was also rescued. firefighters are also investigating the exact cause. at this point, it appears the fire started in the attic. continuing coverage now of the story we've been following for you. it involved the assault of a severely autistic teenage girl after she walked away from a facility last week. a man is under arrest in connection with this case. the 16-year-old girl left the fred finch residential facility last evening. she was found two days later on
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a muni bus in san francisco. family members say she was badly beaten, and sexually assaulted. the man arrested is 36 years old. >> if he is the man who committed the crime, i am going to do everything i can to make sure this man spends the rest of his life in prison. >> oakland police would not release any details on the arrest today. the former commander of an elite police squad of contra costa county reportedly plans to plead guilty this week to a scheme involving drugs. he will admit in court on wednesday to stealing drugs. welsh and his friend, a private detective named william butler were heard talking about the drug sales in this undercover video. butler pleaded guilty in october. and is currently serving an 8 year prison term. welsh faces a minimum of ten
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years when he's sentenced. the newist members of the california legislature took the oath of office. democrats now have a 2/3 majority. what the new supermajority means for the state. >> reporter: with that, the democrats supermajority was set. essentially one party rule in the senate and assembly. >> i really believe that this is the end of one very difficult era in california and the beginning of a new and better era. >> reporter: democrats celebrated. republicans still have a voice, but no power. >> as a minority party, some may call us the super minority part, we're pretty much on the sidelines. >> reporter: republicans say they will serve as watchdogs on the democrats new 2/3 majority. democrats can raise taxes and more without republican votes. >> this historic supermajority. we intend to use it purposely,
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with purpose, with humility, and with great strength. >> reporter: democrats have not outlined an agenda, but senator mark leno is asking for a big change to proposition 13 to make it easier for voters to raise their own property taxes. >> it allows voters in their areas to be able to reinvest in a very underfunded educational system. >> reporter: governor brown has indicated he will be a check on democrats when it comes to raising taxes, and the supermajority could be short lived with several members leaving their seats in april. there could be a rush to get things done, once lawmakers return in january. ktvu, channel 2 news. a teenager who was denied eagle scout status and kicked out because was gay attended a
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service as a special guest to honor him for integrity. we had a calm and clear day today. get those umbrellas back out. i'll show you how soon our next round of rain will arrive. >> neighbors call it a crumbling i-4. >> taking three trips to steal from kids with special needs. >> it hurts us. it hurts all of us. >> in 90 seconds, what led police to an arrest, and the recovery of the teaching tools. [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- ♪
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new at 10:00, a bold thief targets a school in hayward. ktvu's he heather home ams live at eldridge elementary. >> reporter: hayward police tell me they arrested the suspected burglar. guess he didn't bother to read the sign that this campus uses surveillance cameras. the crook targeted room 502. police say three different times yesterday and early this morning, the thief entered the classroom through a window. >> everything we do is for our kids. so when somebody does something, or takes something away from the kids, it hurts us. >> reporter: making it more heartbreaking, says the
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principal, is that this classroom is for special education students. the computers here are designed specifically for their needs. >> some of them have programs on there for the visually impaired students. >> reporter: while the burglar was successful, his luck would run out. just beyond the window screen he removed, is a surveillance camera. they tracked down john hodi. and police track down some of the stolen items. >> a lot of funding is cut off. these are the essential tools that our kids need. >> reporter: tonight, gasia and frank, he is facing new
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charges. reporting live tonight here in hayward, ktvu, channel 2 news. attorneys on both sides of the oscar grant shooting are squaring off once again in court. this time, a federal appeal's court is considering a civil lawsuit against former bart police officer, johanes mehserle. the police officers include grant's father, and four men detained on the bart platform that night. the attorney says the officers should be held responsible for their action. >> the jury could find him responsible for the taking of the life of oscar grant iii. >> this was a mistake. it was tragic in every sense of the word. it was unintended in every sense of the word. >> bart settled with grant's mother last year for $1.3 million. the year before, they agreed to pay grant's daughter $1.4
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million. ktvu's jana katsuyama reports. >> reporter: crews are digging a hole for the giant machine that will bore a tunnel for the central subway, through union square to chinatown. the problem is that the 40-foot diameter machine only goes one way. they planned to make a hole in morse beach to get the machine out of the ground. merchants have filed a lawsuit, saying the street closure and disruption would be problematic. so one option is to buy the former pagoda theater, moving the exit site. >> it probably would be easier. >> reporter: buying the property would add up to $8
10:18 pm
million to the 1 del $6 million project. the other option is to leave the boring machine underground at one of the points marked in yellow. the sfmta would have to buy the machine, and permanently seal it in cement, adding 3 to $5 million to the total cost. >> the tunnel boring machines aren't meant to be buried or stored for any period of time. we would have to bury it there. >> reporter: the board meets to discuss the alternative. but time is running out. they must make a decision by february 1 so the contractor can finish the job. the san rafael city council heard plans it to build the new recreational facility near the san rafael airport. situated just 160 feet from the airport's long runway. just last month, a small plane
10:19 pm
crashed after attempting to land. the pilot survived the crash unharmed. >> this soccer complex will bring light, noise, traffic to a very quiet dark part of the marsh. >> that crash has also heightened concerns over player safety if the recreational facility is built. other concerns are the lights disturbing people, and the environmental impact on the nearby creek. house republican leaders today presented a counteroffer to president obama in the opening round of negotiations to avoid the fiscal cliff. the gop says its proposal would save $800 billion through tax reform. $900billion in mandatory spending cuts, and $300 billion in discretionary cuts. it does not increase tax rates on upper income americans which the white house insists must be included in any deal. on wall street stocks lost ground. nasdaq dropped 8 points. analysts point to a decline in manufacturing, and ongoing
10:20 pm
worries over the fiscal cliff. what some hoped would be a historic announcement on life on mars didn't amount today. project scientists said soil tests performed by the curiosity rover only showed organic compounds. no proof yet that life existed, or could exist on the red planet. the scientists created big expectations by saying it would be one for the history books. today they said they were only referring to the richness of the data coming from the rover. ♪ [ music ] of course. live storm tracker 2 picking up showers north of us. these showers are going to work their way south. the computer model shows sprinkles picking up. i suspect we'll see drizzle perhaps along ocean beach tomorrow morning. for the commute on the golden gate bridge, i think you'll see
10:21 pm
wet roadway. as question bet into the 9:00, 10:00 hour, you'll see more of the same. i was talking about this on the 5:00 and 6:00 broadcast. this doesn't have a lot of moisture with it. as we get into the noon time hour, the clouds increased. we're going to see a few sprinkles as we head into the late afternoon. i'll run this model all the way through the rest of the day, then we'll get it into wednesday. wednesday morning looks like it's going to be wet. when we come back i'll have all of that and the five-day forecast. those opposed to san francisco's ban on nudity are expected to show up, and perhaps strip down again tomorrow. several people stripped off their clothes inside city hall to show their displeasure with the ban back on november 20. the legislation prohibits nudity on city streets, and sidewalks. with exceptions for permitted parades, fairs, and festivals. the war against drugs claims the life of a california coast guard officer. >> he was a man of honor.
10:22 pm
i was proud to call him chief. >> the interception at sea that is evidence the smugglers are moving further north. >> first though, a big surprise for one driver today. how a car ended up in the middle of a construction zone.
10:23 pm
10:24 pm
a driver in vallejo had a bad day today. witnesses tell us, a woman was driving the wrong way down a one way street when the car went into a large hole. the road had been closed off at the other end after crews had dug the hole in order to replace old water lines. the drug wars in the pacific are apparently moving farther north to california waters. as rita williams tells us, a
10:25 pm
coast guard petty officer has now been killed in the line of duty. >> reporter: for a coast guard island in alameda today. >> we're grieving, but we still have to stay the channel islands west of los angeles. to two were charged with killing a national officer. the coast guard is the smallest military branch, only about 40,000 active duty men and women. >> smaller than the new york city police department.
10:26 pm
so when someone dies, the effect is felt throughout the service. >> he was the best ship mate i've ever known. he was a friend. he was a big brother to us all, and he is absolutely irreplaceable. >> reporter: just 34 years old, he was the father of a little boy. ship mates say he and his wife had been excitedly awaiting the birth of their second child. rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. a shooting outside of a middle school prompted a lockdown on campus today. it happened just above mcarthur. police say two suspects fired shots during an attempted home invasion near the school. a witness said another man was spotted limping away. someone did turn up at highland hospital about a half hour later with a gunshot wound. the investigation is ongoing. the future of facebook put to a vote. also, strong car sales at bay area dealerships.
10:27 pm
the one variable though, that could change that. an alarming number of san jose police officers continue to leave the democratic as residents tell city leaders tonight who they want as their next police chief. [ male announcer ] december is customer appreciation month at subway restaurants. saying thanks is a great deal because we're offering $2 six inch subs -- the cold cut combo or meatball marinara. $2 each, all december long. appreciation tastes amazing! hurry in for your $2 sub. subway. eat fresh.
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new video tonight after a car smashed through the glass doors of a check cashing store in hayward. the car went several feet inside of the store. the driver told ktvu he took his foot off the clutch and the car veered forward. it does not appear drugs or alcohol were involved. tonight, the third out of four public meetings browse residents to the mesa community center. new information that shows from
10:30 pm
the chief down, more than twice as many officers are leaving as are coming in. >> reporter: this is the official recruitment pamphlet put out. new numbers show it's not just the police chief that needs to be replaced. tonight's police chief recruitment meeting was literally dotted with expectations. >> have cultural competency, and have strong police skills. >> we need someone to come in that has a vision that will take us into the future. >> reporter: the next chief will be dealing with rising crime, and a dwindling staff. 50 resignations this year and 29 retirements with 9 pending. 92 officers leaving, dwarfing the 44 cadets currently in an academy to replace them. >> reporter: last week, current police chief, chris moore told me no one in his department is
10:31 pm
applying for the job. debra will not disclose who has applied, and is keeping the door open for internal candidates. >> we have a very talented staff in the san jose pd. any of them who are interested in applying for this position are welcome to apply. >> reporter: the shooting of a 17-year-old boy was san jose's 33rd homicide this year, tieing a 22 year high. not convinced a depleted police department is to blame. saying the region has seen an increase in crime. >> it's part of the economic time we're in. but each time, every crime that we have is one crime too many. we have to remain committed to increasing our funding of public safety. increasing the services we provide to the residents. >> reporter: the final police chief redramatic community meeting is held in south san jose, next monday. reporting live, matt keller, ktvu, channel 2 news.
10:32 pm
police in palo alto are searching for a man they say robbed a downtown walgreens. he displayed a black gun, and demanded oxycontin. the suspect is described as white in his 20s, about 6'"- foot, to 6'2". if you see him, do not approach him, instead, call the palo alto police department. in cupertino, another suspect was caught on camera. a white man walked into a cvs pharmacy, demanded money, and walked out with an undisclosed amount of cash. 5'8", with a thin build. 30 to 40 years old with blue eyes. investigators say he was clean shaven and wearing a maroon sweater. accusing a san francisco
10:33 pm
clothing company, union made, of trademark infringment. the organization represents more than 12 million union workers. it says many items sold at union made are not actually produced by union workers as the company name implies. the organization is also demanding the company stop using a logo similar to its trademarked logo. there is a new twist in the conflict of state law and federal law when it comes to the regulation of medical marijuana. a landlord cannot evict a medical marijuana patient. the lease says the business is going to sell medical marijuana. analysts are pointing to new car sales in november as another indication of an improving economy. some bay area dealerships may be out ahead of the trend. u.s. car sales were up in
10:34 pm
november. >> confident. >> reporter: he says it's one of several indicaters the economy is recovering. >> the unemployment rate is declining slowly. gdp continues to grow. it looks like the housing market nationally may have bottomed out. it's a recovery, albeit perhaps a fractioned recovery. >> reporter: chrysler led detroit based automakers, up 14%. the silicon valley auto dealers association represents about 60 santa clara county dealerships. the group won't have november numbers for another couple of weeks, but says so far this year, it's beating the national trend. >> certainly, we're seeing increased sales. again, some 25% year to date this year. >> reporter: this family owned buick dealership sold six cars
10:35 pm
over the weekend, including an acadia suv. they call that a good weekend, especially considering the rain. >> the whole question of what's going to happen in washington with these negotiations about taxes and entitlements is a big question mark. if some resolution is reached on that, i think sales of cars and strucks should remain strong. voting has begun at the world's largest social networking site. facebook users have seven days to decide. unless users cast ballots they will lose their right to weigh in on issues, including privacy issues. pope benedict has 1.2 million followers.
10:36 pm
hoping to reach a broader audience. the 85-year-old pontiff has started a twitter account. the vatican says the pope will start tweeting on december 12. the pope himself is not expected write his own tweets, rather he will approve those written for him. the royal announcement that had kate middleton briefly hospitalized. >> back here in just ten minutes, a little shower activity showing up in the north. more showers into wednesday. >> plus, mitt romney's new job, less than a month after losing the presidency.
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the west coast's largest
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port complex stands at a stand still tonight as workers picket. the strike is costing up to $1 billion a day. cargo ships sit idle, unable to unload. dock workers have refused to cross their picket lines. the suspense continues tonight for those waiting to see whether the u.s. supreme court will take up california's proposition 8, that's the voter approved ban on same-sex marriage. the justices could have announced today they were not going to take up the issue, but they didn't address the case. now the wait continues until friday. the justices are being asked to reveal an appeal's court decision, overturning prop 8. if the court declines to review the case, gay and lesbian couples will have the right to
10:40 pm
legally marry in california. the royal family confirmed the pregnancy today. it's been 18 months since william and kate exchanged marriage vows. the palace hasn't given a due date. officials would only say she is not yet through her first trimester. the duchess was briefly hospitalized, but has since been released. mitt romney has announced plans to return to his old job. romney is rejoining the board of directors at marriott international, which he's left twice now to run for political office. he left the first time to serve as governor of massachusetts and the second time to run for president. the romney and marriott families have a long standing friendship. in news of the world, president obama issued a stern warning to syrian president, al- assad. >> the world is watching. the use of chemical weapons, is and would be totally
10:41 pm
unacceptable. and if you make the tragic mistake of using these weapons, there will be consequences. >> syrian officials responded saying they would never use chemical weapons on their own people. the cia says syria has mustard gas and sarin, which is a highly toxic nerve agent. also today, the united nations says it is pulling all of its nonessential staff out of syria. tonight, antivirus creator, john mcafee says he has left belize. he made the statement on his website. mcafee is wanted for questioning in the murder of his neighbor. he believes belize authorities would kill him if he turned himself in. the prime minister called the 67-year-old paranoid and
10:42 pm
bongers. samsung is asking the court to throw out a verdict against the korean company. the hearing is also about apple trying to increase the punishment on samsung. they want to push for a permanent ban on the sale of more than two dozen samsung devices here in the u.s. cleaning up what mother nature left behind. plus, we'll update our developing news. the repairs to muni, and get trains rolling in time for the morning commute. bill martin is tracking the next round of rain. when to expect it where you live and his complete bay area forecast. a reminder that you can get ktvu news to go. download the ktvu app, click on the live icon and watch our news live on your device.
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back now to our developing news from san francisco. a transformer has halted muni. >> reporter: i am just outside the van ness station. here with me is john haley, going to bring us up-to-date. will train service resume for the morning commute? >> we're confident we will have rail service in the morning. we think we've identified the problem. we fixed a portion of it, and are in the process of running down where we had an electrical shot, and we hope to have full service restored by the morning. >> reporter: you were saying this could be storm related. can you explain that to our viewers? >> yesterday, we had water in some places, and we lost an electrical connection tonight,
10:46 pm
and we were able to repair it down here. finding the source of the electrical short. we believe it probably is some related right now, water damage that caused the system to surge and short out at one point. >> thank you very much, mr. haley. there you have it. guardedly optimistic that train service will be up and running for the usual time of the morning train service, which is around 4:30 a.m. reporting live, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. stay with us for continued coverage on this story. ktvu morning news begins at 4:30 a.m. they'll be monitoring the repairs, and whethethey're done in time for the all important morning commute. work crews are trying to salvage bine hill road near scotts valley, which collapsed from sunday's downpour. one entire lane is now missing. >> it didn't happen while i was
10:47 pm
driving on this road. i actually left yesterday for work, and came back and saw this. >> we found another man nearby repairing his roof after not one, but two trees fell on it during the storms. even as he was working, he saw a new problem. another tall tree leaning dangerously toward his home. 11 people are now facing federal drug charges tonight after they were arrested in a large methamphetamine bust in the south bay. the u.s. attorney's office announced today that officers confiscated 570 pounds of meth with a street value estimated at more than $6 million. the arrests happened november 30 in several south bay cities. law enforcement authorities say they also confiscated 10 guns, 7 vehicles, and $160,000 in cash. the state of california says it has $14 million worth of tax refunds, that cannot be delivered. saying it has checks ready to
10:48 pm
go, but no addresses to send them to. the checks are said to range from $1 to $35. click on web links for a link to the tax board. clouds and rain north of here. we're going to get wet around here, especially in the north bay. you can see it around ukiah right now. these clouds are going to be around for the next couple of days. the showers are going to linger too. again, nothing really well organized, at least for our latitude. they're going to get hammered near the oregon border, but we're going to see a lot less rain. the computer model is really bullish on them. the system i'm tracking is out in the pacific. there's a pretty decent ridge of high pressure sending everything to the north.
10:49 pm
this area slips south as we go into tomorrow. today was a nice cool and dry day. showers and sprinkles return to the north bay tomorrow. a few sprinkles for us. as we get into wednesday morning, i think that's the bulls eye for a more significant rain, which would be quarter of an inch, 10th of an inch. it is san francisco, redwood city. the model is going to do this. the computer model gets you tomorrow. there's the morning commute. that's no big deal. san rafael drizzle. there's the afternoon commute, maybe some drizzle. overnight, wednesday at 2:00 a.m., wednesday at 5:00 a.m. that's not a big deal. then wednesday at 1:00 and then it's gone. we'll watch it for you. right now, you look at something like that, you might not even have to change your outdoor plans. i'm thinking you'll be fine tomorrow for most areas.
10:50 pm
61 in napa tomorrow. 59 in fairfield. still a warm air mass. with the cloud cover, temperatures in the low 60s. 61 in hayward. a nice day really in terms of temperatures. the clouds will be there. mostly cloudy. then a really good shot at a few light sprinkles. wednesday morning right now, looks to be the best shot at something that puts some water on the ground. but it's funny, because a month ago, we thought, oh, boy it's going to rain. after what happened on sunday, everything pales in comparison, that was the real deal. after this, something like .01 of an inch will be nothing. flu season is here. this could be a bad year. the prominent strain seen so far is a strain the cdc says is generally associated with a severe flu season. health officials say this year's flu shot is an accident match with the influenza that is currently going around.
10:51 pm
soon serving meals to the san francisco unified school district. the $9 million lunch contract covers the 100 schools in the district. the company's recipe was cooked up in 2006 by two students at uc berkely hospital of business. included in the bid, fresh fruits and vegetables with every meal. the partnership that includes well known players for the 49ers helping to make sure children have something to celebrate this holiday season. o thank
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a driver hit while standing along highway 24 is in intensive care tonight. and three other firefighters are improving. they responded to a call, and was parked near the wilder road exit. then an suv lost control in the rain, hit the fire engine, and three firefighters along with the driver standing alongside the highway. now, the fire district is taking another look at its policies. >> we're extremely busy yesterday, and we didn't have two fire engines allocate to this particular emergency. in we would have, the outcome may have been different. we're just not sure. >> tonight, the three firefighters are recovering
10:55 pm
from various injuries. one suffered a significant concussion. the could others suffered serious leg and foot injuries. several players from the san francisco 49ers had the role of santa's helper today. the players helped make some dreams come true at a san francisco target store. they teamed up with children and took them on a shopping spree. this event was organized by ehc life builders. which provides services for needy families. mark is here now to talk about sports. the golden state warriors, man, they're off to a pretty good start. >> so much for the three game winning streak tonight. just in case you were getting carried away with the warriors, because they were sitting atop the division. remember, they're very much still a work in progress. orlando dumped the lakers last night, they flat outworked the
10:56 pm
warriors tonight. getting the assist and putting it down. orlando though, three guys scoring 20 or more points j.j. redick, one of them with the three bomb there. the magic get 23 points off warriors 15 turnovers. there's one of them. aaron with the slam. the warriors embark on a 7 game road trip. longest of the year. the biggest item on the giants off-season honey do list taken care of today. angel pagan will return to roam center field. he made crucial defensive plays throughout the postseason, in fact, the late goings of the regular season, tested the free agent market, decided a 4 year, $40 billion offer is enough to keep him by the bay. the guy goes all out on every
10:57 pm
play. one of the most pleasant personalities you will ever encounter. you want to play the blame game with the 49ers? that's a contest that would surely go into overtime. enough of it to go around, despite harbaugh getting his guy pumped up. mistakes for the young quarterback totally expected. it's nice to see the coach not mince words, and taking a little of the blame as well. >> that's our job to finish those games. we all take responsibility for that. responsibility taking, starts with me on that option play that resulted in the nightmare scenario. and it's a position of the game i should not have let that play be called. all right, it's almost reached jordannesque standards when rg3 takes the field.
10:58 pm
even when it goes bad, it goes good. into the arms of former 49er joshua morgan. you see it again. it is a touchdown. 17-16, redskins go on to win it. the giants, super bowl champs have lost 3 of 4. redskin football is back in the nation's capital. that's the sporting life for a monday night. rg3. thank you for trusting ktvu, channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> again, they'll be watching closely, muni's progress and let you know if those transformer repairs are completed in time for the morning commute. and we're always here for you on
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