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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 4, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. a muni meltdown, what muni is saying about this morning's commute. you can expect delays while this weekend's stormy weather is to blame. cloudy skies up to the
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north near mendocino, time for the second hour of the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning, december 4th, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark. steve is here and i am not a weather guy but i know a really good one. >> i hope he is in the building. there still could be a mist or drizzle, still kind of a mild day, some rain in the north, today's highs upper 50s to lower 60s, and we have a pattern coming we will get to in a minute. here is tara. traffic is moving well past the coliseum and let's look at
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the east shore freeway as you make your way westbound towards the mcarthur maze, no problems to report but we have a little bit of back up towards the bay bridge, those metering lights should be going on soon, let's go back to the desk. we have news coming in from san jose. a burglary call led police to a marijuana grow house. jeanine has more on what police found there. good morning, jeanine. >> reporter: we were able to go inside this house in east san jose and we overcome with the smell of marijuana, it was wall to wall plants inside and there was no furniture inside and police tell us no people lived here. they found 300 or vested marijuana -- half vetted marijuana plants and a neighbor called saying the home was
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being burglarized. when officers arrived they found all the plants as well as a sophisticated grow system. >> they had a light system, and elect calling that -- electrical that was beyond anything i have seen in my experience for these indoor grows. everything was wall to wall marijuana plants and it was a pretty big one. >> reporter: police say the people responsible had tapped the wires into pg&e so they would not be suspicious. the fire department was called in for a short time because jugs of chemicals were found in the bathroom but it was determined those jugs of chemicals were fertilizer and they deemed them safe. they say it was worth $100,000 but again, just the stalks were left and the people responsible
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took off with the plants. $7million was found in the home and now police officers are putting all of those things into evidence and a narcotics unit will be back out to find out who is responsible for this indoor grow house. queen mean della vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> -- jeanine della vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. everything was shut down last night by a power outage. crucifixioned it this morning. -- crews fixed it this morning. as you can imagine commuters were frustrated trying to get home and some of them had to deal with long lines just to get on packed buses instead. now just before that power outage, a woman in a wheelchair was hit by a muni streetcar and
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was dragged for about a block. thunidentified woman was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. well a plan to give low income teens free muni passes may be approved today. board of supervisors will offer free passes and muni will plan to use part of a million dollar plant to pay for a program that would last about 6 months. the home was completely engulfed in flames and was reported 3:30 this morning. it was contained at 5:20, fortunately no reports of injuries and investigators are still looking for the cause. we are on storm watch again and it is already sparking fears of land slides. reservoirs are rising and hills
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are waterlogged. the geological survey is focused on marin county because some of the homes are on hillside. crews were busy in lafayette and that's where creek water washed away part of a road. now that big rain we had on sunday led and caused this gigantic sinkhole on mountain view drive. they worked all night last night making temporary repairs and one woman was overwhelmed thinking her home is in jeopardy. >> i just worry if the whole house drops, i just don't know what to do. >> now the creek flowed through another woman's garage. that sinkhole is cutting her and many others off from the main streets and all of them have to take a detore until the road is repaired. it is not expected to be completed until next spring. this morning, president
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barack obama will meet with a group of bipartisan. they want to urge president barack obama to work on the fiscal cliff. they will meet with house speaker john boehner, governor jerry brown is actually not in the group. white house is rejecting the republican fiscal proposal. and it is a counteroffer to the one president barack obama offered last week. coming up, what the white house says is missing in the republican proposal. time now time to bring tara back. if anybody is headed for the bay bridge, what do you want them to know. >> if we take a live look, this happens in just a matter of minutes and i bet you it is going on right now. so give yourself extra time if you are headed into the city right now. we can show you 580 westbound
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and then also up in the pittsburgh antioch area, slow going there on highway 4 as you make your way towards concord. last but not least, 280 san jose and traffic is moving along pretty well. 6:07 here is steve. cloudy skies, now last hour, there has been some light rain in mendocino and down to salina, it is cloudy and a few areas of fog. this system is considerably weaker than the one we have and it looks like we will pick it up later tonight into tomorrow and nothing close to the systems. still a lot of cloud cover and tonight into tomorrow morning. you can see it tries to pick things up but it will stay but
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we need the low to move in and that will not be until tonight. there is 5:00 and that might be a little overdone but the evening commute has a better opportunity for rain. the front will move through tomorrow morning and after that we'll see a pattern change. a little bit of rain up towards lake county and into mendocino, but right now it seems to be about clover dale and north, so far not in the north bay but if it is, it is very light. cloud cover and southeast wind is definitely helping. the low is back here and you really need the dynamics to get more in the way of rain. >> rain is slowly returning north to south, but again this is returning and it is the weakest of the four. cloudy, spreading south, later tonight, into tomorrow. upper 50s and 60s on the
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temperatures, especially on the other side. again after wednesday morning afternoon, we'll see a dry pattern, thursday friday and saturday it could get breezy and cool. they are trying beat the clock before that rain returns. just one lane of traffic will be open in passive can and devils slide is beginning. they say lane closures are needed to prevent further erosion of the roads. allie rasmus is at the scene and she will join us with a live update in just a few minutes. coming up, we are waiting to hear more from oakland police, they know about the attack on an autistic child and what police are already saying. how police are getting help to rebuild for free.
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also a proposed controversial sports complex, what a pilot says is shocking about this.
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. won't back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news -- welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, time now 6:13. now city leaders and community
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members discussed the recreation and soccer building which is planned 160 feet from the airport's runway. some say it is a safety threat and has environmental impacts. a local pilot is shocked about it. >> when i take off and use this runway, i cannot believe that they are seriously considering this. >> the council will meet again on december 17th to discuss the project and vote whether or not to move forward. new this morning, iran claims they just captured a u.s. drone plane. they showed an image of the scanned drone. eye rain why claims they captured it and they say no drones are missing. some have been missing in the past but none have gone down
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recently. they are having a republican counteroffer for dealing with the fiscal cliff. we have fewer tax increases than the president wants, allison? >> reporter: pam, house republicans say this is their attempt to counterwhat they call the la la land offer from president barack obama. republicans want 1.2 pill caron dollars in spending -- trillion dollars in spending cuts and that's almost twice as much as what the president has proposed. they are not raising tax rates on the wealthy which the president has demanded. they are also proposing 200 billion in savings for changes by potentially lowering the costs in increasing eligibility standards.
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that could be a major sticking point for congressional democrats but the president needs more details but he does not like what republicans are offering. look at how house democratic national convention democrats may try to force tax rates from wealthier americans, reporting live allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are trying to make homes livable, under the program the city of new york will send contractors at no charge to homeowners. 400 project have been completed -- projects have been completed but some homeowners say the help is not coming fast enough. ktvu channel 2 morning news allie rasmus is talking about the erosion and also how many drivers will be affected by
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this, right? >> reporter: there is definitely going to be some traffic delays throughout the afternoon. we are on linden boulevard on highway 1 in passive can and we are -- pacifica and one way traffic controls will be in effect. we took a quick drive up to the devils slide area and we are warning drivers about possible road closures throughout the day. the reason they will be in effect is because they need to stabilize a portion of highway 101 to prevent further erosion after this weekend's heavy rain. another storm is expected to pass through our area tonight and tomorrow and cal trans is supposed to get that work done before more rainy weather hits. and they are expected to open in february of next year. the opening date has been pushed back twice and initially it was to open about a year ago
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and now the new opening date is for early 2013. but this erosion abatement work is supposed to last throughout the afternoon out to the north portal bridge area at devils slide is expected to work until 3:00 this afternoon. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 morning news. we will have more on what oakland police will tell us about the arrest made in the beating and rape of an autistic girl. the 16-year-old girl left the fred finch center and they followed her to the bart station but lost sight of her. she was found two days later on a muni bus in san francisco. family members say she was badly beaten and assaulted. >> if he is the one who did the
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crime i will make sure this man spends the rest of his life in prison. >> they will be holding a news conference about this case later today. and coming up at 6:24, what the city manager is saying and how they can have their say. tara is back. that's right, muni is back in service and they were concerned about certain lines but everything is back to normal. let's look at the east shore freeway, a lot of folks are out on the roadways and it is slower going but things are moving towards the mcarthur maze. at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have back up which is typical for this time of the morning and the metering lights are on, so give yourself some extra time to get into san francisco but if you are car pooling, i think you will be okay. and the lights at the top
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portion of your stream, this will back up in the next half hour but it does seem to be moving. in lake county and mendocino, cloudy and rain developing, and again this is the weakest of all four patterns. we may have to wait until tonight into tomorrow morning and then after that clearing, the weekend looks dry. the pattern will change after this system. still come rain to the north, maybe about a 10th of an inch to an inch here. most of it, the driving rain will be here up towards humboldt county and north of clover dale, ukiah, and also lakeport, it is quiet right now. it looks like rain trying to make its way into northwest sonoma, light rain to the north
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and into tomorrow, 50s on the temperatures and we are not done yet and this is a far cry from anything we saw last weekend. later on mainly cloudy skies, 50s and low-to-mid 60s towards santa clara valley. more rain wednesday and slow clearing dry pattern and bright morning fog, does look cooler and breezy by sunday. it may not be available in after christmas. the phone is now sold out and the 16 gigabyte version can be bought but it is at least five weeks which makes the earliest possible arrival in january. it is not clear if demand was high or if stock was low. there is a new report.
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. coach dennis allan is away from the team on a leave of absence. they will have to prepare to play the denver broncos without him. he will be there in time for the actual game. they are continuing with a series of public meetings. they are asking people what quality people would like to see in the next police chief.
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the search comes at a time when they are experiencing staffing problems and low moral and she said she is keeping the door open for internal candidates. any of them who are interested in applying for this position are welcome to apply. >> the current chief plans to apply almost two years after he took the job, the search is being held on monday. they apparently think hillary rodham clinton lab good choice to replace him when term limits force him to step down. he encouraged her to join the new york mayor's race and hillary rodham clinton told him she is not interested. she is still seen as a
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candidate for presidency but she said she is not interested. definitely give yourself some extra time and right now we will head down to the south bay looking at 280 and the 880 split, no delays yet and at sunole great to problems to report let's head back to the desk. some cloudy skies in lake county, it should stay there for a while, i think you need it there for the afternoon and evening. cloudy, not that windy, there is no wind advisory and written is increasing to the north. 50s and 60s on the temperatures and this is a much weaker
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system. we have been following for the past hour, what police found when they responded to an early morning burglary call. and a storm rate lasted -- storm-related electrical meltdown, what commuters need to know. pam will have your early stock numbers. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection. . one of its growth areas is
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home construction in russia. they are visiting the nasdaq this morning and futures look like a lower opening this morning and lists say they will test that 13,000 level for quite a while maybe. well, we will say good morning to you, welcome to ktvu channel 2 morning news, it is thursday december 4th, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. police in san jose came across something else, a marijuana grow house. jeanine della vega came across what police found inside. >> reporter: they put everything they collected inside this home into evidence. now we allowed to go inside the house and saw hundreds of harvested marijuana plants in every room. initial little they responded to a burglary call here. a neighbor reported seeing people loading property into several cars and when officers
6:32 am
arrived they found the front door opened and 300 marijuana plants harvested and found jugs of chemicals and they were overcome with fumes. they determined those jugs of chemicals were fertilizer. the entire home was being used as agree house. >> this gets back to how sophisticated it is. somebody spent a lot of time setting this house up and as long as they are laying low, they thought okay this is just a nominal household, just very quiet neighbors. >> police confiscated the area and they found they had tampered into the pg&e wiring so the power company would not grow suspicious into why they were using so much power. they say at least $7,000 of
6:33 am
equipped was taken into evidence. nobody was home when police arrived and the narcotics unit will be back here to track who is responsible for this grow house. reporting live jeanine della vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. if you ride muni, the underground metro trains are running this morning. they stranded thousands of commuters and alex savage, live in san francisco, we have new video to show us. it is backup and running as normal. muni spokesperson told me this morning all of their trains are running on their regular schedule and i want to show you what it looks like at the station. all the trains, once again on the move and there is no limited service which is something muni had been considering because of last night's issues.
6:34 am
they were shut down because of a blown transformer. crews had to get everything back up and running. all of the trains were stopped just before 6:00 when that transformer blew. it was causing a headache and many of them had to pack into buses to get home. one tells me she got caught and she woke up worried. >> i go to church station and i was worried i would have to walk and that is not present this time of -- pleasant this time of morning. >> lots of relieved commuters certainly. that blown transformer that caused all the problems is part of muni's infrastructure and right now they are looking at the possibility it was damaged by the rain we got and here they will continue to investigate. but anybody who rides the muni
6:35 am
subway system needs to keep in mine, it is backup and running ktvu channel 2 morning news. as we have been reporting, another round of rain is moving in. as steve mentioned, it's not going to be as bad as last weekend's downpour. some of the areas mostly north of santa rosa could see an inch or two of rain. the school plans to reopen and that's after a huge cleanup. maintenance workers in fairfax had to rip out the carpets. water and mud poured into the classrooms because of an overflowing culvert and damage is estimated into the tens of thousands of dollars. coming up at 6:45, lanes are being shut down and we have
6:36 am
more on when they are scheduled to reopen. a suspicious car fire in oakland. it happened about 3:00 this morning and there is the video. tires have been stripped and what you are seeing is under investigation. big changes are coming in contra costa. today county supervisors are planning a plan to close down four fire stations. they are slated foreclosure in walnut creek, clayton and lafayette. this list comes a month after voters in the contra costa district rejected measure q. the parcel tax would have funded all four of those stations. they are scheduled to discuss a plan today that would allow them to shoot at birds near runways. they would allow trained employees to shoot at birds to
6:37 am
disburse birds at the airport. 180 have been reported since 2009. later this morning they will challenge a plan to use surveillance drones in alameda county. they recently applied to buy a federal drone. the sheriff's office stayed will be used for bomb threats, rescue operations and s.w.a.t. operations. they believe they also intend to use the drone to spy on people. is everybody behaving out there? >> a little slow going in livermore and muni is up and running after major electrical problems which shut down service yesterday. there is quite a bit of gridlock and you can see carpool lanes are moving and everybody else is stuck in it so give yourself an extra 15 minutes this morning.
6:38 am
you can see it is slow going at the bottom portion of your screen and those headlights are headed to westbound 680. finally, the san -- san mateo is moving well on the right- hand side. mostly cloudy, i just heard from cassie jean and she said steve, i can see the stars out. it will be a cloudy day, light rain up to the north, mendocino, rain will pick up to the north bay and you may to who wait. cloud cover will increase throughout the day. a lot of this is taking aim and i mean again, this is a far
6:39 am
try. this will not have the punch. still any rain on saturated soil we will have to keep an eye on. there is your timeline. this is a sign of things to come by tonight. then we have the warmer sector out of the way and there it is, late tonight moving into the north bay, i buy that and then i go into tomorrow morning. by this time tomorrow morning, that will be the last of it. especially in then 60s, 70s and 80s. -- in mendocino. a lot of cloud cover is on the way, that is the key and you need to give a lift to the
6:40 am
atmosphere. clouds increasing, spreading north by tonight and we have maybe an inch and a half to two inches from south to north and again, there is not as much in the way of wind advisories. we will keep an eye on things to the north and then it clears out. your weekend looks good and it will be cool and windy by sunday. protesters say they will be outside the offices of richard blunt, the protest how some are being sold off. and the main post office in berkeley, richard blunt is scheduled the post offices to close and they are making a profit from those choices. he is the husband by the way of senator dianne finestein. you can get your start today. the letters are being
6:41 am
distributed at the oakland center. a lot of kids asking for food or clothing for their sisters and brothers and those gifts need to be returned to the post office by december 21l1stl0. -- december 21st. who are you calling chief? ... >> stay tuned for more. and it could be a very naked day here in san francisco city hall as a public nudity vote is fought a vote. we will tell you what to expect this afternoon. traffic is moving well and we will show you some hot spots coming up.
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. good morning, cloudy to mostly cloudy skies, rain develops later on and goes into tomorrow but much lighter amounts. here is a look at some of the top stories we are following, police have discovered a marijuana grow house. they found it just hours ago while investigating a burglary, so far no arrests have been made. metro service is up and
6:45 am
running this morning after the entire subway was shut down. they repaired a short the one that stopped all the trains yesterday during last evening's commute. and republicans plan did not call for tax hikes on upper income americans and that's something president barack obama says much be included in any deal. they will make a final decision on whether or not people can stroll around in their birthday south. here is more from what to expect from city hall today. it should be an interesting day. >> reporter: they are putting a public nudy ban to a final vote and if it is anything like what we saw in november, we expect a lot of opponents many of whom
6:46 am
will be naked, they had should be -- they should be showing up in full force. they stripped off their clothes to show their displeasure with the issue and we are expecting the same thing with that final vote. what it essentially does is prohibit's nudity on public streets with exceptions for parades and public festivals. many say they welcome the ban because it does not make the city a family friendly atmosphere but they say it promotes free speech and they say fines would increase $200 and the third offense $500 and some jail time as well. we are expecting lots of opponents to show up here as well. we are live in san francisco, brian flores, ktvu channel 2
6:47 am
morning news. two mexican nationals have been charged in the death of a coast guard officer. he was in a small boat when it was rammed by a suspected drug smuggling boat off the coast. the impact threw he and his co- worker into the water and yesterday coast guard officers remembered him. >> we are smaller than the new york city police department so when somebody dies, the affect is felt throughout the service. >> he is survived by his young son and we will be back in court december 17th. well, another storm is heading for us right now and preparations are underway. allie rasmus is live in passive can -- pacifica. how will that affect drivers in
6:48 am
the area. >> well, cal trans says because of that, from here all the way over to the north portal bridge area of devils slide, they will have bridge controls. but construction has not started and there are already signs put into place to warn drivers about the closures and one way traffic controls go into effect at 9:00 a.m. over the weekend, the heavy rain caused some erosion on a portion of highway one and they need to do some work to prevent further erosion. there is more rain on the way tonight and tomorrow and they are trying to complete this work. meantime, work will be started
6:49 am
to the north portal bridge area near devils slide again unti 3:00 this afternoon. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 morning news. there is a warning this morning if you were recently transported by ambulance in berkeley. how the personal information of hundreds of patients may have been stolen and what you need to do if you think you may have been one of those victims. there is an accident and it appears it was some sort of a collision so be aware of that. we've definitely got some backup here. give yourself an extra 15 minutes to get into the city. those metering lights are on. this has gotten worse as you make your way westbound towards the caldecott tunnel and
6:50 am
finally 880, not too bad. people are headed southbound towards fremont but it appears it is okay. let's check in with steve. mostly cloudy skies, a couple of breaks, but them fill in and this is a weaker system but this is a far cry. a little bit has started up into lake mendocino county mostly cloudy light rain to the north, not much of a breeze, southeast wind will pick up and rain will pick up this evening and take us into tomorrow morning. it is a little more active and most of this is headed towards mendocino. willits, ukiah, things are beginning to pick up, sonoma county, it is west near the russian river, cass zero seems to be the line, but tonight and
6:51 am
tomorrow for everybody else into tomorrow, it is 53 or 54 and the lows will provide that lift we need. this is just a warm sector but we can still get rain out of it. some of that rain is heading into the north bay and dipping and 50s and 60s in the way of temperatures. in the santa clara 50s and 60s. thursday friday and saturday, there will be a lot of it and pattern changes, it will be windy as well. they will pay 13 quarter dividends this christmas and it is an apparent move to help shareholders pay higher taxes on income and that will happen if congress and the president cannot reach an agreement on government spending before the end of the year. two bay area companies will
6:52 am
help finance a study on the nutritional value of organic foods. now they are putting money into research on how different foods and their affects can affect health in the environment. they hope to disprove research that produce is not anymore nutritional than conventionally grown foods. does anybody want it? why state officials say they are holding on to money they can't giveaway. the royal palace has confirmed a future to the royal air is on the way. we will have more on why something this could start a baby boom.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, a live look at the dow jones industrial average, very close to that 13,000 level, one stock that could certainly help, there it goes, home depot doing well and more is yet to come. millions of dollars but nobody to claim it, and the state of california has $14 million in tax refunds but nobody to send them to. they rang up to $35,000 and to
6:56 am
see if you have anyone claimed money click on links to the tax board. california is looking good. it has not been so bad for us so far but doctors say get a flu shot. keizer said there are more than a million and every year 36,000 people die in the u.s. because of flu related ill necessaries. -- illnesses. according to the little hoover commission, it could be costly because of poor planning and lack of oversight. california produced a third of its electricity from solar wind and other renewable 20/20. also they will make california public schools greener. they would upgrade the energy efficiency in public schools in
6:57 am
california. it's being introduced by a state senate woman in los angeles and funding would come from the recently passed prop 39 which comes from the clean energy fund. a royal baby is on the way and the dutches of cambridge is pregnant. she is being treated for acute morning sickness. here is prince william seen visiting his wife early this morning and she is expected to be in the hospital for several days. some think this pregnancy could be the beginning of a bibi boom. >> there -- baby boom. >> there will be lots and lots of pregnancies and they could be seen as trail blazers. >> they have not confirmed how far along the dutches is, only that she has not reached the 12 we can mark. we have a crash out in the sunset district and as we look
6:58 am
at our maps, we can show you this area is a heavily traveled area and there are two cars blocking 19th avenue so be aware of it. at the bay bridge span traffic is moving well into san francisco but once you get passed those metering lights, it is await at the toll plaza about 15 minutes. here is steve. some light rain in mendocino county and west sonoma county and most of that will stay to the north and we'll see that drifting on to tomorrow so a much weaker sam, 50s -- weaker storm, 50s and 60s are on the way. police tell us what happened after responding to a burglary call. a muni meltdown, what san francisco commuters need to know this morning.
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