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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 4, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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martinelli's: since 1868.
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a war of words over a device more common in war zones. the debate over using drones in the east bay. good afternoon, i'm tori campbell. a debate over drones is heating up in alameda county. new at noon, allie rasmus joins us live in oakland to explain what the sheriffs want to do with the drones and why the aclu opposes the plan. >> reporter: well, today, the alameda county supervisors were supposed to consider whether to allow the sheriff's office to buy a drone or as the sheriff says, he prefers to call it, an unmanned aerial device. but the item was taken off the supervisors' agenda, just as a couple of civil liberties groups had a press conference expressing concerns. the alameda county sheriff's office unveiled what they might purchase, this device. in the past month, alameda county received around $31,000
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in state grant money to buy an unmanned aerial system known to some as a drone. the devices have live hd quality video and infrared capability. and that's raising the concerns of civil liberties groups. >> we have nothing on paper that will bind the sheriff and accountability methods to prevent privacy issues. so we should not be rushing into this. >> it's law enforcement's job to protect people's privacy and to think we would use this unmanned aerial system for civilian surveillance is inaccurate. >> reporter: alameda county sheriff greg ahern says the devices would be used for search and rescue, responding to natural disasters and apprehending fleeing suspects. but the frontier foundation says in the sheriff's grant foundation it also says these can be used for
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counterterrorism practices. and they fear that is too vague. >> naturally, everybody will think of occupy oakland or similar protests. >> we wouldn't use it for occupy oakland movement. overnight not going to tell you that we would not use it in the event that a crowd turned violent and started vandalizing or harming people. >> reporter: now, sheriff alearn says he took the discussion of this device off the supervisors' agent today because he would like the committee to review this first and then the public would be allowed to comment on the idea. so far there's no date set for the next public protection committee hearing yet. live in oakland, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alley. this morning, a young man in oakland was hospitalized in serious condition after he had been shot several times. the shooting took place just after 9:00 a.m. at east 31st street and 13th
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avenue. that's one block from highland hospital. police say the victim was shot multiple times and a witness told us it looked like he was injured in the leg e says someone drove the injured plan to the hospital and that he saw what was likely the gunman running from the scene. police say they have not yet determined a motive for the shooting. a man is under arrest in connection with the kidnapping and assault of a 16-year-old autistic girl from oakland. she was taken last tuesday after leaving the fred finch youth center in oakland. staff members say they followed her for several blocks to the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station where they lost site of her. she was found two days later on a muni bus in san francisco. family members say she was badly beaten and sexually assaulted. oakland police will give more details later but all investigators are saying for now is the suspect under arrest is a 36-year-old man. major changes may come soon to fire services in contra costa county. today, county supervisors are
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discussing the possibility of closing four fire stations in walnut creek, clayton, martinez and la fayette. the closure list comes a month after voters in the contra costa fire district rejected measure q, the temporary seven- year parcel tax would have provided enough funds to keep the four dations -- the four stations open. the oakland raiders are expressing their condolences to dennis allen who lost his father last night. grady allen passed away due to cardiac arrest. according to a statement from the raid, dennis allen traveled to the dales fort worth area to be by his father's said white after -- right after the game on saturday. he does plan to play in the game on thursday against denver. we're still on stormwatch as more wet weather moves into the area. in the meantime, the cleanup continues from the weekend storm. a free that well on reed avenue is scheduled for removal today. as you can see it was still
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laying on sop of -- on top of several vehicles this morning. no one was hurt. caltran crews are cleaning up a small mudslide that shut down the connector. the ramp is closed is the one from eastbound interstate 80 to highway 29. crews say the connector will be closed until about 3:00 this afternoon and that detour signs are posted. good afternoon to you. our dry weather is beginning to transition to wet already in some cases. a few scattered showers reported over the north bay. you can see a widespread -- the widespread rain pouring into the california northwest corner. we'll begin to see this stretch our way into the afternoon and evening hours. if we get in a little bit closer, you can see a few scattered showers into healdsburg, santa rosa, bodega bay, we're seeing some of this rain. we'll continue to see the scattered showers. guerneville you are looking a
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few showers. napa, vacaville and fairfield. this will remain over the north bay through most of the afternoon. hit or miss showers, periods of rain, a few periods of dry weather. it will spread south and when it does, the steadier rain will begin to move our way. coming up, i will tell you when we can expect the evening drive, when we'll see the heaviest rain and when we'll be dry. in san mateo county, road crew are the trying to shore up highway 1 before the rain tonight. they are trying to stop erosion from the weekend storm in pacifica. that will mean traffic delays in the area the highway was completely shut down overnight until the work began at 9:00 a.m. there are one-way controls in place right now. they hope to have everything back open by 3:00 this afternoon. in a couple of hours, the san francisco board of supervisors will cast their final vote on the public nudity ban. brian flores joins us live from
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san francisco. there's still strong emotions on this. >> reporter: hi, tori. yes, still strong emotions. despite a large group of nudists at city hall -- >> shame on you! shame on you! >> reporter: -- the public nudity ban barely passed during its first vote in late november. but for allen he didn't want it passed at all. >> you have the action of a small group of people is what's going on. >> reporter: public nudity is at the forefront once again. it passed first time in a 6-5 vote. >> i don't think the ban is necessary. i think san francisco is a really open place. i don't have a problem with public nudity. i think people can clues or not to -- can choose or not to. >> if i had children, i wouldn't want them having to look at that.
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it's not -- it makes me angry. >> reporter: if passed, the ordinance would effectively put a ban on nudity in most places. the exceptions to the ban would be during permitted parades, fairs and festivals. at first this woman was for public nudity and expression but with a family now, she's for the ban instead. >> i didn't have a problem at all. but when the die-hard nudists -- now it seems to have gone a bit far. >> reporter: nudists say this ban will take away free speech rights. expect them to come out during the supervisors' meeting this afternoon. if it does pass, it will go into effect in february of this year. the first fine $100, $200, the second. possible jail time for any multiple offenses. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, brian. today, president obama said tax rates must rise on the
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wealthiest americans as part of any deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. this morning r the president met with a bipartisan group of governors at the white house. jerry brown was not among them. the group did not endorse any specific proposal on avoiding the sharp tax and spending cuts that could take effect in january. president obama says it's possible that the tax rates could later be lowered as part of a comprehensive tax overhaul. police responding to an early-morning burglary in san jose are surprised at what they found. we'll have exclusive video of the discovery. rosemary's back in about nine minutes to tell you more about the new storm rolling in and when rain will increase in your neighborhood. it's a first of its kind set up in the bay area. ahead with a new solar facility dedicated an hour ago is getting a lot of attention. on your prepaid card?
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a typhoon pum eling the southern philippines has killed least 74 people. the region's governor said the recent deaths included villagers and soldiers trapped when water flooded evacuation shelters and an army base today. the state news agency reports
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two entire provinces have lost power and more than 100 domestic flights were canceled. the storm is the deadliest to hit this country this year. san jose police are investigating the discovery of an elaborate marijuana growhouse. they found it while responding to a burglary call at the house on sandalwood court near south white and story roads. ktvu's janine de la vega has exclusive video about what was found inside and how neighbors are responding. >> reporter: police walked out of this home with boxes of evidence early this morning. officers were originally called here at around 3:00 when a neighbor thought the house was being burglarized after seeing the garage door open and people loading up cars with pro property. instead, this is what police found. we were allowed inside and obtained exclusive video of the harvested plants. in all,00 were discovered -- 300 were discovered. >> they had a ventilation
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system, a light system, beyond anything i've seen in my experience. a water filtration system. >> reporter: police say when they arrived, no one was home and the front door was opened. investigators determined no ones lived here because the house was professionally modified to grow marijuana. chemical jugs were found in the bathroom. one officer started to feel fill. firefighters were called in. they determined it was fertilizer. neighbors were stunned. >> we have a 5-week-old and to have this across the street is just really, really alarming. it's kind of upsetting. >> reporter: police say the growers had tampered with pg&e wiring and put another weatherhead on the house so the power company would not get suspicious with how much electricity they were using. neighbors are upset. >> you don't know what could explode or what is not gonna explode. >> reporter: police say the marijuana had a street val slew of around 1 -- value of around
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$100,000. investigators will now working on tracking down the growers who use this house. reporting from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. in petaluma, investigators are looking for the cause of a large house fire. you can see this home was completely engulfed in flames. it was reported about 3:30 this morning. sonoma county fire says it was completely contained around 5:20. there were report reports of injuries. in oakland, police are investigating a suspicious car fire. it happened at prune and san leandro streets -- streets around 3:00 this morning. police say the car's tires had been stripped and the incident is under investigation. the berkeley fire department has sent out warning letters to more than 900 ambulance patients that some of their personal information could be at risk. a former employee of the company that handles billing for berkeley's fire department and ambulance services accessed client information and gave it to a tax fraud ring.
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the information access may include nails, social security numbers and birth dates. 13 people have been arrested for their involvement with this fraud. the morning commute was back to normal after a systemwide communeny shut down made for an ugly commute last night -- community shutdown made for an ugly commute last night. >> i go to church station for work. i was worried i would have to walk which is not the most pleasant walk at this time of the morning. i didn't have it a chance -- have a chance to to check if they were open -- chance to check if any were open -- if they were open. an f market street car hit a woman in a wheelchair last night. witnesses say she was dragged for a block. it happened near church and market streets around 5:30. the unidentified woman was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.
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the investigation continues into how the accident happened. a recount on a narrowly defeated transit tax got underway three hours ago in alameda county. measure b-1 would have increased the transportation sales tax from a half-cent to a full cent to pay for transit and road improvements. b-1 just missed getting the .23% needed to pass. volunteers from the yes and no camps are monitoring the process. proponents are footing the bill for the recount. people in the city of santa clara received a burst of energy in the form of solar power this afternoon. tara moriarty is live in the newsroom to explain who will benefit. good afternoon, tara. >> well, less than one hour ago, santa clara power dedicated its first set of solar power grids. now, they've flipped the switch
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and turned that into the first research location. 1,000 panels will generate enough electricity to power 2,000 homes. this will help scathe off pollution. mia salay provided the panel. >> we're really happy with the partnership with mia salay. they get a large demonstration of their project close to the home. we win because we're able to bring that power in and bring this into our system and supply our customers in santa clara. >> the project is located on a stretch of land of a park, jenny, named after a whirl who died in 1986 -- girl who died in 1986. mia said they were happy to produce green power. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news
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it's hard to find the find today. a new storm moving in. a new round of rain coming our way. scattered showers already reported over the northern edge of the north bay. giving you a live look now at mostly gray skies for most of us at this hour. the rain again continuing to spread south throughout the course of the afternoon and by tomorrow morning, most of us will be wet. getting in a little bit closer, you can see plenty of rain over the northern sections of california. but we have to get in pretty close to see some rain in our neck of the road. a little bit of light rain possibly falling over guerneville and winds ooh, highway 12, east of highway 101. i move on over to areas near vacaville and fairfield, perhaps i-80 getting a few sprinkles at this time. around the air base parkway and vacaville area. so we will continue to see these scattered showers off and on, off and on and then a steady rain coming by tomorrow
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morning. right now, the winds are light. this storm, not as robust as we've seen. the winds will pick up a little bit tomorrow morning, winds 10 to 20 miles an hour, maybe gusting stronger than that. but boy, we saw some pretty strong gusts on sunday and wear be -- and wear a's not gog -- and we're not gonna see anything like that with this system. the winds are light as i showed you. here's your forecast -- we have mostly gray skies but we're mainly dry at this hour. you see the rain here to the north of us. scattered showers are a possibility in the north bay throughout the afternoon. we're in the 6:00 evening drive. the north bay seeing light, steady rain. but the rest of us, hit or miss showers. enough showers to slow down the evening drive, though. into 7:00 we continue. scattered showers and that will be the case for tonight. tomorrow morning, we wake up with this line of rain moving through around 5:00, the north bay continuing to get wet and then it slides through about
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7:00. we're all seeing the rain. 9:00 from central bay into the south bay into the afternoon scattered showers and then we're finished. we're finished for at least a few days. it looks like through the week. rainfall amounts anywhere from .25 to 1 around the bay area. north bay, perhaps a little bit more. the hills 1 to 2 inches. afternoon highs for today, upper 50s, low 60s. so we won't warm a whole lot more than what we're seeing at this hour. there's your extended forecast -- scattered showers, increasing or four afternoon and by tonight, the rain moves through tomorrow morning, leaving us scattered showers for the afternoon. and then we're drying out. we'll be cooler once the clouds hear clear. the -- will clear. we'll be dry for the weekend. >> thank you, rosemary. you're welcome. san jose is considering a ban on styrofoam food containers. if approved it would take effect in 2014. earlier this year, san jose imposed a plastic bag ban and city leaders say it has helped
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to reduce the amount of trash on the streets and in the storm drain system. still ahead -- when a new movie about apple founder steve jobs will make its public debut. and a choke on kate middleton and what's not -- a check on kate middleton and what's not being said about her pregnancy.
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stocks changed on wall street as budget talks continue in washington. this -- some good news for a local company. netflix wins the disney movie
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rights. this represent as breakthrough for netflix. the dow is currently up, 12. the nasdaq is down 3. s&p is flat. new reports indicate that the duchess of cambridge is feeling better -- better today as we recovers from acute morning sickness. prince william went to the hospital to be with his wife. she was admitted yesterday, forcing buckingham palace to confirm her pregnancy. royal pregnancies are not traditionally announced before the 12-week mark. british officials have not said how far along she is is. the lineup for the sun dance film festival has been announced. among the features, the steve jobs movie. the movie looks as 30 years in the life of him. some of the filming took place in palo alto last june. jobs is the closing night film at sun dance which runs january 17th through the 27th in park
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city, utah. no word when the film will hit needers. it's a food drive with a twist on the peninsula. people who bring in a nonperishable food item who any san mateo city library can get their fines waived for overdue material. all of the food will be donated to the food har fest bank. the program runs through the end of the month. we're on stormwatch again. another round of rain is expected to move into the bay area this afternoon. we're checking to see what waterlogged communities are doing to prepare for this next round of wet weather. that's at 5:00. thank you for trusting the ktvu channel 2 news. we're gonna see you the next time news breaks and we're always on at and mobilektvu.
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