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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  December 5, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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here is tara. >> thanks, steve. our roadways are looking pretty clear. still early in the morning. got a little bit of construction going on at the bay bridge. right now we will take a live look at the san mateo bridge. you can see traffic flowing pretty well in both directions. 880 same story. no delays. 4:29 let's head back to the desk. we begin with developing news this morning. police in berkeley are investigating the fatal shooting on a bicycle. it happened shortly after 11:30 last night. alex savidge joins us now from the crime scene on sacramento street. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, to you. lieutenant out here on scene told me it's much too early to say what the motive may have been for this deadly shooting. we do know a man was riding his bike here late last night when she was shot to death. you can see the investigation still ongoing.
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the shooting happened right outside of long fellow middle school. just about an hour ago we watched as the coroner took away the man's body. he hasn't yet been identified here. police were called out around 11:30. they got 911 calls about a bicyclist down on the sidewalk. officers arrived and quickly realized this man had been shot an eventually pronounced dead out here. homicide investigators are trying to find witnesses to this crime that can help piece together this homicide. >> obviously a loss of life is a significant thing. you can take every investigative step possible to catch whoever is responsible for this crime. >> reporter: the lieutenant told me he doesn't have any information on the shooter in this case. police are still looking for that person this morning. by the way, this investigation could take some time. in the meantime sacramento remains shut down in both directions this morning. live in berkeley alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news.
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oakland say four people were wounded in a late night shooting. investigators say there are two crime scenes in connection to the shooting. atat 10:20 p.m. police responded to shots fired. officers discovered a stray bullet had wounded an apparent innocent bystander in his 50s heading to a liquor store. >> it's still early on. th investigation just -- the investigation just happened. we have our officers canvassing the area. >> all the victims are reportedly in stable condition. police have not yet made any arrests but say they have potential suspects. we are back on storm watch this morning. new system is expected to ramp up making it the wet roads again. the wet weather arrived late yesterday with the heaviest showers up in the north bay. in mill valley workers at
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goodmans hardwood store hope sandbags will keep the water out. we talked to customers who were also making storm preparations. >> i bought a hat and rain boots. why? because everything is slushy and wet and don't want to get sick. >> the latest storm not expected to be as severe as last week's series of storms. in a few minutes we will check back in with ktvu meteorologist steve paulson with how much rain we will get. in sonoma county flooding is not expected to be a issue this time around. even though small creeks and streams are flowing slower. no significant change in the water level is expected. now while flooding is not is a concern, fire officials say landslides are because the ground is saturated. we will have continuing coverage so stay with us here on ktvu channel 2 on the current weather conditions.
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coming up the two roads being very closely watched and what it could mean for bay area drivers. don't forget you can get up to the minute weather information by down loading the ktvu app or go to our website and look for the storm watch tab right at the top of the page. we also provide updates on facebook and twitter. overnight news seeing the next story you might be amazed a family survived a hit and run in san leandro. just before 1:00 this morning a husband and wife and two children were hit by a big rig on highway 238. everyone walked away from the crash. chp says it began with a white honda possibly hitting the right center divide. families car swerved to avoid the honda but lost control and ended upsideways. two people fled from the scene. a man accused of kidnapping and raping an autistic girl will be in court today. court documents show he has a
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violent criminal past. now on sunday he was arrested near the fruitvale bart station where police say surveillance cameras captured him last tuesday the same night the girl disappeared. he took her to his home and repeatedly raped her. she escaped on thursday and spotted by a hewn know operator. >> this is by far one of the most sickening cases i have seen in my career. that someone can take advantage of someone of this stature. >> investigators say the 16- year-old girl has the mental capacity of a second grader. the kidnapping happened after she walked away from the fred finch youth center where she lives. the state is investigating whether the staff acted appropriately. for the first time in nine days the ports of los angeles and long beach will be open for business again. just hours after los angeles
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mayor escorted federal mediators into talks. the two sides reached a deal. mediators say the two sides were close to reaching a deal on their own. dock workers refused to cross picket lines and that shut down the countries largest port complex. the on again, off again pro program to provide free muni passes is on again. muni decided $1.6 million of grant money to fund a pilot program. it will run through june of 2014. the rest of the state grant money $5 million will go towards bus and light rail improvements. 4:35 now. a little bit of light rain out there. let's go to tara. >> just want to give a shoutout to folks in the re owe vista area -- rio vista area. it will be out of service until
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noon today. let's head outside. both headlights there moving nicely as you drive toward the mccarthur maze. brian is right it's a little wet but it's not too bad. at the bay bridge toll plaza we do have an earlier accident here. couple cars were experiencing a fender bender. saw a couple emergency lights on the way to work. it seem there is are no injuries so that is the good news. up next we have a look at 280 this is near san jose. you can see traffic flowing well. here is steve. >> tara, thank you. our last system is moving through. quarter to three quarters of an inch in the north bay. it's much, much weaker as it moves south. we are still in line for a misty drizzly light rainy day and gray skies. some of the heaviest rain has been to the north. it lookalikes it is sliding south. and sliding over from san francisco oakland over to parts of the east bay. there is still plenty offshore.
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again this is not a huge deal here. but lighter amounts will continue to work their way toward san mateo coast, santa cruz mountains. really a quarter to half inch of rain out of this. expect for some of the wettest locations over the richmond and san rafael bridge. things are starting to darken up a little bit. from marin county to emery vail and berkeley. it's another very mild morning with 50s and low 60s. i mean livermore is at 62. mountain view 62. san jose 61. it will be an overcast day. carry the rain gear with you. even fog out there. just kind of a yucky day. things are ending here. this will be the last system. lows in the upper 50s. highs in the low 60s. cloudy with light rain. fog will be a huge issue thursday and friday.
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4:38 is the time. protestors got naked during a big vote at san francisco city hall. where the nudest plan to take their fight next. and a man is pushed to his death at a new york city subway station. the arrest police could make soon and why a newspaper photographer is under fire. you can see that the rain definitely coming down this morning. we'll have more traffic hot spots coming up.
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born. cloudy skies. light rain moving through. heavier amounts have been to the north. this will be a drizzly, light rain day. it's the last in the series and then we will dry out. time now 4:42. president obama continues to focus on the looming fiscal
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cliff. first the president will speak to and answer questions from members of the business round table an association of chief executive officers of leading u.s. companies. later in the day president obama will address a conference of native american tribal leaders. both groom groups say they are concerned about automatic tax increases and spending cuts that will kick in come january 1st if congress doesn't act. both republicans and democrats say -- with the wars in iraq and afghanistan ending, there is support for cutting back on military spending. but many lawmakers want to avoid the automatic across the board cuts and defense budget that will kick in january 1st if congress doesn't act. they would prefer to make strategic cuts. nudist are planning a city against san francisco. against-- planning a protest against city hall. they had to cover half a dozen
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nudist. the board voted 6-5 for final approval of a ban on public nudity. >> there is no evidence anywhere in science or any kind of research any legitimate research that nudity harms anybody. >> it's a very narrow piece of legislation having to do with our limited public spaces and public transportation. >> mayor ed lee is expected to sign the ordnance that will take effect in february. the legislation does exempt nudity at private beaches and special events. san francisco police are investigating a deadly shooting in the city's is hayes valley neighborhood. they found a man who had been shot once in the torso and once in the leg. the victim was rushed to the hospital where he later died. so far no arrests have been made. the former commander of an elite contra costa drug task force is expected to plead
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guilty today. under the terms of a deal norman welch is expected to plead guilty to five charges in exchange for a lighter sentence. those charges include stealing marijuana and methamphetamines, falsely arresting a suspected drug dealer and stealing cash and cell phones from prostitutes. the plea deal calls for welch to search for ten years in prison when he is sentenced on friday. san rafael teen accused of attempted murder and stealing a lamborghini will be in court today. he will plea to charges at shooting at a couple in a pickup. he is also accused of stealing a lamborghini. a crime warning in palo alto after two women are beaten. both attacks happened sunday morning near downtown palo alto. the same suspect may be responsible for both attacks. coming up at 5:05 a.m.
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a live report from janine de la vega. software company founder john mcafee says he plans to seek asylum in guatemala after being named a person of interest in a murder case. he is wanted for questioning in the murder of his neighbor last month. he says he has nothing to do with it and fled because he fears persecution. police say he is not a suspect they just want to talk to him. police in new york may be closing in on a suspect after a man was pushed in front of an on coming subway train and killed. the man being questioned has implicated himself in the attack. he was tarkenton custody yesterday. 58-year-old man was hit and killed. part of that confrontation was caught on cell phone video. the new york post is being criticized for running a front page picture of the victim seconds before he was killed
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with the headline doomed. the photographer said he happens to be nearby and trying to warn the train operator by flashing his camera but it was too late. a woman is recovering from minor injuries after being hit by a car inside a berkeley liquor store. a driver lost control of his car at 9:45 last night and crashed through the store. as you can see the whole car ended up inside the store. the woman who was hit was taken to the hospital. the driver remained on the scene is cooperating with police. bart officials spent $5 million on efforts to move birds away from construction on an extension to silicon valley. bart says it's money well spent. the birds could have delayed the extension and that could have cost taxpayers even more money in the long run. the first leg of the bart extension is expected to open in south fremont in 2015 and reach san jose by 2018. cal train hopes today's
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rain won't do any damage. yesterday crews shored up a portion of devils slide that was damaged by this past weekends storm. traffic along highway 1 was reduced to one lane for much of the day. in santa cruz county vine hill road could partially reopen. heavy rains washed away part of the roadway. county crews say the restoration is a top priority because vein hill road is a crucial connector. 4:47 is the time right now. let's go back over to tara. what are you keeping an eye on? >> there is an accident that popped up in oakland. i would like to take a look at the maps. here we do. let's take look at the maps. there you see it. okay. this is on 580 westbound. we have two lanes blocked right here. doesn't seem it's causing much of a backup here. i don't see too many slow speeds. that is the good news. we do have a couple fender benders at the bridge. be aware of that if you need to take the bridge this morning.
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if we take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza it is raining out there. i just got a text from michelle. she says it's pouring rain. so be careful out there for your morning commute. 680 at the sunol grade you can see traffic on the right hand side. there we go. those taillights are heading southbound toward fremont. 4:48 here is steve. tara, thank you. our system is -- well, it was in the north bay last night. half inch in petaluma. lesser amounts south. it is dragging through. it's a very slow mover. it will give us a gray day today. bursts of moderate. some of the heavier rain right now just about interstate 80 heading from berkeley to crockett. you can see what is coming in. this is the weakest of all four systems that arrive. it's still giving us rain. it will weaken considerably when we move south. occasionally we will get no
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rain at all. were crockett over to richmond, hercules, pinole. a little bit there. there it is. you can see a little enhancement around hercules. occasionally we get that pockets of moderate rain. really this is a much weaker system as it moves south. very mild. very warm. 50s and 60s on the temps. really there is not any clearing taking place today. it will just be a very overcast day with occasionally rain, drizzle, or lighter rain. a lot of fog. temperatures very mild. 60s on the temps. top to bottom. we are starting off at 58-59. it will end slowly weaken tonight and fall apart down toward santa cruz mountains and monterey. tomorrow thursday and friday. night and morning fog will be very, very thick. temperatures will wipe out that fog with a cooler northwest breeze. >> thank you. 4:49 is the time. amazon is announcing a prescription service for children. it will provide thousands of
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games, videos, and books. amazon says the services aimed at children between the ages of 3-8 it will cost $5 a month for one child and a family plan for up to six kids will be $10 a month. >> i'm sure my kids will be into that. it's now been a weeks of a huge hazardous chemical spill. why emergency crews are expanding the evacuation zone. the possible roadblock in a plan to expand mass transit in the south bay. b
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning new ifs. 270 people are dead after a powerful typhoon in the philippines. many remote villages are isolated by landslides and floods. rescuers are struggling to get to them. in one village 66 people were killed when flash floods swamped two emergency shelters. the typhoon is one of the strongest to hit the country this year. also authorities are expanding the evacuation zone in new jersey. that is after a freight train derailed spilling hazardous chemicals. 100 additional homes have been evacuated. officials say it may take until sunday to empty a derailed tanker car that held 100,000
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pounds of chloride. it was one of seven that derailed last saturday as a freight train tried to cross a bridge. 60 people were take ton the hospital to be treated for respiratory problems. 4:53. a vote on the fate of four fire stations has been pushed back to next tuesday. the proposed closures come after they recorrected a par -- rejected a parcel tax. supervisors recently asked the fire chief for more information about the closures and possible alternatives. there is a new proposal to expand the light rail system in the south bay. it now ends at the wynnchester station in campbell. vta estimates 430 more people would ride light rail if there
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was more stations. >> this is fiscal madness. they should never do this to their children or grandchildren. >> we believe the extension is needed and we would plan to use the extension for trips to downtown san jose. >> vta says the earliest construction could begin is in 2015. 4:54. let's go back over to tara. steve is not calling it a storm. >> that is right. especially state route 9 in the santa cruz mountains. we do want to go back to the two-car crash on 580 in oakland. we do have lanes that are still blocked there. this was an accident involving two cars at lake shore avenue. and we understand that one of the parties is actually still trapped inside of the car. emergency crews are trying to get those people out. we will keep you updated if this seems to cause anymore traffic problems. up next we will take a live look at the golden gate bridge.
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you can see how wet it is out there as you drive into san francisco this morning. down in the south bay 237 milpitas. traffic is flowing pretty well on to sunnyvale. our system is finally moving through. took awhile to get here. for most it was a cloudy day. for rain in the north bay. petaluma. half inch to an inch of rain. couple amounts a little higher than that toward the russian river. our system is moving slowly south. giving us drizzle, cloudy, foggy. light rain occasionally moderate rain. it is moving east and you can see offshore from the san mateo coast things are picking up a little bit. it will be a gray day even if the rain stops. a little occasionally you see a little enhancement taking place. rain moving over toward vallejo. alison just tweeted me and said rain here. hercules and pinole getting rain right now. but again most of the rain so far has been drizzle. our cloud and rain forecast shows this is sliding over us
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by 8:00 most of this is heading toward the peninsula over toward fremont and hanging out from fremont and livermore. i'm sure the sunol grade will get its fair share. by noon a lot of this is sliding south. and painting east bay and south bay and peninsula. by this afternoon most of this is gone. there is an awful lot of fog forming. this is the last system in the series. night and morning fog will take us into saturday. 50s and 60s on the temps. just really mild. livermore 63 degrees. little southeast wind. cloud cover responsible for that. this is mid pacific systems. they hold a little more. cloudy, rain. some could be light. some could be a little heavier. it will be a gray day with off and on rain. decreasing from north to south. 60s on the temps. really, really very mild air mass. a lot of moisture in the air. rain ends tonight. dry thursday and friday. does look much better as we go into the weekend. z the caldecott tunnel turns 75
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today. the first two bores opened in 1937. this is footage of the newest bore being drilled through the east bay hills. that fourth bore is scheduled to open next year. when it does that caldecott could have four lanes. what airport staff can do now to head off potentially dangerous situations. also a bicyclist killed on the streets of berkeley overnight. the many questions surrounding the case. we'll take you there next.
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