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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 5, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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bicyclist shot and killed in berkeley overnight. what police are saying about that victim. four people shot overnight in oakland near lake merritt. new information about the victims condition. we're live in palo alto where women are being attacked in the early morning hours. we'll tell you how police are responsing -- responding. there is a pretty steady rain over parts of the city and also into east bay. we'll take a closer look at it coming up on this last system. second hour of the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, to you. welcome to a brand new day it's wednesday, december 5th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us.
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steve is here. we've been watching a lot of our live pictures. rain is coming down pretty steady. >> some rain, some no rain at all. things are lighting up. things have been picking up kind of steady around san francisco, and birkly. you can see that line right there. the heaviest looks to be daly city and san francisco. we'll take a closer look at this in five minutes. let's take a live look at the lafayette this is highway 24. you can see traffic moving pretty well there westbound as you make your way to the caldecott tunnel. it is pretty wet out there. we got a lot of puddles. definitely take it easy. this is a look at highway 237. traffic is flowing well in both directions. let's head back to the desk. there is new information in the fatal shooting of a bicyclist. the victim was shot and killed outside of a middle school.
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that is where alex savidge is at the scene. alex. >> reporter: i just got an update a couple minutes ago from a berkeley police spokesperson. she told me the victim in this shooting thatten had overnight was a woman in her late 40s or early 50s. she was shot while riding here bike. this is right outside of long fellow middle school. about 3:30 took away the woman's body. she has not been identified. i did touch base with a coroner this morning. berkeley police were called out here around 11:30 last night. a lieutenant on scene told me quickly came to realize the woman had been shot at least once. she was pronounced dead at here. they spent hours processing this crime scene. >> obviously a loss of life is a significant thing. we want to make sure we catch the person or persons
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responsible. >> the lieutenant told me this morning there is no information rob the shooter they are looking for in this case. also he says it's much too early to talk about a possible motive. the spokesperson i just spoke with told me this shooting that happened overnight fourth homicide of the year so far. live this morning in berkeley alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:03. four people were shot last night near oakland lake merritt including one man who was walking to a liquor store. investigators are focusing on two crime scenes. around 10:30 last night police rushed to the 600 block of east 18th street. three people in their 20s have been shot. two men and a woman. also a stray bullet had wounded an apparent innocent bystander a man in his 50s. he was walking to a liquor store a couple weeks away. police haven't made any arrests yet but say they do have
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possible suspects. meantime police in palo alto were increasing patrols in the downtown area after two recent attacks on women. ktvu janine de la vega is in palo alto to tell us the very latest on what police are saying about a suspect. janine. >> reporter: i spoke to a woman who worked nearby and knew about the attacks she said she feels uneasy because she works an early morning shift. that sand the same time the attacks happened. now the first incident happened in the 200 block of homer avenue just past 1:00 in the morning. a woman in her 30s was walking and listening to music with head phones on. when she resisted the -- 15 minutes later a woman in her 70s sleeping in an alcove was woken up by a man reaching in her pockets. officers say when she pushed him he hit her in the face, head, and chest repeatedly. woman who worked in the area say they are trying to stay
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aware when they are walking. >> i think you have to be really aware of your surroundings you know. they say that people get mugged. they are kind of daydreaming. i think you really have to watch your surroundings. not that i could overpower somebody. i think you really have to be careful and see what is around you. >> reporter: the twoics accidents happen -- incidents happened within a close proximity. a man in his 20s wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt. these cases are related. officers are ramping up their patrols in the downtown area as a response. and are on the lookout for anyone who looks suspicious. i just spoke with a police officer who told me he is actually working an overtime shift. he was brought on as well as other officers specifically to patrol these downtown streets. that has been happening over the past couple of days. reporting live janine de la vega.
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we are back on storm watch this morning keeping an eye on the new system. it's dropping more rain this morning making it tough commute for some drivers. we talked about spinouts. the wet weather arrived late yesterday with the heaviest showers in the north bay. mill valley workers hoped sandbags will keep the water out. the storm flooded. >> i bought a hat and rain boots. why? because everything is slushy and wet. don't want to get sick. >> the latest storm is not expected to be as severe as last week's series of storms. in just a few minutes we will check in with steve paulson for exactly how much rain we're going to get. also don't forget you can get up to the minute weather information by down loading ktvu app. you can also go to our website any time and look for the storm watch tab right near the top of the page. we have amazing photos from some of you our viewers. we also provide updates on
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facebook and bitter. the san jose city council voted anonymously they are changing a -- voted unanimously they are changing a city law for airport employees to shoot at birds to scare them away from the airplanes. they can now shoot blanks at the birds or fire bird shots if they need to. before the amendment only law enforcement officers were allowed to shoot guns on city property. 180 bird strikes have been reported at san jose airport since 2009. later today president obama meets with two very different groups about that fiscal cliff crisis. first the president will speak to and answer questions from members of the business round table. this is an association of chief executive officers of top u.s. companies. later in the day the president will address a conference of native american triable leaders. both groups are concerned about automatic tax hikes and spending cuts that will kick in on january 1st if congress does
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not act. coming up at 6:15 the uphill battle facing this man republican house speaker john boehner within his own party. as he tries to negotiate a deal do avoid that fiscal cliff. time now is 6:08. let's check in with tara. what are you keeping an eye on? >> in san francisco we have issues actually with some backup. spinout near hospital suffer on 101 southbound and there are several cars that are in the fast lane and definitely having an impact on traffic. right now let's take a look at our maps. we can show you where we have other accidents brewing here. 280 northbound. and then we have flooding in the two right hand lanes. so be aware of that. and then if we head over to the oakland care you can -- oakland area we have slowing through the richmond area. we also have this accident still being cleared here at buchanan street and a stalled
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truck on 24 near the caldecott tunnel. if we take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a lot of rain out there. the metering lights are on. you're looking at an extra 15 minutes to get into san francisco. here's a look at highway 24 live. that stalled truck could be causing big delays. let's check in with steve. tara, thank you. rain steady, moderate, almost approaching heavy now. you can see an enhancement taking place. maybe a quarter inch to an inch of rain along the san mateo coast, skyline and santa cruz mountains. already san francisco is approaching a half inch of rain. another quarter to an inch to the north and south. but there is a pretty good looking ban going over us. san francisco almost a half inch of rain. there is a line. you can see stretching from concord back over toward berkeley and highway 24. and right toward san francisco you can see that is pretty heavy rain right off the marin
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head lands. there is pockets of very heavy rain there. it looks like it's flowing south. you can see right off the coast as well things have been enhancing. also over toward interstate 80 over toward hercules, pinole, and back over toward lafayette. things are beginning to fill in. overall the line is taking a west to east angle and it's moving over us. rain here for some not at all. it will be cloudy. for others light rain and drizzle. there are pockets where it's approaching heavy now. 60s ons temps today. morning rain decreasing throughout the day. along the coast highway 1 up on santa cruz mountains and into the city could get moderate to heavy rain. >> that is nice dry on the weekend. 6:10 is the time. 6:11. why a los angeles area fire
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station is under fire. the sexy video filmed inside the fire station that is causing a big controversy. also a real life christmas grinch. how a local boy scout troop was robbed of the holiday spirit. [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets,
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 6:14. police are searching for thieves who stole a $1,000 wort of holiday item tropical storm
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a christmas tree lot run by the boy scouts. workers say they discovered the items missing saturday afternoon when they opened the lot. about 20 wreaths were stolen along with the garland, tools, and a heater used by scouts and their parents. sales of christmas trees and other holiday items provide about 20% of the budget. a san rafael teenager accused of attempted murder is expected to appear in court today for a plea hearing. max wade is charged with shooting at a couple in a pickup. he is also accused of stealing a lamborghini. new this morning north korea may be closer to launching a missile that can carry a nuclear war head. north korea has installed a long range rocket on a launch pad in the north western part of that country. which means they may be on target for a launch as soon as monday. north korea denies having a
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nuclear weapons prom but says they do plan to launch one for science and research purposes. now there was violence and clashes between the police and demonstrators who broke through the bashed wire -- barbed wire around that building. protestors are angry about what they call a power grabby the newly elected president and a new constitution which they say rolls back the rights of women, religious minorities and others. in washington republicans are split on how to avoid the fiscal cliff. ktvu house smoker john boehner could be facing an uphill battle within his own -- >> reporter: speaker boehner -- certainly talk here that some republicans could revolt if
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speaker boehner caves to pressure from the white house to raise tax rates on the wealthiest 2% of americans. and while he's certainly had not agreed to that some are promising to block it. tea party favorite jim says giving into democrats to avoid the fiscal cliff is a temporary solution he's not willing to support. >> republicans should not be conceding the federal government needs more money. >> reporter: we will be hearing from democrats shortly. minority leader nancy pelosi is holding a news conference. we'll have that for you during our next update. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. a los angeles area fire house is under fire for letting an exdeny letting an exercise company shoot a racy video inside its station. the video by
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shows a scantily dressed woman dancing around. the station was also in trouble last year for allowing some fire trucks to be used in a porn movie. >> san francisco police are using a new tool to help solve crime. the public can help use it to send in tips. coming up what police plan to do each week to close some unsolved cases. 6:17. we have wet roads this morning. tara you are watching everything incolluding 101 in san francisco. >> we do have a lot to talk about at hospital curve. it's just kind of hard to see and a lot of lane changes. if we take a look at our maps we can show you some of thics accidents here. first one is on 280 northbound. and then we do have some flooding here 101 northbound. this is the incident on i'm
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talking about here. we have the center lane blocked here. 101 southbound at hospital curve due to a stalled car that also hit the center divider. now it's out of service and all of these cars have sort of backed up as a result. it's pretty much a nightmare if you have to go 101 southbound maybe cut across the city or try a different route. all right right now we will take a live look at the san mateo bridge. you can see traffic flowing nicely in both directions. and 880 we have a lot more folks on the roadways. 6:18 here is steve. i think our heaviest rain is over san francisco. it's beginning to pick up. rain rates approaching moderate to heavy. some areas you saw no rain at all. the system is sliding east and south. north bay things have calmed down. radar is enhancing right off san francisco which has picked up a half inch of rain. most of that has fallen in the last hour. santa rosa an inch of rain. there was an inch and third. napa half inch of rain.
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kentfield .23. there has been about .15 toward crockett and benicia. right there looking at the last few frames you can see off the marin coast and san francisco down toward san mateo coast and half-moon bay. things are really starting to pick up here. this is a very steady rain. no wind associated with it. over oakland and berkeley and heading over toward the east bay. you can see that is pretty good rain. stretching toward antioch and discovery bay. what is really going right now is off the marin coast and san francisco and now down the san mateo coast. look for steady rain now. the area of low pressure is coming in. cloudy with rain. drizzle for some. heavier rain for others. it lookalikes things are calming down -- it looks like things are calming down. this will be the last system. it will give us morning rain and decreasing tonight. all right thank you. we have breaking news now this
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morning. word that citi group is cutting jobs. the bank announced it will cut 11,000 jobs. plans to close some of the branches as well. this is all part of a cost cutting measure. citi group -- citi group is saying so far it will save money with the changes a and we'll look to see how the stock is reacting this morning. but again 11,000 jobs cut at citi group. the british company that owns fresh and easy grocery stores is examing its options. they continue to show losses. despite that they have been approached by other companies interested in buying some or all of fresh and easy. 6:20. a san francisco dog napping case finally over. >> it was just like the worst nightmare imaginable. >> how neighbors help a severely ill man get his precious dog back.
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680 at the sunol grade looking good. we do have problems in san francisco. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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recovering at home after being released from the hospital. now you might remember the firefighters were responding to a series of crashes. they were hit while standing on the shoulder. a fourth person a driver who was also hit remains in critical condition. moraga fire chief says they are considering new safety rules to prevent another accident like this one. a new crime fighting tool for san francisco police. each week police officers will post videos like the one we're showing you on the department's website under a section called the lineup. they hope people will see the videos and report tips. this surveillance video shows a man using a stun gun to attack another man. it happened three weeks ago about 9:30 at night on polk street. they describe the man as an african american man about 6'2", 200 pounds. between 40-50 years old. there is a surveillance video capture photo.
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time is 6:25. a very ill san francisco man who's dog was stolen now has his dog back. the dock named lola was stolen last month from his car while i was under going dialysis. he has kidney disease and cancer. his neighbor put up fliers and offered $3,000 reward for the return of the dog. >> i just laid in bed most of the day. >> last weekend a woman in oakland called his neighbor saying lola was found running near lake merritt. a player instrumental to the giants world series victory is come back. infielder marco scutaro agreed to a three year $20 million contract. he was the mvp in the national championship series and smacked the game winning hit. the giants offered a two year deal but when another team wanted to sign him the giants guaranteed that third year. 6:26 is the time.
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i guess there is a nightmare along the east shore. let's check in with tara. >> the east shore freeway not looking good. we can show you where we have just absolute gridlock all the way from the richmond area. look at this a center lane blocked. 80 westbound at pinole and another accident down here westbound at gilman street. that is causing a lot of back up. also in san francisco we have these problems. this is a flooding at paul avenue and then 101 southbound at hospital curve this is just before you hit the caesar chavez exit. we do have several cars that are in the lanes there in the faster lanes. it doesn't specify exactly which ones. it's definitely causing problems. let's take a live look at 680. you can see the taillights southbound as you drive toward fremont. 6:26 here's steve. thank you, tara. really heavy rain in san francisco and stretching over to parts of the east bay. and also back into alameda. just heard from chris tim he
6:28 am
said it's coming down. i know ha half inch has fallen. i bet it's up to two-thirds. and right back down toward half- moon bay. stretching from san francisco over to parts of the east bay. i know parts of the city are getting hard right now. some of the heavier rain moving through. enhancement taking police as the system come ace shore. also oakland and over top parts of the east bay. things are picking up north and south not so bad but right in the middle. it is 6:27. we want to take you outside to see the rain. it's definitely picking up in the north bay this morning. continuing to see rain falling there in the light. we'll tell you how soon before the wet weather clears out. a woman riding her bike in berkeley is shot to death. we'll tell you what berkeley police are cig this morning about a possible motive in this case. opening bell up next. we'll see how city group's -- citi group's big announcement on jobs will effect the market.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. getting ready to ring that opening bell we're talking about the big announcement from citi group this morning. trying to cut expenses about $1 billion. and they are cutting 11,000 jobs possibly some of its branches. the stock right now though it looks like it will open up about 3% or $1 a share. and although that might surprise some people investors like it when companies cut costs and i know you and i were just talking about unfortunately this time of year around the holidays is when a lot of companies try to cut jobs. we'll keep watching. >> we'll go ahead and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here on ktvu channel 2 morning news. it's middle of the week. wednesday, december 5th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. >> in the news this morning police in berkeley talking about last nights deadly
6:32 am
shooting of a female bicyclist. it happened outside of a school. alex savidge has been on this story since 4:30. you're right near long fellow middle school where it happened. alex. >> this is the scene of that shooting that happened overnight. berkeley spokesperson told me this victim was a woman likely in her late 40s. possibly early 50s. she was riding her bike along this stretch of sacramento street when she was gunned down. and as you can see this shooting happened right next to the yard at long fellow middle school. just a few hours ago the coroner came down here and took away the woman's body. so far she has not been identified. berkeley police first got these calls around 11:30 last night. 911 calls reporting a bicyclist who was down on the sidewalk here. the lieutenant out here on the scene told me officers arrived and quickly realized that the woman had been shot at least once. she was eventually pronounced dead. investigators were out here for hours processing this crime scene also looking for witnesses to the shooting but so far they don't have much to
6:33 am
go on. >> we received a call of a person being down on a bicycle. the officers arrived to find out the person was a victim of a gunshot and that is pretty much all we have. >> the lieutenant told me it is far too early to talk about a possible motive in this case. police are not giving out any information a description of any kind on the shooter. they are looking for involved in what is and was berkeley's fourth homicide of the year so far. live this morning in berkeley alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. overnight news four people were shot near oakland's lake merritt. one of the victims was caught in the cross fire. claudine wong is there to talk about the person's victim and how this unfolded. >> reporter: we don't have a motive behind the shooting we do know there were multiple shooters. and that there were pretty powerful weapons used. powerful enough to send one of the bullets fired three blocks
6:34 am
away from the original crime scene where it hit an innocent bystander. as you mention there were four total victims in this case. all of them are in seous condition. all of them however are expected to survive. police told me they did get multiple 911 calls who heard multiple shots fired just after 10:20 last night. dozens of shell casings were found at the scene. there were two scenes. one on the 600 block. two men and a woman in her 20s were hit. >> right now it appears he's an unintended target and he was supposed to get ready to go in the liquor store. >> reporter: the bullet that hit him traveled three blocks away from that original crime scene. no suspect information right now. we know a vehicle was involved but we don't have anymore details than that. all four victims in the hospital but expected to survive. we should also mention there is a town hall meeting tonight. the first in a series of
6:35 am
meetings being put on by the mayor and her staff. the idea is to allow the public to talk to them directly about a number of issues but on that list of issues is public safety. live in oakland claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. time is 6:34. overnight news a family survives a hit and run that happened in san leandro. about 1:00 this morning a husband and wife and two children were hit by a big rig on highway 238 near the washington exit. everybody walked away from this crash. the chp says it started with a white honda foiblely hitting the -- possibly hitting the center divide and losing the right front wheel. the families car swerved to avoid that honda but then it lost control. two people in the honda we're told ran away from the scene. we are on storm watch as another round of rain moving across the bay area. we want to take you out to berkeley where you can see
6:36 am
pretty wet the roadway there. scattered showers expected all over the bay area. steve is keeping an eye on where it happened right now. it's not expected to be anything like our last storm. sonoma county flooding not expected to be an issue this time around even though small streams and creeks are flowing is faster than normal. no significant change in the water level is expected. fire officials do say landslides are a concern because that ground is saturated. and in santa cruz county vine hill road could partially reopen this afternoon. heavy rains from the weekend storm washed away part of the road. county crews say the restoration is a top priority. vine hill road is a crucial connector. don't forget you can get up to the minute weather information any time of day by down loading our app ktvu app.
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go to our website look for the storm watch tab near the top of the page. and we provide updates on facebook and twitter. there was nude protest at san francisco city hall. >> body freedom. >> coming up in ten minutes we'll tell you about the demonstration against a proposed ban where people can still go without their clothing. meantime the city of dublin is cracking down on tobacco. last night the city council voted to ban new tobacco stores from opening near schools and parks or day care centers. dublin l also charge a -- will also charge a new fee for those stores that sell tobacco. this will all take effect next month. there are still problems in san francisco let's check in with tara who is in for sal. >> it will be stop and go on
6:38 am
101 southbound through hospital curve because of an earlier accident. somebody spun out and hit a center divider. it looks like it may have been cleared but definitely a ripple effect and we're still feeling the results of it. let's take a live look we'll take a look at our maps and this is some flooding we want to report. there is three feet of water in these two lanes here. 101 southbound and this is where we are talking about this little accident here at hospital curve and definitely taking a toll on that area. also the east shore freeway nightmare center lane blocked because of an accident at pinole valley road. and west gilman street. you'll be waiting in it. up next we have a look another highway 24 through lafayette. if we can take a look at that. we'll show you you have westbound traffic heading through the caldecott tunnel. you can see it's a little sluggish. give yourself extra time. and let's see 280 in san jose we have had slow going traffic on the right hand side of your
6:39 am
screen. that is northbound traffic toward san francisco. let's check in with steve. tara, thank you. for some there is not much rain. for others it's pouring. angela said it's coming down here. it will be a tough commute to school. over in pacifica and half-moon bay and in san francisco stretching over toward hayward there is steady rain. pockets to moderate to heavy rain. north of that things have calmed down. right now from southern marin county down to around half-moon bay and right over to parts of east bay san ramon and danville. when you see that yet kentfield has had a quarter inch of rain. i'm sure that will click around san francisco. back over to san leandro. hayward. we had pretty good reports of rain there. back over to alameda and over to the east bay. but the heaviest rain no doubt about it marin coast, san francisco then down toward the peninsula. san mateo coast along skyline. some of the rain totals santa rosa almost an inch of rain.
6:40 am
inch and a third -- napa half inch of rain. kentfield two bits. i think that will pick up pretty rapidly here as that system enhances off san francisco marin and san mateo coast. cloudy north, cloudy south. that rain moving south and east some of it is drizzle. very mild. 60s on the temps. this is our last system in this pattern and then things will change. fog will be a huge issue thursday and friday. weekend looks dry. time now 6:39. happening right now nancy pelosi holding a news conference with other congressional leaders. let's listen in. >> and our ranking members imparticular are portrait of diversity, bold leadership, and a firm commitment to america's middle class. the first caucus where the majority are women minorities,
6:41 am
etc.. >> that is nancy pelosi, maxine waters, henry waxman to the left standing behind her. all from california. she filed a petition to vote on a bill in the house to raise tax rates on upper income americans. it's a bill already passed in the senate but house speaker john boehner who doesn't want to bring it to a vote. nancy pelosi is trying to push him to make it happen. we'll bring you more details throughout the morning. it was a shocking story. a man pushed to his death at a new york city subway station. the reason a newspaper is under fire because of that incident. >> we're live in palo alto women are being targeted in early morning attacks. we'll tell you why police think the incidents are related. here's a look at san mateo bridge. you can see the rain is finally hit down here. we'll have more wet spots on your roadways coming up. you disgust me.
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it's coming down pretty hard. tiburon, sausalito, san mateo, over parts of hayward, san leandro, and over to san ramon. we'll take a closer look at this north and south not too bad. coming down outside of our doors too. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of
6:45 am
the stop or is -- top story. raining pretty hard. the roads are slick and dangerous in spot. if you're driving be careful. even if you're walking. there is some landslide concerns too because the ground is so saturated from the big storms we had last week. police in berkeley say a woman was shot and killed last night. she was riding her bike outside long fellow middle school. victim described as a woman in her late 40s or early 50s. this by the way is berkeley's fourth homicide of the year. and four people including an innocent bystander were shot near oakland lake merritt area. three of the victims in their 20s were shot in the 600 block of east 18th street. a stray bullet hit a man in his 50s as he was walking to a liquor store. so far no arrests in this case. police in palo alto are stepping up patrols in the downtown area. janine de la vega is in palo alto this morning with details on the hack that prompted this
6:46 am
change. >> reporter: police are being brought in to work overtime in the early morning hours. they are keeping their eyes out for anyone who looks suspicious in the downtown corridor. the first incident happened in the early morning hours of 200 block of homer avenue. just past 1:00 in the morning a woman was walking and in the listening to music with her head phones on when a man approached her and pushed her from behind and tried to take her purse. when she resisted the man punched her to six to eight times in her purse. and then a few moments later a woman in her 70s sleeping nobody alcove woke up when a man was reaching in her pockets. one woman we spoke to this morning told us what she would have done. >> isn't the recommendation not to fight back? your purse is not being you know attacked. and again you don't know what kind of weapon anyone has.
6:47 am
i would just bye purse. >> reporter: the two incidents happened within close proximity and time frame. the description of the suspect is similar. a man in his 20s wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt. it could be the same person but they just don't know yet. officers are ramping up their patrols in this downtown area as a response. taking a look out for the suspects and people in this area we spoke to this morning are say they will be more vigilant and aware of their surroundings. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. just a shocking story. police in new york may be closing in on a suspect after a man was pushed into an on coming subway train and killed. man being questioned has implicated himself in the attack. he was taken into custody yesterday. 58-year-old key sue con was hit and killed on monday. it started with an argument at the time square station.
6:48 am
part of that confrontation was caught on cell phone video. so far no charges have been fired. but the new york post is being criticized for running a front page picture of the victim seconds before he was killed with the headline doomed. the photographer says he happened to be nearby and trying to warn the train operator by flashing his camera but it was too late. 6:47. san francisco police investigating a deadly shooting in hayes valley. police rushed to grove and buchanan about 8:00 last night. they found a man that had been shot in the torso and once in the leg. he was rushed to the hospital but he later died. so far no arrests have been made. angry nudist in san francisco are planning a civil lawsuit against the city. >> body freedom. body freedom. >> protestors stripped off their clothe age screamed at the board of supervisors yesterday. city hall security had to cover up about a half dozen nudist and then lead them out of the chambers.
6:49 am
the board of supervisors voted 6-5 for final approval to ban public nudity. >> there is no evidence anywhere in science or any kind of research. any legitimate research that nudity harms anybody. >> it's a very narrow piece of legislation. >> san francisco mayor ed lee is expected to sign this ordnance which would take effect in february. violators would face $100 fine for a first offense. that legislation does allow nudity at private beaches and special events like the beta breakers. a bay area home known for its holiday light display was vandalized. coming up where it happened and how police are asking for the public's help. time now just about 6:49. it's raining grab an umbrella drive careful and we have flooding problems too. >> that is right. oakland 880 southbound just after the 980 split that off
6:50 am
ramp is flooded with one foot of water. now we also have deep standing water on 580 westbound at the lake park avenue onramp. be aware of it. right now we will head out to frank. you can see we have issues here. we still have flooding on two lanes at paul avenue. 101 southbound. and also have a stall here the right lane is blocked 280 southbound. if we head over into the east bay you can see we have traffic all the way from pinole down to berkeley. due in part to an accident here. the left lane is blocked here. up next we have a look at 280 san jose. you can see traffic on the right hand side is slow going as you head northbound into san francisco. 237 in milpitas same story here. you see a lot of brake lights. give yourself extra time. here is steve. thank you. peninsula and parts of the east bay. heading to the south bay. right now north bay things are
6:51 am
calming down. expect in marin county. where things are picking up. pretty good ban of moisture. things are really in. look at that. right over the golden gate bridge. and over toward berkeley and richmond san rafael bridge. back over toward marie that district. you see the red there that is pretty heavy. right along sunset district. richmond district. right back over toward berkeley as well. heading over to interstate 80 and into the east bay. not as heavy. there in lies the pattern. it's also starting to move south now. a little bit of enhancement. san mateo. redwood city wood side. mike said down in mountain things are picking up as well. there has been reports of very heavy rain. forestville an inch and a third. oak mont 1.25. mike our observer in san francisco .70. half of that has fallen in the
6:52 am
last hour. and petaluma .5-inch of rain. this whole enhancement taking place right off san francisco. it's sliding south. north of that things are calming down. pouring for others. take your pick. it's been hit and miss. out toward livermore. it looks like it's picking up. cloudy with rain today. and fog nights and mornings thursday and friday. does look much better dry as we go into the weekend. the newest starbucks gift card will buy a gran day amount of lattes. the gift card is loaded with $400 but the super premium card will actually cost $450. that is because it costs $50 to make the specially etched steel card. they are so exclusive you can't buy them at starbucks. instead you have to go to the luxury website japan's national airline is featuring an american fast food
6:53 am
on some of the winter flights. japan will offer meals from kfc on several international itineraries. the so-called air kentucky meals will be served on flights. it features one drumstick one boneless chicken breast, coleslaw, and flat bread. what we now know about the kidnapping and sexual assault of an autistic teenage girl in oakland. details about the man arrested and why he could get life in prison. here's a look at 101. this is at lucky drive. you can see that traffic moving nicely. wet conditions out there to talk about coming up.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. dow jones up 42 points right now as expected. futures indicated higher opening across the board. getting closer to that 13,000 level. time now 6:55. new video to show you what a deadly typhoon did. many villages are flooded. people are wading through several feet of water. at least 300 people are known to be dead but more expected. many remote villages are
6:57 am
isolated by landslides and flooding. taking a long time to reach them. back here at home a man accused of kidnapping and raping an autistic teenage boy -- police say the suspect is 36- year-old gary atkinson. he has five previous felony convictions so he could get life in frizz if convicted -- life in prison if convicted on the latest charges. surveillance cameras captured him last tuesday. the atkinson took her to his hem no san francisco and raped her repeatedly she escaped on thursday. >> this is by far one of the most sickening cases i have ever seen in my career as a police officer that someone can take advantage of someone of this stature. >> now investigators say the 16- year-old girl has the mental capacity of a second grader. the kidnapping happened after
6:58 am
she walked away from the fred finch youth center where she lives. the state is investigating whether the staff there acted appropriately. another bay area city is banning plastic bags. mountain view city council approved a law top outlaw the single use bags. the ban applies to all retailers that sell food, clothes, or any personal items. restaurants and charitable nonprofits are exempt. the ban goes into effect on earth day next april 22nd. what hatched near sfo? >> we had an accident a little bit earlier. just south of the airport. a driver hit a tree and the car flipped over. definitely a reminder to slow down. this is where it happened. it's a little slow going in this area. we also have this flooding near paul avenue and an accident at john daly boulevard. 280 at the 880 split you can see traffic slow going on 280. 6:58 here's steve. it is pouring in the marie
6:59 am
that also in pacifica and heading down the san mateo coast. in the city stretching back over from the golden gate bridge to berkeley right there. that is heavy duty rain. right over the marina and stretching toward north beach. also coming up next on mornings on 2 a tragic story we've been following since 4:30 this morning. a bicyclist shot and killed on the street streets of berkeley overnight. what we learned an hour ago. plus you heard steve we have another stormy morning. these are live pictures. be careful driving. we'll tell you what you need to know before you head out.


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