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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  December 7, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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in many spots. by the afternoon mostly sunny skies warming it in time for your at least a couple days off. i'll have a look at your numbers and take a look at the fog developing. good morning, tara. good morning, rosemary. it's looking really good on the roadways this morning. but it is pretty chilly out there. this is a look at highway 4 through the bay point area. traffic moving nicely there. the headlights as you drive toward the concord area. a look at 101 you can see the emergency lights there on the off ramp that is closed until 5:00. so if you need to use it, you're going to need to take a different route. get off a little bit earlier or later. let's head back to the desk. topping our news this morning a fan fell about 30 feet from the third deck at last nights raiders game. christien kafton is at the field. >> reporter: there is still a lot of questions about what
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happened here last night. let's show you what we know so far. here's what we do know, a fan fell or either fell or jumped from the third deck there. you can see how high that deck is to the lower concourse below. that fall an estimated 30-50 feet. the fan fell during last nights raiders-broncos game. emt, police, and sheriffs deputies were all on scene so they were able to respond quickly. there are conflicting reports over whether that fan fell or jumped. emergency work earns took the man to highland hospital just 3.5 miles away with serious injuries. the man's identity has not been released. the raiders have released a statement saying they have no information beyond what investigators are releasing so far but their thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends and victim of that fall. we'll try to catch up with raiders friends to find out what they know about this little bit later on and we'll try to hear from authorities what their investigation has yielded so far.
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all we know a fan fell or jumped here from the third level down to the lower concourse and was taken to highland hospital in serious condition. live in oakland christien kafton ktvu channel 2 news. there are new talks about a new stadium for the raiders. coming up what the nfl says it will do to help the team. two restaurants at the san jose shopping center were evacuated after a friar broke out. they responded around 9:20 last night after reports of spoke inside panda express. it took awhile before they located the source of the fire. firefighters said it had been smoldering for some time. >> so the exterior signs of the restaurants could have been the cause and it was burning in that crawl space. >> and again firefighters say it's possible rainwater leaked into the sign and caused a
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short circuit. no one was hurt in the fire. the restaurants have water damage but firefighters say they should reopen by today. in overnight news the oakland police swat team surrounded an apartment complex. police tell us warrants were served at 79th and mccarthur. this all started around 11:30 last night and ended at 2:00 a.m.. right now oakland police have not released any information about what the warrants were for or if anyone was arrested. a powerful earthquake in japan triggered a small tsunami last night. today's quake measured a magnitude 7.3. a tower camera captured the entire city shaking. a few people were hurt but there were no reports of any major damage. a tsunami warning was called off after two hours after the
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quake hit. there have been numerous after shocks since then some as large as 6.2. we will find out if the supreme court will take up on proposition 8. the justices will meet again this morning to decide which cases they will rule on in the coming months. as with last week, if prop 8 is on the list today, a ruling would likely come sometime in june. if prop 8 is not on the list the waiting game will continue until the next supreme court conference which is scheduled for january. many economists are predicting employers added fewer than 100,000 jobs last month. some think it was fewer than 50,000. that would be far below the 171,000 created in october. the unemployment rate is expected to remain at 7.9%. concerns about the fiscal cliff are not hurting president obama's approval rating.
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it's now at 57%. that's the highest rating since may of 2011 when navy seals killed osama bin laden in a raid. 42% of americans say the country son the right track and majority think it's likely president obama will improve the economy. oakland airport food service workers are threatening to strike during one of the busiest times of the year. union members picketed at the port of oakland yesterday on behalf of nonunion workers who say they have been mistreated for trying to organize. one woman complained she was fired for complaining about working conditions. >> who is going to support me? i have to pay more rent. i have to pay my food. >> union members want airport contractor to address nonunion workers complaints. they also want a new contract and want both by december 17th or they may go on strike. 4:34 right now.
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bart is giving military veterans a leg up. the board of directors approved a new hiring policy yesterday. it gives veterans a 5% chance over other perspective workers. veterans must have six months of active status and honorable discharge and they must also pass is a new exam. survivors of the attack on pearl harbor will be honored today in alameda. today is the 71st anniversary of the tragedy that helped usher the united states into world war ii. it will include the arrival of veterans in world war ii for. it will shine from dusk until dawn. 4:35 now. we're moving right along in the morning. let's go to tara. i believe there is traffic along the east bay there? >> that is right. along 80 eastbound in berkeley we have a delivery truck blocking the central avenue
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onramp. there is another car on the shoulder. if we take a live look at the east shore freeway you can see traffic flowing nicely westbound. up next look at the bay bridge toll plaza we have traffic flowing very nicely into san francisco at this hour. no delays to report. and finally down in the south bay this is 280 in san jose you can see traffic flowing nicely in both directions. here is rosemary. >> good morning, to you. we are waking up with clear skies this morning. drier conditions pulling in for your weekend. we are dealing with patchy fog in our valley locations. we've got patchy dense fog over areas like novato reporting visibility down to a quarter mile as well as napa. be prepared for those sudden drop off in visibility. santa rosa, petaluma reporting anywhere from 1-2 miles but would worsen -- but could worsen. ridge of high pressure will be building over the pacific in time for friday, saturday, and sunday and again if you are
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just joining us we are looking at a warming trend. so we're dealing with the fog this morning. afternoon highs will be mild. just a few degrees above what we felt yesterday afternoon. but we'll have more sunshine by the afternoon so it should feel pretty good. and into the weekend we'll deal with a little bit of patchy fog as we start the morning hours. gusty winds is a possibility on sunday. all and all we have that northerly breeze for today and tomorrow. that north breeze will be light. current temperatures right now chilly in some spots. 37-degrees in areas over santa rosa. 39 for napa. 40-50 degrees around the bay. 50 degrees reported for antioch. your forecasted highs low 60. 63 for santa rosa. low 60s oakland. low 50s upper 60s for antioch. down into the south bay checking in for 63 for san jose. 63 and mostly sunny skies. there is your extended forecast slightly warmer today. warmer for tomorrow.
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sunday looks to be the warmest day of the weekend. then as we get back to work on monday we remain with the mild weather. we will be warming up later on this morning. i'll show you your day planner coming up. highway 1 in sonoma county could reopen by noon today. the stretch of highway was closed down after wednesday's storm washed away part of the roadway there. crews have been working to stabilize the hillside. detours will be in place until the work is complete. 4:38 is the time right now. new information about the killing of a bicyclist in berkeley. the confrontation she may have been involved in moments before that attack. more drama for john mcafee the health scare that caused him to be rushed to a hospital in guatemala. here's a look at the san mateo bridge traffic flowing nicely. we'll have more traffic coming up.
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good morning, to you. a mild day in store for your friday. at this hour patchy fog, frigid temps inlapped. the family of a berkeley woman killed outside of a middle school have a theory of the attack. they set up a memorial. the crime scene is just a block from her apartment. she was gunned down late tuesday night riding her bicycle. her family believes she was making a quick trip to the store. they think she was confronted while running an errand. >> only thing we heard is that people were saying she was arguing with a man and a woman. so you know that is all right now know. the police have leads on it but they're not saying anything. >> mullens had six siblings. their parents are taking her death extremely hard. san francisco supervisors are questioning whether the police should carry stun guns. the police department wants to issue the weapon to officers with specialized training. proponents say stun guns ease
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dangerous situations with nonlethal force. only the police commission has the authority to approve the stun gun proposal. police are angry about a flier inside people's utility bills. the fir of its kind mailer went out to 194,000 san jose households. it provides a number to call with any concerns about the police. the police auditor put out the fire. the city charter mandates the outreach. >> we're a place a safe place for any member of the public to come to bring a concern about san jose police department policy. >> it's kind of odd timing. there are certainly a number of very serious issues that the police department is facing the city should engage on. >> the police union says it comes at a time when the department is dealing with low moral, high homicide rate and dwindling force. there is new information
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about a former middle schoolteacher who killed himself after being accused of sex crimes. according to unsealed court documents 28-year-old james exchanged thousands offully tear warehouse text messages with an under age student. he also kissed and fondled a student on several occasions on school grounds. they arrested him after a search of his home and he committed suicide cays later. bay area sheriffs may change the way they deal with suspected illegal immigrants. they don't have to hold illegal immigrants because they want to deport them. those with serious criminal records should be detained and deported and local departments should decide how to handle others. happening right now protestors in egypt are taking to the streets in cairo to show their opposition to the country's president. i want to take you out there live this morning. you can see on the bottom part of your screen the number of
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people out there again. activists say a televised speech by mohammed morsi did not address their concerns. in the speech president morsi refused to back off his controversial decree giving himself sweeping new powers. and he insisted a constitution referendum will go on. he did invite his political opponents to a meeting tomorrow at the presidential palace. more violations are coming to life by the bangladesh clothing factory that caught fire last month. according to the associated press the factory lost its fire safety certification in june because the building was not up to code. we're also learning that the building was only supposed to be three stories but it had been illegally expanded with a ninth story being added at the time of the fire. 112 people died in that fire. john mcafee is back in guatemala after being rushed to the hospital. mcafee was seen by doctors yesterday after complaining
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about chest pains. it appears he's suffering from high stress. authorities in guatemala denied him political asylum after he was arrested for entering the country illegally. george zimmerman has filed a defamation lawsuit against nbc universal. it's after several edited 911. he claims the network edited the calls to make him sound racist. it was supposed to be fun five-day trip to nor but it has gotten off to a rough start from a youth group from oakland. what the group had stolen from them on their first day to the east coast. nfl is willing to help the raiders build a new stadium in oakland. it's crucial the raiders improve their stadium situation
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and the nfl would help pay for a new one. the team and city have held talks about a new stadium but nothing concrete has happened yet. they also say they can share the 49ers new stadium in santa clara. in the off season the nfl will consider doing away with kickoffs. it is the subject of this week's time magazine cover story. the league has already moved the kick off from the 30-35- yard line in order to cut down on violent collisions. one coach is suggested instead of a kick off, a team would get the ball at its own 30-yard line in a fourth and 15th situation. the team would choose to punt or try to get the first down. >> football is a violent sport, it's a contact sport. you change your technique but you can't not have kickoffs. >> many fabs say football wouldn't wouldn't be the same without kickoff. those in the league that support the idea say it's only a matter of time before kickoffs are eliminated. >> very interesting.
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>> yeah. >> it would be weird to see football without kickoff. >> it's like basketball. they did away with jump balls in a lot of places. it's 4:48 now. let's take a check on our traffic with tara. what do you think about the nfl rule? >> i like the whole production. all right we will talk about an injury accident this is a two- car crash in the menlo park area on 280 northbound it looks like a car has spun off the roadway here. let's take a look at highway 4 this is through the bay point pittsburg area. you can see traffic moving along nicely there. up next a look at highway 24 traffic on the right hand side there looks pretty good. and down in the south bay 237 milpitas the taillights are westbound traffic toward sunnyvale. here is rosemary. mostly clear skies outside our doors. we are dealing with a little bit of patchy fog. especially along the north bay
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valley. partly cloudy for your afternoon. slightly warmer for your afternoon. in fact we will be a few degrees above the seasonal average. storm tracker wind showing you very calm in most cases. i am picking up a wind around the mt. diablo rain. that wind helps to mix out the air that would otherwise settles at the bottom. we are talking about the cold air as it settles. it really helps to actually create that radiation fog. 41 degrees right now in concord. 43 for livermore. off to the north bay where we are dealing with chilly conditions. 39 in napa. 37 in santa rosa. a hit bit of fog here. we are looking at visibility down to a quarter mile in novato. around the bay area 40s to near 50 degrees right now. as we get to the morning hours
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it will be cold. holding on to a few low 40s. by 10:00 mostly sunny skies and feeling pretty good by then. low to mid 50s. you will still need your jacket. and by noontime upper 50s and low 60s in the forecast with low 60s in the forecast for your afternoon. 62 in oakland. 61 for san francisco. 63 san jose and for the north bay 63 santa rosa. 63 san rafael. your extended forecast here get into the weekend dry forecast. wide spread low to mid 60s in the forecast for your weekend and we'll continue the dry trend through at least tuesday. back to you. thank you. 4:50 is the time right now. are you ready for -- the production process that makes this coffee so expensive and why you might not want to drink it once you hear about it. a meningitis outbreak on the east coast. why one group is being warned about it here in the bay area.
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police have arrested the manager of an assisted living facility on suspicion of fraud, identity theft, and financial elder abuse. mary anita is suspected of stealing more than $40,000 from a woman that lived at the facility. while the woman has no family
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her financial advisor notices charges she could not have made. >> we entrust those who are limited to what we consider responsible professionals. >> advocates for the elderly say the case is -- the owner of marin terrace lives in santa barbara and not on site regularly. san francisco health officials are urging gay men to get vaccinated for meningitis if they plan to travel to new york. 12 cases have been identified in gay men in new york in the past year. three men have been diagnosissed in the last six weeks. the severe bacterial infection effects the tissue surrounding the brain and spinal cord and spread by intimate contact. >> it's due to a bacteria and it is passed by a very close personal contact so secretions of any kind including saliva.
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>> san francisco is not experienced inn cases at this point but they want residents to be aware of that outbreak. many children's products may have -- they are taking legal action against toys r us, target, and walmart to stop the sell of foam products that contain high levels of the carcinogen. it's been linked with gene mutations and hormone disruptions. it includes map mats, changing ribs, and mattresses. would you drink coffee originating from the tail end of an elephant? some people are paying $50 a cup to savor of flavor. it's called black ivory coffee. it's made from coffee beans eaten by elephants from thailand and picked from what they leave behind.
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it's helped to create the smooth earthy taste. >> from what they leave behind. >> yes. >> i think i will stick with my regular blend. >> yes. [ laughter ] 4:55 is the time. let's check in with tara. >> i'm still kind of hung up on that. i don't think that will be a new brand they have at starbucks. >> probably not. >> let's take a look at the traffic. it looks like our roadways are pretty clear at this hour. first we have a look at the golden gate bridge where traffic is flowing very nicely in san francisco. a little bit misty out there. in san francisco a look at 101 shows traffic on the right hand side there moving nicely toward san francisco international airport. finally down in the south bay we have a look at the san mateo bridge. still a little bit of condensation there on the lens. it is a dry morning there. traffic flowing nicely on the right hand side there. 4:55 let's check in with rosemary. >> yes, good morning to you. it is safe to tuck away that
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umbrella several days of dry weather ahead. pacific satellite view showing you a ridge of high pressure weak at this point but building over the pacific in time for your weekend and that again is going to bring us partly to mostly clear skies and will bring us a slight warmup in time for your weekend. this morning we are dealing with a little bit of fog. especially along the north bay valley floor. we have patchy dense fog reported in areas like napa, novato. take it easy in and along the east bay we are pretty good. a little bit of fog reported around concord. visibility about six miles. as we get into the afternoon mostly sunny skies, mild weather in store for the second half of your day with light winds. into the weekend we'll continue with the patchy fog through the morning hours. by sunday we could be looking at breezy conditions but we'll be tracking that for you between now and then. upper 30s to low 40s in and around our inland locations. 37 in santa rosa. 39 for napa. low 40s in fairfield.
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40s to near 50-degrees around the bay. we'll continue to cool as we head into sunrise just after 7:00. afternoon highs for today not too bad. 62 in novato. 61 for san francisco. low 60s for the east bay. 63 san jose as well as morgan hill. there is your extended forecast. fairly nice weekend in store. mostly clear skies in the afternoon. low to mid 60s in the forecast for the second half of your day. coming up next in our 5:00 hour locked out of the battle over the fiscal cliff. why california representative nancy pelosi and other leaders are not being allowed inside the negotiations. oakland raiders fan fights for his life after falling from the third deck during last nights game. what the police are saying this morning. w
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