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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 7, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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. at this hour, we are watching the nation's court as they make a decision on prop 8, same-sex marriage. we have been waiting the word on whether they will review the lower court's decision on prop 8. this was the last before the justice's break before the holiday. the question remains, do they want to take on prop 8 in california. we will go to alison burns in the washington d.c. bureau with the latest on the waiting game. alison? >> reporter: claudine, we could get word about more of the cases it will consider this term. now the justices met again behind closed doors to continue talking about a number of challenges to gay marriage laws. among them, california's
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proposition 8. >> the supporters of prop 8 are hoping they wouldn't review prop 8 and it would take hold legalizing same-sex marriage in california and marriages could begin almost immediately. the court is also considering a number of changele-of challenges. we should tell you no news doesn't mean much. we have to wait until the court releases its next set of orders on monday. if we don't hear anything on monday, then the wait gets a little longer. we have to wait until january. reporting live, from washington d.c., alison burns. ktvu news. well, a radio stunt by a pair of shock jocks took a tragic turn this morning. the nurse revealed confidential information has apparently committed suicide. tara moriarty has more. we have reaction from the
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couple and the hospital where she worked. >> well the nurse who transferred a prank phone call about the judges of cambridge has died in a suspected suicide two days after being duped, she was found dead near king edward's vii hospital. she was working on the switch board when the dj's coaxed her into transferring them for an update on the sickness of caught middleton. the duke and duchess of dame bridge are deeply sattenned and the complaint had not made a complaint about the planning call. it is not being treated as suspicious. authorities did not say if there was a suicide note or if her death was directly linked to the hoax which sparked
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outrage in britain. >> she was a victim of the hoax called to the hospital. the hospital had been supporting her through the difficult time. jacintha was a first class nurse who cared diligently for hundreds of patients with us. >> hospital officials were not disciplining the nurse over the incident and said she had worked with them for more than four years and well-respected among her colleagues. the radio personalities apologized for the planning the following day. these are pictures from the website. they deleted their twitter accounts and will not return to the airwaves until further notice. they provoked a lot of furry and continuing to promote the hoax and calling it the planning the world is talking about before replaying clips of the recording.
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the facebook page was bombarded from comments from outraged users. >> you can post your opinion. live from the newsroom, i am tara moriarty. >> thanks, tara. new at noon, potential homeowners are lining up by the hundreds right now to take advantage of $5 million in down payment assistance. wells fargo is giving out $20,000 grants to home buyers in nine bay area cities. this is between wells fargo over fair lending claims. right now, they are lining up at the hotel to find out if they qualify. >> we have more than 700 registered. and registration has reached capacity. we allow for additional 25% walk in traffic and encourage people who haven't registered to check the website to make sure they bring the right paper work so they are prepared. >> wells fargo is giving the
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$20,000 grants in alameda and contra costa counties, most effected by the mortgage crisis. it will be open again tomorrow 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. republicans and democrats raided accusations over who is to blame for the fiscal cliff. john boehner and president obama and nancy pill low city blamed the republicans. >> we had a serious proposal based on president clinton's chief of staff. there is no counter offer from the white house. unstead, reports indicate that the president -- instead, the president has deliberately walked our economy right to the edge of fiscal cliff. >> he said democrats are slow walking the economy to the fiscal cliff, yet, this is the same republican leadership that has the house in session barely
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a day. barely a full day this week. >> the fiscal cliff is the term that is given to a set of spending cuts and tax increases that will take effect in january if congress does not act to stop them. investigators are trying to determine what happened before a football fan fell or jumped from the third deck at the oakland coliseum. he fell to the concourse during last night's broncos, raiders game and taken to the hospital with serious injuries. they called it an accident and it remains under investigation. >> the rails are like three to 4 feet. if you don't pay attention, you can fall. he fell yesterday. >> the raiders did issue a statement. the team had no information beyond what authorities are releasing. their thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends. coming up in a few minutes, roger good dell will say where
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the raiders shall play in the future and who would pay to build a new stadium. this couple accused of killing this woman are going to court. the couple is accused of killing a retired schoolteacher who was found stabbed to death back in october. the washingtons were arrested after they spotted them in susie coe's car. two girls were shot to death near brook dale park. the service will be held in oakland. 16-year-old bobby will be remembered on saturday. they were shot as many as 36 times. no arrests have been made. the body after man found in an alameda grocery store parking lot was identified. he was in a car outside of knob hill foods. now alameda investigators are trying to figure out how he
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died and where he used to live. we have new information about a former albany middle schoolteacher who killed himself after being accused of sex crimes. according to unsealed documents james edges changed flirtatious teakses and videos with a student. he kissed and fondled a student on several occasions on many occasions. they arrested him after they searched his home. he committed suicide a tuesdays later. the investigation is still ongoing. a surgeon has taken a leave of absence in the midst of malpractice accusations. according to the newspaper, he is accused of performing experiments on dying brain cancer patients. they banned that doctor and another doctor from doing anything on human subjects. four malpractice cases were
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filed against him. sheriff joe arpaio is supposed to speak to middle school students. 80 students at james lake middle school wrote him letters in spanish about toughiation laws. some called him a racist. they blamed scheduling for not having the students meet with arpaio. >> i am a little disappointed. i think they said they never made any arrangements. my people did make arrangements from 2:30, i think to 3:30. i was ready. they were going to give me a ride and talk to the kids. so, i don't know what their agenda is, i am sure it may have gone up the line. and someone said, no, you are not going to have that sheriff in our school. arpaio wanted to answer the accusations in the letters and says what is the truth about
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what he does. more details on a s.w.a.t. team sweep. who was arrested and what was confiscated. we will take you outside. it is shaping up to be a beautiful day. rosemary orozco will be here with what kind of weekend we can expect. >> are their angels here. why employees here can't stop talking about several anonymous donors. on your prepaid card?
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. it seems to happen around the holidays. a group of people decide to make it brighter for people they don't know. lorraine belong cojoins us with how the generous donations help strangers get presents under the tree. it as story you will only see here. >> reporter: claudine, you can see christmas presents at this store, but they tell me the real spirit of christmas comes from anonymous shoppers. >> the employees in san mateo say they are surrounded by angels. almost every day, they pay off customer's lay away. >> it is fabulous and makes me want to go out and do something
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like that. >> sameera chatfield said do about gooders come in all shapes and sizes. >> they wanted a kid's toy that he wanted to pay off. >> we found a toy for him and he was happy. >> reporter: the recipients of the random acts of shopping are overjoyed. one lady was in the hospital and when i told her, she started crying. you know. to me, that was really a touching moment and almost made me want to cry. >> reporter: she was buying toys for needy kids and said angels among us restore faith in people. >> i remember my mom having no money. i got nothing for christmas. i thought it would be great to see a child happy. >> reporter: this is happening at k marts across the country. their customers have paid off more than a million dollars in
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lay aways anonymously. live in san mateo lore rang belong co. ktvu news. -- lorraine blanco. >> ccf needs 30,000 full time students to get full state funding. it had 32,600 last year and will fall short again this year. that could mean less funding. possibly resulting in fewer class offerings and layoffs. >> although enrollment is low, it has a lot to do with the idea of when people here, they automatically think they are going to go some place else. as faculty, we are trying to get the word out that school is still open. >> enrollment is part of the problem. they are facing a march 15th deadline as well to show it made the changes required to keep its accreditation. we are learning new details about a story at 4:30.
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oakland police say eight people are in custody after they served search warrants overnight. they were taken into custody for various offenses including illegal firearm possession and rifle and handgun were also seized. a christian youth group was left scrambling after becoming crime victims on the trip to fort lauderdale, florida. they arrived for a youth conference. they stopped to get something to eat and inside a restaurant when someone broke into the van. the thieves stole $12,000 in cash and their luggage. they are warning residents to lock their vehicles and keep valuables out of sight after nine break ins this week. >> three vehicles were burglarized on this lane. others were unlocked and others had windows broken. items stolen were purses, and
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electronic devices. according to the san mateo sheriff's office, she was last seen walking awe from her san carlos home at one in the morning. she suffers from alzheimer's and is said to be paranoid. the nfl will help the oakland raiders build a new stadium. commissioner goodell said it is crucial that they improve the stadium situation and they would help pay for a new one. they held talks about the stadium but no new progress is reported. the raiders could share the new stadium in santa clara and has to be worked out between the two teams. power has been out all morning long at two restaurants. the fire was reported before 9:30 p.m. in a crawl space at these two restaurants and san felipe road. the cause is not yet determined but investigators say they
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believe it was electrical in nature. >> we do think it was related to the electrical and then there are these large exterior signs that name the restaurants and name a lot of buildings. there is a lot of electricity running lieu those and it could have smell elderred in the woodwork for an extend -- smoldered in the woodwork for a period of time. >> no injuries were reported. good afternoon to you. pleasant weather in the forecast for your weekend and we are shaping up to see a nice day this afternoon. following a cold start, a little bit of patchy fog. if you have sunshine outside your door, it feels good already. giving you live look. and the winds are generally light and have been all morning long and variable wind out there. upper 50s in areas like oakland. sfo and san francisco, inland temperatures in the upper 50s and to the north bay.
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and checking in at 55. so our numbers are improving. parts of the north bay and valleys in particular slipping into the 30s this morning. it was a cold start. attempting to show you we do have a bit of a ridge beginning to build and it will continue over the pacific and stretching across the west coast in time for your weekend. it is going to bring us uniceps onbly mild weather. they are going to be a few degrees above the average. pushy fog expected and once again, high clouds in the forecast and soft sunlight at times and again, a slight warm up expected. here is a look at what you can expect for today. 63 for santa rosa and low 60s at concord and antioch and we are in the same boat. low 60s for redwood city. 63 for san jose and morgan hill. 63 in santa rosa. if you are headed to tahoe, you
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are in good shape. winds will be light. cold, cold mornings, talking 18 degrees tomorrow morning. by the afternoon. low to mid-upper 40s with sunshine in the forecast for the second half of the day as well. your extended forecast here. there is the warming trend. it as modest one and we will take it. morning fog on saturday. they are predicting the possibility of a little bit of wind coming our way and maybe not so much fog to speak of for sunday. all in all a great looking forecast and the model is showing us we will be dry to about tuesday. >> thank you, are. an earthquake struck japan. several cameras around tokyo captured the shaking and september people running into the streets and there were no major injuries fortunately and the tsunami warning has been lifted. it measured a magnitude of 6.2.
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well, going green in down town san jose. the pilot program getting underway and cutting cars in the city. those are remembered today who helped launch the u.s. into world war ii. )%
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[ humming ] [ babbng ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios . all right we are following
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breaking news. the supreme court has made a decision and same sex couples who want to get married are going to wait a little longer to see if they can in california. the supreme court decided that they will take on the issue surrounding prop 8. that means they will set a hearing date and the decision is not expected at the earliest until next summer. prop 8 was ruled unconstitutional by a lower court. the justices could have decided not to review the challenge and would have ended the legal road. they decided to take a look at this and this issue will continue for several more months. the supreme court has decided to take on the same-sex marriage and proposition 8. they just made the decision and that means the legal road will continue until next summer. we are continuing to follow this. and we have more coverage on the justices at five. we will break down for you further what it means and what is next. okay. turning to other news again. the released unemployment november report is better than
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expected. it added 146,000 jobs. many economists had predicted less than $100,000 and it fell to a low of 7.7%. the bay area is home to these people. they rate sixth. see how they stack up to the likes of new york and los angeles, real estate is based on medium home prices in the cities versus medium home incomes of the homeowners. today is the anniversary of the date president wilson said would live in infamy. they are commemorating the attack on pearl harbor. in hawaii, there was a moment of silence to honor those that died. almost 2400 americans were killed and anotherly 1200 injured on december 7th,
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1941. a 21 gun salute this morning on coast guard island honored members. they marked the sacrifice of those who lost their lives. san jose is creating a project for downtown and midtown area. the 18 month program will last until march of 2014. they approved up to 20 cars for the program and the company claims one zip car takes 15 off the road and encourages the use of public transportation and car pooling. thanks for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. that will do it for us at noon. of course, we are following the supreme court decision on prop 8, we will have more on and on the news at five. thanks for joining us. have a great friday, everyone. [ male announcer ] steak combos.
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