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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 10, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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. a man and woman are found bound and gag, the discovery that uncovered a homicide, in just a minute. and how will this affect the commute, it is all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for joining us, i am pam cook. >> let's check the traffic and
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weather, here is more. >> we do have a clear morning out there except for some patchy fog and the breeze out of the east means a nice day on the coast. we will have some changes wednesday, here is sal. traffic is moving along nicely heading out to the mcarthur maze with no major problems. it will be okay if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza. but we are tracking some breaking news in san leandro where crews are still trying to put out a massive big-rig. he was the first reporter on the scene and tara, why did it take so long to pull out. now we just spoke to the two men in the big-rig when it caught fire and they were scary
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moments. >> reporter: we learned these two men were actually delivering laundry from a county prison and he takes this route frequently but this time he snagged a power line and the sparks flew. the driver said the next thing he knew, the tires had caught fire but because he was a firefighter he knew he had to jump out of the truck and away so he would not get a electrocuted -- elect cuted. pg&e crews are here to deaggravate the line about three minutes ago and it all started at camp sweeney which is part of the detention systemment they there have been
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sparks, loud possible epops and they let it go for more than an hour before they tried to drop water on it. this is a new power line because they come in and out all the time and they say they are waiting for a ride. they are a little shaken up. they are really lucky and they knew exactly what to do in this situation. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 5:02 san francisco police has confirmed the man has died after the police found a man and woman inside. >> well the couple was found on
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the in -- inbound where they spotted a man and woman bound and gagged in the middle of the street. they had some tram in, they -- the man was semiconscious and the woman was semiconscious, they were stabbed and beaten and the question is, where exactly did the crime happen. >> part of the investigation is to find out -- or did they find out they were dumped here. >> reporter: they are also looking for surveillance video if they happen to have them pointed out. earlier this morning, the man was taken to the hospital and died. the woman is still in the hospital and the next step investigators are waiting for her to be stabilized so that
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hopefully they can talk to her about what happened. allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 morning news. east pay losing streak. he was charged with the murder in a parking garage. giselle esteban thought her ex- boyfriend was having an affair with michelle le. she faces 25 years in prison. antolin garcia-torres is due in court on several charges. he is scheduled to enter a plea this morning charged with three attempted kidnappings that occurred in march of 2009. we will have a live update. he was the last see and he
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was working on restoring his tore rick boat. mattingly's boat was still there but there was no sign of him. >> it is going to be rough to come down here and police will decide if they will search the water once again. they are asking auto workers to avoid the fiscal cliff. the president will chair, after rallying for his support plan. they are raising taxes to help reduce the federal deficit. president barack obama met privately with house speaker john boehner over the weekend. it was the first meeting on the fiscal cliff crisis and the new point of views some are now
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expenses. runders -- renters may be dealt with by san francisco landlords. they would have to find out if it is option until. if passed it will move tonight full board.$♪. >> legislative leaders are holding a vigil to protect funding for a job center in west oakland. they say jobs and unemployment is key to is keeping few vince town because of an opposition to put up and they are expected to track that is -- thousands of dollars. they could decide to cut the amount of medical marijuana a patient can have. supervisors will consider a
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proposal to scrap guidelines to allow medical marijuana to have more than 30 plants. the new proposal will allow to the state limit of 6 mature plant and eight. they are holding one more community meeting in their search for a new pell chief. police chief chris march is at the south side center on coddle road. you can expect peer clay enclosures over the next six month. they are necessary including
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painting and replacing crash cushions. they are scheduled to open it traffic next. you have been off. >> yes, and we are still okay with traffic and tara moriarty was the first reporter on the scene and we will hear more coming up. she has been talking to the firefighter in regard to that big-rig fire. it looks good and people are already on the road all the way to berkeley and we are off to a decent spot but no major problems if you are coming into the city. also the morning commute looks good on 880 north and southbound as you head southbound to san jose, let's go to steve. we have a blustery wind in
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mt. diablo and there is nothing like that at the surface. the leading edge of change right out of the kleagle and the low -- at the gulf. and it was a low sunny day, windy up in the hills, breezy with highs 70 degrees, 40 in antioch and 60 in downtown colorado. napa 49, san jose 49. tomorrow we'll see increasing clouds and that cold front, not
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better than yesterday and say hello to my friend mr. cole. he is coming back. breezy at -- mr. cold, he is coming back. breezy at -- breezy at times. north wind will not kick inment sunday and increasing -- kick in. sunday and increasing clouds, friday looks crisp and clear and an unsettled pattern for the weekend. a bay area one area, can it be saved after hurricane sandy, the emotional battle of how to bring them back to life. approaching the 880 supply
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. the big-rig fire did take down a fire line, tara moriarty has more information and is on the scene and we will have more details coming up. the clock is ticking and the nation is three weeks away from falling off that fiscal
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cliff. the president and house speaker john boehner metaphor talks over the weekend and -- met for talks over the weekend and are we any closer to a deal? >> reporter: the talks get closer by the day and details are not being released about their conversation but we know a an agreement was -- an agreement was released. president barack obama wants to extend tax cuts for the middle- class but raise rates on individuals who make more than 200,000 a year or households that make more than 150,000 a year. while it is not enough allison burns ktvu channel 2 morning news. new this morning, north korea is extending the long
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range rocket for another week. scientists found a technical deficiency in the rocket. the u.s. believes they are testing technology that could be used to strike the mainland but the launches are aimed at putting a piece full satellite into or bit. and official say and as you know he spent 27 years in prison and became the first black president in 1994 and nelson mandela has since retired from public life. a former head of the international core and they
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have accused dominique straus conn of sexual assault. they will update a judge on negotiations. and in new jersey and new york, the race is on to pick up the costs of popular board walks. they are anywhere from 10 million beyond to 20 million. it is half to know, they say it is a lot of board in the board but it does not hold up with storms. 500 workers who walked off the day have ratified a 4 year deal. it will ratify a signing bonus. police staff are tar
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fitting repeat dui oh -- offenders. they are driving desite having a suspended license. those drives could have their cars impounded as well. >> good morning, pam and dave, it is actually doing well for most as you drive around the bay area. i want to show you live picture and traffic does look good all the way to down townment the from still nice and letterly and if there is something quiet, it is a nice drive, no
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problems on interstate 880 nearby. well sunshine today, not now, but breezy and warm, good gusts coming out of the higher elevations each though mostly sun nip and clouds will run roll in colder -- colder and nothing is compared to what we had last week and we are starting to pick up the snow in the sierra where they need it. >> and that's not going to change but i mean, santa rosa 39, some locations 40s including san francisco,
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hayward mountain degrees and it will be wanter tomorrow but not as warm as today. the cold air will be upper 60s and 70s is the high. we are okay even tuesday and watch around noon, or late tuesday into the north bay it sits there and holds itself and for us it will be the cold air and it is breezeby at times, 68 -- breezy at times. san jose 68, santa cruz 70, sun tomorrow, clouds increase cold arrives on wednesday, it looks like rain return on sunday. nearly all markets are down
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in early trading. that is after they had uncertainty and they raised more he can -- epidemic with shanghai closing with a 1% gain anti-want 15 -- and taiwan finished with a small loss. as we get closer to the end of the year, there are good earnings reports, mcdonald the dow jones industrial average starts 13155 after gaping 81 points friday and we have the highest average local price at $3.71 and we are down 8 cents
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from last week in both cities. . they disrupted a happy celebration. how police and the internet are coming together to help keep thieves away from their bikes. you can wake up with knew knew every week day and get the call by texting the world accept up -- by texting the word set up.
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. the annual event boasts of all types and prizes with themes and music, fisherman's wharf will hold its holiday celebration this coming friday. san francisco police are teaming up to prevent bike theft. they will show the best strategies to keep bikes safe. attendees must register in advance. increasing patrols after a 14-year-old boy was stabbed
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after the christmas in the park celebration. it happened 8:45, see the night while the event was in full swing. he was stabbed in the chest and arm and they can't remember anything like this happening. >> yes, it will make me more aware and constantly keep egg an eye on -- keeping an eye on the girls making sure everything was okay. >> three people were seen running from the scene and the search continues. sal is back to cover traffic, how is it looking? sal? >> good morning. >> we caught him in action. >> you know what, one of those things i was just talking to never mind. let's go on. traffic is doing well on northbound 280 getting up to
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880 northbound and if you are driving through, i have noticed chp is giving the all clear but there is a minor crash on the shoulder, watch for slow traffic in this area and so far it has been a nice drive into the valley. 680 southbound, that looks good as you drive passed mission boulevard and there are no major problems, the traffic does look good and we are off to a good start which means it could go busy. steve, i think i can go back to my phone conversation and i am glad to have you back. we have clear skies and patchy fog out in the valley and a good breeze, it is 60 degrees in downtown oakland and that system up in the gulf of alaska will be here with a change in our pattern. we will have more coming up in about five minutes, pam?
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ktvu channel 2 morning news was the first crew on the scene, a big-rig burst into flames we have more on what we learned about the people inside. the man accused of kidnapping and killing a missing morgan hill teen is expected to be in court and what the next step is for him. and there is a crab fisherman strike coming up. hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership.
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. welcome back it is monday, december 10th, i am dave clark. >> it is going to get cold, right? >> yes, it is cold for us. well we have clear skies, lows are anywhere around 60 degrees and we have big changes coming up. traffic looks good in san francisco, it looks good getting up to the 880 split and also the bay bridge looks good but you can tell it is getting more crowded by the minute, let's go back to the desk. actually, we are going to tara moriarty who is covering this news from a big-rig fire, this is close to 580, correct? >> that is correct, we just
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spoke to the battalion chief and it would have been a much different ending for the driver of the big-rig, you can see behind me, it is now out at 4:15 and this morning this fire was raging. you can see and hear the sparks and feel the heat yards away and at 3:15 two men were trapped inside this burning big- rig when it snapped some power lines. they were driving to the juvenile detention facility but for some reason this morning he hit a wire he believes could have been low. it is what that driver did after sparks flew that saved his life and his friends. >> his training as a volunteer
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fireman told him, if you are in energized wires to jump. >> the driver said after he saw the sparks the tires caught fire and there were two huge diesel tanks firefighters were concerned about so they sprayed fire retar dan and they waited for them to deaggravate the line. -- deactivate the line. then they had to evacuate the juveniles and we had extra firefighters firefighters had to couldn't -- extra fires firefighters had to content with. jeanine della vega is now telling us about the separate charges antolin garcia-torres is facing, jeanine? >> reporter: antolin garcia- torres is expected to be here to enter a plea in the sierra
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lemar case and in another case involving three other women, he has been in jail since may for the alleged murder of missing teen sierra lemar. her body has never been found but antolin garcia-torres' dna was found on her clothing. he is facing three attempted kidnapping charges back to 2009. he is responsible for assaulting women in morgan hill. in one of the incidents, he is accused of using a stungun. he used to be an employee and he is 17 -- was 17 at the time and is being charged as an adult. sierra lemar's parents are not expected to come into court but usually friends and supporters do show up because they want to show up in the courtroom ktvu
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channel 2 morning news. information is leading to -- a reward is being offered for any information leading to an arrest. he was shot at 3:00 in the afternoon. detectives are not sure of a motive and they have released no information on the suspect. one of the teen able schools, and services for his best friend, 16-year-old bobby were held over the weekend. both were found early in the morning, november 25th, they had been shot several times and so far no arrests have been made. police are still searching for
5:36 am
answers. they have some questions, just before 11:00 p.m. for the person responsible. >> you need knob jail, you need to turn yourself in. >> it's really disheartening to see something like this. this is terrible. >> police are still searching for answers and they need tips and they would like witnesses to come forward. coming up, the tearful apology, they never expected what would happen and what they would put her through. it has caused a real shortage in the bay area. it comes after fishermen
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conversed. they have tasted it and they say it is bad for business. >> fisherman's wharf is what you come for. >> fisherman's wharf to bodega bay is when they announce prices to $3.75 is bound. well cough course, a handful have been checked out but customers say it was great to have it on the way to their destination. >> if we waited too much longer i am afraid it would know the get thereby christmas.
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>> we do spent and 65 million cards letters and packages. >> today is supposed to be a biggest history. that means they will process more than 200,000 and arc ands. it will be at -- it will be the history. i always feel like i am ahead. >> time now 5:37, sal is back including looking at contra costa county and lafayette
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people want to join us on the road. we don't have any incidents here. you can see it is getting heavy now. and we have more on what will relax with westbound traffic moving along nicely into san francisco and steve said it will be breezy but certainly there are no warnings on the bridges and if it does happen we will let you know. that traffic does look good heading down to the south bay, at 53 the 9, downtown oakland, nothing too out -- outrageous and we have patchy fog and there is always patches of it
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around. coal to warm, sunny and warm, a little breezy at times and it will benefit mainly the bay and the coast. there is 60 in downtown oakland. 40 in antioch, 46, red would city, that is going offshore so mild to warm, we have a big change in our pattern. he say the it will be warm -- it will be warm to upper 50s and we will bring some rain in. 60s on the temperatures patchy fog, 07 in oakland and -- 07 in -- 70 in oakland, a little
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collar this morning. it is a quarter of an inch and it looks like an unsettled pattern. the big storm brought high winds across minnesota and parts of wisconsin. despite the harsh weather, die heart sports fans made it. >> i am driving pie that guy. >> through the snow? >> are you ever how long will it take you to get here? >> roughly about 7 hour. there are several throwed and hundreds of reports.
5:42 am
new information on the earthquake, why the death toll was so high and why officials say one building should never have been built. good morning westbound and we will tell you mosh -- westbound traffic is moving along fine, we will have more traffic and weather coming up straight ahead.
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. we have some of the top stories we are following for you, the very latest from san leandro, a big-rig burst into
5:45 am
flames just hours ago after hitting power lines. two people were in that big-rig about 3:30 a.m. and tara moriarty was the first reporter there and we will have a live report. a man gagged bound and gagged. and then between the angle side neighborhoods, that woman is in the hospital and is recovering. so far there is no word on a suspect in this case. president barack obama is rallying. over the week company there are some republicans expressing willingness to go along with the president's tax plan.
5:46 am
they made a tearful apology for the prank call that led to a nurse's suicide. it happened to kate during her morning sickness. >> if we thought anything like this would happen, it was meant to be a prank call. >> they have faced worldwide outrage where they presented to be prince charles and queen elizabeth. >> we just assumed with the voices we put on, we were going to get told off and that was the gag. >> well an official cause of death has not been announced, we think the stress may have prompted her to take her own life. there are no plans for the djs to go back on the air. the member of the u.s. navy seal team was killed during a
5:47 am
rescue mission, one that freed an american doctor. and from morning star development, he was killed along with 2 half began staff members. the two afghans they were released saturday. the seal team was sent in to rescue the doctor after he showed he was in danger. the opposition fighters went into the sheik soul man base. last week they captured more and they will public clay moving in that direction. they came over the weekend. about 140 same sex couples came the first day they could
5:48 am
legally marry. they passed the bill last month and the newlyweds were excited. >> i really could not be happier. it is such a special day for us and for the state and for all of the other couples here. >> 30 of those states have written gay marriage bands into their constitution. next the supreme court could provide a sweeping ruling that will end those bands. a new report from new zealand could blame construction from the major earthquake during christs church last year. the new report said they never should have received a permit
5:49 am
for construction. 195 people died overall in that quake. >> i want to check in with sal starting at the toll plaza. you will already see and they turned those meteorologisting lights on and traffic gets busy after that. >> traffic looks good in both directions and heading south and northbound on the right. if you are looking at the south bay, so far so good, we have not had any major problems and northbound is 101 let's go to steve. big change from mild to warm. today looks good, nice along the coast where the warmest temperatures will be. temperatures from the low, to near 60 degrees and we have
5:50 am
that offshore wind and it is not too bad. we have a little bit of high clouds, today's forecast does call for a lot of sunshine but the big change is wednesday and there is a big breeze so it is 60s 60s for some, 15 coming out of the gulf of alaska. some rain will return maybe a quarter to a half inch by wednesday and the bigger story will be the cold air and highs in the low-to-mid 50s by thursday and it equals a lot of 60s to near 70 and we have set
5:51 am
a report high. maybe some late rain more like early wednesday and there comes some cold air behind it and after a coal morning, rain returns with cold air on sunday. shoppers are not spending quite so much time. this let the sharp drop and they are moving all of their ships, three of them have been out of los angeles. disney says one reason to have all four in florida is to increase the owners to stay for disney worm.
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>> take the bloody shark. >> double 07, still at the box office, it shows sky fall pulled in the ticket sales currently ranked 3rd, the numbers are so sharp. >> great. >> well, tragedy runs the music world, what the devastated family of jenny rivera will do today after she was killed in a plane crash. >> you can watch all of our news on your smart phone, you can be connected any time anywhere.
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. good morning, skies are clear, temperatures are near 60 degrees. fans are remembering mexican singer jenny rivera believed to be among several people killed in a plane crash. you are looking at a vigil that was held in southern california last night. the small plane carrying her was reported missing early
5:56 am
sunday after taking off from monterey mexico following her concert. the wreckage has been found and her driver's license was among the wreckage and her brother will drive there to identify her. john mcafee wants to return to the u.s. in an online news conference he made answer announcement during -- an announcement during a news conference. >> i want to go back to america my home where i was raised. >> they want to return him to belize where he is wanted for questioning and he said he was not involved in that shooting. if you want the perfect gift, you want to go to the southerland and raiders players will be signing autographs at an event benefitting toys for
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tots. they will be signing autographs in exchange for a new unwrapped toy for the value of at least $20. the annual toy drive, fans were asked to donate new unwrapped toys or cash and they will be given to the people who live in public housing. >> we will be getting closer and let's check in with sal for trafficking and as you drive through the south, on the sunole grade it is off to a good start and it is getting more crowded but certainly not stop and go just yet we are
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also looking at the fremont highway and they are moving well heading out to the high- rise let's go back to the desk. a frightening scene near the bay view district, two people are found bound and gag in the middle of the street and one has died. we first reported this at 4:30 a.m. our news reporters were there as the big-rig burst into flames. it looks cold, we will have more on that coming up.
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