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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 10, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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. the family of michelle le speaks out after the woman convicted of her murder is sentenced. i am torii campbell. this was sentencing day for the former friend who was convicted of killing michelle le. live outside the courthouse tara moriarty also it us know she will be behind bars for a long time. >> reporter: 25 years to life is what giselle esteban received. after the 25 years, it will be up to the department of corrections to decide if he is he is could get out on parole. >> it is not what is right but it is the most they can do and we -- we are just glad that some form of justice has been
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served. >> reporter: cameras were not allowed in the courtroom but we caught up immediately with michelle le's family after giselle esteban's sentencing. >> i want everybody to know how much michelle le impacted our family, christine and i and we will try to live our lives trying to do enough good while she is not with us. >> reporter: the judge said giselle esteban never showed a hint of remorse. >> we always said she felt no remorse, just stared directly at our family with a blank stair so it was good he pointed that out. >> reporter: prosecutors said giselle esteban killed 26-year- old michelle le in may 2011 in the misguided believe she was having a romantic relationship with the father of giselle
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esteban's young daughter. >> she will never take away her legacy and michael made good point in his statement by committing the crime she did, she only revealed her own ugliness and revealed michelle le's beauty. >> reporter: she waited for hours in a parking lot until michelle le took a break from nursing class. >> i can't believe there is any bit of human being in her. >> reporter: she waved her rights to speak and her attorneys did say a few words but it was the words that michelle le's family was clinging to. >> thank you tara. >> reporter: tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. he was accused of killing and abducting sierra lemar.
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the judge made appoint to bring two cases together. antolin garcia-torres is now going to enter a plea in the sierra lemar case and three attempted kidnappings in the morgan hill safe way parking lot where he worked. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty in the sierra lemar case. they saved two men when they hit power lines in san leandro this morning. 3:15 they were delivering prisoner uniforms to the sweeney camp facility on fairmont drive when they hit the low hanging line and the truck burst into flames. the driver who also happened to be a volunteer firefighter knew exactly what to do to avoid electrocution. >> most people would have stepped out and probably would
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have gotten electrocuted. >> reporter: they also poured foam on two large tanks. they had to wait until they could actually touch the truck. there are still questions involving a couple found bound and gag on a residential street. life in the area where a horrible discovery was made last night. good morning. >> reporter: we are here live at the location where the couple was bound gag and left for dead last night. police say this is a normally quiet neighborhood and what happened here is typically something you would only see in the movies. >> i don't recall seeing this before and as you all know it probably happens in the movies a lot but again in real life i have not seen this a lot. >> reporter: it is something that has taken this district by
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surprise. >> i was born and raised here so when i heard it, i was surprised. >> reporter: they spotted two people, an african-american man in his 20s and caucasian woman bound gagged left for dead right in the middle of the street. the man is dead and the woman has severe life-threatening injuries and as of now police have no leads on what happened. >> they will be tasked with the identification of the deceased victim but the female victim is still in the hospital and i do not know where she is from at this point. >> reporter: the man was unconscious and the woman was barely alive. with the man now dead it is a homicide investigation and they are hoping the woman pulls through to help with the investigation. it is unclear how she received her injuries and how it happened and where it happened.
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>> we are not even sure it happened here and for all we know it happened elsewhere and they were simply dumped there. >> i am scared and i don't leave the house when it gets dark because you never know, you never know what happens over here. >> reporter: and torii, there are still lots of unanswered questions at this point. san francisco police say they have canvassed the neighborhood and they are hoping the public steps forward with any information. live from the endingel wood district, brian flores ktvu channel 2 morning news. it happened at 2314 man der written way. one young man was shot at that home at 10:00 this morning. paramedics have taken him to the hospital but there is no word on his identity.
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neighbors say he was the stepson of the man who was shot and killed saturday. but police will not say if they believe the shooting was connected. they held a vigil for 53-year- old aaron williams. fisherman are trying to work out a price. they went on strike when seafood brokers decided to lower the price because of decreased demand. spokesperson said they will meet again at 4:00 this afternoon. president barack obama will continue to battle republicans in a fiscal cliff negotiation. the president spoke at a detroit suburb with axle and engines. he continues to push his plan to raise taxes on the wealthy. >> all congress needs to do is
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provide a law that will provide taxes on the $250,000 of everybody's income. >> they are trying to enact a right to work law to allow workers to opt out of paying union dues. and in san jose, they are trying to keep social programs in place despite the looming cliff and -- and jeanine della vega joins us with more. >> reporter: these people are protesting cuts politicians want to make they are holding up signs and getting honks from drivers on the road. this group of about 30 people have set up tents in front of the office and they are pleased she supports not cutting back on medicare medicaid and social security. for example they are upset that
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some of the proposals are about raising eligibility rate for people on medicare. other politicians are using the fiscal cliff into intimidating congress into dismantling the programs that others rely on. >> it ought to be used to strengthen the medicare program and we need to make reforms in the medicare program and it ought to be used to strengthen the social security system. >> millions of people depend on these to survive and without them they will end up homeless and these billionaires want to take them away. it is an outrage. >> reporter: the congresswoman came out of her office to talk to the activists and many are on social security disability or are veterans struggling to make ends meet. back out here live the group plans on camping out live to spread awareness of what is at
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stake. jeanine della vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. he seems to follow mitt romney, a university pole shows 47% of americans have a favorable review of mitt romney and his running mate paul ryan. he won 70% of the popular vote in the presidential election. all of this comes from 47% of the country who would never vote for him because they are too dependant on government services. their doctors may be recklessly prescribing drugs. according to the los angeles times, patient's are at risk because of a lack of oversight at the state medical board. when it sanctions doctors in most cases, the bored allows
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them to continue practicing and writing prescriptions. christmas is coming a little earlier and gas prices have dropped more than 7 cents in the last week. san francisco has the highest average, $3.71. average price for regular is $3.59 and san jose and santa rosa are arounding $3.59. it is a mostly sun nip and mild day around the -- sunny and mild day around the bay area and rosemary orozco is here to tell us about some changes on the horizon. we have more on the fate of a popular mexican american singer. [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets,
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information on the dutches of cambridge. they pretend to be elizabeth and prince charles. >> we just assumed with the voices we put on we were going to get told off and that was the gag. >> well, the unofficial cause of death has not ban announced and stress may have caused her to take her own life. they say the show has been canceled and there are no plans for the djs to go back on the air. nelson mandela is undergoing tests. officials have not said why he is seeking medical treatment other than to say he is seeking medicare care that is consistent with his age. the civil rights leader spend years -- spend years in prison and has since retired from public life.
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the european our beyond -- union accepted the nobel peace prize during the european debt crisis. the city hall was attend by several city leaders and royal families. they were honored for promoting peace and human rights in europe. >> over the past 60 years, the european project shows it is possible for people and nations to coming to across borders. >> the european's leader says the union is working hard to overcome difficulties and to restore growth and jobs in countries such as greece and spain. a new york judge announced an agreement for the international monetary fund and housekeeper. they have accused dominique can
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and dominique strauss-kahn had agreed to pay $6 million. officials confirmed a private plane that went down in mexico yesterday was carrying popular americans mexican singer jenny rivera. a vigil was held in southern california last night and the singer was at the peak of her fame. she was also a reality television star an advocate for domestic violence victims. she leaves behind five children and two grandchildren. a nevada woman who survived said she asked her boy february not to -- boyfriend not to venture out for help after they became stuck. she said they should stay with the vehicle and ride out the storm together n an interview she said she knew she would never see him again and she was
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rescued six days after she and clifton became stranded in the remote valley. clifton's body was recovered the same day. they are cracking down on repeat drunk drivers and we will be whapping for several despite having a suspended license. they often do not have insurance and they are likely to leave the scene of an accident. they risk being arrested and having their car impounded. federal safety officials say although the number of traffic fatalities are at the lowest level since 1949 two other categories are up. bicyclists and people riding in trucks. and they are saying big trucks may be returning to the road as
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the economy improves. they are investigating companies that make cell phone apps to determine if they are violating the privacy rights of children. spying apps can capture a child's physical location phone numbers and more. they did not specify which companies it is investigating. fedex is expecting the busiest day ever today. they will process up to 200 packages per second. 19million are expected to be used today alone. it is increasing shopping fueled by online shopping making this the busiest time in fedex's history. >> the increase in online shopping has spilled over and people are getting and shipped to fedex.
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he is working hard to deal with over 15 percent more packs -- they are working hard to deal with over 15% more packages than last year. this adds quite a beautiful shot over the bay. i only see light winds across the bay area. satellite radar is showing you blue and clear skies overhead and this will be the case for today but our dry mild days are numbered. we have a system coming our way. i want to show you that ridge of high pressure. right, there is the arch and that system in the gulf of a alaska will only bring us cold weather. the offshore breeze is helping to dry us up. for us there is no trouble and we start out with just a few
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patches of fog. we are stating out by tuesday afternoon and look at the time stampel. there is the rain in the northwest california and it ross -- crosses into the overnight hours. if this stays consistent we will be mainly dry for the moo commute. -- commute. by tuesday we begin to see the transition and take a look at these temperatures. they really plunge. by wednesday snow levels are expected to drop to 3,000 feet which means some of the highest elevations could see a dusting of snow mt. diablo and mt. hamilton. they are reporting winds at 12 miles per hour and temperatures widespread 60s and 70 degrees
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in oakland. mid-to-upper 60s for the afternoon. 65 for novato, 67 in berkeley. maybe even 71 before the day is over, 61 in fremont and 68 in santa cruz. still nice and dry and we are beginning to notice scattered showers in the forecast for most of wednesday and snow levels will be dropping temperatures, mid-50s for the afternoon and it will feel like winter all of a sudden. we are a little cool and breeze. >> it is windy and not that cold. and warning for drivers, what may soon cause delays. we will tell you why coming up.
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. investors are waiting for developments in crucial u.s. budget talks. taking a look at the big board, nasdaq up 7, s&p 500 up 1 and dow jones industrial average as well up. and it will be up over the next five months. they will allow them to work on
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the plaza painting and replacing crash cushions. a new antismoking ordinance is expected to pass a key hurdle and under the proposal landlords will have to tell pro speculative -- prospective renters if it is smoke-free. if passed, the ordinance will move on to the board. a couple was found bound and gagged on a guy he residential street. we are getting more from police as they investigate a motive and look for potential suspects. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news and we are always here on mobile
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. for complete bay area news coverage stay with ktvu channel 2 news and, news is available any time you need it.
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