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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  December 11, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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coastal and our tenuous rope of a day will be here but not much in the way of rain but it is packing a lot of cold air behind it and we will have 50s and some low 60s. here is sal. we had some road work on the babe gabe and that -- golden gate bridge and that road work will be reducing speeds. that traffic between walnut creek and oakland is doing nicely and if you are driving along 101 to san francisco, it is a nice drive. let's go back to the desk. we begin with breaking news from hayward. right now crews are battling an apartment fire. we have a news crew on the way to the scene and we have an apartment fire in hayward. meanwhile an investigation is on the way into an overnight
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store. there was another fire at the same location just months ago. allie rasmus has more about what we learned about the latest fire, allie? >> reporter: they responded to this fire and they were very familiar with the building and it was actually the second time they put out the same fire in the same spot in the past four months. the fire that burned used to be an appliance shop and they were called about a structure fire there again. fire engulfed the building and it was just a one-alarm fire and took ten minutes for firefighters to put it out. the cause is still under investigation and according to the battalion chief there are thoughts about how it started. the business had been vacant since august of this year. it is the budget a bly plie
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answer -- a bly plie answers store -- appliances store. after that the business had closed and there was no power and no roof to the pulling but as for this fire which happened at the same spot, firefighters are not sure what the cause was but you heard the battalion chief who said it may have been caused by squatters who said they were trying to keep warm. they are trying to find out if two pipe bomb incidents are related. two students led away after a pipe bomb was found on campus. fortunately nobody was hurt but investigators now hope security cameras and finger prints from the bomb will lead to an arrest. >> it may have created some damage in the school absolutely. >> reporter: they are trying to see if this is connected to
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another pipe bomb incident. a red she have surry bla -- red chevy blazer was scene leaving the area. two teens are arrested. they will search for a missing man who disappeared. phillip mattingly of fair oaks was last seen working on his tugboat. authorities think he may have fallen overboard. they will meet with the u.s. coast guard to resume the search. repairs are expected to be completed in walnut creek. news chapper 2 -- chopper 2 had crews bring in crews to help and some customers did loose
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water service. we called the contra costa district to see if water service has been returned and we have not heard back yet. police say it all started at 8:00 last night when they tried to stop a suspected car in bancroft. it was in defense of bond street and the alleged car was taken away in handcuffs. there is still no word on whether a driver will face charges for hitting a pedestrian in san francisco. jack wing was crossing around 2:30 when he was hit by a truck. the driver stopped and is cooperating with investigators. the man used of killing sierra lemar will return to court tomorrow. the judge approved an amendment to join the other crimes
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antolin garcia-torres is accused of. he also tried kidnap three other women in 2009. antolin garcia-torres will enter a plea in both cases. 25 years to life. the woman convicted of killing michelle le, that is the sentence for giselle esteban. the judge said giselle esteban has shown no remorse for killing her friend. michelle le's family attended this hearing and had this to say. >> maybe she will never feel remorse and if she did, it will she has something in her that shows she is a human being. >> giselle esteban killed michelle le because she believed she was having a relationship with the father of her child. they talked about whether
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to except a $2.50 per pound from fish brokers. they will decide whether they want to stay at a $3 per pound price. the strike started wednesday after fish brokers moved to drop the price of fresh crab. they are looking to make it illegal to grow medical marijuana outdoors. he said his plants smell bad and she has posted flyers to show up at the meeting. now the man who owns the plants is a medical marijuana card holder and he plans to bring his supporters as well. they will consider a proposal to reduce the amount of medical marijuana people can have. they will reduce it to no more than 6 mature or no more than 12 mature plants . cut it from
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3 pounds to 8 ounces per year. a face lift of the toll plaza has begun. they are begin replacing canopies and other toll areas near the plaza and work is scheduled to be done only during overnight hours. yes, it is supposed to be overnight and how is traffic so far? >> right now traffic is testify a decent start and right now we always look at the roads this time and i want to show you the east shore freeway is doing well. pardon me heading out to the mcarthur maze, there are some potholes but they are not causing a major delay right now. if you are trying to get on to the bridge it does look good and you can see traffic is
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moving along nicely. if you are driving right there downtown they are off to a good start. >> bless you, sal. >> thank you. we have a nice pattern and people are saying this is nice and for december it was. the change is up but there is not much of a rain system but we are packing a punch for cold air and there is not a lot of rain but maybe we have a third of an inch unless it enhances and it will not arrive until tonight into tomorrow morning. there are clouds in advance of this being pushed in. we will have some brief morning rain on wednesday and we will focus our attention on colder temperatures and if there is any available moisture, we will have some snow. fairfield, napa, santa rosa, livermore i'm sure they will check in with concord, redwood city is close and even san jose
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is cooler so it is a cooler morning and this is the key right up in there. that is a lot of cold air and it will settle up over us and even thursday the low drops right over the bay area. -- right over the bay area. yesterday we had that easterly wind so 50s for many and very low 60s. tomorrow we will deal with brief colder rain and tomorrow it will be colder and breezy and friday it will be okay and on sunday warmth returns. a shooting of one man which happened two days earlier. and an issue is bringing thousands of protesters to a state capital. good morning, traffic looks good heading to the high-rise, we have more about the commute and the bay area weather. >-.y÷$@y+o3vhpe
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. we have fog coming in advance of the system and we have 50s and very low 60s. an oakland teen will spend 25 years to life in state prison after pleading guilty to killing his parents. he killed them at their home and the couple adopted moses when he was six years old. the attorney said he suffers from a lot of health issues considering abuse and he gets less time than he could have faced had he gone to trial. edgar and belongco -- blanco was shot to death at midnight on saturday. the little girl was inside the
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apartment and was not hurt. she is now in protective custody. people are asking if you may have seen something that might help investigators. two men were shot an injured in front of a home on mandarin way yesterday morning. both men are expected to survive and one of the victims is a stepson of a man who was shot on saturday about a block away. so far no arrests have been made. there is a question of spending money and the audit says some reports skirted spending limits on single transactions. it talks about extravagant gifts that are unsubstantiated
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as liabilities. >> it is something we will not close our eyes to and make sure that the mistakes of the past are not repeated. >> ian is the second executive -- guantanamo ian is the second to step down than money has since been repaid. they are said to pass a right to work bill. thousands are expected at the michigan state house for the final vote on the right to work law. they are asking them to opt out of paying dues even though the union works on their behalf. >> we give freedom of choice to our workplace and legislature move promptly moving us through the legislature and when it arrives on my desk i plan on signing it.
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>> the says the show -- states show it is a right to work for less. >> the bill is expected to pass and 23 other states already have right to work laws. they are giving 3.5 to buy additional cars. the that will allow it to run passenger trains at half hour intervals. the money had been earmarked for pedestrian and cyclist safety. let's go to traffic with sal. hey, sal. once again we are looking at the golden gate bridge and check it out it looks like they have reopened most of the lanes south and north and you might see some lane workers in the lanes so just be careful if you come up on that and also with the bay bridge, that looks good
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coming into san francisco. it is always surprising and there are no problems getting into san francisco right now. if you are driving that traffic is off it a good start. let's go to steve. >> i always want to know where they are going, sal. >> they might be going. >> good morning, we have mostly clear skies, ukiah has some fog, more on the low cloud deck and this system is up there. it is the cold air behind that and the pattern is changing and the problem is -- well that is not a problem but the challenge is how much rain will we get and how long will the cold air last. i think santa clara valley and parts of the east bay get the sun but brief rain on wednesday and much colder. if there is any available
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moisture, snow level could get to 1,000 people to. they are holding on at 50 degrees. the system coming down now does not hold a lot of moisture so cooler today until clouds come in late this evening. sometimes you can get that low cloud deck to come in and it turns cloudy fast. we have lower 50s for highs probably in some inland locations. we have a westerly breeze and 56 for santa rosa. temperatures are coming down north and also east, pleasanton fremont and those 70s which are close to it are gone. clouds tonight, will not last long, a quarter of an inch and then colder and it will be unsettled and it will not be
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very warm. increasing clouds sunday and looks like another cold rain on sunday, pam? >> unknown attackers fired at protesters camping out in egypt. the attackers come after opponents and supporters of president mohamed morsi over the country's new constitution. meanwhile president mohamed morsi has maintained security in the under up on the vote to that constitution. -- in the run up on the vote to that constitution. they are sending a team to mexico to help find the cause of the crash. rivera and six others died after their learjet went down in mexico. many considered rivera a role model. >> she could have been your girlfriend, somebody you could just talk to and she went through domestic violence and that's why women really related
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to her because she was really one of the girls. >> and the driver's license was found among the wreckage and so far no bodies were recovered. seattle they touched down. the pilots landed the boeing 737 in sacramento due to an electrical smell coming from the back of the plane. all 132 passengers were booked on other flights. they complained of the odor and were treated. a san jose kaiaker drowned in a creek. 39-year-old shelby daniel was with friends on clear creek on sunday when her kaiak capsized south of whiskey town lake. they were able to free the kaiak but she slipped
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downstream. searchers were not able to find her body until yesterday and investigators say she was an experienced kaiaker and was wearing all the right safety gear. contra costa coroner's office said 21-year-old woman veered to oncoming traffic hitting a big-rig. her 16-year-old son died at the scene and the driver of the big- rig was not hurt. the investigation continues after a teen was stabbed near a holiday popular attraction. coming up why a police spokesperson is now backtracking from comments he made after the weekend crime that may have been gang related. they will find out ahead of time if this could be smokers. and they are giving potential -- a list of potential apartments to give a list where
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the board is expected to vote on it next month. they are considering voting on all city property. there is a mystery in santa cruz county and why they believe hundreds of dead squid could be washing up on beaches.
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. all right now, more on the breaking news we brought you at 4:30, this is where firefighter are on the scene of a fire at an apartment building and you can see they are putting up the ladder an examining the fire. tara moriarty has more information and we will have a live report coming up at 5:00. scientists are trying to figure out why dozens of dead squid are landing on beaches. marine biologists say it is unusual because they usually live in warmer waters. they believe an over abundance of food may have caused this and they are warning people not to touch the squid. jacobs will not play the
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regular season games after posting he was quote rotting away on the 49ers bench. on saturday, he wrote, i don't understand why people are angry with me. 49ers chose to bench him rather than release him and it is possible they don't want to take his knowledge to the play book and a team that could hurt them in the playoffs. and tight end vernon davis in addition to being one of the best players at his position, davis is also an artist. some of his paintings are on display at his gallery. the money will go to at risk kids. >> i was afraid to reach out to kids and let them know it is safe to be an artist. you don't have to play basketball and football to be
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cool. >> alex smith and shawn gold were on hand for the opening as well. >> he is making art cool. he does a lot of charity work. that is awesome. 4:55 let's go back to sal for traffic, sal? it has been a nice drive, no major problems if you are driving on 880 northbound and southbound and it does look good driving through. also the commute looks good on the san mateo and dumbarton and let's go to steve now. >> already, sal? >> yes. >> all right, here comes the system but it is a very thin line and it will be a cooler day, a lot of 50s to the north and it is stuck here and so is my computer.
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there it is. our system is pushing clouds up towards petaluma and santa rosa so it is going to be cooler. patchy fog more so on the coast and more of a westerly breeze instead of that easterly breeze we had coming in from the north yesterday. we have a lot of cold air coming in behind it and that will set up shop here for a while. look for increasing low clouds for a while and there will not be much rain but further north, but not a lot. chilly lows, 50s on a lot of temperatures, i mean we are going town on these temperatures. it looks like a better pattern saturday and sunday. people are living in santa clara city and police say there
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has been a recent spike in one type of crime there. also breaking news, we first told you about it, crews are battling an early apartment fire and it is just a few blocks from the area, we will have an update from the scene.
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