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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  December 13, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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it is certainly cold out there. >> it would not surprise me if we start out crisp but there is a lot of unstable air. sunny, clouds, maybe a cool and breezy day. here is sal. we have a fatal accident on the san mateo bridges a you head out to the high-rise. so -- as you head out to the high-rise, so far the right lane will be blocked as they wait for the coroner to arrive. this is on the san mateo bridge and we are not sure how it will affect the traffic as the morning wears on so we will let you know. also the morning commute is looking good a long 101 approaching the 880 split, it is 441 let's go back to the
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desk. people are about to see some of the highest tides of the year. king tides are expected to be here tonight. >> yes. >> reporter: this place is notorious for flooding but especially since king tides are actually around. king tides have rolled in yesterday and there is signs that people who may be coming here will know about possible flooding today and tomorrow. but this is location that is typically affect by high tides. we saw water under the under carriage of vehicles and we actual little had king tides in january and february but this occurrence had some water
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cresting around the field and a portion of the beach area but some areas we will look be looking at is our rivers and creaks and we will be keeping an eye on any transportation issues. we understand there were bike and pedestrian areas that were affected as well. we are affecting a rather large tide surge and of course steve paulson will have more on that. >> governor jerry brown's office said he will continue to work a full schedule until he receives treatment. he has been diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer. governor jerry brown did not reveal anything about his
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sickness. >> he was as he always is, vital and vibrant and one would have never known for a moment that there are health issues going on in that 74-year-old body. >> he said the prognosis is excellent and the treatment will be completed the week of february 27th. on our website, you will be the full statement overnight. a man was hurt by a bike after being hit by. >> street sweeper. it happened on 5th and brandon streets. his injuries are not considered to be life-threatening. time now 4:32, a seven hour lockdown was lifted as police
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ended their search for two robbery suspects. they were asked to leave their dorms and officers asked kids to stay put on campus. the suspects were not found. the lockdown came after a police chase that spanned three counties. the suspects were a group of five men who robbed a jewelry store. one took place and was arrested after running on to a baseball field after he was giving toys to kids. san jose police are invest dated from the hp pavilion. officers were called to the scene to give reports for an undone shows woman and when they got there they found she
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was dead : he invest greaters -- investigators believe her death was suspicious. he was gunned down tuesday night while unloading groceries from his car. he had his open luck career title. -- he had his own luxury title. >> he works hard and he is my hose model. >> neighbors say they have been concerned about safety and some families plan on meeting with the police about the case
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today. the core north cotransfer control the the department and falls short of a full take over but the deal does stem from the riders scandal 12 years ago. oakland failed to complete 12 date concerns and we have the judge who is having the final say. city council is expected to keep it from air space. they expressed interest in one of the remote control devices to be use you had in emergency situations as well. they are worried about possible be interference and i have phone users are now available. the relief comes three months
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after they replaced the maps on iphone. so apple maps move less to be likely causing him to issue an apology. its new map app is prepare your to the ones found on the website. >> and a new area is being considered for marin and the possible in the hot this stepping up security. in oakland, they will provide escorts and in san francisco, bart is adding extra patrols to the stations downtown. 4:36 is the time and
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unfortunately we have a fatal accident. >> that is right. to you pus i is it >> it is not only busy bash disabout -- business i and part of the emergency vehicles, the actual vehicles involved in the crash had been moved to the right hand shoulder as investigators were still there and traffic is heading nicely taught mcarthur maze. and no major problems getting into the city. if you are driving northbound up 280 it looks good getting up to highway 17. hey, steve. chuck can i 1 degrees, 30
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30 ukiah and there is fast moving symptoms. a lot of 30s unless you are closer to the water but even san jose is 41 and hayward is 41ment series of for cat models are struggling to get the time on this. cool, breezy, partly sunny and cloudy, we will continuing and i said sun clouds showers and that's the way it is going to be. we have splash and dash showers, rain comes in late friday into early saturday. the information came out
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just a few minutes ago. the sad death of a nurse who was the subject of a trick and prank. the subjects you could take to a victim. the traffic looks good between walnut creek and oakland treat ahead -- straight ahead.
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. the gunman was 22-year-old tyler roberts. roberts had quit his job sold all her possessions and told her he was moving to hawaii. she said robert never showed
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any signs of being violent. she has no understanding for her son's behavior. he is accused of killing a man and woman and wounding a 15- year-old girl. the man was a married business owner and father of two. the woman a hospice nurse is described as aboved caretaker and a 15-year-old is recovering after being shot in the chest. they released their report on the nurse took the hoax call on the butches of cambridge. she was found hanging from a scarf on a car broke door in her -- war broke door in her -- wardrobe door in her room.
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they found three letters as well. it was after he was deported from guatemala. he john mcafee is happy to talk to police from belize if they come here to the u.s. time now 44, there does not seem to be any problems in washington d.c. house speaker john boehner has traded proposals with president barack obama but they are still far apart on how to avert the spending cuts set to go into affect next month. the negotiations can continue until the last minute. they told them not to make plans for the week after christmas. starting today, commercials should not be louder than the television shows you are watching. the calm act is making sure the ads are the same volume as the
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programs around them. the law wasco authored by anna tissue. and they are prompting the utilities commission to add a new area code to the area code zone. they are forcing some people to switch area codes or to a sign a new area code with two new numbers. they will think about it in january. the man accused of killing sierra lemar is charged with 3 new crimes in san jose. 21-year-old antolin garcia- torres looked very different. his hair has grown out and antolin garcia-torres is accused of trying to kidnap three different women in 2009.
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he could enter pleased and has yet to enter a plea in the disappearance and killing of sierra lemar. and there is a rush for holiday deliveries and they want you to be careful when placing your who'll say shopping. it gives criminals more opportunities to strike. one ups store advices against home deliveries if you are gone. >> go on ups t- called my choice and reroute it to is the nearest ups and just give your i.d. and pick it up. talk with your driver about a more discrete place to leave your packages. more than 93 million
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americans are expected to travel. it is up 1% and self of them will be driving -- several of them will be driving on highways. if you are travel on pacific, they are threatening to withhold food and even smiling greetings from passengers. it is all because of a pay dispute. they want a 5% raise but the airline is offering 2%. the cabin attendance said if it doesn't work they could go on strike. interesting. >> i know we have a big problem on san mateo. it just popped up so we just got it. this was the scene of the
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accident suv and sedan. we got into a crash earlier this morning and unfortunately this became a fatal crash waiting for the coroner to respond and so far it is not causing a huge traffic i have jam and tara tara moriarty will tell us more coming up. let's look at the westbound bay bridge, that traffic is moving well. so far so good on all the freeways. there is some patchy fog up in the north bay. this it could be a few scattered showers and man, there a lot of 30s and they will continue to drop.
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30s inland and around the area of redding, ukiah, 6 in tahoe and sacramento so we have a lot of the companies on these lows. they could sneak back in and there is so much going on here the forecast models are so fast they can't really handle it. the systems want to come down and go parallel to the coast. it means clouds rain or partly cloudy. i am broad brushing the whole thing here. if you like 50s on the temperatures, this is your kind much weather. that is exactly what your forecast is going to be increasing clouds monday and
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tuesday, pam? the reason america's best known charity groups is the target of the protest. video of a lamborghini speeding through a tunnel. the san francisco car speeding through the tunnel overnight. . the san francisco car speeding through the tunnel overnight, we will explain. w
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. uc berkeley is getting underway to ban the salvation army from the campus. they will be raising funds for the salvation army on campus at 10:00 and it is in protest for the senate are resolution -- senate resolution to remove army bans where they are discriminating against gays lesbians. he has been found mentally incompetent to stand trial. they made that ruling regarding love. love pled not guilty to three counts of arson. the fire destroyed much of the law offices and she remains in
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custody on $250,000 pail. he was suspended in a domestic violence case. opponents are asking for his resignation and they are hoping to avoid a recall that could cost the city a half million dollars. and the sergeant is involved in a police probe of a lamborghini speeding through the tunnel. knew tunnel runs from chinatown to russian hill and has 35 miles per hour speed limit. this picture was titled broadway up until 100 miles per hour in the lambo. it included a comment saying, everybody was drunk at the
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time. >> it violates our public safety here in the city. >> the subject told us he quote, i was not driving 1 is hundred miles per hour in the prod way tunnel and i was definitely not drunk. in bragging rights, my comment about being drunk was purely tongue and cheek. even the most cynical golden state warrior fan may now be a believer. in a last send basket, he stunned -- last second basket, he stunned the world. they had a 15 and 7 record and
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are just atop the pacific division. 4:54 is the time, let's check in on traffic this morning. >> you are jumping on the bandwagon? >> no, i am just saying, he didn't they they could do it. good morning, traffic is moving along well if you are driving in most areas. there is an investigation and we will have a live report reporting up on the scenement traffic is moving well as you drive passed the coliseum with no major problems and the morning commute in san jose and santa clara valley is still good on all the freeways here. >> i am jumping on the
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bandwagon. fun to watch. we have freezing temperatures and so be careful. a little shower activity close to pebbles in the pay may be there are a few widespread hours. 33 san rafael. concord redwood city, everyone else is close but they are chilly at 46 degrees. the system will go right down the coast and split to go east as well. they are moving really fast. keep an eye on things because we can get come -- some frost -- we can get some frost and it
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will be chilly and breezy out of the north west and a little low will develop over us and even though we don't get much heat it could build up on the hills. it looks like late friday and into sunday. a close call for a driver in the east bay. the frantic scene as the train slams into the suv. our news crew is now on the accept, we will have an update
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