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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  December 14, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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pronounced dead at the scene. >> reporter: a witness said she believed at least 100 rounds had been fired. the first 911 call came in at around 9:30 a.m. police implemented an active search. >> there were police with rifles and handguns they were on the roof. they were surrounding the school. >> reporter: president obama ordered u.s. flags to half staff in honor of the victims. speaking about the children killed, he fought back tears. >> they had their entire lives ahead of them. birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own. >> reporter: he also offered assistance and condolences to connecticut's governor during a difficult time. >> we'll do whatever we can to overcome this event. we will get through it. but this is a terrible time for this community and for these families. >> reporter: the community is left to wonder how this could
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happen in their town. >> i don't know if there's any safe place any more in this world. >> reporter: i'm maribel aver reporting. the information about the gunman has changed throughout the day. ktvu's rob roth has been on this story since it began. >> reporter: police now believe he first killed his mother then drove to the school in her car. authoritys are trying to find a motive for the massacre here at sandy hook elementary school in newtown community. among the dead is who police say is the gunman. they believe he killed his mother at their home before going on the rampage at sandy hook where his mother was a teacher. >> there is a related scene that we found as we were continuing the investigation. and specifically investigating the shooting.
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>> reporter: lance's brother reported that he suffered of a personality of a disorder, saying some what autistic. >> can you wrap your head around that? >> no i cannot. i don't know who would do anything like this. >> so your general sense is what? >> this is unspeakable. i first heard about it, i'm still in shock. i want to go. >> reporter: police in connecticut plan to hold their next briefing early tomorrow morning. where they say they may have more information on adam lanza. reporting from the newsroom, rob roth. it all began at 9:30 eastern. that's 6:30 our time. at that time the exterior doors
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were locked. shortly after 9:30, police reported that a shooter was in the main office of the school. 9:40a.m. groups of children, some of them crying were escorted from the school. they began searching the school. then just before noon eastern time. the first report that children were among the dead. president obama expressed his condolences to the victims and their families today in an emotional address to the nation. >> we've endured too many of these tragedies in the past few years. each time i learn the news i react not as a president but as anyone else would, as a parent. and that was especially true today. i know there's not a parent in america who doesn't feel the same overwhelming grief that i
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do. the majority of those who died today were children. beautiful little kids between the ages of five and 10 years old. they had their entire lives ahead of them. birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own. >> reporter: the president said that the nation must in his words take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like today's shooting. as you saw the president was emotional when he spoke earlier today. it was about a four minute long statement and you can hear all of it just go to signs of tragedy in connecticut can be seen here in the bay area. at the federal building in oakland the flag was lowered to half staff. the president has ordered all
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flags be lowered to half staff until tuesday. scenes like this one in san francisco played out across the country this evening. other leaders reacting throughout the day about this shooting. both of california senators were quick to send out statements this first one from senator dianne feinstein. she said quote i am horrified and incensed by today's tragedy in connecticut. these massacres don't seem to stop, they continue on and on. and governor barbara boxer says, this touches us all so deeply. and it is long past time that we enacted sensible gun laws and school safety legislation. whenever there's a tragedy like this the debate over gun control heats up. coming up in less than 10 minutes a look at this case and california laws when it comes to guns. >> we want to know go live to newton connecticut, maribel aber is there. it's a little after 9:00 in the evening. it's been a long and difficult
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day. maribel can you giver -- give us an idea of what's happening in the community right now. >> hi gasia and ken. >> reporter: it's definitely a somber mood right now. if you don't know newtown is about an hour away from new york city. and to paint the picture here i mean it's an idealic town. behind me is trees. it's like being in a little utopia. driving in here, it's a scenic scene with nobody on the roads except media. we passed by a church where there's a vigil right now. it's eerie, somber. lots of parents talking about the shock and the horrificness about this event. >> reporter: can you tell us in your talking with parents and community members here, we've heard expressions of rage, of grief, sorrow, disbelief what are you getting when you talk
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to people there in newtown? >> well you know it's really, it's really about -- an unspeakable, unspeakable emotion that's happening. you think about not just the parents but the entire community and you look at a town like this which is pretty much storybookville. you can't even fathom anything happening like this. in a place like this. >> reporter: reporter maribel abel there thank you for your reporting today and of course more information on this story continues to come out. >> we want to point out the news just crossed the associated press wire that more guns beside the two handguns that police had already found more guns have been found inside that connecticut school. no further details on how many more guns or what kinds of weapons were found we will stay on top of this as well. the question of school security here in the bay area and of course all over the
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country is at the top of everyone's mind after today's mass shooting. alex savidge is joining us now on how the bay area schools are reassessing their crisis guidelines. >> reporter: the superintendent of livermore school sent out this message hoping schools will look at their strategies. >> i won't say it wakes us up but it reminds us that these drills that we do are important. and that the plans that we have in place are important. >> reporter: assistant superintendent chris van schaack tells us the district's emergency response plan was put to the test earlier this year when this middle school with us locked down as police searched for an armed man on campus it turned out to be a false alarm. >> you can see a chance to find
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out how people respond in crisis. >> reporter: livermore school already do regular checks. >> after this is done, we'll ask did this person get access to the campus. >> those of us who teachers who dedicate their lives to children, this is a sad day. >> reporter: administrators feel students are safe but naturally today's mass shooting. and unfortunately that's to be expected like this and it's
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becoming a little too common. >> reporter: the district is discouraging parents from pulling their kids out of school. incidentally this coming march the new haven school trick -- district is going to be conducting a shooter drill at all of its schools. live tonight in livermore, alex sadvidge. many parents are wondering how to talk to their own children about this shooting in a way that makes their children feel safe. ktvu's allie rasmusen is looking at that. >> reporter: oakland unified school district got a lot of calls from concerned parents this morning wanting advice from their counselors on how to talk to their kids about what happened in connecticut. that's why the district sent this flier home with their students. parents like victor mendoza
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looked at the flier. it's something he was apprehensive about. >> i don't know how i would deal wit. especially if it was at my son's school. >> if we keep them informed and we are informed, we just have to pray and help for the best. >> reporter: oakland unified school district has a staff of dozens of child psychologists and counselors they are available whenever violence strikes in oakland. >> we do have a certain level of readiness that we've acquired just because of the climate and the situations we're required to grapple with. >> reporter: now the counseling staff is on stand by to help children deal with the tragedy. >> because of the youth of the victims and the tragedy of death. >> reporter: before parents speak to their kids they need to assess their feelings first. >> to think through what you feel so you don't scare your kids. >> reporter: let your kids ask
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questions but above all reassure them. >> make sure that kids know that the adults around are looking out for them. ready to help them both with their feelings and any real threats that will arise. >> reporter: now san francisco unified school district also has counselors on hand to help parents. and kids here in oakland if a parent needs some help they can come in to their local school and ask to speak to one of their counselors in person. allie rasmus. ktvu channel two news. >> coming up the unique perspective only someone that has gone through this can offer. hear from one of the oikos victim's family members after this. >> it's frightening and this is not really a reason to have those. >> we'll find out how easy they are to get in california. coverage of the connecticut school shooting continues after the break.
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we're taking you live now to newtown connecticut. this is where a vigil is being held for the victims. st.rose is still at capacity, heads bowed and prayered. hundreds of people outside singing silent night. the governor spoke here just earlier saying there is faith for a reason after what this community has been through. you see here young children as well attending this vigil along with many many parents and other members of the community. this is a story we've been covering for you all day long. the shooting this morning claimed 26 lives, 20 of them young children killed in their classrooms. the suspected gunman 20-year- old adam lanza is also dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. whenever there is a tragedy like this eventually the debate over guns heats up.
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ktvu's paul chamber joins us now with a look at what gun laws are on the books here in california, paul. >> reporter: ken several firearms were found in connection to the shooter and some of those models are found right here in the state. however getting them legally isn't easy. today's tragic shootings is weighing in the hearts of many. but some feel gun owners and dealers become a target. >> nobody runs into a car dealership when someone mows over a person. >> reporter: you must have a state issued i.d. along with a secondary proof of residency. you pay $25 for a state issued background check. if it's clear exactly 240 hours later you can pick up your weapon. unless it's a handgun. then you also have to get 23
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out of 30 correct on a written gun safety test and finally watch and perform a safety handling demonstration where you have to load and unload the weapon safely in front of a certified instructor. >> most customers when they go through this process they go with it. occasionally people get mad and say if i can't take it with me i won't buy it. okay, bye. >> there's no reason for weapons to be out. for a police officer who has faced those kind of weapons for many many years, it's frightening. >> now i took that gun safety quiz and i got 39 out of 50 correct. but the gun safety i had to do five times before i passed it. so there are many safety procedures set before obtaining a gun.
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those who lost family members in oikos university spoke out about the healing after the unimaginable happening. >> reporter: it was just last spring that oikos went through that unthinkable situation. today mayor quan issued a statement saying the city knows what they're going through in connecticut and will lend what support they can. on april 2nd a former student opened fire at oikos university killing seven people. none of their families knew that day would be the last time they saw their loved ones. this afternoon in tracy i spoke with someone who knows better than anyone who it's like to lose someone in a way that seems unimaginable. tabuco's wife was one of the victims he says he would not wish that on his worse enemy. we asked what he would say to
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the victims of today's shooting. >> it's not like you're not going to remember your wife or stop loving them. but now this month i've started to understand. >> when i go in -- when i heard about the school today, i got on my knees and said, may god help you because it's nothing that anyone should experience. >> we will hear more from the family about going through a tragedy like this. and how they are trying to heal. in the newsroom, noelle walker, ktvu news. times like these people want to share their thoughts and condolences you can do just that by going to our facebook page on the ktvu page you can leave condolences for the victims and postyour own thoughts on our wall. happening now, police in milpitas are at the scene of a
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gun threat. a customer saw a threat written on a bathroom wall. that prompted police to evacuate a portion of the mall. police tell us they expect to be there into the night to figure out if this is a hoax or a legitimate threat. light sprinkles out there right now but it's not just been a great deal. you noticed them. that's kind of where we are all weekend. there's this system it kind of hung offshore and into the coast. it's going to go down the same trajectory. the dynamics are going to stay out of the area. and more of the same for tomorrow just some light sprinkles. if you have outdoor plans things you need to do there will be sprinkles. keep an umbrella with you, a jacket because it's going to be cool. i don't think it's a deal breaker. i think you can get out and do some stuff. oakland, san francisco, that's clear overhead. the stars are out right now. if you head to san jose we have
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a little bit of cloud cover in santa clara. the tail end of the clouds are moving through san jose right now. you will start to clear out. when it clears out it's going to cool off. daytime highs tomorrow are going to look just like todays. these are the overnight lows. it's just a cold weather pattern. these cool systems with these cool morning starts don't really carry a lot of water and that's what we saw today. it was an actual weather system went through. the amounts of rain we got 400, 200, trace amounts. as we head into tomorrow more of the same. i think tomorrow is not a half bad day. i think you're going to see a few sprinkles. the computer model the latest one shows you what it's thinking. tonight at midnight it's clearing out so it's cold. tomorrow morning there's the cloud moving in. no showers yet. here come those showers, 10:00 a.m. about midnight or 1:00, 2:00 they kind of blow through just real light and then there's something out here saturday afternoon kind of blows through.
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it's just nuisance stuff at least that's what it looks like right now. here we are sunday morning and here comes monday's weather system right there. monday is where the system looks a little bit more productive than the system that we're seeing today and tomorrow. again it's tough to everyone call these systems certainly i'm not going to call them storms. the forecast for tomorrow more of the same. your bay area weekend looks like more of the same. >> we're going to take a quick break and we'll be right back.
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we're continuing to follow breaking news out of newtown connecticut where this morning a gunman opened fire at sandy hooks elementary school. 26 people were gunned down. 20 of them children. the suspected gunman 20-year- old adam lanza is also dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. authorities say lanza also killed his mother at her home and within the past half hour we have also learned authorities have found more guns inside the school. initial reports that lanza was carrying two handguns and an assault rifle. fred inglis is in and for all the talk of the 49ers we can't forget that the raiders are about to play their final
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game. >> the 3-10 raiders finish their home season schedule when they host the chiefs. that game will be shown on local television although it's not what you would call must see tv. oakland beat the chiefs back in october then they've lost six in a row since then. but in that game, derek mcfadden ran 310 yards. several others will get chances too. >> this isn't preseason. this isn't where you work on things just to see where you are at. this is regular season, nfl football and we're trying to win football games but in the process we are trying to get a look at young guys. >> we want to finish off strong as a team. we owe it to the fans to do that. and to continue just to fight. fight as a kwraoupt and i think we will. i think we have enough in us
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and i think we have enough here to do that. >> well imagine being a major league pitcher with a career of 48 wins and 58 losses and looking for a contract. how much would you expect to earn. how about $80 millions over four years that's what sanchez agrees to with the tigers this year. sanchez was traded in july from miami to detroit. anabel strikes out eight and allows two runs in 6 innings in game three of the world series but took the 2-0 loss. we'll have warriors tonight at 10:00. >> thank you, fred. it has now been 12 hours since a gunman opened fire inside a connecticut school. we have been on the air live since it happened. covering this story as it developed through the day. john sasaki is in the air right now heading to connecticut to bring us additional coverage. >> the grief as the community grieves together and the nation shares in the sadness. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. well, well, well.
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