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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 14, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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evil visited this community today. a place known for its safety becomes a crime scene as a shooter at a rampage opens fire at an elementary school. >> they had their entire lives ahead of them. birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own. >> tonight a nation in mourning and the question how could this happen. good evening i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm ken wayne. frank and julie are off. a vigil wrapped up in newtown connecticut where the community remembered the victims of today's massacre at sandy hook elementary school. authorities identified the shooter at 20-year-old adam lanza. he reportedly had a history of mental illness. we have learned police found
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more guns on campus. we have news reporters covering all angles of this story. including who the shooter was. but we have jennifer davis. >> reporter: there was also a filled to capacity crowd here for a vigil earlier this evening. clearly this town is very much still struggling with what happened here earlier today. as is much of the country even the president was wiping away tears. >> it's identifying the shooter as 20-year-old adam lanza. they say he is the one who killed more than two dozen people including himself in this massacre. 20 of his victims were little children. >> there were 18 children who were pronounced dead at the school. there were two that were
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transported to area hospitals and pronounced dead at area hospitals. >> reporter: among the dead the gunman's mother who worked as a teacher at this school. her body was found at her home. lanza committed suicide after he opened fire at the school. the man used two guns both registered to his mother. this boy, with the permission of his parents talked about what he witnessed. >> and we got to the cubies and police came running in asking is everything okay. another policeman came in to make sure that police already came in to check. >> reporter: terrified parents rushed into the school desperately looking for their children. >> it's cheer terror and a sense of immediate urgency and you know to get to your child. >> reporter: president obama expressed the grief of the nation. >> the majority of those who died today were children. beautiful little kids between
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the ages of five and 10 years old. >> reporter: from the scene in connecticut we turn flow to ktvu's amber lee with new information about the gunman and the puzzle investigators are piecing together tonight. >> reporter: the picture that's emerging is about a troubled young man who didn't cause much attention to himself throughout most of his life. sudden listen causing headlines as the perpetrator of the worse shooting in this country. tonight there's an eerieness at sandy hook elementary as the community and police try to find answers. the young man was dressed in black, he was armed with at least two handguns and without saying a word opened fire. >> an investigation like this is like a puzzle. we want to form a puzzle together and form a complete pig so everyone without any doubt whatsoever can truly understand what occurred. >> reporter: a s.w.a.t. team went to the newtown home where adam lived with his mother nancy. it appears he killed her there before taking her car to the
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school. >> you can't understand what happened, that he snapped, what have you and they took such innocent lives. >> reporter: police are now reporting that they recovered more guns at the school and that the weapons used by lanza matched the models of the guns that were registered to his mother. some answers are coming from 24- year-old ryan lanza the gunman's older brother who was taken into custody for questioning by police. they say he is not involved. he allegedly told police adam suffered from a personality disorder and was quote, some what autistic. he said he had not spoken to his brother since 2001. the others who knew lanza describe him as awkward. >> he was a little fidgety, a little uneasy sometimes if you were to look at him. >> this is unspeakable, when i first heard about it, i'm still in shock. >> we've never seen anything like this. it's heart wrenching for us as
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it is for the families. >> reporter: lanza's brother ryan was seen leaving the police station tonight after questioning, the motive behind the shooting remains a mystery. reporting live in the newsroom, amber lee, ktvu news. sat down with a former fbi profiler to talk about tonight's shooting. richard smith now runs his own security firm and he says there had to be warning signs. >> there must have been some interaction, some conversation, some communication that he was, he was sick. >> smith said that today's violence couldn't have just come out of the blue. he also said that while no one wants metal detectors at school this latest tragedy may force people to think about that security measure. newtown is a century's old connecticut community, founded in 1805. many of the people there work in new york city just 60 miles to the southwest. newtown is fairly well off economically with a median
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household income of more than $111,000. the town is known for its good schools. tonight hundreds of grief stricken residents packed the church just down the street from where today's violence played out. imagines from inside the memorial service show the somber faces of those coming together for a vigil. . political leaders offered their condolences. >> i am heartfelt just like you are. >> dan malloy spoke to the crowd sharing words of encouragement and sorrow. so far just three of the victims have been identified from today's shooting. among those dead are the shooters mother nancy lanza. also killed sandy hook elementary school psychologist mary sherlach and the school's beloved principal dawn
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hochspurn also died. she and mary sherlach were in a meeting together, the two sprung into action and were the first casualties. the sense of loss is being felt in the area tonight. several dozen people gathered. they wanted to do something local to show their support. president obama today addressed the nation in an emotional speech shortly after the shooting. he said the country's leaders must take meaningful action regardless of politics in response to the violence. >> we've endured too many of these tragedies in the past few years. and each time i learn the news, i react not as a president, but as anybody else would. as a parent. and that was especially true today. >> several gun control advocacy
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groups were already in washington for a leadership training conference when the deadly shooting happened. >> the name of our god that is good and holy we pray. >> reporter: as news of the tragedy spread, dozens of people gathered outside the white house for an impromptu vigil to remember those lost today. they chanted, lit candles and asked for gun changes. while the white house said today is not the day for that discussion, debra villalon live in san francisco with all those who say now is the time to have that talk. >> reporter: well this is 101 california, the high rise where almost 20 years ago a crazed gunman killed eight and wounded six. then as now there are calls for change. >> i don't think today is that day. >> reporter: when is the day to talk gun reform?
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mark kelly, married to congresswoman giffords said the discussion can no longer wait. and feinstein is calling on congress to debate america's gun culture. declaring weapons of war don't belong on our streets or in our theaters, shopping malls and schools. >> it was very similar to the day that i was shot. >> reporter: activist mindy fikelstein was surrounded by children when a man opened fire. >> the problem is too many guns. people who shouldn't get their hands on gun have the ability to do so. >> reporter: the pistols used today a glock and a sig. and connecticut like california has strict rules. >> the united states, 8,400 deaths a year due to gun
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violence. we have got to do something about it. and congress has got to get a backbone. >> these children were murdered, brutally murdered in the place where they felt safe. >> reporter: scenes like these always take her back. >> i was brought to my knees, i left work in tears and have basically been under a blanket all day. >> but more than anguish she hopes for outrage and action. >> call the white house, call your congressman, e-mail, go to we are better than there's simple things that everybody can do to say stop this. >> reporter: this city's worse mass shooting in 1993 spawned a federal assault weapons ban outlawing 20 types of weapons but it expired after 10 years and five attempts to renew it have failed. now nearly every major change in gun law has come after a tragedy like todays. we're live in san francisco, debora villalon, ktvu news. continuous coverage, prayers for the shooting
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victims as bay area families hold their kids a little closer. >> it's just, it's heartbreaking. it really is heartbreaking. >> scaring your children or keeping them safe. the fine line for how local schools prepare for the unthinkable. >> parking lot of the south bay shopping mall was -- part of a south bay shopping mall was shut down due to a threat. what officials finally discovered. >> and when you can see sprinkles where you live.
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signs of the tragedy across connecticut can be seen across the country today. the president has ordered all flags be lowered to half staff until tuesday. scenes just like this one in san francisco played out across the country this evening. today's tragedy once again raises questions about security at schools. one school official here in the bay area tells us this morning's connecticut shooting is a wake up call. >> i think we're doing everything we can but even everything you can isn't enough if something like this happens. the problem with the drill is we're calm. we know what's going to happen. >> assistant superintendent van shaack, security measures are already in place but they will review their measures. parents are still trying to process what happened on the other side of the country. >> lana gillis holds her sons tight as she reads. >> i love you as high as i can
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reach. >> reporter: she tries to keep her voice from shaking but won't deny that the mass shooting in connecticut has hit home. >> i have a keupbder -- kin kerr -- kindergarner so it's hard to think of what these parents have to do when they have to say goodbye to their children this morning. >> i have a 5-year-old and i'm not planning to bring it up to my child. she has a long life to hear about terrible things. it's not something she needs to think about when she's five. >> reporter: safety policies are reviews regularly but that
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getting children ready for a worse case scenario might just scare them. >> there are emergency plans in place but no one in their right mind would think of preparing for something like that to happen. >> it's just sad to me that, that is the fear. >> reporter: parents say the frequency of mass shootings has led to a constant state of vigilance at schools and they hope this time, this tragedy will lead to a discussion that moves away from the campus. in oakland, patti lee, ktvu news. state with ktvu for continuing coverage. at 10:30, an emotional crowd packs a bay area church tonight. the impromptu remembrance in honor of connecticut's victims. we'll take you to a northern california city once terrorized by a similar shooting. the lessons that community can share with newtown. at 10:45, we ask a child psychologists about today's tragedy. what you need to assess before you talk to your child. you can postyour condolences to the connecticut victims by going to the ktvu channel 2 facebook page. you can postyour thoughts on
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our wall. we want to bring you up to the minute on another big story we've been following for you. part of the great mall in milpitas was evacuated today due to a bomb threat. ktvu's maureen naylor live there now. you have new information about what turned out to be a very specific yet unfounded threat. >> gasia, that's correct. we got word three hours ago that there was no explosive at the kohl's behind me. we also got more information about what was posted that led the s.w.a.t. team to show up on this busy christmas shopping day. this mother and daughter came to shop but left after she heard about what happened. >> one of the employees said that there was a man with a gun. they started evacuating everybody. >> reporter: in reality the reason police put up yellow caution tape around kohl's was
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a bomb threat. discovered after a customer saw something written in the men's bathroom around 2:00 this afternoon. >> they discovered after doing a sweep that the message not only said bomb in building but it said, 4:30 p.m. >> bomb sniffing dogs were deployed along with a santa clara county sheriff's bomb squad. 20 stores surrounded kohl's were evacuated which prompted some shoppers to leave. >> they blocked off this main entrance and there was a huge section that was blocked off. they said turn around and go the other way. >> the dog did not find anything. the public is safe. >> reporter: one shopper says the scare will affect her shopping process. >> it'll be a while before i do the shopping at the stores. >> reporter: really, why? >> it's scary, i rather go and
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do my shopping online. >> reporter: these are surveillance cameras at the store, police intend to assess those cameras and see what happened this afternoon. a deadly crash happened around 3:00 this afternoon. another car a volkswagen veered into the divider and hit the lexus. that collision killed three people and injured a fourth in the lexus. a driver in the volkswagen a man in his 80s had minor injuries. that driver was speeding and will likely be charged with vehicle manslaughter. the crash tied up traffic for four hours. police are looking for a man who wounded a man in ár at the bus station this afternoon. the man was waiting for a bus when he was shot. the gunman ran to a sedan and
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drove off. an off duty paramedic took care of him until he was taken to the hospital. here we're showing you the old emblem next to the old blue and white logo. they noted it was important to respect the response from the community. people complain the new imagine looked unfinished or some sort of corporate brand. some people everyone said it looked like a toilet. clear skies out there right now. it is going to be a cool night and very cold morning. another weather system teed up and ready to come down the coast as we head into tomorrow. right now we're clear but that all changes. no rain outside. we're going to see numbers tonight that are going to be in the 30s. even low 30s. santa clara you just got rid of your showers. santa clara you'll be down in the mid-30s tonight.
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these are the highs from today. know that your highs tomorrow are going to look just like these. 53 in vallejo, 53 in concord. there's a chance of sprinkles, when i come back i'll have the computer model the latest one ready to go and i'll show you what you can expect for your entire weekend we'll see you back here. late word of a shooting inside a las vegas casino. we'll tell you what we know right after the break. a show of support tonight for friends and family of a contra costa county man killed in a crosswalk. >> continuing live coverage of tonight's shooting in connecticut. ktvu's john sasaki just arrived there tonight. we'll be joining him live at 10:45. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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[ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. new at 10:00, a memorial to remember a concord man killed while ridding his skateboard a
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week ago. a candlelight vigil was held on monument boulevard and henderson road. hickerson was riding on the crosswalk when he was hit by an suv last friday afternoon. >> he was a person that if you knew him you would immediately want to hang out with him a lot more. and i know that everyone here is going to miss him. >> reporter: the driver has been identified as 21-year-old amanda bening of concord. officials are still looking into who had the right of way and whether alcohol or drugs played a role in the accident. one south bay high school reopened today after the threat of violence there forced a shut down yesterday. as ktvu's matt keller reports students already on edge were offered counseling and extra security. a day after a bomb threat in cupertino a grim remembrance of what could happen in the wake of what happened in connecticut. >> it's pretty sad. >> reporter: classes were back
10:25 pm
in session after the santa clara county sheriff's department shut monte vista after graffiti threatening a teacher was found on campus. officials went through the campus looking for anything suspicious. >> now it shows that we have a system, we have people who know what to do and to take care of what's going on. >> reporter: school opened back up this morning after no explosive device was found on campus. the sheriff's spokesperson wouldn't tell us if the threatened teacher was under any protection. >> as far as the teacher being work today or early next week whatever time, it's up to the administration and to the teacher himself. so we're going to leave that in their hands. >> reporter: we saw sheriff's deputies patrolling the campus today. students told us some teachers did talk about the bomb threat in class and offered counseling to anyone who needs it. >> this doesn't necessarily happen in this area. so not a lot of people are
10:26 pm
comfortable with it. >> reporter: the sheriff's department says they don't have a suspect yet and they're looking for the person responsible for the graffiti and the threat. matt keller, ktvu news. developing news now from las vegas where we're learning of a shooting at a popular casino on the las vegas strip. we don't have many details right now but one local news station reports a gunman shot a woman around 9:30 tonight at the excalibur hotel before shooting himself. that's at the corner of tropicana boulevard and las vegas boulevard right in the heart of the strip. early reports report this happened near the hotel's front desk. no word yet on the condition of the woman or the gunman. president obama weighed in on the federal government's attitude of state's that have made marijuana legal. in an interview released today
10:27 pm
mr. obama says he does not favor legalization but that enforcing federal laws against it would be a low priority. a lack of progress in the fiscal cliff talks weighed on nasdaq tonight. the s & p500 was off by five. the dow dropped 35. memories of a school shooting here in northern california. the lesson that is community can share today. >> and we'll tell you how a christening service here in east oakland turn into an impromptu prayer vigil for families in connecticut. re forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down,
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including one small girl to light candles. patti lee live in oakland with how members of one church came together. >> reporter: just past this church in east okay land a congregation -- in east oakland a congregation came together to find peace. >> we're going to pay for the families in connecticut. >> reporter: the pastor preempted the service and called members of the congregation to the front of the church. children and adults stood in a circle, held hands and collectively prayed for the families in connecticut. struggling to come to terms with their grief and their loss. >> we pray, we want the community to come together in unity, i want us to start standing together and realizing that, when things happen, all we have is each other. you know to hold each other up.
10:31 pm
whether we're in california or connecticut. >> reporter: the gospel church also runs a school, the pastor is the former principal. they tell us today's shooting brought it home. and it was last april when a guan took the lives of seven people at oikos university near the oakland airport. the killer was a former student. relatives of those victims had a message for the families of those killed in connecticut. >> may god give you guidance, the courage to continue a life after this because it's not something that any human being should experience. >> one oikos university victim has been said quote time will heal. stockton had a similar shooting at an elementary school more than two decades
10:32 pm
ago now. robert handa talked to members of that community about how they got through that tragedy. >> reporter: cleveland school is a scene of how a community can recover from a senseless act. in 199 a former stockton residence with a history of alcoholism came on campus with an assault weapon and fired several rounds in just minutes killing five children before turning the campus on himself. it later came to light that he was targeting cambodians because he thought it was because of them that he could not find a them. >> i was very happy when i saw the result that happened to the suspect there because i
10:33 pm
felt it was instant justice. >> reporter: diane bart covered the cleveland school incident as a newspaper reporter. >> language was a problem, it was chaos and the community did come together afterward. and i guess what i can say for the connecticut community is that you will, you will see this your community will come together and support you and help you to heal. >> reporter: the stockton unified school district says it plans to reach out to the connecticut community and also plans to review their own security measures in light of the tragedy. members of the san francisco fire department remembered the victims of today's shooting. >> so we're going to take a moment of silence to keep those people and families in our thoughts and prayer, thank you. that came during a swearing in ceremony for 48 new firefighters. the men and women have just completed the 17 week fire academy and will now be assigned as probationary
10:34 pm
firefighters in stations around the city. police are holding gun buy back programs in san francisco and oakland tomorrow. they'll offer up to $200 to people who offer up to two weapons. the buy back is at the omega boy's club in san francisco and the st. benedict's in oakland. news of warning tonight from south bay police as they search for a man who they say may be harassing young girls. >> i'm back here in just 10 minutes, your weekend is here. there are showers in the forecast and it's going to get really chilly. i'll have all the details, see you back here in a few minutes. the sentence for a man convicted of a series of rapes in san francisco. ♪
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new video tonight out of solano county where an off duty police officer has been killed. highway12 has been closed while officers investigate the scene. the motorcycle the officer was riding clipped the back of a toyota pickup truck throwing the officer off the bike. both the motorcycle and the rider was hurled more than 100 feet into oncoming traffic. the officer was pronounced dead at the scene. new at 10:00 tonight,
10:38 pm
morgan hill police are asking residents there to keep a look out for a man who may be harassing young females. the suspect is described as a white man in his mid-30s, short and chubby with balding hair or a crew cut. officials say he was seen driving a white van. if you have any information you're asked to call morgan hill police. a iraq war veteran scott olson has filed a lawsuit for injuries he receiveed in an occupy demonstration last year. olson says a bean bag round that hit him in the head fractured his skull and caused brain damage. another man says that police sprayed pepper spray while he was trying to help him. a man convicted of raping three women in san francisco's mission district last year learned his fate in court today. fredrick dossier jr. was sentenced to 373 years to life
10:39 pm
in prison the maximum sentence for the crimes. dossier was convicted last month on 23 counts related today the sexual assault as well as beating and robbing the women. he was also ordered to pay $250,000 in fines and restitutions. in news of the world, syrian refugees are crossing the border to turkey to escape the growing turmoil in their country. right now turkey is housing more than 100,000 refugees as well as aiding rebels trying to oust abashad. this after they ordered two patriot air defense batteries to strengthen turkey defenses. officials in venezuela says president hugo chavez is doing well after his fourth cancer related surgery in cuba. the president's recovery has been slow but effective and
10:40 pm
he's communicating with relatives. chavez underwent surgery in cuba on tuesday after tests revealed his cancer has returned. the lighting of the tree marks the start of the season at the vatican. a silver fir was lit up today. pope benedict xvi released a peace message calling for policymakers to think of themselves as peacemakers. almost 20pg & e workers have been fired or suspended after an investigation uncovered legally required inspections may not have been performed. eight company employees and 11 contractors may have lied about performing checks on electric equipment. the workers were supposed to test for damage that could lead to fires or explosions. pg & e tells us it has since completed those checks on the which i am -- completed those checks on equipment. 51% of our state's 13.2
10:41 pm
million voters voted by mail. that includes vote by mail ballots turned in at polling stations. in all, 72% of californians registered voters took part in this year's election that is lower than the average turn out of 79%. our live coverage from connecticut continues after the break. we'll talk to our john sasaki who is now there in a live report. plus talking to your kids about tragedy. what you need to figure out first. >> chief meteorologist bill martin is working on our complete bay area forecast. he's back with when we could see more wet weather. >> a reminder you can get ktvu news to go. download the ktvu app, click the live icon and watch all of our newscasts live. ,0
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10:44 pm
here on the phone she's reportedly trying to find information about her sister who's a teacher at the school. in this next photograph i expect to show you a young girl who is seen comforting a little boy just outside the school. she's putting her arms around him. this man behind officers was grieving. this final picture shows you the american flag as it was being lowered at the white house. one question many parents are asking themselves tonight is how to i talk to my children about the shooting tragedy in connecticut. ktvu's allie rasmus talked to a psychologist. >> reporter: the images are heart wrenching. kids being comforted by their parents. >> kids like all of us respond immediately to other people's faces. and i think you need to give your kids a chance to talk about what they feel. >> reporter: it's a conversation some parents are apprehensive about.
10:45 pm
>> i don't know how i'd be able to deal and talk about it, just imagining if it was my son's school. >> it would be difficult but we need to make them aware. >> child psychologists felix segelman says before parents talk to their kids they must assess their feelings first. >> you might be more scared than they are. don't overwhelm your kids. if they ask what happened to the kids. you can say some kids got hurt, some kids died if you felt you had to say that but i would not give numbers or details. >> reporter: if a child wants to know why things like these happen, it's okay to say you don't know. >> it's important to let them know although these things
10:46 pm
happen they're pretty rare. >> reporter: the school district sent students home with these fliers. they also added that any parent that wants to speak to a counselor just needs to go to their children's school. ktvu's john sasaki just landed in connecticut. he joins us live now from newton with what he's learned, john. >> reporter: i can tell you we just not got to the st. rose of lima church. you can see some candles burning right now. this place is still open as we speak. randy if you wan to pan over to the church -- if you want to pan over to the church, there's people walking out of the church. this place is staying open 24 hours a day. for people to come for refuge. earlier this evening there was a huge huge vigil. this church we can take a look
10:47 pm
at that video this church was packed with hundreds and hundreds of people and there were hundreds of people outside who simply could not get inside because they just all wanted to be here to be together to lean on each other through this very, very difficult time. just like this church here the st. rose of lima church there are a number of other churches in town. where the same things have been going on. i tell you what, this all started just about 16 hours ago, taking a look at the video that we had from earlier today. it started at 9:40 this morning. when apparently that young man 20-year-old adam lanza apparently walked in to the sandy hook elementary school and gunned down 26 people. 26 people. it's just amazing to say that and 20 of them were children. 18 of them dead on scene. two other children died at the hospital after that. and six adults including the principal, a long time dedicated educator here in connecticut.
10:48 pm
and the school psychologist. you know someone online said today how ironic that it was the psychologist who was taken when this is a time when the kids need so much help going through this terrible terrible time. the police swarmed here. the local police newtown the state police, fbi is here. they're all investigating. this is going to be going on for a very long time. this investigation. even though that individual mr. lanza is now deceased, apparently by his own hand. he killed everybody here. the 26 people and then himself. and now apparently he also it's known that he also killed his mother at the house where she lived apparently and he lived also. and she of course was a teacher at that school as well. so this has been just an absolutely devastating, devastating time. certainly for this town, this very idealic quiet town where everybody says nothing ever happens of any real magnitude.
10:49 pm
much less something like this. no doubt you know this kind of thing is so rare in the united states any way. this being the second worse school shooting in history only behind the vago -- the virginia tech shooting. of course as you know in the bay area it's been devastating there and across the nation and the rest of the world has been watching as well. my understanding is that the identities of the children all the slain victims will be coming out sometime later today. i say today that means saturday. we're-- it's about 1:45 or so in the morning here. so we're talking later today on saturday. so we will be here gathering information and then for the evening news on ktvu for the rest of the weekend we'll be here through monday. so we'll be bringing you the very latest. live in newtown connecticut, i'm john sasaki, ktvu news. and stay with ktvu for
10:50 pm
continuing coverage we'll bring you the latest details as they emerge in connecticut on air, online and our mobile apps. showers moving through the area today. light showers check out southern california. they're getting hit pretty good now with the main system as it moves on shore. that main system pretty much went right on by us. where live radar sweeps are going and they're not picking up anything. the skies are cleared, it's pretty nice out there right now. we're seeing some very cold temperatures very slow temperatures. it's 36 degrees right now in santa rosa. 34 in napa then 32 in fairfield. that's freezing right so it's going to be very cool when you get going tomorrow morning. 42 in hayward, overnight lows tonight are going to be right overnight last night. on saturday morning you're going to need a jacket. and then the clouds move in. look for clouds to increase tomorrow. when that gets here we're going to see a slight chance of more
10:51 pm
sprinkles or better chance for more sprinkles. as i've been saying, you're going to need your umbrellas and wipers but the it's only going to be for a few hours in the afternoon and it'll be scattered. very cold night and showers back in the forecast tomorrow. and then sunday looks like we get a little bit of a break. it's clouds and cool on sunday. but it just looks like it's going to be relatively dry and then sunday night and monday we get back into it. so the computer model is going to bear this out. clouds increase, right. here we are going about your day and it's cold. it's in the 30s. then watch what happens here comes noon. the showers start to move in into santa rosa. they move there through and we're out of here with a few lingering showers. watch what happens on sunday, another cold system comes down, kind of moves through the area. but this one kind of misses us completely and brings us maybe a sprinkle. another cool day then and here comes monday. as you get into monday morning
10:52 pm
and then monday afternoon. these systems are cold. they are weak and they're not doing anything for the reservoirs in terms of getting rainfall. we're getting snow in the mountains but it's really just nuisance showers to this point. i think monday's weather system had some legs. these systems so unlike those last systems. low latitudes warm. we're talking .7 of an inch. monday we should see more than that. >> feels wintry. sports is next, we'll be right back. y. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems.
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turning now to sports. fred ingis is here. we're talking warriors. >> going where no warrior has gone before hopefully. golden state has won a road game. no warriors team had ever done that, six road teams. but today the magic cost them that. and they won in the dash. lee has been playing like an all star. lee grabs 15 rebounds. the warriors shot just 20% in
10:56 pm
the first half. they trailed at 16 at intermission. nelson stumbling and bumbling and scoring. orlando is the last team to beat san jose on the third. curry finds jared jack for the three. jack scores a dozen. to nicola. nicola warriors five game win streak is over. they visit atlanta tomorrow. houston hosted boston today. the real story is, head coach kevin mchale gets a hug from kevin garnet. it was an emotional moment because mchale lost his 23-year- old daughter and the two kevins worked together for the t wolves. with today's tragedy just another reminder that love, friends and family are indeed precious gifts. the raiders wrap up their
10:57 pm
season, chiefs on sunday as we said despite oakland's own 3-10 record the raider nation isn't giving up. they're going to fill the coliseum which means the game itself will be televised locally. raiders won that game 26-16 but they lost six straight since. and the raiders scored just three rushing touchdowns all season. and they hope mcfadden will get to coach another season. >> this is regular season, nfl football and we're trying to win football games. but in the process we do want to get a chance to look at some young guys. >> former kale outfielder nadi takes his talents to kansas city after signing a minor
10:58 pm
league contract. he owns a 3.7 era. that is sports on this very emotional friday night guys. >> absolutely. >> all right, thank you fred. thank you for trusting ktvu news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the ktvu morning team is going to have the very latest from the school shooting including more coverage from john sasaki. they'll be here from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00. we'll be here for you on and mobile ktvu. n
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