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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  December 17, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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school continues to grow and you see a lot of ripens, these -- ribbons, these are the colors of sandy hook elementary school. family and friends of two of the young victims came together today at separate memorial services. >> reporter: this is the funeral home where family and friends came together to say good-bye. many kids were wearing their colors in honor of the young football player. few people wanted to talk to the media. he said jack was buried in the jersey of his favorite new york giants favorite player, victor cruz. the students from sandy hook elementary school will not be going back to campus. for much of the day moving trucks were bringing in furniture from sandy hook
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elementary school. >> we are opening our arms and our community to bring them over, nothing is ever going to be the same. but we are trying to pick up the pieces. >> reporter: none of the schools were open for classes today. at newtown high school staff and administrators gathered for all day meetings to figure out how to handle school tomorrow. in bethel, the high school and other schools were back in session tonight. some students were wearing elementary school. sandy hook love and support multiplied. two men put up this sign, the world will remember the children forever and their sacrifice will make a difference forever. >> how the community feels. >> reporter: another sign includes the tweets of condolences sent from some of
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the 50,000 teens across the country. live in newton, connecticut, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >> he was also laid to rest today. he was a bright boy who liked to read and figure out how things worked. his twin sister survived the shooting. she was in a different classroom. family says he rougherred her -- referred to her as his best friend. >> some schools are rethinking security, ktvu's david stevenson joins us now. >> reporter: this san francisco school has long kept posted the rules it hopes that will keep students safe but today other grade levels are looking at campus security. >> reporter: as students enjoyed a break, officials were busy reviewing their emergency plans in the wake of the sandy
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hook elementary school massacre. >> pull kids out of the hallway, lock doors, stay away from windows, wait for law enforcement. >> reporter: the focus on security isn't limited to elementary school students. >> every school age and every developmental age is different for how you address this. >> reporter: they expected some students to be too upset to take finals today. >> wasn't any heavy absence today and when they got oo home room -- to home room there were more teachers open. >> reporter: the school increased security in the halls along with security guards that front door. administrators they none of the students have come in for counseling. >> but we openly extend our
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doors to the students and remind staff they could refer students if they see red flags. >> reporter: washington high school officials say their hope is to relieve anxiety by discussing what happened friday and how adults will protect them. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the tragedy in newton, connecticut prompted a lawmaker from san francisco to propose a new gun control restriction in california. >> in light of the connecticut shooting this is an appropriate way of dealing with a tragedy that i hope will never happen again. >> leland yee says he will reintroduce a bill to outlaw bullet buttons that enable the quick reloading of magazines. it would close a loophole in the assault weapons bans. he favors back ground checks
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but not more restrictions on the weapons themselves. >> we want people without issues to have a gun. >> leland yee introduced a similar bill in wake of the shooting in colorado but it failed to pass. the massacre is shedding new light on the issue of mental health, coming up the explore of more treatment. a fam elin san francisco is real -- family in san francisco is reeling after a home invasion robbery. three men broke into a home about 2:00 a.m. this morning. police say the men bound 5 family members and ran stacked the home -- ransacked the home. >> this is one of those incidents that happened very quickly. >> nobody was hurt but they got away with $500 in cash and
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jewelry. san francisco police are investigating the death of a 16- year-old girl under suspicious circumstances. police say she collapsed in front of witnesses yesterday afternoon. she died later at the hospital. investigators say she appeared to be the victim of abuse and came from a troubled family situation. >> they brought the mom out and she was dressed with no pants on. and they had her handcuffed and she was yelling. top of her voice. put her in the car and took her away. >> police took a man into custody for questions. police are searching for a gunman responsible for killing a 17-year-old football player in san francisco over the weekend. he was a senior, he was shot in
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san francisco at 10:00 p.m. saturday night. a friend took him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. the colin caulk -- the contra costa county coroner confirmed the death of a body. the body was found about 11:30 a.m. yesterday morning. the autopsy revealed he drowned. drivers had to navigate slick roads in the mountains this morning. this is highway 17. roads across the bay area were slick as folks made their way to work. live pictures from union square in san francisco, chilly and damp all day. coming up our chief meteorologist bill martin will tell us how long the conditions will last and the changes in store in his bay area forecast. one month since the
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election but now it is official, they cast their votes today to reelect president obama. ktvu's ken pritchett is live where we learned one of the members is a young woman from the east bay. right? >> reporter: right. on the first monday according to federal law, today, first monday after the second wednesday in december they will meet in each state and cast the votes for president and vice president. it is not a secret process but one that goes unnoticed. >> reporter: she was helping to finish what we started on election night, the reelection of a president. she is one of 55 members of the electoral college.
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on the floor the delegates gathard, each chosen by a- gathered, each chosen by a california member of congress. >> that means everything. >> this is an amazing part of the presidential election process. >> reporter: they are pledged to a certain candidate based on the election day vote and it is rare to break that pledge. >> i am very faithful to president obama. >> 55 yes. no, none. okay? [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: there is no suspence the outcome is all but certain. but that makes it no less historic. >> i am part of history. >> reporter: her ballot will be
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placed in the national archives. congress will count the ballots on january 6. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. a federal judge in san francisco heard arguments today on whether a sex offender's use of social media constitutes free speech. it was a lawsuit filed over prop 35. prop 35 requires sex offenders to turn over the names of their internet providers and screen names to law enforcement. it claims that is a violation of free speech rights. scattered showers moving out and now colder air move ing. when it will get -- moving in. when it will get here. >> one charity says it has enough food but it is coming up short on one important holiday item. >> our big concern is making sure we have special things for the holidays.
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>> what it is and how you can help. >> why one location is off limits to a number of food trucks.
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the san francisco and oakland police departments announced the results from their gun buy back events. 600 guns are now off the streets. many were prompted to turn in their weapons because of the mass shooting in connecticut. the cash for the buy back was donated by a owner of a medical marijuana. they are reviewing their investment in a security firm. a spokesman said they are deciding how to move forward in light of the tragedy.
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in march they invested $700 million in the firm that controls fire arms. new at 6:00 p.m. the shooting in connecticut is causing concern over the issue of mental health. ktvu's rob roth is live where one organization is working hard to help young people suffering from mental illness. >> some parents are voicing concerns to protect their children from the world and protect the world from their child. >> reporter: she is a psychologist who works with teens and young adults with mental health. she says an early warning sign is isolation. >> struggling with depression or schizophrenia or a lot of anxiety. it gets in the way so this program is set up to help those individuals. >> reporter: the number of people suffering from mental
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health who become mass murderers is microscopic. a blog talks of her fears raising her 13-year-old son. she writes i live with a son mentally ill, i love my son but he terrifies me. they provide a host of different programs. >> if you have a young person and you are struggling with identity, depression or just worthlessness, really terrible ways to feel about yourself, to be ignored because people don't know what to do so they ignore you is one of the worst things you can do. >> reporter: each county has a mental health department and parents are encouraged to start there and learn what treatments are available but many advocates say more programs are
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needed. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. go to for our continuing coverage on the tragedy in connecticut. the latest on the investigation as well as more on the victims and stories from survivors. berkeley will be two years before several popular food trucks can return to university of california at berkeley. last week officials notified the food trucks they have to find another place to operate. the city says the university needs that space to begin construction on part of sprawl plaza. >> if they can't be here it would be nice to see them at another location around here. >> no word yet on where they plan to relocate. the sherriff's department announced the results of a drunk driving crack down over the weekend. 60 people were arrested during a two day operation. this is a decrease from 78
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during last year. the arrests happened in san jose where police arrested 14 people just on saturday alone. in the south bay a non- profit had a mass food give away but says a shortage of toys could be a sad holiday for those in need. ktvu's robert handa is live with how much more they are hoping for. robert? >> reporter: tough for all charities. the bulls will play the thunder here tonight, but first before the game the teams are hosting a toys for tots drive, one of many charity efforts going on to help those who need help during the holidays. >> reporter: there are so many people lining up for a holiday meal package, it will take several days for everyone to get their turkey. 3200 families will make their
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way through, a 10% jump from last year. many are working but can't make their ends meet. >> need help for the kids and the family. >> reporter: has it been a tough time? >> yeah. always, you know for, us because we have three kids and it is a lot of spending. >> makes it tough as far as being able to come up with the funds and pay for the bills that i have and afford something like this. >> reporter: they don't have time to congratulate itself on its food give away, they are gearing up for a huge toy give away and getting the donations for that is more difficult. >> tougher for the older kids. the presents are more expensive. >> sometimes we forget the teens. the kid part of the families and the community and sometimes they are not able to get the
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special joy as well. >> reporter: at this point they still need cash donations to cover the food basket expenses and money or toys, music devices and books will help them meet the christmas rush. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. california solar energy market is coming at a cost to homes and businesses. that is because they are required to buy electricity at the same price they resell it to other customers. they say they will have to raise the rates for traditional customers. it was a soggy commute this morning for many. rainfall accumulations over the last 24 hours, not horribly impressive. this is how it looks. half inch in santa rosa.
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not bad. mountains, some areas over an inch of rain. bolder creek, inch and a half. other areas 2 inches. most of the activity south of modesto. sprinkles possible into tonight. you see this line of clouds here, moving south. we are getting clearing and that will promote cold over night lows. promote cool day time highs as well. these were the highs recorded today. numbers were cool. highs tomorrow will be cooler and wednesday, highs could be in the upper 40s, low 50s. cold air. this low pressure is very cold like the other ones. frost tonight. we are going to see as we go into the next 24 hours, freezing in the north bay. wednesday morning, further cooling with a frost advisory
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or freeze watch. cool tomorrow. the rain forecast tomorrow is good. we will see maybe a light sprinkle. midnight tonight, stuff in the area. not a big deal. tuesday is dry. wednesday looks dry. morning, afternoon. something up here. that is the next system that gets in thursday afternoon, thursday evening. thursday morning not here yet. thursday afternoon showers and rain in the north bay. this next system, thursday, friday, delivers rainfall. inch to 2, 4 inches of rain. we will watch that for you. highs tomorrow, check in like this, 54 san jose. 54 morgan hill. 54 gilroy. and then the five-day forecast, slight chance in tomorrow. i will take that out because it is not even in the cards. bay area weekend, showery.
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main evented will be thursday into -- main event will be thursday into friday. >> thank you. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36, funeral services in newton, connecticut and a service tonight in the bay area to remember the young victims. also -- >> looks like any other house, but neighborhoods say the owners operate an illegal body shop and rental unit, what the city ask now -- city is now doing, join us for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. march e joins us -- mark ibanez joins us next. w
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they were among the volunteers at the store. 49ers fans still talking about that incredible game. mark ibanez is here and has a lot to talk about. >> people talking about that game. can you imagine if it was a super bowl, greatest of all time for the 49ers. they are glad nobody is talking about it as the greatest come back of all time because they let a 31-3 lead get away. after the tying touchdown, it is out of oregon, the rookie, lamichael james. first play from scrimmage. it is colin kaepernick, michael grabtry hooking up -- crabtree hooking up. the 49ers didn't blow that lead and coach couldn't be prouder of their effort. >> yeah, there is never a time with our team that, you know, that you -- you -- you see the evidence it is getting to them
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or that, you know, they are pointing fingers at -- at one another. both teams really wanted to show they were the better team and it was a great -- it was a great game. exciting game. very competitive. >> to say the least. we had college basketball hoop history tonight. that is jim boeheim, the head coach at syracuse going for his 900th win tonight and he got it over the university of detroit. mean time san jose state football's program introduces their new coach, bay area native. big shoes to fill. but it is a 5 year contract and he is used to replacing guys with big names. in san diego he replaced jim harbaugh. knows how tafill the -- to fill the shoes. >> tonight at 10:00 p.m., the
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after math of the school massacre in newton, connecticut. a vigil in the bay area to honor those who were killed and as always, thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news.
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