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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 19, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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we are live in campbell where a body is found at an early morning fire. we'll tell you what police are saying about the investigation and the possible connection to a resident here. we are live in oakland.
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neighbors are hailing firefighters for protecting them from a huge vehicle and business fire this morning. we'll tell you how it's connected to a stolen vehicle and show you exclusive video. we are lye in the tenderloin where thousands of people have been braving cold temperatures and lock hours to get a much needed holiday meal. officially old man winter is not here yet. boy is he close knocking on the door. we'll take a look at those coming up. good morning, to you. welcome to a brand new day, wednesday, december 19th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's check in with steve. i'm looking for the tweets from tahoe. a lot of people start heading up for the christmas break. >> it's three degrees up there. two below in truckee. >> the rain this week will probably bring snow. >> that is a great question. a lot of people are traveling.
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i don't think you have to worry about snow levels too low around tahoe and truckee. freeze warning out for the north bay. frost advisory for everyone else. there is 20s and 30s. it will be a cold morning but sunny day. here is sal. westbound 24 the traffic here looks pretty good between walnut creek and oakland. also the morning commute looks good on interstate 880 in oakland. now back to the desk. time now 6:01. we have breaking news. we have been on this since 4:30. a body was found after a fire broke out. janine de la vega is at the scene. she's been there since 4:30. so i know you just talked to someone who may have known this person. what do you know? >> reporter: well, i'm told by relatives that a man who lives here in this apartment complex believes that the body discovered here was his son.
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now the coroner has yet to confirm the sex or identity of the victim but at 1:15 this morning residents of this apartment complex near hamillton called 911 because they saw smoke coming from the storage unit from the carport in the back of the complex. they found and attached storage unit on fire. they quickly extinguished it and found a body inside. along with it there were miscellaneous items and alcohol. they came to the scene to gather evidence. at this point they are not calling this a homicide. the cause of the fire and death are undetermined. >> at this point we are still looking into the the details that led up to this. we are working side by side with the county investigators. >> reporter: we saw the people hugging. two of them told us they believe they knew the person that was dead. police did confirm the owner of the storage unit told him his son accesses it but does not
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live here and fears it is his son. nothing is confirmed. we still need to wait for the coroner to inspect the body, tell us if it's a man or woman give us a an age. the body is badly burned. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. we still need to find out whether or not the death was the actual the fire caused this persons death. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. a stolen truck burst into flames overnight and then the fire spread to a nearby commercial building. it happened just after midnight on claire street in oakland. ktvu channel 2 reporter lorraine blanco is live with the very latest on the police investigation into the fire that sent one person to the hospital. dramatic flames too. lorraine. >> reporter: yeah. those flames were dramatic. the owner of the building was out here this morning. he was surveying the damage. he says he's still in shock. we can see quite a mess here this morning. there is an insurance company
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out here. they will be boarding this up later today on the corner of claire street and railroad avenue. here's a look at the huge flames you were talking about. this is exclusive video you will only see on 2. that prompted the battalion chief to call two alarms just before 1:00 a.m.. a security guard was inside. he suffered smoke inhalation but expected to be okay this morning. neighbors credit firefighters for saving their neighborhood early this morning. >> there was flames shooting up the trees right here on the corner. and billowing out into the residential area. and it was pretty scary. pretty scary. >> reporter: so that worried you this morning. seeing that and knowing there were houses behind there. >> absolutely. if it wasn't for the open -- oakland firefighters we wouldn't have made it out of this. >> reporter: we also noticed
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security cameras out here this morning. no doubt police will be looking at that footage. no one else was injured in the fire. the owner says his telephone and company networking company is a major loss. investigators are still looking for the person or people who stole that car and set the fire this morning. reporting live in oakland lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 news. we have new details about the possible motive of that gunman in a connecticut school shooting. a long-time resident is telling fox news the gunman was very angry after finding out his mother was planning to have him committed to a mental hospital. the gunman killed his mother before going on a shooting rampage. the fbi now is trying to salvage the hard drive of the gunman's computer but investigators says it appears he smashed that computer so far they haven't been able to get any information. back here in the bay area religious leaders are still showing their support for the
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victims and the families in the newtown, connecticut shooting. later this afternoon, the archbishop will hold a mass of remembrance that begins at 12:10. it is open to the public. the cathedral is on harrison street in oakland. proceeds from a candle light vigil in pleasanton will be going to the victims of the connecticut school shooting. dozens of people gathered last night showing their support for the community in newtown. the event was organized by students and parents at henry moore elementary. they are opening to send a big donation today. at 6:45 this morning president obama will announce a white house effort to curb gun violence. president obama is putting vice president joe biden in charge of the effort. when president obama went to newtown, connecticut following the school shooting there, he promised he would do what he could to prevent such tragedies from happening again. congress gets briefed today by the authors of a critical
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support of security. the independent panels report the security of the consulate that killed four americans was grossly inadequate. the report blames serious bureaucratic mismanagement at the state department. coming up at 6:15 house secretary of state hillary clinton is responding to that criticism. 6:07. thousands of people lining upright now in san francisco out in the cold. they are looking for some holiday cheer. ktvu brian flores is outside glide memorial church right now. where there are delights waiting for the people who are waiting out in the cold. what is going on? >> reporter: hi, dave. we just got here but in terms of the people that have been here, they have been here since yesterday afternoon. late last night. just to get a free holiday meal today, this morning. take a look behind me. thousands of people already in line here in front of glide memorial church for that
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holiday meal. talk a little bit more about what is going on here today. let's bring in gene cooper. she is with glide memorial church. tell us what is going on. >> today with staging our grocery bag give awhat. annually we give out 5,000 to 5500 glide memorial bags. >> reporter: talk to us about the need for this program every year. >> well, you know it grows. we have a great population in the tenderloin and san francisco in general. there are very low income and under served and don't have access to food. and so it's a problem that we deal with on a daily basis. so with the grocery bag give away we prepare grocery bags to give out to the folks in our community so they have something to eat for a few days. >> reporter: i see thousands of people flooding the lines here. what will people receive once they get a grocery bag? >> today we have a loaf of bread. potatoes by they will get a
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chicken or turkey. canned vegetables and fruit. tas that, tomato sauce, rice and beans. i think there is soup in there too. >> it just gives them a good holiday meal. >> yes. exactly. >> reporter: jean cooper thank you very much. this event will start at 7:30. they are expecting to give out 5500 grocery bags today. it will probably go until noon today. live in the tenderloin i'm brian flores. time now 6:09. sal is starting in contra costa. how sit look something >> it looks pretty good. a little slow pam and dave. highway 4 will be a little slow. in bay point it looks good. 680 southbound from concord to walnut creek looks good. and from 24 between 680 and the tunnel it is a nice looking drive. let's move along and take a look at the toll plaza. it's getting a little bit filled in here. the metering lights are not on. you see a little bit of a
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backup here. if you are driving in hayward the traffic looks very nice. over on the peninsula southbound 101 between 380 and 92 is only an eight minute drive. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. a very good morning. a cold, cold morning. so bundle up. it's in the 20s for many, many locations. freeze warning out for the north bay. probably should include parts of the east bay but doesn't. frost advisory does. freeze warning out for the north bay. i've seen a lot 25-29. all in there. frost advisory elsewhere. even 30s in san francisco. cole valley. 32 antioch. 31 livermore. now that is official. palo alto about three readings. san rafael 30. lee ma valley 27 degrees. two many tahoe. truckee was two below. then they went to zero then they went to one with freezing
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fog. 27 ukiah. 28 i believe at clearlake. but i'm sure lower lakes is around 22. some clouds will start to increase later on. that is the sign of our change for tomorrow. increasing clouds. and with a south wind the snow levels will go up. especially sierra, nevada. redding it could be trickier. be careful if you are traveling up five. today sunny and it will be cold. not very warm on the high temps. system here will work its way in and set up and send in three systems here between friday and early monday morning. rain and snow. the heaviest amounts to the north. maybe 3-# inch -- 3 7 inches of rain. today it's cold out there. sunny high clouds to the north. chilly, chilly high temps. upper 40s for some. little bit warmer by the bay. clouds increase thursday and rain starts friday with your weekend always in view it will be a rainy one.
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time now 6:11. bay area police searching for bank robbers and they need your help. the new surveillance photos released by police from the scene by one of the holdups. new information on the nfl player who killed a mother of his baby and then himself. why police say jovan belcher pulled the trigger.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. we have new details about the
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murder-suicide of kansas city chiefs line backer jovan belcher. reportedly he's worried his girlfriend would take away his baby and money. belcher complained about perkins to a woman she was secretly dating and apparently isn't the woman a text message saying he would shoot perkins if she did not leave him alone. happening now in washington, d.c. a closed door briefing about the deadly september attacks in libya is now under way. as kyla campbell reports an independent panel released a scathing report about the security measures. kyla. >> reporter: dave, that meeting going on right now is top secret. but we do know that the panel hammered the state department on security in benghazi. this comes three months after christopher stevens antliae others were killed on september 11th. the securitiments is and libyan
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response fell short. it also raises the possibility that gates the compound could have been left open. while there has been a lot of finger pointing hillary clinton says she accepts any wrong doing tied to the attacks. clinton has been sick and suffered a concussion over the weekend. she will not testify to a hearing tomorrow. this past hour republicans took the air waves saying somebody has to take responsibility. >> in the end look this is on the president and secretary clinton's watch. they bare measure of responsibility here. >> reporter: and despite all the criticism here the independent panel did not recommend discipline for hillary clinton or anybody else. live in washington kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news. u.s. bank robbed in san leandro and police arrived just moments after he escaped. it happens tuesday evening just off east 14th street. a couple blocks from davis
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street. at about 4:00 in the afternoon a man in his 20s wearing a dark jacket and hooded sweatshirt walked into the bank handed the teller a note demanding money. police need your help identifying a man suspected of robbing another u.s. bank about noon yesterday. this man seen in the surveillance video in an orange beanie and dark jacket demanded money from the teller. he did not show a weapon. suspect appears to be between 25-35 years old. and about 5'9"-6 feet tall. we are also learning about what led up to the shooting deaths of two teenage girls in oakland. the two suspects 18-year-old dee anita powell and antonio edwards were both arraigned in court. 15-year-old re kill and bobby were sitting with the suspects in a car before they were
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gunned down near brookdale park. the men had apparently gotten into an argument with the two teenagers. investigators say more than 30 rounds were fired. your time is 6:18. another redwood city marina may be sold. that will displace more than 100 people that live on their boats. there are reports a buyer has been found for the dock town marina. this comes after tenants were given an eviction date. 120 people will now be forced to relocate. they also say many of the people living on their boats are on a fixed income and can't afford to move. 6:18 is the time now. back over to sal. who is keeping an eye on traffic this morning. how does its look? >> it looks pretty good. right now we are looking at traffic that is moving along pretty well. pretty cold out there though. we'll talk to steve about that in a moment. this is a look at interstate
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880. you can see it's moving along nicely. northbound 880 looks good. if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights have been turned on and the backup is beyond the 880 over crossing. about a 15-20 minute delay. maybe closer to 15 at this point. and in the livermore valley westbound 580 looks pretty good. there is a crash on westbound 580 right before grant line road. between grant line road and 680 it's only about a 28 minute delay. if you are coming through the altamont pass, you need to give yourself extra time. 880 southbound hayward through fremont looks decent. let's go to steve. clear skies, cold, cold, cold. tomorrow will start to get clouds in here. it won't be as cold. it's hard pressed to warm up when you hit the 20s. mostly sunny. a few high clouds in the north
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later on. generally sunny. tomorrow increasing clouds. it will be a little warmer. and then friday into early monday a rainy pattern with mountain snow. snow level will go up around 4500 feet. maybe a little lower. just be advised on that. freeze warning outed to north bay. 20s. sebastopol is in there. yountville. there is 24-25-degree readings even up into mendocino county. frost advisory for everyone else. there is plenty of 20s even mid 30s in san francisco. it's cold, 28. fair field in there. napa. low 30s for many. sunny today. then clouds will increase tomorrow. that will give us leading into what looks to be rain coming in on friday. so it's still about 48 hours away. today is the coldest day and then cold in the morning. very cold. high clouds to to the north. chilly high temps. upper 40s.
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very, very low 50s. santa rosa 4. brentwood 49. san rafael 51. and not much warmer unless you are closer to the bay or start off a little warmer on that low temp. cloudy skies thursday. rain comes in. steady rain saturday and heavier rain sunday. a new survey shows only one- third of holiday shoppers are done buying gifts. the national retail federation reports a surprising 12% say they haven't started. dave. businesses across the country are gearing up for what is expected to be a very busy weekend as the last minute shoppers crowd into the stores. also this morning feddics reports at -- fedex reports a 12% slide. but believes the strong holiday season will help achieve the annual forecast goal. why are you telling everyone my secrets? >> i'm just saying get shopping. >> i'm working on it. a makeover is coming soon for a historic park of san
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francisco waterfront. the winnings ideas for improving and preserving fort mason center. more than a dozen sharks seen circling feet off the shore. we'll tell you where this happened and what brought the sharks to the area. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. this is drakes bay oyster company plans to channel a decision to leave the pier. the deal was reached so that some workers could keep their jobs through the holidays. that is good news. we want to take you out to australia right now. something you don't want to run into at the beach. up to 16 tiger sharks were spotted recently. they were circling just off the beach. look at that. they were apparently feeding off of a dead dolphin. the beach was closed down immediately. plenty of people very curious and sat and watched the sharks from the shore. a dutch design team just won the competition to improve san francisco fort mason center. the team is called west eight. they want to convert an empty pier building at the former army port into an art themed
6:27 am
hotel. they want to install wooden decks and bridges between the sites. there would also be movable pontoons and one would include a heated pool. all of west 8's ideas will be going there a public review process. 6:26 is the time right now. as we get closer to christmas i think the traffic might be lightening up a bit. >> yeah it does get better. as we get closer to the e. of the week, chris -- end of the week christmas is next tuesday. here we are on wednesday. let's see what happens. let's take a look at the commutes. traffic -- no major problems. also the morning commute is looking good on the sunol grade. heading down to the bottom of the hill. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. cold out there. freeze warnings to the north bay. frost advisory everywhere else. 20s and 30s. officially 41 in san francisco. i've seen 45 at knowy valley.
6:28 am
we will have sunshine today and increasing clouds coming in tomorrow. it's going to be a pretty good marine maker and snow maker for us here. that is not until friday and sunday. pam. a local college campus locked down over fears of a gunman. what san jose city college plans to do in the wake of yesterday's emergency search of the school. we're live in campbell where investigators have a mystery on their hands. we'll tell you what was discovered at an early morning fire. to take you live there we are with the traders on the new york stock exchange. good economic news coming in on the housing market. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. love it. this morning on the opening
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bell. there it is live. some of my favorite characters. i love the nutcracker. and members of the new york city ballet celebrating 58 seasons of the nutcracker. and that is just wonderful. they are there celebrating that. and over on the nasdaq habitat for humanity. a wonderful organization we have been involved with. they are over there celebrating their hard work as well. of all the business news coming up. >> a lot of good people there. we'll smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here. it is wednesday, december 19th i'm dave clark be >> and i'm pam cook. time now 6:30. firefighters found a body while rushing to a fire near apartments in campbell. ktvu janine de la vega has been on the scene since 4:30 this morning. what is happening out there now? >> reporter: well, the fire is out. now arson investigators are back in the office trying to piece together what happened
6:32 am
here. they want to find out how this fire started inside a storage unit behind the complex and how did the person get inside. at 1:15 this morning residents called 911 because they saw smoke coming from the carport in the back of the complex. they found an attached storage unit on fire. they quickly put the fire out and opened up the door and found a body inside. police and arson investigators came to the scene to gather ed. at this point they are not calling it a homicide. >> we are looking at a lot of different possibilities. a lot of different scenarios that could have led up to this. right now we don't have any specifics. we are looking into all the different things. >> reporter: we saw these people hugging and two of them told us that they believe they know the person who was dead. police did confirm the owner of the storage unit told them that his son accesses it but he does
6:33 am
not live here and the man fears that the body that was found inside the storage unit is his son. again nothing is confirmed. we still do not have a cause of death or we do not know if the fire actually caused the death. so again still a lot of questions surrounding this mysterious death and fire. reporting live from campbell janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. we have also been telling you police had to shut down two blocks of brighton avenue due to a standoff this morning. it happened between cains and stan itch avenue. officers were trying to reason with the man who is possibly armed. that man is apparently inside the apartment building. a negotiator could be heard trying to get that man to come out. we're monitoring that situation as well out in albany. if you step outside, it's cold. freezing temperatures all over the bay area. especially in the north bay.
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ktvu tara moriarty has been out in petaluma since 4:30 this morning just shivering. i heard someone heard us talking about you saw you and came out to help you stay warm. >> i know. ann marie from petaluma, thank you so much. she saw us out here and saw i didn't have any gloves. she brought some out. thank you so much. it's going to make my job a lot easier. scraping the windshield here all the ice you see. make sure you keep your ice scrapers handy or a credit card. a freeze warning is in effect for the not guilty bay. we have temperatures plunging into the 20s. the frost and ice could pose a threat to pets, crops, and pipes. one plumber we spoke to says the best way to protect your pipes is to wrap them or letting the faucets drip slowly to keep the water slow flowing. growers are also covering plants to protect them.
6:35 am
and this morning we spoke to a dairy farmer that says the cold comes a few times a year but doesn't mind. >> oh yeah frosty mismorning -- this morning. i had to start my pickup a little earlier this morning. but we got it thawed out. >> reporter: the cold not so welcomed among san francisco's homelest. mary cathedral is among four churches that opened the door to provide winter emergency shelter. again this freeze warning is in effect until 8:00 this morning with temperatures plunging between 24-30 degrees. also chilly in livermore 24 degrees there right now. but of course lake tahoe wins as steve has been talking about at two degrees. live from petaluma i'm tara moriarty. >> stay warm. time now 6:34. interstate five is open again after 60 cars crashed a big pileup near the oregon border. take a look at this map.
6:36 am
you can see where the freeway was closed overnight. the cars lost control on black ice. they crashed near the anderson grade. now cal fire says the roads were extremely icy at the time. so they shut down the roads so that crews could take people to the hospital. back here at home and happening now in san francisco a lot of people right now people in need they are outside in the cold lining up looking for some holiday cheer in the form of extra food. these are live pictures. san francisco's glide memorial church we're out there with them as well. in less than an hour from right now, these folks will receive free food and other holiday cheer by way of glide memorial church. coming up at 7:00 ktvu brian flores is out there as well. he will bring us a live update on everything that is happening there. classes will resume this morning at san jose city college. that is following a campus lock down. investigators say a man called
6:37 am
police at about 4:00 yesterday afternoon. claiming that someone had a gun at the technology building. students were evacuated at about 5:00. expect for the technology building. where students there had to be padded down before being allowed to leave. >> we started clearing the building and looking for the suspect or person matching that description that was given to us. did not find anyone matching that description. >> the last students were not allowed to leave that technology building until just about after 8:00 last night. this happened right in the middle of finals week. officers have not opinion able to trace the original 911 call. the colleges president told us here at ktvu news that they are purchasing surveillance cameras for the campus. time now 6:36. in 30 minutes from right now senator barbara boxer will introduce new legislation to making schools safer. it's response to the tragedy in
6:38 am
connecticut where the 20 children and six adults were shot. her new bill would provide state and local officials with new resources to strengthen security on school campuses. also house democrats want a bill banning assault gun magazines. brought up for a vote this week. now in just about 90 minutes from now they will be holding a news conference calling for the passage of that bill. it would ban gun magazines containing more than ten rounds of ammunition. it would also outlaw the transfer, possession, or importation of high capacity gun magazines from now on. house minority leader nancy pelosi of california says it is gaining support after the tragedy in connecticut. make sure you stay right here with ktvu for all of the coverage about the connecticut school shooting. coming up at 6:45 we will go back live to newtown, connecticut. we'll hear the latest on what is complicating the investigation to find out what was the motive of the gunman
6:39 am
and also how one family is dealing with losing their daughter. 6:37 is the time right now. sal, is keeping an eye on bay point. what is going on? >> good morning, pam and dave. bay point traffic getting a little busier on highway 4 as you come through you can see slowing down coming over the hill to concord. of course it has been slow already. from antioch to pittsburgh. but now it's getting a little slower coming over the hill. and then 680 nearby from the concord to walnut creek area is going to be slow as well. going through the caldecott tunnel a little bit of crowded conditions. and getting to the bay bridge toll plaza it's backed up all the way out to the mccarthur maze. today is not the day we will see the lighter traffic for the christmas holiday. already wednesday though. couple more days and then a lot of people have next week off because next week is christmas week. so we'll see what happens. 880 southbound. this traffic looks pretty good heading south. going to the livermore valley westbound 580 traffic is busy.
6:40 am
out to dublin. now let's go to steve. thank you very much. clear skies. cold, cold. lots of 20s out there all ecloses the -- all across the board. it doesn't matter. tomorrow will not be as bad. we'll have cloud cover coming in. a freeze warning out for the north bay. 24-30. there is other areas in the 20s as well. the frost advisory covers the rest of the bay area. that goes until 8:00. 28 fairfield, 28 napa. 25 st. helena. 25 near sebastopol. even san rafael at 30 degrees. redwood city 32. palo alto 29. 29 scotts valley. s a all over the place. sunny today. a few high clouds might clip parts of the north bay. overall highs today very, very cool. upper 40s, low, low 50s. we'll talk more about a change in our weather coming up. very, very tricky snow levels.
6:41 am
time now 6:39. some flights may be effected by a snowstorm that is hitting colorado. how your flights at sfo or elsewhere may be effected. a stolen vehicle goes up in flames. ignites a fire at a nearby oakland business. we'll show you why neighbors are thanking firefighters this morning. good morning. westbound 24 between walnut creek and oakland moderately heavy. we'll tell you more about the trouble spots on the morning commute.
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welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you right now at 6:43. it's four hours ago. a body was found in campbell. this was at a scene of a fire. this is off kehnus drive. they are trying to figure out how the victim died. right now they don't think it's suspicious. if you are just waking up, it is cold. a freeze warning covering a big chunk of the bay area. temperatures fell into the 20s in some is areas. this could cause problems not only for people but for pets, crops, water pipes, and cars. 8:45 this morning president obama will announce a new white
6:45 am
house effort to prevent mass shootings. vice president joe biden who is a gun control supporter will lead the administration's effort. more funerals are planned in newtown, connecticut today as investigators try to piece together a motive in last week's school shooting. reporter rene marsh is in newtown where kids are returning to school for a second day. she will tell us what is complicating the search. >> reporter: i want to paint a picture for you. on that main road that runs through this community, you'll have school buses on the way to the second day of school. along that same main road is a parking lot at a church that is filling up this morning as they get ready to bury yet another victim. parents in newtown, connecticut
6:46 am
course usually sent their children back to school. the close knit community has forever changed. the investigation continues into what sparked the shooting rampage. adam lanza left a smashed computer at his home but so far investigators have been unable to retrieve any data from it. fox tests are under way -- toxicology tests are under way to see if he was receiving any medication. >> i'm watching a sea of people leaving a funeral for a child and another sea of people waiting at the side of the church trying to get in for the next funeral. >> reporter: teacher victoria soto will be laid to rest today and parents will bury more children. parents of victim grace mcdonald take comfort in the thought that her daughter is with her friends. >> i invision all of them holding hands. they are all together up there.
6:47 am
and they are up there with their wonderful principal. >> reporter: at a vigil last night for principal dawn hocksprung the town's mayor said their faith will not waiver. and the students of sandy hook elementary school will resume classes in january. the governor calling for a day of mourning. that will happen on friday. he is asking all churches will bells ring them 26 times in honor of the victims. back to you. >> rene marsh in newtown, connecticut. thank you for that. two bay sisters are among the many people trying to help those effected by the connecticut school shooting. coming up their touching gesture to help those cope with grief. and very personal experience behind it. we are still following an oakland investigation into a stolen truck that caught fire and that fire started another fire injuring a security guard. just look at the pictures.
6:48 am
looks like it all started with that stolen truck. ktvu lorraine blanco has been on the story since 4:30. so what do you know about what happened out there? >> reporter: well, dave, the fire started in that stolen vehicle you were talking about. it was right about here. and spread to the building you see right there. now this morning a crew is picking up some of the wreckage out here. they will board it up and they will secure it as police try to track down the person or persons who started the fire. this is exclusive video you will see only on 2. the fire started in a stolen vehicle just after midnight. it spread to a nearby building. the owner says this is a telephone and computer networking company. the battalion chief tells us a security guard was inside during the fire. he is treated for smoke inhalation and is expected to be okay. neighbors thought it would spread to nearby homes. they are grateful for very skilled firefighters. >> i wouldn't want anyone to
6:49 am
get hurt. there are a lot of young families living in a cold sack over there. my son is right around the corner himself. >> reporter: we also noticed security cameras out here and what does point toward the front of the building where the fire started no one else was injured in the fire investigators say the vehicle was stolen in hayward on december 11th. reporting live in oakland lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 news. your time 6:48. there may be flight delays today if you will be heading for denver. a snowstorm baring down on the rocky mountain region may turn into a blizzard. that could lead to zero visibility for drivers. and flight delays at denver airport. flights to denver out of sfo right now are having delays of at least 27 minutes. so call ahead. food service workers at oakland international airport say they are ready to go on strike during the busy holiday
6:50 am
travel season unless they get a new contract. workers say they haven't had a contract since june. unless a deal is reached by midnight thursday they plan to walk off the job. the washers say they -- the workers say they are arguing over medical costs and proposed wages that are frozen. we are getting closer to 7:00. traffic could be getting a little busier. let's check in with sal. >> good morning, pam and dave. we are looking at traffic that is getting busier around the bay be we will start with northbound 280 in san jose. that is not all that bad. you will see some more people joining us for this commute. there haven't been any major problems on 280 getting into the valley. it has been a little slow here and there. moving along to the graphics here. looking at the peninsula commute. 101 and 280 look good. i want to highlight the commute between half-moon bay and
6:51 am
pacifica. it is a 20 minute drive. so most of it will be okay here. across the bay southbound from hayward to union city this traffic looks good. bay bridge toll plaza not a bad commute here for morning commute. it's not lighter than usual. but it's only about 15 minutes before you make et on the bridge. now here is steve. thank you, sal. a very cold morning. lots of 20s showing up. even mid 30s in san francisco. so it's cold for everybody. freeze warnings out goes until 8:00. freeze warning for the north bay. frost advisory for everyone else. temperatures critical minimum. don't forget the plants and pets. 28 in santa rosa. 28 napa. 28 fairfield. but there is a lot of -- 27 yountville. 25 kenwood. 25 out toward grayton. so it's cold for all.
6:52 am
lee ma valley 27 degrees too. up in tahoe one degree with freezing fog. 28 redding. for those heading north there is already winter storm warning out from grants pass north. i know a lot of people head up i-5. the snow level around redding for tomorrow not today tomorrow night into friday could be around 500,000 feet to 2,000 feet before it lifts. you can see that rain turning to snow that far away from portland. this is a very strong system. we have to wait about another 36 hours. higher clouds beginning to move into the north bay. rain holds off until late, late thursday or early friday. cold this morning. sunny for us. really chilly highs. upper 40s. unless you are near the bay about 53-54. otherwise you will struggle to get above 51. clouds increase thursday. and then rain comes in friday. a series of systems saturday into sunday. heaviest rain will be sunday. in the last hour the treasury department announced it will sell off the remaining stake in general motors.
6:53 am
the government says it plans to be completely digested of gm stock. the exact timetable will determine -- oracle stock up a $or so a share. the redwood shore company reports an 18% increase in quarterly profits. despite possible uncertainty about the economy's prospects. here's a question for you. could your child's backpack protect them from being shot? the bullet proof backpack that one company is making after that connecticut school shooting. and another reelection of a sort for president obama. the big honor he received again this morning.
6:54 am
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6:56 am
welcome back. our time 6:55. demands for bullet proof backpacks skyrocketing after that connecticut school shooting. utah based amendment 2. look at this. they say their backpacks are lined with a fabric that can stop a bullet. the company says people all over the world want these backpacks. demand has been so great the website crashed several times. the price is between $150 and already $300. two young sisters are making a touching gesture to
6:57 am
help children in newtown, connecticut deal with their grief. they plan to send 700 copies of their book titled it's okay to cry to the children of sandy hook elementary school. she wrote the book after her father died of a heart attack right in front of her. >> even though we can't touch our special someone anymore, we can feel them in our hearts. we can feel their love in a beautiful sunset or a playful butterfly their love is always with us. >> the sisters and mom set up a website to help raise money for prohibiting and shipping-- for printing and shipping. 6:56. time magazine just announced its 2012 person of the year and it goes to president obama. time magazine picked president obama for turning weakness into opportunity and for seeking amid great adversity to create
6:58 am
a perfect union. he also received the honor in 2008. now the other finalist this year included apples tim cook and yahoo ceo marissa meyer. coming up on 7:00. sal, how is traffic? >> actually it's going to be a little slow if you are driving in some areas. as a matter of fact, bay bridge just looked at it. it's a little bit of a delay here as you come through. no problems this morning on highway 101 or 280. and if you're on the peninsula. now let's go to steve. sal, thank you. it's cold out there. freeze warning for the north bay. frost advisory everywhere else goes until 8:00. 27 santa rosa. bundle up today. today will be a cool day. there is a change in our weather brewing for friday. time now 6:57. coming up we are live waiting for a big announcement from california senator barbara boxer expected any minute.
6:59 am
what she is doing. it's a story we've been following since 4:30. the investigation into a gruesome discovery. stay with us.


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