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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 21, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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connecticut school shooting -- the nra reacts to the connecticut school shooting. at noon.
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first day of winter is here and it has arrived with a bang. it's noon and we are on storm watch. good afternoon, i'm mike mibach. the wind and rain blew in overnight. it's staying for a while. we have team coverage for you. right now, meteorologist, roark, is stacking the track. janine de la vega is out at the airport. we begin with lorraine blanco. it's crazy windy out there. >> reporter: my hair is a huge mess. it's not raining anymore. but there is a high wind
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advisory in effect right now on the richmond san rafael bridge. this wild weather caused all kinds of problems for people here in the north bay. >> reporter: the damage looks bad but it could be worse. this massive 100-foot tree crashed into an inverness carport. this woman got the square of her life. >> i was standing underneath is over here. i feel grateful we are okay and alive. >> reporter: wild weather slammed the north bay. in petaluma, a power pole on g street could not stand up to heavy winds. the wet weather also makes it difficult for those who -- who have to drive and deliver all day. >> it's killing us. it has to be done. customers have to get to our boxes and people have to have
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their christmas presents. >> it's kind of annoying but it's okay, you know. it's not the worst problem in the world. >> reporter: mike, it's so windy out here. i have to plant my feet so i don't blow over on the richmond/ran ralph fell bridge. the san mateo -- san rafael bridge. lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. good afternoon. it's just messy out there. you saw from lorraine's report. you probably felt it this morning. hit the north bay earlier today. over the last couple of hours you can see the time lapse over the last few hours. it's moved through the central and south bay. at this time, it's actually tapered off a little bit as the first in a series of storms continues to march through the bay area. we've got some light rain over
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santa rosa and petaluma. in the last 12 hours, santa rosa has picked up about an inch and a half of rain. quite a bit of rainfalling over the north bay this morning. we have some steady rain along the east bay. oakland, san leandro and farther south we had rain falling near union city. it looks like it has since broken away with some rain moderate at times falling over pleasant tonight and 680 -- pleasant and 680. we have -- pleasanton and 680. we have a snow advisory. blue canyon right a about 5,000. they will fluctuate throughout the weekend. we'll bring you more on what you can expect including a time frame to plan those holiday
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parties -- parties. janine de la vega is live at san francisco international. a lot of flights getting canceled out there. >> reporter: that's right. there's been steady traffic here all morning. i just chicked the boards -- checked the boards there are numerous delays hans cancellations. the storm has brought in the wind and rain which has caused low visibility for pilots. that's caused delays of about 65 minutes. there's been 60 canceled flights. most of these are on commuter flights up and down the west coast. the lines at the security checkpoints are pretty backed -- packed. considerings we spoke to being affected -- passengers we spoke to being affected are trying to take it in stride. >> my plate is delayed about an hour and a half -- flight is delayed about an hour and a half. >> reporter: normally, planes
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departing from sfo take off and land from the north but because of the storm and winds faa has been departing from the south. airport officials are advising travelers to call their airline or check the status before coming to the airport. >> there are flights that are leaving on time today. but because of the weather -- the weather conditions i think we can expect to see some continued delays today and also perhaps a few more cancellations. >> reporter: today is one of the busiest travel days of the holiday season. airport officials expect 130,000 travelers to come through between now and january 6th, 2 million are expected. we checked with the other airports. neither are reporting cancellations. at san jose, just a few minor delays. back to you. >> thank you. watch out for the slippery roadways if you are headed to the sierra this holiday
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weekend. as rosemary just mentioned a winter storm warning just went into effect. the rain we're getting here in the bay area means dumping snow up in the mountains. that's good news for sierra ski resorts. wind and snow are expected today in elevations above 4500 feet. we just checked in with caltrans. there are not chain restrictions on the mountain passes right now. that will change as the storm moves east. you can always get up-to-the- minute weather, traffic and air travel information on the information is also available on the ktvu mobile apps. the national rifle association is now weighing in on the debate over gun control following the connecticut school massacre. the executive director called for an armed police officer in every u.s. school. >> with all of the money in the federal budget, can't we afford to put a police officer in every single school?
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>> nra, stop killing our children! it's the nra and the weapons killing our children! >> code pink protesters disrupted the press conference twice, holding up signs saying the nra is holding our kids and nra blood on your hands. the nra is also blaming the media for allowing violent culture to come into children's homes. other critics of the nra say instead of being part of the solution, the nra is pasting the buck. one week after the shooting, people around the nation caused today to remember those who lost their lives. there was a moment of silence and bells tolled in remembrance. >> dawn hochsprung, principal. [bell tolling] >> bells rang out across connecticut at 6:30 a.m. our time. the names of the those -- the
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name ofs of those killed -- the names of those killed, bells tolled to remember them. bells tolled at washington massacre. before the ringing of various faiths gathered to speak about run violence. >> there was also an online online moment of silence for the shooting victims. a green ribbon was posted. companies taking part included aol, huffington post and adobe. a san jose elementary school went under lockdown briefly while police searched for a reported gunman. police told people on rocky mountain drive to shelter in place at that school. earlier, officers got a call from a resident that two people
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jumped over a fence on monrovia drive and retrieved a handgun from a yard. the two left the car and were later found. that lockdown was lifted at 9:45. a threat forced hoover elementary in oakland to hockdown. police say someone called in a threat to the school. the school went into lockdown mode until investigators determined the call was got credible. investigators are currently looking for that caller. >> if we do find out who is responsible for making this phone call, we've -- we'll pursue that with our full force. the school was on lockdown for about an hour. administrators say most of the children were never aware of the threats. two san lorenzo schools received threatening high schools, royal and the east bay arts school received the calls ended with the words dead or death. both schools were evacuated or
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searched. yesterday, san -- san lorenzo received a similar call. investigators responded to a report of a stabbing at a business complex on oakland road near brokaw in north san jose shortly before 3:00 a.m. police say the victim was discovered inside suffering from at least one stab wound and was later pronounced dead at the hospital. investigators say it happened during a party at the complex. no word mon a suspect description or motive. this time of year can be difficult for parents who have lost children. coming up in six minutes we'll show you what a san francisco salon is doing to help make a holiday a little brighter for mothers of homicide victims. john kerry's entire life has prepared him for the role. president obama announced the massachusetts as his choice for secretary of state. kerry appeared with the president at the white house this morning. the son of a diplomat, the 69-
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year-old democratic senator is a decorated vietnam veteran and currently chair us the attorney relations committee and has represented massachusetts in the senate since 19 85. >> i he's a -- he's a perfect choice to guide diplomacy in the years ahead. >> kerry is expected to be easily confirmed by his senate colleagues. he would replace hillary clinton who is stepping down in january. as christmas gets closer, tensions are high at a mall in newark. we'll tell you why police were called this morning to take care of a crowd that wanted a sneaker. old man winter is awake today. roark -- roque is rosemary
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orose zoe is tracking the -- rosemary orozco is tracking the storm.
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firefighters are investigating a house fire in san possible blow. it happened around 2:00 a.m. on colin street. firefighters say it appears no one was inside the home when the flames first sparked. they believe a candle off possibly a cigarette may have started this -- started that fire. a group of mothers of homicide victims were treated to a bit of pam perking. 20 members arrived this morning at marinello's school of beauty for manicures, pedicures and hairstyling. this time of year can be difficult for children. one woman said she's lost four sons to homicide. >> you don't get over it completely. you never get over it. you get a little bit better. there's times i cry my eyes almost out because i miss my children so much. >> the school of beauty on market street donated all of today's salon services with the hope of making the holiday a
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little brighter for each of these women. $185 pair of jordans that for some may never even be worn caused quite a stir outside of a lawn. >> reporter: some people will do just about anything for the newest air jordans. >> that's how clean they are. fresh. >> reporter: and for hundreds of fans at the new park mall, the wait got a bit out of control. >> can't do it now. >> yeah. >> everybody will do anything for some jordan's but back in the way it was never like this. >> reporter: this was the scene after police had to be called after the crowd became rowdy. this morning the chic store was handing out raffle tickets on a first come first served basis. when a security guard came out to out the tickets, he got
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rushed. and everyone started to pepper spray. >> he tried to defend himself. >> reporter: video taken by a viewer inside shows that even though the store stop selling the shoes, ten machines were -- stopped selling the shoes, tensions were high. >> a lot of hide and seek and a lot of back and forth. >> reporter: the frenzy was not just here. police were called to other parts of the country because of the new air jordans. in huntsville, alabama, police there had to pepper sprays to disperse an unruly crowd. >> it's rulely unruly. this happened last year, too. i was in fairfield, and someone broke down the door. >> reporter: as for the lucky ones who got a pair. some say they will people them. others plan to sell them. >> it was worth it. >> reporter: brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. some retailers are making a
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lot of easier for last-minute christmas shoppers to check everything off their list. toys 'r' us began an 88-hour shopping marathon. they plan to keep the stores open around the clock until 10:00 p.m. on christmas evening. macy's remains open around the clock. the retailer is hosting a 48- hour sale that started this morning and will continue at 7:00 a.m. on sunday december 23rd. after that stores will stay open for business the remainder of the day. most plan to keep doors open until midnight. house speaker john boehner said the prospect for a resolution for the so- -- so- called fiscal cliff remains with the democrats. he held a press conference after he was handed a bitter defeat on his plan to avoid the fiscal cliff. boehner called on the president and congress to make more compromises to avoid going over the fiscal cliff. just moments ago a la
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fayette street reopened after being shut down after be -- being shut down by a sinkhole. the street was reopen on christmas day but opened days ahead of school. the city hired the contractor cc myers to do the repairs. >> they are a subcontractor and and they came out and -- and they came out and other subs came out 24 hours a day, seven days a week and now we have a completed street. >> cc myers is well known for its on time and on-time budgets including bridges and bay area freeways. good afternoon. wind-driven rain has made it hectic, even hazard out out there. around the bay area, steadier rain continues to fall. we will continue with on and off rain. you can see there visibility, a
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tough call in some areas getting across the bridges. breezy at times. we had a wind advisory over the north bay. a wind advisory for san francisco and the peninsula, that's expired. we are left with scattered showers and breezy conditions continuing for your friday. you can see light rain falling over santa rosa, petaluma, st. helena, st. helena, picking up more than an inch and about 8/10ths. south of the golden gate, south of i-80, a few 1/100ths in places. we have more to come. this is just the beginning. parts of the east bay, right over the bay bridge at this time rain is falling and we have light rain over the marina district, the embarcadero, the downtown area over the union square. if you are gonna head out shopping, it will be wet. light showers falling over berkeley as well as walnut creek and danville seeing some light rain at times. the winds have really been
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blowing. so rain hectic enough. so when you include the winds, it can be stretcherrous, the winds in oakland, 17 miles an hour. 18 sfo. 16 in mountain view. these are sustained winds. the gusts have been strong eb at times -- stronger at times. mt. diablo, taking the cake. 58-mile-an-hour gusts reported there earlier this morning. as we head to the sierra, we've got a solid moderate line of rain heading into the foothills. and the snow line remains about blue canyon. it will fluctuate throughout the oakland right now we're seeing a mix of rain and snow. the farther north you go, the lower the snow levels. redding had a rain/snow mix this morning. this system is the parent low that will continue to send rain our way. we have three systems in a matter of three days. still two in the pipeline.
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here is your noontime. we're looking at scattered showers for the afternoon. as beget into the evening hours, maybe you have a holiday party or shopping, you will need the umbrella. tomorrow morning in the overnight showers, we'll begin to see the next steady bout of rain. by the time we get going in the cloning -- morning 8:00, 9:00, it will taper off to showers. saturday looks not 250 bad and sunday we wake up with -- not too bad and sunday we wake up with rain. how much rain are we expecting? anywhere from and inch or two. .10 for the central and south bay. there is a high surf advisory from the north bay coast into santa cruz and monterey bay. afternoon highs in the 50s. we're already in the 50s. we saw quite a difference t 10 to 20 degrees -- difference today. 10 to 20 degrees difference. it will be a hectic travel --
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>> yes, and going to the sierra. the know falls down to 4500 feet. afternoon trading on the market is looking weak. gaining strength, jobless numbers in california. it's a number residents have not seen in nearly four years. lots of prepaid cards come pre-filled with problems.
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stocks came in 1% lower in the last hour of trading. a setback in talks to avoid the
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looming fiscal cliff. the dow is down 135 points. new figures show california's unemployment rate has finally reached single digits for the first time since the start of the economic downturn. november's jobless rate job -- dropped to 9.8%. the rate has not been this low since january of 2009. the drop is a surprise. many predicted it -- it could remain in double digits through 2013. chevron corporation is moving 80 employees, one quarter of the staff will relocate. most of the workers are in technical positions. those workers will transfer between now and the year 2015. today on ktvu news at 5:00. we're on storm watch as the first of a series of storms rolls right through the bay area. we're tracking the rain and how
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it will impact the evening and weekend holiday plans. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. we're always here for you at and mobile ktvu. have a great day, everyone.
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