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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  December 22, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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we are on storm watch, as another system passes through the bay area. the problems it's causing for people and businesses. >> and a community mourns, as the last of the young shooting victims in connecticut are laid to rest. the funerals held today. >> plus, lying down to make a statement. how people in san francisco joined the debate about gun control. . good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm maureen nailer. >> i'm david stevenson. heather and ken are off tonight. heavy rain pounded the bay area overnight, as another winter storm rolled through the region. and while the wet weather haslet up a bit, it's still causing problems for people and
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businesses. we have live team storm watch coverage tonight. meteorologist mark take maya is tracking the conditions, but we begin with christien kafton, live at san francisco airport where holiday travelers are dealing with the delays. >> reporter: that's right. take a look at the big board. we checked with duty manager and there are a few delays up on the board, delays about an hour at this point due to the wet weather. passengers are hoping for a break in the weather. at times today, the rain pounded down, forcing people to scramble for over. oakland's farmers market is open, rain or shine, depending on the foot traffic. farmers here have even more reason to watch the skies. >> we need the rain for our crops and for our apples, but then for market, we need the rain to lessen up so we can actually sell. >> reporter: plenty of people said the rain didn't slow them down. >> a little wet. farmers are getting wet, getting
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wet, but came out with our french vegetables and my mom's here from north carolina. so we're just getting our umbrellas and charging through. >> reporter: the rain did cause problems for drivers throughout the bay area. in lafayette this morning, a drain backed up on the pleasant hill onramp to highway 24 and flooded the roads. cal trans says tomorrow may be even worse. >> they say heavy rain more tomorrow. i thought this would be the lighter storm. we'll, we'll see. >> reporter: and the travel troubles don't stop there. san francisco international airport is saying the weather is leading to delays for flights west of denver. these passengers from san diego got notice their flight would be delayed. >> yeah, i got a text message. i was, like, i know that's them. i checked it and it was southwest texting us that we'll be an hour and a half late. >> reporter: the delays are leading to traffic backups here at the airport. the duty manager here is asking people to wait in the cell phone lots rather than circle the
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airport and cause more congestion. live at sfo, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2news. >> and we have a link to the most up-to-date information on travel delays. it's under our hot topics on our home page. some pg&e customers in the bay area are in the dark right now because of storm-related outages. latest numbers show almost 500 customers without power in nine bay area counties. according to the utility's website, the largest outage is in san rafael, where damage to an underground cable cut power to 113 customers after 5:00 this morning. pg&e hopes to have power restored there within the hour. we started off the day with heavy rain and thunderstorms early this morning, then a bit of a break in the action. once again, into the afternoon hours, still heavy downpours, still reports of thunderstorms and even hail out there. as you can see, the cluster of heavy rain moving across the region, a loop heading out to the east. the latest right now on live
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storm tracker, you can pick out the coverage and the bulk of the heavy rain is out toward the stockton area. we take a closer inspection of the live sweep, still a few lingering showers through the santa cruz mountains. zooming in approaching the central portion of the bay, closer to hayward, around the san mateo bridge, a few light showers, also just up to the north, to the north of hayward, around castro valley, crow canyon road, shifting the maps up to the north, scattered rain showers in sonoma county, napa county as well. there is another storm offshore. this is a stronger one. in fact, the distance locator with this system, we do have, will break that down, so this cluster of clouds i'm watching. you can see it's over 400 miles out to our west, but this will be approaching the region. this will be a stronger storm. winds will be a big concern as well. in fact, we'll be talking about more power outages possibly into sunday. winds could be approaching 50 miles an hour. this wind advisory set to begin first thing tomorrow morning at 4:00. coming up, we'll break down the timing of the heaviest rain
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bands and how much rain you can expect in your neighborhood. >> thank you, mark. during a brief break in the wet weather, the sun shined through just enough to create this beautiful rainbow on the left. ktvu traffic camera caught this colorful picture in walnut creek this afternoon. a truck ended up on its side on interstate 880 during the rainy weather in oakland early this morning. the accident happened in the southbound lanes near the broadway exit. the driver said he lost control during a heavy downpour. two people were inside the truck. they both got out okay. another crash, this one in castro valley, sent the driver to the hospital. it happened at about 7:00 this morning on eastbound interstate 580 near 150th avenue. the highway patrol says the driver lost control, went up an embankment and the car came to rest on its roof. there was heavy rain during the rescue effort. the driver's injuries are not considered life threatening. a portion in marin county is reopened tonight after being blocked by a fallen tree and downed power lines. the road was shut down at about
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3:00 a.m. crews arrived and cleared the debris, but the closure caused delays for drivers heading in and out of the area. the highway patrol today closed a portion of interstate 80 heading to the sierra after a series of storm-related spin-outs. the highway was closed this morning from colfax to the nevada state line. it reopened this afternoon. you can see here what it looked like in colfax this afternoon, where a detour prompted cars to exit the freeway and turn around. the closure created a traffic mess for thousands of people headed to the mountains for the holidays. the most powerful winter storm of the season is on track to drop as much as 5 feet of snow on top of the sierra and more is expected through sunday. this is what it looked like earlier today at squaw valley on the northshore of lake tahoe. as much as 12 inches of snow has been forecast around reno, carson city and men don, nevada. check our website under the storm watch tab for the home page for more weather
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information. homicide detectives in emeryville are searching for clues in a deadly shooting last night. authorities say someone opened fire outside a parked car at 65th and hollis streets around 9:30 p.m. one of the car's doors was opened and its window appeared to have been shot out. the victim's name has not been released. so far, police haven't announced any suspect information. one person was shot and killed and three others wounded in a sacramento home invasion robbery this morning. police say they received a call at about 3:30 a.m. about an exchange of gunfire. it's still unclear at this point if the person who died lived inside the house. the three who were wounded all suffered nonlife threatening injuries. a 90-year-old resident managed to escape a house fire early this morning in san rafael. a neighbor saw the fire on brent avenue about 1:00 this morning and called 911. the elderly resident got out just okay and is now staying with a neighbor. fire investigators say the home's smoke detector had dead batteries. fire officials say the fire may have been caused by the use of
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an old chimney and imussible materials. . continuing coverage now of the tragedy in connecticut. the last of the young school shooting victims were laid to rest today. family and friends of 7-year-old josephine gay gathered for her funeral at st. rose of lima catholic church in newtown. nearby bloomfield, connecticut, 6-year-old anna grace marquez green was also laid to rest. in utah, classmate 6-year-old emilie parker was also buried. new jersey governor chris christie is weighing in on the debate about gun control. he did not criticize the nra's specific proposal, but the governor did say having armed guards at schools is a bad idea. >> i don't think that the solution to safety in schools is putting armed guard. for it to be really effective in my view, you would have to have an armed guard outside every classroom. >> he said armed guards at elementary schools would negatively impact the students'
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learning environment. today, people in san francisco joined in on the gun debate in a different way. in six minutes, their silent protest and what demonstrators say is key to preventing more tragedies like the masacre in newtown, connecticut. vacaville police say stopped a suspicious vehicle and found weapons, drugs and cash. the car was stopped at a chevron station at alamo drove and merchant street this afternoon. inside the vehicle, officers say they found several dangerous saad-off shotguns. >> the way the weapons have been altered, they are designed to concealed weapon. getting these weapons off the street has made our streets safer today. >> one man was arrested today. police recognized the suspect distinct vehicle from past crimes. today is the last saturday before christmas, and it's considered one of the busiest shopping days of the year. last minute gift givers are scrambling to take care of
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everyone on their list. at broadway plaza, there was a steady treme of shoppers purchasing last-minute items. >> we're knocking everything out right now. we're going to be done. >> retailers say the weekend before christmas exceeds the crazed crowds of black friday shoppers. . 26 people in a silent protest. how they are remembering the victims of newtown, connecticut. >> how players of violent video games are showing they care in the wake of the tragedy at sandy hook elementary. >> more than a landmark. it's an institution. >> also, one final meal. we're there on the last day of business of a popular waterfront restaurant.
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. an suv careened off interstate 580 in oakland,
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crashing into a tree during heavy rain overnight. it happened near the coolidge exit. police are looking for the driver who ran from the scene. the highway patrol hasn't said if weather was a factor in the crash. police in antioch overnight responded to two shootings on the same street within three hours of each other. the first was report order sycamore drive between summersville road and l street before 1:00 this morning. one person was hit and the injury is not considered life threatening. three hours later, officers got another call about gunshots, also on sycamore drive. nobody was injured. officers made one arrest and say at this point they do not think the two shootings are related. a dramatic protest in san francisco today, in support of gun control and in memory of the victims of the sandy hook shootings. ktvu's kara lu reports on the somber ceremony led by the survivor of another mass shooting. [ bells tolling ] >> reporter: demonstrators held signs with the names of the lives lost atandy hook elementary school. >> i hope you watch us lay down and know that we're lying down
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in a silent protest to remember the 26 people that lost their lives in newtown. >> reporter: protesters laid on the ground, as each victim was remembered. former teacher susan napolio held a sign for one of the teachers. >> i admire what she did and hope if i had ever been called to do that, i would act in the same way. >> reporter: part of the demonstration, 20 pairs of children's shoes, empty. a powerful and symbolic image for so many here at justin herman plaza today. >> i just want congress to know when they get to go home to their families, that a lot of people can't do that this year. >> reporter: the silent protest was organized by is our viver of a jewish community center shooting 13 years ago, pushing for stricter gun laws. >> universal background checks and closing the gun show loophole would stop so many
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lives from being taken. that and banning assault rifles. there is no need to have ar-15 rifles in the hands of civilians. >> reporter: in san francisco, cara lui, ktvu channel 2news. the founder of a new york-based video game site called for a cease-fire from violent online games yesterday. the webmaster of gamer fit nation said he believes tens of thousands of players participated, but many people who left comments on his website said video games had nothing to do with the shootings and said the cease-fire was an example of using a tragedy as self promotion. san mateo's county chief probation officer -- federal investigators are looking into allegations against stuart forest. the u.s. postal service inspection service is heading up the investigation and the fbi is assisting. officials with the america's cup boat race say larry ellison's oracle team spied on a competitor. an international jury delivered
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the verdict. the jury said the oracle team came too close to an italian rival's boat and took photos during a race in auckland, new zealand last month. the oracle team has been ordered to hand over pictures. a decision on penalty is still pending. from egypt, early indications suggest egyptians are poised to approve a controversial constitution after today's final vote. an official from the muslim brotherhood political party said after almost 4 million votes had been counted and about three quarter of those were cast in favor of the constitution. supporters of the islamist president mohammed morsi said the constitution is vital to move to democracy, but opponents say the text favors islamists and limits the rights of christians and women. pope benedict xvi granted his former butler a pardon today, forgiving him for stealing and leaking private papers. he was arrested in may after vatican police found what they called an enormous stash of papal documents in his apartment. gabrielle said he gave the
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documents to a journalist because he thought exposing the corruption would put the church back on the right track. gab yet was released today, two months into his 18-month sentence. prosecutors in britain are considering whether to press charges against the two australian dj's behind a prank that ended tragically. earlier this month, the dj's impersonated queen elizabeth and prince charles, calling a london hospital to ask about the condition of the duchess of cambridge. a nurse put the call through and the prank was played on the radio. a few days later, that nurse committed suicide. it's not clear what charges, if any, are being considered. police tonight are warning people to be aware of thefts about cell phones. a suspect steals a phone and escapes with a car. police say people should not lend their cell phone to any stranger or even take it out of purse or pocket to give someone the time. well, wind and a lot of
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rainy weather today. looks like we have more ahead. mark tamayo joins us to give us a sense of what's ahead in the next few hours. >> it's one of those days, if you're outside for 10 seconds, you were drenched instantly. we have been talking about two storms. the next one will be the strongest of the series, moving in on sunday. live storm tracker 2, the bulk of the heaviest rain is out to our east, toward stockton, approaching modesto. lingering rain showers around the santa cruz mountains, zooming in closer to parts of the peninsula, around san mateo, east bay, showers around hayward. just to the north and west, a few spotty showers here and up in the north bay, around petaluma and santa rosa. areas showing you rain showers to contend with, and also the glenn ellen area. that will be a factor tonight before another system moves onshore. this will be the strongest in the series, with rainfall forecasts topping 2 inches in the coastal hills.
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could be approaching 2 inches in the north bay. for the central portions of the bay, about three quarters of an inch to over an inch. we are keeping our eyes on the river levels. the russian river has been going up. right now, nearly 25 feet, expected to crest around 28 feet and flood stage is 32. this forecast has been changing. it could be closer to flood stage, something we'll keep an eye on sunday and monday. an update on the napa river at napa, currently 16 feet, expected to crest at 18 feet tomorrow night. out towards st. helena, barely 7 feet and cresting around 11.5 feet by sunday at 8:00. here is the next system, the strongest in the series developing offshore. this is racing toward our coastline. this will be a heavy rain producer, also thunderstorms, if you can see. heading into tomorrow, rainfall rates will be rapidly increasing and some gusty winds, as we
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mentioned, wind advisory kicks in first thing tomorrow morning. there is a possibility of power outages out there. whenever you get this much rain in a six-hour period, we could have mudslides, downed trees and easily some roadway ponding. we'll have a sharp rise on the creeks out there. here's our forecast model, probably the most important graphic on the show heading into sunday. notice we'll take this into tonight at 10:00. not a lot to show you, scattered showers. here we are, first thing sunday morning, rainfall rates rapidly on the increase. 6:00 in the morning hours, moderate to heavy rain. look what happens by 10:00. brighter colors reflect heavier rain, downpours, possibility of thunderstorms at 11:00. by 1:00, the focus will be in the southern half of the region, beginning to wind down in parts of the north bay. by this time tomorrow, should be relatively dry, with just partly cloudy skies. but before then, significant rainfall. an update in the sierra, winter storm warning in place. chains required both on 80 and also on 50. winter storm warning in place
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until 10:00 tomorrow night. temperatures for tomorrow, mainly in the 50s. but of course that's not the big story. the rainfall will be. looking ahead, into monday, it will be dry. partly cloudy skies, showers likely into tuesday, as you can see for christmas day. a chance of a shower on wednesday and more cloud cover on thursday. coming up in the next few hours, more updated forecast models to time the heaviest rain bands for tomorrow. maybe we can pull back on the shower chances for tuesday. we'll keep an eye on that, at least for 10:00. >> sounds like tomorrow is the day. >> tomorrow is the main event, yeah. >> thank you, mark. well, you can always follow mark and the rest of our meteorologists online for the latest on this weekend's storms on twitter and facebook. residents who live aboard their boats gathered today to say good-bye ahead of a new development at a bay area harbor. dozens of people called pete's harbor in redwood city home. in less than a month, all of the residents must leave to make way for planned parking lot and 400-unit luxury condo complex. the waterfront restaurant at pete's harbor is also closing
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its doors. >> it is sad to close this place. it's more than the restaurant. it's a landmark, an institution. it's a lot of memories, not just for my family and i, but for a lot of people in redwood city. >> today was the last day of business for the waterfront restaurant. the owner says, however, the eatery will live on in a new location in downtown redwood city. well, college basketball is heating up. fred english joins us next with sports. >> first, east bay police and firefighters getting in the spirit of giving. what they did today to help needy children have a happy holiday. well, well, well.
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the richmond fire and police department teamed up again this year to raise money for christmas gifts and food boxes for needy families. this year, the program will serve almost 1700 families. >> wow. time now for sports. the road to the final four has begun, but it's really, really, really early. >> yeah, we haven't even turned the car on yet. students are off on holiday break, but the cal men's basketball team is sticking
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around to prepare for the upcoming pac-12 season. today, the men made quick work of prairie view a&m. former cal point guard jerome randall in today's blowout. that's a mismatch on paper and on the court. justin collins with the slammer, 14-0 run, scoring 14 today. al alan crab scores a game-high 30 points. so vicious! the bears outrebound the panthers 45-25. they win by 32 points. i just hope prairie view a&m enjoyed their west coast visit. look at this. cal's just showing off now. 85-53, your final. bears are 8-3 hosting harvard next saturday. usf is spending the weekend in hawaii. not a single senior on the team and the aztec pull away with
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more experience. san diego wins 88-58. dons just 5-5. nation's top ranked women's team stanford wins in knoxville for the second time in 13 tries. cardinal beat tennessee 73-60. now off on an 11-0 run. boise state hosted washington today and won the las vegas bowl for the third straight year. now, this young boise state fan wore a mustache as homage to broncos quarterback joe south wick, from san ramon valley high. bosi state takes a 9-3 lead. southwick starts the double pass play. chris potter heaves to huff. huff huffs and puffs and blows his way in for the touchdown. his knees never touch. that's a touchdown. boise state beats washington 28-26, to finish 11-2. huskies done at 7-6. former san francisco giant and 2010 post season hero cody ross agrees to a three-year, $26
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million deal with the arizona d-backs. merry christmas, cody. that's big money. >> pretty good. thank you, fred. well, coming up, we have much more ahead on the 10:00 news. >> we'll have a look once again at the weather radar, as we're bracing for a powerful storm starting tomorrow morning. and we are on storm watch and we'll have the latest on what to expect. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2news. see you the next time news breaks. >> we're always here for you online at and mobile ktvu. see you tonight at 10:00.


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