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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 22, 2012 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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his family's support and his wife mary back as a true partner. i have you back. i have the zocalo back. i am so proud of what we've achieved together as a family. as long as we stick together, it's gonna be a fun ride.
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tonight flooded roads and downed trees in the bay area as crews prepare for another storm expected to hit just a few hours from now. good evening i'm david steveson. >> and i'm maureen taylor. we are on t after a second storm made its way through the bay area today. the worst is yet to come. we have team coverage tonight. mark tamayo has been tracking the rain all day. but we begin with jade hernandez live in oakland. >> reporter: maureen, it is raining. we are live in just one of the cities where it's raining tonight. a few hours ago, not far from here that outage left more than a thousand residents without
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power. public works crews were busy mopping up rain related issues all day. dryers couldn't get past the mud to highway 24 in lafayette. rain drenched oakland and other parts of the bay area. in san francisco wind and water battering this awning may have helped it collapse on to a tree and car. >> i just was thanking god that me and my family wasn't in there. we were in the car last night. >> these photos show the inside of the awnings rusty base filled with water. a tarp corrects the car now. she won't be driving home tonight. >> the hood is in and the whole window is out. the trunk is like -- it's just bent down. >> reporter: as city public works crews chipped away, another problem continued to keep drivers from using all lanes. back in the east bay in oakland, a fallen tree limb
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shut off electricity to 1500 customers around 6 tonight. >> tree fell across the road and broke three of our lines. primary lines. that shorted out the circuit and opened a breaker. >> reporter: pg&e crews managed to get power back on within an hour and a half. >> i went up when i saw the truck and looked and said hey, i wonder what that is. and there was a tree down. >> reporter: we also checked in with public works. they're just one of the departments that has a crew on call all weekend. so far, no problems. reporting live in oakland, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> some pg&e customers are out in the dark. the latest numbers show 440 customers are without power in the north bay. in the south bay, 110 customers are in the dark. crews are hoping to have power
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restored within the hour. >> a truck overturned in oakland. the accident happened on interstate 880 near the broadway exit. the driver said he lost control during a heavy downpour. the driver and passenger were not injured. in castro valley a single car rolled over. it happened about 7 this morning on eastbound interstate 580 near 150th avenue. the highway patrol says the driver lost control, went up an enbankment and the car came to rest on its roof. the driver's injuries are not considered life threatening. >> the wet weather has slowed travel for those looking to get in or out of the bay area this last weekend before christmas. flights west of denver were delayed at san francisco international airport. holiday travelers took is in stride. >> i got a text message by knew it was them. it was southwest texting us we were going to be an hour and a half late. >> at one point delays caused
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traffic backups at the airport. travelers were asked to wait in the cell phone lots rather than circle the airport. in kansas city, missouri, stranded motorists found ways to pass the time when a winter weather created unsafe driving conditions. here you can see two guys throwing a football around next to standstill traffic. heavy snow blanketed the city leaving the roadway icy as well. some streets were blocked off entirely. >> mark tamayo is here now with the radar. you can see still good sections of rain right now. >> we've been watching it over the past few hours. we've noticed an increase in the rainfall rates. as we zoom in, moderate to heavy rainfall. increasing. moving the maps closer to san jose. increasing rainfall rates. just to the south and east of downtown. heavier downpours. the maps to the north, reports 
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of thunderstorms in san francisco over the past hour. the main action heading out across the bay right now inventoried -- centered on the bay bridge. here's a closer inspection right now. you can see some of the activity right around the piedmont region. and tracking the north bay. still rain showers up toward petaluma. we're tracking another weather system in the pacific. here is the wider perspective. this will be the strongest one. that's our next storm approaching. heaviest rain dour downpours are expected. when a wind advisory kicks in for the bay area. >> our coverage continues in 12 minutes. it wasn't a smooth ride up to the sierra today. the specific problem that caused a stretch of road to shut down. be sure to visit you'll find our storm tracker 2 radar to see when the next storm will reach your area.
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look under the storm watch tab on the home page. >> the wet and windy weather didn't discourage shoppers. where bargain hunters are out in force. >> reporter: shopping at 3:00 a.m.? it's possible at macy's. most stores starting yesterday are staying open 48 hours straight and some are going 83 hours right up through christmas eve. >> santa's here. >> reporter: santa had plenty of fans at union square tonight. and shoppers had plenty of entertainment to get in the spirit. as for numbers? maybe a mixed bag. deep discounts are showing up. 50, 60, even 70%. but many in the westfield mall were empty handed just starting to shop perhaps, or like this
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family, already finished. >> we're done. done. completely done. just getting to enjoy the next couple of days with all the family. >> reporter: what do you think of the crowds? >> not as bad as i thought they would be. >> we started at 8:30. >> reporter: this morning. start time for three friends still shopping at 8:30 p.m. >> we still have a couple more stores. >> reporter: not procrastinators, a strategic plan. >> stores are open longer. there's more sales. >> also you get more for your money. so i love it. >> reporter: holiday sales are forecast to rise about 4% this year. just shy of the 5% uptick seen each of the past two years. >> this year's entry is my ugly christmas sweater. >> reporter: of course some things are one of a kind. not found in stores. >> jingle my bells. i got my santa. and this isn't a turtle neck. >> reporter: union square ask more than shopping. it's a scene. >> shouldn't you be at north
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pole getting ready. >> santa is ready. he's out there. all ready to go. >> reporter: with that only in san francisco feeling. most shoppers are halfway finished halfway through december and then they make up the resettles last few weeks. >> these are the final hours before christmas. it's considered one of the busiest shopping times of the year. people who waited until the last minute were scrambling today to take care of everyone on their list. at broadway plaza there was a steady stream of shoppers purchasing last minute items. >> we're knocking everything out right now. we're going to be done. >> some retailers say the weekend before christmas exceeds the madness of black friday. >> police are looking for answers after a deadly
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shooting. authorities say someone opened fire outside a parked car at 65th about 9:30 last night. the window appeared to have been shot out. the victim's name has not been released. so far police have not announced any information about a standpoint. in sacramento one person was fatally shot and three others wounded in a home invasion robbery this morning. police say they got a call about 3:30 this morning about an exchange of gunfire at home. it's unclear if the person who died lived at that house. the three who were wounded are expected to survive. >> new at ten tonight, a 25- year-old fairfield woman who's child was one of four killed two years ago is tonight suspected of robbing a man at knife point. she was arrested this afternoon after police say she held kitchen knife to a 61-year-old man and demanded cash. it was in april it have 2010 that police say james and her sister left four young children alone inside their fairfield
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home. investigators say the power had been turned off in the house and the fire was most likely caused by a candle. police in antioch responded to two shootings on the same street. the first was reported on singapore drive just before 1 this morning. one person was hit. the injuries not considered life threatening. about three hours later officers got another call about gunshots also on -- sycamore drive. >> police stopped a suspicious vehicle and say they found a stash of weapons and drugs. the car was stopped at a chevron station this afternoon. police say they found cash along with drugs and several dangerous sawed off shotguns. >> they're designed to conceal and hide. so getting these weapons off
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the street is made our streets safer today. >> one person was arrested they're facing multiple felony counts including gun charges. >> 26 people in a silent protest. how they're remembering the victims of newtown, connecticut. >> hostess products may return to store shelves. want plan to bring the beloved brand back to life. >> dozens of cruise ship passengers sickened. what's being blamed for the mass illness.
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the final victims of last week's school shooting in connecticut were laid to rest today. family and friends of 7-year- old josephine gay gathered for her funeral. in nearby bloomfield, connecticut there were services and in utah 6-year-old emilie parker was buried. the shootings have sparked national debate about gun control and whether other mass shootings can be prevented. >> reporter: demonstrators held signs with the names of the lives lost at sandy hook elementary school. >> i hope you watch us law down
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and know we're lying down in a silent protest to remember the 26 people that lost their lives in newtown. >> reporter: protesters laid on the ground as each victim was remembered. former teacher held a sign for victoria soto who died protecting her students. >> it gave me shivers to receive and hold her card. i admire what she did and would hope that if i had ever been called to do that i would act in the same way. >> reporter: part of this demonstration. 20 pairs of children's shoes. a powerful and symbolic image for so many year today. >> i just want congress to know when they get to go home to their families that a lot of people can't do that this year. >> reporter: the silent protest was organized by a curvier of a shooting 13 years ago. she's pushing for stricter gun control.
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>> international background checks and closing the loophole. and banning assault rifles. there is no need to have ar-15 rifles in the hands of civilians. >> the founder of a new york- based video game site called for a cease fire yesterday. the webmaster of gamer fit nation said he believes tens of thousands of player the participated. but many people said video games had nothing to do with the shootings and said it was a cease fire of using a tragedy as self-promotion. >> new jersey governor chris christie discussed the nra's proposal. >> i don't think that the solution to safety in schools is putting armed guard out -- for it to be really effective you'd have to have an armed guard outside of every classroom. >> classroom. >> the governor said that would
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negatively impact the schools learning environment. he favored an approach including gun control. the first lady joined president obama for his weekly message. >> every year we commit to love one another, to give of ourselves, to be our brother's keeper, to be our sister's keeper. but those ideas are not just part of our faith. they're part of all faiths. and they unite us as americans. >> in this country we take care of each other and in the season of giving it's inspiring to see so many people all across america taking the time to help those most in need. >> the first family arrived early this morning in hawaii where they're spending their christmas holiday. the president said he plans to return to washington next week because of the so-called fiscal cliff. legislators left washington without a deal that would avoid
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cutting government services on january 1st. >> a portion of interstate 80 heading to the sierra was shut down today after a series of storm related spinouts. the highway patrol shut the highway down this morning from colfax to the nevada state line. this is what it looked like this afternoon where you see a detour prompting cars to exit the freeway and turn around. at times the interstate looked more like a parking lot. >> try to get to tahoe for christmas and we saw a small sign that says road closed and thought day were kidding. but they weren't. >> the interstate eventually reopened this afternoon, the most powerful winter storm of the season is on track to drop as much as 5 feet of snow on top of the sierra. here's what it looked like earlier at squaw valley. as much as 12 inches of snow is forecast for the foot hills around reno, carson city. >> the highway patrol is looking for the driver who crashed an suv in oakland this
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morning. the vehicle careened off interstate 580 and crashed into a tree during heavy rain overnight. officers say the driver ran away from the scene. the highway patrol hasn't said if weather was a factor in the crash. a 65-year-old man was killed and four family members injured after a head on crash this afternoon. investigators say the driver hit the center divider, flipping the suv into on coming track and landing on top of a honda. the accident happened this afternoon. two adults and two children inside the honda were taken to the hospital. the driver of the toyota died. no word on the reason behind the crash. >> the highway patrol says preliminary figures for the current maximum enforcement period show a drop in bay area dui arrests while fatal accidents have increased. there have been 51 dui arrests so far. compared to 1 oh 2 arrests during the same time last year.
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the chp reports one fatal accident so far during this year's enforcement period compared to none during the same time last year. >> today marks the sixth anniversary of the death of a san francisco police officer killed in the line of duty. he was killed while trying to catch an escaped work camp inmate. at one point the escapee opened fire. the escapee was shot and killed by another officer. those who wish to pay respects to officer tuv rexeraa -- >> there's word uniteon superworkers have approved a contract with raley's stores. the sacramento bee reports members of the united food and commercial workers union announced the vote friday. they agreed to ann concessions
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yous the contract covers workers at bel air. details of the hostess baking companies bankruptcy are becoming public. investment bankers revealed they expect to sell off each brand separately over the coming months. chief executive officer is being paid $125,000 as a restructuring expert. about 18,000 people lost their jobs in the bankruptcy which hostess blamed on unions although the company made more than $2 billion a year. >> the results of egypt's controversial constitutional election. record breaking cold weather blankets part of eastern europe. the rescue effort to find hundreds trapped. >> arrests are made in an explosion in indianapolis that killed two people and leveled dozens of homes. how a scheme to get out of debt
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led to the deadly blast. >> and i'm still tracking some downpours on live storm tracker 2 radar. our next system racing toward the bay area. when the heaviest rain bans arrive. your christmas forecast.
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$2 each, all december long. appreciation tastes amazing! hurry in for your $2 sub. subway. eat fresh. a record breaking bitter cold is blanketing eastern europe. at least 100 people are dead from the cold. at times the temperatures have dipped to 26 below fahrenheit. rescue teams are working to find those trapped. concerns are high in hundred gary where there are an estimated 30,000 people living on the streets. the muslim brotherhood reports the egyptians have approved a controversial new constitution. with more than 8 million votes counted 71% favor the solution. supporters of islamist president say the solution is vital to move to democracy.
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opponents say it favors islamists. >> in news of the world tonight, in pakistan a suicide bomber detonated his explosives today killing nine people. the slain minutes her a reputation for being a strong critic. the taliban took credit for the attack. from syria, reports the government has consolidated the country's chemical weapons into one or two locations. according to russia's foreign minister, weapons had been scattered around the country. u.s. has expressed fears the government might use the weapons. in the vatican city pope benedict granted his former butler a pardon today. he was arrested in may after vatican police found what they called an enormous stash of private papal documents in his apartment. he gave the documents to a
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journalist because he thought exposing quote the evil and corruption in the vatican would put the church back on the right track. he was released just two months into his 18-month sentence. >> three people are facing murder charges in connection with a deadly home explosion in indiana last month. the blast happened in indianapolis on november 19th. the explosion and fire killed two people and damaged more than 30 homes can had to be demolished. investigators believe the homeowners blew up the home in hopes of collecting some $300,000 in insurance. prosecutors say they filled the house with gas. >> it would require six to nine hours for the house to fill with gas to reach the gas air ration of combustibility that would lead to an explosion. >> prosecutors say the explosion was triggered by the microwave. no one was inside the home. it's not clear how the microwave was rigged. >> a cruise ship is being
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sanitized in texas after more than 100 people mostly passengers became sickened by the norovirus. the crown princess left italy earlier this month for a 20 day cruise. it docked in galveston today. the virus was likely carried on the ship by passengers. >> some serious allegations tonight surrounding an official in san mateo county. what he's accused of. oracle founder found guilty of spying. the tactic used that got him in trouble. >> more than a restaurant. it's a landmark. it's an institution. >> the final meal. the well known waterfront restaurant that closed today and what it means for its neighbors. >> you can get tktvu news to go on your cell phone. click on the live icon and watch all our newscasts live. be connected any time anywhere.
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i'm still tracking some downpours and thunderstorms right now on live storm tracker 2 radar. have been watching an increase in the rainfall coverage. intensity toward the santa cruz mountains. precip right around over 3 inches of rain an hour. that's just at this instant. that just gives you an idea of how much rainfall they're picking up. down to the south bay, san jose. still moderate to heavy downpours. some of the roadways impacted. we'll continue to move the maps around and shift them to the north. tracking more activity as we zoom in in parts of the east bay out towards parts of
10:31 pm
berkeley. these do indicate moderate downpours. could have heavier downpours the yellows and these darker shades of green. we'll continue to shift the maps around. one cell moving to the east. up in the north bay, san rafael. rainfall rates veteran picking up. this is just the begin. we have another storm racing . the areas that could pick up over 2 inches of rain over the next 24 hour ??? it wasn't all dark, gray skies today. during a brief break the sun broke through just enough to create a rainbow. you can see it there. this picture in walnut creek earlier today. on the other side of the world in russia a young man threw boiling water outside a 7 story building to get people a graphic example. you can see the water turns to
10:32 pm
white mist before it even reaches the ground. the experiment was filmed from above and below. you follow mark and the rest of our ktvu meteorologists online. they'll be updating twitter and facebook even when we're not on the air. >> the chief probation officer for san mateo county is facing serious allegation tonight. federal investigators are look looking into stuart forest had child pornography. the fbi is assisting. an international americas cup has found the oracle team guilty of spying on a competitor. the oracle team was too close to its italian rival boat and took photos of it during a race last month. they've been ordered to hand over the pictures. a decision on ab penalty is still pend ???
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a 90-year-old marine county resident escaped injure this morning. a neighbor saw the flames about 1:00 this morning and called 911. the elderly resident got out okay and is staying with a neighbor. the home's smoke detector had dead batteries. the fire may have been caused by the use of an old chimney. >> a waterside restaurant served its last meal. big changes are coming to the area. the waterford restaurant. in less than a month the restaurant and dozens of residents must leave to make way for a planned parking lot and 400 unit luxury condo complex. many of the people who live there gathered. >> it is sad to close this place. it's important a restaurant. it's a landmark. it's an institution. a lot of memories. not just for my family and i, but a lot of people. >> the owner of the waterfront restaurant says the eatery will
10:34 pm
live on at a new location. >> getting into the holiday spirit. >> merry christmas. >> how local police and fire agencies teamed up to make this christmas brighter. >> and a powerful storm is headed this way. meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking that system. he'll join us next with which areas could see the most rain. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get u-verse tv for $29 a month for six months. rethink possible. , today was one of those face you were outside you'd get drenched with those downpours. ed third storm is not here yet. rainfall rates will be increasing as we head into sunday morning. right now we're tracking some
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heavy rain. we'll move the maps around. the brighter colors reflect quite a bit of rainfall in this area. out towards santa cruz. yellows and reds do indicate some heavier downpours. we'll have to keep an eye tomorrow with potential for mud slides. we're adding more heavy rain. san jose as we come in closer here towards 680. those roadways impacted. south king road. we'll continue to shift the maps to the north. lift the maps up here out toward parts of the east bay. one cell in concord, those rainfall rates have been picking up over the past couple of hours. you'll notice this. and pleasant hill road as well. in the north bay, scattered in nature but heavy in a few spots. we still have quite a bit more rain in the forecast.
10:38 pm
here is the wider perspective antesatellite. our next storm is racing toward the coastline. jet stream winds about 120 miles per hour transporting that system. wind advisory. winds will be picking up overnight. for a good portion of the bay area. could be gusting to 50 miles per hour. with that the possibility of downed trees and power outages. winds will be picking up. winds gusting to about 45 to 50 miles per hour. as far as rainfall totals, you can see the most amounts targeting the coastal hills in the north bay and santa cruz mountains. still central portions of the bay. with all that rainfall we'll have to keep an eye on the river levels. expected to crest about 28 feet. this could be changing. we'll have to keep an eye on the forecast. now for napa river. 14.8 feet. expected to crest below flood stage. forecasted just over 18 feet.
10:39 pm
here is the next system approaching our coastline. the third one in a series. we have been talking about over the past few days. heavy rain as we head into sunday morning. we introduce the possibility, a fairly good bet of more thunderstorms. we talked about the winds gusting to 40 to 50 miles per hour. here's an important graphic. increasing rainfall coverage. first thing when you wake up at 6:00, the heaviest rain not here yet. the rainfall will be picking up by 10:00. look at the bright reds and yellows. oakland, then quickly moving to the south. this will be targeting the south baby 3:00. it's going to be over us for a few hours. but then it does move out by tomorrow night. major snow up in the mountains. chain controls on 80 and 50. that winter storm warning in place until 10:00 sunday. here's a look at our forecast highs. mainly in the 50s. heavy rain, strong winds. potential for thunderstorms. if you want a break you'll have
10:40 pm
one on monday. but for christmas day on tuesday we do increase the rainfall, not like tomorrow. still we'll be tracking rain showers on tuesday for christmas. chance on wednesday and thursday mostly cloudy skies. if you remain off the roads for tomorrow, if you have the option, that'll be a good idea. the rain downpours really making a comeback. latest forecast tomorrow morning at 7:00. >> stay indoors if you don't have to do any shopping. >> if you have that option. >> thanks, mark. volunteers helped put holiday smiles on some childrens faces. the glide toy give away was held this morning. almost 8000 presents found their way to needy youngsters. >> a lot of our families can't make ends meet. so the toys are a particular gift to them because if you have to make a choice between food on the table or presents for your children, you know you cut back on the presents for the children. >> the san francisco giants helped with the event and their
10:41 pm
mascot was on hand to help with the give away. >> merry christmas. >> these two youngsters were among the hundreds who showed up to pick up toys and food for holiday dinners. the police and fire departments from richmond team up every year to raise money for the christmas gifts and food bags. organizers say this year the program will serve almost 1700 families. >> give aways -- coming up next, a big challenge for the warriors. >> the back and forth game that all came down to overtime. sports wrap is next.
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good evening everyone. thanks for joining our saturday night edition of sports wrap. tonight with the lakiers in town they had a chance to send a message across the country. kobe and company still no about performing under pressure. after missing the last 24 games lakers have their point guard steve nash back. the two-time mvp was a factor as usual. nash to pau gasol. lakers led early. warriors got a huge first half from jared jack. jack pulls up for two of his first points. lakers led at half-time. lakers came in with a modest three-game win streak. warriors led by as much as 15. kobe bryant led the lakers with 34 tonight. he led them on a 12-0 run in the fourth. bryant for three. tied


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