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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  December 24, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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pam cook. >> happy christmas eve, pam. >> you too. thank you. for most of us we are drying out, we will have a little more on that but for most of us we are still dealing with flooding from the rushing river and parts of the napa river this will continue along the street as well as old boeheimian highway will explain some minor flooding as well, but for the rest of us u-we are waking up colder and i will break this down for you, talk about your dry day coming up, good morning, tara. we have not too much to report and that's the good news your christmas eve. a look at 101 shows traffic is flowing very nicely and along the east shore freeway, you can
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see traffic looks great in both directions. 4:29 let's head back to the desk. we begin with the peninsular, a creek overflowed into a neighborhood forking people to leave their -- forcing people to leave their homes. we will have an update on that situation in just a moment. a flood warning for the napa river has beens canceled. the water started to level off this morning. many roads were closed yesterday and in forestville, it knocked a free he on to a house -- a tree on to a house and opened a large sinkhole. >> this causes a lot of havoc. >> utility crews say it could take a few days to fix all of the problems created by the
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storm. there is more coming up, we will take you to santa cruz highway for floods. the storm knocked out power to almost 2000 people in the bay area. 92 homes are still without power in marin county and 653 homes and businesses are still in the dark in sonoma county and 556 in napa county. trouble is on the roads and at the airports. allie rasmus is live where bad weather is causing tee lays across the nation. so far so good at fso, there are no delays to report and things are better here than they were yesterday. you can see at this early hour, people are unloading to get to their flights and check into their flights. inside the terminal you can see
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people sleeping and napping but most of them were travelers headed out today. last night at fso, it was a different story. there were one to two hour delays, a total of 81 and going up and down west coast. especially that relentless storm. >> my travel took place a day earlier so i wouldn't miss my flight. >> because i knew once a year it would be chaos and no seats. >> think again, 1 20,000 people are expected to come through fso today and to put that into perspective, that was the busiest travel season and on
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that day 130,000 people were passing through the airport. coming up, we will show you why people decided to dry out today instead of only the weekend. back to developing news at the peninsular that is tied to this storm, a creek overflowed and people are not in their homes now, jeanine how is it it looking. >> the water was definitely reseeded. you can see the water is reseeded and you can see where the sandbags are and the water came a few inches below that. last night there were several areas that flooded.
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many were using sand bags to keep the waters from rising into their homes. it caused flooding on highway one 0 -- 101. we spoke to a fire captain last night and here is what he has to say. >> you know a lot of them had already left, about 300 or 400 left this area. they didn't all go to the shelter or somewhere else. >> there were no mandatory evacuations and 36 people showed up for the shelter and as of last night, those people had left. we are assuming everybody is at
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home. you i just -- i just caught one him and everything seems to be at least back to normal as well, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. many people are getting a white christmas, they are trying to help keep the roads clear over the holiday break. [ technical difficulties, stand by ] >> we will all get home and we will have these awesome memories. good attitude. more snow is expected in the sierra but if he need but if
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but if you need to, you can do so. stores are more likely to be busy today. across the country we have a tiny percentage which they admit they may have to find someplace to wrap up their holiday week ken's. the church is serving special christmas eve lunches. it starts in about two hours and prime rib is on the list today. more than 1,000 people are expected for both breakfast and lunch. and for the curbside donation drive, they are collecting 500 hams to feed 400,000 people tomorrow.
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they are starting at 9:00 a.m. on golden gate avenue. i can't imagine the work traffic too heavy but maybe the mall traffic, how is it looking out there. >> they are staying open 24 hours. i do want to point out a troubled spot. an animal is in the roadway 680 northbound. be careful with that. and our roads are doing nicely at this hour. 280 traffic is looking good in breaks directions. good morning, it is a quiet start, mostly clear and without
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our clouds it is cooler. also san jose reporting low visibility. patches of fog is reported around the bay area. if you have an early morning drive, you are getting out to do that last minute shopping. and yesterday's storm has pushed off to the south and east and most of us are not in any trouble, but we are continuing to watch again. the rushing river and parts of the napa, this will come in time for. that will be a dry cool christmas eve. in napa, just right about monitored stage, flood stage is 22 feet and this will be dropping throughout the morning hours. so right now at monitor stage will peek.
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flood stage is 32 and we are experiencing minor flooding and the rest of us mostly cooler and mostly sunny and cool for the afternoon as i mentioned a moment ago, rain develops here is a look at christmas day. a chance for showers on tuesday as well as wednesday and we are dry with increasing clouds throughout the weekend and temperatures on the cool side. futurecast model, i will give you a look on that. it is 4:39 one bay area city is seeing a drop in violence and what they are crediting with a lower homicide this year. what they are saying about it. we will have a look at more traffic coming up in the bay area, stay tuned.
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. good morning to you and happy holidays, it is a dry cool day for you. our storm watch corn causes rock slides and evacuations. they responded on sugar loaf road yesterday afternoon. parts of the highway 9 were also closed due to flooding. also on highway 9, the flooding brought down power lines and chp brought down lines as crews cleared. they evacuated people from about 50 homes after the river filled its banks and the river is now receding. an oak tree fell on a house. pg&e crews worked to clear branches away from the power lines. a driver crashed into his
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patrol car. chp said the officer was responding to a call on westbound 580 in san leandro yesterday. some cars were stuck when he was waiting for the drive. the officer suffered minor injuries no other injuries were reported. they are investigating a fatal shooting just before 8:30 last night. police do not know what led up to the shooting and they are still investigating a motive. it is the is 26 -- 1 -- it is the 126th homicide. police in richmond said they have seen a big degrees in the number of homicides. 18 people have been killed so far this year which down from 45 years ago. and a community effort kicked off after a deadly summer in
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2005. local law enforcement officers plan to conduct several checkpoints from now until after the holiday. heavy rain canceled one plan for fremont. the checkpoints makes it worse. >> when you mix alcohol and rain, it is usually a bad recipe for staff. >> drunk driving has caused 15 fatal crashes. he is apologizing to his constituents after driving under the influence. he ran a red light just outside washington d.c. early yesterday. he failed field sobriety tests -- sobriety tests.
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he was named in the mormon church years ago and they do forbid anybody to go near there. >> >> and near the oakland coliseum, traffic southbound sees headlights headed towards hayward. and traffic looks good as you make your way towards fso. traffic at the
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. religious leaders also called for action to prevent gun
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violence. after an activist danny glover, many people who attended the service say there has been too much violence in the past year. many are expected to walk off the job this morning. close to 5,000 nurses plan to hold a one day strike. nurses at sutter health are at odds over staffing levels and sick days. the so called fiscal cliff is a few days away and there is no deal in sight. president barack obama is in hawaii for christmas, meanwhile house speaker house speaker john boehner is also on vacation. before vacation they each made one last pitch. >> we have a tax hike on middle- class americans... >> it would still be ready as far as the eye can see and it
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would hurt jobs. >> if we go over the fiscal cliff, most americans will see higher taxes and most will feel the sting of harsh budget cuts. holiday vandals hit a church in orange county, what has police launching an investigation
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. coming up, alex savage would be live with more on a police investigation and it turned into a much bigger situation. police say it happened near a catholic church. was swastikas -- swastikas were found in front of a priest's house. a nay safety scene has been nativity scene has been found in the past. snow in the west could make for a white christmas on the east coast. snow has fallen up to a few inches in other parts of new york state and it is creating headaches for holiday travelers. the region could get a few more inches before christmas day.
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in the valley two people are recovering after getting caught in an avalanche. three snowboarders triggered the avalanche after 6:00 am m. the valley and fire department said they deployed 7 avalanche dogs but everyone was accounted for about an hour later. santa has already begun his journey around the world. norad tracks santa every year and here is a look at where he is now. this year norad has partnered with microsoft service to help track santa around the world. this year we will be in more busy in the usual toy drive. they will be at the union square restaurant and you don't even have to get out of your
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car. cab drivers will also pick up your donation for free. you will see sal castaneda out there and he has done that event in the past. i forgot to ask him. sal castaneda is off today, maybe he is out there, here is tara moriarty. we have a crash near caesar chavez, want you to be aware of that. on the off ramp, a car is in the process of being moved over to the shoulder. let's take a look outside, you can see traffic is moving nicely into san francisco right now and at the golden gate bridge, same story, there is a little bit of condensation making your way into the city and finally 280 at the 880 split, traffic is flowing nicely in all directions, here is more. no rain in store for your
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monday. that storm that passed through yesterday, they are causing all kinds of trouble and they still have trouble through the area where there is a flood watch in the area. minor flooding is going on there as well as in reyes. you can -- in areas to the south. this is the next system that will come in on christmas day. i actually want to point to bolder creek, wow, 5 inches in one day. in that short amount of time, santa rosa picked up 1 / 10th napa one and a half and that was just for sunday. we have seen three storms pass in three days, quite a bit of rain, well above average.
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patchy fog out there, san jose, all reporting patchy fog, visibility is down and hopefully we don't have to be outdoors. chilly and widespread low-to- mid 40s around the rest of the bay area, it will be mostly dry, mostly clear and cool. in oakland, if of 5 for san jose. 55 for livermore and santa rosa. again scattered showers will remain on wednesday and they were drying out thursday, friday and into the weekend. i will show you that rain model and give you the information you need to know coming up. we have some questions for facebook. the international scandal based on the new york giant is based right here in the bay area. and causing big problems, the flooding that led to the evacuation of hundreds of people will be right back.
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