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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 24, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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concerns and evac wakes in the past day. -- evacuations. and a water-main break that has threatened our commute, coming up at noon.
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. this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. they are concerned about a levee at a bay area creek. the bay area is getting a one day break from the rains this christmas eve and we are looking at flood fears and power problems, and as we look live out over the bay it is pretty outside but there are left over issues related to the storms. we begin with developing news, a water-main break is causing some headaches in marin county.
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alex savage has the latest details on whether it is causing any traffic problems, good afternoon alex. >> reporter: the water has been shut off where that water-main broke. this was a 12-inch line which burst this morning and the pressure from underground pushed up the roadway and they tell me for a time there was a threat of a sinkhole. the broken main sent water rushing down bell lane. it happened at 9:30 a.m. in an unincorporated valley known as cam valley. police urged people to move their cars off the street with the concern being the roadway may cave in. i spoke with them and they said all of that rushing water was doing a lot of damage. >> definitely, there is a lost
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sediment moved off the road so something is going to have to be done and one side has been pushed up by the pressure of the water by maybe two or three inches. >> reporter: the fire district says the water was putting out about 1,000 gallons a minute. the pressure was turned off but they say it appears old age led to this broken pipe and it can be a real inconvenience for neighbors. >> you can see over here in this area right here, it is probably about 4 to 6 inches uplifting from underneath with the water flow. >> reporter: between 20 and 40 homes have no water pressure and they will not have any water for a good part of the day. the chief tells me the roadway will also have to be torn up and that road work will take a
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whole lot longer. live in marin county, alex savage ktvu channel 2 news. >> they are on the scene of a hill slide. news chopper 2 was over and part of the roadway is slumping. cal tarhonda said they will be closed until 230 -- cal train said it will be closed until 2:30. police pulled a man over at 12:30 near college avenue. the man took off before submitting to a field sobriety -- sobriety test. officers lost sight of him and the search was suspended at 4:45 this morning. >> they encouraged him to come out of the swift water and he didn't, he actually swam away
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from officers and they spam as far as they -- swam as far as they could until they could not swim any further. the after math from this weekend's storms could be felt in our creaks and levees. janine de la vega is live with more on some of the flooding concerns and damage after the storm, jeanine? >> reporter: well, brian, we are standing next to the valley near san fernando creek. the water came in rushing into this neighborhood and it ended up flooding here and at this hour representatives from the state are surveying this and they are trying to come up with a quick fix before the next storm hits. >> reporter: they are clearing away debris brought in from the floodwaters from the storm.
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we have a lot of trees going down and a lot of garage. >> reporter: city and county officials say the banks are not high enough to contain the water when there is heavy rain. last night's storm brought in the highest flow rate since the city first started measuring in 1930. >> it is not in good shape and rebuild the whole levee system and in this particular location they can build flood walls for up to 100 years of flood protection. >> reporter: they know a fix is needed and today they surveyed boils along the levee. it is so saturated along the bank that they are creating what is called a boil or hole and it is bubbling up creating mounds which is allowing water to go into the neighborhoods. >> every year they say they will fix but they never do. i don't know why. >> reporter: the water crested over near university avenue and
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woodland. this morning they were out surveying the creek and some owners -- some homeowners were out trying to protect their properties with sandbags. >> tomorrow we will probably have the same problem. >> back out here live, you can see city and county officials also representatives from the state office of emergency services. >> reporter: they are all out here trying to come up with a temporary solution to fix where this levee is unsteady and they plan on bringing heavy equipment sometime today to fix this problem. reporting live, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. it is on skyline boulevard and pinehurst road. the mudslide left quite a bit of debris including roxanne tree branches -- rocks and tree
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branches. this eucalyptus tree was ripped out of the ground at a condo development and nobody was injured but one of the cars were totaled and the other was seriously damaged. we should let you know one of the post offices in the area just closed their doors and they will not reopen until wednesday. some people got in ahead of the christmas eve noon closure. many were overnighting packages to get them their by christmas. post offices will be closed a week from tomorrow for new year's day. procrastinating shoppers like myself will probably be hitting the malls getting those last minute gifts, tara, how is it looking out there? >> reporter: well the clock is ticking for those of you who have not bought their tickets
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and there still are some lines out here. it is not as crowded as it was yesterday. we are here at the shopping center where a couple of tears were shed on santa's lap and they are staying open until 6:00 tonight. last night's shoppers spent an average of $300 each in the days leading up to christmas. they did see a surge on black friday and went down for two weeks and then saw them pick up again. >> in the first two weeks we saw a huge spike and then people realized i have to get back out and get my shopping done and i don't have much time left. >> why did you wait for the last minute? >> because i am a huge procrastinator. >> about a third of them cry and the rest of them are good
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>> nearly 10% of shoppers an estimated 10 million beyond people plan on shopping in stores tonight. >> reporter: then course we'll see you here again the day after christmas when the sales start all over again. live in downtown san francisco, i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. we -- ktvu channel 2 news. we just got new video from the past 30 minutes as you can see, it is busy but not jam packed and a lot of people are taking care of their last minute shopping. bay area nurses are spending this christmas eve walking the picket lines. [ music ] >> close to 5,000 nurses at 9 bay area sutter hospitals are holding a one day strike. they are striking over staffing levels, health benefits and
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sick days. negotiations broke off with the hospital in july. >> we are working on the old contract as it's right now, but we feel that they should at least come back and negotiate with us. >> the hospitals say they have rehired replacement nurses to strike. four firefighters responded to a house fire this christmas eve morning. two were shot and killed and two others were wounded. it appears it was a trap. the gunman fired at the firefighters when they arrived at the burning house in webster which near rochester. it kept firefighters were battling the fire and the gunman was later found dead at the scene. the weather is cooperating at bay area airports but the lines inside may cause a bit of a problem. you may want to give yourself
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extra time if you are flying on christmas eve. and here is more specifics. we will tell you more about this home as it was caught on video, stay with us.
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welcome back, well do you happen to know this guy? he is captured on surveillance cameras taking a package off of a home last tuesday. the owner sent the link to us and if you recognize the guy or the car call the san jose police department. they are using shipping services that require a signature and others offer other options. there are more than 2 million travelers and a lot of them are getting on and off plains today but as allie rasmus shows us, there were no major problems. >> reporter: the security was going well at the international airport and many are arriving in time for christmas morning. >> everybody wants to go home and see family. >> reporter: it was technically the busiest day at fso with 130,000 people passing through
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but christmas is not too far behind with 1 40,000 expected today. the last minute journey was a matter of price. >> it was $250 less today than it was on sunday or tuesday, so it was obviously a good choice. >> reporter: for others, it was their only choice. >> i had to book this because of work but we are happy to be going. >> it was busy and it is surprising with this big line. >> reporter: many came prepared with a strategy to beat the crowd. >> get here early, don't be stressed out, take your time and another reason to take extra time is it might take awhile to find parking here. >> reporter: the duty manager said the long-term parking garage is full but there is still parking at domestic and
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international terminals. allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 news. the wilderness areas is apparently ruining the environment. scientists found 567 marijuana farms and greenhouses in a small area. they pulled millions of water from creaks and found rare animals were dying after the marijuana was put into the fields. and lunch is being served right now which features prime rib as the main course. it comes from the house of prime rib which is making the annual donation and volunteers say they are more than happy to help. >> it is great to see people eat a hardy meal and it makes my heart warm. >> reporter: they will also serve a christmas day dinner and this is what the church
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provides to people all year long. and it is the last day for the curbside donation drive. they are looking to collect 500 hams to feed 4,000 people tomorrow. curb donations are being accepted on golden gate avenue. a strong storm which dumped up to a foot of snow could make for a white christmas. up to a foot of snow has already fallen and it is also creating headaches for holiday travelers. holiday winds could delay flights and the region could get a few more inches before christmas day. here is a look at the snow with cal trans cameras. it will make a great day for skiing but like tomorrow, the snow will return so if you are driving today and tomorrow morning, it is time to get the chains out there today.
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we are seeing a very nice day already and for the afternoon blue skies, light winds and temperatures are in the 50s. we have a good looking shot to feast your eyes out there and we have mostly blue skies, just a few puffy clouds hanging around the bay area but again what a difference we have seen in just a day. flood watches continue in sonoma county along the rushing river and it has crested and will be that way over the next few hours. it will not reach flood stage but as a precautionary measure, we need to be aware and we will continue with that over the first half of the day before the river begins to drop off. again we have mostly clear skies if you are headed to the
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central valley we are looking at partly to mostly cloudy but for us it is a mostly good looking day. we have clouds 150 miles out and the leading edge will bring us some rain in time for christmas day and on the back edge we will fill the rain but right here they will roll in as early as this evening. 10 miles per hour in fairfield an "f" s o, a light -- fso, oakville reporting 8 miles per hour and 52 in napa 53 in hayward and 53 in san jose and this is a nice turnaround because we were off to a very chilly start. when will the clouds come? it happens after sunset which is right after 5:00 these days. by 9:00, we will have a holiday party to get to and you will notice high clouds are beginning to shift overhead.
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we are waking up with cloudy skies and by 2:00 steady rain over the north bay. down at the south bay 4:00 and 5:00 and scattered showers in the forecast and wednesday looks like we could -- wednesday looks like we could have showers. 53 in san francisco and into the south bay mid-50s. 56 in gilroy and the extended ford cast, not -- forecast not a bad day. again changes are on the way, christmas day rain returns, a few scattered showers wednesday morning, drying out wednesday night. cool mornings, cool afternoons but mainly dry. >> we need the rain, we are wel average. we could use the break. lefties is holding its
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annual toy drive. this is video from today's toy collections. firefighters will deliver the toys this morning but first they need your help. >> our goal is 15,000 toys for gotten kids and if they wake up without a toy, it is not going to be a very happy day for them. people can take pictures with santa. it can be driver will go anywhere in san francisco and pick up the toys for free. also people are filling up at the pumps and they may be feeling lucky as well.
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a connection your whole house can count on. ♪ . the news at noon, the stock market closed early for the christmas holiday at 10:00 our time. worries over the fiscal cliff showed nasdaq lost 8. the market will reopen. it indicates the social media giant funneled money into a sister company and the move is known as a double irish move to use the money for subsidiaries to pay lower
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taxes. more than 92,000 people rolled the ferry to at&t park this past championship season. this is the first time they have had 92,000 or more. back in 2009 only 60,000 people rode the giant's ferry. muni is getting some help for some hackathons. they are focusing their skills to help with scheduling programs. one of the most promising features shows the realtime location of buses and maps and now it is being tried out at the station. and gas prices are at its lowest with the average for regular at $3.25 per gallon. and it is more than a dime
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cheaper in san jose and almost down a dollar 20 from last year. many bought a ticket worth $23 million. the ticket had all five numbers and was sold at sunshine center at pharmacy in south san francisco. that store will receive $115,000 for selling the winning ticket. the rain is gone but concerns are not, we will have more on concerns about the levee in east palo alto and we will have more on why the neighbors are angry with the city. thanks for trusting ktvu channel 2 news and be sure to join us at 5:00 and we will be here on and mobile as well.
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stay tuned.
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