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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 25, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. good morning, thank you for joining us this morning, we have breaking news, we have a huge fire burning now in campbell. a new storm is taking aim for your holiday, i will have more on what you can expect coming up. and church service in oakland had a bullet strike a baby stroller. volunteers are set to
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arrive at glide and they are there to serve christmas meals and we will tell you how many of them will be served up today. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for waking up with us this tuesday morning, december 25th, i am pam cook. >> i am brian flores, let's take a look at our weather, merry christmas to you rosemary. >> yes, we have splash and dash showers out there and eventually it will be a steady rain and with that rain will come wind as well and maybe hail and lightning. looking at storm tracker 2, wind doppler radars you can see all over southern california is where the steady rain is and a few scattered showers are in and around fairfield right up to air base parkway and if we shift, we have more rain over
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napa reported earlier this morning and i am tracking scattered showers and i will have a timeline later of what you can expect of what and went coming up, good morning, tara. we have video coming into our newsroom. this is an accident and a sig alert was issued just of a 5:15 this morning. we understand one lane is open now and at least three vehicles are involved and a lot of fuel is being die certificated. -- diverted. you can see headlights are in concord and they are moving along nicely, let's head back to the desk. we are covering a three- alarm fire at a commercial building in campbell. firefighters are battling the
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flames and channel 2 news reporter janine de la vega is there and is setting up and will bring you live pictures as soon as we get them. crews are shoring up levees as more rain approaches. a tie after it -- a day after it flooded the area and forced mandatory evacuation for several homes. they are looking to build a project that is permanent to help the area but that is not until next fall. of course the ground is already saturated and today's rain may be too much to handle. it toppled dozens of trees and this video shows a huge tree that fell on sunday.
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reservoir are full and excess may spillover dams and cause mudslides. speaking of mudslides, part of pinehurst road was blocked by a mudslide. crews spend the day cleaning up the road as well. it may bring part of a white christmasment we have an accident with more than 20 cars which shut down a two-mile stretch of i-40 and icy conditions are to blame for the crashes. >> ice is tough, if you completely don't have any friction to land that is a real problem. >> thunderstorms and tornadoes are a problem. freezing rain sleet and snow is expected but a blizzard warning
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is also expected in kentucky. you can receive weather alerts by signing up for mobile two people were arrested after their christmas eve service was affected by gunfire. it happened on mcarthur boulevard. a 17-year-old and 40-year-old woman were shot. a bullet even landed in a baby stroller. the two people were rushed to the hospital but we do not know the extent of their injuries. it happened just after 2:00 this afternoon. the woman was pronounced dead and the 25-year-old man was treated for mine morias and the cause of the crash is under
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investigation. channel 2 news reporter alex savage is here to explain how volunteers are making the holidays brighter for families. >> reporter: at least 600 people are expected to come here and donate their time this christmas day and you can take a look behind us. you can see the first round of volunteers and they are getting right to those turkeys and hams to get the meals prepared for those in need who will come first for breakfast and then later a christmas dinner to be served. it is a holiday tradition of course to give those in need a place to feel welcome and it is a place to have what they may not otherwise. a lot of people are pitches in. >> we have 650 ready to prepare
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the meal and we also have the guys in the state coming who are playing in the hunger bowl and they will be volunteering this afternoon. >> so back here in the prep room, you can see they are getting all the meat sliced up so the meals can be served. of course if you are feeling inspired you can certainly come down here and donate your time. glide would love to have you down here. it is just a few hours breakfast will be served, ham and eggs will be served and after 9:00 they will be serving christmas dinner. here at flied volunteers are ready and sorb here at glide volunteers are ready and people are already lined up. alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. salvation army are making
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sure people can still enjoy the holiday. this year they are helping to deliver warm meals and it will be proud to others later on. this program is nearly a sensory old -- century old. bart muni and cal train are running. no mail delivery, post offices are closed along with banks and all court and public offices. however golden gate park is one place open today. we have more on fun christmas activities planned for families at the park, that is coming up. it is a little bit unusual starting at 2:30 this morning there were a lot of people out. tara is keeping track of a lot of accidents and there is
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another one on that, right? it happened on 880 and we were at the scene earlier this morning and it happened in a northbound direction right near the fruit veil exit. all lanes were were blockedment at least three cars are involved and that's taking some time to mop up. traffic is still being diverted to high street. traffic is moving nicely at san francisco at this hour and 280, not a lot of folks on the roadways, here is rosemary orozco. our quiet weather is turning quite active by the afternoon and storm tracker 2 shows northern california has light rain and we have a
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sprinkle overhead. around parts of san pablo bay, we have some rain on and off and i am shifting but a moment ago i sawzall there. shifting -- i saw sal and shifting on and off, we saw showers. in and around the bridge we saw sprinkles into san francisco picking up rain clouds and sunset district into market and the downtown area we will remain mostly cloudy, just a few stray showers and steady rain is coming later with all the cloud cover acting as a blanket so it will not be as cold. low 40s in santa rosa it will be warmer and we are singing back into the mid-30s. 6:00 i want to show you that
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steadty line is out of the oakland bridge and by 2:00 in oakland you can expect to have that rain and by 5:00 everybody is getting wet and down into the south bay scattered showers. here is your forecast, like yesterday it will feel colder out there and we will have foggy conditions and it will be windy at times when the front moves through in the afternoon. i will share with you how much rain i expect with the storm coming up in just a few minutes. we are still following that breaking news, we will have a live report coming up in just a few minutes. and what we are learning about keeping trains in service
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at the new bart station. >>
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. welcome back. a such airline arrived when a passenger reported smelling gasoline. more than 100 passengers were safely evacuated so the plane could be inspected. the fire was quickly found and they say a fuel leak may have
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caused the fire. a suspect who jumped into the creek, the search was called off. ross police pulled the man over and say he ran from them when he asked for a field sobriety test. the officer lost sight of the man when he jumped into the creek. they are trying to avoid a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. he rejected house speaker john boehner's plan "b" on thursday and will not support him let's on -- limits on government borrowing. the president said any deal must include raising taxes on the wealthiest americans. >> we will go over the cliff now because it is what the president wants. >> we will prey vend a tax
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hike. >> without a deal spending cuts and budget cuts will take affect and it could lead to another jump in unemployment. they will be spending christmas in the hospital. in south africa, nelson mandela has been in the hospital since the beginning of the month. they have no plans to release him any time soon. he was originally taken to the hospital for gaul stones. and for george hw bush, he might be able to go home for christmas but then they changed their mind. former former president bush bush has been receiving therapy and they say he will make a full recovery. let's go to ktvu channel 2 morning news' janine de la vega, she is live at the scene and will give us details,
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jeanine? we are right at the los gatos border and you can see behind me fire trucks and police cars. >> reporter: they are surrounded around building and we just saw the property owners are asking firefighters what is going onment all we know is there is a fire and we can see and smell the smoke. it is unclear what type of equipment is in there and we are told there was some sort of garage and vehicles in there burning. we can't see any flames but just a lot of smoke and we have not gotten word from the fire department and we will remain here on the scene to get more information as soon as it becomes available. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning
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news. transit agencies are banding together to put escalators out of service. they are trying to find ways to keep the escalators moving. a wide variety wants to keep them moving. bart has 179 added escalators and in june a record 28 of them are were out -- were out of service. they are leaking for something to do after eating a christmas meal, and some destinations inside golden gate park is open and kids can enjoy the pond to see geese and other birds and the century old japanese garden which is stow lake. great way to spend the tie.
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under to the -- unfortunately there is an accident in effect and they have issued a sig alert. we have video from the fruit veil exit and the sig alert was issued. at least one lane is open now and two vehicles were involved in the accident. a lot of fuel has spilled on to the roadway so some traffic is still being diverted. in san francisco, i want to mention it includes parking in the embarcadero. park wherever you want. no restrictions. and in mill peoria pete, traffic -- and in milpitas, traffic is looking good in both
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directions. here is rosemary orozco. we have a new storm approaching in time for christmas day so maybe get out and walk the dog because the steady rain will come in the afternoon. we are picking up a line stretching from fairfield into san francisco. a lot of this is not necessarily hitting the ground but sprinkles are possible on the east side of the peninsular in and around san pablo and if i shift one more time, you can see more rain over cordelia. we have a winter storm warning for today and it will last from midnight to the he can
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testimonied forecastment partly cloudy skies on sunday. we may have a few scattered showers and we will be tracking that for you and all in all, it is mainly dry after we get passed this next system. i will be more specific in how much rain we will have. the airline reports they have already received 22,000 applications. delta said they are looking for people who speech japanese. about one-third will work and the new fares will start going in june. and they are hoping some last minute shoppers are making purchases. it would mean deep discounts when retailers open their doors
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for after christmas deals. macy's is doing about as well aspected. >> i got my shopping done yesterday. >> you got it all done? >> yes. the trail does not exist. >> we had to make our trail. >> how they survived freezing out in the elements after getting lost. the changes have been made to a table new business. -- the changes have been made to attract new businesses. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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. welcome back, it is now 6:25, troops in afghanistan are still getting in the holiday spirit and here is some new video coming into us this morning. troops in kabul kicked off the day with some lunch. u.s. forces celebrated the day together and they will hand over responsibility in 2014. kimberly hazelwood left her home sunday night. her family said she seemed depressed. they found her clothing and property near where she went missing. a helicopter looked for her and
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she 5-foot 3, 160 pounds with long brown hair. they have been rescued. rescuers went out with plans to camp and what they i don't know was the avalanche was dangerous. >> the trail did not exist, we had to make our trail. >> head to report they were lost. the group had very little food and no propane and all three are in good health this morning. a new plan to improve angel island is in the works. they are trying to attract more visitors. the state department will collaborate to raise money for the projects. they will use it to create more welcome signs and better park
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features. >> a new place to take your family. 6:26 is the time. a horrible accident in oakland and the sig alert has been lifted, tara? >> the sig alert is clear and 280 in san jose, no delay the to report. it is 6:27 here is rosemary. we have steady rain coming this afternoon and this is what i do expect and we'll see by the end of the day anywhere from a quarter to an inch of rain. quarter to half inch over the central bay, a quarter inch or so over the south bay. i will have the timeline for the latest models coming up. we will tip to follow the breaking news where a three- alarm fire has erupted.
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we have more rain on the way. we need something warm to eat and warm to wear, we have more preparations for a huge giveaway this christmas morning.
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. good morning, it is tuesday december 25th, i am brian flores. dave has the morning off. we have a story we first brought you this morning, we are covering a pretty big fire in campbell san jose. that building is on del avenue. >> i'll take it from here, janine de la vega is just arriving at the scene. she is out there setting up
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right now talking with fire investigators and we will find out more as soon as we can. they are sandbagging in east palo alto, crews put down sandbags and the the water seed through the levee in several neighborhoods. >> they will add sandbags and they have some boils so they will create a circle so they can control and divert it if needed amount one area shows it is expected to bring back water until the system begins next fall to rebuild the levee. and a winter storm warning for the sierra goes into effect. snow is falling over the interstate 880 corridor in the
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afternoon. right now chains are not required on highway 50 or 880 but they are required on other routes. dangerous tornadoes are in the southeastern u.s. thunderstorms and tornadoes are in the forecast from east texas to north florida. a blizzard warning it in effect out in kentucky. parts of indiana and kentucky can get up to four inches of snow. you can get complete weather coverage and you can receive weather alerts by signing up for the app on highway patrol said a wrong way driver slammed into an approaching car on highway 101. it happened at 4:00 a.m.
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north of san rafael. officers believe the crash was alcohol-related and the injuries however are reportedly minor. san leandro police are investigating a christmas eve shooting. though found a man in his $60 but the man was rushed to the hospital. police have not released information about the shooter. after a crash in oakland, officers spotted a stolen vehicle in san leandro. they chased the car to 105th avenue where the car crashed into other vehicles including a police cruiser. suspects ran from the scene but were later arrested. one suspect had minor injuries and nobody else was hurt. a man was in critical condition after crossing broadway when he was hit.
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the driver involved was involved with another vehicle and the suspect is described as a black 1990s honda civic with front end damage. a large ladder truck poured water on to a commercial building and janine de la vega has more from the scene and has more information with what is going on. jeanine? >> reporter: we are at the scene of a three-alarm fire and you can still see some smoke and they are trying to attack this from the outside. firefighters have not even the at one point they have shooting up to 15, what can you tell us . crews are inside just to make sure we get all the hot spots.
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>> reporter: do we know what sort of business and materials were burning from inside? >> well, in the back is where all the fire was at and we are not sure what is inside and what type of business is back there but that's the one that was most affected and the engineering firm is still intact. >> reporter: why are firefighters not going inside to fight it? >> well, just because they want to make sure they take the safe approach in putting the fire out before they make entry with personnel and any other teams. they declare fire defenses. >> thank you, they are now in the mop up stage trying to get out some hot spotsment at least one of the businesses pulled up
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to the scene and we will have more information from them but it is not a good situation christmas morning. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. volunteers are busy chopping up vegetables and it is all part the food since doors opened. 4,000 people will come to st. anthony's to get a warm christmas meal. this is the foundation and you can see chefs have been busy for about an hour and they are preparing food in the huge commercial stoves and off vince and getting things -- ovens and getting things ready. they are also getting it and
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the set up is out here in the lobby and this does to all the people to are who are who come through. members have scarfs and things to keep folks warm this year and they have got a huge response. all 4,000 people are expected for this meal and they will also get one of these gift bags. organizers tell us what this christmas meal means. >> it is really a place where home and family comes together. we know 88% of the guests each live alone so for them to come and spend the day. it is more than just food. >> reporter: they will need help serving those christmas meals from 100 volunteers plus another 100 coaches football
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players and staff members from the navy football team and they will be coming in around 9:00 a.m. to start serving these meals and there is a lot of work underway. are ooh. >> the -- the christmas eve toy drive end as of 10:00 last night and they collected 7,000 toys. they wanted to collect 15,000 toys but the quality of the toys were wonderful and they were luck i do receive them. we are covering traffic and we were thinking it was going to be a light day but no. >> that is what happens when you have drinking and driving but we had a bunch of accidents in oakland and let's head
6:40 am
outside, this is the pittsburgh area and as you make your way through we will not see them any time today. and last look at san mateo, traffic is moving well and on the opposite of high ward. -- hayward. winds are light, mainly dry, temperatures are on the cool side and for some the rain is starting up just a little sooner than anticipated. free upon tall showers and -- prefrontal showers, some of this is not getting to the ground, where we are seeing this light rain even to the northbound and it is right
6:41 am
around clear lake. that is shifting and roanoke park, perhaps a few sprinkles, walnut creek as we head to the east a long 680 and along the peninsular, san mateo woodside, palo alto los gatos, sprinkles are beginning to fall but by noontime over the north bay, 1:00 and 2:00 it is attempting to shift over the golden gate bridge and at 3:00, 4:00 and 5:00, we are all wet for dinner time in the north bay. temperatures right now low-to- mid to up you are 40s and for some of us, it is still a chilly start. it will be windy in the possibility of isolated showers
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for the afternoon. we dry out as we get into the weekend and mid-to-upper 50s for the afternoon. let's go back to the desk. police say, an ex-conn shot firefighters. we are learning about the tragedy in new york and we are finding out there may be even more victims. people are preparing meals for many in need. how many people are coming down to donate their time for christmas. traffic is not bad, we will have more coming up.
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. good morning and merry christmas to you, the bay area is gearing up for the storm and showers are falling over parts of the bay area. here is a look at some of the top stories we are following and at one point, 50- foot flames shot from the roof and they have be mopping up. and in portions of the east palo alto, the neighborhood behind it flooded and they say
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the fix should hold until the comprehensive rebuild begins next fall. and shots rage out during a church service in east oakland on 82nd avenue and mcarthur boulevard. a bullet even landed in a baby stroller police said. a gunman ambushed firefighters in new york state and there may be more victims. investigators believe the gunman set fire to, to lure and trap firefighters. the ex-gunman shot firefighters and took his own life. he shot two and two are expected to recover. officers will be checking their homes for more victims including his sister who has not been aaccounted for. it is a moving story,
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officers from surrounding towns will come in and cover their shifts. last night they came together and the children's choir sang christmas car rolls. the shooting was barely mentioned and this is going on since the shooting in newtown connecticut. a san francisco church is opening its doors for christmas breakfast to help those in need. alex savage is there to talk about how many people are expected. this is a huge event and i tell you, there is a lot of generous people making sure people get a warm meal this christmas. they are working feverishly and
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some are slicing vegetables getting a salad ready and they will be serving first a christmas breakfast and then christmas meal with turkey and ham and they are expecting to serve about 5,000 meals today, all told, a holiday tradition to give those in need a place to feel welcome. at least 600 volunteers will be here throughout the day. one volunteer said she came because she wants to make it brighter for them plus she wants to learn how to carve a turkey. >> it gives me pleasure to come down here and help others. >> reporter: meantime, dozens of people are already waiting in line for the breakfast that will be served at 7:00 a.m. and they will first serve the breakfast, ham and expand that
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will be served at 9:00 a.m. and they will serve a traditional meal. if you want to volunteer, they will have time for you, alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. bay area hospitals are on strike. about 5400 nurses walked off the job christmas eve at southern sutter hospitals and two hcs hospitals in san jose. they are striking for sick pay, benefits and staffing levels. >> we have not talked about any raises, we just want to keep our contract as it is. >> the hospital has made multiple proposals regarding pension, health insurance and all of those proposals have been rejected. they are scheduled to be back on the job for just about
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10 minutes from now. nurses will not be here due to scheduling requirements due to those ready to fill in. tara, how is it looking and bart has trains 20 minutes apart and parking is free, so none of those meters will be enforced anywhere near fisherman's wharf or anywhere, so merry christmas. no delays in any direction so that is good news. you can see near mcarthur maze, no problems and at the 880 interchange traffic is looking good in all directions. here is rosemary orozco. we have a few light showers out there this morning and later today it will be good to
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see a sweeping view. and we have sunrise at 230. we will continue as the rain continues to pull in and we have pockets of light showers and we have a steady rain now reported down to ukiah and i am picking up returns in our neighborhood as well. let's head to santa rosa where i am picking up light to moderate cells as well as windsor. it is hitting the ground and it is prime to do so in the next couple of hours, rona park is off and on into the east bay and we may see into cupertino and san mateo, a few light returns as well. if you are going to the sierra, now is your chance to go because a winter storm warning is in place and it starts at
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noontime and it will last until midnight wednesday. we are looking at temperatures outside our door lower 30s and 40s around the bay area and san rafael. with the wind and rain, hayward 55 and 54 in san francisco. the extended forecast, once the rain arrives, it will be with us most of the day. scattered showers will remain tomorrow morning and partly cloudy skies and dry into the weekend. rain cast models for you coming up. warnings for skiers and snowboarders coming up. and we have more on where the bay area company is placing
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the levee hold on the latest out and.
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. welcome back, coming up on 6:00, this is typically a time when skiers and snowboarders want to ski but this comes after a man died from an
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avalanche. he was buried for five hours by the time crews reached him. the chance for more avalanches is considerable in the next 48 hours. a member of the ski patrol is in critical condition after being caught in an avalanche there. they threw an explosive charge to initiate the avalanche which is a safety precaution. others took cover but it was much wider than expected. one person was buried and that person was taken to the hospital. it's now closed to the public. a female see betterrian -- see betterrian tiger killed a teen an injured two of his friends. she was provoked from coming out of her enclosure. the zoo was fined and settled
6:57 am
lawsuits with the teen and his two friends. a shooting in east oakland has left a woman fighting for her life this morning. now police are looking for the people responsible. the shooting happened on 11th avenue near east 12th street. they saw suspects take off in a vehicle. the woman was taken to the hospital where she is listed in critical condition. they are planning on rebuilding the refinery. a consultant's report is repairing defective pipes. they were concerned they would not use the best technology than the fire code requirements and it is believed leaking pipes is what sickened 15,000 people. they are still having problems with the video streaming service. net flicks say they are continuing work on the problem which started late yesterday.
6:58 am
they blame amazon's cloud infrastructure and that will make this the third time amazon has failed net flicks. postal workers are still delivering packages and cards. they are helping santa but the only deliveries made today were sent express mail. they are volunteering soco w- ers can spend the day with family and friends. >> right now no problems? >> no, we are seeing a lot more people headed towards the bay bridge? >> we have no delays on the right-hand side of your screen as you make your way through the oakland hills. 880 northbound, here is a look on the right-hand side of your screen north of the broadway exit and we do have a crash in the final stages but it does
6:59 am
not seem to be causing any problems trafficwise. traffic is moving well in both directions on 880, let's check in with rosemary orozco. >> wind is headed to the bay area for your christmas afternoon and at this time, spotted showers upper 30s and 40s and by noontime, it is widespread over the north bay and headed south. breezy conditions and widespread rain is expected for the second half of the day. i will cue up the latest models coming up in just a bit. a big fire in campbell, and we will have a live update from the scene. we have some of the troubled spots for your commute, stay with us, we will be right back.


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