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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  December 25, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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believe the rain will no longer bring problems. i talked to other people who said rain was a christmas gift. >> it is, it is. it's going to wash up everything and bring anew, right. >> it's wonderful to have the rain. definitely for the plants, for everything. >> reporter: we found people today doing last minute shopping. >> maybe other people like it yes. >> i have a restaurant close to the napa river so we're always on a flood watch up there. >> reporter: this christmas day brought crowds to the golden gate bridge, a persistent drizzle did not seem to bother anyone. umbrellas in every photo. >> you can see san francisco, you expect bad weather and you came to the golden gate, that's it. >> reporter: coming back live now, coming up at 6:00 i will
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have more on this emergency levee repair. plus a business that is surprisingly soldiering on despite the weather. reporting live in palo alto, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. in the main system is going through right now we've had light steady rain all day. accumulations have been light until now. now we're starting to see the system moving in. you can see the yellows firing up. we have a couple live frames right there. yellows and reds. it's hitting pretty hard right now. this is the strongest dynamics in this storm. so out toward hayward, out toward san mateo you have significant rain. castro valley is raining hard, it's raining hard over by historia road. as we head south a little bit. out toward fremont and mission creek we're seeing heavy rain. it's going to be a brief bout of heavy rain but it's coming
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down hard in these areas, san jose downtown right here. if you're out and about or your going out to dinner you have heavy rain in evergreen, by ellen rock and willie glen. we'll switch out here to where fowler was in palo alto, mountain view and the drizzle is on. we've seen .1 to .3 of an inch to a half inch. but they could get some accumulation from an inch to 2- inches, it's really coming down. that's the radar which goes into if future and we'll time this out for the rest of the night and for your day tomorrow. we'll see you back here. >> thanks, bill. you can find live storm tracker 2 updates any time by downloading the ktvu app. it is a very white christmas in the sierra right now. right now there's a winter storm warning in effect until
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tomorrow evening. forecasters are expecting to see any where from one to 2 feet of fresh know above 5,000 feet. if you plan on driving to tahoe, be advised chains are required on highway 50 and interstate 80 from placer county on. a spokeswoman with the water district says the reservoirs are 102% of normal capacity for this time of year. she says that the intention storms are good because they bring a lot of water and also provide a break so the system doesn't get overwhelmed. over all for the year she says we're in pretty good shape. >> last year we were in a deficit situation and we really needed to make up some ground. so luckily we have a lot of ground water storage capacity. we maintained that throughout this year and this series of storms has really helped us with our surface water storage. right now lexington reservoir off highway 16 is 16%
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full. yubas is 17% full and the largest anderson reservoir is 41% full. in oakland police are investigating multiple shootings including a homicide which happened this afternoon. neighbors near 24th street and chestnut neck west oakland, they heard multiple gunshots at about 2:30, our photographer accounted a total of 20 shell casings on the ground at two different crime scenes in the area. we are told that the victim is a man but his name has not been released there is no word on suspects or arrests. in oakland they're investigating a shooting that injured two inside of a church. they were shot by stray bullets around 9:00 last night. most people are in stable condition right now. police say they have no suspects at this time. a 24 hour strike by union nurses at nine bay area hospitals ended at 7:00 this morning. nurses walked off their jobs because of contract issues with
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sutter health and hca health care over health benefits, sick pay and staffing levels. a spokeswoman in berkeley said the union is miss representing management proposals. it's the eighth such walk out since negotiations started more than 18 months ago. the navy is in town not sailors from warships but mid- ship men for a game. >> reporter: they were spreading that cheer here at glide and at st. anthony's both teams participating in that bowl. the meal here the chris mall meal was served at around 2:00. here you see the usual, people sheltering from the rain, stopping by glide to get a meal. the need at st. anthony's was substantial. also was the needed help from
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volunteers. >> reporter: steps off this bus is young men a long way from home. the navy shipman team. >> it's a blessing to be able to serve people. >> reporter: they will help serve some 4,000 meals to the hungry, 20% of whom are veterans themselves. the navy team is in san francisco to play in the -- in the kraft hunger bowl. >> we're here to play some football but this is going to last much ph-fp longer. >> reporter: at glide memorial church, here the navy's opponent the team from arizona state university did their part. >> it's awesome being able to come help people out here. >> reporter: glide too served thousands of people on this christmas day as it does every day of the year but the money donated for the holidays and its abundance of volunteers is not seen often. >> we're going to put a doesn't in this lack of money and the
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lack of participation of people wanting to do what's right and what's righteous and what's loving and genuine and kind. >> reporter: there was a time when glide could serve everyone who came forward now the demand in recent years has been too great. as far as volunteers they had plenty today. they say they need more volunteers after the holidays say in january. they say there will be plenty of slots open for those volunteers. in san francisco, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. today santa claus got some extra help from san francisco firefighters. >> here you guys go. >> reporter: every year the crews go out into neighborhoods in search of young people who's parents may not be able to get them christmas presents. >> we find people that just really need the toys the most. i really don't know what christmas is about or maybe they've forgotten a christmas day and they get a toy from a
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firefighters. all of a sudden they have a bike, a toy, a doll. >> reporter: organizers say this toy program started 60 years ago and has grown every year since. the u.s. postal service estimates it will handle 18 billion pieces of mail during this holiday season but as robert honda roberts those last minute gifts encards -- gifts and cards get delivered by some very special volunteers on christmas day. >> reporter: it's not exactly santa's sleigh but some san jose postal service workers hit the road christmas day to deliver last minute christmas gifts. >> merry christmas. the postal service delivers on christmas day. >> this is awesome. i can't believe you're here. thank you so much. >> this is what makes it worthwhile. when people are home like this and they are surprised and they're happy i like the surprise of it the most. >> reporter: the delivery day started early at this postal facility where nancy ray and
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several other carriers worked out routes. why volunteer, to play santa of course. >> they call the kids, they call the wife or girlfriend, look honey what you got. they rip it open. a big old smile on their face. >> reporter: the hectic christmas delivery day here in san jose and the bay area caps off a very busy holiday period for the postal service nationwide. >> the big rush is pretty much over but for those individual who is still want to get something out for the new year day i would say december 28 is a good time to make sure you get your packages and letters into the mail. >> reporter: that should work if nancy rey gets the packages. >> today i have 26 but that doesn't mean that'll all i'll have. once i'm finished i'll go back into the office and see if there's much more to go. >> reporter: with that kind of dedication, maybe driving a sleigh would be appropriate. robert handa, ktvu. five years ago today a tiger at the san francisco zoo escapeed from its enclosures with deadly consequences.
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a 17-year-old boy died and two others were injured before the tiger áeut was shot and killed by police. david stevenson will look back on that day and the changes that have come about because of it. that's ahead on the 6:00 news? it -- 6:00 news. it was a busy day for fire crews in campbell. a fire was so intention crews had to take a defensive stance by starting at the top of the building. >> looks like the back half of the building is burned completely. the roof is gone, all of the property inside is gone too. it looked like it was a manufacturing, maybe battery electric type vehicle type of operation. >> the business in the front of the building a solar company suffered mainly smoke damage. crews responded to a hotel fire alarm on the seventh floor
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of the courtyard mariott in campbell. it was about 2:00 a.m. and some of of the hotel guests said they were still asleep. >> emergency, get up, throw your clothes on and get out of the room and get downstairs and see what's going on. >> reporter: the hotel staff briefly evacuateed the fifth, sixth and seventh floors. the áfp fire officials tell us they believe a sprinkler either malfunctioned or was tampered with. a man who lured firefighters to their deaths yesterday left a note about his planned act. 62-year-old exconvict william spengler set his home on fire then fired at firefighters who responded to his call. police say spangler left a typewritten note saying he wanted to burn down the neighborhood and quote do what
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i like doing best, killing people. he then killed himself as seven houses burned around him. empty shopping mall parking lots will be covered with cars tomorrow. what will be raining are a lot of gifts for refunds. >> it's been a day of presents and too many sweets for many of us. for others it's just another day on the job. we'll show you what it's like to work on christmas. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age.
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the presents are barely open but some may already be thinking about returning or exchanging their gifts. it's a $90 billion industry. tom vacar joins us from alameda about what you need to know before you do that. >> reporter: in fact, one of ten say the experts of these are going to find their way
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back to the stores starting tomorrow. it'll take another week for the holiday season to be tallied. experts expect it'll cost consumers $586 billion even after returns and exchanges that takes a lot of retailers time and money. >> they're harder to deal with without a receipt of course. they just want to give you the credit, if you get something that costs more. >> take it in, say you don't want it and they'll exchange it or they usually give you a store credit they won't give you your money back. >> reporter: of the big box retailers wal-mart accepts most things back within 90 days of purchase but electronics for only 15 days. costco mostly has no time limit
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expect 90 days for electronics, return in its original package. at sears k mart, k mart gives 28 days with numerous no return exceptions. many people choose the alternative of regifting. >> don't take it back, just give it to someone else that you this think might want it. >> we try to give away whatever we can to the salvation army or you know the goodwill. >> reporter: four more major storm policies and scams that make them for strict. reporting live, tom vacar. some bay area families going through tough times enjoyed a holiday meal and much more in richmond today. there was music, food and gifts
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for the children at the nevin community center. every year they gather donations including groceries, toys and clothing to give away on christmas. >> we had a wonderful lunch and they're giving the kids toys and we're very grateful to get toys for the kids today. sometimes it's hard being a single parent. >> reporter: organizers said they had to scale back this year because of the tough economy but they were still able to help families. an accident tied up traffic. it happened around 5:00 this morning in oakland just north of high street. the oakland tribune reports two drivers were arrested on dui charges. there were no reports of major injuries and the freeway reopened around 6:15. law enforcement agencies are on the roads this holiday
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season looking for erratic drivers. 256 people have been arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. that's 19 fewer than the year before. >> you know people should be enjoying the families and not having to worry about facing potential jail time or fines or anything like that. so they should make some decisions ahead of time before they partake in any festivities that involves alcohol. >> reporter: funding for the dui program come from the traffic safety administration. for the community of newtown this is a somber christmas as people remember the 26 victims gunned down nearly two weeks ago. volunteers are working three hour shifts to watch over a day long candlelight vigil and ensure that those candles stay lit. police officers from other communities are filling in for newtown police so that they can have this holiday off. and there was a little jolt this afternoon in milpitas. the usgs reported a magnitude
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2.4 earthquake struck just before 12:30 p.m. the epicenter was 12.4 miles from milpitas. not everyone is enjoying christmas home for christmas and the holidays. lorraine blanco is showing us those people who are working tonight. >> reporter: yes, you and i both are working today. in the heart of san francisco, families skate into their families armed basking in the way of christmas fun. but just as families share holiday quality time many people work. to keep the streets tidy in union square, to show tourists the prettiest parts of the city. >> i would rather be home but it's okay. >> reporter: and of course to save the day when needed. >> it comes as part of the
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territory. it's part of the job. >> reporter: at starbucks it's a reinvolving door for those who need a jolt. >> vanilla bean frapuccino. >> reporter: the baristas are finished. >> somebody has to do it i guess. i've worked on christmas and sometimes you get time and half. >> reporter: if you own a business no extra pay. but for max and tammy it's another day. >> it's not so bad. we'll be home by dinner time. >> i have to eat just like everybody else. merry christmas. >> reporter: they are pretty
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slow throughout their system except for those cable cars they're actually more popular on holidays. so some of those operators will be working until tonight. >> you see it right there from lorraine's shot the weather out there is frightful like the song goes and it's been a mess compared to yesterday. >> in the last 30, 40 minutes we've had the heaviest rain move through the bay area. i'm getting reports in fremont and san jose of extremely heavy rain. you can see these reds and yellows. we head out through the area. the rain pops in about half an inch per hour. that is significant rain. the rain has moved out of the milpitas area it's moved up into the hills. you have a break in sunny vale. the heaviest rain has moved through. if you move out into the
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mountains they don't need this. it's moving through quick. it's only going to last for the next two or three minutes. almost an inch an hour. over an inch and .3 an hour in watsonville about an inch an hour. that's really heavy rain. here's the thing though it's moving through really, really fast. and that is the good news. so as it moves out of here we'll start to see a bit of drying, the heavy rain moving through right now. great news it's going to be short lived and widely scattered showers tonight. they linger into tomorrow morning. but tomorrow is nothing like today. tomorrow you may need an umbrella, you may be dodging some rain drops but it's going to be a much nicer day. 7:00 tonight, it's called the rain band it's a little behind i think. this is the computer model so as it updates. this front is further east than that. you can see behind it widely scattered showers that's in the evening hours if you're out and about going to dinner, going to
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a movie. widely scattered showers at 11:00, then they move on through. scattered showers, 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning not heavy rain. a little bit of wet stuff out here in the petaluma area. the heaviest stuff going through right now. i'm smiling because that rain was -- i have reports on my facebook page, who is getting rain. torrential rain but it's getting out of here. 160% of average in some places. >> all right. >> thank you, bill. some people had their holiday movie plans interrupted. we'll tell you who's to blame for a popular movie website outage. and we have lift off. the one of a kind rocket that could lead to a new kind of spacecraft. >> and if you're holiday travels take you away from your tv you can still watch all of
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our newscasts live through the ktvu app that's ready to download. we have video of breaking news any time any where. you know how much grandma
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netflix streaming movie service is back today after a major outage yesterday. families who gathered to watch movies and tv shows were disappointed when the service went down around 12:30 yesterday afternoon. today netflix says service has been fully restored. the los gatos based netflix blames the problem on the service that it uses for online storage and commuting and they say the problem has now been fixed. rocket scientists at the space x company have released pictures of what can become a new kind of spacecraft. the grasshopper rocket can hover allowing it to land vertically in one piece. that opens up potential for new rockets. space x has contracts to resupply space stations and recently developed a patent to develop rockets for the space program. cool stuff. >> that is. >> thank you for trusting >> our special holiday in focus
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is up next. it showcases the work of our photo journalists. they're going to have the special coming up at 6:00. thank you so much for joining us on this holiday. >> we'll see you at 6:00. a live picture of our beautiful christmas tree in jack london square in oakland. we'll see you in about half an hour. out that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.
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