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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 26, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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. four members of the same family, stabbed, who they took in connection with the stabbing. and live storm tracker is coming up with your heaviest downpours right now. live in the east bay where stores are opened early after christmas shopping and we will show you what the traffic is out here and how the sales
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look. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, good morning, it is december 26th, thanks for waking up with us, i am claudine wong. >> let's take a quick look at weather, he is in for steve. >> in fact, you will need the umbrella and we say that with 100% confidence because they are paying us a visit. all of a sudden, a downpour is moving into the region and that's what we have right here out towards san francisco with those darker shades of green. coming up, we will break up the timeframe and we will have your weekend forecast as well. tara? traffic is moving well on to the mcarthur maze and on to the bay bridge toll plaza and it is wet out there so definitely give yourself some extra time and take it easy
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definitely. it is 5:00 on the nose let's head back to the desk. a car slammed into the utility pole of 73 road off interstate i-80. power was knocked out to several people and power is not expected to return until mid- morning. police continue to search for the people who ran from the scene. the attack happened on willie avenue. our reporter alex savage is live to explain, alex? >> reporter: the sergeant on scene told ktvu channel 2 morning news it all began as a fight between two sisters. inside, one of the units at the apartment complex, on the 400 block of willie avenue. the woman apparently grabbed a knife and began stabbing her
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sister who was visiting for the holiday. this is one of the victims and the stabbing began at 10:30. an officer said three other members were also stabbed trying to break up the fight. one of the other victims was a teenage girl. in the end they were all taken into the hospital and the woman behind the stabbing was taken into custody. they are trying to get additional information on this investigation and they are trying to get the names of the people taken into custody and to get an update on their conditions. so far it will be -- so far they will be right back. ktvu channel 2 morning news janine de la vega is in santa clara where retailers are hoping to boost their bottom line, good morning jeanine. >> reporter: we were just here
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at kohl's and we just saw the first customers go inside the store and if you take a look at the parking lot, it is still empty. kohl's is advertising a christmas blitz and sale. it is one of many retailers offering deep discounts and some are offering prices from #0 to 70%. they are expecting many to spend more than what is on their cards and holiday sales are a critical indicater of the economy's strengths. it shows sales two months before christmas were the weak test since 2008. it grew when analysts expected it to grow to 4% this year and stores will want to get rid of their unsold inventory. some retailers he are offering more inventory than in the stores plus free shipping.
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back out here live we will show you how traffic picks up and we will show you customers as they start filtering in. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. now that all the gifts are out from under the tree, we will have more on what some people are doing instead of heading back to the malls. weather and speed are being blamed for a rollover crash. nobody was hurt in that crash but it was one of another crashes during the rain storm. >> it is hard to tell where it is actually going to puddle at. >> last night the storm also had them warning of high winds
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of bay area bridges. well, kentucky bridges, at least three deaths are blamed on them sweeping through the south. you are looking at it where a heavy storm hit last night. alabama had a tornado which knocked out power to more than 100,000 people christmas day. you are looking at a funnel cloud that touched down in alabama and that storm is moving towards florida, georgia and the carolinas. 5:05, it is still pretty wet out there whether you are heading to e mall or to work, it hey, tara. the road is looking good still, we had a few roadway flooding spots and it seems it dissipated and mark mentioned we are expecting a lot of rain today. you can see traffic is moving nicely in both directions towards berkeley on the right- hand side of your screen and at
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the bay bridge plaza, traffic is moving well and i don't know if those metering lights will be going on today but most likely is happens after six 505, here is mark. in fact rain showers had to be updated and there is some rain to the north of petaluma and moving towards parts of the east bay and the north bay. just outside of crocket it is now centered over the venetia area and in san francisco out towards oakland and out towards market street and out towards the marinas. increasing rainfall rates in the alameda region will be told
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in the next few minutes. you will notice this might be a little enhanced near the radar but there are still some downpours, and your santa cruz mountains checking in at 44. yesterday we had the rain move through and we have the cold air today and it is unstable air and as a result we have an increase in clouds and downpours and the possibility of hail. that will be an increase with readings in the 40s. scattered showers still each into the afternoon hours we will hold onto the chance of lingering showers. temperatures are mainly in the 50s, santa rosa 51 antioch 53 and here is a look ahead at your five-day forecast. keep the umbrella handy and get
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ready for random downpours for wednesday. we have a chance of a few showers by friday, increasing friday night into saturday. many will see the historic stadium undergoing a major face- lift but the big renovation project is taking longer than expected and the price tag has soared to $180 million. they say they will not be completely finished until 2015. meanwhile smart attain says -- spartan said they will face one that ranges 7th in the nation and still experts are predicting they will come away with a win except for kick often tomorrow afternoon. they are now exposed, where
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you can find the list of 5,000 a users. some of those occurred here in the bay area. and president barack obama cut short his christmas vacation and we will explain. we have an accident up in petaluma, we will tell you about it coming up. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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how. >> new this morning. officials say a car bomb
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went off in host province it killed a security guard an injured 6 civilians. the taliban is claiming responsibility for the attack. online 5,000 people were released from the boy scouts suspected of sexual abuse. it goes from 1947 to the present. it includes the cities of san francisco piedmont and san rafael. the times says increased awareness over the years said they refused to keep a record. they kept a record of suspected abusers to keep them from rejoining. and they have a news host for showing an illegal gun clip on the air. he held up what looked like a 30 round gun magazine on "meet the press" on sunday. it happened with the ceo of the n ra and the investigation came
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after they claimed investigation of possession of such a magazine. president barack obama is headed back to washington d.c. and just six days remain before our country goes over the fiscal cliff. here is more from our washington d.c. newsroom. >> reporter: brian is congress does not act taxes will go up on all americans next tuesday. they are scheduled to get back to work for tomorrow morning which is when president barack obama's flight returns from hawaii but many are pest mystic he will reach -- pessimist particular they will reach the deadline. it is the republican controlled householding out. house speaker john boehner wants increase for those making only 1 million a year. they say it's more likely we will go over the cliff than not. >> if we allow that to happen
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it will be the most colossal consequential act of congressional you are responsibility in a long time. >> reporter: some republicans are saying president barack obama will actually get his way if a fiscal cliff is not reached before the deadline, kyle la campbell, washington d.c. newsroom. and in general delegations are not as crowded as the first ones. as many as 800,000 are expected to be there for the president's 21st inauguration and that's less than those who flooded the area in 2009. it should be much better and governor brown wants to overhaul the state's funding system. he hopes to give them fair control of how the school operates their money in minority districts. he is expected to outline
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proposals in his january budget. john mcafee is expected to be spending time in great britain. he posted a blog saying he is safe in the country where he grew up. he is safe in england and has been hiding from authorities in belize where he was wanted for questioning in the suspicious death of a neighbor. crews are looking into a suspicious water-main break in fairfax yesterday afternoon. crews shut off traffic in the area and still no word on what caused that break. the bay area is starting to see more economic growth in the text sector. it is the fastest growing industry and has added more than 11,000 jobs in the past year. retail restaurants bars and hotels and manufacturing have also seen improvements and growth is spilling into san
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francisco san mateo and marin counties. it is 5:15 and tara is watching a problem in the north bay, tara? that's right, this is at the east washington on ram in petaluma. we have a car in the center divide and hopefully that will be clear soon. we have a look near the oakland coliseum and you can see traffic is flowing nicely and headlights are moving quickly as they make their way towards hayward and traffic is looking good at the 880 split and 101 in san francisco, we have had quite a bit of rain here and mark was mentioning the rain seems to becoming in spurts so be careful when you are driving out there. drive slowly because it can creep up on you, here is mark. weather conditions seem to be changing very rapidly and one point we have clear skies
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and then downpours out there. in petaluma i want to show you activity there and outside of martinez out towards the west and core cod region -- concord region. it is cold enough that you can encounter some hail with these models. as you can see this is the beginning of it drifting to the south and east and also to the south and east out towards san leandro and out towards alameda as well and rain showers and increasing rainfall rates are counted. as you can see some scattered rain pour amounts but still some activity to report in the south bay. current numbers to report and san jose currently checking in at 44 degrees. for this morning occasional showers and those could be heavy at times and possibly hail. here is yesterday's storm
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moving across the bay area with that cold unstable air and the source is here for your wednesday. this kicks out to the east and we will have a break-in the action for tomorrow. out in the sierra, a winter storm warning is in -- warning is in place and we are on the order for 4 to 8 inches. we have a break-in the region and we have off and on showers throughout the day. forecast highs on the cool side only, maxing out to low-to-mid 50s so keep your jacket nearby and you will experience some showers could be heavy at times. chance of a shower especially by friday night. this morning oil prices are inching upwards again. crude is selling for $89 a barrel and thats up more than a dollar from where it hoovered
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last week. they worried we could fall back into a recession if big budget cuts go into a affect. and they hit a 20 month low against the toll lore, japan also swore in a new prime minister and he is promising to drive his country out of inflation. most of the other countries were flat and major european markets remain closed for their extended holiday. here it is on monday, everything was down but futures are moving higher and we are waiting for numbers on the housing market but those are expected to be good. trading volume is still light but the fiscal cliff deadline still approaches. she saved two girls and now some positive news for the hero dog, how her health has improved. and more from the tsunami,
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the washington shore and we have some concerns about it. and you will wake up while you were sleeping it was sent straight to you and you can get your morning wake-up call by texting 70123.
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. well check out this boat,
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it is believed to have washed out to sea during the japanese tsunami. it washed ashore and crabs and mussels also showed up and it's concerned it could hurt native species. they will contact the consulate and they will find out if the owner still wants to claim it. survivors held prayer services across thailand to remember the victims of the earthquake and tsunami. tsunamis tore through 14 countries and 20 14,000 people have lost their lives. it has become a huge shopping day similar to black friday here in the united states. and the malls in england and canada are already packed with shoppers. it is a national shopping day
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since 1981. they would celebrate boxing day and many would send gifts to their workers all across the area. before heading to the customer service you need to accept the exchange policies. the exception is electronics which you have 15 days to exchange and k-mart allows only 28 days but many are accepted with a gift receipt. >> they may want to give you a lower price but if you have a receipt it makes it easier. >> some people avoid exchanges all together. they take all things and either regift or donate to a charitable cause and in that case, no receipt is required.
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we want to update you on a dog who became an international sensation after losing her snout. she appears to have beaten cancer but she does need more treatment for heart worms before her snout can be closed she threw herself in front of a motorcycle to save two girls in the philippines. hello, tara. everything is looking good out there, but it is wet out there and make sure you drive slowly. right now we will take a live look at the 280 split and traffic is flowing nicely, the headlights show as you make your way towards santa clara. at the sunole grade, a lot of folks are out and perhaps they are back to work this morning so give yourself extra time this morning. 5:25 let's head to mark.
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good morning, you may see a full moon and we may have heavy downpours because we have an unstable air mass and you can see live doppler sweeps bringing current rainfall. increases out towards the petaluma region especially with darker shades of green shows heavier downpours and we will show you this from south to east. not as much coverage here but out towards the martinez area it is. there are southern portions of marin county where we have darker shades of green and we are just about to go to ocean beach, increasing rainfall amounts at the park and moving a maps across the bay, you can see san bruno extending across the bay and right around the hayward region, darker shades of green and yellow and we are tracking rainfall amounts out
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towards the castro region. you may notice this radar loop over the past hour, briefly passing showers are moving through and it will show more activity out there. temperatures are in the 30s to 40s and we will hold onto shower chances and the possibility of a thunderstorm, it will be dry for thursday and once again we will have a slight chance by friday, friday night into saturday we could be tracking more rain showers in parts of the bay area. we will have more coming up in just a few minutes. time now 5:27 and a gift from muni. thea woman stabs remember relatives in alameda, the christmas fight that got out of control. thousands have lost power after a car hit a power pole. we will tell you what happened and we have the latest from
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. welcome black to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, it is wednesday december 26th, i am brian flores. good morning, i am claudine wong in for pam cook, let's head to mark, you said maybe hail? >> yes, that is how cold and unstable this weather system is. you can see the full moon and other areas have downpours out
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there. you can see it on live doppler sweep, also in san francisco, there is a reason change and san francisco is covered with rainfall, moderate to heavier cells pushing through the region. more on the forecast includes rain showers and here is more on the roadways with tara moriarty. good morning tara. >> reporter: this is 237 milpitas, no delays yet and 880 near the oakland coliseum, southbound towards hayward, again your traffic is looking good, let's head back to the desk. we are continuing to follow a developing story in the east bay, power is still out in one oakland neighborhood. it all began with an out of control car, lorraine blanco gives us a look at the damage, lorraine?
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>> reporter: i just got off the phone with a public information office area and pg&e crews have been able to restore power to all but a few customers. it has been a blackout since a nissan altima hit a power pole. they say it started when a driver crashed into a vehicle near sunkist and that driver kept on driving and crashed into another vehicle closer to where we are standing near the freeway. the altima snapped the freeway in half and knocked out power to 6800 customers. they are hoping that person will come forward this morning and they say there is at least one pole which needs to be replaced out here and several down on the roadway. it takes hours to replace the power pole and most will be without power for the morning of christmas. reporting live in oakland,
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lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 morning news. a woman stabbed four people in alameda. ktvu channel 2 morning news' alex savage has more on where the crime happened hours ago. >> reporter: four people were taken to the hospital after this stabbing that happened last night. it happened at the gardens apartment complex. we will show you video when one of those victims was being transported around 10:30. this all began as a fight between two sisters. the woman who lives there grabbed a knife and began stabbing the woman who was over visiting. they tried to break up the original fight between the two women and one of those victims was a teenage girl. the woman behind the stabbing was eventually taken into custody, the woman who lives at this apartment complex.
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now i have put in calls this morning and so far we have not been able to get a name on that woman and their conditions and again, a stabbing following a family fight, alex savage in alameda, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a shooting claimed the life of a man and police found dozens of shell-casings where the victim was gunned down yesterday afternoon. the gunman fired at the victim from a car. the victim ran off but the shooter followed him this time fatally striking him. so far no arrests have been made. bullets went into a church and a mother shielded her kids. we have an exclusive interview with the pastor who was in the middle of a sermon when shots were fired. a levee flooded homes this
5:36 am
past week and crews stacked sand bags flooding damage 7 hopes and one home does remain tagged. there is a major rock slide which happened sunday afternoon north of the julia five burn state park. a 60-foot section is burned and they hope to have at least one lane open this week. and the storm traffic continues to slow them to tahoe. i want to give you a live look at interstate 8080. it looks like -- 880, it does look like that roadway is covered with snow and ice and traffic is still moving slowly through that avenue. people got stuck in a huge jam
5:37 am
on 880. low visibility caused the spin out and accidents. and right now chains are still required from gold run to east nevada. a woman is back with her family after being stranded nearly 24 hours. they found her on monday and the woman was attending a religious conference but at some point sunday night she became disoriented and got lost while walking in the woods. she suffered only minor injuries. volunteers served close to 5,000 christmas meals yesterday. they hope to keep it going with a special meal and meals will be served for 5:00 to 7:00 a.m. the agency is going to offer free rides on friday to celebrate its 100th year in
5:38 am
services. they will start at 5:00 a.m. online to day and will last through -- 5:00 and will last through 5:00 a.m. on saturday. they don't have a lot of incidents to report on the website and that could always change, right now we will look at it and you can see westbound traffic is headed towards concord. those headlights you see no problems. it is definitely wet out there as they have been hit with a good dose of rain. you can see traffic flowing nicely. you can see traffic is also moving well at this hour, let's check in with mark. we have fast moving showers and we are having some activity
5:39 am
on the even crease out towards sonoma. the darker shades of green are showing an increase in rain and san francisco, this has been moving through rapidly and a few minutes ago, this was covering the entire city. right now around the embarcadero and bay bridge, it will shift towards hayward and this one cell is extended out to the south and to the west closer to san bruno just outside of passive can and some -- pacifica and across the bay out towards hay war ward, we have some -- hayward, we have some activity out towards sunny veil and cupertino and out to the south of los altos. and up in santa rosa up 39, chilly here, san jose 44
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degrees. forecast for today, cool showers and temperatures in the 40s and in the afternoon hours we will hold onto shower chances with readings mainly in the 50s. moving out to the east, we have another cool unstable air mass coming to the region and this will continue to produce snow up in the sierra. it will be in place until 11:00 this evening and snow fall totals up to four inches. antioch 54, santa rosa 51 and here is a look ahead, a dry forecast for thursday and slight chance of a shower by friday afternoon, increasing friday night into saturday. >> mark, thank you. authorities are piecing together when a gunman ambushed four firefighters what the gunman wrote down before that. and we want you to make a new year's resolution. we will have more traffic, and traffic is looking good at
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this hour. stay tuned.
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. we have heavier downpours developing moving across the east bay and we will continue to track showers all morning long. here is a quick look at some of the top stories, many people are still without power after a car crash. the person hit two cars before ramming into a how isn't itty pole off of interstate -- utility poles off of interstate 880. meanwhile police continue to search for the person who ran from the scene. there was a family dispute where a woman stabbed four
5:44 am
people and that woman was taken into custody. president barack obama's focus turns back to the fiscal cliff and he should be back in washington d.c. by tomorrow. a body and note was found near the shooter wher five firefighters were killed. he set his home on fire to lure first responders. he wrote a note saying he wanted to burn down his neighborhood and kill as many people as possible and now a charred body has been found. >> we did location a body in the rounds and the adultings is, it is the shooter's sister. >> the note he left behind did not indicate a motive. he had three guns including a rifle, the same weapon used in
5:45 am
the newtown connecticut school shooting. now the people of newtown connecticut are turning to faith and each other to help them through the holidays. during the christmas service pastors told their congress greengages good will as you overcome -- pastor told his congregation good will always overcome evil. they are trying to prevent gun violence and it finds states such as hawaii and connecticut has fewer killings. states with fewer restrictions have more deaths per capita and gun right holders say gun laws don't work. according to a story in the new york times, a bay area video company joined forces to promote the release of a game
5:46 am
and the guns used in it. back in october, they released their latest website featuring gun manufacturing partners. they made many assault weapon accessories and the websites were disabled. a woman was shot on christmas eve protecting the children around her. theresa cordova was trying to shield the children as bullets came through the better they will church monday -- bethel church monday night. the pastor explains what happened during his sermon. >> are you scared to go back? >> a little bit, but i have to go in. i am serving god and i have to go back. >> he has counted seven or eight shots in the wall of the
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church and one bullet ended up in the baby's stroller. she drove her car into a group of four pedestrians. she died of her injuries and two other people were hurt but are expected to survive. a manhole explosion shut down the area and fortunately nobody was hurt and nobody lost power. pg&e said it was caused by an underground vault fire. crews put that fire out. it is a week long holiday honoring african-american heritage and culture. it was created by a cal state professor and they will be hosting celebrations all week long and the first event begins today at san francisco city hall. and later, san francisco will
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kickoff the entitling cash to kickoff recycling and last year they recycled more than 650,000 tons of trees. this year it begins on january 22nd. they will make riding the bus their new year's resolution starting today. they are starting a contest through its facebook page and riders who come up could win prizes. they could get certificates and the contest ends on january 11th. 5:47 let's go to tara, she is covering some traffic for us. >> we have a tree down on highway 29 in diamond mountain and also in san bruno, we have a car in the center divider. so be careful. up first we will take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see there is a little bit of backup and those metering lights are going on after 6:00 this morning.
5:49 am
san mateo bridge, you can see it is raining and traffic on the right-hand side is headed westbound into foster city and no delays to report. actually, the taillights you see are headed towards us 5:47 let's check in with mark. we are tracking some fast moving showers in the bay area and we have some from san rafael which is going to parts of napa county. in fact yellows and reds do increase arraign fall amounts and they will be on the increase and some will be showing up in the factor as wellment it is now extending out to the middle of the basement we have a few left over sprinkles but there is
5:50 am
more activity offshore. once again it is extenting to the south and -- extending from the south to the west in san bruno. notice this precipitation rate is on hillside drive outside of burlingame here and the map is extending out towards raymond city. over the past few times, you can see. as far as current numbers, you will need anatomy bell la or jacket in the lower 50s. today the cold unstable air mass will show a little bit of everything and as a result we have some heavier downpours. here is the forecast at 8:00 and we have showers and temperatures mainly in the 40s and by 12:00, scattered showers and there is a possibility you
5:51 am
may run into hail and see how unstable the air mass is today. showers will linger all day long. a look ahead, your five-day forecast, it will be dry, a slight chance of a shower by friday afternoon and into saturday. coming up, we have an update on the sierra. this may turned out to be a disappointing holiday for retailers after all. retails are up 7 / 10th from last year and that shows it is the weakest growth since they see leg trig is older. they are asking you to import sales and they are talking about seven of its patent.
5:52 am
well net flick says they are up and running normally after christmas eve and it ran through christmas morning and it did keep many running through its streaming service. exactly what happened with amazon is still under investigation and this is the third year amazon service interfered with net flicks service. we are under consideration. we may not see the sun until later next year. and download the ktvu channel 2 morning news app, you can watch all of our live newscasts on our smart phone so you can can be connected any
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time anywhere. 0!ockñ?çóxo?ñ=çñññçvxqx?ñññ?óioy
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. good morning, scattered rain showers are heavy at times and we are coming closer to the american canyon area, more on your radar coming up in a few minutes. the recent bay area means an abundant water supply, the recent storms have filled south
5:56 am
bay reservoir to 102%. reserviors supply the areas water supply. we are learning about the ski patrolman who died in an avalanche. the resort said 53-year-old bill foster and other ski patrol members set off explosives to trigger the avalanche but it broke wider than expected burying foster in the snow. he was one of their most experienced ski patrols with 28 years on the job. they will reward city workers with making health-year- old choices. a new study shows two third considered the healthiest are either overweight or obese.
5:57 am
paying employees a bonus for exercising and eating right could cost less in the long run. no wild left behind guidelines, they already have waivers for the law but california question for a waiver was reject had. they face punishments many educator say are impossible to reach certain standards. we had some spinouts up in marin county and sonoma county. this was the earlier accident where there was a spin out in east washington street and highway 101 at route 12 is closed due to flooding and be aware it is causing some delays there. sunole grade in the fremont
5:58 am
area, southbound side is looking good and metering lights are not on yet but should be going on soon, here is mark. it happened just hours ago, how an early morning car crash affected thousands in the east bay. it will be a busy shopping day at the mall on this day after christmas. we have some passing clouds, more on live storm tracker 2 is coming up during the 6:00 hour.
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